A Contract is a Contract

by Northern Chill

      Diane settled back in the taxi, excited about the business opportunity that  had been offered to her just last week.  She had been working as a waitress at Dudley's Diner, a cafe in a town about 100 miles of north  of where she was now.  Although the job paid the bills and tips were pretty good, she had grown tired of the sexual innuendo from the various truckers that frequented the place not to mention fending off the attempted gropings of the same customers.  When a woman named Kristen, who had stopped for a cup of coffee and directions, asked her if she was willing to start a new job with more money and better working conditions, Diane enthusiastically agreed to take the challenge.

       After packing up her few belongings, quitting her job and saying goodbye to her friends, she caught a cab and set off for the house Kristen was renting while she was in town.  On the way, she mused over what type of job she was going to be offered.  She hoped it was one that would allow her to make career advancements in the future though, at this point and time, a job as a secretary would be fine as well.

       Twenty or so minutes later, Diane found herself at a bungalow that was on the edge of town and looked to be newly built judging by the lack of other homes in the immediate area and the lush vegetation that was visible in the back yard.  After paying the cab driver, she walked quietly to the front door and rang the door bell.

      About thirty or so seconds later, the door opened and Diane was warmly greeted by Kristen, who asked her if she had any trouble finding the address.

      " No, no trouble at all.  I let the cabbie figure it all out though I must admit that I'm surprised that you're staying at a house and not a hotel.  Does the house belong to somebody who works for the same company you do ? "  Diane said as she stepped inside the entranceway.

      " Well, I plan to be in the area working for Accessories, Inc. to promote as well as do some hiring for it over the next two or three months and commuting is not an option for me so I convinced them to rent a house from a couple who had just moved in and were planning to vacation in Florida over the winter, " Kristen said as the two walked up the stairs to the living room where they sat down.

      " It's a nice place, indeed.  So, tell me, what's this job opportunity you mentioned to me earlier ? "  Diane said hoping not to sound too anxious for the job.

      Kristen smiled broadly  " Well, it's a pretty routine job at first.  We need someone to contact the businesses that we do business with here in the Northwest to make sure they happy with our products.  As well, you'll host meetings approximately once a week with buyers we arrange to meet you at the best hotel in this town or a nearby one.  At these meetings, you'll show off the latest products from our firm and answer questions they may have about pricing and such, "  the woman said confidently.

      Diane nodded even as a look of confusion crossed her face.  " That sounds like a super offer but I have to admit I'm a little puzzled.  Do you realize that I've never worked in this type of work ever ? "  she said with sincere honesty.

      " Oh, that's why I picked you, Diane.  You see, in this line of work, the appearance and natural beauty of the representative more than makes up for any unnecessary  skills of salesmanship.  To be honest, the products that we produce don't need the high pressure sales pitches that our rivals tend to use.  The quality and craftsmanship of each item speaks volumes when viewed by any potential buyers so you just sit back and write down all the orders, "  Kristen  said as she retrieved a bottle of wine and two glasses from a nearby cupboard.

      " Well, you certainly have confidence in what you sell.  Would it be possible for me to see samples of what I'll be showcasing to the buyers  ? "   Diane said with understandable curiosity.

       Kristen opened the bottle of wine and poured out a glass for her and her guest.  She turned to Diane and handed her a glass before taking her own and sipping on it.  "  Why, sure, I have a room set aside just for my samples to show to buyers needing more of a personal touch.  Why don't you leave your wine here and let it breathe a little while we look them over ? "  the hostess said with a warm smile.

       Setting her glass to one side, Diane stood up and followed Kristen to the opposite end of the house where the two stopped in front of an ordinary looking door.  Opening it, Kristen ushered her guest inside so Diane could look over the items she would become intimately aware with in the coming months.

       When Diane flipped on the light switch, she was a little stunned to find the entire room was filled with what looked display forms of all different type and sizes.  On tables set on either side of the doorway, there were bra forms that looked amazingly realistic in their details alternating with what looked like forearm display forms for selling different types of gloves.  Leaning over, Diane saw that the nails on the hands were painted different colors giving each a unique look.  As well, the bra form seemed to be of varying sizes in terms of breasts ranging from B all the way up to DD cup with each flawless in every way.

