The Clockwork Thief

by Zero & FreezAntix

This is the second part of this tale; catch up by reading Part 1 here..   Also you may want to read Ashley’s Invention, a prequel to this story.

Chapter 6

Excelsior Hotel, Bologna, Italy

            Erika moaned in pleasure as she lay on top of Tasia's naked body, her head where the other girl’s groin was and vice-versa, assuming a classic 69 position. Erika was just as naked as Tasia, both not even wearing earrings or something in their hair. Tasia lay spread out on the bed with her legs wide and her arms stretched out sideways, her tongue sticking out from her mouth. "Oh my, I'm so glad you were assigned to my case," gasped Erika as she turned around, her breasts rubbing against Tasia's as she kissed the frozen Greek's neck.

            It had been over half a day since Erika had found out that Interpol was on to her and Monica was still out, arranging a private jet for their next trip. Erika was hoping to leave earlier, since it was now early in the morning, but she'd still managed to get some sleep, Tasia and Lotte making for good quiet company. Still, her pre-ordered breakfast would be arriving in half an hour, so Erika knew she'd need to clean up a bit before her nosy maid Francesca arrived.

            "Oh hell, let her walk in on us," panted Erika as she planted a deep kiss on Tasia's lips, her tongue locking with the Greek's own. Unsurprisingly Erika had wasted a full minute with just one kiss, the billionaire having been known for her incredibly long lip-locks back at UCLA when she'd still been remotely interested in men. Sighing slightly, Erika got up on her knees and slid off the edge of the bed. Placing herself in front of Tasia's feet, Erika reached down and flipped the Greek up onto her heels by pushing down on her ankles. Tasia nearly slammed into Erika like a falling mannequin before the blonde steadied her rigid guest and fixed her pose, putting her at attention with her arms at her sides and her legs together, her mouth closed. "Sorry to leave you, but I think Lotte's a bit lonely, don't you?" asked Erika, getting no response. Erika giggled and planted a kiss in the middle of Tasia's cleavage.

            Walking into the bathroom, Erika smiled at the sight of Lotte standing in naked the bathtub. Erika had posed her there earlier, arranging the German girl to stand in the buff with her hands running through her hair along the sides, her lips formed in the shape of a moan, her eyes squinting slightly. "You look like someone from Playboy," laughed Erika as she stepped into the tub with the frozen Lotte and closed the shower curtain. A moment later hot water sprinkled down on the female pair as they stood in the shower, Erika massaging her smooth body with a sponge bag as she rubbed up against Lotte, the water running down the pair as the bathroom got steamy.

            Following the ten-minute erotic shower Erika felt much better, hanging up the sponge bag on the hot water knob. "Thanks for the company, love," whispered Erika into Lotte's ear, promptly raising the brunette's arms above her head in kissing her passionately. Erika began to run her hands down towards Lotte's soft breasts but stopped when she heard a knock at the door.

            It couldn't be Francesca, as Erika still had at least ten minutes before breakfast was due to arrive. Another knock was heard as Erika cursed to herself and stepped out of the shower, slipping on a towel and a pair of fluffy white slippers from the New York Hilton hotel. A third knock occurred as Erika continued to curse while walking towards the door, her  left hand holding the white towel closed across her torso with her damp hair hanging from her head like a mop. Erika looked into the fisheye peephole that the room had and then dropped her towel in surprise; four women she recognized from the palace were there outside!

            The woman with reddish-brown hair stood in front of the door in a gray business dress, the taller brunette behind her dressed almost exactly the same, though her dress was a bit lighter in shade. The familiar Hui stood near the door dressed casually in a black tank top and jeans, and the tall blond that Erika remembered from London was at the back of the grouping in a white shirt with really short sleeves and enough neck room to show some cleavage, with black pants seen further down. All four women looked at the door intently. Erika leaned back from the peephole and licked her lips in excitement mixed with anticipation. They had to all be from Interpol, she realized, which meant if she had to deal with them she could have a lot more fun doing it. Unfortunately Tasia, a member of the same organization, was standing naked in the room with enough Type-7 drug in her slim body to keep her in a statue-like state for a week. If that wasn't enough, a kidnapped German tourist was in her shower, though she probably wasn't reported missing yet. As the woman with reddish-brown hair raised her hand to the door to knock again Erika relaxed her mind into that particular daydream that froze time around her and the woman’s loose fist froze mere inches from the door.  It was very quiet.

            "Okay, plan," muttered Erika to herself, grabbing her purse from the floor and pulling out a stick of gum to chew on to help her focus. "They might think I'm the thief, which is who I am, but they can't have enough to arrest me since no video feed should have a shot of me with something I stole out in the open. They may however be wondering about Lotte or Tasia. Lotte wasn't supposed to be missed, not for a while, so I doubt it’s her. We scrubbed down Tasia' room pretty well, but maybe they're just here to interrogate me about Tasia's disappearance as a witness. Okay, that's no big deal. If the worst comes to worst I can always drug them, but lets see if I can get out of this without doing that... " More relaxed, Erika threw her purse onto the bed and picked up the fallen towel, drying herself off on the spot as she admired Tasia's nude glory.  As long as she kept her mind focused, she had all the time in the world.

            Once Erika was dry, she returned to the bathroom and quickly dried Lotte; making sure not to get too excited by the practice as not to accidentally have time start again. Once Lotte was dry, Erika carefully carried her back into the main room while she still remained there standing in her somewhat sexy pose with her hands above her head. Erika then went to work dressing the pair, digging out their bras from under the bed and covering their exquisite orbs. Following this, Lotte was re-posed to stand at attention and promptly laid out on the bed so her panties could be slid back on. Once this was done Erika did the same with Tasia, the woman's dark underwear covering her bikini wax. Erika couldn't help but kiss Tasia while she lay helplessly prone, extremely pleased that the Greek was now hers. After finishing covering up the two kidnapped women, Erika carefully lifted up Lotte at the knees and shoulders and, with a bit of difficulty, slid the attractive brunette under the bed; effectively out of sight. A moment later Erika did the same with her favorite redhead. To ensure neither woman would be spotted from their hiding places Erika fixed the sheets and blanket that covered the bed, letting them droop down to the floor. The belongings of the two women that she hadn't thrown out also went under the bed so anything involving kidnapping was hidden away from prying eyes.

            Erika's next task was to get dressed and hide her collection of drugs, which besides the Type-7 sedative also included some Italian cannabis that was Monica's favorite; some mirtazapine anti-depressants, which Monica and Erika had tried after finding it in Tasia's purse; and thiothixene, Erika's tranquilizer of choice before receiving the Type-7. The drugs were stuffed into the bottom of Erika's designer bag and placed on the counter. Erika planned to get dressed next but then realized that the dolly used to carry Lotte into the room was still out in the open by the balcony. Sighing at how absent-minded she and Monica could be, Erika opened the sliding door and pushed the dolly outside. Looking down Erika saw that the road below was empty, allowing the blond billionaire to simply push the metal cart over the side. There was a loud crash as the handcart hit the pavement and broke into several pieces, but Erika was already closing the sliding door.

            With the room more or less in order, minus the chairs for the coffee table, which were parted near the door, Erika got dressed. The day had appeared to be a bit cool so Erika selected a tight-fitting powder blue top with sleeves that reached down to her elbows but with a neck low enough to show a hint of cleavage. To add to that Erika selected a pair of ivy green shorts that stopped only half an inch above her knees. Erika then accessorized with a pair of white false ivory earrings that were effectively disks and a somewhat light shade of pink lipstick. For a final touch, the blonde drew her hair back into a low ponytail, which gave her a slight air of sophistication. Pleased with her appearance, Erika finished up her work on the room by returning the chairs to the coffee table and heading for the door.  To the frozen foursome outside, not even a split-second had passed while Erika was setting the scene.

* * *

            "Are you room service?" asked Erika as she opened the door, surprising Lucienne as the older woman had been about to knock again. Having seen the commercials for Stone's company, Lucienne and the others had been expecting her to be dressed in a bikini or something extremely revealing, thus they were taken aback by the fact that you could barely even see any part of her breasts, unless you considered the fact that her scooped shirt left little to the imagination.

            "No Miss Stone, we're with Interpol," explained Lucienne, pulling out her badge from her jacket pocket and showing it to one of the world's richest women. "We'd like to ask you a few questions, if that's all right with you."

            "What's this about?" asked Erika, eying the four agents a bit suspiciously. Hui and Cassandra, the resident experts on facial expression changes, were ultimately unsure if her surprise and actions were out of the ordinary.

            "Your neighbor, a Miss Serafina Costanzo of Rome, Italy, was reported missing," explained Cassandra, paying close attention to how Erika reacted to the news.

            "I see," muttered Erika, her eyes widening. The reaction was a typical one, Cassandra observed, but didn't seem quite right somehow. Erika clearly wasn't as surprised as she should have been, but precisely what she was hiding was another story. "Come in; pardon the mess," offered the wealthy blonde, opening the door wider so the four agents could enter. All four women were carrying USPs openly, Cassandra and Lucienne having them sticking out from their belts while Hui's was on the back of her belt and Marika's was holstered more towards the front. Marika, at the back of the group, saw Erika eye the weapons as the women entered but considered that to be typical, since she doubted the billionaire spent a lot of time around people with guns. Hui and Cassandra crossed the hotel room floor, quickly electing to take the coffee table seats. Marika stood back near the long counter and leaned against it, casually scanning the room, while Lucienne and Erika sat on the foot of the bed, only a few feet apart.

            "Did you know Miss Costanzo at all?" asked Lucienne as Erika seemed to look at the French woman's hair, which was done up in a bun.

            "We met in the lobby last night, but that's about it," admitted Erika, tapping two of her fingers on her knee. "A redhead, right? Yeah, she was all dressed up and I heard her mention something that sounded like the word 'date' in her cell phone while I was walking through the lobby."

            "Did you speak to her at all?" interjected Marika from the counter.

            "A bit; she recognized me," replied Erika with a somewhat sad smile. "I'd just gotten back from dinner with my travel agent and I was hoping to just come up here and relax, maybe watch some television and take a nice bath. She came up to me and asked me what I was doing in Bologna. I told her I was just on vacation and that I needed to be going, but she insisted on talking about how we were neighbors and such. Cute girl, but way too talkative." Lucienne found herself slightly aroused by how Erika talked, well aware of the rumors that she was a lesbian. Erika however kept glancing over at Hui, perhaps interested in the Chinese woman due to a fetish or something.

            "So you're here on vacation, then?" asked Hui, taking advantage of her eye contact with the suspect. "Why are you staying in this room when there are more opulent suites in other hotels? You've amassed one of the biggest fortunes in the world, Miss Stone. Are you slumming?" Cassandra smiled at Hui's remark, knowing that as low-key as the hotel was, it was hardly slumming. The room was fit for upper middle class patrons, perhaps even lower high class ones .

            "I just hate all the press I get, and if you take a smaller room that sends the message that you want to be left alone," explained Erika, seemingly ignoring Hui's jab. "Please call me Erika; Miss Stone makes me feel so old... "

            "I can sympathize with that," laughed Hui, breaking some of the tension in the room.

            "You've been traveling around quite a bit, Erika," Cassandra told their hostess. "According to your flight records you've been to New York, Cairo, Paris, London, Athens... are you aware that you've been in these cities at the same time that major thefts have been committed?" Cassandra knew the remark was a risk, but figured it was worth a shot.

            "If you're going to accuse me of having a connection to that, then talk to my lawyers," snapped Erika, clearly offended. "After completing a few business deals I decided to go on a world tour of sorts. Last time I checked, that doesn't warrant an Interpol investigation."

            "Sorry about that, but it had to be said," offered Lucienne, shooting Cassandra a warning glance. "We've been told you're sharing this room with someone. Is this person around?"

            "That person is Monica, my travel… agent," explained Erika, which caused her guests to raise their eyebrows in surprise. "Now you know why I'm traveling a bit low-key. Monica's done so much for me over the years, so I figured I owed her. She's out arranging us a flight to Moscow at the moment. I was hoping to see the Kremlin."

            "We'd like to talk to her before you leave," insisted Lucienne. "She may know something you don't, after all."

            "Of course," agreed Erika. Just then there was a knock at the door. "Oh, that must be my breakfast." Erika stood up and opened the door to the hotel room, revealing Francesca the maid with a cart covered with a breakfast setting. There was toast, bacon, eggs, sausage rounds, a fruit bowl and whipping cream as well as a teapot filled with Erika's favorite, the classic Earl Grey tea. On the second level of the card were several dishes, including teacups and saucers. "I don't suppose I can offer you some tea?" asked Erika, glancing back at her guests.

            Lucienne looked around at her team members and Hui, nodded to her with a slight grin. She could tell that Erika was feeling a bit suspicious and the tea would cool things down a bit. Maybe with Erika relaxed she would slip up and reveal some important information. “Please, that would be nice,” Lucienne replied with a nod.

            “Oh lovely,” Erika said, clasping her hands together. “Francesca, please set out the food on the table, I’ll take care of tea.”

            “Of course, Ms. Stone,” Francesca nodded. This was a change from the way she usually did everything, but the maid figured since there were guests present Erika wanted to act differently. Francesca smiled warmly at the other four women in the room as she began setting up the breakfast platters on the coffee table.

            “Is Monica, your travel agent, going to be back soon?” Cassandra asked as Erika started to hand out a saucer and cup to each of her guests. Cassandra had to admit that she was feeling a little star-struck, being served by perhaps the richest woman in the free world, if you didn't count the trophy wives of the select few male trillionaires.

            “I actually have no idea when she is going to be back, since she usually comes back whenever she is finished but this is Italy, so she might have gone sight seeing,” Erika replied, snapping her gum and handing a cup and saucer to Cassandra. “Sorry; bad habit,” She added with a quick smile, which Cassandra wasn’t sure was fake or real.

            “Miss Stone, could you explain to us why your fingerprints were found at all of the locations where the thefts have taken place and why you were not accounted for afterwards?” Marika asked, the tall blonde speaking for the first time in a while.  She was clearly the strong, silent, type.

            “Please, call me Erika,” Erika requested as she retrieved the fancy teakettle from the breakfast cart along with a handful of tea bags. “And to answer your questions, I have no idea how my prints ended up at those locations, I must have touched something at some point. I get excited around fancy things and sometimes I can’t help myself,” she replied with a smile as she poured some hot water from the kettle into Cassandra’s cup and handed her a tea bag.

