A Day in the Life

(of a Living Statue)
by MRC

Author's note:  I love this saga, and the way it has been expanded by so many contributors.  But then I'm biased, since I started the whole thing when I wrote the original two parts (gosh, was that in 1995 ! ).  Over the years under several now-defunct aliases[Dr.Cuffs, IfreezeU Ed.], I also wrote the Radical Evening and Revenge chapters, as well as most of the original Samantha s Choice chapter (expertly expanded by Dmuk).

There are several aspects of this particular genre that appeal to me, not just in this story but in the entire body of work we have collectively produced.  I like it when the subject enters into the situation willingly, even eagerly anticipating it.  I like it when things occasionally happen suddenly (the whole concept of the R.A.D. device).  And I like it when the subject is able to experience the situation and not get knocked out (introduced with the 'percentage' settings from the Revenge story).  I also think that an open-ended conclusion enhances the drama (Did Mitch actually set a release time for himself after playing with Paul and Linda? Did the girls ever take their 'revenge' on Mitch )  I've taken all of those concepts and come up with this 10,000 word episode, written in first-person by Mitch's newest friend, Stephanie.

Anyway, thank you for reading this story, and a big super thank you to everyone who has contributed to this saga.  I hope this, by my count the 25th episode in the series (with more allegedly to come!), is to everyone s liking..


"Without ropes? Mitch, what in the world are you talking about?"

Mitch and I had been friends for about 10 years, and while we were never officially a couple, we had on a handful of occasions been friends "with privileges."  Over the years Mitch and I had tried some of the more common of the unusual sexual activities and — long story short — I was going to be his "slave" for 24 hours.  Here it was, Saturday night, and what an evening a girl like me had in store.  I know Mitch, what he likes, and I figured that my "slavery" would involve some kind of restraint.  This was one of the "common uncommons" (an oxymoron if there ever was one!) we had tried before, to our mutual satisfaction.  What intrigued me this time was that he said he was going to restrain me in a way I had never been restrained before, and without chains, ropes, or anything like that.  Equally excited and nervous, I asked for more details.

Mitch pulled a small gizmo out of his pocket and said, "This.  This little thing is going to essentially tie you up like you could never imagine."  He handed it over to me, and my first reaction was that it was some kind of hearing aid.  My hearing is fine, so I had never really seen a hearing aid up close.  It only weighed a few ounces, and had a couple of small knobs on it. "What it is is a receiver and a micro-dermal transducer.  It's name does a fairly good job of describing its purpose.  It's called an Immobilizer."

"A what?"

"You heard me.  Immobilizer.  That little thing safely and, believe me, quite effectively, pretty much turns you into a statue."

"Are you serious? A statue? And you want to do this to me?"

"The rules said anything the other person wants, and we both agreed to them when we played.  I could have lost, but as it happened you did.  We said anything, and this is what I want.  But I thought there might be some reluctance, so I'm going to show you how it works — on myself.  Will that ease your mind a little?"

I told him it would, and he got up and went outside to get something out of his car.  He came back in with what looked like a stereo receiver.  It was black metal box that had a bunch of knobs and switches and stuff on it, and he set it down on the coffee table and plugged it in to the outlet behind the couch.

"OK, Stephanie, it works like this.  The individual units are set to the specific characteristics of the user.  There are two controls on it: one labeled "M" and "F" — three guesses what that one is for..."  I smiled.  Mitch could always make me smile.  "...and the other is a rotary dial where you enter in the user's weight.  This one, as you can see, is set to M and 190 pounds.  What happens is that the base station transmits signals to the unit, and the unit adjusts the signals based on the information it's set to."

He checked his watch and programmed the current time into the base station as he continued his explanation.  "Once the unit has been activated by this main controller here, it sends tiny electric pulses to your brain — notice it attaches on the side of your head."  He clipped it behind his right ear.  You only feel a tiny tingle, like the mildest static electricity.  Once you feel that little tingle, that's it really.  You're completely stuck."

"How does it do that, and where in the heck did you get it?"  I had a million questions, and decided to start with the obvious.

"I don't know exactly how it works, but then I don't really know how my car or my computer work either.  They just do.  From what I understand, it's old astronaut technology that never really was put to use.  As to how I got it, let's just say I got it through a legitimate source and leave it at that."  As close as we were, I knew Mitch had some secrets and got the feeling this was one he didn't exactly feel like sharing at this point.

"Fair enough," I responded.  "But when you say it turns you into a statue, it doesn't REALLY turn you into a statue, right? I mean, it doesn't do anything to your bones or skin or anything like that, does it?"

"Good heavens, no.  Nothing like that.  It simply makes you unable to move.  It doesn't LITERALLY turn you into a statue."  He said that last part as if a device freezing you immobile was a normal thing.

"Does it eventually wear off or what? How do you come out of it and start moving again?"

"With a fresh battery in the earpiece, as long as the base station has power, it will continue to function.  You don't come out of it naturally — it has to be switched off for you to get switched back on."  He seemed to take some amusement over that little turn of phrase.  "The base has since been modified with a simple timing unit so that it can be switched off — or switched on, for that matter — without somebody manually doing it."

"And what's the life of an earpiece battery? If you freeze up and nobody decides to unfreeze you — which I KNOW won't be happening in this case, right ..."  He nodded.  "How long before the battery wears down?"

"About a year."

"A YEAR !?"

"Sure.  Remember, this thing was designed for astronauts.  Mars ain't exactly around the corner, you know.  And by the way, this unit has a fresh battery..."  He gave a sly smirk.

"What's the longest you've ever used it for?"

