A new Pair

by Paul G. Jutras

George first met Tina at the mall, where she was appearing as a freeze model. Her face was covered up so that it appeared blank and she was carried out wearing a black tank top, shorts and nude nylons by two men and placed on a display stand. Some kids were touching her when he walked over. As the kids were debating if she was a real woman or not, George touched her wrist and was surprised to find she was really flesh and not plastic.

The next time he met Tina she was dressed in a 18th century peasent dress, white nylons and sandals. She was situated on a platform in the center of the mall with a basket of flowers and a TAKE ONE sign.

By this time his curiousity got the best of George. He went to the head of the mall and learned that she was a street performer hired to play the part of a mannequin at the mall. He was couldn’t believe that someone would be into something he thought of as so kinky and made arrangement to be outside the mall when it closed. As she exited for her car with her peasent outfit exchanged for a black turtle neck and white skirt, he greeted and introduced himself as he asked her out to dinner. Not meeting many men who were into what she did, Tina happily agreed.

“How long have you been doing this?” George asked Tina as the ran his hand up and down her nylon covered thigh under the table and made her feel horny at his touch.

“A couple of months since I moved here,” replied Tina.

“You’re not from around here?” He asked.

“After my parents died in an auto accident and left me with no family, I decided to leave my street troupe and start off fresh in an new town,” Tina said, pleased that someone was interesting in hearing everything she did.

“I think I might have something that you’d really be interested in at my place,” George said as he assured her that it wasn’t just a come on. Interested, she went back to his place and found the back of his apartment looked like some kind of mini lab.

“Please lay on the bed and take your pantyhose off.” George snickered as she smiled back and did as he said. He took a pair of thigh-hi stockings from the lab and slipped one on her right leg. She moaned in an orgasm as her pussy sealed up and she turned to plastic from the waist down. “If I put the other stocking on you, you’ll be a mannequin for real,” he explained.

“Really?” asked Tina. “Let try something first," she said as she took the stocking off that leg and put it on her arm. It worked there too; Tina fell backward, frozen from the waist up, on the bed as he dropped his pants and began to pump his juices into her. She wanted to scream but her frozen vocal cords and mouth didn’t utter a word. She felt herself quiver as she came into the best orgasm she had ever felt.

He then removed the stocking again. “How was that?”

“That was wonderful,” She moaned in exhaustion. “Though I normally prefer hosiery over stockings when I’m at the mall pretending to be a mannequin.”

“That’s what the owner of the mall told me when I asked when you got off work. I think I have just what you want,” George smiled as he left for the lab. She sat up with one leg under the other when he came back with a pair of nude pantyhose. “What to slip these on for size?”

“Why don’t you do it for me?” Tina said as she laid back down and stretched her legs out before her slim body. “I love being helpless in your arms.”

“This will make you helpless alright,” George said as he slipped the hose, making her anus and pussy seem to disappear underneath its mesh as she stiffened again. From head to toe she was now a plastic mannequin. As he ran his hand over the front of the hose she could feel her pussy was still there underneath. As he got on top of her and kissed her hard plastic lips, he began to pump himself in and out of the solid plastic tube-like hole that was once her pussy. In her frozen state she mentally moaned and wanted to cry out loud as she shivered inwardly.

“Hope you liked that.” George said as he laid beside her and went to sleep with his arms wrapped around his plastic doll. “I got a special surprise for you in the morning.”

The next morning Tina woke up and tried to get up. In her sleepy daze she wondered why she couldn’t move before remembering the events of the night before. She figured when George woke up he’d take the hose off and free her so she could get ready for work at the mall.

“Morning, Tina.” George said as he walked over from the lab with a device in his hand. She didn’t know what it was but it made her feel both concerned and horny at the same time. He seemed to use it on the pantyhose she was now wearing, but didn't remove them. He told her, “This is a fixer. The type warehouses use on mannequins so their stockings won’t get damaged during shipping. I've arranged with the mall manager to give you the full mannequin experience.”

Shortly later a pair of delivery men crated her up and shipped her in a truck to the mall where she found herself kept in the store room for what seemed forever. Eventually, she had a bra put on her torso, panties on her hips, and was carried out to the lingerie department. She had never modeled lingerie in her career as a living mannequin but found the idea now to be a bit of a turn on.

When it neared mall closing time, she was happy to hear the voice of both the manager and George near by. Her frozen mannequin state forced her to stare straight ahead and she wished she could turn her head or express her joy to have him return for her.

Her joy suddenly changed when she heard a female voice join the conversation. “I’m sorry poor Tina has to take my place, but I’m just glad to be alive again.”

“Well Mr. Heaven, I hope you and your wife, Reese have a good life.” The manager said. “I’m sorry that I had to make you use your mannequin lingerie technology turn your wife into a display mannequin to pay off the store for the jewels and clothes she stole from us.”

“I’m just glad you accepted Tina as a replacement mannequin to finish paying off her debt so I could get my wife back,” George said, giving Reese’s soft cheek a kiss.

“Don’t worry your head over Tina,” The manager said. “As long as we don’t forget she’s a real person, we’ll remove the hose and bring her back to flesh and blood when you’re wife’s debt is fully repaid to us.”

“I’m counting on it.” George said as he and his wife turned and left the mall. “You’re so used to her working in the store as a mannequin anyway, I figured it wouldn’t make much of a difference to you or her if she really was one.”

That manager better not forget I’m real, Tina thought to herself. Playing a mannequin is fun, but I don’t want to be like this forever.. .