An Ideal Job

by Q (edited by dmuk)

Inspired by a video of Brazilian freeze models posing in mall windows...

Riza knew she was almost late for her job, but it been long night and she had woken later then she wanted to. Being out last night hitting the clubs with Belinda and Sofia had been fun, then; now she was paying the price. She walked faster through the upscale mall to the department store and greeted familar faces at the other stores along her way. When she got to her store and headed to the back, a couple of the sales associates gave her knowing grins, both because they knew she liked to party down and because of her job as the 'face' of the store.

The young woman got to the dressing room a little before it was time for her to arrive and so relaxed a little. But Juanita, her display dresser, was already waiting for her. "I thought you be late again today, Rizzy." she scolded the youn model.

"Morning Juanita. I made it, didn't I?" Riza set her purse in her locker and started to unbutton her blouse. "We've got plenty time until my shift starts."

"With you, there is never enough time. Always wanting perfection." Juanita sighed. "The rest of the team is already finishing up. I hope you remember the poses we rehearsed yesterday, too."

"I've got everything up here, trust me. After all this time I've work here and you could think I would forgot how to pose?" she chuckled. As a model, Riza had very good physical memory and she knew very well how to look like a display model.

"I suppose you're right. As long as you're ready on time, it doesn't matter when you get here." Juanita had been Riza's dresser since the beautiful model started at the store over a year ago and she was also very professional at her job. She also knew Riza was good at what she did, attracting shoppers to the store, and the dresser turned to get ready to prepare the model when she finished showering.

It was the same routine on all display days for Riza. She took off her street clothes and put them in her locker, along with her valuables. Then she hung a towel and a robe next to the steamy shower and went in, savoring the feeling of the water coursing over her skin. First thing was to wash her hair thoroughly with the pricey herbal-infused shampoo until it gleamed in the light. Then she covered her hair and eyebrows with a plastic shower cap and applied the special soap to her body below her head, making sure to cover everything. The soap made her skin soft and clear for the make-up while removing all the hair on her exposed skin it. Since she started modeling at the store Riza been using the soap several times a week and so there wasn't much work for soap to do today. The shower didn't take very long since she had practiced it enough by now, making sure to reach her hidden places and then rinsing off with cool water at the end.

After drying herself with the towel, she wrapped the robe around her slim figure and the towel around her head. Her dresser was waiting for Riza as the model came into the dressing room and sat in one of the chairs facing the mirror. Closing her eyes and letting her mind drift, she felt Juanita apply make-up to her face. The process was complicated but Juanita had done it enough to perform the task quickly. First she applied an opaque foundation, then feathered-in blusher and shading around the model's eyes. The striking eye makeup was next, with long lashes and colorful shadow. Using a pencil and tiny brush, Juanita sculpted Riza's eyebrows into attractive arches. Last came the lip gloss and liner, today in a deep coral hue. Finishing Riza's face, Juanita took off the towel and started on the model's hair. Riza kept her eyes closed as she ran through in her mind the different poses she would hold today as well as how she would look in the display. She might have fallen asleep because she was surprised when her dresser finished her hair in what seemed to be only moments.

"Okay! All done!" Juanita made one last primp of the model's hair, spraying it lightly to hold the style. Riza opened her eyes to see her freshly made-up face and hair. She was always surprised at how beautiful she looked after the dressers were done with her. But she was only half done. Riza smiled in thanks and stood up from the chair. Juanita brought out her outfit while the model took off her robe and stood nude, waiting for the fitting. She already looked too impossibly gorgeous to be real.

The bra and panty set, stockings, high heels, along with the dress and accessories were all expensive name brands the store was famous for selling. Juanita helped as Riza dressed very carefully, making sure not to smudge the cosmetics or get any on her clothes. Once Riza was fully dressed, Juanita double-checked her to see the model was ready to display before giving a thumbs-up. Riza thanked her dresser as she walked out of the dressing room and past the practice area to the door leading to the sales floor.

A display staffer was at a desk there, checking the store electronics. He gave Riza her earpiece for the day. It was like a small Bluetooth headset people used for cell phones but was tied in to the store's phone system. This meant the display staff could tell the models things like when they were to change poses or freeze in place if they were moving too much.

Riza checked herself in the mirror next to the desk and carefully put the earpiece headset on. Making sure it worked right, she gave a thumbs-up to the staffer checking the headsets, then stepped onto the staging spot near the display area where the other models were getting ready. Once again, the model ran through the poses she had practiced yesterday, counting out a cadence to herself and letting the count slow almost to a standstill.

