The Bridesmaid

by Fembotlvr

Peter stood at the door, hand held ready to knock. He let out a sigh as his stomach slowly twitched with a little anxiety. He glanced down at the floor and then back up at the room number. "Come on by once you get changed. I'd like that a lot." Teri said as he was minutes from leaving Rick's and Melissa's wedding reception. He and Rick had been best friends their last year of high school and inseparable during college. Therefor it was no shock when three months earlier Rick had asked him to be his best man at the wedding. Rick had paid for his flight from Phoenix and his hotel room. Two days ago he had met Melissa and her best friend, Teri. She was a doll. Sweet, funny, energetic and drop dead gorgeous. He hadn't had a whole lot of time to talk with her, but after the wedding and during the reception it was as if she were glued to him. Asking all sorts of questions. His likes and dislikes, what his family was like, how he first met Rick and what he thought of Melissa. Then just before the toss of the bouquet, Melissa pulled her out of the room and I didn't see her till right before they left. Now he was standing at her hotel room door. Posed to goes.

Peter cleared his throat and let his hand hit the door three times. "Just a second." He heard her call out. Teri reached the door, undid the latch and took a step back as she opened the door. "Hi Peter." She said with a big smile. "Come on in." She was still in her bridesmaid dress. It was an emerald color that set off her blue eyes just perfectly, and hugged her body so you could see all the curves. "Thanks for asking me over. I was hoping we'd get a chance to talk some more." I said as I greeted her with a little kiss on her cheek. "You're welcome Peter. Have a seat in the chair there, or just on the bed or whatever. I hope you don't mind waiting for a minute. As you can see I still need to change out of this dress." She said as she turned and headed for the bathroom. I moved over to the bed and sat down on it. Teri's room was about the same as mine, except for she had a king size bed versus my two doubles. Teri opened the door from the bath and looked at me with a pouting expression. "Peter, I need some help with my zipper. Could you?" She asked sincerely. "Sure!" I said as I got up off the bed and headed towards her. Teri turned around and waited patiently for me. I gently placed one hand on her shoulder and the other on the zipper, then pulled downward. She said nothing as I completed the task. I brushed her blonde hair back with my free hand and slowly slid my other inside her dress around her waist, pulling her close. "You've got a gentle touch Peter." She said softly. I glanced midway down her back and saw the clasps of her bra. "Do you want me to help with these also?" I asked as I moved my hand up to it. "Why Peter? Yes, that would be nice......however, I'd expect you to just as gentle and....." She trailed off. "And what?" I asked curiously. Teri turned and faced me with a teasing smile. The dress was already falling off her right shoulder. She stared at me for a moment before answering. "And not think that I'm being to forward in hoping that we could see where tonight might go." I gave Teri a shocked look and then smiled. She then leaned in and gave me wonderful wet kiss. "I just had to get that out of the way." She said, " it breaks the ice." Then she turned back around.

I gently and slowly undid the clasp of her bra, then I reached around and carefully pealed her bra off her breasts. Teri took a step away from me and proceeded to continue removing her dress.

As Teri slowly stood back up and turned to face me I marveled at her beauty. At twenty seven years of age I had seen plenty of beautiful women, past girl friends, women in strip clubs, magazines, but Teri. She was flawless. Her blonde hair came to just below her shoulders, her blue eyes, deep and penetrating. Her breasts were firm and luscious. Her figure was the kind that men dreamed of holding close and memorizing every curve. She still wore her white cotton thong panty and nylons. She placed her hands on her hips and smiled. "Well, this is me! How do I look?" she said. I folded my arms, then stood as if studying a mathematical problem.

"Well,............ pretty perfect to me." I told her. Teri relaxed her stance and walked up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, then kissed me again. I kissed her back and ran my hands through her hair then down her back and to her fine ass. She broke our embrace and looked at me. "Pretty perfect?! I guess that I'll just have to show you how perfect I am." Teri then gave me gentle push back into the bedroom. I slowly walked back to the bed and stopped, holding up my hand. "Wait......don't I have to undress now?" I asked teasing her. Teri stopped and turned to look at the clock on the night stand, then back at me. I kept staring at her wondering if she were going to say anything else. "Well.....what's stopping you?" She asked. I got the hint and began unbuttoning my shirt then my pants.

