Hell Hath No Fury – The Fourth Story of the Wizard’s Tales

Part I

by Anthyrax

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Prologue – A world far away, Five years ago


Noon, the 8th of Harvest Month

It was a clear fall day, the 8th day of Harvest Month, as the combined armies of Shiron and Varangia stormed over the walls into the city of Kithera.  The sounds of battle rang everywhere, the clash of steel weapons, the screams and curses of men and women, and the occasional sounds of explosions and a variety of arcane sounds created by magic rang in the air.  In the forefront of the battle, Gavin led his team forward into the Palace of the Arcane School.   He had a lot fewer men with him than he started with, just a dozen of the three score in the volunteer mixed company of Shironian Marines in their blue and gold, and the remaining Varangian Legionnaires in their Scarlet and Silver.    

Gavin, a man of medium height, with strong shoulders, long brown hair, a mustache and intense brown eyes looked around as they cleared the main entrance.   Stepping over the body of a Kitheran Guardsman he had just ran through with his rapier, he called to his second in command, a tall man with almost white blond hair and ice blue eyes, a cigar clenched in his teeth, and a crossbow and long knife in his hands.

“Grim, tell the lieutenant and his troops to clear out the top floors, and you follow me down this hall.”

His comrade nodded and barked out an order to a young man just coming up with another dozen troops in Varangian livery. 

“Major,” a grizzled hard-bitten sergeant of the Marines stepped forward, “You should let us go first sir.  We have armor and you don’t.”  

Gavin nodded, and the surviving troops in his command moved through the hall.  Grim stepped up next to him, and the two men followed, Grim with his crossbow cocked and ready, and Gavin with his hands free except for his wand. 

Suddenly, they came into a large chamber, and Gavin knew that they had reached the Chancellor’s room.   Instantly, another flurry of combat began as the Kitheran Guardsmen rushed to meet the troops under his command.   Gavin looked past the fight, and saw his enemy. 

Gregor, the Chancellor, and the bastard who had captured his wife.  

He was standing next to what Gavin knew had to be her.   Andrea, his beloved, now a marble statue, her mouth open in a silent scream, and her blank eyes wide, while her arms thrust in a final effort to plead for mercy.   There were others around her, other women, in a variety of poses, but all with their features frozen in stone, and showing the anguish and pain of the transformation.   

Rage swept through him, and he forced himself to focus on his enemy.

Just then a spell was directed at him, and seeing that his major had been distracted by the vision of his wife, the grizzled sergeant stepped in front of him and took the spell.   As the sergeant fell, his body burnt to a crisp, Gavin managed to activate his protections, and a duel began between the two wizards.   In a few moments, the remainder of the combat ended, as both his men and the Kitherans wiped each other out, or were killed or sorely wounded by the splash of the magic between the two wizards.   Meanwhile, Grim, seeing that a stalemate was developing, worked his way behind some cover and waited for a clear shot.

Gavin saw him, and nodded.   Just a hole, that’s all Grim would need, and it was up to Gavin to create it.

The duel continued for a few more moments, then Gavin managed by focusing all his effort, force a hole just big enough in the his opponents force field.   It was enough.  Grim fired, and Gregor suddenly stopped, his hand went to his head, but then he fell, his hand not quit reaching the crossbow bolt now protruding from his forehead. 

Not even hesitating, Gavin ran to his wife.  He felt her alive in there, his magic found that her soul still lived.  He stood back, and began to think about how to bring her back when Grim walked to him.

“I am sorry, but we have to go.   The Healing sisters are coming, and they will take care of her.   She is safe for now.  We still need you Major, the battle isn’t over yet.”

Gavin nodded, although his heart was torn.   Andrea needed him too, but if he didn’t get back into the fight, the Kitherans might still win.   There weren’t many powerful mages left to the Allies after the bitter fighting at the wall and the streets leading to the palaces.  Prince Hans had just sent him a magical message as well.   Well, the Prince had been married to her once, and he would make sure she was taken care of.   As bitter as it was, it would have to do.    Gavin turned toward his friend, nodded, unable to speak as the emotions ran through him.   Grim, the taciturn hard case that he was, felt the pain in his friend, and grieved as well.   So many of their men dead, and Andrea, who he adored as he would a sister, a stone statue.   Grim knew how much this would cost his friend, and he grieved. 