"Riza's here." Manuel said, looking at his clipboard. He nodded to Riza and walked around her to make a last check for anything wrong. The display staff had done a good job and nothing was amiss. "Okay, get ready for placement. It's time for your shift to start."

She had taken the standard starter pose with her legs held together and arms bent so they would be out of the way for the display staff carrying the models. She looked at Maricel with a tiny nod as other model gave her a little smile that Riza replied to with a wink. Lailani was settling into her first pose, staying so still that she already looked like mannequin. Josephine was walking a little to get used to her outfit and shoes, but only a little. She was ready when the time came.

The tone sounded in their headsets and Riza froze like the other models as their shift started. From now until the end, she had become a motionless display figure. Riza felt a muscular staffer grab her around her waist and legs and lift; the floor dropped away as she was picked up and easily carried by the staffer to the windows. She stayed unmoving to maintain the rigid look of a mannequin. From the corner of her eye she saw the other three models being carried toward the front display windows as the few customers in the store this morning perked up and stared at the mannequin models being taken to the display. A couple guys whistled and talked excitedly to each other, pointing at the frozen models as they were carried by. At the front windows, the models were separated. Lailani and Josephine went to one window and Riza and Maricel went to the other. From the corner of her eye, Riza saw Lailani being posed on a slowly revolving turntable. She didn't move a muscle.

Maricel had been taken to their window first and she was posed on a turntable too before the staffer turned it on. For the rest of her display shift the model was rotated around a full circle in the window so people everywhere could see her frozen in her pose as well as the dress she modeled from all angles. Riza herself saw the floor getting closer and was ready when the staffer put her down. She quickly looked at her clothes to make sure everything was neat and ran through some quick poses, moving very slowly and smoothly so she didn't seem obvious.

There was a short time after being set down in the display where each model could find the right pose. But once they were on display, the models had to remain still and unmoving unless they were allowed to change poses by the voice on their earpiece. Riza knew she was fortunate. Senior models like Tala and her team got very few chances to move and change pose when they were on display. They got paid better, too, but Riza wondered how they could keep still for so long. They might have been real mannequins; they were that good at holding still.

Like today. Lailani and Josephine were the senior models. They were both displayed in one window and had to keep their movements to a minimum. Lailani stood on a turntable and was in a short red dress cut off above the knees and accented with a wide black belt. The cut of the dress and the tall pair of heels she wore showed a lot of her legs; she had one foot in front of the other. Both arms were away from her body, one slightly bent with her hand flat with the floor and the other bent upwards more and holding a colorful purse away from the body. Her body was rigidly erect, her hair and face carefully made-up and her eyes looking at infinity, Lailani was the perfect picture of a motionless mannequin and was going to stay that way for most of the day as she turned endlessly around in the display window for everyone to see.

Josephine stood next to her on the floor. She faced the people outside the store window in a black sleeveless dress and heels. A small black and white hat had a veil that covered her face. One shoulder was bare, the other covered with ruffles by the dress's right shoulder. The model held a small purse in her left hand as the arm bent away and back toward her torso, and the other arm was down and bent away from her with an up twist on her hand. She stood at a angle from the window, her head turned leftward to face straight out at the crowd outside the window with her legs apart and slightly bent. Like Lailani, Josephine would remain completely frozen and still as a statue for most of the day.

Riza was in the other display window. She was the floor model for the pair and wore a light blue short dress, cut above the knee. A black and gold scarf was tied around her neck, framing the dress's V-cut neckline. A black metal armband was on her left arm. Her current pose had one high heeled hose-clad leg bent to show the curve of her calf while the other was straight; her arms were to the side and one was bent forward and the other down straight. Riza's head was turned to the side and she kept her eyes blank, looking out straight. Very seldom would she blink, when no one was watching.

Next to Riza was Maricel, standing on a rotating turntable like Lailani. She had a short-sleeved dress, but this one was gray with dark stripes. She wore heels with straps around the ankles and stood up straight with her arms bent away from the body. A black belt and a ornate necklace finished the look.

Both Riza and Maricel stood like mannequins, but they followed the instructions from their headsets when to repose, which was a lot. They moved slowly like animitronic figures while changing their poses in small ways, but the two models moved a lot more times then the more senion women in the other window who moved fewer times during the whole day than Riza and Maricel had moved in a fraction of the day. They stayed that way, as perfect living mannequins, even when display staff came to make changes, since they weren't supposed to move when they weren't allowed. Whatever position the staff moved them to they stayed in.

