The Black Lady Redecorates

by Theodoric of York

Chapter IV: Time in a Bottle, The Lady's New Timepiece


WARNING: The following story was written for mature audiences. Be forewarned.

Authorís Note: I believe The Sailor Moon Saga is the Copyrighted Intellectual property of Naoko Takeuchi/Kodanshi and Toei Animation. This is done out of the utmost respect of the Sailor Moon magna and Anime series and should be considered a parody.

The inspiration of this story comes from the drawings of Sebastian. Among them would have been the Lady's New Chair (chapter I), Brande Fountain (Chapter II)< and Gumballed (Chapter VII) They can be seen at I urge you to check them out.

The Character Brande is the copyrighted property of ARNie. Arnie has a web site at It is a paid site but it does have some free pictures in the preview section

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Rini lay on her pool mattress, relaxing. She lowered her figurine into the water to clean her new figurine. She hoped her Venus enjoyed her bath. The figurine certainly needed it. Perhaps she too should take a bath. After her exertions of the last few minutes she no doubt needed one. Still Rini had never felt so relaxed and fulfilled. Just looking at the surprised look frozen on her mother's face or fingering the gentle contours of Minako gave her a triumphant joy.

But she thought of the old adage, "Time waits for no man." Then Rini chuckled and said, "Time may wait for no man, but it certainly waits for me! Isn't that right, Pluto?"

The Time Senchi did not answer. She still lay where Rini left her, after reintroducing her to Minako. She walked over to Setsuna and knelt beside her. She bent down until she was just inches from Setsuna's face. Rini said, "You should have stayed remote and mysterious. Now look at you, you are not remote and mysterious all. To think, I used to fear you." She paused and then asked, "What should I do with you? Do you have any idea? I always used to admire your wisdom." She ran her palm along Setsuna's flank and said, "Yep, not mysterious at all." Rini stood up and swished her hips at Setsuna. She walked away, out of Setsuna's field of vision.

Rini returned a few minutes later, carrying a large, round tub. She placed the tub in front of Setsuna. She picked up Setsuna and placed her in the pot, standing up. She held up the Senchi for that the Senchi would not fall out. Rini studied Setsuna one final time. She doubted that she would able to do so ever again. Rini said, "By By Setsuna. I wish we had more time." Then she cast the spell. Setsuna's feet began to crumble into a fine sand. The sand had the color of a bright, emerald green. As the transformation worked her way up Setsuna's legs, the rest of her body began to lower into the pot. Rini held her steady as she did so. Her legs began to crumble, then her knees, and then her thighs and hips. Rini watched her navel turn into sand. As Setsuna's hands touched the ever increasingly large pile of sand they began to brake down too. Now it seemed a race as three columns of dissolving Setsuna seemed to competing to be the first to reach her shoulders. As the process reached her breasts Rini let go of her. There was no reason. She now looked more like a bust than she did a woman. The breasts and nipples too disintegrated into the fine sand. The three columns reached her shoulders more or less simultaneously and combined. Her head slid back as the neck turned to sand. The face slowly sank. When it was finished the remained the contours of her face could still be discerned on the sand.

Rini knelt down beside the pile of sand. She ran her hand through the sand. It felt great. She. quivered with delight. She scoped up a handful of sand. She watched it slid though her fingers. To her surprise the face in the sand formed again. This time though, her mouth was wide open. Rini's mouth opened in surprise. Quickly piled up the sand into a steeper pile. The sand slid back down. But this time the pile of sand vaguely resembled a bust of Setsuna to the bulging outlines of her breasts half buried in the sand.

A wicked smile formed on Rini's face. She winked at Setsuna, and said, "You know, I think it is time we got to know each other up close and personal." Gingerly, as if she was stepping in a tub of hot water, she stepped into the tub. She knelt down in it, working her knees and ankles until they rested on the tub itself.. The sand sensuously both gave way and engulfed her as if it was inviting her in. She leaned back, pressing herself again the sand. It was luxury as she piled sand over her body. It filled every crevice of her body. As she piled more sand on her body again it took the form of Setsuna's body. Rini looked at the remaining Senchi and said, "Look girls, I'm Setsuna!" She paused and then added, "You girls should really try this, it's wonderful."

She set up, letting the sand slide off her. She cupped her hands together and scooped up some sand and lifted it above her head. Again she let it fall through her fingers. It slid off the top of her head and over her body. As it over her breasts and nipples she was consumed with pleasure. She rubbed her thighs together, delighting in the gritty friction it cause. She gasped, "Why Setsuna, I never thought you had it in you!"

Finally she stood up, saying, "I hope you enjoyed the show. I sure did!" As she stepped out of the tub she turned her attention to Setsuna. Rini said, "I'll be back, this might take a while." She paused and added, "You had better hope that a high wind does not pick up, or a stray cat walks by. I would hate for him to mistake you for a litter box."

Soon she returned, carrying a litter scooper and an large hourglass. She knelt down beside the tub and placed the scooper on the ground. She began to filer the bright green sand through the scooper, saying, "You can't be too careful." As the sand fell back into the pile. It seemed to have a will of it's own. Rini could swear that she could see the body twisting and swoon in pleasure. Rini commented, "You like that?" I could leave you this way. If I ever get a cat I will think about it. But it was Mom that was the cat person, not me. Personally my taste goes to Ponies. No your fate rests elsewhere."

Rini picked up the hourglass so that Setsuna could examine it. The frame of the hourglass was made of Mahogany consisting of two pedestals and four thin columns of wood. Each column was carved to look like pairs of sailors Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in their sailor suits. Each column consisted of two mirror images of one of the Senchi, attached by the feet. Each of the Senchi seemed to be holding up the pedestal above her head. Inside the frame was the hourglass, carved out of crystal allowing for the most beautiful displays of light as they refracted through it. The hourglass itself was fixed to two of the columns in such a way that allowed it to rotate. Rini rotated the hourglass to show Setsuna. Rini said, "Do you like it? I made it just for you. I got the highest marks in arts and crafts. When I showed it to mom I think she though I meant it as a gift. But I guess you know better. By By, I hope you like your new home!"

With that she chanted an incantation. The sand began to funnel up in a column and poor into the hourglass. But no matter how much sand poured into the glass it never seemed to fill up. Soon all the sand had landed in the hourglass. Rini sealed the top and examined her prize. She could make out the outlines of the body of a woman pressed against the crystal, trapped. Already the sand was filing through the funnel of the hourglass and forming what appeared to be a pair of kneeling feet. Again the woman seemed to be quivering in pleasure as she poured through the glass. Satisfied, Rini said, "You'll make a great conversation piece. You will be the center of attention. You had better get used to it."



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