Girls under Glass (The Professor’s Secret)
Side Story: A Tall One

by Tek

In an effort to sharpen my writing abilities, i thought i would make a "side story" of shorts based on Zapped!'s story. The story itself takes place between the chapter 6 and 7 of his world.
I thank Zapped! for letting me have a crack at his story. SOOooooo without further ado.


2 A.M.…

Clausson looks up at his alarm clock, wondering who the bloody hell is buzzing his doorbell at this unruly hour of the morning. He rolls over and reaches over the rigid form of Beyonce, posed in a moment of passion, for his glasses. She has her left arm posed under her head, her silky hair spread out on her pillow. Her head is tilted to her right and up, with Beyonce's eyes at half mast, her full lips slightly parted, with a small smile the doc took the time to manipulate before he retired for the night. Her right arm is gingerly touching her private regions, her legs spread out, as if ready to go again. Which Clausson planed on doing when he awoke since he had a 3 day weekend to himself. Holidays; they are a blessing for teachers like himself.


"Alright, alright!" shouted Jack, as he slowly rose from the bed. Heading to bedroom door, he reached out to turn on the light, to let the person know he was up and coming. Flipping the switch he is met by the naked, stock still form of Maria. The young Latino girl was posed with her elbows bent, holding the good professor’s smokes and lighter in one opened, palm-up hand, while her right hand posed the same way had his night robe laid across it. A small frozen smile also graced her beautiful face, as she stared blankly past her collector.

Taking a smoke from the pack in her hand and using the lighter on it, he then places it back on her hand, and takes the robe from her other hand.

“Thank you my dear, you have been a wonderful holder.” He grinned at her, grabbing a feel of her left breast as he went downstairs, closing the door behind him. He grumbled to himself, if it is Pitt again, I am going to move elsewhere, perhaps with more room for my dolls. Making it to the door, he shifts his smoke and opens the door.

“Pitt, this better…..”

Jack was unprepared to have a pair of melon sized breasts right in his face. Cranking his head up, he gazed into the beautiful face of Alicia Jones, a soon to be graduate at the university. He had been admiring her and her sensual breasts for quite some time. Her height is perfect for viewing them, he thought as he puffed a little bit of his smoke.

“My apologies, my dear.” Clausson said in a more claim voice, as he adjusted his lens. “I was thinking of someone else at the moment.”

Alicia is aware that this old professor saw her chest before anything else. While this would anger her at a different time, now it was welcomed. And the only reason he saw her chest first was due to the height difference; as Jack was 5’8”, while she towered to an amazon height of 6’2”.  Her long fiery red hair matched her lightly golden tanned skin. Long eye lashes nearly masked her emerald eyes, and her pouty red lips betrayed the uneasiness she felt about what she was doing.

But she felt lonely without anyone she knew staying behind in the dorms, on the 3 day weekend. Secretly, the only person she was in love with had disappeared just like all the other girls that had gone missing in this town. Alicia really didn’t like Professor Clausson that way, but she thought it would be nice to spend it with someone she could trust. But she would never get over not being able to have told Bridget that she loved her, even though she might be rejected, Alicia would have felt more at peace if she told her the truth before her friend was gone.

She worked up her courage again and spoke,“I’m sorry to bother you at this time of the night, but I needed to talk to you!” she pleaded to the good professor, looking determined on the outside.

“Oh? And what’s this about, dear?” Jack asked in a more matter of fact manner. Shifting his smoke again, crossing his arms. Giving her his full attention.

“Well you see, I was thinking about what you said…You know, from Wednesday.“ she looked down, turning a little red in face. “About spending the day with you…at, the pool. I was hoping to spend the break here with you… No one knows I’m here. My family is out of town, and well…”

Jack smiled at this news. “Really my dear you could have at least called..” he stepped back. “But I suppose you can come in, I’ll brew you a cup of coffee?” he asked, pulling the door back a bit to let her inside.

