Character notes - Wizard Tales

by Anthyrax

For those of you who play role playing games, the various numbers may mean something.  For those who don’t, things like Int (intelligence), Com (comeliness, physical beauty), Char (charisma, that is magnetism and charm) and Wis (wisdom, that is common sense) are standard statistics used to determine various things about player characters.   Usually 3 is bad, and 18 is the top of the human scale.  

I have based much of the abilities and spells featured in my stories on my experience playing a variety of role playing games.  Some of you might even have noticed.   My better, very understanding (and did I mention beautiful, after all she reads everything I write) girlfriend mentioned that I have a LOT of characters.  So I hope this helps explain a few things. 


The Wizard

Wes Meyers

Basic notes

Principal and original character.   Real name Gavin O’Connor, original world: Shiron

High Level (20th) level wizard / Thief, came to Earth in 1997

Alignment: Chaotic good / neutral (in between)  (Int 18 Wis 15, Char 15, Com 15)

Loves his girls, collects them, improves them, and eventually sets them free.  It took a while, but he eventually has come to see his girls not just as possessions and chattel, but as valuable allies, friends and partners.   He still loves to gaze upon them while they are statues.   Happy with his girls for now, but occasionally when some leave, he acquires new ones, either voluntarily, through seduction, or outright kidnapping if needed.


Bookish, occasionally pompous, and hides his emotions well.   Deep down, a complete romantic who worships women, adores them, treasures them, and is disconcerted when they show initiative, although he secretly loves that too.   Likes to laugh, not a joke teller though, but loves to hear them.   Loves new things, and adapts quickly to new things.   Ruthless in battle, and highly inventive.   Not in the least intimidated by anyone, but will be polite and respectful usually.   He still underestimates the women with him frequently, being used to the women of his world.

Usually generous, but likes his own space too.  Not willing to completely let any of his girls in completely, but he is wearing down (actually, some of them are wearing him down). 


5 Ft 11, 180 pounds, fit but not buff in appearance.   Wears glasses as an Affectation, brown hair, brown eyes, sometimes has beard, always with mustache, generally dresses in casual or semi casual clothes, but will wear appropriate business wear if its called for.   Will dress up on occasion to make his girls happy.   Has a deep pleasant speaking voice.   Looks early 30s


His Girls (at the conclusion of Searching for Answers, story 3)

Michelle Malone, Jennifer, April, Vanessa Hernandez (Acquired in the part one of the Wizards Tale)

Beth Hutchenson (acquired in part three of the Wizards Tale)

Kim, Cheryl and Cindy (acquired in parts four and five of the Wizards Tale)

Sarah Hoffman (acquired in part six of the Wizards Tale)

Paula (acquired in Searching for Answers)


General Appearance and Notes (all girls)

Except for some with sprinklings of freckles, other wise perfect skin, with no blemishes, zits, scars, moles or anything like that.   Skin so perfect that it reflects the light (in the right conditions).  Perfect muscle tone, and perfects breasts, abs, thighs etc.   Girls were restored to a biological age of 22, and age normally, but the appearance ages much slower.  They will look like they are 22 until they are about 30, then about 28 until they are about 40, then about 35 until they are about 50, then about 42 until about 65, then about 50 until they pass away.    All have had the spell imbue with spell ability placed on them, and therefore are able to function of sorcerers.  They have limited spells (and the spells are limited based on intelligence and their own ability to focus on them).     

Generally, Paula, Michelle, Jennifer, Beth, Cindy, Vanessa, Cheryl and Kim are awake 5 days a week.  On weekends, they are in storage mode for much of the weekend.   April is in storage mode on weekends and Thursdays.   Sarah is in storage mode every other weekend (otherwise down south visiting her kids).   Each girl gets a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and  Saturday (rotating every 10 weeks) with exclusive rights to Wes, and on Sundays he picks who he wants (if anyone).   Generally Wes spends Mondays and Wednesdays with everyone as a group.


