Hell Hath No Fury – The Fourth Story of the Wizard’s Tales

Part II

by Anthyrax

Earth, Present Day

Los Angeles 3 PM

Cheryl was sitting with Emily, chatting about Emily’s daughter Sabrina on the patio at Emily’s house in Malibu.   It was a beautiful day, and they were enjoying some lemonade as they rested after a morning shopping and a late lunch.   Emily was excited, as her daughter had just finished college, and the final plans for her wedding were underway.    She was a little sad that Tom was not around to see it, but after the horrors of two years ago, the fact that she and Emily were still around was enough. 

Suddenly, the amulet around Cheryl’s neck warmed briefly, and Cheryl looked around and stood up.  Just then, the two dolls that were Jennifer and April popped into being right in front of her.   Even more oddly, there was a note attached to Jennifer.   Both Cheryl and Emily started in surprise, Cheryl because she certainly didn’t expect to see either of the two in LA, and Emily as she had tried hard to forget about magic completely after the events of two years ago.

“What? How?” exclaimed Emily.

“Well, apparently there is a problem, Vanessa is the only one at home who can teleport anything,” Cheryl said, ignoring Emily’s shock for the moment, “Lets see what the note says, then I will call her.”

The note read said the following:

                “Under attack by an invisible wizard.   Vivian being kidnapped, I am probably next.  Too strong
                for us.   Sending dolls to safety.   HELP!!”

Cheryl paled, swallowed hard, and grabbed her cell phone.   The first call had to be to Sarah, as she had planned to go home Sunday afternoon and was the closest to Morro Bay.   She called, and briefly explained the situation.   Emily watched, her eyes wide, and she looked at the two dolls and wondered.


Bakersfield 3:05 PM

It was a warm day in Bakersfield and Sarah was at the park with her kids when her cell phone rang.   Cheryl quickly explained the situation and Sarah paled when she heard the news.

“Call Wes, don’t worry about me, I drive over to see you tonight.  I can drop the kids of early with my sister, she will get them home.  Don’t you go anywhere until I get there,” She said after a moment.  Fighting down the urge to get in the car and race to Morro Bay right away, Sarah realized that she was not strong enough to deal with anything happening at home without help.   In spite of her misgivings, she would have to wait here for now.  And worry.

The next call was to Wes. 


Texas 5:15 PM local, 3:15 Pacific

Wes and Paula were in Houston.  It was typical muggy but sunny day, and the last meeting with the client was done and payment had been made.   It had been a rather simple job actually, just sneaking into a high security office complex and stealing some computer information, then erasing any signs that anything untoward had occurred.   However, the client had cheerfully paid millions for it, as it was a valuable software design that could make the client hundreds of millions down the road. 

While in town, Wes had checked on Shannon, a girl he had acquired in the very same town over four years ago and about a year later placed with one of his clients.   She was happily married still, and his former client genuinely adored her.   Just for fun, he had driven by the strip club where he had gotten many of his girls so long ago.   Now with a new name and new owners, it still did a thriving business.   That had amused him greatly, he wondered if there were still two tomcats hanging around the back of the building.

Their business done, he and Paula were looking forward to an evening out, then flying back to LA tomorrow.  Or maybe the next day.  

The cell phone rang and Wes listened as Cheryl explained everything. 

“Ok, sit tight, I need to check on some things, and then I will call you back.”

His home attacked, and Vivian and Vanessa in deep trouble!

Paula was sitting, enjoying a drink and thinking about her plans for him that evening.   Then she saw his reaction to the call.   He was tensed, and she recognized the signals.   Trouble, major trouble, and she saw pain in his eyes. 

“Something bad at home?”

Wes explained what happened.   Moving purposely, Wes pulled out the ice bucket from the bathroom of their hotel room, filled it with water, then stepped over to the table.   Casting a spell, he began concentrating on Vanessa. 

Paula watched with interest.   She was still learning the basics of scrying, and found it endlessly fascinating.

They saw Vanessa, or what was left of her.   She was transformed into what looked like glass, and her legs and arms were missing.   Paula swallowed, and choked back her feelings, while Wes forced himself to bottle his anger.  

“I need you to see if you can reach her in your dream state.”  

Paula nodded weakly, then stood up so that he could transform her.   Wes walked over to his bag, and picked up a little plastic doll he used as a material focus for the spell.  