"Since I've had it, the longest consecutive time I've had it in use on somebody was a month.  Personally, the longest I've consecutively been frozen is four days."

I was shocked.  "Somebody let you freeze them into a statue for a month? An entire month? I mean, you had somebody who didn't move for one whole month? And they came out of it OK? Who was it? And didn't they get bored?"

"Nobody you would know, and what difference does it make, really? As for the boredom, the machine has some settings where you remain aware but for sessions lasting more than a couple hours that's really not recommended.  As you guessed, some sense of boredom is inevitable when you're incapable of doing anything at all.  The regular setting renders you unconscious after between 30 and 90 seconds.  Look, I promised you I would demonstrate this thing on myself and I intend to take care of that now.  Before I freeze you, I'm going to let you freeze me."  He gave me a quick lesson on using the base station, but there wasn't a whole lot to it.  Turn this knob all the way this way to activate, and all the way back to unfreeze the person.  Mitch made me promise not to touch anything else.

"Now while you'll technically have it within your ability to freeze me for one year, this is intended as a demonstration only.  I know you're an honorable person and will maintain the spirit of our wager, which I remind you I won fair and square.  A couple minutes should prove the machine's capability, right?"  I thought about it for a second and nodded affirmatively.  "Well then, is there any particular way you would like me to stand?"  The ease with which he took his imminent immobilization gave me some sense of confidence.  Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.  "Whatever I do, I'm going to look away from you.  It's just a little bit cooler when you don't know the exact moment you're going to freeze."

"How about a Superman pose.  Something heroic-looking.  Puff your chest out, fists on your hips.  Imagine yourself as a superhero on the cover of a comic book."  (Where the hell did I get that idea from?)  He did a pretty good approximation of what I was looking for and I spun the dial just like he showed me.  There was a brief, almost imperceptible electronic hum, and then nothing.  I don't know what I expected to happen, but the process seemed a little bit quick and anticlimactic.

Mitch, however, was doing exactly what I guess was supposed to happen, which was nothing at all.  I stood up and went over to have a look.  Mitch was staring at the wall, and his eyes had a glassy look to them.  He didn't appear to be breathing, but surely he had to be.  I did the cliché move of waving my hand in front of his face and he didn't flinch one bit.  I called out his name, but he didn't answer.  Nobody could stay that still without some kind of help.  I guess the machine was working as advertised.  I went into the kitchen and pulled a ping-pong ball out of the junk drawer (it never ceases to astonish me what we keep in our kitchen junk drawers!) and put it on top of his head before heading to the bathroom for a quick pee.  When I came back, the ball was still sitting right where I left it.  That did it for me — I was convinced.  I thought to myself, this is what's going to happen to me? For — how long did we make that deal for — shit, 24 hours!? He said he'd had people like this for a month, and admitted to four straight days himself.  Maybe he didn't mean that I would be like this the whole time.  He didn't actually say.  I suppose that any time spent like this is better than him making me do some weird 'slave' stuff.  Way to go, Stef — put a positive spin on this!

I rotated the knob back and I heard Mitch take a deep breath.  He relaxed his shoulders and turned around to look at me.  The ping-pong ball slipped off his head and dropped to the carpet.  He looked at it quizzically, then seemed to shrug it off.  "Well? Are you satisfied? How long was that?"  He unclipped the earpiece off his ear.

"A little more than five minutes.  And it looks like it does what you say.  What did that feel like?"

"I guess I've done that so many times the feeling is pretty familiar to me by now.  But I felt that little tingle and I froze, and I blacked out just as you started waving your hand in my face."

"So you didn't hear me saying your name? Or putting the ball on your head? That's a little freaky, since you looked completely awake."

"Hey, that's how it works.  Are you ready to give it a try?"

"OK, ummm. . . I guess so.  But before I do, let's go over the plan here.  What exactly are you going to do with me?"  There was that nervousness creeping back in.

"We both agreed to be that the winner would have the other person available at their whim for 24 hours.  By my watch it's about 9:30, but we've been going over this for a while so I'll give you a little bit of a break.  Consider yourself paid up at 9:00 tomorrow night."

"So I'm going to be a statue until about this time tomorrow night? That doesn't sound like a whole lot of amusement for you."

"Trust me, I'll enjoy it."  That devilish smirk came back to his face.  "And I'm not saying you'll be like that the whole time.  Just no later than 9 tomorrow night."

I knew there had to be some kind of "hook" to his plans.  This was supposed to be a wager among lovers, not just plain old friends.  What was his angle? Then it hit me.

"You're going to take my clothes off, aren't you? I'm not going to just be your statue.  I'm going to be your naked statue, aren't I?"

"Come on, Stef — it's nothing I haven't seen before.  What's the problem? You had to know something like this was going to be involved with this little bet of ours, right?"  He had me there.  Yes, I guess I knew I would probably spend a good portion, if not all 24 hours, naked.  I glanced down at the floor and nodded.  I knew.

"OK, smart guy.  How do you want to do this?"  I started unbuttoning my shirt.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Don't do that right now.  I'll take care of that...eventually.  Let's get this thing set up for you.  I know I girl doesn't like to tell, but I need to know — what do you weigh?"

"125," I responded.  Not really overweight, but no supermodel either.  He fiddled with the earpiece — the 'Immobilizer', I remembered — and moved behind me to help me clip it in under my hair.  "Now what?"

"Why don't you go use the ladies room and then when you come back we'll consider you 'on duty.'  How does that sound?"

"I just took care of that during your demo a couple minutes ago.  But, of course, how would you have known that? So I guess..." — I tried to sound convincing — "...your humble slave awaits her first order."

