Change of Address

by Northern Chill

      Naomi danced and swayed under the bright lights and to the beat of the club music as she reveled in her night of fun at Club E, the local club that was always packed on weekend nights.  The people at the club ranged from the mundane to eccentric to the downright bizarre in their looks and mannerisms.  However, they all had a desire to dance and have fun until the wee hours of the morning.

     After gyrating on the floor for seemingly hours, the dark haired beauty made her way to the bar where she ordered her favorite drink consisting of Jamaican rum mixed with Coke.  While she waited for the very busy bartender to get her order, Naomi was aware of several men gathering around her in admiration of her looks to the point of almost drooling.  She was used to such attention and sometimes even encouraged it with an inviting smile or wiggle of her hips.

      However, on that particular night, Naomi wasn't interested in catering to the crowd so she quickly paid for her drink and turned to head to a booth to drink it.  Unfortunately, she wasn't paying attention to who was near and stepped right into a tall man walking by.  In the process, Naomi spilled her drink all over the man's shirt and pants much to both their dismay. 

      "I'm so sorry! I didn't see you coming at all!" Naomi said as she grabbed a few napkins off the top of the bar and tried to wipe the alcohol off the expensive looking clothes the man was wearing.

      "It's no big deal.... no big thing at all.  My place is only a couple of blocks from here.  I can run home, throw on a new set of threads and be back in a hour or so, no problem at all,"  the man said whose brief look of anger on his face dissipated as he saw the beautiful woman fussing over him.

      "Are you sure it's all right?  I feel like such a klutz spilling my rum all over you....!"  Naomi said, obviously embarrassed as she wasn't used to making a scene like this.... well, through being a klutz, that is....

      "Tell you what.... if you want to make it up to me, why don't you walk with me back to my place and share a drink?  I promise I won't try anything, honest,"  the dark haired man said, as his expression turned to one of a reassuring smile.

     Naomi smiled brightly,  "I think I can trust you.  Lead the way to your place, sweetie...." she chirped happily, linking her right arm with his.

     As the two walked down the street chatting among themselves, Naomi learned that her companion's name was Byron James, head of a firm that worked in the special effects industry of movie making.  He talked about the fact that his company was just starting out but had already lined up several contracts with filmmakers to provide the effects for several low budget movies.

     When the two stepped inside Byron's modestly sized brownstone home, Naomi saw that the home was decorated in moderately priced furnishings though a great deal of the space was occupied by various props that looked to be from different sci-fi and horror movies.  She walked over to a coach that Byron gestured towards and sat down admiring what looked like a prop of a miniature starship from a sci-fi movie.

      "That's the prop we're going to be using next week for some scenes in 'Galactic War Demons from Pluto'.  This ray gun will be shown shooting out an orange beam of destruction in 'Make a Wish for Global Domination'.  It's amazing how much business there is for companies like mine whether it's action, sci-fi, horror or comedy,"  Byron said as he gestured as various props he had scattered on shelves and tables throughout the room.

      "This is so cool!  Say, do you think any of these stories have roles for a sexy thing like me in the movies that you're working on?"
Naomi asked her host while putting her left hand behind her head in an exaggerated manner.

     Byron chuckled in response to his guest's question.  "Well, I don't have any say over who gets cast in the movies I do the FX for, but I suppose I could talk to the casting directors for some of them to see if they have any openings.  Would you mind if they made you up to look like one of the multi tentacled alien monsters that breathed fire and spewed green ooze from your other orifices?"  he asked with a wry smile.

      Naomi shuddered as she looked up at her host with a grimace on her face.  "  I was thinking maybe I could be dressed in one of those skin tight outfits and carry around a big laser weapon like the chick in that series 'Alien vs Warrior Princess'.  Do you think I have the figure for such a role?" she said as she ran her slender fingers up and down her lithe body.

      Byron openly grinned as he walked over and sat down next to his guest.  "I'll see what I can do.... of course I may want to take a more intimate look at that figure of yours," he said softly as he leaned forward and kissed Naomi gently on the right cheek and then the lips.

      Naomi returned her host's passion with an equal amount of her own as the two started to explore each other's body with their hands.  "Believe me, honey, this is one woman who doesn't need someone to yell 'ACTION!' for this type of role," Naomi murmured as she mentally prepared herself for the fantastic night that laid ahead.

      2 days later...... 

      The dark haired beauty strolled around the expensively decorated office that Byron used for negotiating his various contracts and meeting prospective new clients.  In the right hand corner, there was a fancy glass stand with several large bottles of vodka sitting on the bottom shelf with decanters and glasses lining the other two shelves as well as hanging upside down overhead.

      "This is some fancy little office.... Byron must have a blast when he's entertaining clients,"  Naomi murmured to herself as she walked along the plush white carpeting before settling into a luxurious high-backed black leather chair and waited for Byron to finish talking to some of his employees.