“Now Paula, I need you to relax.”  He said.   Speaking slowly and calmly, massaging her and stroking her, he managed to calm her down until she was relaxed.  Then touching her lightly on the cheek with the plastic doll, he watched as her skin developed a sheen and she stopped moving.   Gradually, the sheen became more definite and her eyes fixed in place, as she transformed into a plastic life sized doll.

Clearing the vision of Vanessa from the water, Wes wiped away a tear, then began looking for Vivian.  Minutes went by, and he still couldn’t find her.   Which could mean only one thing.   Even dead, she would have shown up.   Only if a strong magic influence was in close proximity would he not be able to find her.  

Clearly, she had been kidnapped by whoever had hurt Vanessa.

Time to see what Paula had found.   Casting another spell, he carefully began entering Paula’s mind to watch her dreams.  

Paula dreamed now.   It had taken a bit, but she gradually was able to reach first Jennifer, who was enjoying a blissful time waiting for everyone to come home, then April, who was in a continuous orgasm, and in fact, was extremely distracting.    Forcing herself to loosen the link to April, Paula was able to finally reach Vanessa.  

The pain was excruciating, and Paula could feel it.  What Vanessa was feeling was the definition of agony itself.   Shock, horror and the knowledge that if she was restored to normal, she would die quickly, swept through Vanessa.  Gradually, Paula was able to learn what happened.  A goddess, an Elf, someone of mystical and awesome beauty, and the crazed eyes behind that perfect face.  An impression of raw power, and barely reined in control flooded through both of the women.   Andrea, that was her name, and she claimed to be Wes’s wife.  And apparently, she was pretty angry.   Comforting Vanessa as best as she could, Paula waited.  

Wes felt the dreams and learned about what happened.  He would have to leave Paula in her doll state to comfort Vanessa.   Well, at least now Paula would be able to bring Jennifer and April into the dream link with her, and between them comfort Vanessa until he could get to her.   He carefully told Paula what to do, and then snapped out of his spell.

He had to go home, and right now.   Teleportation was too risky, the distances, nearly 1800 miles, too great for safety unless he went directly to his grove.   Not a good option, as almost certainly Andrea would have laid all kinds of magical traps and was possibly even waiting in ambush.  

No. Not an immediate confrontation.  

He would have to be careful.   The first step was to get to Los Angeles.  He needed Cheryl to help with Vanessa, and he wanted to get to the house by more conventional means. 


West Texas 7 PM local, 5 PM Pacific

Wes, or Gavin as he was known on his own world, sat in the first class airline cabin,  thinking about his wife and his girls as he flew home from Texas.  Paula was in his briefcase, a little plastic doll at the moment, keeping her dream link going with Vanessa, along with Jennifer and April.  He looked out the window, and remembered. 

Andrea, his love, the woman of his dreams.  He thought about her, and then his girls and some things became clear to him.   He had picked his girls because they mirrored something about Andrea.   Each for different reasons, but there it was. 

He had picked Cheryl for her warm kindness and the basic decency of her heart.  He chosen Cindy, for her scattered brilliance and Beth for her brilliant business mind, so like that of a warrior in many ways.   He had selected Michelle and Vanessa, for their good sense and April for her easy sensuality.  Jennifer he had chosen for her beautiful soprano voice, a voice that reminded him so much of Andrea at times.  Then there was Sarah, who in some ways was so much like Andrea.  Smart, determined and cheerfully willing to do what she thought was right, whether he agreed or not, and usually right to do it.  Her contrasting vivaciousness and seriousness, her ease with getting along with people and placing them at ease.  That was just like Andrea too.  Thinking about Paula, he realized that she too had an important trait that Andrea had.   Paula had a warrior spirit, and was brave and brilliant too. 

Well there was Kim, who actually didn’t remind him much of Andrea, but she was a lot like Sarah and Beth, so even she reflected what he missed about Andrea.   Thinking further, he realized even Brandi and Vivian had reminded him of Andrea, as had Kristi.   In fact, Kristi had looked the most like her, offsetting the lack of Elven features naturally, but otherwise, her body had been almost identical.  

And now Andrea was here.   The love of his life, transformed years ago into a nightmare.  He didn’t fear her, but what she might do to his girls, and the damage she had no doubt caused already to others, that he feared.   Even worse, he knew that she was unstable enough that eventually she would do something that brought the Auditors down on her.   And they would destroy her.