As soon as the freeze models went on display in the windows a crowd started to gether in front of them. There weren't that many people yet, because it was still morning, but as Riza could see there were more people in front of the department store then any other store in the mall. She knew that as the day went on and more people came to the mall, most of them would stop to check out the amazing mannequin models on display in the store's windows at one time or another.

Now that she had gotten into the mindset of being a display mannequin, Riza's thoughts went back to when she first started this job....

* * *

She had just finished secondary schooling and her teen years at about the same time and hadn't found steady work yet. There had been some light clerking and receptionist jobs; also, because of her good looks, Riza had even been asked to model for some of her friends who were trying to break into design, but nothing had really gelled. She'd planned on taking the summer - maybe longer - to travel and see what struck her fancy. So it was pure chance, along with the need for a new swimsuit, that brought her to the mall that day where she came across a crowd of shoppers looking at what appeared to be a normal department store display window. It wasn't any holiday, so none of the special displays were up, just a pair of mannequins in evening dresses on rotating turntables. Riza had just turned away when one of the onlookers gasped "See: That dummy just moved... she's really alive!" Riza took a longer look at the elegant mannequin who turned out to be Tala and was amazed at how she was holding so still as well as how dazzlingly beautiful she looked on display.

Riza had always thought of herself as being cute, in an athletic way, and dressed to look attractive and tease the guys a bit, but she didn't think of herself as being actually beautiful; not in the same movie-star league as these two dazzling models that were in the window. Checking out the other displays, she saw more living mannequins in various poses and styles of dress and she, too, ended up watching them carefully for any sign of movement and not seeing any. Even the occasional heckler who tried to make the motionless models break their pose or just crack a smile didn't have much success.

It was then she noticed the small sign tucked in the corner of the window that asked:

Do you think you have what it takes to join them?
Flexible hours, generous compensation, and store samples.
Freeze modeling tryouts, every 3rd Sunday, 10am

Riza was there the next morning along with about half a dozen other young women. After introductions, they were shown into the staging area where a mannequin stood stiffly on a square platform. One of the girls giggled and whispered "she's real" as they walked up to the posed model, who did not seem to notice them. After a minute or two, she broke pose and startled a couple of the applicants who had started to examine her face closely. Introducing herself as Josephine, the mannequin-like model went on to explain the basics of holding still for long periods of time and how to show off clothes at the same time. There were a few tricks, like concentrating on far-off objects and never making eye contact, but most of it was just commonsense mixed with body control and concentration. The applicants got their chance to pose next, one at a time on the same pedestal, while those who weren't posing tried their best to kid around with the "mannequin" in a good-natured way. Some lost interest; others couldn't seem to keep still for very long. By lunchtime, there was only Riza and one other applicant remaining. Josephine then casually asked, "So who would like to try posing in one of our public windows?" The other girl suddenly remembered she had to meet some friends, leaving Riza alone to smile back and say "Sure!"

Preparation wasn't as thorough; she didn't have to shower, but did have her hair and makeup touched up before putting on the dress she would display, along with tan nylons and high heels. Riza had been chewing gum; she had to throw it out. For the tryout, she wasn't moved into the display by a staffer, but instead entered discretely through a curtain and took her first pose on a shiny glass base. Remembering her lesson, she found a natural balance point and then tensed her muscles while watching out of the corner of her eye if her hands looked right. It was then she noticed the onlookers on the other side of the glass and fought the impulse to look at them and wave. She told herself she was now a mannequin and mannequins don't move, defocusing her eyes so their faces weren't so distinct. There was no way to gauge the time, but for a short while Josephine watched her from outside the store. Finally, one of Riza's arms started to cramp and she had to move it, but she did so slowly and smoothly and didn't think anyone noticed. A little while later there was a light touch on her elbow and Josephine whispered "Time's up!" Riza retreated behind the curtain and only then realized she was shaking. Her tension vanished moments later when the display department manager came up to offer her a job freeze modeling. She hadn't regretted her choice to say yes.

* * *

Lunch hour was also break time for the display models. Staffers came to carry them out of their displays into the staging area as they remained mannequin-still in the same way they had been brought to the windows at the start of the day. Once in the back, the models started moving again, stretching their legs after being rigid display figures for several hours, taking sips of water or using the bathroom. The next thing was deciding where to go for lunch. They were talking about the possible places, walking back to the dressing room to get their purses, when they saw Tala's team practicing for their display shift tomorrow.