            “Erika, how about not being accounted for after the theft?” Hui asked, repeating the second half of Marika’s probing question as Erika served Hui her tea and continued on to Marika.

            Erika eyed Marika and smiled warmly, remembering how the tall woman had looked in the buff and replied, “I get bored easily so I just left, but also I wasn’t aware I had to stay.”

            “After a theft such as the ones we are dealing with, everyone that was in the area is required to stay until the authorities have gathered enough information.” Lucienne stated as Erika served her.

            “Francesca darling, why don’t you get a cup and saucer for yourself too; you’ve been working so hard, the least you could do is have a break for some tea,” Erika suggested kindly to the waiting maid, who stood by her cart, taking in everything that was being asked and answered.

            “Oh, thank you, Ms. Stone,” Francesca replied in her accented English as she took up Erika’s offer, taking a cup and saucer from the second level of her cart.

            “Well I wasn’t aware there was a crime being committed; as if I had I can assure you I would have stayed just to see what was going on and help out of course. It's not every day I get to see an actual investigation in progress,” Erika replied as she poured some hot water and handed Francesca a tea bag.

            “Why were you dressed differently in Cairo and Athens?” Cassandra asked, dipping her tea bag into her cup and looking over at Erika, who was now eying the food atop the coffee table cutely. Cassandra studied Erika facial expression; she was indeed a gorgeous woman but the evidence was mounting against her.

            “I just felt like it, plus it helps to keep oneself incognito,” Erika replied with a hint of annoyance, sitting down Indian style at the coffee table across from Hui and Cassandra. Taking a nearby napkin, she spit her gum out into it and tossed the napkin towards a waste basket, the wad of paper making it in. She smiled brightly like a child and agent Hui grinned to her slightly. Erika noted that everyone, including the Francesca the maid, had their tea prepared. “Well ladies, I would like to enjoy my breakfast without any more questions at least for twenty minutes or so and then we can continue. Would that be alright?” Erika asked, looking around at the four Interpol agents who surrounded her. Francesca looked down at her cup awkwardly, wishing she wasn’t in the room as she had just noticed all of the other women had guns and that killed her curiosity.

            “Very well, Erika,” Lucienne said with smile. She was feeling strongly attracted to Erika, having had some time to admire the billionaire’s body as she served them tea. Lucienne also noted that Erika was also difficult to read, making her feel a little suspicious. The attractive blonde was hiding something, though it was a gut feeling there was something there but she just couldn’t put her finger on it. Maybe later with Erika’s permission they could search the room and put Lucienne’s gut feeling to rest. A question from Cassandra snapped Lucienne from her train of thought as she sipped her tea.

            “When will your travel agent return?” Cassandra asked again, a poor attempt to catch Erika off-guard. Lucienne threw another look at her friend and co-worker: she loved Cassandra like a sister but the woman was bit too pushy when it came to interrogating.

            Erika continued to stack food on her plate with hungry eyes and didn't look up at the British agent sitting across from her. “Every day for the past 20 or so odd-years I have enjoyed a quiet breakfast and I would like to have that now. Monica will return when she returns and until then, could you just let me eat in peace? Afterward I will be more than delighted to be interrogated,” Erika replied almost seriously and sans the friendliness that she had exhibited only seconds ago.

            Hui, sitting next to Cassandra, could feel the negative energy between the two women and interjected before Cassandra could speak and possibly do something that the senior agent would regret. “Sorry Erika, we will continue once you have eaten, thank you for the tea,” Hui apologized with a nod and smile. Erika did not reply and remained focused on her food with a smug look on her face.

            Cassandra looked over across at Lucienne who sipped her tea with a warning glare towards her friend, shaking her head slightly as a warning for the British agent to back off. Hui, at her side, sipped her tea, looking around the room calmly as usual. Marika, leaning against the counter, was looking down at her tea lost in her thoughts, organizing information and doing what came natural to forensic experts. The maid stood next to her cart looking around the room awkwardly with her tea cup to her lips and Cassandra could tell the tall girl didn’t want to be there.

* * *

            Everything went dead silent around the room as Erika chomped down on a piece of toast with some grape jelly smeared over its crusty surface. She took a forkful of eggs and bacon before looking around the room. The only thing that could be heard was Erika’s chewing. The five women who surrounded her were frozen in place. She smiled with her bulging with the food in her mouth. I guess it has come to this and now I will have some fun with all of you, your reward for knowing too much.

          Erika stood and moved to her black backpack sitting at the end of the counter, removing the silver thermos of Type-7. She chewed her food gingerly as she unscrewed the top and poured the water-like material into it. She looked around the room at her own personal wax museum: the French woman, Hui and Francesca had their cups up to their lips. The British agent was raising her cup to her lips and the tall blonde leaning against the counter was a wild card as she was just staring down at her cup. Erika gulped down her food as she took the couple of steps to the blonde’s side and poured a little of the Type-7 into the teacup. Putting the lid filled with Type-7 aside, Erika pried the cup from Marika’s hand and then leaned her head back, opening her stiff jaw and pouring a good amount of the drug-laced tea into her mouth. Erika placed the cup back in Marika’s hand and left her head leaned back to be sure the liquid reached its location. She wiped off some dribble with her hand before moving to the British agent with the thermos-lid full of the sedative.  One by one, she visited them all, and the maid as well.

            Completing her cycle of guests at Lucienne, Erika noted that she still had a quarter of the sedative left in the lid. She poured the French senior agent a measured amount and then went back to Cassandra and poured the rest of the measure into her rising cup. “That’s for all the sticky questions, love,” Erika cooed, kissing the suspended Brit on the cheek. She replaced the lid along with the thermos back into her backpack and sat back down at her dish, picking up another slice of toast. With a blink everything was back to normal, for the next few seconds at least.

            Marika gulped the liquid that had suddenly appeared in her throat and had a puzzled look on her face as she looked back down and froze, suspended, unnoticed by her team members. Hui sat quietly suspended with the cup still up to her lips and eyes looking up at the ceiling. Cassandra took a sip of her tea and as she lowered the cup she suddenly stopped and stared blankly at Erika who was smiling brightly. Erika turned around to see Francesca and then Lucienne frozen in place with cups to their lips. Erika threw her head back and laughed wildly at her now statue-like guests. She chuckled to herself as she went back to finish her breakfast in peace. A shot of watered-down Type-7 could freeze a person for roughly three hours, which was what Erika took when she needed a nap. The amount in the agents’ teacups was enough to last a good chunk of a day, at least five times the amount of a shot. Cassandra would be the worst off, her tea-to-sedative ratio was almost even, meaning she'd be frozen for at least a day or longer. There was plenty of time for Erika to have her fun.

* * *

            Erika finished her breakfast, leaving a mess on the table and a little food left over for Monica if she was hungry when she returned. Afterwards Erika made a call to Monica, telling her that she had a surprise waiting for her when she got back. Monica couldn’t wait but was still stuck setting things up for their departure, the private jet bogging things down, and told Erika she’d be as soon as she could. Erika then went out and placed a 'do no disturb' sign outside the door to make sure no popped in on her and her little tableaux of guests. Returning to the suspended ladies, Erika began moving them about, arranging them by size and posing them to stand at attention side by side for further inspection of her new pose-able statues. She also removed Lotte and Tasia from their hiding spots, being that it was safe once again for them to be in view. Stripping her two prizes, Tasia and Lotte were soon lusciously bare once again so they could stand in the buff at attention, flanking the bed. Erika vigorously kissed both of her naked dolls once before stripping herself naked and returning to her waiting guests.

            Erika fondled her own breasts with anticipation as she looked down the row of blank stares before her. She had arranged her guests by height and removed their guns. She hated guns; they always made her nervous. The four guns in holsters now sat at the edge of the counter along with the four wallets and IDs that Erika had also retrieved so she could know who exactly was chasing after her. All in all, she realized, they were quite an elite team.  Standing first in line from left to right was Marika. The tall blond, like the other four women, stood motionlessly at attention, legs together and arms at her sides. She bore the same puzzled look she'd had when she'd realized she had drunk something unusual. Erika thought it was cute and left her face that way, at least for the time being. Standing to her right was Francesca, whose face bore a blank look as her brown eyes stared past Erika and her pink lips were slightly parted. On the maid’s right was Cassandra who, for being the pushiest of the bunch, Erika had molded her face in an exaggerated appearance so that her mouth was opened wide along with her eyes, giving her a horrified look. Erika giggled to herself as she eyed the Brit’s enduringly surprised facial expression. To Cassandra’s right was the leader of group, Senior agent Lucienne Christophe, her lips pursed in the position they had been when she was sipping her tea with her large brown eyes staring emptily forward in Lotte’s direction. Finishing off the row, the shortest and cutest of Erika’s frozen guests was Hui, whose lips remained parted as her almond eyes stared up at the ceiling.

            “So we meet again, Hui...  since you’re the sweetest and cutest you’re going to get naked first; now let’s see what kind panties you have on today,” Erika purred seductively as she sauntered towards the Chinese agent. Raising the shorter woman’s arms over her shoulders, Erika removed the black tank top, revealing Hui’s familiar breasts wrapped in a white cotton bra with pink bow prints all over it. Leaving Hui standing with her arms raised, Erika knelt down and worked on her tight jeans and soon they were sitting at Hui’s ankles. To Erika’s surprise, Hui’s landing strip womanhood was masked in a hot pink thong. “Whoa; shocker!” Erika squealed as the thong joined the jeans at Hui’s ankles. She removed the bra along with Hui’s socks and shoes. Tossing the bundle of clothes aside, Erika lowered Hui’s arms and let her eyes take in the compact Chinese woman’s naked form once again. Giving Hui a passionate kiss on her soft pink lips Erika moved to her left.

           Looking into Lucienne’s empty eyes as she undid the French woman’s pony tail, Erika realized this would be the first time she would be seeing the senior agent naked. “I think I’ll save you for last,” Erika cooed, looking down Lucienne’s sharp-looking gray suit and nylon covered legs over black heels.

           “I like you so much more this way sweetie,” Erika whispered into Cassandra’s unhearing ear as she looked at the wide-eyed and open-mouthed woman. She smiled evilly as she began to unbutton the gray business coat. “This suit is so tight on you dear, you’ll feel so much better once it’s off; and so will I,” Erika cooed, opening the coat up and eying Cassandra’s firm round breasts wrapped in a satin red half-bra.  Cassandra remained posed in place with a horrified expression on her face. She was now naked with her arms extended out in front of her like a zombie.

           Standing to her right, the maid Francesca stood in her birthday suit with her bare long arms raised over her head. Her dark curly hair was out of its bun now and rested over her shoulders gracefully. The maid had perfectly globular breasts and upon further inspection Erika noted they were fakes, but well-done fakes at that.  She enjoyed them a bit, along with Francesca’s clean shaven mound before moving on to examine Marika.

        Marika was naked, like everyone else in the room except for Lucienne, who remained fully dressed between the naked Hui and Cassandra. Marika’s blond locks were out of her ponytail and rested past her shoulders with her hands arranged running through them. Erika tossed the bundle of clothing and footwear into the corner of the room to join Hui’s clothing before returning to the row of living statues.

        She noted that Cassandra and Hui were the only two women of the naked collection that had hair covering their womanhoods. “I think a bit of grooming is in order,” Erika said, grabbing hold of the tall Brit from around the waist and dragging her towards the bathroom.

* * *

            Monica stepped out of the elevator with a sigh. Italian wasn’t her best language and she had been speaking it, or attempting to, all day. She was pretty sure everything was going to work out as her boss has planned, the only part that was not a 100 percent sure-on was the deal with the airport, as she had the most difficulty dealing with getting a plane and passport visas ready for their trip to Japan. Even though the clerk had told her everything was ready and good to go for Erika, Monica still was not totally sure that the Italian clerk had understood her properly. She had arranged for a truck to arrive down in the hotel’s loading docks within the next couple of hours to pick up Erika and her along with their two special guests. She needed a couple of hours of rest, the travel agent thought, taking off her heels and walking barefoot to the hotel room door. She noted the 'do not disturb' tag outside and remembered Erika’s phone call a couple of hours before. Taking out her key card, Monica impatiently opened the door to the room.

            Shutting the door behind her and dropping her heels, Monica was welcomed by the sight of Lotte and Tasia like two sculptures locked in a passionate lover’s embrace while sitting on one of the two chairs. Lotte was seated with legs wide and her arms wrapped around Tasia, who was sitting on top of the German over her bare thigh, kissing Lotte on the neck like vampire. Tasia’s hand was wrapped around Lotte’s breasts tightly in their heated pose. Sitting the other chair, also waxwork-still, was another blond Monica had seen from one of Erika’s photos; the tall woman was seated wide-legged with her head thrown back, eyes shut and mouth open. The blond’s hands cupped her own breasts and sitting between her long sexy legs was a woman who Monica recognized to be Francesca the maid, sitting naked on her knees with her eyes open sleepily and her tongue actually inside the tall blond’s womanhood. “How hot…” Monica muttered in awe, looking at the pose. Looking away from the two erotic poses, Monica noted the plate of food that Erika had set aside for her. On her way back to the hotel she had been a bit hungry but now she was horny; with her sex trumped food any day.

            Looking away from the food, Monica noticed there was someone lying on the bed but they were covered by the blanket like a dead body at a morgue. She crept over to bed to have a peek, thinking it was Erika hiding to surprise her. Reaching over Monica started to lift the blanket, expecting Erika to pop out naked. “I wonder who’s under this blanket?” Monica asked loudly, smiling and expecting Erika to start giggling as she neared.

            Suddenly Erika's lips were locked against Monica's; both were nude and swirling steam surrounded them. They were lying on the tiled floor of the bathroom, where Monica felt her nakedness and Erika’s breasts pressing against hers. Instead of figuring out what had happened, Monica played along, already knowing Erika had stopped time, much like the first time the heiress had revealed her gift to her a little over a year ago. Erika chuckled softly as she kissed Monica on the neck, Monica wrapped her legs around Erika’s as she moaned sensuously. “Is everything set?” Erika asked cutely, resting her face between Monica’s breasts.

            “Uh huh…” Monica moaned erotically with her eyes closed. “I like your surprise, sweetie,” She added with a chuckle, looking down at the blonde whose hair was sleeked back revealing her Goddess like features and crystal blue eyes.

