Perils in Pantyhose

Part Seven

What Ever Happened To The Playboy Bunnies

By Magnus

This story is completely fictional and not meant to infringe or offend, if it does, Don't read it.

Content contains mature subject matter, for readers eighteen years or better.

Playboy enterprises had large financial loses by the end of the nineteen eighties, such was the loss that Hugh Hefner was forced to trim down his media empire and close his franchise playboy clubs, streamlining his empire strictly to the one thing that made it what it was....

The magazine Playboy...

Jenna and carly were troubled by this, they had hoped that working as playboy bunnies that they would be able to pay thier way through college.

Now they had to find other work in hopes to pay the rising cost of tuition.

Jenna is an athleticly built blonde with deep blue eye's, Carly is an attractive brunette with long shapely legs.

This is thier story.

The girls were the first to arrive for what was possibly thier last night as playboy bunny's.

"Carly, I can't believe tonight's the last night" say's Jenna.

"It's too bad, I love working here, excellent pay, lot's of men ogling over you".

"I saw an add the other day for work over at spartans health club, wanna go and check it out tomorrow"?

"Sure, why not"..." said Carly,"I wonder what that's for", she said pointing at a large box sitting on the break room table.

"I don't know it say's "Contura" on the side of it though".

"Hey there's a note on top of it".

Jenna took the note and opened it.

"Girl's sorry this is your last night, we certainly enjoyed having you here at the club". " I hope you will enjoy the gift you'll find in the box, each of you deserve it".

"My sincerest regards Bob Kendall".

"Wow, I wonder what it is"? said Carly.

"I don't know, let's open it and find out".

Jenna opened the box to discover it was full of black contura pantyhose.

"OH, now I remember, "Contura" is a brand of pantyhose" said jenna picking out a pair," A very expensive brand I might add".

"Pantyhose, why pantyhose"? said Carly.

"Haven't you ever heard of contura before"?

"there supposed to be the most luxurious and comfortable brand on the market, one size fits all, I've even heard they have a style in development that changes color".

"I tried to buy a pair at Nordstroms once, but at forty dollars a pair i'll stick to the cheaper brands like legg's and hanes".

"HOw come you never told me about these before", said carly looking at her pair.

"Didn't I just say that at forty dollars a pair, I'd stick to the cheaper brands"?

"Sorry, I was reading the package, I get your point".

"Sure was nice of Bob to get us some though".

"I"LL say, all the women that work here, must have put ol Hef back a bit".

At one time the club had thirty six Bunnies, but because of the financial crisis, it's been cut back to twenty six, eighteen of which work on swing shift.

"I can't wait to try these on", said Jenna.

"If thier everything they say they are, then we're in for a real treat".

"NO more tired legs or feet", she continued, "funny thing though, for our last night they give us the best pantyhose on the market, I wish they would have done it sooner".

"IF what you say is true then a lot sooner", said Carly.


"DO you hear that"? said Carly looking toward the lockeroom.

"Yeah, let's go and check it out".

"This oughta be good said Carly".

The girls went into the lockeroom only to find the moaning coming from the restroom.


"Ssh, Let's be quiet", said Jenna, I wanna see who this is".

"Women have been to pleasure themselves in here before", thought Carly," but this sounds like a little more than masturbation".

Jenna knelt down to she if she could recognize who's feet were in the stall.

"Carly", said Jenna whispering," who wears a dark blue on days"?

"I?, let's see there's Judy and Beverly".

"Beverly"! said Jenna, almost giving away thier presence in the room.

"I thought that moan sounded familiar" she continued.

Jenna got up and tip-toed to the stall where beverly was, unawares of them.


Jenna banged the door giving Beverly a near heart attack.

"Wha"? "Who's there"? asked Beverly.

"Jenna and Carly" said Jenna, "we can hear you all the way out in the breakroom"! "Thought we'd come in and see what all the comotions about".

"Man, you guy's nearly scared me half to death"! said beverly coming out of the stall pulling her bunny suit over her pantyhose.

"So where's your partner"? asked carly.

All bunnys were required to goto the restroom in two's, so one could help the other get out and in the suit.

"Oh, Erica same in with me and unzipped me, she said she'd be right back, but that was ten minutes or so ago".

"Could one of you zipp me up"?

"Sure", said Jenna, "I guess".

Everyone knows what a playboy bunny outfit consists of, high cut strapless suit, underwired midriff, very tight at the waist and immpossible to get in and out of by yourself.

