Bridal Barbie

by Mines Eye

Triona gazed absentmindedly into the different outlet windows as she walked briskly through the mall on her lunch hour. She just left a restaurant where she had lunch with some friends and on the spur of the moment decided to take a quick look at a bridal store in the mall for a wedding dress for her wedding next fall. She thumbed her way quickly through an illustrated catalog, noting one or two dresses that might do, but she saw nothing that was quite right. She closed the catalog with a sigh, looked at her watch, and hurried out the door. On her way to the mall exit, she caught sight of a new bridal shop out of the corner of her eye, tucked away in one of those quiet corners of large malls that no one really passes by and glanced in the display window.

In the display was a dress that simply stopped her in her tracks, and took her breath away. It was a low cut, full length, Victorian style dress trimmed in lace with a veil to die for.  Her eyes widened a little when she saw the price of the dress,

‘Oh my. That is way out of my budget. I wonder what it would feel like to wear that dress?’

Triona glanced at her watch once more, 12:35. She still had a few minutes; she did not need to be back at the office until 1:00.

‘I really have no business going into this place, it is so expensive,’ she reminded herself.

She moved a half step closer to the display window and unconsciously bit her lower lip lightly.

‘Well. I am getting married, and this is a bridal store. Maybe I will go in and just have a peep. Maybe I can pretend to be able to buy something and they will let me try something on. I can be a little late getting back to the office, after all, I am getting married!’

Triona peered through the window into the store to see if there was anyone she knew inside. The store was empty except for a sales woman puttering with something behind a display case. Taking a deep breath, Triona automatically straightened her business suit a little, fussed with her hair, re-applied her lip-gloss and walked into the store.

Triona walked slowly over to the display window in the store and found that the window display was open and at floor level. She took a step into the display and gently caressed the silky material of the wedding dress between her thumb and forefinger. She dropped her hand and gazed at the dress, dreaming of wearing such an exquisite creation as that at her wedding.

“Can I help you?”

Startled, Triona turned quickly and caught her breath. Standing beside her was a woman with a friendly smile and a slight twinkle in her eye. Pinned on her blouse was a tag with ‘Alice’ written on it.

Blushing a little, Triona managed to stammer, “I…I was just looking, thanks.”

Alice giggled. “Aren’t we all? What was it that you are looking for?”

“Well, Actually I am looking for a wedding dress. I am getting married in the fall and I need something that is formal because it’s in the evening, and it’s in a church with candle light and there is going to be four bridesmaids…”

Triona felt her face blush a little deeper as she gushed on and on about the wedding service. She began to feel more and more out of place as she kept telling the charming sales woman about the wedding because she knew she could never afford anything in this store, and wondered to herself just how she was ever going to get out of this awkward situation gracefully. The more she thought of deceiving this kind woman, the more embarrassed she became, turning her face crimson. The sales woman smiled and placed a hand lightly on Triona’s shoulder.

“It’s all right Dear.” She said with a kind laugh. “Lets see if I can find you something to look at.” The sales woman motioned to the dress in the display window. “Are you interested in this dress? I think it would look absolutely gorgeous on you. Let me see if I can find something like it in your size, and you can try it on.” She narrowed her eyes a little and expertly estimated Triona’s dress size. “You’re about a six?”

‘Oh my.’ Triona thought. ‘I’m in this deep, I might as well finish it.’

Triona nodded as a wide, silly grin crossed her face. “Thank you, I would love to try something on.”

Just then a phone rang and the sales woman excused herself with a polite smile to answer it, and Triona wandered over to a display case filled with headpieces, veils, and necklaces while she waited for the sympathetic sales woman.

Tom sat at his desk in the bridal store’s office going over some paperwork. The office space was quite large, twenty by twenty feet, and had a counter with some cupboards underneath it that ran along one wall. There were also two doors, one of which opened out into the store, and the other gave access to the receiving area and a storage space. Within the wall that separated the office from the store was a two-way mirror, situated so that with a glance Tom could see most of went on within the store itself. Tom reached for a cup of hot tea sitting on his desk and automatically looked to see what was happening out front, and before the cup touched his lips, he set it down carefully on the desk.

Alice was talking to a customer wearing a very expensive looking tailored black pin stripe business suit near the window display, who was absolutely stunning. Her skirt was just long enough to indicate a sense of modesty, and still managed to display her long, slender legs. Her long, dark hair was pulled loosely back, framing her face, bringing out the color of her large, almond shaped brown eyes, centered perfectly above her well formed nose. Her lips seemed to be her one facial downfall; they seemed to be a little thin for his tastes, and her bust was a little small, but those things could be worked with. Tom stood up and walked over to the window to get a better view. After a few moments, he turned back to his desk and picked up the phone.