Unlike the today's two mixed display teams, Tala and her team were all veterans who stayed completely frozen most of the day. The models came in the day before their display shift to get ready for the next day, including getting their make-up, outfits and poses absolutely perfect. Riza could see what Tala and her team would look like tomorrow as they practiced.

Tala and Alma would be on display in one window; Gina and Nenita would be in the other with Tala and Gina on the revolving turntables. All four models were dressed in sexy nightclub wear. Tala had on open-toed shiny strappy heels and a short, sexy, shoulderless dress cut well above the knee. Her long black hair came straight down her back and fell a little on one side of her face and bare shoulder. Her pose was a classic mannequin stance, with one arm held away from her body and back towards her hip, her left hand hovering over but not touching her waist. The other arm was posed down the side of her torso and bent forward, with her hand looking like it was holding something invisible. One leg was held straight and the other slightly bent as Tala looked forward with an aloof expression on her frozen face, bright red lipstick and red blusher making up her face.

Alma had her body turned to the right with her head turned left and facing forward. Her short green dress was like Josephine's but there were no ruffles on the left shoulder while her other shoulder was bare and dress was cut even higher above the knee. Glitter and accent sequins covered the dress. One leg was posed leaning back on her white high heels and the other was presented forward. One arm was held down by the model's side with her hand cupping inward. Alma's left arm was bent back and she held her hand forward towards her torso, palm inward. Silver earrings, a matching necklace, and a ring completed the picture.

Gina rotated on her turntable as she would appear tomorrow, a motionless display figure that could have been molded fiberglass, she was holding so still. Her light colored high heels had straps over her ankles. Her right leg was pushed forward and other back with only the slightest bend in her knees. Her right arm was posed down next to her torso and bent up at a angle, her hand closed. The other arm was also down and bent slightly away from her body, her hand towards the floor and fingers curved. Her black hair framed her lovely face as it flowed over her bare shoulders and down her back, covering the thin halter straps that ran from her chest and below her arms to her neck. The dark blue dress hugged every inch of her shapely curves and stopped high above the knees. The result was she looked if she was frozen in middle of a dance number.

Nenita would be sitting in tomorrow's display. She wore a very short low-cut black dress that look it barely covered her trim figure. She sat at the corner of a display block and her knees were kept together in front of her while her legs down to her heels spread slightly wider. Her arms came down at her sides, and were posed with her closed hands in her lap; her torso was upright with a small arch backward to highlight her cleavage. Her black dress was similar to Gina's with a few different cuts and a white bull's head symbol just over her chest. Her dark hair was styled shorter than Gina's and her shoulders were bare. Her face was turned a little to the side. Riza guessed Nenita would be placed sitting at an angle to the window.

The sexy dresses made Riza wonder if Tala's team weren't going to wear underwear tomorrow. The models had been in the windows often before with nothing under their outer clothes, so everything they displayed would look the best without seams or ridges showing. Along with the times they modeled swimwear and underwear, Riza could see every guy looking in at them, trying to glimpse what the living mannequins looked like without any clothes.

Glancing around, Riza realized there was nobody here except the tableau of motionless models and her team. It was lunch break so any sales associates or store staff not working were already out. Smiling, Riza and her friends walked closer to the frozen models.

It was an old game. Every model practicing their mannequin poses in the back of the store knew that other models and a few staffers sometimes made changes to them as a joke or tried to make the models react. The models had done this to each other that so many times that now they could stay in pose no matter how silly faces the other model made or how they posed them. It was good practice. Tala and her team had done the same pranks to Riza and her team before, when Sofia, Belinda and their team had reposed Riza the day before. Now it was Riza's turn. Since no customers would see the result, she could be more... fun.

Back when Riza had started as a display model, Tala and her team had decided to turn her display practice session into a steamy scene with Riza and Maricel frenching each other while they were posed as mannequins. Despite stifling a chuckle, she held the scene, which impressed the more senior models. Riza had at first been shocked at that grouping and the other equally suggestive poses the models ended up during practice, but the other girls had calmed her down and told her how things worked. Since that time Riza had decided to get her own jokes in whenever she got the chance. Whispering her ideas to the other active models, she got giggles and laughs from them and knew Tala would be wondering what they were cooking up.

* * *

First thing was turning off the turntables. This resulted in Tala facing to the side and Gina facing the backwall when they stopped. None of the posed models moved a muscle but Riza could see their eyes widen a little as they saw what was happening. "Fair's Fair," Risa said ominously.

