Hell Hath No Fury – The Fourth Story of the Wizard’s Tales

Part V

by Anthyrax

Los Angeles Monday 2 AM local time

Andrea sat in her study, peering into a crystal ball.   She wanted to see what her husband was doing, and she was not having any luck.  His magic was blocking her from spying on him, and she was becoming frustrated.  She had managed to learn with the aid of other spells that he was still on Earth, but now far away and moving quickly.   Which could only mean one thing, he was in a plane flying somewhere.   She couldn’t find any of his girls either, which had to mean they were with him. 

“He just has to come looking for me, I just know he has to,” she muttered darkly.   Her whole plan was based on him rushing into save his girls, and then rushing here to confront her.  Now he was acting in a way she hadn’t expected, and she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do now. 

She put away the crystal ball, and pulled out a map.  She pondered were he might be going, then decided it was time to put one of her slaves to work.  A few months ago she had found Chad, a very good looking tall man with pretty brown eyes, broad shoulders and good features.   He was also smart, and best of all, he worked for the American government as an agent for the FBI.   It amused her that she had crossed into another world, only to find spies did the same things here that they did at home. 

Picturing his apartment, she teleported over to see him.   With a promise of reward, and the sure knowledge of punishment if he failed, he would find Wes for her.  She had also decided, after cooling off, that blowing up Wes' house in Morro Bay might have been a little rash.   Too close an investigation might draw the attention of the Auditors, and she wasn’t ready to deal with those fiends just yet.   She might need Chad to calm things down on that front. 


Malibu Monday 8 AM

Cindy and Emily sat in the living room, watching the morning news.  Emily had rushed in to wake Cindy up after seeing a news story about a huge fire in Morro Bay that had also resulted in the deaths of five firefighters and the destruction of a large mansion and a shopping center just below it.   It was all over the local LA news, being the big story in California that day, and she expected that it would hit the national news anytime now.  

They watched in horror and grief as the news showed camera footage of the fire, and Cindy wept as she saw her home burn to the ground.  Emily comforted her as best she could, shedding a few tears as well. 

Eventually Cindy pulled herself together, and she and Emily got on the phone to call Wes.  


Somewhere above the North Atlantic Noon Local Time

Wes was talking to Kim and Michelle, enjoying their vacation stories, figuring he needed some good news for a change.  Michelle looked even better than usual, as she had acquired a nice tan on her vacation, and was wearing a white summer dress that showed her off wonderfully.   Kim, just as gorgeous, smiled at him too, her favorite outfit, shorts and a tank top with sandals showing off her long tanned legs to distracting advantage.  They had clearly had a wonderful time, with Kim’s upbeat humor getting Michelle out of her usual seriousness and insuring they both had fun. 

Then Satellite phone rang, and Wes took the call.   After a few moments he cursed.  “So, she threw a fit and destroyed my home,” He said darkly.    Wes quickly told them what Emily told him, and they could see his anger and pain. 

All three girls gasped in shock and grief.  

Fighting rage, Wes walked to the back of the cabin.   He needed a minute. 

“Andrea, what have you done?”  He muttered to himself, “you killed firefighters.  People who are bound to draw attention.  And with magic no less.   The Auditors aren’t going to like that.”     

He was angered beyond words, but even more, he mourned. His demented, twisted and sick wife, the woman he had once loved, must truly be gone.   The Andrea he knew would have never killed firefighters, she would have done anything to prevent it.   Like her killing of the nursing sister years ago, the killing of firefighters meant that all traces of her previous self were gone.   The woman who adored bravery, and those brave enough to save people routinely every day, that woman no longer existed.  

Kim saw him grieve, and she looked over at the other two.   Michelle just stared out the window, anguish on her face, while Beth was already back at her computer, trying to learn more.   Reaching over, she squeezed Michelle’s hand and whispered “Its not just the house, Michelle, something else hurt him about this.” 