Morro Bay 6 PM

Vanessa waited, still as only a statue could be.  She could feel the warm calm presence of Paula, and sweetness of Jennifer and the sexual feelings sweeping through April.   She clung to them in her mind, desperate to keep the awfulness of her predicament from swallowing her and dragging her into the abyss where she would scream until that would be all that remained.  Their feelings were all that were saving her sanity at the moment.


Mojave Desert 6 PM

Cindy and Beth were already flying to Bakersfield.   Wes had ordered them to set up a safe house that Vanessa and Vivian would not know about, so that if Andrea had gotten information from them, she wouldn’t know about the new one.   Although hardly a garden spot, Bakersfield was in safe teleport range of both Morro Bay and Los Angeles, and relatively easy (only two hour) driving distance from both.   The fact that Sarah was there made it handy as well. 


Belize  10 PM local time

Michelle and Kim continued to enjoy their vacation.   Cheryl had told them there was trouble at home, but everything was being handled, and they should stay for the remainder of their trip.   They had a couple of weeks to go, and Wes decided that they were safer there at the moment.  He could have them come home if he needed them.   They were curious and concerned, but neither Cheryl nor Wes told them about Vivian or Vanessa, both of them thinking the two girls would be less likely to rush home and into danger, if they didn’t know how bad it was.


Los Angeles 6:30 PM

Brandi and Cheryl sat on the patio at Emily’s house.  They were waiting.   Wes would be here soon, and they could only worry and wait.   Emily kept them as distracted as she could, worried about the young women, who were clearly upset and scared.   She remembered what Cheryl had told her, how Jones had almost killed both of them.   And now, over two years later, two of their friends where in the same kind of danger.   Thankful she had decided to pass on the offer to stay with them now, still Emily envied them their closeness.  

Cheryl looked at Jennifer and April, still dolls and still enwrapped in the feelings they had when they went into suspension.   She knew Paula was with them, as Wes had filled her in.   She looked back at the bowl of water in front of her, at the image of Vanessa, transformed and then shattered.   She could see Vanessa’s legs and arms, the wicks still burning, and now seriously damaged as the melted wax dripped away from the wicks.   Cheryl despaired as she wondered how she could bring her friend back to normal, a friend who was like a sister.

Brandi looked over at Cheryl and squeezed her hand.  She had arrived right after the dolls had, having previously arranged to spend the evening with her two friends.  Now she knew she needed to get Cheryl to stop looking at that awful vision.   Her first impulse was to try some jokes, but she just couldn’t think of any.   Brandi thought for a moment, then decided she would distract Cheryl another way.

“Cheryl, we need to walk.   I can’t just sit here, thinking about both of them.  Lets walk.”

Cheryl looked over, and realized that Brandi needed comfort too.  Well, she couldn’t help either Vivian or Vanessa at the moment, but she could help Brandi.   She nodded, and stood up.   Brandi smiled to herself, she was terrified for both her friends, but she knew that they needed to think about something else to avoid going crazy.   “Let Cheryl comfort me now,” she thought, “It will make her feel like she is doing something.”

A few minutes later, Emily walked out to the beach to join them. 

“It’s time to go to the airport.  Are you ready?” she asked.

She could see both girls seemed a little more relaxed, and she silently was relieved.   Brandi winked at her, and Cheryl smiled a little for the first time since everything at started. 

“Yes, lets go get Wes.  It’s time.”


Los Angeles 7 PM

Andrea sat in her study, smiling down at the little jade statue that was Vivian.  She would make a fine acquisition to her stable.   Misti, the last girl she had acquired, formerly a nineteen-year-old street prostitute before Andrea had spotted her and grabbed her one night, came into the room carrying a tray with tea and little sandwiches.   Her face was emotionless, and her eyes vacant.  

She was nude except for a g-string, her cute little body now improved with the enlargement of her breasts to a D cup, and now perfectly tanned and her skin without blemish.    She was the perfect slave now, completely subservient, highly decorative, and when called upon, she was a willing lover.   For now, her mind was focused entirely on her domestic duties, and would remain so until Andrea wakened the other parts of her programming.  

After setting down the tray on a settee, she stood, waiting for her next task.  Andrea ordered her to move to the wall, and to wait.  Misti walked over, turned to face the center of the room, and stood, staring blankly into space, her mind a blank, waiting for its next command.

