The Black Lady Redecorates

by Theodoric of York

Chapter VI, Speed Racer: The Lady's New Bike


WARNING: The following story was written for mature audiences. Be forewarned.

Authorís Note: I believe The Sailor Moon Saga is the Copyrighted Intellectual property of Naoko Takeuchi/Kodanshi and Toei Animation. This is done out of the utmost respect of the Sailor Moon magna and Anime series and should be considered a parody.

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Rini piled various snacks onto the shelves of her new dessert cart. Many of the desserts were ones that Makoto had made herself, preparing for a birthday party that never came. Not all of the treats were desserts. She shoved bags of potato chips into the cabinet. Other types of chips went in there as well. She threw in a few containers of dip as well. She placed a few party trays of fruit, scrimp and vegetables on the trays. A fairly large birthday cake was included. By the time she finished both of the trays were filled. She pushed the tray in into her workshop.

Rini paused for a moment to studying the lines of Makoto's beauty. The treats were not the only things that looked scrumptious. Perhaps after she was done, Rini would remove the trays and her desert tray would become a riding horse. But that would be later and this was now. There was time for play later.

Rini popped a gumball in her mouth walked back to the Patio to retrieve Ami. She started to chew the gumball as she did so. She felt the coating crack under her teeth. The gumball seemed almost to squirm as she did so. This was a special gumball, part of a pair. When she had bough them she had assumed that they were just gumballs. Boy was she wrong. Rini soon found out that chewing them was a deliciously evil activity. She started thinking herself as the Black Lady soon after that.

Both of the gumballs had images of girls imprinted on them. They did not look like happy campers. Instead they looked like frightened, surprised campers. Their palms were pressed against the coating, as if they were trapped inside the gumballs. The smaller one featured a blond figure wrapped around the ball. The larger one, about the size of a jawbreaker, featured cat woman of some sort, complete with spots and a tail. Despite her exotic appearance she looked similarly trapped, similarly helpless. They both looked as if they were trying to crawl out if their gumball. They were the first slaves Rini had ever acquired. Rini had got to know them quite well. When she chewed one and blew a bubble the bubble would form into the shape of the trapped girl's body. Sometimes she could even converse with the bubble slave. In this way she had found out about their delightfully evil conversion into candy.

It seemed that they had been captured. At the time this did not bother them much. Apparently it had happened before. But this time it was different. They found themselves prisoners of an insane chief, who ladled sticky batter all over them. After that they found that they could not move. Then it was an easy thing to roll up their now pliable bodies and drop them into vats. They were cooked for what seemed forever until they now consisted of bubbling, gooey liquids. After that they were poured into gumball molds and Rini owned the results. Apparently the entire process was incredibly erotic for the pair, as was the act of chewing and popping them.

Despite this from time to time one of them, in bubble form, would beg to be released from their bondage. It even seemed that the cat-girl was married. But that was water under the bridge. She would never let them go. Rini had no idea how to turn them back even if she wanted to. Perhaps the chief could, if she could be found. But Rini had no desire to meet her, lest Rini found herself gumballed or turned into some sort of deliciously wicked baked good. Besides the girls themselves were too deliciously scrumptious to ever free. If Rini had anything to say about it they would remain gumballed forever and she did.

Rini found Rei and carried her back to the workshop, taking the opportunity to slip into a tee shirt and shorts. Rini had acquired a small magical foundry to convert objects like Rei into objects that were much more utilitarian or desirable. It sat in corner of the workshop; it's furnace heating up. Rini placed Rei on her worktable and twisted and bent her into a kneeling position. Then Rini made a few gestures and cast an incantation. Soon the kneeling Sailor Mars had taken on a blackish metallic color. Rini had though about making her a shade of red, this being Sailor Mars and all. But Rini was the Black Lady and so Rei would spend her existence being black. Again, using her pulley and lever her maneuvered Ami over a metal vat. She lowered the senchi into the vat. Rini walked over the vat and poured various alchemical powders into the vat. One last thing Rini took a small needle and pricked her finger. She watched her red blood drop into the vat. The vat was on rollers, notched in a set of tracks, leading into an open door of the furnace. The door closed behind her. The door had a window in it so that Rini could watch Rei's process as she melted into a red-hot liquid combining with the powders and liquids. Rei began to glow and lose her shape. She began to form into a puddle at the bottom of the vat. But the process was proving agonizingly slow.

Rini muttered, "This is going to take forever." Then she shrugged her shoulders and said, "I guess it is right, a watched pot never boils. I have to find something to occupy my time." She looked around the workshop and fixated on her other unfinished project. She muttered, "Yes, Haruka, that project we were working on would together would be an excellent way to get my mind off Rei. I think it is time we finished it."

But first Rini walked over to her dessert cart. She took the chewed gum and placed it on the glass tray, next to the unchewed gumball. In moments it began to form back into a gumball. As usual the gum that was a girl attempted to break free, but in moments she was again encased inside the coating, immobile. Rini picked up a bag of potato chips, opened it, and started to munch away.

Soon she had finished the bag of chips and was carrying Haruka back to the shop. She said, "Remember that little project we were working on together. I think I is about time that we finished it. I couldn't do it with out you." She laid Haruka beside a partially completed motorcycle. Most of the parts to finish the motorcycle were there. All that was missing was a frame. Rini had no doubt that they were of the best quality. Haruka had picked them out herself. Price was no object.

