Class Clown

by Rubberbando

      It was your typical day at school. Jenna (the token goth girl) found herself the butt of yet another one of Staci's (miss popularity) jokes. This time Staci went too far.  She set a bucket of water above the door of the classroom that spilled all over Jenna. Jenna's clothing was ruined and her makeup began to smudge all over her face. Most of all, she looked pissed. Staci, along with the rest of the class, broke out into laughter at Jenna's situation. 

"What's wrong? Is the wicked witch of the west melting?" Staci said sacasticly. 

Jenna looked up in angst and replied, "Don't worry Malibu Barbie, you'll get what is coming to you soon enough!"  Jenna stormed out.

      Jenna stayed up late that night browsing through an old spell book her late grandmother had left her.  About a third of the way through it, she found the perfect spell for revenge, a good old fashioned transformation spell.  Jenna gathered the ingredients needed (including one of Staci's hairs she had swiped from her brush during gym class) and mixed them into a bowl. After about 10 minutes of stiring, the substance took on the consistency of clay. Jenna pulled the clay out of the bowl and it began to glow and shape itself into the nude likeness of Staci.  "Now what would be a fitting form for a class clown..." Jenna thought to herself, grinning all the way.
      Jenna grabbed her model paints and began to paint the clay a bright white all over. Then she painted the hair a bright blue and the lips a deep red.  Next, Jenna pinched the nose and rounded it into a perfect ball and painted that a deep red as well. Afterwards, Jenna laid down for a few minutes to ponder more changes to make.
      Meanwhile, Staci had just gotten up and had started her morning shower. She started sudsing up her body and taking in the wonderful floral scents of her body wash, when she suddenly noticed a change in the smell.  It was like cotton candy!  She looked down and to her horror, she saw her perfectly tan skin begin to fade to a creamy white hue. She peeked her head out of the shower to look at her reflection only to see that her bleached blonde hair was changing to a bright blue color. On top of that, she noticed that her lips had turned a deep red and became somewhat puffy and distorted as well as her nose which turned red and inflated into a perfect sphere, round and shiny and rubbery.  Startled, Staci touched her nose in disbelief and gave it a squeeze.  To her horror, it make a *HONK* noise like a bicycle horn.
      Jenna sat up in her bed with a wicked grin as she thought up more changes for Staci. She walked to her table where she had left the clay figurine and began to fluf fthe hands of the statue and painted the appropriate lines to give them the appearance of white gloves.  Next, Jenna squished the feet of the clay statue and stretched them out so they were long and floppy. Jenna finished them by painting them a shiny red.  Then Jenna went back to her bed and laid down to dream up some more changes.
      Back at Staci's house, Staci was getting a closer look at herself with a hand mirrior. Suddenly, she found her hands getting all puffy and turning into clown gloves. Startled, she dropped her mirror, grabbed her robe and ran out of the bathroom.  On her way down the long hallway of her overpriced Beverly Hills mansion, Staci tripped on her own feet and tumbled to the ground.  When she came to, she noticed that her feet had turned into big floppy clown shoes. She got up and continued back to her bedroom to ponder the situation.
      Meanwhile, Jenna got back up and started playing with the magic clay some more. This time, she dug out an old box of doll clothes she had in her closet. Sifting through them, Jenna finally found what she was looking for.  It was a one piece clown suit that was red with white polka dots all over it. Jenna placed the suit on the clay statue and watched in anticipation as the suit began to meld itself to the clay, becoming one with it.
      Elsewhere, Staci was sitting on her bed at home trying to figure out what to do. When suddenly, Staci found her bathrobe moving around like it had a life of its own.  The robe began to tighten and spread itself all over her body like a second skin. Then it changed from a bright blue, to a red with white polka dots and became all shiny and rubbery like it was made of latex.  Staci now looked like she had been dipped in liquid latex.  Her new second skin even squeaked as she moved and her voice became high pitched as if she had inhaled some helium.
      Back at Jenna's house, Jenna found hersel flaughing uncontrollably at what she had just done. She had one more thing to do before completing the spell. She pulled a small plastic nozzle from her pocket and shoved it into the bellybutton of the clay statue where it was absorbed and disapeared into the statue.  Moments later, Jenna spoke a few magic words to complete the spell. With a loud clap of thunder, the statue vanished and Staci herself appeared before her.
      Staci looked at Jenna with contempt.  "Did you do this to me?" she said in her squeeky voice.

      "I told you I would have my revenge," Jenna chuckled. 

      "Change me back!!" shouted Staci. 

      Jenna crossed her arms and said slyly, "I'll think about it — after you do a few things for me." 

      "Like what?" asked Staci. 

      "Oh, simple things like rub my feet and lick my pussy whenever I want you to," Jenna said smugly. 

      "No way! I won't do it!" Staci protested. 

      "Well, if that's the way you feel. I guess I don't have any more use for you. Playtime's over, " Jenna sighed and reached into Staci's bellybutton and pulled open the plastic valve hidden within.
      Staci's eyes grew wide with a look of shock upon her face as she heard a loud hissing noise fill the room. "What isss happening to meee.." was all Staci could say as she quickly deflated into a brightly colored pile of latex.

      Jenna picked up the limp deflated latex doll that was Staci and said, "Tell you what: You can think about it while I'm at school. Let me know if you change your mind," Jenna laughed wickedly and tossed the doll onto the bed, leaving her nemesis to ponder her new life.


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