Across from her was another woman.  Or actually, a mannequin that was once a woman.   Holly was posed kneeling on the ground, her cute ass sitting on her feet, her arms and hands behind her head, with her fingers pushing up the back of her long blonde hair as if she was ruffling it.   Her green eyes stared blankly out, while her mouth formed an O shape, as if she was caught by surprise.  As indeed she had been.   Her mind was also a blank, as she was convinced of her status as a slave, a decoration and occasionally, an object whose purpose was only to please.   Her small but shapely breasts were thrust out, and her perfect white skin shown in the light of the room. 

It had been a good day for Andrea.   She had a new little treasure, and the other girl, Vanessa, would not be the perfect plaything for her husband anymore.   In fact, she would die quickly once revived, as Andrea knew that no resurrections were possible on this world, unlike home.  She knew of no way to restore that shattered body, and she was certain that by the time anyone found Vanessa tomorrow, there would be no way to reattach the shattered limbs that would be melted pools of wax by then. 

She smiled, her lovely perfect smile, and if Misti had been left with awareness, she would have shivered in fear at the madness in the eyes.

A little voice came to her again, reminding her that Wes was a better wizard than she was, and again Andrea forced the voice back down.  

“He can’t fix her, I know he can’t.  He will have to leave her that way forever, or let her die.  I showed him, yes, I did.   He can’t trade me for a little human girl.  That little slut, how dare she try to take my place.” she muttered, the anger clear and bright in her voice. 

“Misti, come here and pleasure me.”

Andrea stood and took off her clothes.   She needed release, needed to dominate, and needed sexual satisfaction.  Her perfect nude body was a sight.  Perfect breasts, a C cup and perfect proportions, her 5 foot 8 inch tall body, with long delicious and perfectly toned legs, her light bronze tan, her long white blond hair, she was a goddess, and any woman or man would have been awed by the sight of her.   Misti, naturally, was past that now.   But her programming kicked in, and within a few moments, she was caressing her master, stroking her in the right places, and following the commands she was given with enthusiasm and a mindless joy. 


Los Angeles Airport 7:30 PM

Cheryl and Brandi ran to Wes when they saw him come out of the airport gate.   Kissing and hugging on him, uncaring of the stares from everyone who passed by, they only cared that Wes was with them now. 

Emily came behind them, and after they had finished their greetings, she hugged Wes as well.   It was good to see him again, the man who had saved her and her daughter.  The man she still dreamed about at times. 

Wes smiled back and indeed, their greeting warmed his heart. 

“We need to move quickly.   I just got of the phone before we landed.   Beth found a place in Bakersfield, and we need to catch a plane over there.   She has tickets waiting for us at the little commuter sub-terminal.  You ready girls?”

Cheryl and Brandi nodded and each grabbed his hand and clutched it tightly.  

“Do you have room for me?” Asked Emily, surprising herself when she said it.

“Emily, I would love to have you with us, but are you sure?”

“Cheryl told me a little about your wife. Yes, I think you need me.   I think you need someone with a little of her perspective along with you or at least close enough by so that I can maybe give you some ideas about what she is thinking.   After all, I was the “wronged’ wife once, and I think I know some of what she is feeling.”

She saw the anguish cross his eyes and decided that what she said didn’t come out entirely right.

“Look Wes, I understand, and so do these two,” glancing at Cheryl and Brandi, who nodded.

“We know she hasn’t really been wronged, especially by you.   That woman may look like your wife, but her mind and soul is not the woman you married.  That woman is gone.  She is sick, and she needs to be considered that way.   Although it sounds like she is dangerous as hell.”

“Yes, she is dangerous, I want all of you to know that.” Wes said, and looked at each of them in the eyes.

Cheryl replied, a slight smile on her face, “Well, even if we wanted to hide, don’t you think she would find us without you?  She sounds like she would hunt us down anyway.   Besides, we love you.   You aren’t going to face her without us.”  Her eyes glistened a little as she fought back tears, but she smiled and Wes knew she would be ok.   Brandi grinned at him, and nodded.

“She took Vivian, and she hurt Vanessa.   My friends, my sisters.   I want them back.”  Brandi’s face became serious and she looked determined. 

Emily looked at both girls, and then at Wes.   “I owe you.  For my life, and more importantly, for Sabrina’s. I have to help.”