            “You haven’t seen it all yet, love,” Erika said, smiling and sitting up over Monica’s hips abruptly, making her natural breasts jiggle from the sudden movement.

            “Oh?” Monica asked, grinning, “There’s more?” Monica sat up on her elbows and looked around the steaming bathroom, then noticing there were two other ladies standing in the room with them.  It was no surprise at all that both were frozen stiff, even when time flowed normally.

            Erika hopped off happily from her friend and stood. “Yup, check ‘em out.”

            Monica stood, noting her clothing bunched up in the corner of the room, and then looked around to see a naked brunette woman lying spread eagled on the floor not too far from where Erika and her had been. The woman was a little taller than her and had a gorgeous body, large round breasts proportional to her frame and a clean-shaven womanhood. Monica laughed out loud, seeing there was one of her dildos stuffed inside the woman. Looking up at the woman’s face, which bore a sleepy look with eyes dreamily at half staff and lips open in a drunken grin.  The woman’s long brown hair, like her body, was wet and was slicked back. “Nice, who is she?” Monica asked.

            “This is Special Agent Cassandra Flick of Interpol, England,” Erika introduced, kneeling down beside the naked Brit and rubbed her smooth wet thighs, then playing with the dildo, moving it in and out. “She’s kind of like a bitch in person, but as you can see she’s not too bad in this form,” Erika added with a smile, seeing her friend show a sign of nervousness looking down at the naked police officer. “Don’t worry honey, you know she can’t move a muscle right now,” Erika said while standing up and kissing Monica.

            Monica smiled weakly, accepting the fact that there was no turning back and she had to trust Erika’s actions. Looking over at the tub, Monica saw an Asian woman sitting there with her bare legs sticking out of the tub and bent at the knees, her back resting against the other end. Like Cassandra the woman was naked. Her hands were behind her head; her black hair was wet and slicked back away from her flawless face. Monica smiled at the woman, who was smiling cutely at her. The woman’s wet skin looked to be really healthy and creamy looking. Her small but round breasts bore pink nipples, which were rare for an Asian woman and her womanhood clean-shaven like Cassandra's.

            “This is Special Agent Hui Lan of Interpol, China; hey you want to see something cool?” Erika asked, smiling and picking up a long fat blue dildo from the floor. She then settled between Hui’s creamy thighs and carefully worked utmost length of the dildo into the small woman.

            “Oh my…” Monica winced. Erika had shoved that same dildo into her too and the experience was not pleasant, but Hui kept a smiling face.

            “Her pussy is the loosest one so far… she’s probably the slut of the bunch, or just had some bad relationships. I guess it’s true what they say about them Chinese,” Erika laughed as she stood back up, leaving the dildo inside of the Chinese woman. “Straight bitch…”

            The two naked unfrozen women left the steaming bathroom arm in arm and headed back out to the main room. Monica was surprised to see there was still someone under the covers and stared at the bed curiously. Erika met her gaze and smiled. “That’s coming up sweetie,” Erika promised, moving to her little pink suitcase, affectionately called her treasure chest, which contained all of her sex toys. She moved the pink case to the foot of the bed for easy access. “Before I show you the last surprise, I'd like you to meet Special Agent Marika Heino of Interpol, Finland and you already know our chamber maid Francesca,” Erika announced, gesturing to the seat the two naked ladies were posed at.

            “We should join Interpol; there are so many hot cops,” Monica joked with a laugh.

            “I know, right?” Erika laughed along with her friend. “And now our final guest, who I have saved for our enjoyment,” Erika said as she jerked the blankets off the bed, uncovering Lucienne, who was still fully-dressed and was laid out straight with her heel-covered feet pointing directly up and her hands clasped over her stomach. She looked like a display mannequin that had stiffly fallen into bed. “This is their leader, special agent Lucienne Christophe of Interpol, France.” Erika introduced, crawling into the bed and sitting to Lucienne’s right.

            Monica followed suit and crawled on the bed on Lucienne’s left. The woman was stunning; her shoulder length reddish-brown hair resting on the pillow and over her shoulders. Her brown eyes were staring straight up and her lips were parted showing white teeth. Monica already could tell the woman had an awesome body. “Let’s get her naked!”

            Erika grinned evilly as she ripped opened Lucienne’s business coat, sending buttons flying everywhere. Monica stripped off the French woman’s heels and began to work the skirt of her stiff hips. Within seconds Lucienne’s business suit was strewn on the floor and she was laid out on top of the bed with her arms raised above her head. Her slim body was clad in a black lacy bra, black silk bikini-style panties, and a black lacy garter belt that connected with her nude thigh-high stockings. Monica and Erika looked down at the woman with eager and hungry eyes. They descended over Lucienne’s stiff form like mad animals over prey, ripping off her undergarments as if they were food until she was completely naked. With the French woman now naked, Erika eyed her pair of perfect round breasts, sexy core which only had a slight bruise over the ribs but the clean shaven mound turned her past that. Monica did the same, rubbing her hands over the woman’s bare thighs.

            “How long do we have?” Erika asked, barely able to contain her arousal, her eyes locked on the French woman’s statuesque body.

            “We have time…” Monica replied, licking her lips.

            “I got her tits you, get her pussy…” Erika ordered almost forcefully and leaned over the bed to retrieve her treasure box.


Chapter 7

Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan

            "Attention Miss Stone, Miss Stein; we've been asked to wait here for some reason," the pilot told his passengers over the intercom. The plane was a small Cessna Citation, one Monica had chartered. Besides the pilot and his co-pilot there was only the two passengers, who sat next to the left wing of the plane, and a flight attendant who, due to the hastiness of the preparations, was male. Erika had been steamed due to the presence of the man, having hoped to have a mid-flight romp with with a cute little stewardess. In her anger, Erika had purposely drugged Monica's tea and left her frozen for the entire flight, posed with sunglasses on and her head leaned back so it would look like she was sleeping. Ultimately Erika had regretted the hasty action, wanting some sexual activity during the flight and having incapacitated her favorite partner. After watching a pornographic film on her movie screen Erika had decided to get her frustration out by having the flight attendant, a Portuguese man named Marcelo, join her in the Mile High club. Marcelo had seemed fine with it, and Erika suspected he was a bit of a gigolo, nor could he tell when a woman was faking it.

            "What's thebig  deal?" asked Monica, finally recovering from her drug-induced rest.

            "They want us to wait on the aircraft," replied Erika, sitting tensely in her seat while Marcelo was in the back galley mixing a Martini.

            "Uh oh... " muttered Monica, realizing what the delay could mean.

            "Okay; I left you comatose for the entire flight for screwing up the jet arrangements, and now you're telling me there's another problem?" groaned Erika, too quiet for Marcelo to hear.

            "They don't usually delay an aircraft unless there's a problem with something onboard, or they can't find a disembarking ladder," admitted Monica. "The thing is, I can see the ladder out my window. Something's up, but I have no idea what. That's the last time I work with some dumb-ass Italian... "

            "Okay, I'll take the blame this time, since I did say you needed to book this as fast as you could," offered Erika, rubbing her temples. Just then sirens could be heard as Marcelo offered Erika her martini.

            "Airport police; that can't be good," muttered Marcelo as he glanced out a window on the right side of the aircraft. "Má notícia, princesa bonita."

            "Dammit, what now?" asked Erika, downing her drink in a deep gulp, standing, and moving towards the cockpit. Since it was a private jet, the security features employed by major airlines weren't installed; only a curtain separated the passengers from the pilots.

            "Terminal police, they're setting up a ladder for you," explained the plane's captain, an older American man named Willy Blake. The co-pilot, a slightly younger man, merely shrugged.

            "I hope you guys got the proper permission to land, or there's going to be a lawsuit," swore Erika, exiting the cockpit. In the back of the aircraft Monica was standing by the open door with Marcelo.

            "They want to talk to you," explained Monica, pointing out the door. Glancing out the windows as she walked, Erika saw two police cars were parked in front of a disembarking mobile staircase, four officers standing right in front of the last step. None had a weapon out, but Erika did see the familiar glint of metallic handcuffs.

            "Well then lets talk to them," muttered Erika as she came within an arm's reach of Monica and promptly reached out and squeezed the agent’s hand, focusing her thoughts. Erika then turned to look down the steps and saw two men and two women in police uniforms standing below, but none of them so much as blinked.

            "Alright, you go try and find out why they're here while I go get our luggage," Erika told Monica, the only other person currently capable of moving. Erika walked back to her seat to grab a piece of gum from her purse while Monica hurried down the steps to examine the four officers. The Japanese police officers were almost exact opposites of one another: one of the men was tall, old and apparently balding while the other was short, young and had a full head of hair combed back with gel; the women meanwhile had an older, taller one with short business-like hair while the other was young and a bit short with shoulder-length hair combed back behind her ears. All four wore light-blue short-sleeved buttoned shirts and dark blue lower-body coverings; the men wearing pants while the women had skirts and pantyhose. Only the balding man was wearing a hat, no doubt a poor attempt to hide his hair problem. The older man stood closest to the two black and white police cruisers with what appeared to be a warrant in his hands while the older woman and younger man stood on either side of the stairs and the young woman was straight below them with cuffs in her hands. The two flanking officers had their hands resting gently on their Taser guns.

            Monica drifted over to the senior male officer and snatched the paper from his fixed hands while Erika exited the craft with their two large suitcases, almost falling down the stairs as she went and knocking over the older woman by accident as she reached the paved apron; the female officer was now laying on her left side while Erika rolled her shoulders and looked at the young rookie, who had to be no older than twenty-five, in front of her. "Oh shit... " gasped Monica as she read the paper. "Erika, that Italian bitch didn't file our visa paperwork properly! Neither one of us can legally be here in this country!"

            "Crap," muttered Erika, ripping the blouse off of the younger female officer. "Alright, go get our companions while I deal with these guys... " Monica darted back up into the plane while Monica continued to strip the young officer, soon leaving her completely naked with bright red nipples and somewhat uneven breasts, her arms spread out at her sides with a serious look remaining frozen on her face. "You need a little action," decided Erika, examining the woman's groin and seeing that there was no sign that she wasn't a virgin. Deciding to solve that problem, Erika stripped the young male officer down to nothing, gasping when she saw how big his steak was, both in comparison with other men as well as compared to his own potatoes. After a bit more posing the man and woman were locked together on the ground, the man on top with his member firmly inside her womanhood, the pair were then handcuffed together at the wrists by the two sets of cuffs, one from each officer. For a laugh, Erika had left their faces blank, so both looked extremely bored as they lay there, their faces only an inch apart, their eyes gazing at each other with a glassy appearance to them. As Erika finished her work Monica dragged the large black trunk down the stairs, which contained the sedated Tasia and Lotte.

            "Good thing they all have wheels," observed Erika, noting that all three pieces of luggage they had were equipped with typical rollers so that they didn't have to be carried. "Lets cuff up the other two and get moving," suggested Erika, snapping her gum.

            "You can do that; I've got something else in mind," replied Monica, heading towards the nearest squad car. Erika went to work stripping the two older officers, finding both of them to have very saggy bodyparts in spite of only being in their forties, and with a bit of work posed them the same way as the other two, handcuffed together at the wrists, the paper stuffed between the woman's large but somewhat droopy breasts as she lay with the agitated-looking bald cop on top of her. Monica then returned to her employer's side, two pairs of keys in her hands. "We can use a squad car, since I've locked one and taken the keys, thus it'll be a few hours before they can report it stolen," explained Monica, getting Erika to laugh evilly.

            "I knew there was a reason I loved you," Erika told her friend and lover as she headed towards the squad car.

* * *

            A few hours later Erika and Monica were now situated in a small apartment near the Tokyo docks. After some hunting, Erika had found a building that looked like it belonged to the upper class and picked out a corner apartment that was unlikely to have a family living in it. Much to Erika and Monica's good fortune, the room was owned by Sakura Ashikage, who was a single woman currently between jobs but who apparently had some way of getting by. Erika had done her usual knock at the door, wait until it was unlocked and then stopping time, kicking in the door and drugging the owner of the unit into immobility with a dose of Type-7.

            Monica was sitting on a pea green couch while in the buff with Tasia posed laying on top of her, also naked. The sitting room had a nice-looking HD TV set, but Monica was too busy enjoying the feel of Tasia on top of her, the woman laying flat on top of the travel agent with her arms around the mobile woman's head, her face frozen with her lips puckered and her eyes closed. In the bedroom Erika was taking out some sexual frustration on Lotte while madam Sakura sat on the lounger next to the couch. The Japanese woman was average height with somewhat tanned skin and totally shaven all over, save of course for her plucked eyebrows and shoulder-length dark brown hair which shone like silk. She was sitting with her arms resting behind her head, an open smile on her lips with her head tilted slightly back. Erika and Monica had both already given her a go and injected her with a full dose of Type-7 and were considering keeping her around for pleasure like the German tourist and Greek Interpol agent.

            "Okay, I've had some fun; I feel better," declared Erika, walking out from the bedroom, her hair in total disarray and her body showing obvious signs of sexual activity. All the same, Monica couldn't help but admire her lover's perfect figure, even though she was slightly unkempt "We don't have the right to stay in this country, so what can we do?"

            "Turn ourselves in, for one," started off Monica, causing Erika to give her an icy stare. "I didn't say it was a good idea, but we could do it. You should definitely call your lawyers and have them scratch the right backs and cover the right palms to make this go away, but we need to get out of the country. Since they'll want to see our passports at the airport, flying is out, and since we're on an island cars and trains over the border are no good either."

            "So, we need a boat then," determined Erika, following Monica's logic. "At this point we might as well go home, since we've got Interpol on our tails and back in the good old USA they'll have to deal with the full power of Stone Enterprises."

            "Right; but we can't take a cruise because of the passport problem, so we need to obtain a private yacht," explained Monica, revealing why she'd driven the pair and their frozen companions to an area near the docks. "Money isn't an issue, but it might take me a little time to find a boat that will meet our needs, since we're going to have to cross the entire Pacific Ocean."