"Very well then."  Mitch assumed a little bit of a commanding attitude.  "No more talking from this point until after you're unfrozen unless you are specifically given permission.  From now until 9:00 tomorrow night, you will be at my complete disposal.  We've been...together...enough to know what kind of things each other likes.  I'm not going to have you do anything that is outside of those boundaries.  I might stretch the envelope a little, but if I didn't that wouldn't be any fun, now would it?"  We both chuckled.

Mitch continued, "I saw that there's a small platform on the floor next to the refrigerator.  Bring it in here, and set it over there next to the wall."  The platform he was taking about was something I threw together with some scrap wood.  It was about one foot by two feet, and about eight inches tall, and I used it to reach stuff in the cabinets above the refrigerator.  Something told me it would soon be doubling as a statue base.  For me!  A statue!  How in the hell did I get into this 

I brought the platform in and set it down where he pointed.  "Up, please, "  Mitch motioned, and I dutifully got up on it, facing him.  "I liked that superhero idea you had.  I think that's how I want you."  I thrust my chest out a little, clenched my hands into fists and put them on my hips, doing my best to mimic Mitch's pose from a couple minutes ago.  I picked a point on the wall and fixed my gaze at it.  "Despite what I said before about not knowing the exact moment, you're a rookie at this and I'm not going to surprise you with it.  If there's anything you want to say, say it now.  When you're done say 'Ready' and that will be my signal."

I disconnected from my spot on the wall and looked over at Mitch.  "Your signal...to freeze me, right? To turn me into a statue? To immobilize me?"  All of a sudden I turned into some sort of nervous babbling thesaurus.  I watched Mitch do this just a couple minutes ago, and he looked perfectly fine now.  Why should I think I'm not going to turn out just as well? I exhaled loudly, and shook my hands, flexing my fingers.  "Be gentle."  I tried to sound confident but I know it wasn't 100% convincing.  I put my hands back in place and found my spot on the opposite wall.  I took a deep breath, took one more, and figured it was now or never.  "Ready."

I felt a quick tingle behind my ear, but not much else.  I wondered whether that's all there was to it.  I guess it was enough, because when I tried moving I couldn't budge an inch.  I tried flexing every muscle I could, but nothing was responding.  No eye blinks, no finger twitching, nothing.  I tried to speak, but my mouth and tongue wouldn't respond.  Wow, Mitch wasn't kidding around.  I was completely immobile.

I could still see, though.  After what must have been about 30 seconds, I wished that I had chosen a more interesting spot on the wall to stare at.  I could still hear, too.  Mitch started talking.

"I hope you're enjoying things up there.  How's the first 45 seconds been? You may remember that I said that it takes about that long before you fall asleep.  And right about now, you're probably wondering why that hasn't happened yet.  Don't worry — everything is working perfectly.  What I've done is only activated the device at about a 60% power setting.  What happens there is that you remain conscious, and you are only semi-frozen.  I can move you, but you can't move on your own.  Doesn't that sound like fun?"  Of course, there was no way I could respond.  Anyway, I don't know what my response would have been if I could have.

He continued.  "I don't intend to leave you like that until tomorrow night.  Still conscious, I mean.  I'm not even sure I intend to keep you frozen the entire time either.  What I do intend is that you stay like that for about a half hour or so, just sort of getting used to not moving.  To learn what happens to you and becoming accustomed to being my statue.  Then, the fun begins."  Oh, boy — just what did he mean by that? "You were right earlier.  I am going to take your clothes off.  If I had frozen you all the way, it would have been a more difficult task because your arms and legs wouldn't be flexible as they are now."  He lifted my left arm up until it was parallel with the floor, then let it go.  Remarkably, it just stayed there, until he moved it down to where it was before.  "I suppose I could have cut your clothes off you, but those things you have on look pretty nice.  And besides, they'll look even nicer in a pile on the floor.  I'm going to go in the other room and watch a little TV, but I'll be back at around ten.  When it comes time in a little bit, don't think of it as being naked — think of it as being nude.  That sounds so much nicer.  Nude.  My nude Stephanie statue."

Mitch got up and walked out and, true to his word, I heard the TV click on down the hall.  I continued staring at the wall, and testing the power the Immobilizer had over me.  Immobilizer.  What a ominous sounding word.  But, like he said, very accurate.  I was immobilized all right.  And in half an hour, I was going to be immobilzed and naked.  Nude.  Whatever.  Mitch was going to walk back in here, and take off my clothes, and I wouldn't be able to do a thing about it.  Very clever of him, telling me what his plans were only after I had been committed and couldn't do anything about them.  Damn, I can't even budge an inch!


A half hour later — I guess, I couldn't see anything but my spot on the wall — I heard the TV click off and Mitch rummaging around in my bedroom.  When he came back out I could see he was carrying the big stand-alone mirror from next to my dresser.  What was he going to do with that? Make me watch him undress me? 

"Hello, Stef.  Hope you're enjoying yourself in there.  You certainly look good right now, but you know, you're supposed to be my statue, and you could look a little better.  We all know the really good statues don't wear any clothes.  And you *do* want to be a good statue don't you?"  Ha ha, very funny, jerk.  Let's just do this, all right 

"Stef, I've changed my mind on something.  I was going to have you watch me undress you in the mirror.  But you know what you look like nude.  You see it every day.  I'm going to go put this back in your room, then I'll be back in to get started on the task at hand.  Back in a minute!"  Fine, smart guy.  Take your time.  You know what I'll be doing.

