Another Work Of Art

by Johnsan


“Just a simple gig, all you have to do is stand still and let this guy body paint you!” Cheryl thought as she remembered back to earlier that day…

She walked into the chilly studio. She saw the artist she was posing for busy checking on paints and his sprayer. Cheryl watched as he sprayed a swath of paint on a white piece of cardboard and examined it with that critical eye painters and artists use on to get just the right shade they’re looking for.

He looked up at Cheryl as she came in and he smiled giving her a once over with that same critical eye. She imagined she could hear him saying, oh she’ll do! He walked over and offered his hand “You must be the model I’m looking for!” he grinned.

“Yes I’m Cheryl. This is only for today right? That’s what I was told.” she grinned.

He nodded “That’s right, this is a bit of advertising for the opening of this new lingerie shop. I’m going to paint you and maybe another girl to look like mannequins. Then you just need to remain still for a bit. “ he informed her with a smile.

“Interesting, I have done a little mannequin modeling but never painted up like one. So how good will I look?” she asked with a smile.

“Oh I’m sure you’ll have people checking you out twice trying to figure out if you’re real or not so to speak!” he chuckled. “Do you mind being nude? I do need to paint you while nude but you’ll be dressed when you’re on display.” he grinned.

“No, I’ve no problem with being nude.” a subtle blush swept over Cheryl’s features as she smiled.

“Great! Now this might be a bit chilly at first when the first brushstrokes are applied.” he grinned. “Oh you can hang your clothes there.” he pointed at a clothing rack with hangers.

Cheryl quickly undressed and then presented herself to her employer. He smiled as she stood there “Ok now I’m going to start at your feet and work my way up.” he announced as he began the first strokes with the airless sprayer. Cheryl almost moved when the first cold spray hit her but luckily she was able to hold still. With each stroke though she felt the chill less and less.

Cheryl realized now why they’d been so insistent on her having some freeze modeling experience. What no one knew though was how much Cheryl really liked freeze modeling. How she liked pretending she was unable to move. How having her freedom to do anything besides standing still taken away was kind of a turn on for her. So with each stroke a secret smile found it’s way onto Cheryl’s face as she imagined she’d been captured and was being trapped in some freeze fetish scenario that would see her left as a mannequin in some store window. “I can be so silly!” her grin widened as she suppressed a giggle.

Up and up his strokes went nearing her waist. Again luckily she was one to shave herself smooth. This too had been a requirement for this job. He did pause to give her a little prosthetic she had to press into her vagina to keep the paint from oozing inside. As a side effect it did give her a near smooth appearance just like a real mannequin.

He continued painting giving her a shade of skin that was very plastic like. It was very much like she was changing, at least the color of her skin was. As he reached her belly she could feel the paint drying on her feet. Funny though her feet felt a bit numb. “Hmm guess I’ve been holding this pose a bit too long.” Cheryl thought. Just as she was about to ask if she could change her pose for a moment he began to paint her breasts.

A surprising jolt went through her whole body when the wet paint touched her nipples. She wasn’t sure why but now the thought of changing her pose completely escaped her mind. “Good heavens I think I’m actually tingling there!” Cheryl thought. As he continued she was even more surprised as the tingling changed into something akin to many tiny fingers massaging her breasts “How strange there must be something in that paint! I hope it’s not caustic or something!” she thought a bit worriedly but again the idea of asking the artist if anything was dangerous about this just seemed to flit away from her thoughts as quickly as it came upon her.

Then he paused “Well it’s looking quite good so far. Now I need to get your hair covered “. He produced a skull cap and took covered her head carefully with it making sure it was completely blended in so when painted she would appear as bald as any mannequin.

“Now Cheryl I need you to close your eyes as tightly as you can. I’m going to paint over your eyelids so don’t panic if you can’t see anything. I promise I’ll take good care of you!” he smiled.

He continued spraying the paint over her and just like he said she felt it on her eyelids as well. Cheryl could feel the paint drying on her legs and tummy now. It was so stiff “It’s almost like it was meant to make me feel like I really can’t move!” Cheryl giggled to herself.