After Jenna zipped up Beverly she went over to the mirror and fixed her long blonde hair and check her makeup.

"So, you haven't told us what all the moaning was about", said Jenna jokingly.

"You saw the pantyhose Bob got for us out in the breakroom"?

"Yeah", said Carly.

"I'm wearing a pair of them right now", Jenna and Carly looked at Beverly's legs encased in the shiny material,"they felt so good I just couldn't wait till after work".

"You mean the pantyhose did this"? asked Jenna.

"Yeah, but I'm not sure, I have been feeling abit horny lately, and when I put on the pantyhose I felt even hornier".

"I think we better get ready for shift", said Jenna.

"Yeah I'm right behind you" was carly's reply.

They scurried from the restroom into the lockeroom eager to get into the pantyhose.

Jenna and Carly were excited to hear this, pantyhose that would stimulate orgasms.

Jenna and carly quickly dressed down and began putting thier new pantyhose on.

Almost instantly they began to feel the effects of the erotic hose.

"Oh my god, I can see what beverly was talking about", said jenna slowly pulling up the shinny black hose.

"I know" said Carly, "How does Bob expect us to work in these"?

"I don't know", said jenna shuddering as she pulled them up snug, "But one thing I do know is that I'm gonna good all night long"!

"I hear you, thier tingling already, and they feel so soft"!

Carly and Jenna were now adjusting the cotton panels and smoothing thier hands over thier legs.

"So slippery Carly, I think I'm gonna sleep in these tonight", Jenna said as she was admiring how the pantyhose made her legs look and feel.

"I know, I've got some satin sheets at that would feel great on these".

Jenna put her shoe's on and walked over to the rack to get Carly and her's uniforms.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHH"!!, they even fell better when you walk in them, I think we'll be spending some time in the restroom ourselves tonight"!


Carly had taken her first step in her new pantyhose and orgasmed on the spot, her cotton panel now soaked wet with cum.

"Gee Carly, couldn't you wait till later"?

"You better take it easy, don't want the members to see your crotch all wet now do we"?

"I....couldn't help myself, i didn't even touch my pussy, I just took a step and it happened", she said feeling flushed steadying herself on her locker door.

"I see the beginning of a beautiful relationship", she said as she began smoothing her free hand up and down her pantyhosed legs.

"Are you gonna be alright"?, you better be, tonights the last night, double pay".

"You better get cleaned up".

"I'll be alright", she said as Jenna hung up thier uniforms.

Carly left for the restroom.

"Better make it quick, we gotta start early you know", Jenna said slipping her uniform on.

"Man this is almost too intense, hurry up woman we haven't got all night".

"I'm coming".

"I know your cumming, that's why your in there".

"Ha ha, very funny", Carly said coming out of the restroom.

"Not every woman can control themselves like you".

"True, now let me see".

Carly walked over and stood with a leg wide so Jenna could inspect her cotton panel.

"It's still a little wet Jenna, but I think it will be alright".

"Better slip in a pad girl, you might get messy later".

"No, I think I'm gonna risk it, can i borrow your blow dryer"?

"What, are you crazy"?

"You're flirting with disaster woman, think about it, heat... air flowing..."?

"Better just put a pad in between your suit and panel then; here use one of mine".

Jenna gave Carly a pad and she slid her suit on and slipped it in place.

"Now, zip me up"!

Jenna leaned in toward her locker and Carly zipped her up.

"OOOOOOO"!!! said Jenna as she staightend up.

"I swear these suits get tighter and tighter every time you put them on, feels good though how the crotch slides over the pantyhose when you stand up".

Jenna was dressed in a canary yellow, while Carly was in jet black.

Soon Jenna zipped up Carly and they were ready, having put on thier cuffs and ears and that infamous cotton tail.

On thier way out to the floor they passed through the breakroom, other coworkers had shown up and were looking at thier packages of contura pantyhose.

"Alex!, how ya doin"? asked Jenna beaming.

"Fine what's with the pantyhose"?

"OH, you'll find out", said Carly snickering..

The girls went to the floor to begin thier shift and relieve Beverly and Erica.

Beverly was happy to "get off", and the girls bid them farewell.

"Well I'll see you later Jenna, Carly, it was nice working with you".

"I've got to goto the office , I guess Bob has something for me, see ya around"!

"Gee, I hope it's a bonus", said Carly, "might be" Jenna replied.