After fifteen minutes of a wonderful makeout session Teri sat up on the bed and looked down at me. "Wow, you're a fantastic kisser, Peter. And the way you move your hands and make me feel. You deserve a reward." Having said that she leaned over and gently took hold of my stiff member and began to jerk on it. Then she stuck her tongue out and began to tease my head with it. "Ohh yes! I do deserve your reward." I told her, as I lay back and began to enjoy it. Teri was a pro. Knowing just how to move her tongue, suck and blow at the right moments. I reached down and began to run my hands through her hair as I wiggled beneath her pumping motion, jerking up as she came down. I was so hard, and what Teri was doing felt so good, it was the best blow job I had ever had.

When Teri had finished her with her reward giving and licking up all that she could, she laid down beside me and let out a soft sigh. "Wow! Thanks." She said smiling. I reached over and caressed her cheek. "No...thank you. That was perfect. No, you were perfect." I told her. Teri ran her hand over my chest then up to circle my mouth. "I want you to make love to me, but not just yet. Ok?" She said. I turned to face her with my mouth wide open. "I'm hurt!" I blurted out. "Shh. I'll make it worth your while......just let me pee and freshen up a little ok?" She said as she got up and off the bed, turning towards the bath. "Ok you can pee.......but freshen up? Teri, you're fresh enough for me." I said sitting up. "Just give me a minute." Teri said as she closed the bathroom door. I pulled myself up and propped a pillow behind me. I reached over to the night stand and grabbed the TV remote and aimed it at the TV. The hotel had about twenty cable channels and three adult pay per views, and still nothing was on. After a few minutes I heard the toilet flush. "Ok, just give me another minute or two please." Teri called out. "Yeah, you've got two minutes then I'm coming in after you. Ready or not." I called back. Teri was wonderful. I had hardly met her just days before and it was turning into a fantastic relationship. Anyhow probably a short one, but you never know. I looked at the clock, then continued to flip through more channels. After only about a minute I decided that, that was long enough for her, and I wanted to see just what it was she was doing to freshen up. Without making any loud noises I scooted off the bed and over to the door. I carefully and quietly started to turn the knob, listening also to hear if she knew of my approach. Slowly I pushed the door open. I looked to the mirror to see where in the room she was and what..........Teri was doing? I stopped and watched as I saw her inserting and retracting a plug from the outlet beside the mirror. She'd plug it in, then pull it right back out, over and over. "Sorry Peter. Just another minute. Girl issues. Hope you understand." She called out. Yet she never turned her head in my direction, she just continued to plug in and take out. I quietly pushed the door a little more so as to get a better view inside via the mirror. Teri was standing about a foot back from the vanity. I saw the cord in her hand and traced it back to.... "Oh my god!" I said aloud. "Peter?" Teri said turning to look my direction. I opened the door and stared at her waist. About four inches left of her navel a patch of skin was pulled back, revealing wiring, circuitry, two rows of blinking lights and this cord that came from within her. "I'm sorry Peter. But I need a few minuted to freshen up." She said smiling at me. Again she continued to insert then retract the plug. "Teri? My god! What are you?" I said in shock. Teri continued to smile. "Give me a minute Peter to ......... Warning. Unable to complete recharge. No electrical current detected. One minute to power depletion. Unit shutdown imminent." I took a step back in amazement as my mind began to comprehend what I was seeing and hearing. I slowly reached up and touched her arm. "Teri?" I called. She continued to stare at me, smiling. "Peter......I must.......have......a minute......muuuussssssssttttttt." I poked Teri's arm. She gave no response. Her hand had stopped moving, and she just stared at me, or through me. It was a little haunting. I took a step towards her and waved my hand in front of her eyes. Nothing, not even a blink. "Wow." I said aloud. I touched her face then ran my hand through her blond hair. I ran my eyes over her shoulders and down her naked front. Across and down her firm breasts to her waist where the opening was. The lights had stopped blinking too. Teri had removed her thong and was now totally naked in front of me. I turned for a moment and looked back into the bedroom, making sure I was alone and this was not a prank. I began to circle Teri. Studying how smooth her skin was. No birthmarks, no blemishes, just smooth silky skin. Her ass was firm and ripe as I ran my hand across it. I again caught sight of the plug in her hand. It was now inches from the outlet. "The outlet's tripped." I said. Looking more carefully I saw that the outlet was tripped, with the reset button protruding out. "Yo babe, technology stopped by technology? Some body must have forgot to tell you about these things." I said to her as I pointed to the outlet. I came back around to face Teri, a hundred thoughts ran through my mind. Who built her, how could this happen to me, did Rick and Melissa know, are there others like her. Then the memory of the reception came catapulting back to me. Melissa had taken Teri aside and disappeared for nearly half an hour. I bet Melissa knew. Teri inviting me up to her room, all planned, everything. I'd have to thank her later.