Haruka jumped at the prospect of assisting Rini at building this dream machine. They spent many long days planning, making sure the motorcycle would be the finest, most powerful, fasted machine ever build. Rini watched it awl as Haruka submerged herself in the project. She seemed almost orgasmic when describing the beast they were creating. Haruka dreamed of the day that they would assemble it and she could take it out for a test drive. Rini assured her that she would be the first to ride it. Rini just never informed her just how she would ride it.

One thing that bothered Haruka was Rini's complete lack of interest in designing a frame. There was a frame actually, a skeleton that would reinforce the structural integrity of the machine. The frame they were talking about was the flashy part that make the cycle a work of art. Rini assured her she had something in mind and it would be magnificent. When Haruka seemed unconvinced, Rini assured her that if her did not have to worry. If she didn't like it, that would be that. After all she had Rini over a barrow. It was not as if Rini would be able to install the frame without her.

Rini began pose and shape Haruka's body as she remembered those sessions when the worked together on the machine. Rini played the naive innocent to the hilt. But she knew she was having the desired effect on Haruka's desires. At times she saw Haruka studying her body especially when she stretched. Sometimes Haruka would brush against Rini. Other times Rini would give Haruka a great big hug. With satisfaction Rini noted that Haruka would hesitate a little too long before breaking free.

Nothing ever happened of course. All Rini had to do to poor cold water on Haruka was to mention Michiru in passing. Of course Haruka tolerated all of this because she lusted after that machine that they were building. She lusted after it more than she lusted after ether Rini or even Michiru. So she excised in guilt, lust and torment all at the same time. But these games had gone on long enough. It was about time for them to consummate their relationship.

At last Rini had molded her into the pose she wanted Haruka to be in. The proud beast would look magnificent mounted on the motorcycle. She rested on her elbows and knees, each pair of limbs angled outwardly from her body. Her lower legs were arched upwards so that the bottoms or her feet were roughly parallel to the curve of her back. Her body was arched in such a way as to thrust her breasts forward as if proudly displaying them. Her head had been bulled back and outward so that she was looking forwards, straining her neck. Each of her palms cupped a breast as if she was offering it.

Rini slipped a bridle over Haruka head. She slipped a bit into her mouth and tighten a ponygirl harness over the rest of her torso. She placed hoofed boots over her feet. The hoofs had brass horseshoes hammered in them. She carefully painted the sign of The Moon on her right thigh, as if was a brand. Finally she slid a but plug Horse's tail into Haruka.

There was only one thing left to do to turn Haruka into the work of ark truly worthy of this machine she would grace. Rini walked away but returned soon. She had donned a pair of rubber gloves and was carrying a bottle and her Venus figurine. Minako would play a part in Haruka' final capitulation. Rini started to poor the vacuous liquid onto Haruka's back. She started rub it into Haruka. Haruka's skin eagerly sucked up the liquid as it was spread all over her body. Rini even made sure it was rubbed into Haruka's short hair masculine hairstyle Haruka began to sweat as the liquid work its way into her system. Her nerves started to work overtime processing in the sensations of pleasure into her brain. After Haruka's body had been covered all the way, from the tips of her finger to the interiors of her toes Rini changed tactics. She started to stroke Haruka's breasts and nipples with one with one hand. It was having the desire effect. The orbs were swelling, filled with blood. With her other hand she teased Haruka's clit with the tip of her Venus. Her goddess of love was also having the desired effect. Haruka began to pant rapidly as if she was a dog. Her skin began to have a metallic tent to it. It was only a matter of time now.

Suddenly there was a flash and it was over. Haruka had been flash-frozen in mid orgasm. Even the droplets of sweat that had covered her body were frozen, permanently bonded and part of the object that had been Haruka. Even the leather pony garb she wore was forever part of her. The red blotches of dark color were now forever part of her color scheme. Her nipples were proud and erect. You could see it in her eyes. You could see it in her expression, even her frozen body. This was a beast caught forever in the moment she had been broken and tamed, caught in passionate surrender and submission.

More important the woman was now just a metallic, hollow shell. She carried the frame next to the cycle and began to fit the cycle's parts in it. She cut and drilled when and here she had to. Rini attempted to make the cuts and holes as inconspicuous as possible. When ever possible she attempt to make the woman become part of the machine. Slowly, over hours snacks disappeared, the machine formed. Haruka's head rested on the headlight. At last it was almost done. Instead of a seat she placed a saddle on the back of Haruka. She unscrewed Haruka's tail. She picked up a jerrycan, full of gas. She slid the funnel into to Haruka and emptied the can She tightened the gas cap. True some would say that this was not the best place to situate the gas tank. Sometimes aesthetics were more important than purely preaxial concerns.

She climbed onto her new bike. She lifted herself a few inched over the saddle. Then she shoved herself down, hand. Haruka's engine began to turn. Haruka shuttered. A puff of smoke exited the exhaust pipes. Then there was nothing. Again Rini shoved herself down onto Haruka. Again Haruka started up. Again the engine died, but the engine turned longer this time. Rini tried it another time. This time the engine started to roar and hum. Haruka started to vibrate in a most sinfully satisfactory manner. Rini could have easily put in an electronic ignition, but it would not have been as fulfilling to start Haruka up that way, not to mention fun.

Reluctantly Rini turned off Haruka. Rei was ready to be poured into the mold. Rini was most certainly not making gumballs.


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