        In the left hand corner of the room, there was more tables set up with what looked like pantyhose forms sitting on top of them with each currently wearing a pair of hose or silk stockings of different colors and shades.  Next to those were an array of torso forms displayed on stands of various colors with each wearing lingerie of some sort.  As Diane looked them over, she marveled how each had their individual look and reasoned to herself that these weren't the type of forms built on some anonymous mass production belt in a foreign country.

        When Diane turned around slowly to look at the items on the opposite wall, she let out a little gasp of surprise when she what was arrayed before her.  There was a row of nude female mannequins lined up next to each other that were breathtakingly realistic in every detail.  From the positioning of their hands, some in a classic model pose and others in more routine looks, to their body shapes and even the way their heads were positions, each looked like they were very much alive.  Diane walked over and ran her fingers over the plastic torso and featureless breasts of one figure, a blonde wiggled figure that looked like she stepped off a nearby beach.  The mannequin's face seemed to reflect a variety of emotions...fear, pleasure, desire and other feelings.

        " Are you impressed, Diane ?  I'm sorry I didn't go into greater detail about what type of products you're being but I figured that if you heard we sold various type of display figures, you'd turn me down, "  Kristen said with a bright smile on her face.

        Diane nodded in agreement as she slowly walked over to her hostess with her gaze lingering towards the items behind her.  " Well, you're probably right about that.  I am totally shocked at the incredible detail these figures and forms have here.  Is it safe to say you deal with stores that sell merchandise exclusively to women ?  " she asked trying to keep her eyes off the items in question.

       " For the most part, yes, although we do have some avid collectors who contact us frequently over the internet and ask us sell them some of our newer models or inquire if they can get one custom made for them.  They may seem a little strange to you when you encounter them but as long as they have the money to buy out products, their appearance can be forgiven, "  Kristen said with a mischievous smile.

      " Well, this certainly has impressed me.  Maybe we should discuss the financial terms...."  Diane started to say before the chiming of a cell phone interrupted her.

      Kristen looked at the phone clipped to her belt and sighed openly.  " Shoot, that's the front office calling.  I'll have to step outside to take this...for some reason, this house interferes with the reception.  Why don't you go and enjoy the wine I poured earlier and I'll see what my bosses want ?  I shouldn't be long, "  the hostess said with a smile.

     " Sure, no problem at all.  Put in a good word for me while you're taking to the management, ok ? "  Diane called out as she walked to the kitchen while her host stepped outside onto the back patio area.

      Outside.....a minute or so later......  

     " ........I know I'm supposed to have moved onto the next territory by now but I'm missing one full sized mannequin to meet my quota.  Yes, I've been careful to only choose women that are not local people to the town and area.  Most of the women I've picked are from bus stations or new to the area so there won't be any big hubbub over their disappearance.  In fact, I've got one here now that has just the right physique and look to enable me to fill my quota.  Maybe after I get back to the main office and you can see what a good job I've done with this quota, we can talk about that promotion you've been promising....  Yes, yes,  I know, you're not the one who decides who gets promoted.  Fine. Fine.  I'll see you on Wednesday. Bye !  "  Kristen said into her cell phone before closing it and glancing at the door behind her.

     " Well, the wine I've given Diane should be taking effect in about 3 or so hours after which I can call the company's shippers and clear out all these forms and stuff  I've got tucked away.  Despite what I told the management idiots, all it would is a couple of people to put two and two together and I'd have to start answering some very difficult questions, "  Kristen murmured softly to herself as she swung open the patio door and walked inside, where she found her guest sitting down at the table with an empty wine glass.

     Kristen nodded to Diane before reaching for her glass on the counter and drinking down the contents in one swallow.  She then set the glass back on the counter before turning back to her guest with a look of happiness visible on her face.

     " Well, Diane, the folks in management like what I told them about you and they seemed quite anxious to talk you.  I can talk to you all day and night about the job but they have to rubber stamp your acceptance.  Tell you what, since it's late, why don't you stay here tonight instead of going to a hotel room ?  When the morning comes, I can drive you from here to the company HQ, which is no more than a couple of hours from here.  What do you say ?  "  Kristen asked her guest while trying not to stare to see if the change had started yet.

      Diane looked at her host and remained silent for a few seconds before nodding slightly.  " Well, I guess your offer does sound pretty good considering I don't know too much about the hotels around here and their cost not to mention I'm a little low on funds.  To be honest, I'm feeling a sluggish right now probably from trying to keep up with today's pace.  Do you mind if I call it an early night ? "  she asked rubbing the back of her neck.