Michelle looked back, and she realized just how hurt Wes was.  Of all the girls, he had only told her and Sarah much about Andrea.   She knew that he had loved that woman with his entire soul, and that woman was now trying to destroy him and everything he loved.   Michelle nodded to Kim, “I will talk to him, why don’t you help Beth out.   You know he will start wanting information in a minute.”

Kim smiled briefly, and answered, “yes, our dear Wes, he always wants to know everything right now.”

Michelle got up, and walked over to Wes, who was staring out the window, standing and looking deeply sad.   She hugged him, and after a minute, he relaxed and hugged her back.  

“I am so sorry Wes, I know how much you loved her.   She never would have done that before, would she?”

Fighting back emotions that were making it hard to answer, he finally was able to whisper, “no, she has to be gone, the woman I loved; that Andrea is gone.”

Moments later the other two girls came over and they all hugged.  Grieving for their lost home, and for Wes and Andrea. 


Los Angeles 10:30 AM local time

Chad sat at his desk at the Federal Building in Los Angeles, thinking about how he was going to please his goddess.   She had instructed him to ensure that there was no serious investigation of the fire in Morro Bay, and to make sure that the situation appeared to be something that made sense to this world.   After hours of thought, he had come up with a plan.  Corporate fighting, with a hit team by Columbians, going after the Investment company.   That seemed reasonable, he would just have to plant some reasonable intelligence reports in the files that added up to sufficient clues to make it work.   A rational reason for the fire trucks could be an attack with incendiary grenades or some such.  The house and shopping center, the same way, by a hit team from Columbia.    He would have to go down to interview the surviving firefighter though, and make sure he was not a credible witness.   Although his story sounded so strange, that the poor guy was being held in the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. 

Chad thought about his plan.  It sounded reasonable, now just to begin planting the evidence.   His goddess, the wonderful goddess, she would be so pleased.   All she would have to do is make sure that either the witness disappeared, or his examiners were persuaded that the guy was nuts.   Well, she was REALLY good at persuasion.   It should be easy enough.


Morro Bay Noon 11 AM Time

A dark shape flowed through the shadows of the trees in the little grove on the hill.  It flowed like a fog, from shadow to shadow.   Firefighters, police and a variety of investigators where examining the wreckage of the house, the shopping center and the fire trucks.   The little ground squirrel peaked up out of its burrow, squeaked in terror, and hid again in its hole.  Something BAD was out there.  It was even worse than last night.


Malibu 4 PM

It had been a trying day, but Cindy finally got up from her computer and stretched.  She had been working with Emily, Beth and Paula all day, talking by phone and email, and moving assets all around to safeguard them after the events of the previous night.    

She was amazed by Emily, who had stepped up, called the police, and acted as a spokesman for Beth, the legal owner of the house and shopping center.   A publicist had been hired, and a statement of regret had already gone out, as well as generous payments to the city of Morro Bay and the families of the fire fighters.   She had even talked to the FBI, talking on the phone to an agent named Chad, who provided her a nice easy story about Columbian mercenaries that fit the bill just perfectly.  

Beth and Paula had provided her with what to say, and Emily had handled it.   Things looked like they would stay covered up for now.  Thank goodness.

Now Emily was about to go up to San Francisco, where she needed to handle all of the details of the upcoming wedding of her daughter.   Cindy decided to stay in Malibu and enjoy the peace and quiet, content with the knowledge that she would have lots of time to track down Andrea and whatever her aliases where here on Earth. 


Los Angeles 5 PM

Vivian primped in front of the mirror, and adjusted her short cocktail dress.   She looked at herself carefully, and then satisfied, and then sat down at the edge of her bed to wait for further orders.   Tonight was the first night she would work at the escort service, and she was ready to serve her goddess.

She sat patiently, her eyes blank, her expression and mind serene but empty, and waited.   She was ready to carry out her programming.   She would be a perfect sex toy for her clients this evening.

Andrea walked by her room, and peeked through the one-way mirrored glass at Vivian.   Andrea smiled, Vivian looked perfect.  Gorgeous, sexy, and now well programmed for her new role.   She would be just perfect, just like the other girls in the stable.  

