Athenius vs. Spartius

Author: BigBird
Manip : BigBird

The great intergalactic war, the Planetoplesian War, between Athenius and Spartius had reached a rare, tentative ceasefire. Most inhabitants of both worlds weren’t silly enough to call it “peace”. Both civilizations were violent and warlike, and the old blood feuds between individual families still boiled. Slaves taken during the war were still held by their captors, and those killed during the war were (obviously) still dead. Tensions were high during this time of ceasefire, and there were those who longed for the war to continue. Individuals like Sergeant Nicole Winters of the Spartius Stormtroopers. She had personal reasons for hating the inhabitants of Athenius, as they had taken her sister Shannon as a slave right before her eyes.

Nicole enlisted in Spartius’s Armed Forces with the intention of rescuing her sister, and punishing those responsible. Now with the governments in an official ceasefire, the standing army would take no aggressive action. So Nicole decided to find an unofficial resistance cell and join them.

This is what brought Nicole to a small bar on the outskirts of Spartius’s capital city. Her new drinking partner, Captain Pericles, held her same views about this ceasefire. More importantly, he had a ship and a crew that were willing to stir up some trouble.

“When do we take off?” asked Nicole.

“We can leave immediately. The real question is once we're in space, how long before we find us a good Athenius mark,” Captain Pericles said as he finished his beer. “Are you sure you don’t know anyone else from your battalion that would join us? Although we have ample crew, it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra hired gun or two if we’re going to attempt some piracy on the Athenius trade routes. You’re a sergeant, you must know someone.”

“The only one I know who would sign on for this is my lieutenant, Amber Kingsway. She even drinks here regularly, but she’s off doing some personal stuff for the next week,” Nicole offered.

“Shame the timing wasn’t better. Maybe if we’re back this way in a week to refuel and restock we can pick her up. In the meantime, well….let’s not waste any time,” Captain Pericles rose from his seat. “Let’s get our bird in the air.”



“You mentioned you had logistic experience, Sergeant?” Captain Pericles gestured towards a chair. “Since you’ve never used one of our spacesuits, we’ll need to get some baselines of your breathing, lung capacity and other bio-signs. It’s as annoying as a full physical, but far less annoying than suffocating in a helmet. While the tests run why don’t you keep have a seat and familiarize yourself with our inventory data. See if you can find something useful. I’ll leave you now so you can have some privacy. I’ll be on the bridge.”

Nicole stripped out of her clothes and donned the metal bio-reading panties. Then she plunked into the chair. She placed the breathing tube in her mouth, started the bio-diagnostic, and set the communication panel to run through the inventory. After scanning through several pages of equipment she noticed something odd and paged the captain, her voice only slightly altered by the breathing apparatus.

“You seem pretty well armed for taking prisoners, and ill-equipped for killing, Captain Pericles. You only have a four laser rifles. The rest of your equipment is non-lethal incapacitators. Stun batons, sonic grenades, expanding-enveloping-adhesive-foam throwers, Flash-Freeze pistols, and THIRTY windup doll keys!” Nicole read the last item with interest.

“I prefer to take our targets alive. Sometimes we need the laser rifles though. They’ve got the longest range. Do you not approve of taking prisoners?” asked the captain.

“Oh I don’t just believe in taking prisoners. I believe in taking slaves! The doll keys are a fantastic idea. We can capture some prissy Athenius girl, and turn her into a slave with those doll keys. Then they do anything you tell them. They can’t help it. Interrogating has never been easier. And when the interrogation is done, I just don’t turn them back. We can keep the girls until the war ends! Just like they’ve done to my sister!” Nicole gloated.

“I see. So you find the doll transformation the cruelest,” the captain pressed a button on his own console. “I’ve always been partial to ancient Greek style marble sculptures myself but…..”

Nicole’s chair started spraying her with a gas, while the breathing tube pumped the compound into her lungs. “Gah, what’s are you doing to me!?!?!?” Nicole shrieked.

“Considering that we’re actually from Athenius and not Spartius, we’re defeating an enemy sergeant. You. But most importantly we’re using non-lethal means to stop a particularly violent girl from instigating a war between our worlds when we are so close to reaching peace. Whaddya know? We’re the good guys!” said Captain Pericles.

“LET ME GO!” screamed Nicole as the vapor started to have a stiffening effect on her skin.


“Oh that won’t be happening,” said Pericles. “You’re far too dangerous to be let loose. Instead we’re going to subject you to your own favorite torture. So just sit back, relax, and become a good little doll.”

“A doll! No! No, I won’t be your doll! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!!” Nicole gasped as the gas was pumped into her lungs. She tried to get up out of the chair, but her legs wouldn’t respond. They had already turned into the plastic legs of a slave doll complete with new joints, as the transforming wave was slowly creeping up her torso. Once it reached her head, there’d be no way of changing back – ever! She had to get out of this chair! The gas flowing into her lungs was making her weak and docile. She had only a few seconds more to act, or else she’d never act of her own volition again. Nicole feebly grabbed at the tube, hoping to pinch off the airflow. It was no use.

Then IT started. The metal panties that Nicole had put on to “measure her bio-signs” hummed to life. They started to vibrate and excite her newly plasticized crotch. This whole miserable experience was horrifying Nicole, and now she found she was involuntarily becoming excited. What were these bastards doing to her?

“Once your transformation is complete your first task will be to help us track down other potential war-instigators. Your friend Amber will be the first. Then she will help us track down others,” the captain explained as the transformation engulfed more of Nicole.

Nicole just sat there staring at the monitor, unable to move. She hated the captain. She hated herself for falling into this trap. But she couldn’t do anything about it except continue to breathe from the tube she had voluntarily placed in her mouth, and become excited by the panties she had voluntarily put on. The transformation reached her face. Outwardly she looked docile. Her doll arms and legs remained still and there were no large movements except a desperate and rapid fluttering of her eyelashes – one last and futile attempt to will the transformation to stop – and then the last of Nicole’s human appearance was consumed by her new plastic shell.


She was fully a doll. She had nylon hair, plastic skin, glass eyes and absolutely no control over her body. She was reduced to what she despised the most. And the doll was getting more and more excited by her stimulating metal panties. As her physical excitment grew so did her humiliation, and there was no way to stop either.

“Now, tell us where we can find more of your war-mongering friends,” demanded Pericles.


Nicole the doll was seething with rage and horny with excitement when she coolly and robotically responded with her only possible answer “Yes, Master.”


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