      About ten or so minutes later, a dapper dressed Byron strolled into the main waiting area where he found Naomi waiting for him with a broad smile visible on her face.  He returned the smile while looking around for something he needed that seemed fairly important.

      "Wasn't Sally here to greet you when you got here?"  Byron asked Naomi as he emerged from his office holding what looked like a silver and gold sphere.

      "She was, but then she remembered something about an appointment at some place called Opportunities, Inc. and left in a hurry after getting me a drink and arranging a temp to come in and finish the rest of her day.  How did your meeting go with your prospective clients?"  Naomi asked while gazing towards the empty secretary's desk at the far end of the room.

      "Hmmm... I'll have to talk to Sally about her leaving early when she comes in tomorrow.  As far as the new clients, it was great meeting, though a little on the strange side.  They want to hire my firm for a series of films that are supposed to be science fiction films with a reality TV type twist.  The weird part was that they are insisting on providing all the props themselves instead of my company making them up.  They want my company simply to train the films' actors and actresses in the proper use of the different items they're providing.  Although it makes my job easier, it also means that myself and several of my top assistants are going to be spending the next 3-5 days going over documents and computer files for all the specifications on this stuff," Byron said with a frown, indicating the latter wasn't too appealing.
      "I'm sorry to hear that, Byron.  Once you get done with your office work here, why don't you show me some of the props that these clients want to use so I can become familiar with them?  Maybe if I can get acquainted with them and act properly when they hold auditions for the movie, it'll be easier for them to cast me without too much prodding,"  Naomi said with a broad smile and fluttered her eyes in a seductive manner.

      Looking over at the dark haired beauty, Byron thought to himself that Naomi sounded like a woman who wanted to use him to advance her own career and had no deep interest in him personally.  For now, he figured to play along and perhaps show her that her attention should be directed to him both romantically as well as professionally.  Smiling amicably, Byron gestured towards the doorway and held out his right hand towards Naomi.

     "Well, my dear, let's get the tour started, shall we?" Byron said with a warm smile as he prepared to show Naomi around his company's work area.  The two walked out into what looked like a giant warehouse that had been divided in half with one part for offices and building the different designs and the other half for testing and filming with the props and computer effects they produced.

     "Over here is the three headed lizard we constructed for the film "Earth Invasion : Lizard Style" about three years ago.  The studio was so happy with the product and the amount of money it pulled in that they hired my firm to work exclusively for the three sequels they made afterwards,"  Byron said as he picked up the right arm of a green and black rubber suit hanging in a closet.

     Naomi nodded before wandering over to something that caught her eye.  On a large table near the back of the lot were what appeared to be four props that were fairly large in size and looked some sort of alien weapon props.

      "What are these?  Props for your next contract?"  the dark haired beauty said as she ran her hands over the sleek chrome items.

      "Yes, they are.  In fact, the film's casting director is holding an audition tomorrow for actresses to be used in a scene involving them.  If you want, we can go over the blocking of the scene right now,"  Byron said as a plan began to ferment in his mind of how to deal with Naomi's desire for fame.

      "We can?  That would be so great!  Is there an outfit I can put on here for our little rehearsal?" Naomi said in an excited manner as her eyes darted around for a costume rack.

       "Actually, I was just thinking of that as well.  Go over to the rack of outfits near the robot prop from "Planet of Computerized Death" and pick out something that you think will show off that sexy figure of yours,"  Byron said with a warm smile.

       Roughly thirty minutes later, Naomi emerged from a change room wearing a sexy metallic red leather outfit that consisted of what looked half a halter top that covered her breasts while leaving her midriff bare, an extremely small pair of shorts, and laced boots that accentuated her slender thighs.  When she walked over to Byron slightly swaying her hips, he noted her nipples and areolas were clearly visible through her top indicating that she wore no bra underneath.

      "Wow, you look sensational, baby.  Let's do this rehearsal part back in my office in case any of the maintenance people come by and ask questions,"  Byron said gesturing towards the area they had just left.

      Momentarily perplexed by Byron's request, Naomi nodded and walked quickly back to the area where she waited for his arrival.  She made sure that she walked in front of him the entire time so he could see her ample booty as she walked.

      Once they were inside, Byron asked Naomi to stand over by the liquor stand while he made a few adjustments to the prop gun.  He then disappeared back into his office for a few minutes before reappearing with what looked like a glass vial attached to the prop.

      "The vial is for the light FX we use when shooting this scene.  Now then, Naomi, I need you to stand with your legs  spread apart and your hands tucked behind your head.  You're trying to seduce the man who has just walked in on you unaware that your capture is the reason he's here.  Before you can react, the gun's beam hits you and you're unable to move in the slightest.  Hold still for as long as you can. Do you understand?"  Byron said while fiddling with the prop. 