“Hello Alice… The customer that you are waiting on, is she going to buy anything?” Tom smiled and his eyes sparkled. “Fine… lets see if we can collect her.”

Tom hung up the phone and sat down in his chair, and brought up a program on the computer screen. When he finished, he picked up his tea and leaned back in his chair, watching the sales floor with a wicked smile, anticipating his newest prize.

Alice hung up the phone and gave Triona her warmest smile. Have you found anything you like?”

Triona smiled back. “Oh, these chokers are all so pretty. Its hard to say which I love more.”

“Well then, let me show you one of my favorites.” Alice opened the case and took out a choker studded with diamonds, and held it in her hands across the counter.

Triona gasped. “Are those real?”

The sales woman laughed. “Oh no, but they are very realistic. A local craftsman made this choker just for this store. Go ahead, try it on for a moment.”

Triona moved her hair away from her neck and let the kind sales woman place the choker onto her neck. She felt the clasp close with a firm click, drawing the choker snugly around her neck. Triona frowned a little. “It seems to be a little snug.”

Alice smiled smugly.  “Don’t worry. You will get used to it.” She said dryly.

Triona giggled like a silly schoolgirl as she admired the sparkling choker in a mirror.

Tom watched through a two-way mirror as Alice closed the choker on the customer’s neck from his office, then with deliberate slowness, pressed the enter key on the keyboard to his computer. As he did so, a faint surge of force emitted from the choker around Triona’s neck and passed into her body.

Triona’s eyes widened and she opened her mouth slightly in surprise as the paralyzing force traveled through her stiffening body, her hands freezing in place while she tried to remove the choker. Alice smiled, and with an air of simplicity took both of Triona’s hands in hers and moved them down to her side, and then with her fingertips, gently closed her mouth.

Panic swept through Triona as her body became rigid. ‘What is going on here? Why can’t I move? And why am I staring at the sales woman? It’s rude, and I should look away, but I can’t!’

Alice turned to look at a customer that had just entered the store, browsing through a display of dresses, and called over to her, “I will be with you in a moment, Miss.” The customer turned, smiled, and calmly went back to her browsing. Alice glanced at Triona and whispered, “I hope you enjoy wearing our jewels, you silly little snooty bitch. Now come with me.”

‘I can’t believe she said that to me! No, I will not go with you! I want to leave!’ Triona found herself moving against her will, quietly following the sales woman towards the back of the store, and into the office, where she found herself standing in front of a desk. Triona trembled with fear on the inside, while on the outside her body stood as still and calm as a statue.

Behind the desk sat a man dressed in a suit, tailored to fit his large six foot frame His brown hair was tinged with gray, and his receding hairline was just about to meet the bald spot on the top of his head. He looked over his reading glasses and studied the woman standing in front of him with a slight frown, while Alice stood patiently beside the desk for his approval.

Finally Tom leaned back in his chair and smiled. “What do you think, Alice, Victorian?”

“Without a doubt, do you like her?”

“Oh yes. She will do very well. You better get back on the floor until Sue comes in, then bring in something suitable.”

“Yes sir.”

‘What is going on here? Why can’t I move, or speak? Who are you people?’ Triona lost sight of Alice as she moved out of her line of vision, and then she heard the office door open, and close. She was alone with this man, helpless and scared. Tom worked quietly at the desk, entering commands into the computer. As the time passed, Triona felt small surges of some kind of force flow through her body, and she imagined she could feel small shifts of change within her, and yet there was nothing she could do.

A soft knock at the door caused Tom to look up. “Come in.”

Triona heard the door open and close, and then she heard Alice’s voice. “Here is the dress. Sue is on the floor.”

Tom stood up and stretched. “Good.” He looked over at Triona, and smiled. “It’s time you were dressed. Remove your clothes.”

‘Dressed? I am dressed! What am I doing? Oh my god, they are going to dress me!’ Instantly Triona felt herself bend over and start to remove her shoes. The movement felt good, but she was horrified at not being able to stop herself from undressing.

Tom turned to Alice. “Does she have a name?”

Alice quickly picked up Triona’s handbag and went through it while Triona finished taking off her clothes. Finding Triona’s wallet, she withdrew a license.  “Triona Prissybottom.”

Tom shrugged his shoulders, and picked up the discarded clothing on the floor, tossing them in a wastebasket. Alice gathered up the purse along with its contents and dropped it on top of the clothing in the wastebasket, and then reached over to pick up a corset, showing it to her boss.