The artist looked at her and nodded “Looking good Cheryl now for the second coat!” as he began again at her feet and painted upwards. Cheryl realized now how heavy and stiff the body paint really was as the second coat covered her body. Soon he finished spraying her body and put the airless sprayer away and left her to dry for a bit longer under warm lamps he positioned around her.

Cheryl felt the second coat dry on her body. “I can’t believe how stiff and heavy this paint is! I don’t think I can even lift my eyelids now! It does really make me feel like I’m trapped in some kind of plastic skin!” she mentally chuckled to herself.

Her employer then returned running his fingers on her painted body. “Well I think you’re about ready for the detail work!” he grinned examining her top to bottom.

The strange thing was Cheryl thought “How is it this heavy paint didn’t keep me from feeling his fingers run over my skin? Why did it feel so good too?” the living mannequin wondered in some confusion. “Is this what others feel when they’re body painted!?” she asked herself even as she began to appreciate just how much she enjoyed it when she was touched.

She then began to feel the tickling sensations of the small brushes he began to use on her body. “I’m beginning to paint the seams on your mannequin body Cheryl so that’s what your feeling now!” he told her as he continued to work on her.

For Cheryl the tickling grew into a similar feeling like that she felt on her breasts. “It feels so good!” she thought again. Soon however he stopped and then she began to feel those small brushes on her eyelids.

“I’m painting your new eyes Cheryl. That’s why I wanted you to keep them closed. I’m sure no one will even realize their not really yours!” he mentioned between brushstrokes. Like before the tickling soon became quite pleasurable for the frozen model.

It wasn’t long though when he stopped his painting and paused to examine his work of art “Yes you do look good Cheryl. Almost as if you could be in that store window now! But in the mean time I need you to remain still so everything can dry! Just like a good mannequin!” he laughed as he turned the lights back on Cheryl.

“Mmm that does feel kind of good too!” Cheryl thought to herself as she remained immobile. The warmth seemed to envelope her form pushing thoughts of movement or any questions or doubts away. She didn’t even realize she’d been standing there not moving for a period longer than she ever had before.

What also didn’t seem to enter her thoughts was any desire to open her eyelids. Cheryl just began to think how much she was really enjoying being ‘trapped ‘ like this. In a way it was almost like being tied up of course that may have been stretching the point but for now it was enough.

Then in a disturbing flash she could see! “Huh?! What the hell is this? My eyelids are still closed? I must be hallucinating! Wait I’ll open my eyelids the paint must be dry by now!” and nothing. “They’re not moving why is that! I’ll have to call for help!” she tried to call out and was rewarded with nothing again. A very panicked Cheryl began to rapidly think Oh geez Oh geez , what is going on?! I can’t move my face or speak! Maybe I can move my arms or legs. He’s right over there he can see me flailing around, can’t he?!” with that thought Cheryl tried to move her body. I can’t move anything! I really am trapped and frozen!!!” she seemed to scream in her mind.

“I can’t believe it! Those painted eyelids are acting like my real eyes now! Just what is going on?! What has he done to me!?” the worried and frightened model asked herself.

Cheryl’s artist then walked over and smiled “By now you’re probably feeling the new changes. I hope you don’t mind too much Cheryl. This paint I used is very special and soon very soon you won’t just look like a mannequin, you’ll be one forever! Thanks for your help my dear you were a beautiful canvas and my best work of art yet!!” he then began dressing the naked mannequin in a set of panties and bra.

Cheryl was furious! She didn’t want him to touch her so it was a surprise just how much she loved it when her hands began dressing her. “Oh good lord! I can’t believe it!! I’m loving his hands on me! I should just want him dead for this but it feels soooooo good!!!!” the trapped and transformed model thought to herself. Then just like any other mannequin he put a red-haired nylon wig on her bald plastic head.

Soon she found herself in that lingerie store modeling just like all the other mannequins.

From within her frozen plastic form she overheard the artist and the owner speaking. “Yes she turned out well! The others will too! My makeovers turn ordinary mannequins into works of art and are just the thing for your new store!!” he said while winking at Cheryl.


Six months later — in a store window…

“So here I am forever, plastic and immobile!”

“Just another beautiful work of art!”



“There’s only one thing I ask of everyone who has now heard my story: Please, please touch the works of art!!”

     Cheryl the mannequin implored, though she could not make a sound.





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