            "Luckily time is on our side," giggled Erika, moving to sit on top of Sakura. "I figure by now the ladies we left in Rome finally been able to get the message out that the car was stolen, but we did take it through a car-wash with the windows open and then flooded the inside, so any DNA evidence is gone. That and the fact that we left it with a bunch of shifty-looking guys and their sledgehammers... "

            "It'll probably take the police a week to come see us here, if not triple that," admitted Monica, casually unwrapping Tasia's arms and rolling out from under the frozen but pliable Greek, leaving her alone on the couch while flat on her back. "You're so clever sometimes; I wish I was you, but then I wouldn't be able to do this... " As Monica finished her sentence she walked over to Erika, leaned in and kissed her. Monica then leaned back and grinned while Erika got off of Sakura, standing squarely in front of her travel agent.

            "Hey, did you c-" began Erika, suddenly stopping in mid-sentence. The blond billionaire stood with her right eyebrow raised, her mouth open and her right hand on her hip with her elbow bent while her left hand was raised towards her mouth.

            "Yes, I did coat my lips with Type-7, thanks for noticing," giggled Monica as she casually fondled Erika's perky breasts. "Just a little payback for what you did to me on the flight, as well as letting that Portuguese guy plow you." Wrapping her arms around Erika's supple waist Monica dragged her helpless employer into the bedroom to join Lotte on the bed.

* * *

Excelsior Hotel, Bologna, Italy

            Lucienne’s eyes opened wide in shock and terror. She was laying on her back atop a bed completely naked. The mere fact of her being naked had not shocked her as much as the barrel of a USP placed inside of her mouth. Cassandra, her long-time friend, was straddled atop her waist, also naked, one of her hands holding Lucienne down at the throat. The grip was tight, Cassandra’s other hand held the USP. Lucienne looked at her friend with pleading eyes. Cassandra’s face was made-up with dark red lipstick and dark eye-shadow and she looked down at Lucienne vengefully. Lucienne had never seen her friend look down at her that way. The look was somewhat unnatural and her eyes looked empty, but there was still a gun in her mouth and a finger on the trigger. Lucienne started mumbling but it was hard to say anything with a gun in her mouth.

            Hui felt a sudden wave of pain in her groin, the most painful thing she'd ever felt in her life. She was standing in the main room of the hotel room holding her USP, aiming it at Cassandra who, like her, was naked and sitting over Lucienne who was lying on the bed. Hui fell to her knees and let out a piercing scream, dropping the USP from her hands. Reaching to her groin her eyes shot open wide, realizing that she was shaven clean down there and that something was in her. Something huge and hard.  “Oh God…” she cried out as her she gripped the end what she concluded to be a large dildo. She rolled on her side, holding to the exposed part of the dildo.

            Marika felt her nakedness as well as the warmth of the naked girl that was sitting on her lap kissing her neck. The girl looked up and went wide-eyed, looking around before she let out a scream. Someone else was screaming in the background, but Marika kept herself from screaming, recognizing the girl who she remembered was Francesca the maid. Francesca jumped up off of Marika and looked in the direction the bed, screaming some more. Marika got up and felt very awkward, standing face to face with a naked girl while being naked herself. Her mind worked fast as she grabbed hold of the panicking girl’s shoulders and told her everything was alright and ordered to go to the bathroom.

          It took a little convincing and some broken Italian before Francesca complied and dashed to the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Coving herself up as best she could with her arms, Marika moved to the side of bed. “What the hell are you doing?!” Marika yelled at Cassandra, who like she was naked, and holding a USP which was inside of Lucienne’s mouth. Lucienne was also naked, looking over at Marika with watery eyes filled with fear. Marika had never seen Lucienne afraid before. “What are you doing, Cassandra?!” Marika yelled once more, walking closer to bed with caution.  Cassandra didn’t say a word.

            Sucking up the pain in her groin Hui picked up the USP she'd dropped earlier and turned her attention towards Marika’s voice. She stood up with burning pain in her womanhood and held the USP at eye level with both her hands. “Drop the gun, Cassandra!” Hui yelled out, her voice cracking, hiding her pain.

            Marika met eyes with Hui across the bed and for the first time and saw the seriousness in her face sans the smile that she always bore. The Chinese agent was naked as well. Marika's eyes widened seeing something stick out of the smaller agent’s womanhood. “Do it, Cassandra!” Marika ordered, still covering her breasts with one arm and her womanhood with the other.

            “Cassandra!” Hui yelled again, this time there was anger in her voice. The pain and the situation in front of her was too much for her bare. “Cassandra – drop the gun or I’ll shoot. I mean it! Drop the gun!” Hui demanded, this time as she clicked off the safety of her USP and took aim at the senior British agent, who showed no sign of obeying the order.

            Marika could see the intent in Hui’s eyes; she had never seen the Chinese agent angry before but knew for a fact the Hui was the best shot on the team and was not afraid to use her weapon if she had to. “Cassandra, please drop the gun,” Marika pleaded as she inched closer to the bed.

            Lucienne looked back up at her friend, begging with her eyes, which now had tears streaming out freely. She noticed Cassandra’s expression had not changed nor was she blinking. From the corner of her eye she could that Hui was ready to discharge her weapon. She quickly waved her off, Hui complied and backing down. Marika, standing at the other end of bed, reached out and touched Cassandra’s hand but nothing happened. Lucienne reached up and grabbed hold of Cassandra’s arm that held the gun. Cassandra remained unmoving and bore the same facial expression. She was stiff like a mannequin.  Lucienne’s heart rate calmed down as she pushed Cassandra’s arms back and the USP left her mouth. “Something is wrong!” Lucienne exclaimed, realizing that her friend was not moving.

* * *

            Cassandra was now clothed in a white fluffy bathrobe but hadn’t shown any signs of movement; holding the same vengeful look on her face that she'd held for the last couple of hours. She stood at attention now with her legs straight and arms at her sides. Marika was dressed back in her street clothes with her gun on her hip, as she was when they had first arrived at the hotel the day before to question Ms. Erika Stone. That was the last thing that she'd remembered. Marika walked around Cassandra, looking her up and down. The British agent was frozen but posable, it was an odd condition for her. She had no idea what had happened and taken a blood sample from everyone including the frozen Cassandra, sending it to the closest Interpol lab to see if they could find out what they had been drugged with. Lucienne had taken charge, investigating the crime scene and attempting to track down where Erika and Monica the travel agent had gone. Tasia was still missing as well, Marika realized with a sigh as she sat down and looked at Cassandra, who was standing in front of her with the same angry expression.

            After the situation was calmer and in control Lucienne had arranged for her team to be placed in Tasia’s room and had Marika watch over Hui and Cassandra. Hui had been drugged up with some pain killers to help ease the agony from the giant dildo that had been stuck into her. Being a small person the drugs took effect quickly and soon Hui was out like a light. Cassandra, on the other hand hadn’t come out of her catatonic state yet. Lucienne had no idea what had happened to her; it was as if something had turned her into a statue of flesh and bones. Marika and Lucienne had found that Cassandra’s rigid body could be posed like a store front mannequin. They decided not to tell anyone about Cassandra’s condition, as the last thing Lucienne wanted was a bunch of doctors probing her friend. Lucienne figured they all had been given something similar; perhaps Cassandra was just given more of it and she’d come to at any moment. The leader had told Marika to call her when either Hui woke up or Cassandra began moving. Lucienne was down in the hotel’s security command center overseeing the investigation; she was dressed only in her skirt and blouse as her jacket’s buttons had been ripped off, she’d sent the jacket to the lab for forensic examination.

            Lucienne was sure something had happened to her sexually while she was unconscious and her other team members felt the same way. Problem was that she was not sure what, so under Marika’s recommendation they had submitted blood samples to attempt to figure out what had happened. What Lucienne knew was they had been drugged with something and that Cassandra was still feeling the effects of it, plus their prime suspects were gone. She had people looking into flight plans and departures that very moment, since she didn't trust Erika's word on what her travel plans had been. As she waited for her Italian associates to report back to her, she looked over Erika Stone’s credit records from her stay at the hotel to see if she could figure out if she'd had anything to do with Tasia’s disappearance as well. So far she was coming up with nothing. Tossing the records aside, Lucienne sat back in her chair and took a deep breath, throwing her head back and staring up at the ceiling, trying to make sense of the peculiar events before her, but like real life her mind was also confused and lost.

            “Excuse me, agent Christoph,.” An Italian detective said, tapping Lucienne on the shoulder and snapping her out of her thoughts. “You have a phone call from the airport."

            Cassandra blinked once and looked around the empty room; she was not sure where she was. The last thing that she remembered was questioning Erika Stone and now she was standing in an empty hotel room in a bathrobe. What was going on? she thought, looking around the room. She heard some water running in the bathroom and looked down at herself to see if she was armed: she was not, nor was she even dressed in the clothes that she had been wearing the last time she'd checked. She patted herself down and realized she was not wearing anything at all under the bathrobe. She looked over to the bed on the other side of the room and saw Hui lying on her side; she was dressed as she was during the interview with Erika Stone. Cassandra rushed over to the bed side. “Hui, are you alright?!”

            Hui slowly moaned and rolled over on to her back. “Yay, Cassie you’re up!” she squealed as she sat up and hugged Cassandra tightly.

            Cassandra looked down at the Chinese agent who looked as if she was drunk. “Are you drunk?” She asked, puzzled and stating what she suspected.

            “She’s on pain killers; she is going to be punchy like that for the next 12 hours,” Marika said, coming out of the bathroom. “How are you? How do you feel?” Marika then asked, walking up to Cassandra’s side and examining her. “You have been stiff as a statue, out cold for almost a day.”

            “Out?” Cassandra asked, standing up from bed. “What happened?”

            Marika is about to explain when the door was flung open and the three women turned their attention to it. Lucienne stood in the doorway with a look a surprise turning to relief on her face. “Cassandra, are you alright?!” She asked in a worried mixed and shocked tone of voice. Closing the door behind her and crossing the room, Lucienne hugged her friend tightly, relieved that she seemed alright. “Great to have you back, I’ll explain what happened on the way to Japan.”

            “Japan?” Marika asked.

            “Yeah, there has been an incident there… I’ll explain on the plane, but right now we have to get a move on. Can she move?” Lucienne then asked, gesturing to Hui, who had fallen back to sleep with a big smile on her face.

            “Yeah, she’ll be fine.” Marika replied, leaning over the bed to attend to the dozing Chinese agent. “She’ll be back to her normal self once we land.”

            “Come on Cassandra, let’s get you some clothes,” Lucienne then said, looking over at Cassandra who was still trying to figure out what was going on. Everything was just happening too fast.

            “Yeah…” She replied as she followed the other senior agent.

* * *

Omotesando Hills Mall, Tokyo, Japan

            Erika stood in the dressing room of a clothing shop whose name she couldn't read properly or spell, as she'd never bothered to learn Japanese, unlike Monica her travel agent. The mall was only a few years old, being one big building which combined housing and shopping, the shops being located on the lower part of the massive building. Because of this new development, Erika hadn't had a chance to visit the mall until her current trip, thus it was the highlight of her stop in Tokyo. Originally she'd considered hitting a museum and stealing an old fan, but with Interpol on her trail she would skip the rest of her planned crimes and stops and just head straight for home as soon as she could.

            Slipping on a tan-colored fur coat, Erika did a spin in front of the full body mirror inside the tiny white dressing room. Her hair was pulled back in a slightly elevated ponytail, which made her look more like a model than a conservative woman, large looped earrings made of solid silver hanging from her earlobes. Her lipstick choice was a mild pink and aside from that all she wore was some concealer, giving her a flawless natural look. The fur coat was worn over the top of a black strapless top with a pink lining and a matching skirt which stopped a good five inches above her knees. Finally she wore long leather boots, which she was also trying on, her white heels in the corner of the tiny room with her purse, which was quickly picked up. "I like this look, I think I'll take it," decided Erika as she struck a few poses, finding her esemble to be very hot. Pushing aside the light blue curtain, Erika drifted back into the main part of the store.

            "What do I owe you?" Erika asked as she blew a bubble of green gum, opening her purse. Standing outside the change room was a sales woman, who wore a light blue short-sleeved blouse and a navy blue skirt. The woman was in her mid-twenties and stood with a patient look on her face, her mouth shaped into a relaxed toothless smile, her head tilted slightly to the left as her hands were held in front of her around her crotch, her dark hair in a conservative ponytail. The woman's blank gaze met Erika's own without so much as a blink. "I guess it's free," giggled Erika, popping the bubble and giving the sales girl a kiss on the cheek. The woman wobbled on her feet but remained as she was.

            Glancing around the store Erika saw two more girls, both in their early twenties by her estimate, standing near the window display. The store was a small one, featuring a lone counter and cashier with only the woman Erika had just kissed working the floor. The walls were covered with hangers displaying various shirts, jackets, pants and skirts. A full wall window was on either side of the store's door, each one featuring two fairly realistic female mannequins. Looking around the store, a prank came into Erika's mind and she decided she might as well do it.

            First things first; Erika went to the the top of the store's corners and disconnected each of the security cameras using the scissors she carried in her bag. Next she headed for the two young women that were on the west side of the store near the changeroom and clerk. Both had brown hair that had been lightly tipped with dark roots and they both wore the same shade of pink lipstick and light blue eye-shadow. The taller one stood in front of a clothing rack, both her hands touching a pink T-shirt with purple sleeves, her head looking down with a relaxed smile on her face, her hair hung loosely around her head. The tall Asian woman was wearing a white sleeveless V-neck blouse and dark red capri pants with black flats, accessorized with a white vinyl purse hanging off of her left shoulder. The shorter girl, who stood nearby, was looking up at the two display mannequins, her hands on her hips as she beamed up at them, her own hair also loose like her friend's but wavy instead of straight. She was dressed much differently than her friend, wearing a horizontally-striped brown and white top underneath a navy blue jacket with a denim skirt and black heeled boots that went almost up to her knees.

            "Hello hottie, give us a kiss," giggled Erika as she got a look at the taller one's face, finding the mole near the left corner of her mouth to be quite cute. She kissed the girl full on the lips and then proceeded to wrap her arms around the frozen woman's waist, lifting her up off the ground and turning her so she was standing beside her companion. Erika then climbed up into the window display, taking a moment to admire the two mannequins placed there: both would probably look like real people from a distance. Both display figures were the same height and were molded with their elbows bent thirty degrees, their palms flat on their hips. One wore a pink T-shirt and black skirt with black leather boots while the other wore a spotted fur scarf around its neck with a white halter-top, denim shorts and white heels. Neither one used a stand, making it easy for Erika to lift the two humanoid statues down from the window and place them off to the side.