“Will this do? It might be a little small for her, but I think it will fit.”

Tom rolled his eyes. “Really, Alice. You should be more careful with the merchandise; I don’t want to ruin the corset.” Tom tilted his head to one side and slowly grinned. “Let’s try it anyway. It might pull her in a little more.”

A little, evil giggle escaped from Alice’s lips as she turned to face the immobile Triona and held up the corset in Triona’s line of vision. “Ooohhh, my dear, I’m afraid this is going to hurt a little.” Alice giggled again as a wicked gleam came into her eyes. “Actually, it’s going to hurt a lot.”

‘Oh my god. She is horrible! Why are they doing this to me?’

“Silly little cow, did you think you could really afford that wedding dress in the window?” Alice narrowed her eyelids, and cradled Triona’s left breast with her free hand, and spoke over her shoulder to her employer. “I do believe she is a ‘B’ cup. I don’t think she will fill out the dress quite right.”

Tom nodded. He answered with his back turned while he was working at a counter. “I noticed that. Start dressing the model and I will rectify that in a moment.”

“Yes Sir.” Alice dropped the breast she was holding and placed the corset near the dress that she had brought in. She picked up a pair of white, seamed stockings and held them out to Triona. “Stockings, Barbie, put them on, NOW!”

Triona took the stockings and slid them over her smooth, long legs as easily as if she had been wearing them every day of her life.

“Straighten those seams Barbie, and make damn sure they are not TWISTED!”

‘She called me Barbie, like I am some sort of doll! Oh my god! Why can’t I stop? I’m going to be late for work, I have to leave!’

Alice laughed as she watched Triona’s hands move quickly up and down her legs, her body bending at the waist, and her knees locked rigidly in place like a clockwork doll, fruitlessly trying to straighten the unseen seams of the stockings. A phrase began to run through the back of Triona’s mind, sounding more and more like a morbid nursery rhyme as it played over and over in her head. ‘I must, I must, and I must have dead straight seams!’ Her fingers flew over her legs as she desperately tried to straighten the seams she could not possibly see behind her.

‘This is pointless! I must…How can I straighten the seams when I can’t even see them! I must…this woman is an absolute terror! And I must…Why won’t she let me stop? Have dead straight seams!’

Alice moved behind Triona and watched her progress carefully. If by chance Triona did straighten a section of the cursed seams, Alice maliciously moved the seam out of alignment. “Come on, Barbie Doll, straighten those seams!”

Tom let Alice play with Triona for five minutes, and then with a deep sigh he turned around. “Are you done playing, Alice?”

“Yes Sir. All right Barbie. That will do.”

Triona stopped straightening the seams and stood up, returning to the pose that she had been in before she was told to put on the stockings, and felt Alice’s fingers move up each of her legs, straightening the seams.

When Alice glided back into her line of vision, she held a pair of white, six-inch stiletto shoes with an enclosed toe. Alice placed the shoes on the floor in front of Triona’s feet, and turned to address Tom. “Have you made the additions to her sense of balance yet?”

Half turning to face Alice, with a large syringe in one hand, Tom raised an eyebrow and nodded, then returned to whatever he was doing at the counter. Blushing slightly from the slight remonstration, Alice turned towards Triona and vented her discomfort on her. Mockingly, in a singsong, little girl voice, she cooed to Triona, “All right Dolly, put on your pretty new shoes.” Laughing, Alice watched as Triona dutifully stepped into the shoes.

“You know Barbie, we never sell these shoes to the public. I mean, just look at them. What woman in her right mind would wear those killers? But for you they are perfect. They will show off your nice legs and pretty feet so well.”

Triona eased her foot into the first shoe. ‘I can’t possibly wear these! My ankles will break in half if I even try to stand in them. God! These are the most awkward and uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn! I am going to flat on my butt when I stand up, oh god, please let me take them off!’

When Triona fastened the last strap, her body rose to her previous position, and much to her surprise, remained upright. Her feet began to ache as her body weight pressed her feet deeper into the shoes. Alice knelt down on the floor by Triona’s feet, and secured the buckles of the shoes with two, tiny, heart shaped locks. Standing up, she brushed Triona’s hair from the back of her neck and secured the choker clasp with a third lock. Picking up a hairbrush, she began to brush out Triona’s hair and played with several different hairstyles, while quietly whispering into Triona’s ear about how pretty her hair was.