Looking over at Catherine, who waited patiently, “Be sure we use her tonight, I expect great things from her.”

“Yes mistress,” Catherine replied, a worshipful look on her face. 


London Midnight local time

Wes sat in the comfortable chair in the immense library in his friend’s palatial house.   Grim, known as Eric on this world, sat across from him.   Both had a drink in their hand, and they talked about old times and current events.  It had been a long day, flying halfway across the world, arranging for some of his girls to stay here, and others to come with him.  Not to mention, dealing with grief, loss and anger.   A long day indeed.

The girls were all back to human form, and were asleep in rooms upstairs.   In the morning it would be time to make decisions, but for now, all wanted to think about what they wanted to do.   Wes, who told his friend to call him Gavin now, as tomorrow he would be using that name again, discussing with his friend everything that happened.

“Andrea must have come through somewhere else.  My spies would have detected her if she had come through Britain,” Grim said.

Wes nodded, “she always was damned good at sneaking into places.  Hell, we all had the same training. She would have used a different exit than the primary gate to get here.  She knows there are some of us here.”

They talked about the girls, and Grim asked a lot of questions.  He liked these girls, especially Paula.  That woman reminded him of a partner he had once.  Surina, who had been beautiful, smart and gifted.  He would have married her if she had lived. 

Gavin noticed his interest. “Paula is staying with you by the way.   Maybe you should get to know her.”

Grim looked over at his friend, “I might just do that.”


Los Angeles Midnight local time

Andrea lay in her bathtub, enjoying a nice long soak after rewarding Chad for his good work.   She was pleased by his cover story, but even more pleased about the fact that he had found the spokeswoman for Wes.

That meant another of his girls was here in town, and she intended to go collect her.    Just a few more minutes to relax, and then back to work.   Collecting was such a joy, especially when she could steal her husbands play toys away.


Malibu 3:30 AM Tuesday

Cindy slept in a guest room at Emily’s house.   She was alone in the house, as Emily had flown up to San Francisco earlier that evening, and everyone in London was asleep hours ago.   Having nothing else to do, and feeling lonely and a little sorry for herself, she had taken a sleeping pill and decided to sleep until she was done.   Back to work tomorrow.

But she wasn’t as alone as she thought.  Andrea crept through the house.  It had been simple to disable the security devices, dependent on technology as they were, and she had plenty of practice using magic to deal with minor annoyances such as those.   Creeping from room to room, she thoroughly explored the house. 

Andrea smiled and thought to herself. “Well, only one of them here, and not the one Chad talked with either.   But I recognize this one.  His techno wizard, she will have lots of secrets for me.   I am going to enjoy getting her to tell me.”   

She crept back into Cindy’s room, and smiled again.  A quick spell, and the little amulet that protected the woman destroyed.  

Cindy stirred, something warm burned against her chest for a moment, and it roused her.   She was cold too all of a sudden, like her blankets were off the bed.   Groggily she sat up, and reached over to turn on the light.   “That’s strange” she thought, “what happened to all of my covers?  I don’t remember going to bed naked either.”  She felt the warm spot on her chest cooling and reached up, and realized, suddenly, as the bedroom light turned on, that she was naked, alone, and defenseless. 

And that Andrea was standing in front of her.

As she opened her mouth to scream, a spell engulfed her, and the scream died stillborn.   She was paralyzed, unable to make a sound or move.   Terror gripped her.

“So you are Cindy.   Well, you are a beautiful woman, Cindy.   What shall I do with you — I wonder?”

Cindy was awed.  This woman was practically the definition of beauty.   She was dressed in black spandex tights, and a spandex top, with a black thin woolen vest, and black ballet slippers.  Her hair was the color of white gold, and her face, like that of a fairy, was filled by huge blue eyes, and a perfect nose and perfect lips, with well-defined cheek bones and a firm but delicate chin completed her heart shaped face.   Cindy wondered if maybe there really was a Fairy Queen after all, the only thing Andrea didn’t have was gossamer wings.   Well, that and the fact she had a perfect body and was as tall as Cindy was.    If she wasn’t so scared, Cindy would have thought she was dreaming.