Michelle Malone (last name not yet mentioned)

appearance: long dark brown hair, blue eyes, petite with a well muscled body, slight sprinkling of freckles on the nose, 5 ft 4, pale porcelain type skin, keeps hair short (page boy cut) 34C-22-34. Favorite dress is dance club wear

notes: a former stripper, well organized, serious but able to relax, quietly friendly, warm, smart (Int 14 Wis 13 Char 13 Com 17), and the first girl Wes acquired.   She can do some magic, including teleport, cantrips, sleep, hold person, and can restore the girls to human form.  Not a leader generally, but completely supportive of the other girls and although the loyalty spell has run its course, remains in love with Wes.   She handles the household, oversees housekeeping and the household budget, and functions essentially as the equivalent of a butler or English housekeeper.   Age at acquisition 24. 

Jennifer (last name to be determined)

appearance: honey brown / blond eye, bright blue eyes, slim but shapely (dancers body), classically beautiful (cheekbones) (model type) face, 5 ft 6, well tanned usually, wears hair long and loose unless in ponytail 34C-24-34

favorite dress is long lingerie

notes: Former stripper,  An outstanding chef quality cook, beautiful soprano singing voice.   She loves to cook, and she runs the kitchen.   She is basically shy, but has good sense and is bright (Int 12 Wis 13 Char 11 Com 18).   She follows Michelle’s lead but is content to make everyone else happy with her cooking and running her section of the house.   Limited magic, principally cantrips, but has a little healing magic (cure light wounds and burns) and can restore the dolls to human form (only one, but usually one is enough).   Loves Wes but is no longer infatuated with him.  However, loves the security of her situation and stays on as she respects and admires him, as well as admiring some of the other girls.  Age at acquisition 23.

April (last name to be determined)

appearance: honey brown / blonde hair, green eyes, busty and a gymnist’s body, very cute, well tanned, 5 ft 6,

38DD-26-36.  Favorite dress is nude or g string

notes: former stripper, makes the best bread and pies, loves to clean (although not anal about it), quiet, shy, sweet, not too bright (Int 10 Wis 12 Char 12 Com 16) but has good common sense, but knows cantrips and can sew.  Loves to cuddle, and follows the lead of Michelle and Jennifer.   Wes cured her addiction to drugs and helped her deal with her past of being battered.   Loves sex the most, and is bi-sexual.   Loves everyone, although not really in a passionate way, she and Brandi were lovers for a time, and occasionally she and Jennifer get together.  Age at acquisition 26.

Vanessa Hernandez (last name not yet revealed)

appearance: long black wavy hair (natural), dark brown eyes, swim suit model body, pretty face, latin features, olive skin, 5 ft 10, 38C-26-36. Favorite dress is club dance wear

notes: former stripper.  Bright, (Int 15 Wis 14 Char 13 Com 16),excellent judge of character, serious but warm, can be vivacious but has to work at it (does it well now), Helps Michelle with household budget, and handles the secretarial duties for Beth and Cindy.  Has become as capable as Michelle with magic, with some cantrips, but knows sleep, hypnosis, hold person, can reanimate into human form the girls, can teleport and use vanish and summon object spells.  She is also comfortable using wands as needed.  She was acquired while she was in an uncertain phase of her life after dropping out of college after a bitter divorce that resulted in the death of her child in a car accident.  Age at acquisition 25.

