by Silent Lurker

Posted by Silent Lurker on February 29, 2000 at 09:02:25:

Brad walked in from the kitchen carrying a can of Coke. He smiled as he leapt over the sofa with it, landing next to Keri. "Pretty impressive," she chuckled, "You only spilled a little on your crotch."

"Aw, damn," Brad said in mock irritation, "Guess I'll just have to take them off!"

"Yeah, right," Keri laughed, and continued thumbing through the issue of Sports Illustrated she'd picked up off the coffee table.

Brad tried to hide his disappointment at her reaction. "So how did you convince the 'rents to let you come over today? Don't they freak out if my parents aren't around?"

"Both of them work during the day, same as yours. I guess I just forgot to mention it to them." Keri grinned in that impish way that turned Brad on.

"Wow, I had no idea you were such a rebel," he said. And he meant it. In the three weeks since they'd started going out, Brad and Keri hadn't been alone more than a couple of hours. Her parents were pretty strict, so she had an early curfew--much to Brad's dismay. But now, school was out for the summer, and Brad was hoping to take their relationship to the next level.

In short, Brad was infatuated with Keri. She shared his off-beat sense of humor and they both played varsity tennis at school. And man, she was hot! A firm bust complemented her slim figure under a light green tank top and tight jean shorts today. Below that, tanned, perfectly shaped legs told the tale of countless aerobics classes, Brad imagined. He could feel a tingle in his Coke stained crotch as he glanced down and ran his eyes over their smooth surfaces. Before and after they started dating, Brad fantasized often about how she must look under those shorts. Her long, golden-blond hair played around her shoulders, and framed a perfect complexion and dazzling blue eyes. She had a teasing smile that made it look as though she were always up to something. It drove Brad crazy with desire.

"So what do you wanna do now?" he asked.

Keri put the magazine down, "Ummm... I dunno. Wanna watch TV?"

"Nah, there's nothing good on now. Let's go outside to the pool."

Keri seemed to ponder this for a moment, "No, I don't really want to."

"Aw, c'mon. It's, like, 90 degrees in here. It's a lot cooler in the pool."

"No. I didn't even bring a bathing suit. Besides, I can't swim."

"Really?" Brad asked, surprised. "How can you live in California and not know how to swim??"

"I just never learned, all right? I don't like water."

"Okay, okay. It's no big deal. Why don't we just hang out by the pool and relax."

After a second, Keri stopped looking annoyed. "Yeah, okay, I guess. Sorry. I just get a little weird about water for some reason."

"No prob. I might take a dip, though, if you don't mind."


A minute later, they were in Brad's backyard. It was quiet out by the pool, as most of Brad's neighbors must have been at work or off doing fun summer things away from home. The pool was a large, in-ground unit that had just been installed two years ago. A couple of beach balls, an inflatable lobster, and two king-sized inner tubes lined the walkway surrounding it.

"I'm just gonna sit down here by the shallow end," Keri said as she walked around to the right side.

"Yup." Brad watched as she took off her shoes and socks and sat down in one of the huge inner tubes. She stretched her body over the top of it, apparently looking to catch some rays. Brad chuckled. It looked funny and very sexy at the same time. Keri peeked over with a smirk, and then returned to basking in the sun.

Brad took off his T-shirt and sandals and dove into the cool water. It was refreshing, as it had been unseasonably warm for this early time of the summer. He kicked around a bit, and then swam over to the area of the pool where she was laying. "Sure you don't want to come in? The water's perfect!"

"No, thanks," she said off-handedly as she stared up into the clouds above. "Sitting here is just fine with me."

Brad frowned, disappointed. He looked at her feet dangling above the surface of the water in front of him, and a devilish grin began to spread across his face. It's just the shallow end, he thought to himself, what harm would it cause?

Suddenly, he grabbed an ankle in each hand. Keri's head shot up in surprise, "Wha-?!" In the blink of an eye, he pulled her off the tube and into the water with him. SPLASH! Keri's entire body and head went under the water. Brad let go and started laughing as Keri came back to the surface. "Haha! You should've seen yourself!" he said between guffaws.

Keri didn't say a word. Like lightning, she moved to the edge of the pool and hoisted herself up out of the water. Only afterwards did she turn to face Brad. And the look on her face caused Brad to stop laughing instantly. "WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?!" she yelled, livid.

Brad tried not to smile, "I'm sorry! It was just so tempting. We were in the shallow end. You can't possibly drown there-"

"I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO GET WET, YOU ASSHOLE!" She stormed toward the patio table and grabbed the towel that was folded there.

"What do you mean? Look, I'm really sorry." Brad got out of the pool and began walking toward her. Keri didn't seem to notice, as she feverishly dried herself off with the towel. Her clothes were still soaked. "Leave me alone," she muttered.

Brad put his hand on her shoulder. "I know that was stupid. I was just kidding around." Keri shook off his hand and continued drying. Brad turned to the door, "Come inside. I'll lend you some sweat pants and a shirt to change into."

Keri looked up, still angry. She threw the towel at him without speaking. Brad used it to dry himself a bit and then led her back inside.