Tom finally turned around, and in his hands was a large bottle of a clear liquid and a syringe. He set the items down on the desk near where Triona stood, and lifted one of her breasts in one hand, letting his fingers massage the smooth, firm skin.  “Now Triona. You are simply not going to show off the merchandise with any satisfaction with those tiny breasts. I am going to have to enlarge them a little. This may cause you some discomfort, but I am sure you will be a good little doll and stand still.”

Laughing lightly at his own joke, Tom reached for the syringe and filled it from the large bottle. Holding up the syringe, Tom explained to the frozen woman, “This syringe is filled with a silicone based liquid that is a little warm. I am going to inject it into your breasts to fill them out. As the liquid cools, it will harden slightly, giving your breasts a very natural feel.”

Lifting the right breast in his hand once again, Tom inserted the long needle into the top of the breast near its base, and pressed the plunger, forcing the liquid into the center of the breast. Tom refilled the syringe and moved down the breast a couple of inches towards the nipple, and repeated the process, watching the breast grow in size, stretching the skin outward. It took four injections to satisfy him, and increased the size of the breast from a ‘B’ cup to a ‘D’. Spasms of pain raced through Triona’s head as each injection seared her tissue and forced its way inside her, swelling her breasts beyond her imagination.

Alice stood behind her, murmuring in her, “My. How pretty you look. Are you enjoying your pretty new choker?”

Finishing with one breast, Tom began the series of four injections on the other breast.  Finishing off each breast by injecting a small amount of the silicone liquid directly into the top of each nipple, Triona screamed in agony inside her head as she felt her nipples explode from the inside out.  Yet she merely stood motionless in Tom’s office as he and Alice made jokes and jeered her on her new pert permanently hard nipples.

After he finished the injections, he put the syringe down and clasped a breast in each hand, and tilted his head. “Not bad. They look even enough for display purposes. Get the corset and we will see how it fits.”

Alice nodded and placed the white, satin corset around Triona’s body. The corset was trimmed with satin lace, and fit snugly around Triona’s waist.

The top of the corset, which just covered her nipples, supported and lifted Triona’s swollen breasts so that even with the corset open it gave her a little cleavage. Alice quickly laced the wide, stiff white ribbons lacing through the eyelets in the corset, and expertly began to tighten the corset with firm, deft movements, making sure the ribbon would lay flat. Tom watched as the hourglass shape took form, calmly sipping his tea. Alice placed a hand on Triona’s upper back, and using the muscles in her right arm, systematically drew the ribbons tighter, drawing in Triona’s waist, and shoving her breasts higher. Triona could feel her ribcage shrink under the crushing pressure; her breath came in shorter and shorter gasps. Alice paused in her work, holding the ribbon lacing in one hand, and glanced at Tom for his approval.

“Another half-inch in the waist, please.”

Alice placed her knee a little below the small of Triona’s back for support, and drew the ribbon a little tighter with both hands.

“That will do, Alice.”

Alice tied the wide stiff white ribbon lacing in a large perfectly formed and symmetrical bow, tucking it down so that it would lay flat against the corset in the small of Triona’s back, and stepped off to one side to admire her work.

“My god. She is a perfect Barbie. With those long legs and tiny waist she is the perfect display model for that Victorian dress. Don’t you think so, Sir?”

“Mmmmm…. I do. Let’s finish her up then. I have to go out on the floor and see how Sue is doing, can you finish up here?”

“Yes Sir.”

Once again Tom moved out of Triona’s view, and she heard the office door open and close. She felt Alice’s hand run lightly down her back and along her thigh, and then her fingers as they adjusted the tops of the stockings that she wore. A moment later she heard a soft, whirring sound, and a sensation of heat encompassed her thigh as the aroma of hot rubber filled the air. It did not take Triona long to realize that the tops of the stockings were lined with rubber and that Alice was melting the lining onto her skin. Alice stood up when she had finished and stroked the model’s face.

“It’s a good thing those stockings are straight, because they are not coming off now.” Alice laughed and clapped her hands. “At least they won’t come off until the Boss decides to change them, and that could be very painful!”

Alice laughed once more, cradled Triona’s face in her hands, stood on her tiptoes, and playfully kissed Triona on her lips.

Then she stood back down as an evil little grin crossed her face, Alice turned and shot over to the computer on Tom’s desk and quickly started to enter some commands.  She looked over at the frozen form of Triona from time to time and giggled a little.  When she was finished she stood up and hit the return key and then walked back to Triona smiling at her.  She stood in front of Triona and grinned from ear to ear.  “Ohh you’re so going to love this my dear, Tom never lets me play with his computer system but while the cat is away it’s just us two girls here!” Alice was getting more and more excited: “I have decided to allow you to speak Barbie” she said.  Then coughing slightly and taking on a mock serious expression “Tell me “Triona”, who are you really?”. 