            "Up you go!" exclaimed Erika as she stepped behind the shorter girl and lifted her up into the window display. A moment later Erika did the same with the taller girl, putting the two where the mannequins had stood earlier. Erika then stepped up into the display herself and carefully tilted back the smiling heads of the two frozen women, making sure not to push them so far that they fell backwards. Erika then dug into her purse and pulled a thermos full of Type-7, a new one she'd had a courier get for her from the Stone Enterprises building in Tokyo. Monica, meanwhile, had taken the half-empty thermos Erika had been using up until now, just in case she also encountered someone worth drugging. A full thermos cup of the Type-7 sedative was poured down the open mouth of each window girl, the liquid trickling into their stomachs where it would instantly kick in once time resumed and freeze the pair for a minimum of two full days. Once the pair was drugged, Erika closed their mouths and moved their heads back to an level position, turning their smiles into neutral expressions so that they resembled mannequins’ faces. The shorter one kept her pose while the blond arranged the taller one to stand with one hand on her hip and the other extended away from her body while bent at the elbow, her palm facing up and shaped so that it looked like a typical mannequin's arm.

            Erika left the two authentic mannequins standing near the wall racks, their arms posed so it seemed like they were feeling the cloth of the dresses. Following the clean-up, Erika then moved the two mannequins from the other window over to the counter as well as the employee who had been frozen near the dressing room. With expert skill Erika stripped the two women of their matching uniforms and dressed them in casual T-shirt and jeans outfits that the mannequins were wearing, then dressed the dummies up in the employees’ clothes, nametags and all. Once both mannequins were placed behind the counter Erika drugged the real store clerks with Type-7 and placed them in the window, both in classic mannequin poses. The one that had been standing outside the changing room now wore black jeans and a pink shirt with Japanese characters on it; a cheap black purse that was made for display hanging from her left shoulder, one hand on her hip while her other hand was bent away from her hip, her palm downwards. The clerk from the counter was wearing blue jeans with a white shirt as well as a furry vest, her hands posed in front of her as if she were in conversation. Both women wore expensive black heels.

            "So much for profit, but hey, maybe you adorable girls will get a modelling job from this experience when you finally wake up... " giggled Erika as she exited the store, nearly bumping into a business man who had been entering as she left.

            Coming to a set of stairs leading to the next level in the time-stopped mall while cursing the fact that the escalators were also frozen, Erika caught sight of a very cute round backside and walked over. A girl in a navy-clored school outfit with a white blouse stood near the bottom of the steps, frozen in place with her left foot just touching down on the step three up from the bottom. Her back was to Erika and she stood stiffly, looking down at a compact pink cell phone in her hands, apparently receiving a call. The girl appeared to be a senior, after a quick inspection of her pink purse confirmed this for Erika and that finding out she was eighteen, she didn't feel guilty when she lifted up the skirt to reveal white lace panties that barely masked a well-kept womanhood. Erika stepped around and examined the girl's face; she had a small grin on her lips, which were a light pink, and her dark-brown hair was cut short with spike-like tips, giving it a lot of personality.

            "What do you know; you're just my size!" laughed Erika as she examined the tags on the girl's collar, discovering the uniform would fit perfectly on the blonde's own body. "Well now, I can't pass up the opportunity to get an authentic Japanese school girl outfit. Monica would stick me with a needle if I just let you go!" With eager hands Erika carefully laid the girl down on the floor a few steps down, dragging her on her heels to reach the level, and set to work removing her blouse, skirt, jacket and socks. The shoes were one size too small, but Erika wasn't worried about them. Soon the girl lay clad in only her underwear, the frilly white lace barely hiding the girl's nipples and leaving nothing to the imagination, with an obvious camel toe visible on the front of her panties.

            "You're such a sweet thing, I should pay you back for this," whispered Erika as she began to kiss the girl from lips to breasts. Once Erika finished, while nearly losing her gum at the cleavage, she took the girl's forgotten mobi phone and slid it into her own thong, making sure it was set on vibrate. "You're welcome, and thanks again," Erika said softly as she nibbled on the girl's right ear.

            Erika's next task was finding a shopping bag to carry her new uniform in, as she'd merely worn the clothes she'd taken from the last store out, cramming any extras into her purse. Fortunately in a wide open area there was a small fountain whose timestopped water streams looked like sculpted ice; standing frozen next to it were a pair of women who had plenty of shopping bags to spare. The area was crowded, but there were mostly small children and adults in their late thirties and early forties, none of which appealed to Erika as much as the twenty-somethings that were near the fountain. Both had dark hair with lighter brown tips, clearly highlights of some form. The one on the left wore light blue jeans and an even lighter-blue tank top that had frilly lining as well as dark brown flats, a dozen bags were divided between her two hands. She possessed very long hair that was hanging free with the left side combed behind her ear while the right hung forward, her locks curling halfway down. Her cute friend wore the same style of jeans but with white heels and a strapless white and pink top which was designed with a sort of diagonal stripe pattern. The other's hair was straight and pushed back, revealing long pearl earrings hanging from her ears; most likely those gems were fakes.

            Elbows from a focused Erika knocked over several other people as she pushed her way to the pair, drinking in the sight when she arrived. Quickly snatching a large white bag, which contained a wooden picture frame from the curly-haired girl, Erika stashed her stolen uniform and put it aside, casually removing the other bags as well and tossing them into the crowd. "I'd keep if both if I thought I could get away with it," Erika whispered into the ears of the bagless girl as she began to passionately kiss her rigid lips and use her scissors to strip her nude. Within moments the curly-haired woman stood in a simple walking pose clad in nothing at all, even her shoes gone and socks cut off. Her breasts were petite but tight and well-shaped, her body possessing no visible hair at all save her head and a slight hint of it around her womanhood. Erika carefully kissed this area, being sure not to enjoy it too much lest she accidentally let time start again without her consent. The straight-haired friend was soon naked as well; the two women almost carbon-copies as far as Erika could tell, save the shade of their nipples and choices of nail polish, the curly-haired girl having darker nipples and pink polish while the other had lighter nipples and purple nails. Erika enjoyed kissing and groping both for several of her own minutes before she decided to end her current fun but leave the pair with a parting gift.

            Since time was frozen the water in the fountain was as well, making it seem like jelly to Erika as she stepped into it while barefoot, the curly-haired girl held horizontally in her arms. The girl was placed on her knees, her left shoulder pointing at the edge of the fountain. A moment later her exposed friend joined her, her surprisingly authentic earrings now sitting in Erika's purse, and the two were placed with their arms around one-another. Erika sealed the deal by closing their eyes and pressing their mouths together, making sure their tongues would touch. On the other side of the fountain were several teenage boys, one of whom had a camera. Erika was sure that the boys would silently thank whoever had set up the erotic tableaux in the fountain for them as she stepped out of the ankle-deep not-wet water and put her shoes back on. "Enjoy your dip," called Erika as she blew a kiss to the fountain pair, strolling over to a handbag shop with her new belongings in the stolen shopping bag.

            The bag store was like the other stores in the mall; it had a Japanese name that Erika did not even want to try to pronounce, but it was a bag store none the less and internationally these were pretty much all the same. Bags; expensive ones. Erika entered with a bored look on her face, as even though the store was set up differently than some of the other stores that she had been to in other countries it had the same stuff. She chewed her gum, snapping it loudly as she looked a leopard-skinned purse at the closest rack. Making a nasty face she tossed it aside and moved deeper into the store, exploring other racks and displays. She did see some bags that were cute and tossed them into her shopping bag as she walked by. Chewing her gum slowly and keeping her focus Erika browsed the silent store as any other shopper would, aside from the fact that she was clearly shoplifting at the same time while the clerks and other patrons were standing around like waxwork dummies.

            The first two of the four aisles that Erika walked through were empty while the third one had two older women there. Erika had almost lost her lunch when she looked them over, thinking about a prank. She ignored the two ladies, but not before snatching the nice bag that both were examining from their stiff hands. Erika blew a bubble and took two more bags at random; one of her many goals in life was to have a bag for every day of the year and different bags every year. She let the bubble pop and looked down at her shopping bag, realizing it was getting full. At the end of the aisle towards the front of the store was a woman and two children about eight or nine years old of age, a boy and girl. Looking at the three Erika concluded that they were a family. The woman held a nice brown leather bag in her still hands and looked down at it with a relaxed face and a slight grin. The two children stood behind her obediently, the boy looking out of the store while the girl looked down at her feet. Erika walked up to the mother and accidently knocked the little girl down, her head catching the shelf behind her and stopping her short stiff body at an awkwardly sloping angle.

            Looking down at the little girl, Erika let out a laugh. “My bad... ” she teased, stepping past the little girl to her mother’s side. “Let’s see what we have here; you’re the only half decent person worth looking at in this aisle,” Erika said as she snatched the bag out of the woman’s hands and tossed it aside, since she already had a bag like that at home. Grabbing hold of the woman by the shoulders, she turned the mother to face her. Eriak grined slyly. “MILF... ” giggled the billionaire. The woman had a youthful cute face that was very round, an older version of her kids’ little round faces. Her hair was silky brown with dark roots and hung freely to the small of her back with bangs falling over her face. The mother was dressed in a thin long-sleeved purple shirt over a pair of tight fitting leather pants and she stood in black leather high heels. A black vinyl purse hung off her shoulder. “My, I think we got something here,” Erika said as she squeezed the blank staring woman’s breasts through the thin shirt. “Let’s get these little brats out of the way first,” she said, with a disgusted look at the leaning little girl and the boy.

            Putting her bag down she first lifted the little boy up. “Since you’re looking out into the mall let’s put you out there, a handbag store is no place for a little boy,” Erika said as she carried the small stiff person out into the mall, bumping into patrons as she did so and carried the boy all the way to the opposite end of where the bag store was. She stood the boy in a fake decorative plant and made her way through the crowd, knocking over some more people as she made her way back. “If you were older I’d have my fun with you as well but seeing that you’re a brat... ” Erika grunted as she carried the little girl around the shelf to the last aisle.

            The last aisle of the shop was the largest aisle, having a large open space with a counter against the wall with two clerks standing behind it. Both clerks were women and were about in their mid-thirties to early forties, Erika guessed as she looked at the two. Both were dressed similarly, wearing white short-sleeved blouses with khaki skirts and nylons over black flats. Both had their brownish-black hair in conservative ponytails. One woman, whose face was covered in pimples, worked the registered with a sleepy look on her face while the other was a chubby woman who was leaning over the counter on her elbows, frozen while looking at her co-worker. The chubby woman’s eyes were shut and her lips were parted, thus she must have been talking to the register lady when time stopped. Erika placed the little girl standing on top of the counter next to the chubby woman. The little girl remained standing and looking down at her toes but now stood about three feet off the ground and was looking down at Erika with an empty look. “Not cool... ” Erika said with a snap of her gum, grabbing hold of the little girl’s waist and turning her around to face the other way. Walking around the counter, Erika looked over the two clerks, on a whim grabbing their asses for a feel. The register girl had almost nothing and the chubby one had too much. Oh well, Erika thought as she jerked both of their skirts, nude pantyhose and plain-jane panties to their ankles. She gave both ladies a smack on their bare asses before walking back around the counter.

            “You have got to be shitting me,” Erika said, annoyed, looking at the far corner on the opposite side of the last aisle. There, in the corner, gathered around at the far end of the shelf were three women with pale, almost white, blond hair. The women had their backs to Erika but judging by the way they were dressed Erika knew they were American. All three girls wore denim bottoms; two had jeans while one had a skirt and their tops were red t-shirts. Erika walked up to the three girls, who each held a designer bag that was exactly the same. Looking up at their faces, Erika immediately knew who she was looking at: the girls of Phi Sig Delta, UC Fullerton chapter. All were familar to her but she only knew two of them by name. There was the athletic one, Amber, who stood closest to her and had a glazed-over wide smile on her face. Standing next to Amber and wearing the denim skirt that sat at mid-thigh was Sandy.  Her face had a ridiculous expression, as her eyes were shut and her mouth open, making an odd pose; she was obviously in mid-speech when time had stopped. The last girl stood looking at her two sorority sisters with her bright green eyes and an elated expression upon her vibriant face. Erika looked down at the girl’s t-shirt and noted the yellow Greek letters “Phi Sig Delta” printed across her proruding chest. “I hate college girls... ” Erika muttered, flicking up Amber’s blond locks. “However, fate has provided me agian with an opportunity of meeting you annoying ladies once more so I shall return after I deal with a certain cute mother,” Erika declared to the unhearing sorority sisters, cupping Amber’s breasts through her t-shirt.

            Walking back around the shelf to the third aisle Erika purposely knocked down both of the two older ladies, causing them to fall over each other in their rigid forms. She chuckled to herself, looking down at the to silver haired ladies as she walked over to the round-faced mother who was facing her as she approached. “Now let’s see,” Erika said, looking the woman up and down from her cute round face that was staring at Erika blankly down to her slender body covered by her her thin and tight clothing. Pushing the woman slightly at the shoulders she fell backward like a stiff board until she hit the floor, remaining in her standing position with her hands out in front her as if she were still holding the bag. Kneeling down at the woman’s feet, Erika removed the black heels which were ankle-high soft leather boots. Examing the boots Erika saw that they were her size and she liked the style as well. Smiling to herself she dropped the leather boots into her bag. The woman had thin black socks which Erika peeled off her and tossed them behind her carelessly, rendering the cute-faced mother barefoot. Moving up to the mother’s waist Erika undid the buttons holding the leather pants closed and soon was working them off of the woman’s stiff legs which were nice and smooth. Erika licked her lips with joy, running her hands up and down the woman’s legs and eyeing the white cotton thong that covered her womanhood. “My your one hot momma,” Erika cooed seductively. Moving up to the woman’s suspended delicate hands with their French tipped-nails, Erika noticed the large diamond ring on the woman’s right ring finger. “I’m always a sucker for diamonds,” Erika laughed as she removed the mother’s ring and stuck in the pocket of her new coat. Arranging the mother’s arms so they were up over her head, Erika stripped off the thin shirt along with the purse and tossed it behind her; the older ladies who were lying on the ground behind her were now covered in the mother’s clothing. “Lovely... ” breathed Erika as she cupped the round-faced woman’s small but round breasts from under a cute white lacy bra. She let her hands run down the mother’s flat and smooth stomach. “Really hot, for having two kids missy,” Erika remarked as she began to tug the thong off the woman’s still hips.