Two hours later

A young witch stepped forward and examined the statue of Andrea in the Chancellors office.   She was the leader of her coven, and between them, they would try to restore the victims, and then nurse them back to sanity if possible.  They had already brought back all of the others, but it had been unpleasant in the extreme.   Some of the women, restored to life again as they were, just sat there, catatonic stares and muttering pleas continuing to come from them, even as nursing sisters and medic carried them away in stretchers.   Others of the victims, awakened, fell to the ground and screamed until they could be sedated.

It was very unsettling and intensely emotional and Kayla was glad that this was the last one.   She had the most hope for this woman.   She had been told that Andrea was a powerful wizard, along with being an accomplished veteran of countless battles and adventures.   Kayla hoped that the powerful mind inside Andrea's petrified body would allow her to survive this ordeal with her sanity intact.  At least, mostly intact.

Only one way to find out though.   She focused, and directed her power into the statue.   Gradually, the stone began to change in color, becoming first pure white, and then changing into flesh tones before softening in texture.  After a few moments, she saw that the woman inside had been restored, and Andrea stepped forward.

“Thank the gods.” Kayla thought, “she isn’t screaming and she seems alert.  Maybe it will be alright.”

Andrea looked around slowly and met the eyes of each of the seven witches in the room.   Then she smiled a bright, angelic smile, and her eyes glittered with humor.  Right up to the moment when she kicked Kayla hard in the throat, and stepped forward as Kayla fell, to smash the cartilage of Kayla’s nose with a punch right into her brain.   Andrea, completely nude, frighteningly beautiful, the vision of a warrior goddess, ran from the room, screaming and knocking out of the way two more of the witches on her way out.

The remaining nurses stood stunned, then raced over to heal their fallen friends.


Dusk, several hours later

Grim knelt down next to his friend.   Gavin lay on a stretcher, his eyes closed, and wrapped in a blanket.   It was ironic, he thought, not even getting into the fight again after getting orders to abandon his wife, and getting all of a block from the palace where he left her when a building collapsed on him.   Well, the nursing sister said he will be fine after he recovers from the spells they cast on him to bring him back.  And then I will have to break his heart.

Lighting another cigar, Grim sat down next to his friend.  He had no where to go at the moment, as all of the men he and Gavin had led into battle were dead, and wouldn’t be needing any leadership anymore.  The enemy was defeated, many of them dead, and for that matter, so was much of the city.   It had been an awful battle, tens of thousands dead, but the Allies had won.   Well, at least, the Kitherans had lost, which seemed enough to him. 

Prince Hans had come to see him an hour before, looking for Gavin.   His news had not been good, and neither of the two men was looking forward to telling the hero of the hour, and the husband of the most beautiful woman this side of the continent that his wife was psychotic, and had killed several people before disappearing into the chaos of the fallen city. 


Six weeks later, the 20th of Fallmonth

Prince Hans, a tall distinguished looking Elf with gray eyes, and long blond hair, looked around the room.  He had found her, his former wife, but he wished he never had now.   It had taken more of his resources than he had ever thought, but he had managed to subdue her. 

“Now what do I do with you?” he asked rhetorically.   “You look so peaceful now, but only because I managed to put you to sleep.  But what horrors have you done?”

He had found her at last, in a small warehouse near the docks of Kithera.  Three young women now clustered around her, sobbing and his scan of their minds showed that they were completely enslaved, their minds dominated and shattered, then reshaped to complete adore their owner.  Andrea, who a few months ago hated slavery, and hated the Kitherans more.   And now she had three of them, plus from what his magic scan had indicated, those five statues, all with looks of horror or ecstasy frozen on their now marble and flint faces, the souls trapped inside.   He knew, from what the nursing sisters had told him about the victims recovered from the Palace of the Arcane School, that they lived.   Trapped in a world where the last sensations they felt ran over and over through the minds.  

