A Little Modesty

by Northern Chill

Crossposted with permission from the Yahoo group . Image by M_B_CZ

               Nicole wasn't sure why the numbers weren't adding up as she expected but nevertheless the totals came out the same every time she ran them through the computer.  Her budget for promotions for the upcoming quarter had been slashed by 25 % without any warning by upper management.  As head of the sales and promotions department for 14-Seven, the largest retail store chain in Europe, Nicole thought she might get some advance warning of this cost cutting measure but not a peep from the front office.

              As she shuffled through her papers in obvious frustration, a small envelope slipped from the middle of the pile and fell to the floor.  Picking it up, she saw that it was from the front office dated several days earlier.  "Hmmm...must be the explanation for the cut in the budget..." she thought as she tore the envelope open.

              She was puzzled to find that the envelope contained an invitation for her and several other women in the promotions department to go to a corporate retreat in the mountains next weekend.  It read as a combination work/fun weekend with emphasis on fun according to the invite.  Although Nicole wasn't sure that the fun angle was going to apply to management people like her, the description of the resort made it sound like a great place to spend the weekend even if it did involve lots of hand shakes and such.

              Tucking the invite into her purse, Nicole glanced at the budget numbers she had just written down and openly grinned.  She figured that if the weekend at the resort didn't start out being fun, she could always corner one of those stuffed shirts that worked in the executive offices and find out what the deal was with her budget.  "It's gonna be fun to see one of those management idiots try and wriggle away from me,"  Nicole said, laughing softly as she stood up and headed off for lunch.

               That weekend......

               The crackling of a roaring fire in the large brick fireplace provided a comfortable backdrop for the people mingling in front of it.  Women and men dressed in winter wear were sipping on hot chocolate  and chatting in small groups by the fireplace or looking out the large windows at the snow covered ski slope.  Numerous easels were propped up in various corners of the large room with company logos and/or slogans visible on each one.

               Nicole, dressed in a tight fitting blue sweater and matching slacks, looked around the room with a serene smile on her face while she sipped on her hot cider.  Ordinarily, she would be running around in advance of the pending pep talk to the employees preparing what she would be saying.  However, Mr. Randall, one of the more senior executives in the company, had invited her to visit him at his private chalet that was located several miles away while leaving the presentation to her assistants. Nicole immediately accepted figuring that even if Randall was the most boring man on the face of the earth, it was still better than being cheery and bubbly in front of a crowd of faceless drones who had to dragged into showing any kind of emotions.

               "Penny for your thoughts, Miss Jackson?"  Mr. White, regional advertising manager for the West Coast division, said while tapping her on the shoulder.  The mid 40's man with a receding hairline and a small beer belly, dressed in a company sweater and pants, was widely regarded as one of the more pleasant and outgoing people in the business.

              "Well, I was just thinking about the future of the company... both for me and for everyone here.  I've noticed a few things here recently that makes me wonder where the focus is going to be and if it'll include everybody at this lodge,"  Nicole said trying to elicit a response from the genial executive.

              "Don't worry about it, Miss Jackson.  I was talking to Bob Randall over in financing and Gus Luzon in personnel the other day about just such a thing.  Bob said he's come up with a unique way of diversifying our business in a way that will allow us to expand and reward our many loyal employees.  In fact, Bob mentioned that he planned to discuss this plan with you personally this weekend,"  Mr. White said in a reassuring voice.

            "Ah... Ok... that explains a few things.  Thanks, Mr. White, for the information.  It makes me feel so much better,"  Nicole said while musing that what Mr. White had to say about the future tied in directly with her upcoming chalet visit.  It looked like she would find out the answers fairly shortly.

            After about thirty minutes of mingling and chatting with numerous people, Nicole was beckoned to the front door by a man who looked like a chauffeur.  She grabbed her coat and boots and headed out behind the driver towards the limousine. When she got inside the car, she found an expensive bottle of champagne and large bouquet of roses waiting on the seat for her along with a brief note from Bob.  
                             I hope you like the champagne and flowers.  I'll join
                             you shortly at my chalet.