"OK, Stephanie.  It's that time, I'm afraid.  Let's start with that shirt you were so eager to take off earlier."  He undid the buttons, working his way down.  When it wouldn't slide down past my bent elbows, he moved my hands off my hips and moved them straight down to my side.  With that, I could feel the shirt slip down past my hands.  He fumbled at my bra, and finally figured out how to get that hook undone (he was never very good at that, surprisingly!).  There's always an indescribable rush when you're first exposed to somebody.  Like Mitch said, there was nothing here he hadn't seen before, but we were together so infrequently over the years that it was almost like each time was the first time.  Standing here now topless and unable to move, I felt that giddy rush.  Why did being frozen make it that much more powerful 

He then went to work on my belt, again fumbling with it in a strangely awkward manner.  With my gaze straight ahead, I couldn't see what was going on below, but I felt the material of my pants slide down my legs and bunch up at my ankles.  A quick tug on my panties, and I knew they too were down bunched up with my pants at my feet.  Mitch lifted up one leg at a time, my left one first, and removed first the sock, then the pants, then the panties.  The right leg was next, and when I felt my foot being placed back down at the platform, I knew what I had become: naked.  Mitch's naked statue.  What could I do about it? Absolutely nothing.

"OK, Stef.  Here's the deal.  Now that I've got you right where I want you, you're going to become a nice piece of artwork for me.  I'm going to put you in a nice, pleasing position, and then I'm going to ramp this up to full power.  That's going to put you to sleep.  I wouldn't dream of having you awake, staring at the wall, or whatever, until tomorrow.  So now let's see how I want you to look..."  He rubbed his chin and circled around me a few times before getting to work.  He lifted me down off the platform and unclenched my fists, straightening my fingers out.  He took my left hand and brought it up between my breasts, fingertips just touching the skin right between them.  My right hand was placed right at the top of my pubic hair, just barely touching the uppermost strands.  Apparently satisfied with my new look, Mitch came around and looked me in the eyes.  As he talked he gave an occasional gentle stroke to a breast, an arm, or my stomach.  His touch was so electric!

"All done, my lovely little piece of art.  It's bed time for you now.  I'm going to spin this knob and a few seconds later you're going to be out.  I'm not going to guarantee that you'll be in this exact location tomorrow morning, so don't be surprised if the scenery changes for you when you wake up.? Good night!"  I saw him rotate the knob, but suddenly I felt like I could move!  It took a second for that thought to register, and then I instinctively went to move my hands to cover my nakedness, taking in a deep breath in the process.  My arms got about halfway to their destinations before Mitch realized his mistake and I froze up again.  What was I thinking, trying to cover up? The 'damage' had already been done!

"Whoops!  Wrong direction.  Sorry about that."  He giggled to himself at his mistake, then took a second to get me back looking like I was before, except he did something odd with my right hand, bringing my arm straight down and extending my fingers out behind me.  "It looks like you got your mouth open a little, and you know what? I like it like that, so I think I'm going to keep you that way.  I'm going to do something else, too.  Be right back."  He went into the kitchen and returned with what looked like today's newspaper.  "I'm going to set the timer up so you get a nice view of the sunrise, which according to the paper here will be at 7:23 tomorrow morning."  He tapped at a few buttons on the base station.  "OK, that's all set.  This thing will wake you up automatically at 7:21 tomorrow.  OK, this time is for real.  Here we go."  I didn't feel any different, but I was definitely still stuck.  I've gone to sleep nude a million times.  But I've never fallen asleep, standing up, eyes and mouth open, in my living room.  Nude.  Hey, wait a minute!  There aren't any windows in this corner of the room!  As the world started to go black, I thought to myself, how am I supposed to see the sunr—...


The world faded in, like a scene from a movie.  I felt refreshed, actually better than I usually felt when I usually woke up.  I realized I was a little stiff, though.  Actually very stiff!  I was still frozen!  But he said when I wake up... — ahh, but he didn't say anything about unfreezing.  Clever fellow.  I wonder where he is? Actually, I wonder where I am? This isn't the living room.  Hey, that's the grill.  And the garden hose.  Holy crap — I'm on the deck on the back of the house!  Outside!  Naked!  What the hell ! !

It wasn't the first time I've been naked out here, but every other time I could get back in the house.  Now I'm stuck out here — literally — and it's starting to get light out.  Oooohh, where the hell is Mitch? And what's that in my right hand 

A minute or two went by, then I heard Mitch's voice in my ear.  I guess that was some kind of tape recorder or something in my hand.  So THAT'S why he positioned me like that last night.  He planned this all along!  "Good morning, Stef!  Remember that whole thing about a one year battery life? Well, I hope you don't have much planned for the next several months..."  WHAT ! !  If that son of a bitch keeps me frozen like this for...  "...Just kidding!  Kidding!  Sorry I couldn't resist that.  Anyway, last night, I pretty much promised you a change of scenery, and a nice view of the sunrise.  I think I've delivered on both of those.  Providing I set the timer on this tape recorder correctly, the sun should be coming up right about now."  How infuriating — he was right!  Grrr...