            Once the mother was totally naked Erika hoisted her back up to a standing position and enjoyed the company with the mother’s small brown nipples capping cute round breasts and a landing-strip covered womanhood. She had a little too much fun and almost lost her gum in the process but stopped herself before it got too hot, which was easy since the mother wasn’t that hot, at least to Erika’s high standards. Feeling satified with the naked round-faced mother Erika picked her up at the hips and moved her to stand over the fallen elderly ladies, adjusting her bare feet so the woman stayed upright. She then posed the mother to stand with legs wide and arms on her hips looking down at the stiff ladies with a evil expression upon her face. “That should do it,” Erika laughed, kissing each of the mother’s breasts and taking another look at her work before vanishing around the corner with her shopping bag in hand.

            “Stupid co-eds... ” Erika muttered as she snatched the identical designer handbags from the Delta sisters’ suspended hands. Erika had a handbag like it in her shopping bag already so she just tossed the bags to the ground. Grabbing hold of each sister by the hips she moved them apart and stood them shoulder to shoulder with stiff arms pulled down to their sides in the open area of the fourth aisle. “Nice to see you again, Amber!” Erika exclaimed happily, kissing the suspended girl full on the lips, almost making her fall over. Moving to Sandy and looking at her face, which was still contorted in a unnatural expression with eyes closed, “Sandy, this is our third encounter so I think that merits something…” she said with a sly grin, looking the perky blond up and down from her almost white blond hair to her sexy bronzed legs under her denim skirt. Erika reached her hand under the girl’s skirt and her eyes opened wide in shock. She quickly knelt down and opened the girl’s skirt, tugging it off her hips and letting it drop at her ankles. “Slutty are we?” Erika asked, looking at the Sandy’s contorted face and back down at her bare and shaven womanhood, which was absent from any kind of undergarments. “My, you are brave,” Erika said dully, standing back up and moving to the next girl. “Who do we have here?” She asked the silent girl whose head was still turned towards her sisters. Erika turned the girl’s head so she was facing her. The girl had pleasant green eyes, which was a different look from the other two who had blue eyes like herself. Erika eyed the girl’s smiling lips and then leaned forward and kissed them. “Nice to meet you, whoever you are.” She looked back down at the row of three sorority sisters and smiled brightly as an idea came to her.

            Erika brushed her hands together as she walked back into the bag store. She had just come from the fountain where she had thrown the clothes of the sorority sisters. Lying on the floor, shoulder to bare shoulder, were the sorority sisters with their frozen expressions. Erika had knocked all three down and stripped them nude, enjoying their California tanned bodies once more. Sandy had been the easiest since she had gone commando, Amber and the green-eyed girl had both been wearing stingy bikini type panties and bras; Amber wore white while the green-eyed girl wore blue. Erika had seen all three naked before in Greece so it was not a big deal for her but she still took the time to enjoy the stiff co-eds. Looking down at the naked bodies and the blond hair of the frozen co-eds another idea dawned as she quickly went over to her purse and retrieved her thermos of Type-7.

            She thought back to her growing collection of frozen beauties: there was Lotte the brunette, Sakura with black hair, and Tasia who was a redhead. A blond would make a great addition, she thought, looking at the three girls covetously as if she was a little girl in a doll store. She wished she could take all of them but that would not be too practical to cart around so just one would have to do. Kneeling down and looking over the naked blond co-eds carefully, touching their smooth sun-browned skin and stroking their clean shaven womanhoods, Erika examined each thoroughly. The green-eyed one was ruled out since her two sisters were actually hotter than her. Amber was finally ruled out too as after a closer inspection Erika saw that her breasts were fakes and that she was not a natural blond. So that left Sandy who was pretty hot as well and was a natural blond top and bottom. Erika stood Sandy’s stiff form upright, tilted the sorority girl’s head back and then poured a good amount of the Type-7 sedative down her open mouth to ensure a long freeze. “Welcome to the club, Sandy,” Erika said, laughing evilly as she tilted Sandy’s head forward. “Now what I am going to do with you two?”  Erika asked, looking down at the two naked blonds at her feet.

            After thinking for a minute or so, Erika decided that she was going to move Amber and her friend and stick them around the mall so when time started back up they would not realize that their friend was missing until later, giving Erika and Monica a chance to get out of the country without cops looking for a missing American college girl. She remembered that there was a sporting goods shop on the level of the mall that she was on, so she decided to place Amber there since she was the athletic-looking one. She left Sandy standing naked in the bag store with a wide eyed expression across her face as she hauled away Amber’s naked frame gripping the girl around the waist.

            One thing that Erika did not consider was the distance of the sports shop from the handbag shop, as it was at the end of mall through a crowd of people. Erika found herself taking several breaks along the way and she even bumped into more people so she left a trail of fallen people of all sizes behind her. By the time she got sports store she was in need of a drink. Leaving Amber standing at attention in her birthday suit at the entrance Erika went hunting for something to drink. She found a freezer containing some kind of ice coffee behind the counter. There was a teenage boy who worked behind the counter who was leaning over the counter with his eyes closed; Erika flicked him on the face playfully as she drank her coffee drink which was quite refreshing and good. She hopped up on the counter next to the frozen clerk, crossing her legs and looking around the shop. There were only a few customers, mostly men and a couple of women that really weren’t worth the attention. Amber was the most attractive thing in the store, still standing naked at the entrance. Erika finished her coffee drink, put the empty can into the boy’s front pocket and retrieved another piece of gum from her purse.

            Walking around the nearly empty sporting goods store she spotted a girl in her mid-twenties within the aisles of the store with her shoulder length brownish hair tied back into bun, dressed in a pink polo and a pair of khaki shorts that showed off her tanned muscular legs. The girl held a tennis racquet in her hands and was looking down at it with a slight grin. Erika walked around the girl, admiring her short athletic body. Her face was cute but other than that she was nothing stunning. She copped a feel of the girl’s round ass and small breasts and nodded in satisfaction. Pulling the racquet from her unmoving hands Erika continued to walk around the store, knocking displays down with the racquet. She finished her round of the store and didn’t find anyone else of interest; she did however find a display of three white painted mannequins standing on a raised pedestal in the soccer section. The mannequins were just plain white and resembled the body of a female; they were really designed just to model the white woman’s soccer uniform that covered their white fiberglassed bodies. “How are you supposed to sell anything with mannequins like that? Well I’m feeling good today so I’ll help you out,” Erika declared, blowing a bubble and letting it pop.

            The white mannequins were stripped naked and piled on the ground, their plain fiber glass bodies looking more unnatural than ever now that there were no clothes covering them. Amber now stood in the middle of the pedestal, dressed in the white soccer uniform, with her hands placed on her hips and her blond hair tied in a pony tail. Her face bore a wide smile with her white teeth showing. The uniform was bit tight on her but more or less hugged her body nicely, showing off her American features. The mannequins had no had shoes or socks so Amber’s tan feet were bare. Standing next to her was the girl with the pink polo shirt who was now barefoot and dressed in a white soccer uniform as well. That girl was a bit shorter than Amber but fit the uniform a little better with her Asian build. Her hands were posed on her hips as well and also bore the same smiling expression as Amber. Since the girl’s hair was in a ponytail Erika had removed the band and let her black shoulder length hair sit loose over her shoulders.

            Erika needed a third girl to complete the display so she ventured back into the mall and found another girl that was close by that she figured would fit the uniform. The girl had short dyed red hair with black roots and was standing hand in hand with her boyfriend or husband. Prying the two apart, Erika dragged the redhead into the shop and soon her flowery sun dress and lacy undergarments was sitting in a pile along with the clothes from the tennis racquet girl. The redhead now stood on Amber’s other side, posed in the same fashion as the other two girls. Erika stepped back and admired her work, snapping her gum loudly. "Now to make sure this lasts," giggled Erika with a grin, using another can of the coffee drink with Type-7 to create a mixture that would freeze the trio in their display poses for at minimum an hour. Erika made small adjustments to the human mannequin trio as she gave them their tranquilizing drinks and returned them to their earlier poses. “Ta, ta, ladies,” she said with a wave and turned, leaving the scene. Three women now stood staring blankly as if they were truly mannequins with the real deal at their feet as well as a pile of their clothes.

            On the way out Erika picked up a shopping bag from behind the counter and picked out some random items for herself such as some cute sneakers and some athletic wear. With her new items in her bag, she was ready to leave but then spotted a flatbed cart with a stack of boxes on top. Thinking back to her experience walking with Amber through the mall Erika walked over to the cart that she pushed to the corner behind the counter and knocked off all the boxes. They made a loud sound as they toppled off the cart but the world around Erika remained frozen and quiet. Snapping her gum and not caring about the mess at her feet she tossed her new shopping bag on to the cart and left.

            As she made her back to the handbag store Erika continued her reign of terror as she cut off clothing with her trusty pair of scissors, leaving a trail of half naked and naked patrons in her wake. Nearing the bag store Erika noted an information desk that was manned by a single woman. The woman was perhaps in her forties or early fifties Erika guessed, looking at her face. Even though she looked old she had aged extremely well and Erika was attracted to her. The woman stood behind the desk at attention with her hands clasped together over the top of the desk. Her face looked out into the frozen mall in front of her with a blank gaze and she bore a grin on her pink lips. Her black hair was tied back into an ultra-conservative tight bun showing off her well-aged face. The woman had a colorful scarf tied with a fancy bow around her neck. She wore a white dress shirt under a black blazer and a knee-length matching skirt over nude nylons and black pumps. Erika walked around the desk, inspecting the older woman more closely and touched her, feeling her up a bit before kissing her cutely on the cheek.  “I think you need a break and I know exactly who could take your spot.”

            The information desk lady now stood on the other side of her desk at attention and was completely naked. The lady stared blankly at the new information desk person, who was the green-eyed Delta girl that was now dressed in the black information desk worker’s uniform. Erika had tied back the girl’s hair into a tight and conservative bun and was now tying the scarf around her neck. The older Japanese info desk woman only looked on blankly with her grin. Once Erika was done with the scarf she placed green-eyed girl’s hands on the desk as how the older woman’s hands were before and then kissed the girl full on the lips before stepping back and making sure everything looked the way she wanted. The green-eyed girl had bigger features than the lady who had been wearing the uniform moments earlier so the dark skirt-suit fit a bit tighter on her, but from behind the desk it was hard to notice the difference.

            Walking back around the desk, she turned her attention back to the former info desk lady who stood in her birthday suit now. The woman had a great, sexy, slender body for her age; tight round breasts with perky brown nipples, a flat stomach, cleanly-shaven womanhood and smooth long legs. Erika turned the woman to face her and began chewing her gum faster as she stepped closer to the older woman and undid the woman’s conservative bun, letting her long black silky hair fall to the small of her back. Leaning close Erika began kissing the woman on the lips and then nibbled on the neck and continued south, caressing her breasts and tasting her womanhood. Erika was about to ready to explode when the chewing of her gum reminded her to back off. “Foxy… I think that’s what I’ll call you,” Erika gasped, breathing hard in excitement. “Let’s see; where I am going to stick you?” She then said, looking around the mall.

            Moments later in Erika’s time-frame the info desk woman who Erika had nicknamed Foxy stood in the widow display of an urban fashion store. The older woman was now dressed in pair of tight fitting low cuts jeans over a pair of Timberland boots and wore a hot pink tube top that left little to the imagination. Her silky black hair was braided and she wore heavy make up, making her look as if she was straight out of the Bronx. She still bore her blank look and grin and was posed standing with hips shifted to one side and hands behind her head. Erika had, like with the other women she'd turned into living mannequins, given Foxy a bit of Type-7 so her pose wouldn't be ruined the second time resumed. “Hot!” Erika exclaimed, laughing as she smacked the woman in the ass, making her wobble. Looking over Foxy once more, admiring her well aged face and sexy features, Erika nodded in approval before turning around and continuing to 'shop' within the store with another bag which she had picked up behind the counter of the store.

            It was about three hours later in Erika’s time when she emerged from the main entrance of Omotesando Hills mall, dressed in her tan-colored fur coat and new boots, pushing the flat bed cart that was loaded with shopping bags and a stiff Sandy, who she had dressed in a little strapless red outfit with matching heels, propping the sorority sister up in the front of the cart with herlegs straight out in front of her. Her pale blond hair was tied in a fancy bun and her face bore a serious expression. Erika would move down a couple blocks to where Monica would meet her before she restarted time. She pushed the cart casually through the silent and still Tokyo streets, chewing her gum happily with her chin, oblivious to the stillness and silence around her.

            The Omotesando Hills mall marked the end of Erika’s international trip so she'd made the best of it. She had visited every store, taking things for herself, Monica, and her growing collection of frozen girls. She had turned many shop employees into lifelike mannequin displays in their own stores and rendered many more naked along with random patrons as well. Every level of the mall and almost every shop were touched by Erika in some way, adding the Omotesando Hills mall to a prestige list that included the Egyptian Museum, The Louvre, The Tower of London and The National Archaeological Museum in Greece. Like all the past places she had visited, once time restarted, chaos would follow. The blonde knew this and only smiled at the thought as she spit her gum out.

* * *

Crystal Yacht Club, Tokyo, Japan

            "Here I thought nothing could top what that bitch had done in the Louvre," sighed Cassandra as the Interpol vehicles, a pair of Toyota Land Cruisers, approached Erika Stone's rumored location. The four agents from the original team were in the rear vehicle with another composed of Japanese agents leading the way.

            "Over three hundred people exposed in public; I don't know how she did it," sighed Lucienne from her shotgun position, with Hui driving while Marika and Cassandra sat in the back. The French agent was over the shock of her old friend having pointed a gun in her face and was now back to remembering the images of her and the others stark naked.

            "What's the latest?" asked Cassandra as Marika hung up her cell phone. The crime scene specialist, who was one of only two present who spoke Japanese, had been talking to the lead detective back at the scene of the crime for almost twenty minutes. The four agents had quickly learned where Erika had flown to when an arrest warrant came up for she and Monica in Japan. By the time their plane had landed, however, the Omotesando Hills mall had already been ravaged, leaving the four to pick up the pieces and find Erika before she escaped to international waters.

            "They just found more victims," sighed Marika, rubbing her forehead and pushing her blond locks behind her ears. "Apparently this whole time some poor women had been substituted to replace mannequin displays, which no one had noticed since the women were as rigid and solid as one would expect from a store display. I'm guessing Erika gave them whatever she gave us."

