Casting Models

by Robotunit8

This has only had a quick proof read, so if there are a few 'oops moments' then forgive me, but as it seems suitable for this place I thought I'd post it over. Well actually I promised Jay I would, so...

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Jenny and Christine were doing what comes naturally to young women on the Saturday after payday, they were in the Shopping Mall, easing away the stresses of work with a 'little' retail therapy. And given they'd just been paid, and they hadnt bought any new clothes in at least a week, they were heading for their favourite clothes shop to 'spoil' themselves.

Both were in their early twenties, and quite pretty. Jenny, the shorter, curvier brunette was the livelier one of the two, whereas Christine was slimmer, less well endowed 'up top' and the quieter one of the pair. But they worked together, got on quite well together, so at least for shopping trips they enjoyed each others company, even if their social styles were a little way apart! Jenny preferred sexy and fun whereas Christine's tastes were a little more modest.

Reaching their target, they saw a notice in the windows asking for fashion models for a display the store would soon be doing. The only criteria seemed to be that the models had to be over the age of 18 (understandable), taller than 5ft 6 (Jenny just about qualified) and outgoing enough to display themselves in front of the public, though both suspected that being reasonably good looking would also help! Luckily they were! And it seemed they wanted all sizes, not just matchsticks which suited Jenny fine!

"We can do that!" Jenny said firmly to Christine, "It's nice to see they want real women to model their clothes, and not just skinny professional models. Mind, I suppose we probably come a little cheaper than they do! And real sizes as well."

Christine wrinkled her nose doubtfully, "Well maybe you can Jenny, you're bubbly and outgoing, but me, I'm not so sure I could manage it."

"Nonsense Christine, you'll be fine, I'm sure there is nothing really to it. Besides which we might get to wear some more expensive outfits than we can afford that way." She peered closely at the notice again, "Yes, I thought as much, models are able to buy their outfits at a substancial discount afterwards. We might be able to afford to get something nice for the Company's Christmas party that way."

"I suppose we could ask..." said Christine trying to hedge her bets, while studying the notice herself. "It says we will be needed for a week, but will be amply compensated for our time. And I suppose we do both have holiday left...?"

"Can't understand why its for a week though?" said Jenny, "I suppose it's so we can be trained up a bit for walking down the catwalk, but yes, I'm sure we can get the time off. Lets ask about it at least."

"Fine!" said Christine, logic being, she wasnt going to get any peace till she did!

So after they had selected a 'few' items, they headed to the counter to pay, and enquire about the modelling offer. The girl on the till rang through to the Manager and told him, he quickly switching on his in store camera to eye the two girls up.

"Not bad, especially the buxom one!" he thought to himself, then speaking to the girl said, "Fine Katie, will you send them through when you've finished serving them."

Katie did, and he heard a knock on his door a few minutes later,

"Come in and introduce yourselves." he replied.

"My name's Jenny," the shorter, buxom one told him as they entered, "and this is my friend Christine. We'd like to offer our services as models if you think we might be suitable?"

He cast his eye over them, and the answer was yes, he could think of roles for which they would both be suitable. He could quite easily imagine Jenny in something very sexy, that left very little to the imagination whereas Christine seemed more suitable for a 'special role' they had in mind. Much more demure, but quite probably far more kinky, at least to some!

"I think you will both be fine!" he said with a grin, filling them in to some degree on the details, while at the same time not explaining them too explicitly. At the end of the interview he gave them both documents to sign, which fortunately for him, neither girl read very closely. Beyond that, he told them both to report to him in a fortnight's time to begin their training.

Both girls happily bounced back out into the Mall and continued shopping, excited at the thought of training to be models in a fortnight's time. Well Jenny was bouncing up and down at least, Christine was excited, but just hoping she was doing the right thing.