"As you've no doubt deduced by now, you're still a statue, and you're going to continue to be one until 8 o'clock.  A little over half an hour from now, the machine is set to unfreeze you completely.  But I've programmed a fun little twist into the timer.  Before I left last night — oh, I guess I forgot to mention that I went home after moving you out here last night — I made sure all the doors and windows were locked, both in the house, your car, and the utility shed.  You're locked out right now, and as best as I can tell, there's nothing for you to use to cover yourself up with.  So you're locked out, naked, and for another half an hour, you're out here on the deck.  But that's not the twist.  The twist is that there's a house key hanging on a low branch on that tree by the front corner of the house — you know the one I'm talking about.  Once you can move again, by all means go over and grab it so you can get yourself back in the house.  But the Immobilizer timer is set for a completely random activation sometime between 8:02 and 9.  Even I don't know when it's going to happen.  Now as you know, that tree is visible from the street, and it should only take you just a second to grab the key.  But if you happen to freeze up while over there, you're going to be visible to anybody walking or driving by.  They might wonder why you're naked in your front yard, and not moving at that.  That freeze command is set to be totally random, so there is no way of anybody, including myself, knowing when it will kick in.  There's no unfreeze command programmed, so once that random one hits you're gonna be stuck, no matter where you are, until I come back, which will probably be around 9:30, about two hours from now.  So there's the situation: stay back here in the relative seclusion of the backyard, find a nice comfortable spot and just wait for the inevitable refreeze.  Or risk the potential for neighborhood exposure to get the house key and get inside.  Or, hell, I don't know — do some yoga in the middle of the yard and risk being frozen in one of those weirdly named poses.  Whatever.  The only guarantee is that you're going to get two minutes of being unfrozen.  Your ability to move every one of the 58 minutes after that is a flip of a coin.  It's your choice what you do with that time, and you've got about a half hour to decide how you want to deal with it.  Oh, I've disabled the controls to the Immobilizer base unit so if you do make it back inside you won't be able to turn it off.  Basically, you're going to freeze again before I get back, it's simply a question of where.  But wherever you do end up freezing, I'll see you in a little bit.  And who knows — maybe other people will too!  Have fun!"  CLICK — the tape switched off.

The sun started to peek over the tops of the trees, and I could feel its warmth start to move up my body.  How in the hell did I get myself in this situation? I'm not wearing any clothes.  I'm locked out of my own house.  I'm completely unable to move.  When I will be able to move, I'll be able to grab the key and only be visible from the street for about two or three seconds.  But I might freeze up again, and then I'll be visible for who knows how long? Naked for the whole neighborhood to see!  Dammit!

I was standing there — like there was anything else I could do — thinking about all my various options, when I suppose eight o'clock rolled around.  All of a sudden I felt the ability to move back in my limbs.  I blinked and essentially came back to life, accidentally dropping the tape recorder which had been resting on the shelf that was my right hand.

My predicament seemed a little more real now.  I instinctively covered myself up with my arms, the same move I tried when Mitch accidentally unfroze me for a second last night.  Ten hours ago!  Had I really been standing out here on the deck, naked and frozen, for ten hours? I crouched between the grill and the wall of the house, about as hidden as I could possibly be.  I had been naked out on the deck before, but it was usually a lot darker, and I always had some choice in the matter.  The back yard had some privacy, but not completely.  Tall hedges and fences lined the yard on three sides, but it really didn't take a whole lot of effort to check out what was happening in my yard.  Mitch had talked last night about stretching my boundaries, and I suppose this was his idea of doing that.

I listened to Mitch's tape again to refresh myself on the situation.  He said that my Immobilizer would kick in again some time between 8:02 and 9, and that he would be back at about 9:30 to continue our game.  I figured my best case scenario was that I would run around to the front corner of the house, grab the key, get back inside and would get refrozen just before nine.  I'd still be frozen, but at least within the safety of my house.  The worst case scenario was that the freeze would hit right now, and when Mitch came back he'd find he hunched down beside my grill.  No, that actually wouldn't be nearly as bas as the freeze hitting when I'm grabbing the key and I end up forcibly displaying my birthday suit to anybody walking or driving by the house.  THAT was the worst case.

After about fifteen minutes of sitting there, I figured that the situation wasn't going to get any better.  I wasn't getting any closer to the key, and since the freeze wasn't a matter of 'if' but 'when,' every second that I didn't freeze meant the next one could be it.  I mustered my courage, stood up, and walked the three steps down into the grass.  I followed the edge of the deck, then the house, until I got to the corner and could look around into the side yard.  There was the tree, and I could see the key hanging right about at shoulder level.  I slowly walked toward the house's front corner, trying to stay as out of sight as I could.  I peeked around the corner into the front yard, and the coast looked pretty clear.  There was one guy walking his dog, heading away from my house, but one car coming toward me.  I went back around the corner, determined that as soon as the car went by I would rush out and grab the key and head back for the deck.  Boy, do I hope that random freeze doesn't pick the next 20 seconds to happen!

The car went by, and I rushed out and grabbed the key off the tree, then sprinted back to the relative safety of the back yard.  Once around that back corner of the house I stopped to catch my breath.  What a rush!  Mitch had put me in a tense situation and I had prevailed.  It felt good.

Proud of myself, I stood up straight and headed for the deck and the back door, clutching my prized key in my right hand.  So what if I was naked? In just a second I'll be inside and it won't matter.  No sooner had I put my foot on the first step, when I stopped moving.  NOOOO!!!  I tried everything, but my body just would not respond.  If only I hadn't spent so much time earlier just waiting on the deck.  If only that car hadn't driven by and I had grabbed the key just a few seconds earlier.  I was so close!!!  I had my right foot up on the lowest step, my left foot still in the grass, and my left hand on the railing.  Just another 15 feet and I would have made it!  DAMMIT!  Now I was stuck like this for — how long did he say  — until 9:30? That was about, what, maybe an hour from now? Crap!  Naked, frozen, and outside for another hour.  Damn you, Mitch!  Now I certainly wasn't stuck out in the front yard, but here I was displaying myself to anybody who happened to glance into the back yard.  Since there's not much I could do about my predicament, I convinced myself that all the jogging and exercising I had been doing resulted in a pretty picture for anybody lucky enough to happen to peek into the yard.