      "  Excellent !  The stuff is already working.....!  "  Kristen thought to herself as she smiled in acknowledgment and gathered up the glasses and put them by the kitchen sink.  " That's not a bad idea.  I'm going to do the same myself.  Have a good night ! "

      A short time later......

      Wearing a blue nightdress (she had no underwear on underneath partly due to the extreme humidity that night), the redhead settled in for a good night's sleep.  Slipping onto the bed, she quickly fell into a light slumber that seemed rather strange compared to usual.  It felt like her entire body was being stimulated by unseen forces even in this state of complete relaxation and it was a very pleasing feeling to say the least.  Her legs twitched and writhed and her hands partly pulled off her nightdress as the erotic sensations she was experiencing. 

       Opening her eyes slightly as she laid on her back with her mind awash in pleasure, the woman noticed the bedroom's ceiling was mirrored, no doubt done on the whim on the house's original owner.  With the moonlight flickering off the glass surface, she could see her body was slick with sweat, no doubt due to the emotions surging through her.

       After another minute or two, and with the pleasure continue to build in her twitching body,  the red haired woman glanced up at the ceiling and saw, to her surprise, that her body was growing shinier but this was not as a result of water or anything else that was considered normal.  Her skin was becoming artificial in appearance devoid of any blemishes or freckles and looking uniformly smooth all over her form.

       " What....what is...what is going....on... "  she gasped as she tried to move her arms and legs to no avail.  Her hands were frozen gripping the sides of her nightdress and her legs were locked sticking outwards.  She could feel her breathing slowing down considerably as the transformation swept through her body.  Her pubic hair shrunk down and disappeared in mere moments while, at the same time, joint lines could be seen by the woman appearing on her shoulders, wrists, waist and red legs as if her changing body could be taken apart and reassembled.

       " Aaaahhhh.... "  the woman moaned before her ability to talk vanished altogether as she felt a sharp sensation of pleasure triggered by her pussy sealing up and becoming the smooth plastic that the rest of her seemed to be changing into.  At the same time, she felt her anus form into a smooth, round hole covered by something metallic which sent another wave of intense pleasure to roll through her rapidly changing body.

       The redhead's breathing ceased altogether as the change swept into her torso and transformed her chest into twin mounds of rigid plastic with no visible features anywhere.  She sensed her insides was vanishing as well leaving her nothing more than a hollow shell.

        As the change reached the woman's head and transformed her eyes into nothing more than colored glass, she realized what was happening to her although it was too late to anything about it.

    "A MANNEQUIN... I'VE BECOME AN INANIMATE PLASTIC DISPLAY FORM.... NOOOO!!!!!....."  the mannequin thought to itself as it waited for whatever future awaited it.

      Next morning........ 

      "Ah, Kristen, you really do make a wonderful mannequin.  I know you had me lined up for this same fate but talking on a phone by an open window isn't a good idea when you have a waiting guest.  I looked around a little and found the papers you had stored concerning your acquisition of realistic display figures and how you've been doing it.  After seeing your methods, I decided to switch those drinks you had poured figuring you had doctored mine to make me your last display form.  Judging by your still, silent position this morning, I think I guessed right,"  Diane said while slipping a pair of clear high heels onto the stiff mannequin that was now standing on the outdoors patio.

      "BITCH !  YOU GOT LUCKY, THAT'S ALL.... OOOHHHH !!!!!"  Kristen thought to herself before having her thinking interrupted by Diane's caressing her left thigh.

      After a minute or so of caressing Kristen's plastic form, Diane stood up and walked over to a table where she picked up Kristen's cell phone and dialed the phone number she had spotted on the documents before.  After a minute of waiting, the brunette heard a voice come over that sounded to be someone in authority.

      "Hello.  I'm sorry for being forward but I understand that there is a new opening available in your sales department and I'd be very interested in such a position.  I'm well versed in your company's policies and can pick up right where your former employee left off.  Who?  Does the name Kristen ring a bell?"  Diane said with a widening smile becoming visible on her face.

       "IF I EVER GET CHANGED BACK, YOU'LL REGRET THIS..... OOOOHHH...." Kristen though before she felt herself being picked up and carried inside to join the rest of the inventory.

      An inventory she was mostly responsible for accumulating...

      And was now part of.....


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