Alice stepped back close to laughter waiting for Triona to respond.  ‘Ohh I can speak!? I can call for help?, I can ask to be let go, ooohh thank you…….no wait!!!  What is that sound?’  Alice starts laughing uncontrollably, Triona suddenly could hear the silliest, girlish young voice speaking in such a put on squeaky tone.  ‘A child, she has let a child in here this is no place for a young girl, this woman is a monster, where is the child I can’t see her?, why is she laughing like that?…….Oohhhh no, Oohhhh please noooo, that’s my voice! but why do I sound like that??’

Alice was laughing so hard now tears were falling down her face, Triona was replying to her question, but only with the pre-programmed response that Alice had given her.  Over and over every five to ten seconds, Triona could hear herself say in that silly stupid high pitch squeaky little girl voice….. “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”…… “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”…… “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”…… “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”…… “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”……

Through her laughter and tears Alice decided to put Tom’s software to one more test of its total and complete control over Triona’s will power.

“Triona darling would you be a pet and empty the contents of that waste basket into the incinerator in the other room please?”  Obediently Triona could see herself picking up the waste basket that contained her expensive business suit and purse, then marching in her new killer high heels out to the back store room and over to the incinerator chute.  Then without a moment's hesitation she opened the chute and tossed her clothing, her purse and all trace of her identity down into the depths of the incinerator’s heart to be totally destroyed. 

All the while still telling Alice that…“I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”…… “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”…… She then closed the chute and spinning in her killer high heels “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”……she could hear her heels clicking on the cold concrete floor as she marched back into the office “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”……passing a gloating and mocking Alice at the door, who had been watching and smiling all the time. “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”……

Alice watched Triona teeter past her admiring the power of Tom’s program that would allow a woman to be able to walk in such awkward and uncomfortable heels, she smiled again as Triona passed admiring the way the perfect white ribbon bow at the base of her back bounced softly and gracefully with every excruciating pain filled step Triona took in her barbie doll heels. “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”……

‘Oohh god please let me stop,  ooohhh “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”……god this is hell, why “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”…… are you “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”……doing this to me “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”……. 

Alice eventually stopped laughing and returned to the keyboard, “It’s a pity but I will have to remove this before Tom returns or he will be so mad.”  she started to remove the command but then stopped and looked over to Triona still repeating the mind numbing response, she smiled and one of her wicked little grins and started typing something else instead. 

When she finished she hit return and Triona stopped speaking.  ‘Oohhh thank you, I would have gone insane saying that like that over and over’

Alice returned to Triona and smiling, at the poor frozen woman, said to her.  “Tom will never know sweetie!!!, it’ll be our little secret!!  Hehehe!!!, consider it my gift to you Barbie, and soon I suspect even I will forget, but not you Barbie, you will never forget, why don’t you tell yourself inside your head where no one can hear, who you are!!, and just so you won’t forget, I think you better tell yourself who you are -- every five seconds.”

Triona screamed again inside her head as suddenly every five seconds just as this evil woman had said, she could now hear herself, her own voice distorted into that annoying, silly, stupid, squeaky, high pitched little girl tone telling herself inside her head where no one else would ever hear or ever know, over and over non-stop! “NOOoooooo……..I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”…… “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”…… “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”…… “I’m Bridal Barbie!!!”…… “I’m Bridal……… non-stop!!!…..

Tom entered the office carrying the cash drawer from the till and set it down on the desk. “My god, Alice. You have outdone yourself this time.”

Alice giggled to hide her embarrassment and tried to downplay the compliment. “Really Sir. It was an easy thing to do with such a gorgeous model. She really is easy to work with.” Alice finished injecting a small amount of the silicone solution into Triona’s lips and patted her lips with her fingers.

Triona’s lips had now been permanently re-shaped and enlarged into the perfect bee stung pout. “There. Those filled out nicely, don’t you think?”

“Let me take a look.”

Alice stepped back and Tom carefully studied Alice’s efforts. She had posed the model sitting demurely in a straight-backed chair with its hands folded in its lap. Its long hair had been pulled back and held loosely with hair pins, letting the hair cascade onto its shoulders, and curled at the bottom to give it a little more body. The eyebrows were plucked into an arch shape, framing the eyes, and the face had been made up heavily to accent the natural features, and yet still make Triona look more china doll than unwilling captive mannequin. The white gloves were long enough to come up past the elbows, and were made from a light, delicate satin. Alice had placed a set of stud earrings on the model that matched perfectly with the choker. The only thing that needed to be done was to put on the dress, the headpiece, and veil. Tom smiled appreciatively, and picked up the model’s hand in his.