“More work for the Nursing Sisters, and they haven’t even been able to heal the other victims yet.”

Andrea would have to be locked up now.  He just hoped that one day she could be healed too.  

“You would think after being divorced for 30 years I wouldn’t still love you.   And now I have to break Gavin’s heart.  The man I wish was my own son. “

The head of the Nursing Sister Covens had told him that even a wish wouldn’t heal the girls tortured and changed this way.  Only time and love and healing would do. 

“So much for magic.  I can’t even heal you, and I am the most accomplished wizard left alive after this war.” 

Hans watched as his troops hauled away the living girls, the statues and finally, heavily manacled, gagged and magically slept, the woman he still loved. 


Months later, Ides of Spring, 15th of Springmonth

It was a clear, spring beautiful day along the shores of the shore of Anchorage Bay.  A man with brown hair and deep ageless brown eyes sat under a trunk of a tall oak, watching a stately frigate beat its way into the harbor, while a graceful schooner slipped out to sea, its white sails full with the onshore breeze.   He looked over at the city, Lorn, the capital of the Kingdom of Shiron, its tall crystal and stone towers clean after the rain, and the trees that were throughout the city green and full of the blossoms of spring. 

The man sat there, a pipe clenched in his mouth, his face grim.  He watched and then his face softened into a wistful look, and he sighed.

“I will miss this place, my home for so long.”

“Talking to yourself Gavin?” called a deep bass voice, “that’s a bad sign you know.”

Another man stepped out from the trees, an older man with a long black beard and blue eyes that showed compassion, mirth and wisdom.   A guitar hung on his back, and a sword on his hip, a broad brimmed leather hat sat jauntily on his head, and deep green cloak over his bright red and gold uniform. 

Gavin stood and looked back, a grin of embarrassment on his face. “Hi Riley. Well, it’s only a problem if the conversation goes both ways.”

Riley grinned and walked over and hugged his friend.  It had been a year since they had last worked together, a daring and dangerous raid, another in the nasty and grueling war against the Kitheran sorcerers and their slave armies.   A war that had finally ended only a few weeks ago.  

“I talked to Grim at the base.  He told me you resigned.” Riley looked at him sadly, “he told me about Andrea too.”

“You would think an assassin could keep his mouth shut.” Gavin said. 

“He is your friend you know.”  Riley pulled out a cigar, and lit it with a motion from his fingers. “I think even he loved her to in his silent intense way.”  Riley puffed on his cigar, and looked at his friend “I actually saw him almost tear up for a minute, and he even drank, never seen him do that before.  I heard it was a bad one though.”

“The worst” Gavin said, looking away, back toward the bay.  He remembered the final fight, seeing his wife, nothing but a trophy, her face, now marble like the rest of her, showing her anguish and the final silent scream.   She was on a dais, along with a number of other women, all beautiful like she was, and all captured by that bastard Gregor. 

Gregor, the chief wizard and commander of the sect that ran Kithera, manipulating lives, torturing for the sheer pleasure of drinking in the emotions, twisting minds and shattering lives.   Out of boredom.   

Riley handed Gavin a copper flask, and Gavin shook away his memories for a moment, and drank.  It was good whiskey, a rarity; something that Riley was famous for having invented so many years ago.  His best too, and the taste brought a brief smile for a moment.

“Heard one of the bastards got away?” Riley asked.

“Yeah, Gregor’s buddy Paulus.   We traced him to the Well of Worlds, and he just beat us.   No telling where he went.”

“Well, maybe he will learn some other expression besides that damned bland smile of his.”

“Maybe so, hope I find him where I am going.”