It wasn't long before the place picked up and the other bunnies had begun work.

Being the last night, the house was packed with horny men and key club members all wanting to get thier last look at the famous playboy bunnies.

Jenna and Carly were busy serving drinks to members and trying to avoid being groped by them.

It was the usual rule not to touch the bunnies, and the club strictly enforced it, but since tonight was the last night, it was "no holds barred", and the rules went out the window.

The evening seemed to fly by, Jenna and Carly dodging amorous men and serving drinks and getting pictures taken with the patrons.

The girls didn't mind the attention tonight though, the effects the pantyhose had on them made it too easy to.

Carly had five more orgasms since her first after putting them on, while Jenna had only three.

Before they knew it, it was ten thirty, because Jenna and carly came on early thier shift was coming to and end.

About that time Bob Kendall came up to them and asked them to meet him in his office up stairs, he said he had a parting gift for them.

Jenna and Carly figured it was another "bonus" and said they would be right up as soon as they could.

"Man I can't wait to get out of here", said Jenna , "these pantyhose are driving me crazy" she said smoothing her legs.

"Yeah I know, I can't wait to get home and have some more fun".

"Well, I'm cashed out Carly", let's go and see what kind of bonus Bob's gonna give us".

"I'm with you".

Jenna and Carly headed toward the elevator that would take them up to Bob Kendall's office, they entered and pressed the button that would take them there.

As the elevator ascended Carly began to notice something strange happening to her.


"Carly, are you alright", you're not having another orgasm are you"?

", I don't know, I feel funny, tingely", she said as her face took on a lightend expression.

"Are you gonna be alright, maybe I should get you to a doctor"?

"No, I'll be fine, just feel a little stiff that's all..

"I hear ya, my legs feel stiff too, course we've been running around all night"...

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAWWWWWWWWEEEEEE", went Carly as she appeared to freeze up, her face locked in a moment of extreme arousal.


"Carly, are you alright, My god you're not breathing"!!

Jenna staid calm and pressed the button for the elevator to go back down, it was clear her friend was in trouble and she needed help.

"Screw the bonus, I'm getting you to the hospital".

Jenna tried to snap carly out of her trance like state but it was no good, no matter how hard Jenna tried Carly would not respond.

Then jenna too began to feel... different...

"OOOHHHHH"!!, "My god what happening to me"???

Jenna could feel a tingely sensation creeping up her legs.

Jenna had been able to control her arousal most of the night, but now it was getting the best of her..



The sensation intensified as Jenna felt more changes...

"OHH! The pantyhose! It's... It's... Like thier alive"!

She could feel them constricting, tightening around her legs becoming firmer to the touch.

"OH! AH! AH! The intensity grew and she could feel the pantyhose forma phallus inside her, invading her, expanding her sex.

The sensation nearly doubled her over with extasy, but in her rapidly changing condition it became hard for her to move.

All she could do was try to move her hands down to her sex in hopes of alleviating the tension that continued to build.

"Ahh! Ahhhhhhh"!!!!!

And she stopped, unmoving, her face said it all, sheer delight.

Somehow the elevator bypassed the floor they were trying to get back to, instead it took them to the basement parking garage.

When the door opened, two men were waiting for them in front of a moving van.

The stiffened forms of Jenna and Carly were removed from the elevator and secured in the back of the moving van with other bunnies taken earlier in the day.

When Jenna came to, she found herself standing in a row, a row of bunnies.

Still unable to move, Jenna could only wonder what was about to happen to her and Carly.

"My god, what's happened to me"??

"I can't move"! "Carly"? "I can't see carly"!

The room they were standing in was a large laboratory, the kind you would see in a horror movie.

In front of the girls was a large tank filled with a clear liquid, it was under lighted and rose some twenty feet in the air.

The tank was about thirty feet long and ten feet wide and had a bridge platform that ran up and down the top of it.

In side the tank, Jenna could see some fifteen naked forms in mannequin like poses, each at varying depths along the face of the tank with thier backs to her.

She could see thier reflections in a large mirror behind the tank, and recognized them as her coworkers!

"What's going on here"? she screamed mentally.

Looking at the figures in the tank, her gaze fell on one she knew well.


Carly was floating in the tank about mid way, she was second down from the left.

Jenna almost didn't recognize her with her hair gone and her sex smoothed over.

"Carly, what have they done to you"?, was all she could think, in shock at finding her best friend floating in the tank.

