The Black Lady Redecorates

by Theodoric of York

Epilog: Then There Was One


WARNING: The following story was written for mature audiences. Be forewarned.

Authorís Note: I believe The Sailor Moon Saga is the Copyrighted Intellectual property of Naoko Takeuchi/Kodanshi and Toei Animation. This is done out of the utmost respect of the Sailor Moon magna and Anime series and should be considered a parody.

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Rini found Hotaru where she left her. Rini knew she would. She was kneeling in a corner, weeping. Rini looked down on her. She looked up at Rini, tears in her eyes. She said. "You have done it. I'm the last one left, aren't I"

Rini answered, "Yep!" She held Sailor Venus in her hand. She reached down and gently pressed the figurine face into Hotaru's breast and started to tease her nipple. Rini asked, in a gloating tone, "You remember Minako, don't you?"

Hotaru looked in horror at the figurine that had so recently been her colleague. She asked, "It's my turn now, right?"

Rini smiled a wicked smile and said, "Well you are the last of the Sailor Senchi!"

Hotaru looked up at Rini, attempting to look brave. She said, "I am ready! Do your worst!"

Rini answered, "I truly do not think you really want to see my worst."

Hotaru snapped, "Stop playing with me!" Then she grew palel, realizing what she said. She quickly added, "Please!"

Rini answered, "But you are too fun to play with!" She paused and then added, "Don't worry! You are not going to share the fate of your fellow Senchi. I am going to keep you as you are, for now."

Shocked, Hotaru asked. "What? Why?"

Rini smiled playfully and answered, "We played together while we were kids. We were best friends, remember?"

Hotaru answered, "So, what difference should that make to you?"

Rini shrugged her shoulders and answered, "True, not much." She paused thinking, She pondered, "So why am I saving you?" She paused again, thinking. Then she exclaimed, "I know - Loyalty! I am rewarding you for your standing beside me. After all had you not betrayed your fellow Senchi I might not have prevailed."

"You would have. I really did not have much to do with it. I was probably more in your way."

Rini answered, "I was magnificent, wasn't I! But you should not sale yourself short. You had your uses. Don't you remember the looks on their faces when you betrayed them? It was absolutely precious. Besides you never know. Your presence might have just have been the factor that allowed me prevail. Sometimes it is those little, easily overlooked things that matter. You would be suppressed how many times history has changed for want of a nail. As best as I can figure out that is the way Mom and her gang lasted as long as they did. I do not know how many times they succeed just because one of the opponents saw the light, so to speak."

"Arenít you worried I might betray you, that I might see the light? How can you trust me?"

"I don't trust you. I just don't fear you. There is a difference." Rini examined Minako's handiwork. The nipple was fully erect and discernible though the fabric of the costume. She switched her attention to the other nipple.

Hotaru whimpered, "Please cut that out." Rini ignored her. Then she asked, "If you feared me, if I was a threat then things would be different?"

Rini answered, "Yep!"

"So that is why you are keeping around, I am not a threat to you?"

"Partly, but mostly you are fun to play with. You have a most endearing moral streak that seems to exist to cause just a lot of turmoil for you. It would do you a lot of good if you shucked it, but either you refuse to or can not. I could order you but it would do no good, wouldn't it?"

"No, Mistress, you could find a much more agreeable servant in that regard."

"I created one fawning syncopate already. I think that is enough."

"I wouldn't know, Mistress." Answered Hotaru

"Well, it's true. Buck up. Let me show you what I did to your former comrades." Rini moved her figurine up Hotaru's chest and neck until it reached her chin. She started to scratch Hotaru there, but also exerted subtle pressure upwards, indicating it was time for Hotaru to stand. Then Rini added, "Do I have to get the collar and leash?"

Hotaru answered, "No, Mistress." She allowed her body to gracefully rise to her feet. As she did so Rini pushed the smaller gumball into her mouth. Rini, with her hands, forced Hotaru to start chewing. In a moment she found herself being submerged in that horrid bliss that she had become accustomed to as Rini's slave, and that she hated herself for it.

Rini took her about to show her off the other senchi. Hotaru watched in horror, awe and lust as she observed the frozen fates of her fellow senchi. She ran her hand over the surface of each and every one. She felt the different textures of the objects that had so recently had been her friends and colleagues. She noted the different temperature of the materials they were composed of. She not help but imagine that it was herself that was being touched.

At last Rini lowered her onto the lawn chair that used to be Usagi. Rini pulled Hotaru's back against her in a hug. Hotaru felt the pressure of Rini's breasts against her and that Rini's legs were wrapping around her. She whispered, "Please Mistress, not here."

Rini purred, "Why not?" as she slid her palms over Hotaru's breasts.

Hotaru shuttered, saying, "Please Mistress. It is your mother. We are on top of her."

"Yes it is. We are on top of Mommy and I am going to fuck you. You should feel honored that I am going to use you to first break Mommy in her new role."

"Mistress!" Hotaru wept as she felt herself succumbing to her own heat. She knew it would not matter in the end. Rini would have her own way and Hotaru would love it. Hotaru hated herself for it.

Rini pressed Hotaru against the surface of the chair, pinning her down. She asked, "Hotaru, would you like me to change you into something?"

"Into what?" asked Hotaru.

"Perhaps a lamp. I could turn you into a nice silver lamp. If I rubbed one breast you would start to glow. If I rubbed you other breast the glow would diminish. I could do it, you know."

In a stupor, Hotaru answered, "Yes, please! I would like that. Please make me a lamp!" There was hope in her voice as she imagined herself a beautiful, shining lamp.

"But I will not do it. You know why?"

Hotaru asked, "Why? Please!"

Rini asked, "Hotaru, have you ever heard the joke about the masochist and the sadist. The masochist asks "Please? Please?" and the sadist answers, "No!"

Hotaru asked, "Mistress?"

Rini said, "OK, it is a lame joke but in our situation it is particularly appropriate, don't you think?"

"I am fun to play with?"

"Yes, you are fun to play with."

Later Hotaru hugged Rini for dear life as the both of them sped along on Haruka. Haruka was in fine form as her engine hummed. Hotaru screamed, "Mistress, must we go so fast?"

Rini shouted back, "Isn't it glorious!"

Hotaru shouted, "Remember, what the Romans said!"

"What?" screamed Rini?

Hotaru screamed back, "That all glory is fleeting!"

Rini screamed, "What?"

"ALL GLORY IS FLEETING!" she shouted in Rini's ear.

"WHAT?" screamed Rini. She turned her head and winked at Hotaru.

Hotaru answered, "It is not important, Mistress." She pressed her cheek against her mistress and lover, wondering how long this ride would last. A tear rolled down her cheek and was caught in the wind.



The End

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