Riley looked at him, and nodded.   He knew this was going to happen.   Grim had told him about Andrea.  Like all of the women that Gregor had captured, her mind had been twisted and changed.   The beautiful free spirit (well, if at times damned near impossible to predict) that was Andrea’s, her spontaneous and wild but good and kind heart, her laughter and her silly but good natured pranks, not to mention her impossible beauty, had made all love her.  

What was left, besides her now chilling and frightening beauty was a sly, calculating and now psychotic mind that was too dangerous to be allowed loose.

Grim had told him that after the battle, clerics and wizards had come in, and tried to help the victims.    Andrea had been awakened, looked intently at the woman who brought her back to life and immediately killed the young witch who had restored her, then ran out of the room, naked and screaming.   Quick work had managed to bring back the young witch, but weeks had been required to find Andrea.    She was now hopelessly insane, and the best wizards and clerics had been unable to cure her.   Her personality had completely changed, into a now conniving and twisted depraved monster.   She had been found in a warehouse in the harbor complex at Kithera.  Surrounded by several young women she had transformed into mind-addled slaves.   Andrea had made them into prostitutes, and several of these young women had been either virgins or respectable shopkeeper’s wives before she kidnapped them.   A collection of erotic statues of women was found as well, and after they were reanimated, found to be the same as the living slaves she had collected.

“I am sorry about Andrea my friend, I loved her too.”  Riley placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder.

Gavin looked out on the bay, not really seeing it anymore. “Grim and I had been forced to leave after we took care of Gregor, the fight at the Royal Palace was still going on, and the issue hadn’t been decided.  I had to leave her there, and then the King needed me to organize everything when it was over.   I missed her revival, maybe if I had been there?”   His voice trailed off.

“I don’t think it would have mattered friend, the Andrea we loved was gone when she was brought back to life.  Maybe it would be better if you thought of her that way.”  Riley saw that Gavin was not the sorrowful wreck Grim had been concerned he would go back too.   He thanked the gods for it, but wondered if his friend would ever heal.

Gavin sighed, and dumped out his now smoked out pipe.  “I know, that’s why I’m leaving.   Prince Hans had told me about a place through the Well of Worlds called California, on a planet called Earth.   It sounds like the change I need for a while.”

Riley looked at his friend and nodded.   He agreed, maybe in California his friend would heal and forget about the loss of his wife. 

“Just don’t forget the rules, you know the Gods don’t like it when magic goes to those technology worlds.”

“Yeah, Hans made sure I knew, he spent at least two hours drilling me before he let me turn in my resignation and leave.”

Riley smiled.  He knew how earnest and sometimes just how painfully insistent the Prince could be.   He wondered how the Prince felt about Andrea, after all, he had been married to her once too.   Well, he was the most powerful wizard left after the war, maybe he could heal her.

The two men turned and shook hands.

“Gavin, find some women, maybe several or maybe just one, but find ‘em.   They will heal your heart and brighten your soul again.”  Riley looked hard at his friend. “Hell, steal ‘em if you have too.”

“What?  Steal them?”

“Why not, you’re a thief and a wizard ain’t ya?  I don’t mean for good, just for a while, make ‘em happy, leave them better off then you found them, and maybe teach them something.  They will heal you and maybe teach you something too.  Hans told me to tell you that. Hell, he said he did it himself after his marriage ended with Andrea.  Stole a few harem girls for a while, then set them up with better lives.  Didn’t hurt ‘em none, and he said he was a happier man when it was over.  Said they were too.”

Gavin smiled briefly, and he saw the twinkle in his friend’s eye.  “Well, maybe,” he thought.  It was time to leave now though, the Well was aimed where he wanted to go, and the timing had to be exactly right.       

Goodbye, friend.” Gavin said, then embraced his friend and stepped back.

“Not goodbye Gavin, just so long.”  Riley said. “If I come to California what name should I look for.

Gavin looked into the distance for a moment.  “Look for Wes.   I think that name will do.”


