Another Type of Makeover

by Paul Jutras


     It was a sunny day in Edgemont and Veronica; one of the wealthiest collage girls in the world, enjoyed a day of shopping. She had her personal bag carriers bringing her pervious purchases from one store to the next. Of course none of those who valued their job would say a bad thing to her about anything.

     "This outfit is great." Veronica said in a red turtle neck sweater, blue pleaded skirt, suntan hose and black leather knee high boots with a modest three inch heel. "I believe the new costume shop is having a underwear sale."

     "Yes Ma'am." Her servants all said together. As she walking into the store and they all walked five steps behind, one guy whispered to his co workers. "At least Mr. Edge said that this would be the last time we'd have to put up with the little snob."

     "I wonder why?" His partner asked.

      "Who cares." The first one said. "As long as we're free from this duty."

      "You got that right."

       "I do look stunning in silver." Veronica said as she thought of all the jewelry that she had that would go with a robot costume. "Okay, I'll take it."

     Later at home, Veronica had finished unpacking and couldn't wait to try out her new costume. Without any panties, she slipped some silver pantyhose up until she could almost feel the nylon panel slide into her feminine slit.  "Never felt a pair of nylons that heated me up like this before." Veronica thought to herself as she locked the ankle straps of a pair of five inch heels that were also surprisingly comfortable. 

     "Glad the underwear included a matching bra." Veronica thought as she hook the eye of the silver bra into the hole.  She had never seen her breasts look so perfect in a bra. She then stepped into the black dress with silver fringe and had one of her maids zip up the back. "How do I look?"

     "I think the outfit would look better if you had longer hair, miss Veronica. " The maid said while Veronica examined herself in the mirror.  Agreeing, she went to her wig collection and put and off the shoulder length wig over her own short hair. 

     "You may leave now." Veronica said as she waiting for the door to close before she sat down on the end of the bed and leaded back. The hose had heated her crotch enough that she just had to finger herself through the nylon. Her attempt to  please herself resulted in her passing out.

     When she woke many hours later, she notice that she was laying further up on the bed. Her head was on the pillow and someone had removed her dress. She also notice that it was nearly dawn. "What a wonderful night's sleep."

     Getting out of bed, Veronica stood up and found she was still tiled in the heels she had gone to sleep in.  "I guess I better get dressed for this new school that dad said I was going to go to today."   She said to herself as she reached for the hose waist band and found it gone. To her body it felt like she was still wearing the softest, most wonderful hose there can be. As her hand ran down the outside of her legs, it was like her body was now hard, cold chrome. "What's going on here?" She thought as she notice her skin gave the impression of bra straps or a bikini top. The straps themselves; however, were gone. It was if they were part of her body.

       "What's going on?" Veronica looked down to her feet. The ankle strap and other straps were missing now from the shoes.  She couldn't step away from the sole of the shoes with its attached heel. She looked up in shock to see her  father in the door way holding a maid uniform instead of her costume dress.

     "What's going on is that I'm tired of having a snob for a daughter. "When I give the word your new program will active and you'll be a passenger in your body. At the end of the school year we'll see if you learned your lesson and are ready to transfer back to school."

     "Active!" He said

     Veronica's body stiffened and her voice remain silent as she put on the maid uniform and went to start her duties by cleaning her own room.  "This is going to be a blissfully quiet school year." Mr. Edge thought of all the money he'd save without her spending sprees.



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