I suppose I lost myself in the sounds of the neighborhood — the birds signing, the dogs barking, the cars driving by.  I have no idea how long I was standing there when I heard a car pull into my driveway.  I heard somebody come into the yard, but since my head was stuck looking downward, I couldn't see who it was.  There was a laugh, and could tell from the voice it was Mitch.  I would have jumped if I could have as he came up behind me and ran a finger up the crack of my butt.  He moved around and sat down on the deck in front of me, looking up at my down-turned head.

"Hey, Stef.  How long have you been like this? You came pretty close to that door.  I'm proud of you for making it this far.  I'm going to head inside, but I'm not going to bring you in with me.  It will mean more to you, I think, if you get to finish what you came so close to finishing."  Hey, it will mean more to me to just get back inside and get some clothes on!

Mitch pulled the key out of my hand.  "I'm going to go inside now and lock the door behind me.  I'll release you, then you can let yourself in with the key.  It's now over...there."  and tossed it onto the far edge of the deck.  I heard it tinkle and come to a stop.  At least it hadn't dropped through a crack.  "See you inside!"

It must have been only another minute or so before I felt my muscles start working again.  I grabbed the key, and finally made it inside.  I looked at a clock, which said 9:26am.  I did some quick calculating: In the past 12 hours, I've been naked a little over 11, frozen for about 11, and outside for probably about 10.  I'd woken up naked out here about two hours ago, and of those two hours I had the ability to move for only about 30 minutes.  And I still had almost another 12 hours to go as Mitch's plaything.  I bet those totals were only going to get larger.

Mitch brought me into the living room and we sat down to talk about my experiences after waking up this morning.  At his specific request, I still didn't have any clothes on.  I told him about my initial confusion about waking up outside, and my thought processes about getting the key after I unfroze.  I told him that it took me a little while to come to the conclusion that since the freeze was going to happen eventually I would be much better off getting the key sooner rather than later.  After freezing back up as I started to climb the deck stairs, I had settled into a state of tranquil but frustrated acceptance of my condition.

"You know," he said, "I thought of something after I put you outside and left last night.  And I have to say it really worked out well — in my opinion, at least — that you didn't think of it yourself."  I shot him a confused look as I waited for his explanation.  "After you unfroze, why didn't you take the Immobilizer off?"

Good question.  Really, really, REALLY good question!  Why in the world didn't I unclip that thing from behind my ear? Then I wouldn't have had to worry about being on display in the front yard — and worrying aside, I wouldn't have actually BEEN on display on the steps.  I reached for my ear to try and remedy that situation, better late than never.

He must have been expecting that.  "Not so fast, Stef!"  My hand made it about half way up to my head before stopping.  My hand and everything else about me.  Mitch had activated my Immobilizer again!

"You're not going to go to sleep on this one, so I know you can hear me.  Let's get something perfectly clear.  We won't have any more attempts to do that.  Remember, you're mine until nine tonight, and until that time, you're not to remove that thing from your ear.  If you want to spend any time unfrozen between now and then, you had better abide by that.  Either that or I'll make sure you're handcuffed before the next time I unfreeze you so you can't reach.  I'm going to release you now, and I want you to put your hands down and tell me you won't try that any more."  Given the ability to move again, my arm plopped to my side and I promised Mitch I wouldn't try to remove his device.

"I believe you," he said.  But there's going to have to be a small punishment, although I'm going to give you a choice.  It's something I know you're not an enormous fan of, but you will have some say in the matter.  Wanna know what it is?"  I nodded apprehensively.  "Wait right there."  And seemingly almost as an afterthought, he froze me again for good measure.  Jeez, I already promised him I wouldn't take the stupid thing off.

He left me standing there for a couple minutes while he went back toward my bedroom.  I could hear some shuffling around back there, but I had no choice but to simply wait for him to return.

When he got back he had my bright red butt plug and a bottle of lube.  That stinker must have remembered where I keep it back in my room.  He held it up in front of my face.  Does the Immobilizer allow me to blush, because I sure feel like blushing right now.

"I know you use this occasionally, Stef, and I also know that you sometimes use it to 'punish' yourself when you think you've done something appropriately bad.  I think this is one of those times.  Now the fact that it's going in is inevitable.  The question is whether you want me to do it, or whether you want to do it yourself."  He walked out of my eyeline but I could still hear him behind me.  "I'm going to release you now, so remember that keeping that thing on your ear is part of the payment.  We both know how important we value that integrity in each other.  Here we go..."

And just like that I slumped forward again, able to move freely.  "I'll do it," I said half-heartedly as I turned to face him.  "Give it here."  I grabbed it out of his hand, probably a little more roughly than a 'slave' should have, and thought better of it and took the bottle of lube a little more politely.  I squeezed some onto the shaft of the plug and coated it well, then asked him for a towel to wipe the rest of my hand.

"Turn your back to me please."  Man, I can't believe he's going to not only make me put this in, but put it in right in front of him!  "Bend over a little more."

"Yeah, yeah, I know.  I've done this before!" I snapped back.  I guess he didn't like that too much, because suddenly I couldn't move again.  I was stuck looking over my left shoulder and down towards my butt.  My legs were wide open and my knees were bent to make it easier to get the plug in and I was spreading my butt apart with my left hand.  The plug was in my right hand, several inches away from contact with its target.

Mitch sighed and started slowly circling around me, as I stood there motionless.  There was a definite tone of disappointment in his voice.  "Look, Stef, we entered into this freely and this is isn't our first time.  Whenever we've done this in the past there has always been a bit of pushing the other person outside their comfort levels.  But we've always followed through and that's what makes these games so fun together.  In this case you're supposed to do what I want, when I tell you to do it.  Now we've got the added factor of the Immobilizer..."