Andrea smiled, and even her eyes smiled with her.  The moment was priceless, and she intended to have a lot of fun. 

She bent down and whispered in Cindy’s ear, and then began to caress her.  Andrea liked the beautiful porcelain smooth skin this one had.  Her perfect breasts and flat stomach were a joy as well.  Not a hair, blemish or scar marred the beautiful body of her new toy, and Andrea, in spite of herself, admitted that Wes did a wonderful job with his women.    She watched Cindy’s eyes, and grinned when she saw the panic gradually fade away into desire, then lust, and then adoration.  Her love spell was working, and soon her new pet would tell her everything she knew.

Cindy felt the warm soft hands drift over her body, and she fought the feelings that were sweeping through her.  Gradually, the soft caresses, and the magic of the spell, overcame her resistance.  

She began weaken and strange thoughts went through her mind. “ This woman, this goddess, yes, that was what she was, how lucky it was that she has found me.   How could Wes have been so mistaken about her?

She wants only to treasure me.” 

“Oh thank you,” was her last thought before the spell completely took control of her and the adoration and desperate love for her new mistress took her mind.  An overwhelming orgasm followed moments later as Andrea bent down and began kissing her clitoris.  Unable to move, the sensations smashed through Cindy until she finally passed out from the overwhelming joy of it.

Andrea smiled.   She owned Cindy now.   Just a little rest, and then time for show and tell.   The computer in the next room would work just fine.


Malibu 8 AM

Andrea smiled in the early morning light.   It had indeed been a productive and fun morning, and Cindy had been very helpful.  Passwords, account information, everything she needed or wanted had been so easy to get.   Her slave, Bob, who was at her house in Beverly Hills, confirmed that everything had been downloaded and he had what he needed to serve her.  

“Well, you have done wonderfully Cindy, but it is time for you to rest now.”  

Cindy smiled, she was so happy now.  Serving her goddess was the ultimate joy.    She had already forgotten Wes and her friends.   Memories had been buried, and she was serenely happy, her mind buzzing with the joy of serving her mistress.

Andrea guided her into the living room, and had Cindy kneel on the table.  “Now I want you to freeze now, I will arrange you, then I will let you sleep.”

Cindy nodded, her eyes shining with pleasure, a rapt smile on her face.

The posing went on for several minutes, and finally Andrea was satisfied.   Cindy sat on the large coffee table, leaning back on her hands, with them outstretched behind her.   Her chest was thrust proudly up, while her legs where posed in a V shape before her.   She still smiled, her eyes wide open, and to reward her, Andrea reached down and blew softly on Cindy’s exposed vagina.   Andrea smiled again, then reached down on the floor, and still caressing the helpless woman softly, she waited until the full blush of arousal began to show. 

Cindy was wet now, the soft touches, gentle kisses, and then suddenly, “OH MY GOD” the cool touch of the chrome vibrator as Andrea gently placed it inside her vagina driving her into ecstasy.   Again, Cindy felt the orgasm begin to bloom.   This time though, she felt something else.   She felt a coolness moving from her vagina, and as the orgasm swept through her, so did the coolness.  As she came, and the sensations overwhelmed her, her last thought was wonder.

Andrea watched as the woman began to transform.  A metallic wave of color, a glistening and shiny wave of chrome, swept through the gorgeous woman as she orgasmed.    Starting with her sex, then expanding to her flat stomach and shapely thighs, then down her calves and up her perfect breasts.  Her nipples, hard as rocks, solidified, while her pretty toes followed suit.   The wave then moved down her arms and hands, and then finally, after sweeping up her neck, reached her face.   Her hair followed, each strand becoming strands of chrome wire, and at last, it reached her eyes.   An unnatural joy gleamed from Cindy’s eyes, and then was replaced by a truly metallic shine.  Andrea reached over and kissed the open mouth of the woman, now cooling as the heat from her body dissipated.   Sucking in the young woman’s last breath as her lungs expelled her life force into waiting lips, Andrea then exhaled onto a golf ball sized emerald.   

