Bright Sunshiny Day

by Northern Chill

Crossposted with permission from the Yahoo group . Image by M_B_CZ

                     Theresa got out of her BMW and looked around at the farm she had just arrived at.  She had been contracted to pose for a series of pictures that were to be appear in a car magazine called Classic Cars & Cuties.  The location for the pictures had varied from a rural racing track to the road where many illegal drag races between souped up sports cars took place.  For today's shot, she was told that they would be shooting at the farm with a classic pink Thunderbird car in the background .

                      She had just started to wander over to the nearby paddock to see some horses trotting around when she heard the roar of an approaching vehicle.  It pulled up just next to her and out jumped a man in his early 20's with thick black hair glistening with hair gel.  He walked over to her toting several bags of what appeared to be camera equipment on his shoulder.

                      "Theresa, is it?  I'm Gerry, the photographer for the shoot today.  The weather looks absolute ideal today so I imagine we can finish all the pictures we need with just a couple of film rolls.  I had an assistant swing by earlier to set up the convertible so let's take a walk over to where it's parked,"  Gerry said pleasantly while wiping the sweat of his forehead that was building up under the summer heat.

                      The two walked a short distance to the left of where they were parked until they came across the pink car in question.  It was in immaculate condition with no sign of rust or wear visible anywhere on the vehicle.  The chrome bumpers still shined as if the car had been never been owned before.

                      Gerry told Theresa that the car used to be owned by the president of a major chemical production factory in Louisiana.  It was rumored that the factory did large amounts of secret military research for the government in the late 50's which went on for some time.  One day, the president mysteriously vanished amid allegations of fraud and misappropriation and was never seen again.  His assets were sold off to pay back taxes which included the car in question.

                      Theresa nodded as she looked over the car. "Cool car!  Maybe the company will throw it in as a bonus for me after the shoot," she said wistfully as she ran her hands over the leather seats.

                      Gerry grinned broadly while simultaneously shaking his head.  "I don' t think so, Theresa, though you can always ask afterwards.  In the meantime, shall we get started?" he said while handing her several garment bags.
                      A few minutes later, Theresa emerged from a nearby shed wearing a striking pink bikini trimmed in a light blue and walked over to the car where she took up her first position for the shoot.  Nodding approvingly, Gerry started to click off several shots as Theresa assumed different poses when he asked.

                     Once Gerry had shot three or four rolls of film and changed cameras twice, he handed Theresa a garment bag for the next portion of the shoot.  She was about halfway across the yard when she heard Gerry's cell phone ringing loudly from where he was standing. She stood and waited as Gerry engaged in a spirited conversation with the person on the other end before he put it to one side and looked over at the model.

                      "Theresa, I've got to go up to the farm house here for a second.  It seems the owner wants to take some of his cattle to market today by the road we're filming in and wants to us to move the shoot to another part of the property.  Take it easy and wait here for now. I shouldn't be long...." Gerry yelled out at the model as he hurried off on foot towards the home at the far end of the property.

                      "Hmmm... well, this is great.  What do I  do in the meantime?" the model wondered out loud as she saw the photographer quickly disappear out of sight.  She looked over at the pink car and decided to check out the interior a bit more closely while she waited.

                       Theresa opened the door on the driver's side and sat down  behind the white steering wheel.  Looking at the odometer, she saw there was less than 5,000 miles showing on the odometer.  Obviously, the previous owners had kept the vehicle in the garage for the majority of its' ownership. Theresa ran her hands over the sandalwood dashboard ( something put in by the previous owners)  and found not a trace of dirt or stains anywhere.

                        When she opened the glove compartment, she found inside the usual array of road maps and vehicle registration. She also found a small tube with the words SUNTAN LOT  barely visible on the side as time and heat had worn away most of the writing.  Popping open the top, Theresa sniffed the contents and found it smelled like any suntan lotion available on the market.  She rubbed a little into the palm of her right hand and saw it had the luster and look of any other lotions of similar ilk.  Theresa even felt her hand tingling a little bit as the warm rays of the sun mixed with the liquid in her hand.

                          Opening the car door again, the black haired model stepped out onto the dirt road and walked around to the front of the vehicle .  Peeking around quickly to see if there was anyone within eyesight, Theresa slipped off  her top and  liberally rubbed the lotion over her chest, torso, arms and legs.  She then closed up the tube and tossed it in her nearby handbag before leaning back against the car hood  and letting the sun beat down on her body.

 After a minute or two, the tingling sensation that she had felt before in her hand  was now all over her body.  Her skin was tingling as if every inch of it was being stimulated by unseen forces.  If she didn't know better, she would swear that she was being caressed by her boyfriend Antonio in one of their frenzied lovemaking sessions.

 Theresa slowly reached up to pull off the hat she was wearing when her situation took a horrific turn for the worst.  Her arm seemed to be frozen grasping onto her hat and unresponsive to her thoughts no matter how hard she tried.  The rest of her body was similarly locked in place including her eyes and mouth.  She was unable to scream for help or look around for anyone who can assist her.  Out of the corner of her right eye Theresa could see her skin rapidly changing into  smooth glossy plastic with no sign of humanity visible anywhere.  Her breathing had ceased altogether as her chest became twin globes of molded plastic capped by bright red areolas.  The transformation of her breasts as well as her other private areas proved to quite stimulating for Theresa  and feelings of erotic pleasure mingled with her feelings of horror.



 Theresa screamed mentally as the process finished its work leaving an inanimate plastic display figure where a vibrant woman once was.  There was nothing but silence now save for the distant mooing of cows and screeching of crows as they passed over a very bizarre tableau...



Next Day..........

Albuquerque (AP) -  The local police were baffled yesterday by the mysterious disappearance  of Theresa Russell, a local model who was on a nearby farm for a photo shoot.  According to sources, the photographer had left her alone for a few minutes and when he returned , he found no sign of her save for store mannequin dressed in her clothes standing next to her handbag. Police are currently interviewing the photographer as well people who live in the area but so far have no leads in the woman's disappearance.

            In the local police station, there was a new item placed into the evidence storage room.  An officer placed a drop cloth over the mannequin and tagged it corresponding to the case in question.  It still sits there as the police try and locate the missing woman..

They just don't know where to look.....


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