I decided that since she was powerless and I was now fully aware of who and what Teri was, that I would play along if I could get her charged up again. So with a lot of effort to get the plug out of her hand, I reset the outlet and plugged her in. Immediately a light in her circuitry relit.

I took a step back and watched Teri carefully. Her arm moved forward towards the outlet then stopped, then relaxed down to her side. After about twenty seconds she turned her head back towards the mirror, looking straight ahead. I saw her blink twice, then her smile faded. Quickly closing the door, I stepped quietly back around the corner towards the shower stall to stay somewhat out of sight. "Unit 3, Teri 9883 systems initializing. Rapid charge configured. Memory files updated. Charge 20% complete." Teri said in a flat tone. I reached down between my legs and took hold of my now stiffening member. All of this was really starting to turn me on. "Peter? Are you still awake or did you fall asleep on me?" She called out without turning to face the door. I had to hold my hand over my mouth. She didn't know that I was in the room, behind her. I couldn't answer from where I was. That would reveal me. Or maybe I did want to just let her know that I knew. I continued to watch her quietly. "Anomalous time inconsistency detected and logged........ charge 55% complete ." She said. I marveled at how she could recharge so quickly from just the 120V outlet. Teri's complexion relaxed and became more humanlike. She finally turned her head towards the door, "Peter? Are you still with me?................I'm coming out in a sec." She said. I had planned on just sneaking out behind her and putting my hands over her eyes, to make her think that I was off to the side of the door in the room, when the last thing I wanted to do to make noise was upon me. I felt a sneeze building. I tried to hold it but ...... "aauuchoo!" I snoorted out. "Charge at 98%" Teri said as she began to turn towards me. "Peter!? What are you doing in here?" She said as her face show a stern look. "Teri,....let me explain." I said as I stood up with my hand outstretched to stop her from taking a step in my direction. "Explain how you got in here without me seeing you?" She said as she reached down to the plug and removed it from the socket. I said nothing as I watched it retract inside her. "You couldn't recharge, th......the outlet was tripped." I said. Teri's expression became more serious, then with lightning speed she reached up and grabbed my outstretched hand. "Hey!" I yelled "That doesn't make sense. I'm fully charged now. You're lying." Teri said. I tried to break her grip as I wiggled to free myself. "You ran out of power trying to insert the plug. I came in to see what you were doing. You were naked and.....DAMN Teri you're a fucking android. I took the plug from your hand and you powered back up." I told her. Teri's face softened slightly and she cocked her head a little to the right as if she were thinking. "I ...I'm sorry Peter. You weren't supposed to discover what I am." She said a bit more politely. She released her grip and let me go. I rubbed at my wrist and watched her closely. "So.......what now." I asked staring at her. Teri looked at me, "Peter, I would still like you to make love to me. B.b.but you have discovered th..that I am an android. I...I ....I do not know how to proceed." She said. I placed my hand on her shoulder and looked into her eyes. "It's OK Teri. I'm not disappointed or freaked out if that's what you think. It's ok really, it is." I said trying to reassure her. Teri's head twitched again to the right and she blinked a few times. "I'm not....must make decision....Peter you are very.....illogical point." She said going from monotone to normal. It was if she were having an internal argument with herself. I decided that I had to make a move. I was feeling pretty horny still and even though Teri wasn't human, I was still very much aroused and in the mood to go all the way with her. So I stepped up, wrapped my arms around her waist, pulled her close and gave her a hard passionate kiss. At first she sort of resisted, then gradually she began to return the gesture. Her hands slowly started to wrap themselves around my waist, then they stared to explore my back. I could feel her relax, then tense a little, then relax again. I reached up and cupped one breasts and fondled it. Feeling her soft warmth I pinched at her nipple, bringing it to an erect point. After about a minute I broke our kiss and looked into her eyes. "Teri, I want you now." I told her as I took her by the hand and began to pull her out of the bathroom. She smiled and said nothing as she followed. I was hoping that by initiating the kiss that what ever conflict she was having would forget itself. We stopped at the bedside and I turned Teri to face me. I gently guided her down first then I lay next to her. "Peter, I'm ready now. I'm sorry about all that mixup." She said with a smile. I glanced down to her still open circuitry. "Is there a way to close you up?" I asked. Teri glanced down to her waist and instantly a patch of skin slid up from inside her and sealed up the opening. Immediately the skin line disappeared as well. Then without warning Teri's body let out a little shudder. She blinked twice, then stared at the ceiling for a moment. "Teri?" I called to her. She turned and looked at me. "Hi Peter. I'm Melissa's friend Teri. I'm....I'm her bridesmaid." She said. I quickly leaned down and gave her another kiss. Teri pushed me back. "P.p.program integrity lost. P...p..primary objectives obtained. objectives incomplete. mode and sssytems enabled. Unnable tooo." Teri said flatly. Her head twitching with each statement made. When I heard her say that her sex drives were on I made my next move. I was harder than a rock and all of this malfunctioning was really turning me on. "Get ready Teri. I'm gonna rock your world.." and with that I straddled her, leaned down and gave her another kiss before she could say anything else and aimed my hardened member at her hole. Gently grabbing both her tits I slowly pushed myself into her hole. I wathced her face as I slid deeper into her. At first she appeared to enjoy it, then she had a look of pain, her eyes rolled up into her head. Her body began to match my motion and she became more relaxed. Her hands came up and ran over my chest as I continued to pump her luscious body. "P.Peter. Yes Peter. Oh yes fuck me. feel so great!" She moaned in pleasure.. "Oh Teri, you feel so good." I told her back.

