The Black Lady Redecorates

by Theodoric of York

Chapter VII, The Lady's New Armor


WARNING: The following story was written for mature audiences. Be forewarned.

Authorís Note: I believe The Sailor Moon Saga is the Copyrighted Intellectual property of Naoko Takeuchi/Kodanshi and Toei Animation. This is done out of the utmost respect of the Sailor Moon magna and Anime series and should be considered a parody.

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Rini munched on a piece of cake while staring through the glass window of the furnace. Rei had been reduced to a melted cauldron of bubbling, glowing, white liquid and the cake tasted fantastic. There was no doubt about it. But somehow the cake tasted even better coming from the Sailor Jupiter Dessert Cart. Rei had cooked long enough. She was ready.

Rini had the door open. Then she carefully removed the cauldron, using the lever. Rini groaned as she maneuvered Rei around. It would do no good to spill Rei prematurely. She certainly would be a mess to clean up. Rini maneuvered the cauldron over the mold. Then she watched, with satisfaction, as a stream of white-hot Rei poured into the mold. There was a hissing sound and sparks flew. Now there was nothing to do but wait until Rei cooled down.

Rini pushed her new motorcycle to its new home, the garage. Rini ran her hands over Haruka's sleek lines and curves. She said, "I think our little project turned out rather well! Wouldn't you agree?" She paused and said, "I'll tell you what, I take you out for a spin." She opened the garage door. Rini mounted Haruka and started her up. She allowed Haruka to idle for a while to warm up. Haruka felt good as she rumbled and vibrated between Rini's thighs.

Then Rini eased up on the throttle and revved up to engine. Haruka was ready to go. Haruka eased forward, her pistons turning. As the got onto the roadway Rini allowed Haruka to pickup speed. Still Haruka's engine hummed. Rini started to shift up. Haruka started to pick up speed. It was now time to see what this baby could do. Rini popped Haruka into high gear. There would be no holding back now! Haruka roared, moving faster and faster. Haruka took the twists and the curves of the road easily. Under Rini's guidance and shifting weight she was proving to be a maneuverable beast. It was exhilarating as the air swept around them. Rini's tits occasionally bounded and giggled when they went over a bump or a dip, but in general Haruka was proving a remarkable smooth and comfortable ride. Rini started to play with her bike. In curves she started to shift her weight this way and that, controlling Harks equilibrium as she did so. For all her power Haruka was proving a remarkably tame and controllable filly. For Rini it was proving to be an erotically wild ride. She pushed Haruka faster and faster as Haruka roared and louder and louder. At last there was a screech of brakes and rubber as Rini pulled into a gas station and came to a stop. Then Rini slid a nozzle into Haruka and started to pump. With Rini still perspiring from the experience they rode back.

Inside the garage, Rini slipped off her mount. She walked over to the door. She opened it and, blew Haruka a kiss. Turning around again Rini flipped off the light switch and closed the door, leaving Haruka alone in inky darkness. She would be waiting eagerly, alone, until her Mistress would mount her again.

Meanwhile Rini was delighted to see that Rei was ready and waiting for the next phase of her conversion. Rini quickly broke the molding material from Rei, revealing the new shape of the former Senchi. She was now a solid ingot of a metallic alloy with a black hue. She was cool to the touch. Rei had dissipated the heat quickly. With some effort Rini managed to slip some ropes around the ingot. Then using her pulley system she able to maneuver Rei onto a conveyor belt. Then with a flip of a switch Rei was moved along, into the next machine.

Inside the machine Rei was heated to ductility and pounded. She was tempered and pressed; Rei's structure was compressed in on itself making the material that Ami had become stronger and lighter. Rei was subjected to the treatments over and over again. Finally Rei was fed through one last set of rollers. She was now just a wide, thin sheet of metal.

Meanwhile Rini had returned to the patio allowing herself a well-deserved rest. She lay back on her mattress and entertained herself by teasing Michiru's rubber tits and told her in detail about Haruka's fate at her hands. Rini seeps lemonade and munched on snacks. She had parked Makoto beside her to give her easy access to the snacks stored on and within the Dessert cart.

Now preprogrammed lasers started cutting Rei into smaller pieces. Each one of them was carefully cataloged and filed for retrieval. All the scraps of Rei were collected and again melted. There would nothing wasted.