            "The man has taste, I'll give him that...."  Nicole thought to herself as she sniffed the flowers before tearing the foil off the top of the champagne bottle. A few minutes later, Nicole settled back as the limousine slowly started up and headed in the direction of the chalet.

            Once the luxury car arrived at the destination, Nicole was helped out of the limo by the chauffeur, who assured her that the roses and champagne would be brought inside for her.  She walked to the door where an impeccably dressed man stood in the entrance waiting patiently.

           "Good day, Miss Jackson.  My name is Gasçon, the caretaker for Mr. Crandall's home.  I'll show you to your room and help you with whatever you need assistance with.  The kitchen is open 24 hours and you can page me for anything you might want.  Mr. Crandall will be home this evening for a late supper which he hopes you'll join him at.  I'll take your jacket and then escort you to your room,"  the servant said pleasantly with a slight French accent.

          "Room ?... a bit forward of him to think that way but this house... it's amazing!!..."  Nicole mused to herself as she looked around the spacious home that looked far bigger than what the outside indicated.  She was led by the butler up an expensively carpeted stairway with a chrome bannister to a spacious room with a king sized bed and a wardrobe cabinet stocked with various type of outfits that were all in her size.  Nicole found a hand written note sitting on an end table near the bed.

                     Pick out an outfit you might like.  I
                     hope to join you around 9 pm tonight
                     for dinner when we can discuss          
                     business as well as other matters....
        "Bob seems to be a really class act in every way.  Clothing... sumptious suroundings... I wonder if Bob's single and available... heh..."  Nicole muttered to herself as she walked over to the closet and started looking through the many outfits hanging there.  Picking out a silver and black dress with powder blue shoes, she started to hum out loud in anticipation of a great evening that lay ahead.....

       Later that night.....

       "....and if we streamline the advertising for the northeast part of the chain so it synchronizes with the warmest time of the year, we'll be able to increase the profit margin for the region by as much as 18% which we'll pass on to the hard working employees working there,"  Bob said while sipping on a tall glass of red wine.

      Nicole nodded in agreement.  "The plan sounds good if it all works but I have to wonder what happens if your expected increase in profits fails to happen.  I've seen cuts already in my department with no explanation from higher management such as yourselves.  Should I expect further cuts somewhere down the line?"  she inquired as she sat next to Bob on the couch trying to pry out more than just company projections.

      However, Bob's reaction surprised her to say the least.  He set his glass of wine down on a nearby coffee table and looked deeply into her eyes.  "Unexpected things are what makes life worth living, dear Nicole,"  he said before leaning forward and kissing the surprised young woman deeply.

       "WOW!!... handsome, wealthy and romantic.... this guy is a real catch.... I almost feel bad pressing him about business stuff..."  Nicole thought as she quickly overcame her surprise at Bob's impulsive gesture and embraced him with equal ardor.

      After several minutes of passionate kissing and embracing, the two separated as if both didn't want to get too carried away too fast.  Bob looked at Nicole and smiled.  "I've got to make a couple of conference calls to some people I do business with in the Bahamas.  While I'm taking care of that, why don't you head over to my hot tub that is located at the back of my house?  There's some swimsuits located in a locker next to the tub that will probably fit you if you want to wear one..."  he said with a mischievous look on his face.

      "We'll see...."  Nicole said demurely though her mind was racing with images of her and Bob sharing an intimate session in the hot tub without any clothing between them.  The two separated and went their separate ways with Bob heading for the upstairs part of the house while Nicole set off for the hot tub area after getting directions from the butler.

      When the brunette arrived at the area, she saw the tub was ready for her with steam visibly rising off the water surface.  Although she thought briefly about looking for a sexy bikini, she decided to go with her original idea and quickly stepped out of her clothing.   After storing her stuff in a nearby locker, she slowly walked over to the waiting hot tub which she gingerly lowered herself into.

      As Nicole expected , the water was warm and luxurious and seemed to wash away all the stress and worries of the last few days. "Mmmm... when Bob gets here, we should be able to turn the temperature of this water up by a few degrees..."  she muttered to herself as she let the water wash across her breasts and smooth torso.  She thought she smelled a strange odor in the air but figured it was minerals added to the water to enhance the pleasure of anyone using like her or Bob.