Stepping back to admire her work, Andrea snapped a few pictures of Cindy, from every angle.    Placing the crystal against the statue's skull, right at the nape of the neck, she tapped it once with a little silver hammer.   Andrea pulled out a hand sized silver key from her pocket, and after a moment of carefully tracing the captured woman’s back with her fingers, she was satisfied.   Another light tap with the hammer, and the wind up key was inserted.   A few twists of the key, and she was satisfied.

Andrea walked over to the center of the room. 

“Robot, get off the table and walk over to me.” 

The statue's eyes suddenly glowed, an eerie blue light, and it got up carefully and stood at attention.   The walking statue then moved over to the center of the room, and stood at attention by its owner.

“Good girl, you are a natural for a clockwork doll Cindy, but then again, you love your technology.”  Andrea smiled, a joyous triumphant smile.  “I will definitely treasure you.”

Cindy didn’t think at all; her personality was stored away, just like her soul, asleep in oblivion, just the shell of her body, and the new commands that governed her existence were the only sentience remaining.  

Moments later, the house was empty, with several snapshots of Cindy left on the table, along with a letter.


Scottish Highlands 4:30 PM Local Time

Gavin, Grim, and the girls rode along in several cars on a narrow road through the late afternoon.  A few more minutes, and they would be at the gate.   April was driving one the cars, while Paula and Gavin sat in the back seat, going over what he wanted her to do while he was away.   Beth sat up front next to April, trying to get through to California on her cell phone.  Behind them, in another car, Brandi drove while Grim talked to Cheryl and Sarah.  In the third car, Michelle drove, while Vanessa, feeling better and almost well at this point, stared out the window.  Jennifer sat beside her, reading a guide book and occasionally telling her friends about interesting (at least to her) sights along the way.   A fourth car, with four of Grim’s subordinates, trailed them, with a fifth vehicle, a large van, following, filled with equipment, gear and other useful items. 

Beth was starting to worry, she had been calling for the last hour, and just getting an answering machine at Emily’s house.  Deciding that maybe Cindy went with Emily to San Francisco, she called her next.

Emily sounded harried, but was happy to hear from Beth. 

“No, she isn’t with me Beth, she wanted to work by herself.  She told me she was heading to bed early, and was going to call you guys when she woke up.   What time is it there, about 5 isn’t it?  Well, you know how Cindy can be, she might have slept in, its only a little past 8 here you know.”

Beth thought about that for a moment.  Yes, it was possible that Cindy was sleeping in, after all, both of them hadn’t slept much in Vegas, too much to see and do after all, and since Saturday things had been pretty damned busy.  

“Ok Emily, if you talk to her, tell her to call Paula on her cell, would you please?” 

“Sure thing Beth.  You guys be careful, I want Cheryl at the wedding, don’t forget to remind her.”

Beth told Emily she would and hung up.

Something felt wrong though, and she wasn’t sure what it was.

“Wes, can you check on Cindy?   She isn’t answering, and I have a strange feeling.”

Wes looked at her sharply. “Ok, I will check when we stop, it’s too hard to scry when we are moving like this.  By the way, I will definitely need to brief you and the other girls when we get to the gate.”


Los Angeles 10 AM

Andrea smiled as she watched Bob complete the email to Beth.   Enclosed with the letter where several attachments, pictures of Cindy and Vivian in their new forms.   It had been fun stealing all of her husband’s money, and she looked forward to the reply.    Her slaves had worked quickly, shifting funds from accounts all over the world to her own accounts, nearly $100 millions worth.  It was about time to rest now though, it had been a full night and morning, and she expected that he would be coming along soon enough now.

She had learned from Cindy about Wes’s plans.  Well, she couldn’t imagine him leaving now. After all, his wife had taken all his money, destroyed his house, and stolen two of his play toys.  He would have to come.

Wouldn’t he? 



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