Five years later, Morro Bay, California

2:30 PM local

A California ground squirrel scurried along, intent on his errands in a little grove.  Humans usually left him alone, and this hill, although it had a really large house on it, had lots of trees and best of all, no cats or dogs.  It was a quiet Saturday afternoon, and the little ground squirrel had learned from experience that the humans were rarely about on this day.   And then he stopped and sniffed the air.  A human smell, almost, but not quiet, was nearby.   The little ground squirrel watched as something he couldn’t see, but could sense, moved across the wood, avoiding the little cleared area in the center of the grove, stopping from time to time, then moving again.

Something was wrong, and the little ground squirrel decided that maybe it would be a good idea to wait in his burrow for a while. 

If an observer could see through the magic invisibility, the observer would see what at first glance would look like something out of a recent movie involving a ring.  A beautiful, in fact, unearthly beautiful, woman walked slowly and carefully in the wood.   Deep blue eyes, pale almost white blond hair in a ponytail down to her waist, ears that had to be elven, and perfect but fine features would be seen.   Her body, tight and taunt like a dancers, but with firm high breasts, a fine small waist and perfect hips would next be noticed, accentuated by a tight spandex top, tight blue jeans, and high soft boots, with a snug vest for warmth.    She moved almost like a ghost, making not a sound, through the late morning mist.  

Andrea moved as she always did when she wanted, like a cat stalking her prey.  It had been nearly two years since she escaped from the prison and through the Well of Worlds, then negotiated with the Auditors into letting her into the gate to this world.   This world where her husband now lived.   She hated him now, and loved him, and wanted him and wanted to hurt him.  Her tortured mind, smashed and reworked by Gregor, was dangerous now, and even she wasn’t certain what she wanted anymore.   She had first found Wes, as he was now called, almost a year ago.   After careful scrying and even more thorough and careful research.   Her slaves had been useful there, one of which was gifted at using the computers this world was so addicted to, and that had allowed her to find him at last.   

This was not her first trip to Morro Bay, several had occurred over the last year, as she scouted out his home, and learned his habits.

He had a harem, the bastard (the fact that she had one now being brutally and cynically ignored), and worse, not only do they seem to adore him without his having shaped their will into permanent bondage, but worse, the bastard seemed to adore them too.   How dare he, with his wife still suffering the tortures of the damned, locked away (ignoring that she wasn’t anymore) in a damp dungeon (forgetting about the warm and comfortable hospital wing she had been in, and the devoted nursing sisters that had cared for her), locked away as if dead.

She would show him!  She would steal one of his little treasures, and make the girl into one of hers.   Then she would deal with him when he came to claim his little treasure back.  She would kill him, love him, make him take her back, something.   She wasn’t entirely sure what.  But Something.   A stray thought, a quiet little voice, reminding her that he probably had thought she was lost to him forever, surfaced and was brutally shoved back down.   She would show him.

Vanessa was enjoying herself on a quiet lazy Saturday afternoon.  She had spent the morning at the Tourist Bureau, it was fun, and it gave her some marketing experience that she could use.   It had been handy too, a couple of years ago when Paula showed up unexpectedly, Vanessa had been the one to first spot her and warn the others. 

In the rest of the house it was quiet.  She was the only one home today, well, at least the only one at home who wasn’t in storage.  Sarah was visiting her kids this weekend, and Cheryl was down in Los Angeles visiting Emily.   Wes and Paula were in Texas, assisting a new client, while Beth and Cindy enjoyed a national business conference in Los Vegas.   Kim and Michelle had taken a rare vacation as well, and were on a cruise in the Caribbean enjoying the sun.   Jennifer and April had decided to spend the time until everyone returned on their doll stands, with Jennifer posed in a slinky purple silk nightgown, a naughty smile on her now plastic face, while April, posed nude in the throws of passion, was a vision in marble.

Vanessa had decided to spend a few days awake, and do some thinking.  She loved her life, but she was thinking it might be time to move on soon.   She was beginning to think it might be time to have children, something she had always wanted to do, and she was considering college too.   She had invited Vivian up for the weekend, to talk about UCLA, and to talk seriously with an old friend who had moved on.   She should be here anytime as a matter of fact.   She glanced at the clock, and decided it was time for a quick shower before Viv got here. 