I don't know why but it continued to give me a creepy thrill every time I heard that word.

"...and that adds a whole other dimension to the fun, and it also provides me with a little bit of enforcement power that I wouldn't normally have."  He took the plug out of my hand and bent down to enter into my line of vision, looking right in my eyes.  "You were going to put this in, and I appreciate that, but you should have done it without the backtalk.  Playing with the Immobilizer involves quite a bit of trust.  I told you before that you could remain like this for up to a year, completely unable to move, and probably wearing absolutely nothing, and right now that decision lies solely with me.  You have no choice at all in the matter at this point.  But you trust me not to do that, otherwise I doubt you would have agreed to this, and I appreciate that trust.  Now, like I said, when you're frozen and nobody is around and you don't fall asleep, the situation can become pretty boring.  Trust me on that.  In order to hopefully put you back into the spirit of this game, I'm going to leave you here for a while, stuck like this, looking down at your hand, and let you think about things.  You won't have much else you'll be able to do.  We both know that I'm a man of my word, and my word was that this game would only last until 9 tonight.  All I'll say right now is that I'll be back before then, maybe half an hour from now, maybe not until 8:30 tonight.  But remember that it's only my friendship with you, and the trust we share with each other, that's keeping me honest enough to not simply leave you stuck here, just like you are right now, for a much, MUCH longer time."  He stood up and headed for the door.

I didn't really like how he emphasized that last 'much.'  "Oh yeah," as he reappeared in my vision.  "I said this plug was going inside you one way or another.  You can't do it right now, so I guess the job falls to me."  I was helpless to resist as he slowly pressed it into my rear.  How convenient for him that I was spreading myself out!  I felt the plug seat itself inside me and he gave me a quick pat on the butt then stood up and walked out the door, giving a quick 'see you in a little while' as the door shut. 

Well, this is just great.

I'm naked — nude, whatever — in a humiliating position, Mitch just shoved a butt plug up inside me, and I'm completely unable to move.  Mitch could be back in a couple minutes, or he could be back here in half a day.  Hell, he could be back in a month, or even a year if he really wanted to!  Regardless, I'm not going anywhere.  What was that he said about things getting boring after a while? I guess if anybody would know it would be him.  Or maybe the person he had frozen for a month.  A month!  What if he doesn't come back for a month? Would he really leave me here spreading my butt apart for a month? He said he wouldn't, and I suppose I trust him not to.  But if he lets me go one minute past nine tonight, he's going to be in serious trouble.  But for now I guess I'll need to find a way to pass the time.  Ninety—nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety—nine bottles of beer...


You know, he's right.  Every time we play one of these games, there is a little bit of boundary—stretching.  There was the time I took him to my friend's lake house but didn't allow him to bring so much as a sock to wear, even for the drive there.  He really took that scenario well.  There was the time we tied ourselves up together, but couldn't get out of it until the key was released from that ice block.  That made us both a little nervous.  But we got through it, because we did it together.  (And boy, if there was ever a device that would make a perfect self—bondage machine it would be this Immobilizer.)  We have been through a lot, and we've had some wickedly fun times.  Maybe I should be a little more "into" this scenario.

. . .

Dammit!  Damn you, Mitch, and your stupid head games!  Arrgghh!  I hate it when you're right all the time!

Please come back soon and play with me a little bit.  I promise I'll behave...


I have no idea how long it was before Mitch came back, because I must have dozed off.  Fallen asleep, eyes open, standing up, and naked.  That's twice that's happened to me in the last 24 hours.  The sound of the door shutting brought me out of it and I turned to look at Mitch walk in.  At least, I tried to turn to look at him but of course I couldn't.

Mitch must have deactivated my Immobilizer because I could suddenly move again.  As I turned to face him I stole a quick glance at the clock on the wall: 1:30.  It had been a little less than four hours since he left me standing there earlier in the day.

As I turned to face him I sheepishly brought my head down and looked at the floor at his feet.  The 'chill-out' time he had forced on me had worked, and I was ready to act as the slave I was supposed to be.  I told him so.

He walked up to me and gave me a kiss.  A long, gentle, loving kiss.  He broke it off and gave me a quick swat on my butt.  "Go ahead and pop that thing out of your ass and clean yourself up.  When you're done, come back in here and make us some lunch.  That's an order..."  He grinned as he said that last part, and I couldn't help but grin too.  I headed to the bathroom to relieve myself of the invader that had been inside me for the past several hours.

As afternoon moved into night, we continued our play.  He would order me to do this or that, and I would follow his instructions precisely, as a good little slave should.  Surprisingly, the Immobilizer didn't get a whole lot of use as the 24 hours began to wind down.  When he did freeze me, it was fairly brief and in fairly ordinary positions.

After dinner he sent me out into the backyard to put the trash bag into the can at the edge of the deck.  I was been naked for almost a full day now, and I had been outside for a substantial portion of the night before, so heading outside dressed, or actually undressed, as I was didn't even register.  After dropping the bag into the can I headed back toward the door but stopped in my tracks about five feet before I reached it.  It had been several hours since I had been frozen last and it hadn't even occurred to me that he would do this to me in the brief time I was outside again.  Lulled into complacency, I suppose.