(Back in the Manager's office)

"Yes, they'll both be perfect, Jenny, the one with the big tits will be perfect for all the sexy clothing, and of course her 'training' will ensure she knows how to act sexy as well. Her friend, the quieter one isnt bad looking, but maybe not quite as suitable for the sexy stuff, not stacked enough up top for that in all honesty. But you always wanted to try out that 'special program', and she'd certainly be quite good for that!"

"Excellent Dave, I'll ensure that all the training devices and modelling tools are there in time for you to have them set up and ready. It's just handy that these girls who are keen to get into modelling never read the small print on their contracts!"

"That James, it most definitely is!" was his reply as he put down the phone.


(2 Weeks later)

Having gained the time off work, and more importantly having convinced their families that they would be safe for a week, the two girls raced into the mall, and headed for the store, eager to find out more about what they would be doing over the next week. By now Jenny had even convinced Christine that this would be fun, and was quite looking forward to it all.

Dave the store manager was waiting for them when they arrived,

"Jenny, Christine, good to see you again." he said, trying to sound sincere as he did so. They might be two nice people, but just at this moment he really didnt care. The fact they were good looking, and gullible were their main assets at present, though Jenny's big boobs were definitely a bonus.

The two girls grinned back, "So when do we get started?" asked Jenny eagerly.

Dave managed to keep a straight face.

"We just need to do some pre-session publicity pics out the back of the store first, and do some bodyscan measurements as well. We need to ensure the clothes fit you perfectly after all, as you will be expected to show our clothes off in the best way possible." he told them.

"Bodyscans?" asked Christine nervously.

"Nothing to it." Dave told them, "Well other than that you have to be naked in there, but I'm sure for pretty young girls like you that wont be a problem. Besides, no one will see you naked except for each other and the scanning machine! It's all a computerised process, you get in a comfortable position, press the button and the scan starts. Five minutes later you dress again, leave the room and we have your personal measurements to the nearest millimetre. Then we can ensure the clothes fit you like a glove, well we have the clothes designed to fit you like a glove anyway!"

Jenny giggled at that idea, "Sounds good to me!"

"Then shall we get started?"

"Oh yes please." was the reply.

A couple of headshots, and a few poses later, the girls were directed into the scanning chamber to remove their clothes, and enter the scanning pods. They were promised there were no secret cameras in the room, but Christine wasnt totally inclined to believe that.

"When you are ready, Christine is to go into the left hand pod, Jenny the right hand one. Its because we've set the scanners pretty much to your relevant heights already to save time, and Christine is a few inches taller, so..."

They nodded in agreement and entered the room. Christine quickly checked round, she couldnt see any cameras, but that didnt mean a lot nowadays. Beyond two small cubicles, and the pods she couldnt see anything in the room! They went and got changed. Exiting the cubicles they giggled at the sight of each other naked, it wasnt like it was the first time they'd done it together, but just the two of them was another matter...

They walked towards their designated scanning pod,

"Isnt this exciting?" giggled Jenny, "We're going to be models!"

By now even Christine had to admit, "Yes, it is. See you in a few minutes." and both entered their pod. Apart from a small red pinlight, they were pretty dark rooms, but Christine assumed it was an infra red light that did the scanning so the room needed to be dark. Either they were being watched (quite likely she thought) or when they opened the pod doors it had triggered a signal, because a few moments later she heard a voice say,

"Whenever you are ready ladies, just press the red button and the process will commence. We will let you know when its over."

At more or less the same moment both girls pressed the red button. They were expecting a light to scan them, but...

...They found themselves being covered in a thick, sticky pink liquid that clung to their bodies like glue. And after a few moments they quickly realised it had the same adhesive qualities as super glue! And gallons of the liquid still seemed to be pouring in. The one instinct that grabbed them at first was suffocation, but no, that wasnt happening. Even though Christine could feel 'whatever this was' setting around her, she found she was still able to breathe quite easily, which was a relief to her, but not much. She didnt dare open her mouth to scream in case she swallowed any, dreading the consequences of doing so.