Just as Vanessa stepped out of the shower, Vivian pulled into the driveway.   Climbing out of her Jeep, she looked around and smiled.  It had been months since she had been back, and it felt like she was home again.  She loved her life in Los Angeles now, she was half way through UCLA, well on her way to completing her  double major in Fashion Design and Marketing, and life was good.   Brandi was there with her, working her way into film and television and studying acting and film making at the university with her.   She wanted to come this weekend too, but had an audition to make. 

“Too bad Wes and the other girls aren’t here, but seeing Vanessa, Jennifer and April will be a treat.” She thought to herself.

Vanessa peeked out of the window of her room, and saw the Jeep pull up.   Curious as she didn’t recognize the car, she wondered until she saw Vivian climb out.

Andrea had reached the driveway near the front door just as the Jeep pulled in.   She watched as the young woman, whom she recognized as one of the girls who had moved on, stepped out of the car.   “She will do as a first step,” she decided.  Andrea knew from her spying that all the girls wore amulets that protected them from most magic.   The first step would have to be getting rid of those.  The years in the prison, and the years since, had given her time to develop some new spells.   The first of these she would use now.

Vivian was grabbing her bag out of the back of the Jeep when she suddenly felt a warm glow surround her. The amulet around her neck glowed, and then disintegrated, as did all of her clothes.  Shocked, she was about to scream when another spell hit her, and she suddenly found that she couldn’t move.

Vanessa was admiring the new Jeep from the window still when she saw the spell engulf Vivian and suddenly remove her clothes.  

“What the hell?” she gasped.   Suddenly, her amulet glowed and a stone set into the wall near her door glowed a fiery red, and a mental voice from it screamed a warning into her mind.  “Oh shit, we have an intruder.   I have got to get Jennifer and April out of here.”

Dressed only in her panties, she ran out the door of her room, running as fast as she could to Wes’s study on the opposite side of the house.   Whoever was out there, she had to get herself and the other two girls to safety so she could warn Wes.   “But Vivian, oh Vivian, what can I do to help you?” she sobbed as she ran.

She knew that April and Jennifer would be unable to help, even if she woke them.  Neither was very accomplished as a spell caster, although their other gifts made up for it.  She wished Wes was here, or at least Sarah or Paula.   They would know what to do. 

Andrea picked up Vivian effortlessly, enjoying her cool soft and firm flesh as she did so.  Vivian was exceptionally beautiful, and clearly Wes had done some improvements to her.   She was an exotic Asian American beauty, with long dark hair, beautiful brown eyes, and a nice tan.   Andrea decided to keep her right then.   She would make a fine addition to her escort service, especially after she was properly enslaved.    For now, though, she needed to set her aside. 

“Hmm, I think you will travel well as a little jade doll.   Just relax, you will be at my home before you know it.” 

Vivian was screaming inside her head.   She couldn’t move, and a voice (although oddly, it was an enchantingly beautiful voice), was talking to her.   What she was saying though, that sounded bad.  Someone with Wes’s powers was here, and she was being kidnapped.   She felt even more helpless when she realized that Vanessa would be next and she couldn’t even warn her. 

“Well, I should at least get in you in the proper mood before you travel though.   It will help the next step go easier for me.”  The voice said.   Vivian was wondering what would happen next, and then a vision appeared before her as Andrea deactivated her invisibility ring.   “Oh my god, who is this, some kind of angel?  She looks like something out of a science fiction movie.   But my god, she is so beautiful!”

Andrea took out a needle, and then to Vivian’s horror, she showed it right into Vivian’s stomach.   The pain smashed through her like a hurricane, shattering her and unable to scream or move, it washed through her.   She was dropped to the ground, and Andrea watched her eyes.   The agony was clear in Vivian’s eyes, and she chuckled.   When she was restored, she would be so grateful that the next step in the enslavement process would be simple.   This would destroy her will, and make it easy to mold. 