Mitch slid the door open and said, "It's about 8:15 now, and throwing that trash away was the last order I'm going to give you.  But technically you're still on the hook for another 45 minutes and you're going to run out the clock right where you are now.  I'll put the key..." he walked out of my sight and I heard a faint metallic tinkle behind me "...right here on the lowest step.  When I get back inside I'm going to set the machine to automatically release you at 8:59.  By the time you come out of it and get the key behind you, it should be 9:00 and you're time will be up."  He walked back inside and turned to face me.  "You've been a great sport with this whole thing, and you've fulfilled your end of the deal very well.  I look forward to the next time we can try something like this."  And with that he slid the door closed and locked it, once again leaving me outside, naked, and unable to move.  At least it was only going to be about 45 minutes this time.

It had indeed been fun, and I had to admit that as weird as this device was it had a certain indescribable charm.  I wondered what it would have been like if Mitch had been wearing this little gizmo behind his ear and I had been the one in charge of the machine.  Hmm...


I was lost in the thought of how I would play with Mitch if our situations were reversed when suddenly my mobility returned.  I took a couple steps backward and grabbed the key and let myself in.  As soon as I shut the door behind me, I unclipped the Immobilizer from my ear and headed into the living room to find Mitch.

Finding him wasn't difficult, because he was standing right next to the couch, and he wasn't moving.  "Mitch ..." I called out to him, but he didn't answer.  Had he had frozen himself into a statue? It sure looked that way.

I went back to my room and grabbed a robe, covering myself for the first time in nearly 24 hours, then headed back into the living room to investigate what Mitch had done to himself.  He was just standing there, staring blankly at the wall.  I took a look at the Immobilizer's control panel, which seemed surprisingly simple for a device that had held so much power over me, and now had Mitch under its control.  Judging by the settings it looked like he had frozen himself at full power, and from the looks of it he did that right after locking me outside 45 minutes ago.  That means he was long since asleep inside his frozen body.  If I was reading the machine right, it looked like it was on manual and there was no end time programmed.  Wow — if that wasn't a measure of trust between us, I don't know what is.

It was almost as though Mitch had read my mind while I was stuck outside, how I was thinking about what I would do if the situation was reversed.  Well, the situation WAS now reversed and it wouldn't be a hypothetical anymore — it was my turn to play!

Mitch had given me a brief overview of the various settings of the device with me yesterday before he let me freeze him as a quick example, and I decided to put that knowledge to use.  I turned his power level down a little bit to about 80% — if I did that right he would be a little bit flexible but wouldn't regain consciousness.  I wanted to get his clothes off but didn't want him to find out just yet.

Once I got him undressed all the way I bumped him back up to full power, stiffening him up completely.  I gently tipped him back and was able to drag him (ooofff...you need to cut back on the cheeseburgers, Mitch!) back to my bedroom.  After laying him down on the bed I went back and released him just a little bit again.  While he was flexible like that I spread his arms and legs out wide and attached them securely to the four corners of the bed with some rope.  Now even when I decided to release him from the Immobilizer's influence he still wasn't going to go anywhere.  Confident that he was secure, I released him just a little bit more, enough to wake him up.  By the time I got back to the bedroom I assume he was able to hear me.

"Mitch, thanks for this little present.  I promise that the trust you've shown in me will pay off and we'll both have some fun with this.  In case you haven't figured it out, you're tied spread eagle to my bed.  I'm going to have some fun with you, and eventually I'll let you go.  Who knows, maybe it might be a year from now.  But now you're going back to sleep.  See you in a little while..."  I headed back out to the living room and moved him back up to 80% power, knocking him out but still leaving him a little bit flexible to me.

It wasn't too much difficulty to get the Immobilizer set up with just the right settings.  Like I said, it was a remarkably simple device considering its obvious technical complexity.  Satisfied that I had things just the way I wanted them, I went back to my bedroom.  Mitch was still there, obviously, and he was as naked as he could be.  The ropes were holding him securely to the four corners, but his Immobilizer was doing a fine job now, making the ropes temporarily irrelevant.  I removed my robe and hung it back up and, now nude, I climbed up on top of Mitch in a classic 69.

I spread myself out in a reverse image of Mitch, resting my legs on top of his arms and grabbing his ankles with my hands.  I positioned my parts right over Mitch's mouth and let go of his right ankle to free my hand to guide Mitch's cock into my mouth.  That taken care of, my hand went back to his ankle.  I bobbed up and down a little bit on him, and finally stopped in the 'down' position, so that he was fully engulfed in my mouth, the tip of my nose just brushing against his balls...and then my freeze hit.

Here I was spread out on top of a frozen but tied-up Mitch, his penis fully in my mouth.  I was spread out too, but the only thing holding me in place was the power of the Immobilizer.  If I had programmed the device's base station correctly, I would remain like this for about half an hour or so, then I would get ramped up to full power and fall asleep.  At 8 in the morning, Mitch and I would be awakened by the machine but would remain frozen.  That would be Mitch's first realization that there was a naked statue on top of him with his cock in her (its ) mouth.  Thirty minutes later he would be fully released, but would still be attached to the bed with the ropes, and I would still be frozen on top of him.  I figured another half an hour after that was long enough for a fully conscious guy, a tied-up guy, to have a naked statue blowing him, and an hour of me being conscious on top of him with him in my mouth was plenty.  After I was released from the Immobilizer's control, I'd make it up as we went along.

At least that's how it was SUPPOSED to work.  Who knows if I got all those things programmed correctly? Hell, maybe we were both going to stay like this for a year.  Maybe Mitch would get released and I would remain stuck.  How would he get loose, especially with me on top of him.  Maybe we would both wake up but wouldn't get unfrozen.  Just exactly how long was I going to be stuck like this, cock in my mouth, staring down at Mitch's balls? The last thing I thought of as the world started to go black was, I guess we'll know tomorrow morning...



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