The Black Lady Redecorates

by Theodoric of York

Chapter III, Venus Rising: The Ladyís new toy


WARNING: The following story was written for mature audiences. Be forewarned.

Authorís Note: I believe The Sailor Moon Saga is the Copyrighted Intellectual property of Naoko Takeuchi/Kodanshi and Toei Animation. This is done out of the utmost respect of the Sailor Moon magna and Anime series and should be considered a parody.

The inspiration of this story comes from the drawings of Sebastian. Among them would have been the Lady's New Chair (chapter I), Brande Fountain (Chapter II)< and Gumballed (Chapter VII) They can be seen at I urge you to check them out.

The Character Brande is the copyrighted property of ARNie. ARNie has a web site at It is a paid site but it does have some free pictures in the preview section

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Rini continued to relax on her new pool toy. She stretched her leg out and pinched one of Brandeís nipples with two of her toes. She wiggled her body to make herself more comfortable. "This is the life!" she thought. "I could stay here all day!"

But she realized that she had things to do. There were other senchi to be neutralized. She groaned as she sat up. She looked at Haruka. She walked over to the frozen Senchi. She caressed Harukaís breasts. Rini asked, "Do you like that? Neptune sure did." She examined Haruka for a moment and said, "I could do you now. Would you like that?" She thought about it for a moment and then said, "No, I donít think so. It might take sometime. I had better save you for later. Do not worry, good things come for those who wait."

She walked over the pile of immobilized Senchi. She mused, "Now which one will be next?" She picked up various senchi to study them. At last she decided on Minako, Sailor Venus. She asked, "Now what to do with you, there are so many possibilities." She paused for a moment and then added, "I bet you wished you stayed England now! Well that is just water under the bridge now. That is it, perhaps I could turn you into a cute little footbridge."

She picked up Minako and carried her away. Rini walked over to a small brook she knew about. She striped Minako's garb and watched the leather float away. She arched Minakoís back, admiring the line of her curve. Rini liked how Aino breasts seemed to thrust out, accenting the curve of her body. Rini opened Minako's thighs wide. She pulled Minako's arms above her head. She positioned Aino so she rested on all fours, bent over backwards. She picked up Minako and positioned her over the brook so that her feet rested on one bank and her arms rested on the other.

Rini studied her for quite some time. It was true that she was a sexy little bridge. Rini found herself licking her lips. She was about turn Minako into stone, but in the last moment she shook her head. Somebody might fall off and then Rini might be sued. True if she did she would just turn the plaintiffs and the lawyers involved into statues or something but it would be a bother. She carried her back where they started. She studied Minako some more. She twisted Minako into a sitting position, her feet pressed together and her knees widely splayed. She positioned her arms in a wide oval. She interlaced Minako's fingers together. Rini positioned the oval so that it rested on her knees. Rini again studied her handiwork. Aino made quite a tasty umbrella stand too. Still Rini was not satisfied.

She walked away thinking. A few minutes later she returned, carried a large art book. She thumbed through the book until she found what she was looking for. She placed the book on her mother; open so she could study the painting some more. She was studying the painting, "The Birth of Venus" by Botticelli. Rini at last clapped her hand and cried, "That's it! I will sculpt you so you resemble this, how perfect!"

Rini then proceeded to twist and bend Minako so that she resembled the woman in the painting. She had to get the pose just right. After all after she was turned to stone it would be too late. Any mistakes would be frozen forever. She spent over an hour fiddling with Minako's pose. She even worked on the hair to give it that wind swept look. At last she looked at the book. She looked at Minkano. She looked at the book again. Again she looked at Minako. She studied Minako. Finally she exclaimed, "Minako, I swear you look more yummy than the Venus in the painting."

Satisfied she stood up. Rini cast the spell. Sailor Venus began to turn into a light shade of marble. Rini watched with excitement as the transformation was completed. Now Minako stood, frozen forever in the pose of Venus. Rini laughed and said, "I guess there is no doubt about it. You really are Venus now, forever and ever."

She walked up to her Venus and hugged it. She pressed her breasts against stone breasts. She felt the statue's hard, cold nipples press against hers. She massaged her sex against the curves of the statue's sex. She ran her palms along the smooth contours of Venus's flanks and rear. She kissed the statue and tasted the granite with her tongue. At last she whispered seductively, "Now where to put you my Venus, my goddess of love!"

That presented a problem. Now that Minako was stone she weighed a ton. It certainly would not be a problem to get some strong backs to move her around, but Rini really did not like to be dependent on anybody. Fortunately Rini had other means at her disposal. She closed her eyes and concentrated. The statue began to shrink. Rini opened her eyes and watched dos so until it was about eight inches tall.

Rini picked up the figurine and examined more closely. If anything its delicate beauty seemed to be enhanced. Rini stared at it for a moment, almost mesmerized. She let her bikini top fall to the ground, free her breasts. She brushed the tips of her nipples with the figurine. It sent shivers down her spine. She cradled her breast with one arm. With the other she began to pump the figurine in and out of the channel she had created. It felt wonderful.

She let her bikini bottom fall to the ground. She rubbed the tip of her Venus again her clit and along he neither lips. She almost swooned. The figurine almost slipped out of her hand. She whispered, "This was why you were created."

Slowly a cruel smile formed on Rini's lips. She said, This is too good to keep to myself. I think I should introduce you to your former comrades. She walked over to her mother and set down at the end of the lawn chair. She stretched out on her belly. She looked under the chair so that she was staring at Usage only inches away. She said, "Hello Mommy! I brought you a friend. You remember Minako. I have changed her. She is better now, don't you agree." She gently scraped Minako against the tips of Usage's breasts. Rini continued, "Good, I knew you would!"

She bounded up and over to the pool. She introduced Minako to Ami and Michiru's more intimate places. Then she walked over to the other senchi. She striped the of their clothing and introduced Venus more intimately than they had ever experienced her before. Finally she pulled Hakuke's thighs apart and slowly inserted the figurine into her vaginal channel. She began to pump back and forth she groped Haruka's breasts. "I bet you wish you had this during those long nights you spent alone with Michiru, don't you."

At last she tired of tormenting the senchi and stretched out on Usage. She examined the figurine. It was covered with musky oil. She exclaimed, "I bet you are glad you are not in England now!" Then she slowly began to insert her own Venus into her own cunt.


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