by: Commodore

Hello my name is Jason; my ex-girlfriend Sandi had just broken up with me, but unlike with my other break-ups I can see her anytime I want without either of

us getting into a fight.  She doesnÕt say a thing, and I always know where she is so I donÕt have to worry about running into her unexpectedly. But thatÕs the end

of our relationship; let me tell you about the start of it.

            One day four years ago while I was out walking, I came across a young athletically built young woman named Sandi Adams; she stood 5Õ 6Ó with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes the bluest eyes you would ever see. Nice full lips, which she always had pink-rose color lipstick on and a C-cup breasted curvy torso leading to long legs.  She wasnÕt one of those girls who used fingernail polish or much makeup, as a rule she didnÕt like wearing either a bra and or panties. In short, she was the kind of woman whom one could have a hard time believing was real, for she was that hot looking. We didnÕt hit it off right away for we had started just talking, then we became friends before starting dating. While we were dating, we got very comfortable with one and other to the point that we would let the other see other in various states of undress; from time to time she would pretend that like she was frozen and needed me to help her move again. While she was playing this little game, she didnÕt know that I have the power to trap her indefinitely in whatever pose she might happen to be in. I knew this would upset her, so I didnÕt let her know about my ability.

 As time moved along, everything seemed to be going great; I had a fantastic girlfriend and couldnÕt be happier.  That is, until she started to become distant. At first I wasnÕt too worried but as time passed I started to get concerned. One day I decided to follow her and what I found out shocked my world, for I saw her kissing another man and playing the same game that we played. But I decided to try to work it out and for a short time everything went back to the way it was.  Only after another eight months, she was back to being distant again only this time she was playing her games with more than one man.

After discovering this, I knew I had taken all that I could take and decided that if she couldnÕt willingly commit to one man, then I would make her commit to just one: Me. So on our fourth anniversary, without her ever knowing what I had planned, I asked her if we could do something fun together, to which she first replied ÒI donÕt know,Ó but ultimately I was able of get her to play her statue game with me; what she didnÕt know was that soon she wouldnÕt be pretending to be frozen, she would really be frozen.

As a lifeless mannequin, just standing around trapped in her final pose, she became a single-man woman with the only difference being she would have no say into the matter ever again.

HereÕs a photo of just how my Sandi looks, trapped as a mannequin!

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