The Black Lady Redecorates

by Theodoric of York

Prolog: The Grand Procession


WARNING: The following story was written for mature audiences. Be forewarned.

Authorís Note: I believe The Sailor Moon Saga is the Copyrighted Intellectual property of Naoko Takeuchi/Kodanshi and Toei Animation. This is done out of the utmost respect of the Sailor Moon magna and Anime series and should be considered a parody.

The inspiration of this story comes from the drawings of Sebastian. Among them would have been the Lady's New Chair (chapter I), Brande Fountain (Chapter II)< and Gumballed (Chapter VII) They can be seen at I urge you to check them out.

The Character Brande is the copyrighted property of ARNie. ARNie has a web site at It is a paid site but it does have some free pictures in the preview section

Brittany and Brianna Diggers are the trademarked property of Fred Perry. He has A web site about his comic, "Golddiggers" at I urge you to check it out.


It was finally over. She had finally won.

It had been truly a grand procession, proclaiming her victory. The sound of the hoofed horse shoes were music to Rini's ears.

Rini was not her given name, but it was the name she went by. Her given name sounded too much like her mother's, too much like a rodent. Today Rini had been proclaimed queen. She watched her ponies high stepping in their beautiful harness and feathered headdresses. They were resentful, spirited fillies. Anger and frustration were etched on their faces. Rini had no doubt that rebellion was on their minds. Something would have to be done about that. But for now they were under her domination. It had not been easy, but the Sailor Senchi were hers. Each and every one of them was her captive, to do with as she pleased.

Only her mother had escaped the Harness, the bit and the bridle. She knelt beside Rini, bound and gagged, still unbelieving to what had happened. She had been forced, in public to kneel at her daughter's feet and abdicate. She had been forced to take her former name, Usagi. She could not believe she had been proclaimed a slave, just like her fellow Senchi; Usagi, like all her fellow Senchi now belong to Rini, to do with as she pleased.

But that was then, this was now. Rini studied her slaves. Their paralyzed forms were stacked stiff and straight like cordwood, awaiting their fate in a corner, but what to do what to do? She had toyed with the idea of keeping them around and braking the as slaves. The thought of each of them serving her every need and desire did have its attractions. But it was unpractical and too dangerous. Still it would be shame to let such fine specimens of womanhood to go to waste. Fortunately she had some ideas.


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