“Stand up, Triona.”

Triona rose from the chair and stood with her hands folded in front of her. Tom let his eyes drift down, catching every detail of Alice’s work, his gaze stopping in mild surprise when he came to Triona’s crotch. He reached down and gently placed his fingers between Triona’s thighs and lightly fingered her pussy. “You trimmed her hair?”

Alice giggled again. “Yes Sir. And then I shaved the hair in the shape of a valentine’s heart.”

Tom laughed out loud. “Now that is a fine touch. I will enjoy that immensely later, but let’s get her in the display for now.”

Alice pouted, and nearly stomped her foot in frustration. “But Sir. I made the bed and turned down the sheets. Aren’t you going to use her first? I thought you said she was pretty.” Alice crossed her arms and then really did stomp her foot. Tom doubled over in laughter at Alice’s antics. Finally he regained his composure and agreed to break in the new model that night.  

Alice grinned evilly and handed Tom a bridal headpiece. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sir.”

Tom carefully placed the headpiece on the desk. “I think I will save that for later. You can go home now Alice. I will take care of Triona for the night”

Alice sighed and walked out of the office. “Yes Sir. Have a good night.”

Smiling, he walked over to Triona and took her by the arm, and walked her over to the door leading into the storage area

He led her across the storage room to an alcove that was furnished as a bedroom. Turning her body to face him, he tilted her head with one hand and kissed her. Triona opened her mouth as his tongue darted deep into her mouth. His arms encircled her waist, drawing her closer, her nearly naked body firmly pressed next to his. She could feel his cock harden under his clothing. Tom broke the kiss and pointed to the bed. Smiling, Triona lay down on the bed and opened her legs for him, waiting to be ravished.

Triona opened her eyes, wakened from her sleep by a command from the choker. She found herself lying on her back in a padded, satin lined box, with her hands folded lightly on her stomach. She rose with graceful, fluid movements and stepping out of her box, stood beside it with her hands still folded in front of her. To her amazement, two other women also stood up, each out of her own box; each dressed, as she was, stockings, heels, corset, and choker. Triona was the only one of the three that wore opera length gloves while the others were bare armed. One of them moved over towards Triona and stood beside her and the other went over to the toilet and emptied her bladder and bowels. When she had finished, the woman beside Triona used the toilet, and then stood up and waited. Triona walked over to use the toilet, and after she was done one of the women held her hands while the other wiped Triona’s ass and cleaned off the dried cum from her sore pussy.

With a sense of shock Triona realized she was not to get the gloves soiled and the other two would see that she didn’t. Triona watched with her hands folded as the two women brushed their teeth, fixed their make up and hair, and ate a breakfast that had been laid out for them the night before. When they had finished, the two of them attended to Triona, Brushing her teeth, fixing her hair and make up, and then feeding her breakfast.

Triona peered into the face of the woman feeding her. ‘That is Colleen Myers! I thought she left for New York City to become a fashion model! What is she doing here?’ A shudder traveled through the inside of Triona’s body as she took the last bite of her breakfast. ‘She left four years ago. Has she been here all that time? Used as a sex toy like I was last night for four years, the poor dear! Oh my god! Will I be here that long? The women lined up single file and stood before the door of the office with Colleen in the front, and Triona bringing up the rear. Colleen raised her hand and knocked softly on the door.

Tom set down his hot tea and donut on the office desk, and glanced at the clock as he heard the soft rapping on the door leading to the storage area.

“Oh hell. I’m running late today. God Damned traffic, they better widen that freeway soon before the rush hour gets any worse.” Tom took a bite from his donut and spoke sharply towards the door.  “Come in!”

The door opened and the women stepped into the office spaced about five feet apart, with that particular measured gait used by bridesmaids and brides as they walk down the aisle. They positioned themselves in front of Tom smiling, with their hands in front of them as if they all held a bouquet of flowers.

Tom grinned a wicked smile. “It looks like the program is working as it should be. Very nice.” Tom cupped Triona’s chin in his hand. “You my dear will take the center position in the window display.” Dropping his hand, he addressed the other two. “You will each take the positions on either side of her. Now take your positions.”

Triona followed the other two women through the store and into the window.

‘He is going to display us! This can’t be happening! I am nearly naked, how can he do this to me?’