Beth Hutchenson

appearance: long wavy red hair down to shoulders or piled on head, dark green / hazel eyes, tall, slim, beautiful (cheekbones) face, fair (with light tan) skin, 5 ft 11, 38C-26-36. Favorite dress is formal evening or business or daring lingerie

notes: Has an MBA from Stanford, runs the corporate side of the things, including all investments and major transactions, in charge of the business end, has title of President of Central Coast Investments, Inc.  Still in love with Wes (although not from the magic any longer) and loves her life.   A little spoiled at times, loves playing dress up, especially in the bedroom, and almost as into sex as April.   Really likes the power she has now, but defers to Sarah and Cheryl, but runs a warm office with Cindy and Vanessa helping her.   Can do all the same spells as Vanessa, plus, can now teleport multiple people or summon various objects, can polymorph non living material up to a car in size, has developed some mind reading skills as well, which are especially useful in corporate negotiations.   Has to be occasionally reminded that Wes uses money, but is not obsessed with it or interested in becoming Bill Gates.  (Int 16 Wis 14 Char 14 Com 17).  Age at acquisition 28.

Kim Snyder (last name not yet revealed)

appearance: short (page boy cut) wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, tall (5 ft 9), curvey, pretty face, usually light tan skin 36C-24-36. Likes beach and casual ware, especially shorts

notes: Hair stylist, runs a shop in the strip mall and keeps an eye out for likely prospects on occasion (although none selected so far).  Friendly, warm, outgoing, smart (Int 15, Wis 14, Char 13, Com 16) and easy going, but focused. Good business sense and runs business at a sound profit.  Occasionally sits in with Beth to learn some of the more esoteric business skills.   Still deciding what she wants to do, so content to wait for now.  Loves Wes and enjoys her life now, but eventually will move on.  Same spells as Beth, and learning transformation spell.   Knows disguise and similar spells and is especially adept with them.  Age at acquisition 25.

Cindy Ellis (last name not yet revealed)

appearance: long pale blond hair (down to her shoulders), blue eyes, tall (5 ft 8), beautiful face (cheekbones), pale, porcelain skin, 36D-26-36

notes: computer programer and analyst, typical techie, just loves her babies (computers).   Researcher and hacker as well, plus responsible for computer security.   Brilliant but spacy (Int 18 Wis 11 Char 10, Com 16), and not good with people as tends to be in her own world.   Devoted to Wes and the other girls as they understand her and take care of her.  Not comfortable using magic (can only do a couple of cantrips) and is usually so wrapped up in the cyber world she neglects her studies.   Which everyone else is amused by, but they let her be.  Age at acquisition 33.

Cheryl Morrisson (last named not yet revealed)

appearance: short (pixie cut) red (auburn) hair, blue eyes (almost oversized), short (5 Ft 0), elfin facial features, light tan skin, 34C-22-34. Likes erotic fantasy lingerie or mini skirts

notes: emergency room RN plus pediatric and obstretics plus midwife certification, devoted to healing and caring for people.   Runs a Women’s Medical Clinic with a small staff (including another RN).  She has all the spells that Beth has, plus her substantial other spells including Heal, Cure Critical, Cure Serious and Cure Light wounds.   Careful only to use them if unobserved on outsiders to avoid detection.  Has become a substantial sorcerous now, and has learned dispel magic, and her own spell which allows her to shift the effect of a spell from one target to another.

Brilliant but unassuming, sweet, strong willed and the model of graciousness and kindness, she is adored and admired by all the other girls.  (Int 18 Wis 15 Char 15, Com 17).   Devoted to Wes, and loves him, and respects him but sees his faults.   Happy for now, but may eventually want a husband and children at some point.   Good friends with Emily still, who she goes and sees about once a month or has her up to see her.  Age at acquisition 25.

Sarah Hoffman

appearance: long (shoulder length) dark brown hair usually worn up or in a pony tail.  Big brown eyes, short (5 ft O)

classic features (beautiful face), light porcelain skin with sprinkling of freckles, 34C-22-34 likes miniskirts and short dresses, as well as short lingerie