She didnt know whether to be pleased, or scared however, when she realised the liquid, which was now beginning to become solid, with her inside it, had stopped pouring in. She tried to break her way out, but there was seemingly no way of doing so, it was stiffening quickly now, and seemingly attaching itself to her body in some way. Soon she was frozen inside the block, although frozen wasnt strictly the right word, as the feeling was actually quite warm, and strangely pleasant, a bit like being in a womb she assumed. And, quite rightly as it happened, she assumed Jenny was in the same state.

She had no idea how long she was there, sealed in this 'tomb' before she heard a voice say, though muffled by her surroundings,

"Setting has completed, remove excess material from the tubes, so we can commence the next stage. They arent going anywhere now without our moving them."

"The next stage of what?" she thought to herself.

"We'll make a start with the slimmer one, she has more alterations to undergo, plus she gets to try out the special programming." she heard next.

Christine gulped, they had to mean her! She felt her whole body being lifted up, she was torn between hoping they would drop her, and whatever it was would crack and she could escape, or not being dropped, simply to find out what they had planned. But either way, they didnt drop her,

The first sensation she felt was something being suctioned against her head, well as much as she could genuinely feel anything at least. This was closely followed by a buzzing sensation in her head, and her thoughts beginning to float away. She was still aware though, just incapable of practical thought. The only other thing she felt before passing out, was an incredible sensation of pain somewhere in her lower back...

The first half of Jenny's process was the same, but instead of pain in her back, she felt intense pleasure all through her 'sensitive zones'. Her pussy seemed to be on fire, and her nipples felt like they were being tweaked and twisted in a way, that while painful, set off amazing sensations of pleasure and arousal. And as for her tits,...

A couple of hours or so later, the pods opened to reveal...

well two models, but not of the type Christine and Jenny had expected. These looked like the most incredible, and lifelike shop mannequins you have ever seen. And in Jenny's case, probably the bustiest mannequin ever seen. Christine looked like an adult sized clockwork doll, all she needed was a key in her back, and very soon after, she was fitted with one of those!

"Perfect, take them to fitting.", was the cry they heard. And yes, they heard it, they were aware of everything going on around them, just utterly unable to do anything about it. And even if they could, their thoughts were now so controlled that they wouldnt want to do anything about it anyway!

The only words running through their head was a voice telling them that it was only for a week, but both wondered if that was really true? Or was it really forever...?

Soon they could hear voices, and people putting items on them, and most strangely of all, someone putting makeup on them as well. But it was like the people knew they weren't just dummies as finally they were pushed in front of mirrors to 'admire' their new looks.

Jenny gasped as she saw herself, gone was the dull office girl look, replaced by a tight PVC bustier that pushed up her already ample breasts, as if the aim was to show them proudly to the world, and the outfit was finished off with a very mini, leather mini skirt, that just barely covered her modesty. And what was that in her hand, it looked like a long whip, but surely not? But something in her head told her that it was. But the main difference was her hair! Whether it was extensions, or a wig she just didnt know, but wow...! Long, golden blonde tresses to the nape of her back, combined with the clothing, gave her the look of an incredibly sexy Domme who would eat men for breakfast given the chance!

If she hadnt been so scared by what had happened to her, she might have been very turned on by the sight. But even now, as frightened as she was, she knew that...she was turned on by the sight.

A whole different sight greeted Christine, the style was tamer, but possibly more scary if, as it seemed, that key was for real. Big painted red cheeks, an equally painted on big smile,...well she trusted they were only make up? The dress was covered in big polka dots, and just looked so cute...but there was a big key in her back, and it looked quite literally as if it was in her back. Well there was one, or maybe technically two other large things she could now see as well, Barbie type breasts on her chest, they looked like E cup minimum, but so firm that they would never sag, even braless. Which she wasnt, she was wearing a push-up bra that only exposed them to view even more.