Her face lit up and she walked in, “Thank you! This will be a great weekend!” she said in a cheerful voice.

Following him into the kitchen, she sat on a stool while he started a brew.

“Ok my dear, I fear nature is calling me; the coffee maker will be your host until I return,” he said, walking to in the direction of his bathroom. Since his camera was in the small desk next to it. “But please... make yourself at home.”

And with that he vanished in the dark, leaving Alicia free to explore her new surroundings. After all, he said to make herself at home. Walking around the back part of the house, she came to the study room. Stepping in, she turned on the lights.

“Oh wow!” she said as she looked at the most beautiful life size doll she has ever seen in her life. Making sure the professor isn’t back, she quietly approaches the doll. The doll is posed standing over a large world globe, dressed in a very sexy French maid dress with fishnet stockings; she appears to be cleaning the globe with the feather duster in her outstretched right hand.

“She looks so real!” Alicia thought as she circled the globe and the doll. She leaned in closer to look at the beautiful face of the maid doll. If she had known the truth, she would have realized she was staring into the face of Josephine, Pitt’s ex-wife turned into a living doll solely for the pleasure of Clausson. Her raven black hair was still in a pigtail hairstyle, with bangs covering parts of her forehead while the maid's lace headpiece held most of large strands in place. Josephine’s head was at a slight tilt, her eyes locked, staring at South America. She has a big, but force smiled, as if she was in the middle of daydreaming.

“Amazing…” Alicia whispered to herself. “If you were real, I would have liked to gotten to know you,” she said in a low voice to the doll with a sly smile. She reached out and grabbed the doll's breast, giving it a squeeze.

“Wow, your breasts are so soft. I need to ask Mr. Clausson where he got you,” Alicia said, giving the Josephine doll a kiss on the cheek. Still wanting to see more, she scanned the room. Walking up to the book shelf, she looked at the books idly to see what the good professor read; after all, she would need something to talk about. Looking the shelves over she comes across one book that looks out of place with the rest of the collection. Reaching out to pull it from its resting spot, she immediately notices something odd.

“It’s fake, I wonder…” she pulls on it and sure enough the part of the book case pops open with a slight hiss. Intrigue gets the best of her, and she opens the door. Going down the steps, she comes into a large room, with items everywhere, monitors, some tables. Some of the equipment looks like it hooks up to certain… things.

“What did I step into now…” she thinks as she continuer to walk deeper into the basement.

Meanwhile Jack has finished his business and has readied his camera. Walking back into the kitchen, he notices that his next acquisition is missing. “Now where..” he says, looking around. Then he spots the light on in his study. “Oh dear.” Jack thinks, starting to walk fast to the room, knowing what's concealed there.

Back in the basement, Alicia has reached a pair of double doors. Still curious as to what she’s walked into she opens the doors. The room beyond was dark but could tell there was stuff in there. She searched for the light switch for a few moments, then flipped it on. Instantly the lights came up, lighting rows of booths. She could now see that they clearly held more amazing dolls.

“More of them; I wonder if I can buy one.” She said to herself as she started walking down the hall, glancing into random booths. She stared in wonder at the many different types of life sized dolls Professor Clausson had, taking a look at the dolls one by one. She noticed one in a she-devil latex suit that looked an awful lot like Velma, a would be student of the university. She recalled that had girl disappeared along with her boyfriend, Nathan, and another couple, Josh and Mandy.

She leaned in closer, amazed at such detail, she could almost have sworn it was her classmate for real. “It’s very eerie; you look so much like a person who was going to be my roommate. She was a nice girl I met once, a little prude, but nice,” Alicia said. “I hope she’s ok, where ever she’s at.” She walked away from the booth, not realizing that it was indeed her once and future classmate and roommate, Velma, standing stiff as a statue.