Then a blinding light was stuck in her face, she tried to close her eye's and found she couldn't.

"Seems the drug has worn off boss" said a mans voice.

"Good, i wasn't them to experience the transformation".

"Are they all awake"?

"Yes, this was the last one".

"Good", said the man addressed as "Boss".

"Ladies, I know you can hear me, let me introduce myself, my name is Marc Dixon, I'm the creator of contura pantyhose, and owner of the Dixons department store chain".

"I'm also a collector of rare beauties, such as you".

"Since playboy enterprises filed chapter eleven, I made a petition to the franchise owners in regards to acquiring some of you, two agreed and I made a rather large donation to keep thier floundering interests afloat.

"The pantyhose you are wearing, have special "qualities" I'm sure your all aware of".

"What you don't know is that they have a special chemical in the panel that released your arousal and caused your immobility".

"Also there are special microfibers in them to allow me to do... what ever I want to you".

Jennas eye's had now cleared from the blinding she got a minute ago, she could see a man standing in front of her with a remote in his hand.

"With this remote, the pantyhose will do what I designed them to do, incapacitate the wearer and sexually stimulate them".

"Soon you will be stripped and dipped in the tank behind me, where you'll be transformed into Mannequins to be put in display in my stores".

"Some of you though will go into my private collection dressed in your uniforms, all of you though will spend the rest of your existence as Mannequins".

"Mannequins"! thought Jenna, "this isn't happening to me"! "this can't be"!

"As you can see behind me most of your comrades are nearing completion of the Mannequinizing process", as he said this Jenna could see Carly and some of the others were floating in the vat and were now being removed.

"When you are placed in the tank you will sink to the bottom with your own weight, and as the process transforms you into plastic you'll slowly float to the top, after this I'll have you fitted with pegs and sockets and displayed in my stores or my private collection".

"Gentlemen, begin stripping them please, while the others remove the last batch".

Jenna was first in line and the men began working on her, carefully removing her uniform and pantyhose and putting a pair of black six inch pumps on her.

"OH my god"! thought Jenna, "I can't believe this is really happening to me, I'm going to be a Mannequin"!

"Carly, she's already transformed, she looks so artificial".

Carly had been removed with the others, having a long hook shaped rod inserted in her now smooth and hairless sex.

She was lowered to the ground and put on a rod stand that appeared to be on some kind of conveyor, her naked form glistening from her transformation.

As soon as the conveyor was filled with Mannequins it started, Jenna watched sadly as her Mannequinized friend disappeared with the others trough a door, wondering if she would ever see her again.

Jenna then felt something enter her sex, it felt like a dildo, she then felt her feet leave the ground as she was raised up and over the tank.

Jenna cried inside with fear, not knowing if she would survive the process or not.

The men on the bridge removed her from the hook and turned on her vibrator.

Jenna instantly felt calm as she was dropped into the tank, her senses whirling as she sank to the bottom.

She immeadiatly felt changes occur as she could see her reflection in the mirror behind the tank.

First her hair melted away on her head and sex, she could see the lips of her pussy seal over the vibrator that was left inside her leaving her smooth and sexless.

Then it happened, her feet left the floor of the tank, Jenna didn't care though. somewhere inside she could here screaming, but that didn't matter now, only the sensations from the vibrator and the calming effects of the liquid she was now floating in.

Soon she had floated to the top and the men fished her out with the hook, she looked at her hardened body with fascination and sheer arousal, now she was perfect.

She stared for a moment at her newly transformed body before the men lowered her to the conveyor.

Her breasts were fully formed and flawless the areolae were gone leaving only the nips showing, her belly button now looked fake and plastic as did the rest of her body.

She was now a very realistic sexless Mannequin.

Jenna was lowered to the floor and taken on the conveyor to a room to be dried, stuck in a Mannequin pose forever Jenna cared not about the time as the vibrator continued to pulse within her.

Marc came to her as she was done and made up with a blonde wig.

"This ones definatley going into my collection" he said.

The workmen then fitted her with pegs and sockets so she could be taken apart when needed and her uniform was put back on her.

As the pantyhose was put back on she orgasmed once more, and again when the suit has put back on.

With her outfit completed she was taken up an elevator and placed in a gallery of women next to her friend carly, Jenna was over joyed to be with Carly again, as was Carly to see her friend.

Many more where added to the gallery, but the most beautiful were Jenna and Carly..

The End...

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