They entered the living room. Brad ran ahead to his bedroom and got a pair of clean boxers, shorts, and a T-shirt for Keri to wear. He came back to find her brushing her hair with a brush from her bag. She stopped when she saw him, and snatched the clothes from his hands. "I need to use your bathroom," she grumbled.

"Sure, through there," Brad said, pointing to a door down the hall.

"And then I want you to drive me home."

"Aw, c'mon, Keri. I-"

But it was pointless. Keri pushed past him to the bathroom door and slammed it closed. He heard the lock click into place. He slumped onto the sofa and switched on the TV, frustrated at his own stupidity.

Five minutes passed. Then ten. Brad eyed the bathroom door curiously. "Keri?" he called, "Do you need anything else?" There was no answer.

After another minute, Brad got up and walked to the door. He knocked gently, "Keri? Is everything all right?" Still no answer. Brad sighed, and was about to walk away when he noticed a sound coming from the other side of the door. He paused and listened more closely. It was Keri. She was talking to someone in a quiet voice, and he thought he could hear some kind of ticking or chirping. He knocked again, more loudly. "Keri? Who are you talking to?" He could still hear her, but couldn't make out the words. She clearly wasn't addressing him. Brad began to get worried.

"Keri, let me know you're all right or I'm going to come in." He waited another ten seconds and still got no answer. Brad went to the bedroom to get his ATM card. He returned and started wedging it in the door crack. "Keri, I'm coming in, okay?" he said, and didn't hear any complaint from the other side.

In a couple of minutes, he had tricked the lock, and the door came open. When it did, Brad couldn't believe his eyes. Keri stood there, completely naked. Her breasts stood out, large and firm. One arm rested by her side, the other held out his boxer shorts, as though she were preparing to put them on, but the arm was completely stiff, not moving. She was staring at herself in the mirror above the sink. "What are you-" Brad began to say, but Keri was speaking.

"Hello, my name is Keri..." Her head turned to the left, then there was a click and her head snapped back to staring straight ahead. "Hello, my name is Keri..." she repeated.

"What's the matter with you?" Brad asked.

Keri only replied with the same rhythmic movement of her head. "Hello, my name is Keri..." Click! "Hello, my name is Keri..." Brad reached out and touched her arm. Immediately, Keri stood still. Her eyes blinked. After a moment, she turned to face him. "Hi Brad," she said with a smile.

"Uhh...hi. What's the matter? What are you doing?"

"Nothing," she replied, still smiling. "I'm fine. Do you want to go to your bedroom now?"

"Huh? I- I guess," Brad stammered, "You're not mad?"

"Great," Keri said, apparently not hearing his question. She strode past him and walked down the hall to his bedroom. Brad followed behind in disbelief. He stared at her firm ass as she walked ahead of him. Keri didn't seem to notice this.

When they got into the bedroom, Keri turned to face him. Something was wrong. She had a blank stare on her face, although she was still smiling. "Take off your clothes," she said.

"W-why?" Brad asked.

"Take off your clothes," Keri repeated. Brad started to comply. Far be it for me to piss her off again now, he thought. Besides, this might be fun. "Take off your clothes," Keri said again.

"I am," Brad said, still not understanding.

When he was done, he stood up to face her. She immediately walked to him and put her arms around him. Then she began kissing him, deeply. Brad did not resist. They made their way to the bed and she fell on top of him. He was very aroused. He began to caress her firm buttocks and kiss her breasts. She reached down and began stroking his penis, already hot and hard. After a moment, she moved it into her moist vagina. Brad felt a wave of pleasure as he slipped inside her.

She gasped as he began to thrust. Then, Brad heard the strangest thing. It sounded like a pop followed by a brief sizzling sound--coming from inside Keri's chest! Keri stopped moving and her eyes opened. She seemed to forget where she was, "Hello, my n-name is K-Keri..." she stammered.

"I know who you are. What's wrong?" Brad said.

"Nothing. I'm fine," Keri said. Her face was a blank slate. Brad continued to thrust inside of her. "I'm fine," she repeated. "I'm fine...I'm fine... ...Malfunction at 0FEE3235...malfunction at 0FEE3235..."

"What the hell?" Brad said, but he was beginning to understand. And he felt his excitement grow.

"Malfunction. I am not programmed to engage in this activity. I am not programmed to engage in this this this activity..."

"Holy shit. You're a robot!" Brad gasped.

" this this activity ...Error...error...error..." Keri's voice seemed to increase in pitch and she spoke faster. Her body moved up and down faster, as if caught in a program loop.

"I-am-malfunctioing...Please-contact-my-parents-for-assistance. Does-not-compute...does-not-compute." She was speaking in a monotone now. And at that moment, a panel above her breasts opened automatically. Brad looked inside his girlfriend's chest and could see circuit boards and wires everywhere. But Keri's systems were obviously shorting out, as he could see blue sparks fly about and lights flashing wildly. Keri still had a blank expression on her face as she repeated herself over and over, "does-not-compute...."

Brad came. And as he did, another circuit shorted out in Keri's visible inner chest. He could hear her starting to run down. Her voice became slower and deeper. " name is Kerrrri...I ammmm annnn annndroid....I ammm annn annndroid-" Finally, she collapsed on top of him, motionless.

Brad pulled himself out of her, wondering how he could repair her before his parents got home...

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