Something about being frozen and holding herself rigid got her sexual energy flowing and then posing the frozen models aroused her even more; she suspected the others got charged up too. Maricel started gradually, moving both of Nenita's arms behind her, so they grasped the edges of the block. She gave the frozen model more of an arch to her back and spread her legs wide open until they were almost even with her waist, leaving a gap in the front of her dress. Nenita's body now leaned back as she faced up at the ceiling while sitting on the corner of the block. Maricela finished her adjustments by giving a small smile to Nenita's mouth.

Lailani shook her head in mock criticism at Maricel's pose for Nenita, choosing Gina next as her victim. She first moved Gina's arms until they were behind the frozen model's torso. Lailani then loosened the straps on the other model's dress and closed Gina's hands around them to keep them in place and prevent a wardrobe malfunction. Lailani had Gina pulling the straps even harder then when they were tied, pulling the dress much tighter around her chest and causing her breasts to bulge. Lailani finished posing Gina by folding the frozen model over at the ankles and knees so she looked like she was crouching down, with her torso held up straight. Finally, Gina's mouth was shaped in a 'o' of surprise. Lailani knew Gina would have to struggle to keep herself stable.

Josephine worked her magic on Alma, straightening the mannequin's legs and raising the left one, bent at the knee to cross in front the frozen model's right knee. Now standing on one leg, Alma was re-balanced by Josephine, who bent one arm up, putting it behind the model's neck and the other positioned behind her lower back. Alma then had her eyes closed and was made to look like she was sleeping standing up like that. Another difficult pose to hold, but Alma was working it.

Finally, Riza got Tala, good. Riza had always thought the other model was a very attractive and sexy woman and having the chance to pose her while a mannequin was something she jumped at. After thinking for a few seconds standing in Tala's eye-line, she twisted back both of Tala's arms and bent them so the frozen model's hands rested on the back of her slim waist. Bending her over at the waist, Riza kept Tala's head facing straight ahead, flexing her knees and spreading her legs to keep Tala balanced. Finally she closed Tala's eyes most of the way and puckered her lips like she was kissing something. Riza wanted to move another of the models over to finish Tala's kiss, but couldn't decide who right now, so she decided to pick that person after lunch. However, she couldn't resist giving Tala a light kiss on the mouth, which got the other models on her team giggling at her. Riza could also see the blush on Tala's face get redder under her make-up and though she didn't blink there was also something else, sort of a long slow sigh, that escaped her posed lips. Riza smiled and waved at Tala while walking away, knowing the mannequin would not respond.

The moving models laughed and talked with each other about their work while taking a light lunch meal. Display practice only took them a couple hours, not the whole day, but the models were practicing to keep in their poses longer. Tala's more experienced team would probably stay in the poses they had for the rest of their practice, then hold them all the next day. The newer models were allowed to occasionally shift poses to make sure they weren't bored, and had not finished picking their afternoon poses. There was some poses they could do between lunch and going back on display again. Returning to the practice area, she took one of the more challenging positions and imagined herself standing motionless on the turntable. Riza was practicing changing her pose slowly, like a robot, when she heard the voice over her earpiece. Break time was over.

* * *

Lunch and reposing Tala's team had been fun, but for the afternoon it was back on display again, getting paid for not lifting a finger. She had seen Tala and the other models leaving mid-afternoon with friendly waves and sly smiles to their posed counterparts that said they would get back at them soon, but Riza didn't mind. Since there was more shoppers in the mall in the afternoon, yet more people gathered in front of the display windows to see the mannequin models as they stood on display.

Riza heard footsteps behind her, but could not look around; then a display staffer appeared in front of her. The man stopped and looked at Riza carefully for a moment and disappeared again behind her. For a couple minutes everything was normal, then the man appeared carrying a umbrella. He looked at Riza again with his hand at his mouth and then moved both of the model's arms down straight next to her body. Then he opened the umbrella and put it on Riza's left shoulder, adjusting her arm to hold it in place. He closed her hand around the handle and tilted her head facing up a little. He took another look and then moved her other arm so it was bent across the front of her body and the right hand was holding on the handle of the umbrella above the left. Smiling at her appearance, the staffer left the display leaving Riza now looking like she was walking in a summer shower.