"Thats it, package them up and send them off to Adult Playthings, but dont forget to switch them off first, we dont want them being damaged in transit, we want them to enjoy their new lives."

Christine saw a remote pointed at her, and everything went blank.


(A week or so later)

"And which would Sir like to see operational first?", Christine heard the sales assistant say to the man eyeing up the two mannequins stood in front of him. She knew that about a week had passed since she had been turned into a clockwork doll, though five days of that she didnt remember. Indeed the only reason she knew how long it had been was because of the date showing on the clock on the wall nearby.

"You mean, they move, I assumed they were just standard shop dummies?" he asked the assistant.

The assistant laughed, "Yes Sir, they are 'dummies' of sorts, but the latest technology allows them to move by remote control, would you like to see?"

"Yes please."

Christine saw the remote being pointed at her, and her head turned, even if she tried to resist it was hopeless, she really was at the mercy of her new body. Her face turned, and she saw Jenny standing there still motionless. She was still dressed in a stunning manner, though the whip had been removed somewhere along the line. And equally her head was filled with thoughts of just how hot and sexy Jenny looked, even though Christine had never fancied other girls. Then the assistant moved over, and activated Jenny as well.

"Would you like to see them in action?" the assistant asked the man.

"Oh yes please." he replied.

Though it wasnt strictly necessary, she moved behind Christine and 'wound up' her key, Christine hearing clicking noises as she did so. Strictly, she was controlled purely by the remote, but it looked better if a clockwork doll was wound up that way, or so the shop owners thought. She assumed she was going to be made to dance or the like, but no...moving in the style of a clockwork doll she moved towards Jenny, and lifted up her skimpy skirt, enjoying the sight of her large breasts peeking down at her as she did so. She didnt know that Jenny was equally admiring the view of Christine's huge breasts as she moved in closer. But the moment she moved Jenny's skirt the dampness around her snatch gave the game away as to how aroused she was.

The next thing Christine knew was her tongue entering that nectar hole, and beginning to lap at Jenny, enjoying the taste as she did so. Inwardly Jenny was beginning to gasp at her work, even if the body shell hid the sounds to some degree. But a few minutes later Jenny felt her whole body shudder, and she 'climaxed' over Christine's face. Whether it was genuinely her own juices, or synthetic doll juices, she had no idea, but just at that moment, she didnt really care.

Christine then stood up, kissed Jenny stickily on the lips, and returned to her stand. The assistant then cleaned both dummies. The man looked duly impressed.

"Do they come singly, or as a pair?"

"They would come singly if necessary, but we would rather sell as a pair, they are designed to compliment each other."

"And their functioning life as active dolls?"

"12 hours, and then they would need an hours charging, but thats only while they are being active. As standard mannequins their battery would last about a week before needing to be recharged. And in standby mode, well once a month would do."

The man laughed, "I dont plan on having my two sexy dolls in standby mode too much!"

Jenny inwardly groaned at the thought of what he might have planned for her, but of course, no one heard her.


"Select your own Sir, from the collection, both models have their own complete catalogues, though obviously the 'Christine' model is more practically dressed than the sexy 'Jenny' types. And of course you simply give us your personal preferences for their thought processes, and these will all be programmed in prior to delivery."

"Excellent, your assistant has my requests already.", handing over his credit card he asked, "And when would delivery be?"

"About one week, to your home address."

"Excellent. I look forward to seeing them again then."

And both disappeared from the girls views. The next thing they knew was deactivation, and after that...


(A week or so later)

"My name is Christine, and I'm your happy clockwork dolly. I like to play for my Master as he wishes me to, and I especially like playing with my friend Jenny."

"And my name is Jenny, and I'm your sex-kitten dolly. I also like to do as Master wishes, but I do so enjoy playing with Christine's body, and winding up her key."

Their new owner looked like the cat that had got the prize cream. Both girls only remembered what they needed to remember from then on, their old lives completely forgotten about.


The End?

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