      "Sure.  I don't understand why you need the vial for a rehearsal though,"  Naomi murmured as she assumed the pose that Byron desired.

      "Well, I also need it to turn you into a mannequin," Byron said with a wicked grin as he depressed the trigger on the gun.  Almost instantly, a beam of white energy shot out from the chrome gadget and enveloped Naomi's entire body from head to toe.

       "Wha....."  Naomi sputtered before the energy hit her and her ability to communicate as well as move disappeared instantly.  She could only watch as Byron pulled over a full length mirror in front of her, presumably so she could see what he planned to do next. 

        To her surprise, she saw that he wasn't doing anything but her body was changing literally by the second.  She saw, as well as felt, her skin change from tan flesh to glossy plastic devoid of blemishes, freckles or any imperfections.  She could see what looked like joint lines appearing on her shoulders, wrists, waist and right leg as if her body was now composed of parts that could be taken apart and stored away.  Naomi's breathing slowed to almost nothing before ceasing altogether with her breasts becoming two mounds of molded plastic with no nipples, areolas or anything else present.

         As the transformation rapidly overtook Naomi's body,  she felt a growing sense that her insides were disappearing as if she was becoming a hollow shell.  She felt her pussy clench shut as if it was wrapping itself around a man's cock before it smoothed over and the area became the same shiny plastic that the rest of her was becoming.  At the same time, she felt her anus form into a smooth tunnel with what could have been a metal plate appearing over it.  As the process neared its conclusion with her eyes turning into lifeless colored glass devoid of humanity like the rest of her now, Naomi  realized just how prophetic Byron's words were.

         "I'M A MANNEQUIN!... I'VE BECOME AN INANIMATE PLASTIC DISPLAY FORM!.... THIS CAN'T BE.. I'M ALIVE, NOT A HUNK OF PLASTIC.... BYRON, YOU BASTARD!!!! "  Naomi screamed in anger and dismay as she stood in silence while Byron walked over to her with a smile on his face.  After a light tap on each of her full breasts with his knuckles produced a hollow sound, his grin grew wider and he looked directly into her eyes with not a trace of regret visible on his face.

         "I suppose I should mention that I was also contracted by the military to test out a new weapon they're planning to use in the future to immobilize opposing combatants in the field.  Of course, I modified the gun to satisfy my own desires and ideas, though they may not be what the military had in mind as you'll soon see," Byron said before bending down and starting to unlace Naomi's boots.


       Naomi thought as she felt herself being tipped to the side as her boots were being removed.  Her train of thought seemed to be changing rapidly as more of her outfit was removed.  When her top was removed, Naomi's thinking was clear once again, though far different than before.

       "I'm a mannequin... I should be wearing what my owner wants me to sell... why am I here?.... I hope he puts me where I can do what I was created for, to display clothes... after all, I'm a plastic display figure... I hope I wear lingerie or swimwear... I will make them look so good...." Naomi thought to herself. 

       Her focus was now on being a good plastic display form and any previous thoughts she had as Naomi quickly vanished.

       "You see, in phase 2, when you're not wearing anything, your thinking reverts to that of a mannequin... made of plastic that exists only to show the clothing you're dressed in," Byron said as he draped his fingertips over her plastic breasts and torso before leaving the room once again.

       "Ooooohhh.... I hope my owner touches me again.. it feels good when my owner dresses me.. I..ohh... he's  picking me up.... I wonder...." the mannequin thought before being picked up and impaled on a display rod that was part of a stand that Byron had brought out.  At the instant that the rod locked into place on the metal plate covering her anus,  Naomi's thinking ceased altogether and her body was now just as lifeless as any other window mannequin one might see.


       "When your plastic body is mounted on a stand, it inhibits all thinking you may have in your current form.  Of course, all this is hypothetical until I transform a subject back to human and I don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon,"  Byron said as he waved his hands in front of Naomi's blank face, which stayed blank.

       "Don't worry, Naomi.  I'll make sure you get to be in a movie soon like you wanted, though it'll be as a background prop more than likely.  If anyone asks about you, I'll say you've decided to travel abroad to make a new life for yourself.  At least part of that will be true..... heh...." Byron said with a chuckle.

       The mannequin that was only a short while ago a young woman named Naomi stared back at Byron in motionless silence.

      "Well, I have to make a call and tell the government that I've tested their weapon once and see if they require further testing.  Don't go anywhere, ok?"  Byron said before turning off the main bank of lights and leaving the office.

       A single overhead light shone dimly down on the nude mannequin that Naomi now was.  Although there wasn't a single thought going through her hollow body right now, if she could think or say anything, it would have been one thing.....

       I'M NAOMI, NOT A MANNEQUIN.....!!!!!!!!!!!


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