A few minutes later Tom came up to the motionless women with two dresses over his arm, and setting them down on a counter, took Colleen by the arm and centered her over a telescoping mounting pole. The pole had a saddle mounted on top of it, shaped like the letter ‘J’. Made of stainless steel, the long side of the saddle was about two inches wide, narrowing to an inch in the curve, and the short side flared out into a curved panel.

Triona watched in morbid fascination as Tom raised the pole and slid the back of the saddle between Colleen’s spine and the corset that she wore, the bottom of the saddle cradling her crotch, and the front panel pressing into her stomach. Quickly, with deft movements from long years of practice, Tom slipped a bridesmaid dress over Colleen’s body and zipped up the dress. A few minutes later the other woman was mounted and also fitted with a bridesmaid dress. Tom left the three of them for a few moments and returned with the wedding gown that Triona had wanted to try on the day before, and laid it down on the counter.

He took from his jacket pocket a smooth, rounded, shaft of metal about five inches long, and quickly fastened it to the inside of the saddle meant for Triona. Panic stricken, Triona could do nothing but helplessly watch.

The sick Bastard! He can’t be serious! He can’t possibly think of inserting that thing in me!

Tom applied a thin coat of Vaseline on the butt plug and took Triona’s arm, led her to the center-mounting pole, centering Triona’s feet on either side of the pole, her thighs straddling the saddle. Triona felt the back of the saddle slide up her body as the telescoping pole rose up from the floor, the cold metal sending shivers through her. The smooth metal moved between her corset and skin, tightening the already uncomfortable restraint around her. As the tip of the plug touched her ass cheeks she felt two hands separate her cheeks apart, centering her ass over the plug. The curved panel of the saddle forced itself into her stomach, tilting her hips and thrusting her pelvis forward as the tip of the plug touched the opening to her asshole. Triona felt herself opening as the plug slowly made its way inside, spreading her wider as it made its way deeper. The pain of the insertion fused into a burning fire that reached into her mind with the tips of its flames, melting her thoughts into one, all encompassing reality of total, unrelenting, horrifying, agony. The saddle settled itself deep between her cheeks, tightly cradling her body, and came to a stop. Triona was steadfastly mounted on the pole, the plug securely imbedded inside her, the dreams and hopes that she had once held dear were broken, feeding the fires of her agony.

Tom opened the door and let Alice in the store.

“Good Morning Sir.”

“Good Morning Alice. Ready for another day in the sweatshop?”

Alice groaned and took a sip from her coffee cup. “I almost called in sick. I think I had too much to drink last night and my head is ready to explode.”

Tom grinned. “Drinking does that. Finish your coffee and see what you can do with the window display while I get the store ready to open.”

Mockingly rolling her eyes, Alice groaned once more. “You are a wicked slave driver. Nothing but work, work, work.”

Alice sighed as she surveyed the window. There was a good hour's worth of work and the store opened in a half hour, so the first thing to be done was to get the dress on the center mannequin and then she could start arranging the dresses and setting the mannequins in the proper poses. Alice stepped up to the mannequin on the left side of the window and brought its hands away from its body, cupping them together to form a cup holder for her coffee, and placed her mug in its hands, and then turned her attention to the center mannequin.

“Did you sleep well dear? I bet you enjoyed being used last night; you are nothing but a silly slut anyway. Nothing but a little Barbie doll, just to be played with and then thrown on the floor when you get boring.”

Alice slid her hand down the mannequin’s stomach and into its crotch, her fingers tracing the cold metal of the saddle. “Oh my. I see you have a plug in your ass, dear. Do you know what that means? He is stretching your ass so he can use it later, after work. Won’t that be fun? Let me see if I can adjust your cunt so that it rides better in the saddle.”

Alice deftly maneuvered the mannequin’s cunt lips with her fingers so that the lips were drawn out over the sides of the saddle, forcing the saddle deeper into its cunt. “Is that better dear? Now lets see how your shoes are fitting today, shall we?”

Alice ran her hand down one of the mannequin’s legs, and grasped its foot firmly. Lifting it from the floor she inspected the shoe. Satisfied with the way the shoe fit, she left the mannequin’s foot suspended in the air and grasped the other ankle, lifting it up to check on how well the other shoe fit. As Alice lifted the other foot off of the floor, the mannequin’s body weight crushed its cunt deeper into the saddle, forcing the plug deeper into its ass, while the saddle held it firmly in place. Alice found a scuff mark on the shoe, and buffed it out with a piece of cloth, Then left the mannequin’s feet in the air while she looked for the dress that it would wear that day. She came back with the dress and looked into the mannequin’s face in mock horror.

