A Strange Solution

by: BigBird
Manip by: MadBirdCZ

It's amazing what one can do with a background in chemistry and a little luck.

Sarah and her boyfriend were the experimental sort - always trying new things, and new combinations. Sometimes their discoveries were born of research and intuition, other times it was pure happenstance. Sometimes a mixture of the two. The time they were trying to discern a way to turn common base elements into gold and stumbled upon a way to turn Sarah into an animated love doll would count as the latter. And turning her back was and example of the former.

Being able to freely switch forms presented some erotic options for the couple. Sarah not only enjoyed being a love doll, but she loved the sensation of the transformation itself. That's why she found herself holding the potion in her hand now.

"Brian won't be back from defending his Master's Thesis for another couple of hours. Meanwhile, all I've got to do to keep me occupied around the house is cleaning and vacuuming," groaned Sarah. "Of course, that might not be so bad if I had some exciting stimulus while I worked," she said eyeing the bottle.

"Its not like Brian will mind," she reasoned, "If he succeeds in defending his thesis, when he comes home he'll want to celebrate with his dolly. If he fails..... well, he'll need some consoling from his dolly," she told herself as she stripped down to her bra and stockings.

And with that, she downed the potion. It was a horrible-tasting thick pink substance, like Pepto-Bismol. It seemed to coat her insides, and go right to the source of her heartburn and upset stomach - which it promptly turned into air. Sarah's skin seemed to stretch slightly, and go taut. She felt the familiar rubbery texture on her arms as she ran her hands over her transforming body. She was becoming smooth latex; the only breaks to the texture were the seams running down her arms and legs. She cupped her breasts as the transformation spread through them. She could feel her flesh breasts under her latex fingers. As she massaged them she felt them change to rubber, felt the friction and texture difference as her latex fingers rubbed against latex boobs. She became hot, and felt her face flushed with colour. She let out a small gasp as her mouth pulled itself into an "O" shape.

She was an air-filled doll now. But she retained consciousness and movement. "Ooooh, that feels good," she tried to say out loud, but she could only think it. She wasn't alarmed as this happened every time. She always lost her ability to talk from her stiff "O"-shaped mouth. But she could still move the rest of her body, and that was what was important.

She continued to play with her new body for a few hours, idly rubbing her new skin. But she finally decided to get some clean up done. The house WAS a mess. They'd left a bunch of their chemicals out from their experiments last night, in Brian's last minute touches to this thesis. Walking to the armchair, she bent down to grab the TV remote control, from where it has fallen between the cushions.

When she tried to stand back up, she felt a tug on her scalp. Her hair was stuck to the armrest of the chair! "No matter, I'll just pull myself free," she thought as she placed her hands on the armrest.

Big mistake. Now they were stuck too! Brian must have left spilled some bonding solution on the chair. "Well, that's not too bad," she thought to herself, trying not to panic "There are enough solvents in the house. There's some over there in the kitchen," she thought, as she tried to drag herself and the chair in that direction.

"Ugh, there's no way I can move this heavy chair with only my own air-filled body! Oh, why didn't I leave the restoration potion within arms reach?" she lamented. She braced her legs and pulled with all her might. She HAD to move this chair! But it wouldn't budge.


"Its OK," she thought, calming down. "Brian will come home, he'll see me and he'll turn me back. I'm going to get out of this eventually. There's just one problem. From this God-awful pose, he's going to think I'm presenting to him. Which WAS the original plan, but now... stuck standing like this... there's a good chance he's going to go ANAL on me. *shudder* I just know it! And there's no way I can tell him not to!" she struggled against her chair, expecting her experimental boyfriend to arrive home any minute now........


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