     Nicole had closed her eyes and had fallen into a lightly dreaming state when she heard the sound of a loud alarm ringing through the entire home and the distinct smell of smoke.  Fearing there might be a major fire, Nicole pulled herself out of the hot tub and to the doorway of the hot tub area.  Seeing smoke in front of her, she dashed down the hallway figuring her modesty was secondary to her life.  As she ran, she started to noticeably slow down which she figured was the effect of the smoke around her.

      After another few feet and her pace very slowed compared to when she started, she emerged from the cloud suddenly to find Bob standing there with a broad grin on his face and his servant next to him, who had just shut off some sort of machine.  She also noticed that the alarm she had heard before had gone silent and there was no sign of fire anywhere.

     "Bob... ooohhh... what's going on?... where... is... fire..."  Nicole gasped as she moved her hands to cover herself from the two men in front of her.  The lethargy she was feeling just a few seconds ago seemed to be increasing, along with a growing stiffness that was spreading throughout her whole body.

    "Ah, Nicole... I must confess, your being here was all part of a plan.  Once I got you here, I arranged for the glass you drank your wine in to be coated with a chemical that would lower your inhibitions and make you more passionate and adventurous.  The hot tub water had a special formula added to it that soaked into your luscious body over a certain amount of time.  After that, it was a simple manner of staging a false fire to get your adrenaline going and trigger the transformation,"  Bob said evenly with neither malice nor joy in his voice.

      "Transformat...."  Nicole started to shout before she went stone silent as her ability to talk and move vanished.  She could see by her reflection in a wine credenza that her skin was changing from its usual normal flesh tone to a shiny light tan brown devoid of freckles and blemishes.  

She saw what looked like thin joint lines appearing on her wrists, ankles, shoulders and around her torso as if she was now composed of parts that could be taken apart at the desire of whoever was there.

Nicole saw her pussy smooth over and disappear as it became composed of the same material that the rest of her now was composed of.  At the same time, she felt something cold and rectangular grow over the area where her anus was which itself seemed to be forming a long smooth tunnel for the insertion of... something.


Nicole screamed mentally as she felt her breathing cease and her breasts transform into the same material that the rest of her body now was composed of.  

All trace of color as well as nipples and aereoles disappeared as her tits became two mounds of rigid plastic that stuck out prominently from behind the arm held in front of them.  

The process quickly completed itself, leaving a very sexy display figure where a vibrant woman once stood.

     "I wasn't kidding, Nicole, when I said I had a bold new advertising campaign planned and considering we're not going to be paying your salary from now on, we'll be able to put on a very successful campaign.  Believe it or not, you'll be the stunning centerpiece of that campaign..."  Bob said before he laughed out loud... a laugh that seemed to go on and on from Nicole's perspective....

     Ten days later.....        

     "....you say your previous advertising head was killed in a tragic avalanche and her body has yet to be recovered?  What a tragic shame..."  the photographer said as he adjusted his camera and then the sign on the display.  Hen then stepped back and looked over at his somber client who was looking at the display with a face that oddly had a trace of sadness.

   "Yes, it was.  In fact, as a tribute to her, we commissioned a mannequin that looks remarkably like her.  I think she would have wanted it this way..."  Bob said as he took out a handkerchief and dabbled a little around his eyes.

   "Bastard !!!...."  Nicole mentally screamed as she stood rigid in the center of the display.  Two large ribbons draped across her bare breasts in a X fashion with the company logo running across both ribbons in a bright green and yellow pattern.  In front of her lower half was a large yellow sign presenting the following slogan:

                  Don't get caught without the bare necessities !

                  Come down to 14-Seven for all your clothing needs....    

                  We cater to all your needs year round......  

                   14-Seven... there's a store near you.....

     "I think Nicole would have wanted it this way....that reminds me, I m ust call Jacqueline, our new advertising head, to see if she's got the memo for the company mountain climb in the spring..."  Bob muttered as the camera flashed away....... the photographer unaware of the true nature of what he was filming...

     And Bob?... he was already planning the summer ads...

     Jacqueline had a nice figure, for swimsuits.....


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