At last Rini returned to the workshop. She started to examine the pieces for flaws. Satisfied she started to work on them with a series of hammers and an anvil. As she started to hammer in them she could detect feeling of confusion, anger and defiance. The anger and defiance would prove useful to her but the confusion just had to go. So with each blow Rini attempt to impress upon Rei what had transpired and what was going to transpire. Rini attempted to impress upon Rei the fates of her fellow Senchi. She tired to explain to Rei her plans for Rei and what was happening to her. Rei's confusion started to dissipate and her anger and resistance grew. She hated what had been done to her sister Senchi and what was being done to her. But she being remodeled and molded despite her desires or wishes. Rei began to realize that unless someone intervened she would become precisely what Rini wished her to be. Rei began to dream of a knight that would come to rescue her.

Rini would take a piece, and examine it. With a pair of tongs Rini would place it in a furnaces. When it was white hot she would start to hammer on it. Sometime hard with a heavy hammer and sometimes softly with a dainty hammer. Then she would put it down to cool and move on to another piece. When a piece had cooled down Rini would caress it and kiss it. She would stroke it and tell it how beautiful it was.

Gradually the image of a knight began in Rei's consciousness. She understood the knight needed her. She was trapped too. Together, if the worked together the might brake free. It would just like the old day when they searched for the pure heart. Through the knight hope and courage began to grow within Rei. The black Lady could still be defeated and Rini restored. Her own arrogance would be her downfall.

Rini began to understand that Rini was trapped just like the rest of them. If she could be reached and rescued, only then could the Black Lady be defeated. Together they would do so. Rei began to place all her hopes and dreams on this glorious knight. Together they would escape and together they would reach out and rescue Rini before it was too late. Rei found that she was falling in with the knight though they had yet to touch.

As the knight took greater form Rei found that that so she did too. They could touch either other. Rei took comfort in the knight's touch, a worth and need that she felt too. The caressed and hugged each other. Through the knight Rei grew more powerful and confident. She realized that, though the knight was powerful she was vulnerable. The knight needed her too. As Ami held the knight to her bosom she attempted to assure that she would allow nothing happen to the knight. She loved the Knight. She gave herself totally to the knight. As long as the knight remained alive Rei would be her devoted retainer and servant. Their cause was one. They were one. They kissed. As they kissed the knight slipped something into Rei's mouth. It was delicious. It was sinful. It was a gumball. Rini gradually realize that the Knight and Rini were the same Rini and the Black Lady was the same and Rei was their loving servant and protector. She was to be used as the Black Lady saw fit. The Black lady did use her. The black lady abused her, fucked her and humiliated her, which was right for she was the Black lady's loving slave. The Black Lady could do no wrong. She laughed with glee when she thought of the fates of the Sailor Senchi, especially that little fool, Sailor Mars, who allowed herself to be tricked and fooled by her greatest enemy. Her nipples grew heard and erect at the thought. The breastplate was finished.

Gradually the suit of armor took shape. The armor no longer resisted its fate but embraced it. The Mistress was making her strong and beautiful. Every time the mistress struck her with a hammer she would scream, "Yes Mistress!" When Rini would place the armor against her skin the armor seemed to embrace her and endeavor to emulate her. Soon pieces to the suit were finished. As the pieces were assembled Rini realized that it resembled Rei more than it did her. Rini marveled at the detail, it was as if she was looking at Rei naked, broken up into segments. The breastplate for instance modeled Rei's chest down to her nipples and areolae perfectly. The visor had imprinted on it Rei's eyes, including her eyebrows. When Rini wore the helm she discovered that she could see through the visor. Still when Rini put the armor on it fit like a second skin. It felt like velvet. When she caressed her breast with the gauntlet it did not feel it rough edges. Instead it was soft and loving.

The armor took shape quite quickly. This was not surprising in that Rei had done most of the work herself. Soon a fully segmented, articulated set of Gothic armor hung on a display rack. She hung in a luscious, sensuous pose. It was an incredibly beautiful, erotic set of armor. Rini put her in a display case. It did not matter, so devoted was the armor to her mistress if Rini was ever in danger the armor would form around her.

There was enough left of Rei to make a hand and a half, also known as a bastard sword. Engraved on the hand and a half, was an image of Rei, Sailor Mars. She wore her sailor Suit, kneeling, her head bowed in abject submission. Engraved under her were the words, "TO MY QUEEN, ALWAYS FATHFUL."


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