            "A drug that turns a person into mannequin?" asked Hui, thinking back to their own experience. "What have we heard from the analysts back in Italy? Anything on whatever was put in our tea?"

            "The main ingredient was a sedative, apparently," replied Marika, explaining another conversation she'd had over the phone a bit earlier. "That isn't surprising, since we had effectively passed out. Apparently there were traces of morphine too, but there was also a powerful muscle-stiffener along with a few other elements."

            "It knocks you out and also makes you unable to feel pain as well as it locks up your body," reiterated Cassandra, shaking her head in disbelief. "I guess that makes perfect sense, but it still doesn't explain how she does what she does so damn fast... "

            "I'm starting to think that this mystery drug might not be the only thing in her arsenal," mused Marika, thinking back.

            "Quoi?" asked Lucienne, confused.

            "She's got billions of dollars and her company employs scientists that the governments could only dream of employing," Marika reminded her fellow agents. "Einstein's theory of relativity states that something moving extremely fast would perceive something else to be moving much slower, as if standing still. This may sound impossible, but the only thing I can think of that could make her capable of moving that fast is a device that accelerates her to a significant fraction of the speed of light, maybe even to the actual speed of light, if that makes any sense."

            "Too much sci-fi, I think," was Cassandra's immediate reply, the British agent clutching her forehead and rubbing it.

            "The most simple solution is usually the correct one," Hui reminded her companion, also sharing her disbelief at the theory.

            "Now now, what with all the technology today I wouldn't be surprised in the least," piped up Lucienne, getting the others to back off of Marika. "Lets just focus on busting this bitch before we she can drug us again or whatever... " Right then the leading car turned right into a private wharf and Hui did the same. Both vehicles parked and the agents inside quickly exited, all of them drawing their sidearms. There were several boats dotting the docks, some small sailboats while others were full yachts. The lights were still on in the main boathouse, which included a restaurant, but it was late at night so the only lights were coming from the lobby. Curiously, the guard that was inside the checkpoint was nowhere in sight.

            "Hui, you and Cassandra go with two of the others and check out the wharf," ordered Lucienne, using her left hand to emphasize her orders. "Marika, you're with me." Cassandra hurried off with Hui at her side, two male agents following with one carrying an HK MP5 submachine gun. Another two agents, a man and a woman, quickly took point as they, along with Lucienne and Marika, entered the boathouse.

            The lights were on and ideally someone was supposed to be around at all hours of the night, typically a low level manager who would sit around watching TV. "Too quiet," whispered the female agent, who's name Lucienne recalled as being Mai. The male, Sakata, nodded in agreement while sliding the safety of his USP to the off position. The four cautiously stepped into the lobby of the building and finally spotted who they were looking for. Standing behind the counter was a Caucasian woman, a false blond in her thirties, who stood with her left hand raised in greeting, a smile on her face, which flashed perfect white teeth. She stood wearing a white blouse with a red vest and black pants, her feet out of view. The agents trained their guns on her but after a few seconds it was clear the woman was frozen in place, remaining fixed like a statue or mannequin.

            "We're too late," cursed Lucienne, hurrying over to the counter. Upon closer inspection the woman's right sleeve was undone and there was a needle sitting on the counter next to the computer, which was still on. Lifting up the woman's sleeve Lucienne saw the tiny red mark that could only come from a hypodermic device. "She’s been drugged with something, probably the same one we were slipped in Italy," declared the senior agent.  “She’s alive, but no telling how long until she will revive; with Cassandra it was the better part of a day. Marika sat down at the old CRT computer and began to type with the speed of a professional typist.

            "There's a tracking grid for all the boats here," announced the Finnish blond. "If a boat isn't here, it has to be checked out or an alert will be sent. Good thing someone spotted Erika coming here, otherwise we might have gotten here a few days from now... " Marika called up the security records. "Two hours ago a boat was cleared for launch. It was a club boat, meaning the keys are probably in the club's safe."

            "Great, she could be in the clear by now," sighed Lucienne, realizing they'd most likely been beaten. "Mai, Sakata, sweep the rest of the building. I'm going to go find Cassandra and see if she's found our missing guard." Marika continued to work as Lucienne exited the lobby, prying a cigarette from her jacket pocket as she gave the frozen blond a serious glance, taking in her perfect form. With a woman frozen like that it was easy to admire every single element of their body, something which Lucienne had to admit she found erotic.

            Stepping outside, Lucienne lit up her cigarette as Cassandra came running over to her from the wharf. "The other two are checking the boats, but we've found the guard," explained Cassandra, gasping for air. "He's down by an empty stall with his pants down and pumped full of that immobilizer drug, probably from a needle."

            "Clerk here got the same treatment inside," Lucienne told her old friend, puffing her cigarette. "We've confirmed a boat was launched two hours ago, the last one to be launched. By now Erika, and Tasia, are probably in international waters... " The older agent felt herself breaking down a bit at the frustration of losing such a valued comrade due to a mere matter of time. Cassandra saw this and touched her superior's shoulder, giving her a comforting glance.

            "Don't worry, we'll find her and take that bitch down," promised Cassandra, and before either woman could stop it they were hugging, albeit lightly, in a way reserved for close friends. Lucienne's cigarette fell to the pavement and went out as the two women stood there for a short time until they heard the sounds of another pair of footsteps coming.

            "I checked the logs and found a few concerning things," announced Marika as she came up behind the two agents, who were unsure what the blond had seen. "There were supposed to be two launches tonight, but that was only an hour ago, and the crews for the yachts that were supposed to leave aren't where they should be."

            "What else?" asked Lucienne, turning away to hide her red face, though Cassandra seemed oblivious to the fact that her friend had been somewhat aroused by their innocent embrace.

            "There were two launches, one almost right after the other," Marika continued. "Both boats were even rented properly using Erika's Visa card, with one boat in her name and the other in the name of her companion's, Monica Stein... They probably split up."

            "So what you're saying is we have two targets now, not just one; and its possible one's just a decoy... " groaned Cassandra, realizing how much harder their job had just become.

Chapter 8

East China Sea, Trimaran 887

            The bright white and blue trimaran cut through the sea like a knife a large white wake trailed behind it the only evidence of the craft’s speed. The yacht was roughly 200 feet of sleek fiberglass with a single aerodynamic super structure with tinted angular windows. It was a clear day with calm seas enabling the three-hulled yacht to move at the near its max cruising speed of thirty knots; on this particular craft sixty knots was possible but not recommended.

            Monica had been on hundreds of boats of all sizes throughout her childhood; she basically grew up on a boat through her teenage years. She had taken the task of selecting the yachts very seriously and purposely gave herself the faster and more advanced yacht of the two. She had given Erika a bigger yacht with more luxuries and larger crew to keep her boss happy. For herself, she went with a very advanced and new trimaran; even though it was bit smaller than Erika’s yacht it was faster and could cover a large amount of ocean in record time, weather permitting of course. This was a must since she had to first go to Hong Kong to throw off their Interpol tail and then double back across the pacific to meet up with Erika. If everything were to go as planned, she would make port in San Diego three to four days after her boss. Monica did not have the ‘gift’ like her boss so she also wanted a craft she could run by herself. Being very educated nautically she knew what she was looking for in craft that would allow her to operate it solo without a crew. She also did not want a nosy crew and without the ‘gift’ it would be difficult to control things if the situation got hairy, not to mention when they got to port. The absence of a crew was a must without Erika at her side; fortunately for Monica the trimaran she had selected could be programmed to almost run itself.

            Monica was barefoot and dressed in khaki hot pants and a vibrant bikini top, her hair tied back into a simple ponytail and kept away from her face by a white visor. She moved around the carpeted cockpit as an experienced crewmember would, checking the digital charts and reading weather read outs. The trimaran’s cockpit looked like something out of sci-fi movie and something that should be seen in a jet not a yacht. There was a large tinted windshield that wrapped around the cockpit, giving its operator a 360-degree view of the sea around the craft. At the front of cockpit was an elaborate control console much like those on an expensive jet, which included big comfortable leather seats that could swivel sitting behind aircraft-like controls. The control console was masked in both analogue gauges and digital gauges, which read the yacht’s vitals. In the center of the console were three LCD monitors; the center monitor displayed the radar and sonar readings, to monitor to the left had a split screen display of the starboard, port, stern and bow to help pilot the craft in close quarters and for parking. The last monitor to the right of the center had a multi-split display of security cameras throughout the yacht. Finally in the center of the spacious cockpit was a digitized chart table that could display sea charts for virtually the whole world, but in this case only showed a highlighted route heading for Hong Kong Harbor.

            Leaning over the chart table and zooming in and out with the dials located at the side of the table and then calculating her speed and distance, she came up with an accurate ETA. Double-checking it with the built in calculator on the chart table she then moved to the right hand seat of the main control console. She then dialed in some numbers and picked up a small handset, “Hong Kong Harbor this trimaran eight-eight-seven reporting my position and my ETA, over.”

            There was a silence for a second then the cockpit’s speakers came to life with a British accent, “Copy that trimaran eight-eight-seven what is your position and ETA, over?”

            Monica got up from the seat and moved back over the chart table, the handset extending easily behind her. “Hong Kong Harbor this trimaran eight-eight-seven, my position is seven-three degrees north and two-five degrees east of your location. I am moving at three-zero knots and will be in harbor in four hours; over.”

            “Roger that trimaran eight-eight-seven, your position is seven-three degrees and two-five degrees and your ETA is four hours, copy that. Please report back in at the harbor’s mouth; over.”

            “Copy that Hong Kong Harbor, will report back in at harbor’s mouth; over and out.” Monica replied sitting back down in the right side seat. After she hung up the handset, she took a look at her radar and sonar readings; the scope was clear it was clear sailing from this point on. Glancing over at the closest monitor, Monica lightly tapped her finger on two camera feeds turning the multiple screen split to a simple dual split.

            The screens showed views from the port and starboard staterooms. Shortly after leaving Japan, Monica had placed Lotte in the port room and Sakura in the starboard room.  Instead of giving them both another shot of Type-7 like Erika suggested, Monica wanted to have some fun with the girls naturally. As expected, both girls freaked out as soon as they woke up from their frozen slumber, hence the reason why they were now in separate rooms. Monica visited each girl individually and explained why they were there; being a travel agent her German and Japanese were decent enough for this sort of conversation. Of course she made up a reason, dealing with female slavers, and that they were drugged along with hundreds of other woman matching their situations, single and alone. She then explained to them that she had removed them from the rest of the women randomly to give them a chance of freedom. Monica explained that the catch would be they were both to serve as her sex slaves for the remainder the trip. She gave the women two choices, freedom as a sex slave or drugged back into immobility and put into slavery once they woke back up. It was their choice, she had told them, and left them to decide. That had been almost two hours ago.

            In the port cabin, Lotte paced the rather small but comfortable room, recalling how her friends had told that traveling Europe alone was a bad idea; oh how she should have listened. Now she found herself naked on a boat heading to who knew where, with the choice of becoming a sex slave for the trip or losing her freedom alltogether. She had always been a free spirit all her life; the thought of losing everything scared the crap out of her. She was trying to stay calm so she could make a rational decision; she did not really trust this woman Monica either, but did she really have a choice?  Lotte sat down on the bed, defeated, hanging her head heavily.

            Sakura sat Indian-style in the middle of her stateroom with her eyes closed; it had taken her a while to cool down but she felt that she was relaxed enough now. The American slaver had given her a choice to make; but both choices to her were not really choices, at least in her favor anyways. It looked for either choice she made she was going to become a slave. One, however, did not include getting drugged again; something she did not want to experience again. Knowing she had been unconscious and unable to move for almost a day made her feel very helpless. Whatever was going to happen to her now, she wanted to be awake for it.

            Monica eyed both of the naked woman through the security feed, smiling evilly; both looked relaxed enough to make a decision. Judging by the body language they displayed, Monica already knew those decisions and smiled to herself. She double-tapped the screen and the monitor switched back to its multi-split display. Getting up from the co-pilot seat, Monica headed to the back of the cockpit and descended down a spiral staircase taking her into the galley below. On a polished oak table in the center of the large room, Monica picked up a shoulder rig which contained a dart pistol that when holstered up looked like a real gun. The dart pistol had ten cartridges of injection darts filled with full strength Type-7 just in case she was wrong. Once the shoulder rig was on, she walked past the spacious kitchen and down a dark cool hallway leading to the three sleeper quarters onboard.

            Lotte heard a knock on her door and tensed up. She stood quickly as the door opened and her captor stepped in, closing the door behind. The woman was older than her but looked great, exactly how she pictured American women to look. Lotte stared down the American, trying not to show any fear and trying not to look at the holstered gun. She stood fully exposed and did not even try to cover herself; she could see the American was taking in her full nakedness with her eyes.

            “What is your choice?” Monica asked in her best German with her hands on her hips.

            “I’ll be your sex slave…” Lotte replied barely audible and almost shamefully. She looked down at her bare feet to hide her tears from the other woman.

            “Very well,” Monica replied coldly and stepped out the room quickly to hide her smile. She locked Lotte’s door again and turned to the starboard side of the hallway.

            Sakura stood up quickly and leaned her body against the wall, using her hands to best cover herself up when she heard the door knock and moments later the American stepped in. The American was dressed and bore a shoulder holster with a gun that only made Sakura more nervous. She looked down at the American’s feet and tightened her body up, trying to make herself smaller.

            “What is your decision?” Monica asked in broken Japanese, typical American way of butchering ones language unintentionally. She crossed her arms across her chest and started down at the top of Sakura’s head.

            The Japanese woman slowly looked up with sad eyes, “I don’t want to be drugged again. I’ll do whatever you want me to do,” Sakura replied in a strong clear voice with contempt in her brown eyes.

            “You’ll be my sex slave for your freedom?” Monica asked, grinning, wanting to hear the woman say she’d be her slave.

            Sakura simply nodded, not giving the American the benefit of her defeat and shame. Monica only smiled and left the room, locking the door behind her. Sakura slid down the wall staring blankly thinking of her decision. She closed her eyes as tears streamed down her face. “I’m sorry, mother.” She mumbled through her sobs.