Moving along, she came across another pair of doors; revealing another large room. On one side is toga dressed doll, holding a lamp in her hand. Looking back, Alicia wonders if the professor has noticed yet she’s not in the kitchen anymore.

Pushing the door open, she walks in. As she enters, Alicia notices a roped off display with a empty pedestal. “I wonder where that one went,” she thinks as she looks at the many more dolls on rotating displays. They all appear to be doing something in progress. Like a very cute Japanese girl posed in a one piece swim suit getting ready to dive off a board, while another doll, a pretty brunette girl, naked at the moment, was in the process of putting on a bra.

“Strange, she seem to be very anatomically correct,” she realizes, noticing that the doll indeed has a perfect replica of a girl’s womanhood. She finally makes it to the end of the displays. Taking in the large stage ahead of her, she gasps at the extravagance. “Quite expensive for a professor’s salary," Alicia proposes to herself. Looking to the right, she sees one last set of booths.

Since Mr. Clausson hasn’t found her yet, she figures she might as well look at the last set of dolls.

Looking at the first three, she wonders why they look so young; still, they look very cute in their pajama’s.

Moving past the third one, she comes across the next motionless figure. “Wait…it, it can’t be…” her eyes widen as she recognizes the doll that isn’t any doll to her. It is her secret love, Bridget, who is standing there in front of her, so lifeless and stiff, staring past her as she wasn’t even there. Alicia quickly open the door to the booth, not even realizing that the good professor has now made it into the same room.

“Bridget! Wake up! It’s me, Alicia!, Wake up!” she shouts to the non-responsive Bridget, shaking her as hard as she can, hoping against hope that she’s alive somehow. “How did you get down here!?”

Then a sudden chill ran down her spine. Looking quickly to her left. She took another glance at that third doll. “No…Christie.” She finally connected all the dots; recognizing that the doll that looks like Velma, was Velma. Or what was left of her… Somewhere Beyonce and Maria were around here too, since they were last seen together. Now they had become dolls.

Kissing Bridget on her tender but cold lips, she said with a trembling in her voice,“I’m so sorry Bridget, I…I never told you I love you, maybe..”

“Ahem!” coughed the professor, gaining the tall girl’s attention.



A Few Weeks Later…

Jack was getting back from the school, where they were all talking about the young miss Alicia Jones' disappearance. This was the 20th missing-persons case with no clues as to what happened to her they said, much to Claussen's delight, though he didn’t show it there.

It was the weekend again. He had two days to himself, he thought he'd spend it with his dolls as he had decided not to give his students homework in light of what had happened.

Walking down to his basement, he enters the purifying room. Laying in the table there was a very beautiful English girl he had just acquired last night; nobody had reported her missing yet. Checking on her progress, he smiles, and leaves her to finish.

Pulling out a flatbed, he rolls it into the display rooms, and picks out Bridget and Kathy Lee for the weekend fun. Stopping at the roped-off display, he walks into it, adjusting the g-string hugging Beyonce’s firm butt as she continue to model the smile she's held since she became a part of his collection.

Working his way to the others, he stops on the last one.

Alicia, standing proud on her pedestal, wearing a teddy, a garter and fishnet stocking set. Her hair is styled out very full and curly on her head, gently cupping her beautiful face. She is posed with her hips shifted to one side, her back arched, letting her large breasts pop out even more, with a wide smile showing off her well kept teeth. Her hands and arms are covered in white sparkly long sleeve satin gloves. Her left hand is posed on her hip while her right one is posed in a come-hither fashion. Stopping to admire her, he walks closer and slightly adjusts the skimpy teddy to show more of her ample cleavage.

“Well my dear, I’m glad you've joined my collection. I‘ll find a time to unite you and dear Bridget here for a some time alone, but for now you'll enjoy the freedom that I have given.”

Patting her firm cheeks, he walks back to Kathy Lee and Bridget, starting again for the doors and his weekend.

“I always wanted a tall one in my collection..”


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