Satisfied, Wes led the women to the shuttle bus and within an hour, they were flying on a charter plane to Bakersfield.   They talked about everything, and Wes filled them in on his plans.  


Los Angeles 8:30 PM

Andrea was more relaxed now, satisfied and feeling even better.   Misti, after giving her mistress a bath, combing Andrea’s long hair, and then massaging the tenseness out of her shoulders, was now standing once again against the wall, staring blankly out into the room.   But now she too had become a mannequin, and waited mindlessly for her next time to be needed. 

Andrea walked over to her desk and picked up the little jade statuette.  

“Time to make you mine I think.  Several hours of pain should have made you fairly pliable.”

Vivian wanted so desperately to scream.  Her entire world was pain.  Overwhelming, shattering, sanity rending pain.   Her mind was reduced to tatters now, unable to focus on anything but the feelings smashing through her.  She wished that she could at least pass out, but that was denied to her in her present form.  She could no longer imagine anything beyond her present world.   The awful present, without past or future. 

“Oh god, please, anything, just make it stop,” she begged in her mind.

And then suddenly, she felt magic run through her, and she was aware of the outside again.   She was again human, but still unable to move.  The woman who had taken her, was talking to her, and she tried to pay attention through the pain that still engulfed her.

“Would you like it to stop Vivian?  I can see in your eyes that you do.  I can make it stop, but you will have to embrace the magic that will end this torture.   Otherwise, you will stay like you are forever, in your own little private hell.”

Andrea smiled, and this time even her eyes smiled.  Vivian, her mind shattered and desperate, pleaded with her eyes.  “Please, anything, I will do anything, please make it stop,” she thought.  

“Will you worship me, as is my due?”

And for the first time Vivian realized, as magic subtly crept into her, that she was indeed in the presence of a Goddess.  One that should be worshiped, and if she stopped the pain, Vivian decided that she would belong to her as long as she wanted.

Andrea picked the frozen girl up from the floor where she had been lying.   Vivian was helpless, unable to move on her own, but Andrea could move her arms and legs as she wanted.  Andrea sat down on a big easy chair, Vivian on her lap.  Draping her legs around her, then her arms, she sat with Vivian’s face inches from her.  

“I will stop the pain then, and you will worship me and belong to me.  Do you agree?”

Helpless to imagine any alternative, and desperate to end the awful pain rendering her soul, Vivian, who was suddenly able to move her head a little, nodded a brief nod of total acceptance.

Andrea kissed her, long and hard and deep.   Vivian had felt nothing like it.   She felt the pain gradually fade, to be replaced by something new.   Her goddess loved her.  Joy swept through her as the pain eased, building and building as the pain receded.  Until suddenly, she knew nothing else.   She could move again, and she was finally able to return the kisses of her new master.   Her only mistress.   Who she had only just found but always belonged to.  

Andrea made love to the beautiful Vivian.   She pleasured her and as she did, she completely enslaved her.  By the time Vivian finally erupted in a fierce climax, her will was gone, and the spell was complete.   She would be ready for programming next, but for now, she needed to rest and Andrea decided that she would make a fine addition to her gallery until she was ready to complete her processing.

Leading the now meek slave over to a pedestal, Andrea whispered in her ear and Vivian stood at attention.  Walking over to Misti, Andrea stroked the frozen girl on the shoulder.   Her smooth plastic skin felt wonderful to Andrea and she spoke to Vivian.

“This is your new life Vivian.  When I wish it, you will be like Misti and Holly.   Beautiful decorations to please my eye.   When I feel you deserve it, I will allow you to serve me in other ways.”  Andrea kissed Misti, who began to change again.  The plastic sheen faded, and her eyes lost some of the emptiness and began to focus again.   Vivian watched, amazed and awed by the power of her mistress.   Serving Andrea was what she lived for now, and it was good to have such a wonderfully beautiful and wise goddess, who would know when she needed to serve her goddess.

Misti walked over with Andrea to where Vivian stood at attention.  “Misti, pose her for me.  Show her how I want her to look.”

Misti helped Vivian assume the same pose as Holly a few feet away from her.   Satisfied, Andrea instructed Misti to return to her domestic duties elsewhere in the house, and inspected her new slave.   Vivian felt herself blush, and again she longed for her mistress.  This time she wanted to please her, to show her how she worshiped.  Andrea could see it in her eyes, and she smiled.