Teri's sex systems apparently were working fine now and she was seemingly back to normal, or so I had thought for at least the few minutes we were both enjoying the fuck session. I'd watch her breasts bounce around, and jiggle wildly under my thrusting. She would let out moan after moan of physical enjoyment and run her hands over and across my chest and hers as well. Then as I new I was ready to explode, hoping that she was climax as well. "Oh Peter....give me minnnnnnnnn..........p.p.program loop errorrrrrr. Charge 98% complete............I have to peeeeeeee.....nice to meet youuuuu........Hi I'm Teri, I'mmmm......system error detected, program fault, program fault, program fault detected, ......logged, .......Melissa please me Melissa.....please." Teri's head would twitch from left to right, then twice in one direction and back again. "God Teri, not now!!" I told her as I felt my load release deep inside her. I thrusted hard into her with each jolt of my orgasmic release. "P.p.peterrr.....please contactttt.....Melissaaaa....emergency unit deactivation commencing......P.p.peter puhleeezzzzzz." She trailed off as her voice became deep then stopped. I relaxed and fell on top of her now lifeless body. Teri no longer seemed to function.

After several minutes I rolled off of Teri and looked over at her. I would not have ever believed that she was an android had all of what happened tonight really happened. And for something as technologically advanced as her to have the kind of meltdown.....well that seemed almost to much to handle as well. Somebody goofed when it came to charging up and no power detected. And Melissa. What part does she play in all this? Does Rick know about Teri too? And my craziest thought of all as I lay her staring at Teri's beautiful face......was Melissa .... could Melissa be an android also?

With so many thoughts it was hard to relax. I thought about rolling over and going to sleep, but gave up on that. I propped some pillows behind me and picked up the remote. I looked over and Teri one more time, then aimed the remote at the tv. "Let's see what on the adult channels ok Teri.?" I said as the tv warmed up.


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