Another spell was cast, and Vivian felt herself begin to harden.   It was like the spells that Wes used when he placed her into suspension.   But unlike the effort Wes made to make everything not only pleasant but also erotically pleasurable or peacefully blissful, this was going to be a torment.   The pain was still overwhelming her as her mind and body slid into infinite. 

Andrea watched with glee as the transformation swept through the beautiful Amerasian girl.   A green glow washed over her and as it passed, her body turned green, and then hardened.   After a few moments, a life sized green jade statue lay on the ground.  Another spell, and the statue shrank down to a few inches.   Andrea placed her in her pocket, and entered the house.

Meanwhile, Vanessa reached the door to the study and ran inside.   She quickly opened the cabinet then placing the two dolls on a table, she dashed of a note, taped it to Jennifer, and began chanting a spell.   She would send them to Cheryl.   They would be safe with her, and Cheryl could warn Sarah before she got back tomorrow, just in case.  And maybe bring Wes here.   She was scared, but she didn’t feel she had a choice   She had only enough energy for one spell, she could either teleport and escape, or she could save the other two girls. 

“Oh shit this sucks,” she thought to herself, then she began to concentrate.

Andrea stepped into the house.   She walked through the main living room, and then into the kitchen.  She could hear chanting and she headed toward the source.  

Vanessa finished the spell, and an orange glow surrounded the two dolls, and then they disappeared.  Swaying with fatigue, Vanessa looked around, trying to find something she could fight with.  A wand sat on a bookshelf, one that she remembered Cheryl had used in the fight against Jones a couple of years ago. 

Andrea stepped through the door, and saw Vanessa reaching for the wand.  

“Oh I don’t think so,” she said, her melodic voice ringing out in the room.    She cast another spell, and Vanessa was pushed hard away from the wand and pinned against the wall.  

“Who are you?” she gasped.   Vanessa saw a vision in front of her, the most beautiful woman she had even seen or for that matter heard of.  Although, those ears?  What was she, some kind of Elf?  Her attacker looked like one of the characters from Lord of the Rings, but a lot more terrifying in reality.

“Why, silly girl, Wes is my husband.   And I don’t like rivals.”  She smiled.  A terrifying charming, sunny and warm smile.  A smile that her hard eyes, bright blue and blazing with anger, did not share.   Vanessa was sure this was her death.

“Wes told us about you.   He said you are crazy!” She managed to get out, although after she said it, she realized that telling the maniac pinning you against the wall that she was crazy was a bad idea.

That warm smile got even broader. “Why yes, I am actually, but it makes life so much more fun now.”

Another spell smashed into Vanessa, and like Vivian, suddenly her panties and her amulet were gone.

“Well, my dear husband does have fine taste.  You are as pretty as the Asian girl I found.   But alas, I have to leave one of you behind so he will know who was here.   I am sorry dear, but Vivian is just a little more exotic than you are.   I have enough Latino girls in my stable already.   I guess you will have to be left here.

Too bad you got the other two away, I was looking forward to meeting them.   Well maybe next visit.”

Vanessa watched helplessly as Andrea walked over to her.   Pulling out a wax candle, she started a spell and Vanessa knew she was about to be transformed.  A soft yellow glow began from her belly as Andrea touched her with the candle.   Vanessa felt herself change.

Andrea stood back and enjoyed the transformation.   Beginning in Vanessa’s flat and perfect belly, then spreading to her well shaped breasts and pretty little vagina, and then from there on to her arms and legs and finally her face.   Her eyes fixed, then transformed into wax, just as the rest of her. 

Satisfied, Andrea reached over, and snapped off both legs at the hip, and then both arms.   Another transformation, and the remainder of Vanessa was converted to glass.   Taking aside the legs and arms, Andrea inserted wicks, and set them alight.   The smell of burning candles soon filled the room.

Andrea left the house, laughing, her eyes ablaze in triumph.   

“Just wait until my dear husband sees what I have done.”

In the burrow down the hill, the ground squirrel heard the laughter, and shuddered.



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