“Not now my pet, but later.  You must rest now.”

Andrea pulled out a piece of rubber.   Stroking Vivian with it, she muttered a command and stepped back to watch.    A gradual warm yellow glow began first where the rubber had rubbed her vagina, then spread.   Gradually, the glow faded, and Vivian began to transform.  Within moments, a rubber, plastic and latex doll, a life-sized replica, replaced the living body of Vivian on the pedestal.  Andrea whispered in Vivian’s ear, and instructed her to listen carefully.   Andrea pulled out a set of headphones, and placed them on Vivian’s ears.   Instructions on her new role, and new life, began to play and Vivian listened, for she could do nothing else and now she no longer dreamed of doing anything else.  

Running her fingers along Vivian’s beautiful face, Andrea enjoyed the feeling of the latex and rubber that new made up the body of her new toy.   She would be perfect, just like the others, but more than that, she had stolen her from Wes, her husband.   That made it all the sweeter.


Bakersfield 10 PM

Wes and the girls sat in the living room of the house Beth had purchased that very day.   The previous owner, who had already bought a new house and moved out, and was becoming desperate to sell the old one, was floored when she handed him a large check, on the provision that she take occupancy immediately.   Another large check, and a furniture store quickly brought in all of the furniture she needed, enough to furnish all four bedrooms, plus the den, living room, kitchen, dining room and bathrooms.   Emily was sent out to buy sheets, towels, blankets, pillows, food, and kitchen items and anything else needed.  Since the power had been left on to show the house, everything was all set.

Wes looked at the girls.   They all sat around a big dining room table, having just finished eating take-out Chinese food. 

“I don’t want Vanessa to be alone for too long, so I will make this brief.”  Wes said.   He explained the plan.  He would take Beth, Cheryl, Paula and Sarah with him, while Emily would take care of getting the house ready so we can rest when we get back.    April and Brandi would be in doll form to comfort Vanessa and tell her help was coming.   Jennifer would stay to let Emily know what was going on.

The girls nodded, and they got ready to go.  

“Ok, to make this easier, I need you Sarah to transform April, Brandi, Beth, Cheryl and Paula to doll form.  Are you sure you can handle it?”

Sarah smiled, although looked mildly put out. “Of course I can; Kim, Paula and I have been practicing.”

April, Brandi and Beth looked a bit nervous, while Cheryl looked amused.  Only Paula seemed relaxed and confident. “No problem, she can do it better than I can,” Paula remarked.

“Umm, better than you can? How did you practice?” wondered Beth, a little nervously.

“Well, they didn’t practice too well at first, but they got better at it,” smiled Cheryl.  She remembered a few judicious healing spells after some not so successful attempts.  Fewer lately, thank goodness.

“Ladies?” Wes said, looking at his watch.

Sarah concentrated, and then she touched all five girls, one by one, with a little plastic doll.   Within moments, all five were plastic life-sized mannequins, and she shrank them down.  “Sorry, not real original I know, but I figured it was the easiest thing to learn.”

“You did fine Sarah,”  Wes said with a smile, then he kissed her and touched her with a doll he had.   Shortly after, she joined her friends, and he placed three of the dolls in his pocket.

Wes walked over to Jennifer and kissed her long and hard.  Then he handed her the dolls of April, Brandi and Sarah, and reminded her that if anything went wrong, she was to awaken Sarah and call Michelle.  She nodded, and smiled back at him.

“Just make sure nothing goes wrong.  I look terrible in black.”

“I will, it will be fine.”

“You know Sarah is going to be mad at you for leaving her here don’t you?”

“Yes I know, but she is my backup.  She can summon me back if anything does go wrong.  Besides, she had children.  None of the rest of us do.   I don’t want her taking risks, at least, not until it's critical.”

“Oh sure, I am positive she will completely understand that!”  Jennifer said, a smile softening the sarcasm. Then looking at Sarah’s smiling face, she glanced up at Wes. “So you made sure she was in doll form so she couldn’t argue with you?”

“Shut up,” Wes smiled, then kissed her again and stepped into the middle of the room.

“I will be back soon.  I’ll bring her some flowers.  She always forgives me when I give her roses.”

“I want some too!” Jennifer said, still smiling just as Wes disappeared in a blue glow and the sound of a pop.

A few minutes later, Emily drove up and Jennifer walked outside to help her bring in what promised to be a LOT of bags. 



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