“Oh my. I forgot to put your feet down, and left you hanging in the saddle. How silly of me! You must be very uncomfortable!”

Alice set the dress down and reached for her coffee cup, and petted the mannequin that held it for her on the cheek.  Mockingly, Alice cooed to her.

“You’re such a doll to hold my coffee for me, Amy, I hope you didn’t mind.”

Alice finished her coffee and set the cup down, then she lowered the center mannequin’s feet to the floor, straightening its legs to shift most of its weight to its feet. She picked up the dress and fitted it onto the mannequin, the hem of the dress just reaching the floor.

The dress was made of a white, satin-like material with the hem of the flared skirt trimmed in lace. A floral design with pearl insets was stitched in the front of the skirt starting near the lower edge of the skirt, flowing upwards until it reached half way up the skirt. The bodice came down to just below the waist, and the plunging neckline came to a point just above the top of the corset. The front of the bodice was covered with a floral design, matching the one on the skirt, the puffed sleeves began at the top of the shoulder and came down the mannequin’s arms just low enough to meet the top of the gloves that it wore.

Tom approached the display as Alice zipped up the dress and made some minor adjustments to it, so that it hung properly. In his hands he carried a veil and headpiece for the bride. “That will do Alice. She looks stunning in that dress.”

Tom placed the veil and headpiece on the mannequin’s head; the front of the headpiece, made from something that resembled a very delicate lace, came to a point, resting in the center of the mannequin’s forehead. As he pinned the headpiece in place on the mannequin’s head, he spoke softly into its ear. “This headpiece is a recording device, much like a VCR. It will record and play back every memory you have, and everything that you experience, hear, and see. I have set it to play a very special memory for you to keep your mind occupied. I think you will find that the memories and feeling are a little intensified, I do hope you enjoy your new headpiece.” Tom brought the veil forward and draped it across the mannequin’s face.

The model stood in its stand in the display window, dressed in the dress it had so admired the day before. The veil covering its face shadowed its sight as it stared through the display window into the mall. Just as he promised, the memory of what happened to it the evening before began to play, reliving every moment of its first night, its first erotic rapture, while it stood motionless, waiting for the shoppers to admire the dress.

In between reruns of her own plundering Triona was also to experience those of the other models and see with crystal clarity Tom’s leering, mocking face after using Amy in what was to become, as Triona would find out, one of the most violent of his sexual encounters he simply hit a few keys and then laughed non-stop as Amy stood up from the horrific ordeal, fixed the rather expensive wedding gown she was wearing, and then marched like a mindless robot back to her display stand and stepped up onto it to reassume her position, all the while Tom laughed and mocked her helplessness.

She could see in her mind’s eye Tom smirking to himself from his office as he would make her remember and relive that night before and any and every night he used her; not only would the head piece force her to remember it but he would make it more intense.  And all Triona could do would be to stand there motionless, gussied up like his private barbie doll, preened and placed in the center display in his store and climaxing over and over again but he would be even more evil, Triona was to discover, not really caring if she could orgasm on command from the choker and find some small pleasure in her humiliation.  He did not care to have Triona experience it for her pleasure, but for his own.

She would come to realize that Tom had decided as soon as he had laid eyes on her that first day she had entered his store shy and embarrassed, Tom had decided on a TOTAL COMPLETE MOMENTARY SPLIT SECOND WHIM to do this to her just for his own pleasure, just like he might have decided in those few moments which pair of shoes to wear that day!  And now most nights he can choose if he wants to enjoy taking her as viciously and as violently as he wanted, saying the nastiest of things to her or making her watch as he used one of the other models as his sexual plaything.  When he’s done he can laugh his head off.... as at the press of a button Triona will simply return to her display stand like a obedient robot.

All this and more Triona was to learn over the coming months and years all thanks to her lovely headpiece and veil.

Shoppers began to filter into the mall and walk by the bridal display as Alice put the final touches on the up-market rather posh store’s center-piece mannequin.

Two sweet old ladies stopped to admire the bridal display, cooing to each other about how pretty the gowns looked and how like being a bride on her special big day is like being in heaven.

Triona could hear and see all of this, trapped in her bridal hell, watching and feeling herself over and over all day every day in her mind’s eye being used and abused and feeling it all even more intensely than when it actually did happen, all the while reminding herself ‘I’m a Bridal Barbie!!”…… ‘I’m Bridal Barbie!!”……. ‘I’m Bridal Barbie!!”…….. ‘I’m Bridal Barbie!!”……. ‘I’m Bridal Barbie!!”…….

Perhaps she should have returned to work on time…………….



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