notes: Runs the temporary agency and is gifted with dealing with people and setting them at ease.   Strong  judge of character, vivacious but can be serious, very good at dealing with men and women alike, Has all the spells Beth has, plus has learned the transference and disguise spells from Kim and Cheryl.   Can polymorph people now as well as well as restore them, and she and Beth have been secretly practicing.  Strongest will of all the girls, and the only one (aside from Cheryl, Paula and occasionally Michelle) who will actually do something even if told “no” by Wes if she thinks its important.   Usually right as well.  Smart (Int 17 Wis 16 Char 17, Com 17) and charismatic, she is completely respected by all the girls, including Beth, who will usually do as she suggests.   In love with Wes, even before she was enchanted but torn by her desire to stay with him and her desire to get her children back with her full time.   She visits them every other weekend in a nearby city (Bakersfield), as well as her family members, who aren’t sure what to make of her now.   Age at acquisition 28.


appearance: short (page boy cut) black hair, wide expressive, dark green eyes, tall (5 Ft 11), classic features, light tan skin, (36C-26-26).  Likes formal wear or business wear that shows off her legs

notes: Former private investigator, police detective (white collar) and US Army MP, with degree in criminal justice.  Has unusual ability of photographic memory, especially for faces and gifted at putting things together.  Also has the unusual ability of teleempathy and limited telepathy, stronger now.   Can while in storage mode, feel and to a limited extent, communicate with the other girls in storage mode.   Has quickly developed all of the same spells as Sarah.   For now, acts as an research and field assistant to Beth, and will eventually become Wes’s field assistant.   Age at acquisition 35.


Former Girls (as of the conclusion of Search for Answers)

Janice, Melissa and Shannon Acquired in part one of the Wizards Tale and written out in part three of Wizards Tale
Kristi Acquired in part one of the Wizards Tale, killed in The Competition and now a statue in Morro Bay
Vivian and Brandi Acquired in part one of the Wizards Tale, written out in Searching for Answers

Friends or clients

Pam Anderson (yes the playmate) Featured in The Competition and mentioned in Searching for Answers
Tina (her secretary)  Featured in The Competition and mentioned in Searching for Answers
Joe (private detective)      Killed in The Competition
Barbara (temp agency secretary) Killed in The Competition, now a statue in Morro Bay
Valerie (sales clerk) Killed in The Competition, now a statue in Morro Bay
Misty and Holly (victims) Killed in The Competition, now mannequins in a mall in LA
-nameless employers- show up in part two, three, four and five of the Wizards Tale
Tom Bradley (former employer and client) Killed in The Competition
Bradley's bodyguards Killed in The Competition
Emily Bradley (Tom's wife) Featured in the Competition, mentioned in Searching for Answers
Sabrina Bradley (Tom's daughter) Featured in the Competition, referred to in Searching for Answers


Jones      (The Competition) A wizard almost as powerful as Wes and more diabolical; killed (destroyed) and soul sent to the Auditors.   Killed Kristi, several other people, transformed Emily, Sabrina, Brandi, and Cheryl, along with Paula and her friends.
Baldwin (The Competition) Ruthless millionaire left crippled (missing both legs and one arm), insane and homeless by Sarah and Beth on the streets of LA after he caused the death of their friend.
Andrea O’Connor  Gavin’s ex wife, a 15th level fighter / thief / magic / courtisan Half Elf.
Now insane


Notes (new story)

Andrea O’Connor, looks about 30, inhumanely beautiful and brilliant (Int 18 Wis 12 Char 19 Com 21), with a dancers body, and 5 ft 8, 36C-24-36, with blonde (almost white) hair, bright blue eyes, perfect tan, elfin features, Irish lilt accent, has all the spells that Wes has, plus a few of her own, and is also almost as good a thief and better in combat.  Arrived about a year ago, enslaved a man, then after finishing with him, a woman to get the lay the land.  

After some scrying, found Wes and began observing him, including on occasion sneaking in to spy on the house, she discovered his ladies and his new life and became determined to outdo him (at least as far as a collection is concerned). 

Moved to LA, became a call girl, then disposed of the woman running the agency and took it over.  Still collecting, and now wants to steal away one from Gavin (Wes).


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