During the afternoon display period, Riza's thoughts drifted to images of the display models at work while her body continued to follow orders from the earpiece. The time when Paloma had been displayed on the rotating turntable in a full wedding dress with all the accessories was the first thing she thought of. That presentation had gotten a lot of people's attention that day and the store had record sales. Or the time Divina had been dressed up as the perfect French maid with black high heels and short skirt, white apron, a black top with ruffles, and the white lace fringe in her hair. That had the gotten the crowd excited, with people taking photos or videos of her all day. Divina had created a perfect picture opportunity as she acted like a robot playing a French maid, bowing to customers coming into the store through the door next to the display window and repeating the same greetings all the time in a mechanical-sounding voice. The model's performance had been so good that many people had asked if she was really a robot. She recalled the first display Riza had seen by Tala when the junior model had started working at the store, when the senior model had posed in a grouping with two other actual mannequins in a miniskirt, heels, and tight top. She had looked so much like them they could have been sisters frozen there; that was when Riza decided to learn everyting that Tala knew. There had been many memorable experiences in the year Riza had worked at the store and plenty of time to remember them.

Suddenly she saw the store manager appear in the window's reflection. He was with two men she didn't know the names of but had seen before. One was a tall American with blonde hair who looked like Tom Cruise. The other was a slightly younger Japanese man with handsome features. Riza had seen both men come in a few times over the last year and the other models said they were executives with the American and Japanese companies that were partnered with this department store. All the times Riza had seen these men, someone had been leaving when the other was arriving. Now, standing on display, she could see them for a little longer and hear them speak a mix of English and Spanish. The Japanese spoke English well and the American spoke Spanish like a native.

"This is a very impressive display. I never had time to come up and see it but now I see these lovely figures, I find it very impressive," the American said as he looked at the models.

"Your videos of previous displays have impressed us. The frozen models really do get more people into the store," the Japanese added.

"Yes they do. We have had live display models for a while and as a resule we have achieved much greater sales. A lot of the people shopping said they wanted to see what the models looked like that day and then decided to buy something because they came here." The manager's voice was full of pride at the display. The store was the first in the chain to have display models act like mannequins in the display windows and now other stores in the chain were doing so.

"This have great promise. I have to come back to see your idea for the swimwear displays and the F1 racequeen special. Have you order the outfits for the F1 special yet?" The Japanese man asked.

"Not yet but we are going to soon. We took a long time to decide what outfits the models will wear. I hope you will like them when you see the display."

"I'm sure the sponsors will like it, too. We have to take another look at using mannequin models for our stores. We might be not using them enough nowadays, but we should, with the sales they can bring in." The American said.

"Or you are not using the models right. That's a bigger problem. Shoppers find the unmoving displays very interesting; your models may be too active." The Japanese agreed. The three men took a last look at the posed models before heading toward the back of the store. Riza had heard the whole conversation and was getting excited at the plans she was hearing. She couldn't wait to see the people's reaction at the upcoming swimsuit and racequeen display!

* * *

After an equally short dinner break, the mannequin models were put on display again for the busy shopping time in the evening. Riza was glad they were being paid so much for a couple days of display work a week. The long hours standing stiffly on display each day was trying, but she had gotten used to the aloof composure that being a mannequin took. She couldn't remember how she had survived her first days when she started modeling at the store; now it was a familiar and welcomed routine. Following the command on the earpiece, Riza slowly changed her arm position and moved the umbrella (another staff had earlier come by and closed it) to her other hand. At least she got to move more then the senior models did. Lailani and Josephine looked like so much real mannequins; it must have been more tiring than being able to move a little every once in a while. Riza wondered if she would ever be that good.

At last the display shifted ended a couple hours after dinner. The models left the same way they came, with display staffers carrying them from the windows and into the back. When they were out of sight of the customers Riza and the other women started moving and stretching. "I like this job, but acting like a statue for so long in a day can get very boring." Josephine said as she arched her back and stretched out her arms and body.

"But you are still up to going out tonight right?" One of the staffers said as he cleaned up the mess left by the dressers. The store was still open but everybody wanted to start clean-up early so they could be out ASAP.

"We always do!" The four gorgeous mannequin models said at the same time. Then they laughed as they went to get changed.

After the models changed to their street clothes and were leaving the store, Riza saw someone had posted a photo on the bulletin board outside the dressing room door. It show four attractive women dressed in skimpy gold-yellow colored dresses, posing like mannequins on a rug outdoors. One was lying in front of others in a sitting position propped up by an arm, two were standing behind holding their arms out on both sides, and one was sitting alongside the standing pair with her legs crossed and one arm angled out with her hand on her hip. As Riza looked at the models staring blankly out from the picture, she wondered what she would look like the next time she was on display. Maybe she could have one of the staffers take some photos of her.



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