            Thirty minutes later Sakura and Lotte sat across from one another, each dressed in lacy garters with thigh-high sheer stockings. Sakura in black nylons while Lotte was in white. They were still both pretty much naked but sat comfortably on the wicker chairs in the galley. There was a lavish meal set before them; Monica sat at the end of the table eating happily. Sakura and Lotte only stared down at their barely touched meals and at each other as Monica ate.

            Monica looks up at Sakura, “If I was going to drug you I would have done it already, eat up; you’ll need your strength for later.” She looks over at Lotte and repeats herself in German.

            That took long enough, Monica thought. She should have just given them pills; it had taken them nearly an hour to eat. But they were finally done now and both looked pretty out of it. She had mashed up pills and sprinkled a special muscle relaxant in the meals. Even though both girls had agreed, she couldn’t trust desperate people and it was two against one, so she could not risk them turning on her. The muscle relaxant didn’t knock them out or freeze their muscles like Type-7 did, it just weakened them; they were still coherent and could listen and understand her. Lotte was leaning heavily over her plate and mumbling in German. Across from her, Sakura was nodding up and down as if trying to keep awake. Monica got up, moved to Lotte, and lifted her head up and kissed her full on the lips.  The German girl barely tried to fight it and eventually just gave in. Monica lifted Sakura into a standing position as she mumbled some Japanese that Monica did not try to decipher. Sakura stood wobbly, like a boxer who received too many blows and was on the verge of being knocked out. Monica held the smaller woman in her arms and danced around the open galley with her weak body and laughed evilly. She ended her dance with Sakura by bending her backwards and kissing her romantically. Surprisingly, Sakura was quite receptive and actually kissed Monica back.

            Monica stood naked in her the main stateroom and checked the large flat touch-screen monitor built into the wall that displayed all the ship’s systems; she had a little over three hours before she was near Hong Kong Harbor. She program the ship to start slowing down around that time and alert her, all the other systems looked good, though she was burning fuel faster than predicted and adjusted the speed by gliding her finger down the digital throttle controls. She turned around looking at the king size bed where Lotte and Sakura were reclining. They were still clad in their garters and stockings; Lotte was on her back while Sakura straddled her and both were embraced arm and arm and making out with each other. When Monica first ordered them to make out, they first looked awkward doing it. Now they looked more natural. Lotte seemed like she was still forcing it but Sakura looked to be enjoying it. “You Japanese and your conservative society… leaves a lot of the pent-up sexual desires, doesn’t it?” Monica cooed seductively as she climbed into the bed to complete the threesome.

* * *

Hong Kong Harbor

            “When is she supposed to be here again?” Cassandra asked impatiently, looking into the vast harbor doted with boats of all sizes. She and Hui had been sitting at an ocean side café for what felt like hours even though they had only been there a little bit over thirty minutes. They were both dressed casually and fit in with the large tourist crowd that surrounded them. Cassandra was in a pair of jeans over sneakers and a short-sleeved white blouse that barely covered the USP on her hip. Hui was more casual, wearing a light blue cotton sundress and a straw fedora to shield the sun from her face, with her gun was out of view tucked away under her dress somewhere. It was gorgeous day, so the masses were out enjoying the harbor’s festivities, making it really easy for the two Interpol agents to embed themselves.

            Hui stopped eating from the plate of fruit in front of her and glanced at her watch, “She should be arriving very soon. According to the harbor boss, she’s in a very fast boat so she shouldn’t be late and she has to stop here to refuel.” Hui replied simply, going back to her fruit.

            “Are you not nervous at all, after all that is has happened?” Cassandra asked, resting her elbows on the table.

            “Why would I be nervous? It is all part of the job Cassie; you can’t be nervous, you just have to relax to keep a clear head and be alert.” Hui replied, not looking up from the strawberry she was cutting apart with her fork. Hui knew she probably had the most different mindset from her teammates. The Chinese trained their cops a lot differently from their western counterparts.

            “I mean, we were all drugged back in Italy and had who knows what done to us. I had a gun in Lucienne’s mouth… Are you not worried that something like that could happen again?  Or worse?”

            Hui looked up at the nervous senior agent and smiled her trademark smile that seemed to calm those around her. “Look, Cassie, when we signed up for this stuff we knew bad stuff could happen to us; the way I see it is that you can’t look at the bad stuff and be afraid or nervous. We all know the risk that comes with the job. You can’t be afraid of it. If something should happen to me or any of us in the line of duty, remember that it happened to us doing something that we love and respect. This job is a lot easier if you do not think of the bad things and dangers just let it embrace you and accept it.”

            Cassandra couldn’t help but to smile back and nodded, “That makes sense Hui; no wonder Lucienne likes you so much. You’re such a wealth of positive energy. Now how ‘bout giving me one of those famous massages of yours? I bet that’ll calm me down.”

            Hui smiled and blushed, looking back down at her fruit dish, “Maybe when this is all over,” she replied with a smile and stuffed a piece of strawberry in her mouth. She was about to add something but caught a serious gaze in Cassandra’s eyes. She quickly turned around and spotted the unique three-hulled boat slowly making its way into the harbor. The yacht was called a trimaran to sailors, a very unique and new kind of yacht. To Hui and her colleagues however it was just called trimaran 887.

            “Let’s go,” Cassandra ordered seriously standing up. All the signs of nervousness were gone in her voice. She hated waiting; it made her think too much, when it was time to act her adrenaline took over.

            Hui quickly dropped some money on the table for the fruit and drinks and dashed off behind her partner. They had arranged the harbor chief to direct the yacht to a secluded docking area to be refueled so they would not attention boarding it. Pulling out her cell, she asked, “You want me to call for back up?”

            Cassandra turned around with a grin, “I think we can handle this, it’s just one woman; how hard could it be? Just relax.”

            “I am relaxed. But there is difference between being relaxed and reckless,” Hui replied. “Slow down, my legs are not as long as yours,”  she added, hurrying along on Cassandra’s heels.

* * *

Dock 54, Hong Kong Harbor

            Hui and Cassandra both peeked over the crates they were hiding behind. The trimaran was nestled between a large cargo ship and a small white sailboat. Compared to the cargo ship, the three-hulled yacht was tiny but compared with the sailboat it was quite large. The refueling barge had just left, and from what they could tell, the surrounding boats were empty. They had had spotted the woman who they had identified as Monica Stein, Erika’s travel agent. She had made a brief appearance on the dock between her yacht and the sailboat to pay the refueling crew. She was dressed in flip-flops and a white silk robe. Monica only stayed out for about ten minutes before she climbed back aboard her yacht and disappeared. From what Hui and Cassandra had observed so far, they concluded that Monica was alone; the trimaran that she had was said be self operated so no extra crew was needed.

            “Alright, we have to make our move now. She’ll leave any minute if we wait too long. I’ll take the stern and you’ll take the front. We’ll step out and move towards the sailboat, then quickly board the trimaran,” Cassandra ordered, looking over the crates to judge the distance between the sailboat and yacht; it wasn’t that far. They were going to have to be fast.

            “Hold on Cassie, let’s call for back up, I’ll feel a lot my comfortable if the SDU backs us up.” Hui suggested, looking at the trimaran that was looking a lot bigger than it was really was and full of hiding spots.

            “The SDU will take too long to assemble and there is not enough space here on the quay to hide an elite tactical unit; furthermore there is one person on board. I’ll be damned if I need a full tactical squad to question a travel agent,” Cassandra replied, stepping from behind the crate. “Come on, Agent Lan, and just relax.”

            Hui took a deep breath; she had bad feeling in her gut but as Cassandra was the senior agent she was in charge and Hui had to back her up. Reluctantly, Hui stepped from behind crate and followed Cassandra towards the sailboat. Cassandra’s USP was on and hidden from view of whoever was on the trimaran, Hui removed her Seecamp and kept it low as she approached the two vessels.

            Once they were between the two boats both agents quickly boarded the outer hull and then quietly crossed the support beams that molded the smaller hull the main body of the yacht. Hui held her Seecamp expertly with two hands as she aimed it toward the tinted glass of the cockpit now that she was standing on the bow. There were three squarish windows running along the top from the bow towards the cockpit. Hui stepped over the first window and carefully looked down into the cabin below. Her eyes opened wide with shock as she saw two women, one brunette and the other Asian, tied together; back to back and both naked. Kneeling down, she opened the window and slyly slipped into the cabin below. Dropping in, she was welcomed by the cool climate controlled surroundings. Both bound woman looked up at their visitor; both started speaking at the same time. Hui couldn’t understand what they were saying she quickly looked around the large cabin, noting it was probably the master stateroom. There was no one else in the room. Kneeling down and putting her Seecamp aside, Hui went to work on untying the women who kept on whispering frantically to her in languages she didn’t understand.

            Suddenly both women stopped whispering. Hui caught on right away; there was something wrong. She quickly picked up her Seecamp and spun around. The last thing she remembered was a sharp pain in her chest, then darkness.

            The trimaran had low stern that acted as a sun deck of the yacht. Cassandra quietly hopped from the outer hull to this deck, which led to a set of tinted glass doors that gained access to the lower decks of the yacht. The doors were open. With her USP held up at eye level, Cassandra stepped through the doors. She was then inside of the galley and noted the twisting stair case leading up to the cockpit and an open hatch leading down; pointing her gun downward she cautiously stepped on the small steps going into shadows. The room below was the engine room, which was a large space taking up the whole length of the main hull but cluttered by the engine and other machinery. Cassandra made a quick round and found no one. She cautiously moved back up and closed the hatch behind her to make sure it couldn’t be used a hiding space later. The galley and the kitchen were clear. She then turned the corner to move forward.

            Cassandra stopped dead in her tracks and tensed up immediately, coming face to face with Hui, who had a look of surprise on her face. Something was wrong. Instinctively Cassandra spun around, coming face to face with Monica whose hands shot up as soon as she saw the USP.

            “Don’t you move, bitch!” Cassandra yelled, switching the safety off her gun. “Hui, are you alright?” she then called out to her partner behind her.

            Monica laugh, “She’s kinda stiff now; she can’t hear you or do much of anything at all.”

            “What the hell did you do to her?” Cassandra asked, stepping closer to the travel agent.

            “Same thing I’m going to do to you.” Monica replied with a quick smile. Cassandra just then noticed some kind of remote that was hidden in Monica’s hand; before she could react there was a sharp prick on her back followed by a calm darkness.

* * *

Two days later, Pacific Ocean, Trimaran 887

            The trimaran was cruising at a comfortable 24 knots, the engines were running off solar panels enabling the fuel to burn a lot slower; any faster the solar panels would be useless. With the clear weather and the decent cruising speed, Monica did not have to stop again for fuel in Hawaii and could just cruise all the way to San Diego. The travel agent, now clad in a stringy red bikini, laid sprawled out dozing on a towel on the open stern deck, her body lathered in sun screen and glistening in the sun. Monica stirred a bit before waking up and looking at the wide big ocean around her and the white wake that followed her. The Bob Marley music playing from below engulfed her peaceful environment and reminded her why she loved the ocean so much.

            Feeling that she had gotten enough sun for the day, she stood, dressed in a coverup, gathered her towel and stepped through the glass door entering the interior of the yacht. In the galley standing over the table was Lotte. She was dressed in a brief French maid’s uniform that left little to imagination and was bent over the table with a rag in one hand while her other supported her weight. Her head was propped up and looked at Monica as she entered with a fixed warm smile that lingered on and on. Monica had shot Sakura and Lotte once more with the Type-7 for safe keeping. After she had caught the two Interpol agents, the two women had completely gone crazy seeing what Type-7 did to a person and having no desire to become living statues. Monica was fine with it though; she was getting bored of them anyways. Tossing her towel onto to a nearby wicker chair, Monica moved behind Lotte’s stuck form lifted, the hem of her low-cut dress up and exposing bare ass. She gave it a quick slap and then wrapped her arms around the German’s waist, kissing the frozen woman’s neck while at the same time rubbing her bare skin against the woman’s bare back side. Monica let out a moan upon releasing the woman. She left Lotte standing there in position with her dress raised up, exposing her shapely ass.

            Monica climbed the spiral steps to the cockpit and was welcomed by Sakura, wearing only the top half of a cute sailor outfit, leaving her naked from the waist down. A captain’s cap sat at a jaunty angle on her head and she was posed standing at attention with one arm to her side while the other was held in a rigid salute. Her motionless face bore a wide toothy smile. Sakura stood right in front of the digital chart table and was a welcome sight as Monica walked up to the table to check their course. Everything was perfect; they should be in San Diego in couple of days. Monica then stepped in front of Sakura, held the stiff Japanese woman in her arms and began to make out with the stock-still woman until she was satisfied.

            Inside the main stateroom at just behind the bow of the yacht agent Cassandra Flick was spread eagled upon the king-size mattress, clad only in leather bands that did not cover anything. Her face bore a sleepy look with her mouth held wide open. Her body shines brightly in the dim lighting of the room thanks, Monica who had applied lubricant all over her body for easy movement. Agent Hui Lan stands at the bedside, clad in a leather mask and standing on spiked heels. Her face was molded into an angered expression and her right hand is raised, holding a short whip. Her body glistens and shines under the dim light of the room as well.   The scene looks like something from an erotic wax museum.

            “How are my lovely Interpol agents?” Monica coos to the frozen pair as she enters the plush stateroom, stripping off her bikini. She climbs into the bed and settles next to Cassandra, who continues to gaze blankly at the ceiling. “I knew I was going to like you every since Italy and I’m not bored with you yet. Even after two days of rough sex,” she whispers into Cassandra’s unhearing ears. “We have plenty of time; let’s have some more fun,” Monica giggles and then looks over at Hui. “Don’t worry, my little China doll, I have big things planned for you too; after I’m done with you, what Erika did to you in Italy will be nothing.”  Hui can only stand silently and with empty eyes at the comment.     

* * *

The Royal Dragon, Lahaina, Hawaii

            Erika's yacht, the Royal Dragon, had been equipped with more than enough supplies to survive the trip from Tokyo to Lahaina, though she had requested the crew fish a bit, just in case. The boat was massive; with quarters for ten people as well as a master bedroom, the room that Erika now lay in. Taking up a good portion of the bow of the ship, the quarters featured a massive bed capable of sleeping five at the minimum, white carpets nearly an inch thick, and a couple of red couches. Erika had paid the crew of the ship triple what their original employers would have paid; thus the crew didn't seem to care that Erika spent all her time locked up in her room. The crew turned out to be all women, which had really been luck of the draw, since Monica had just randomly taken the two luxury boats from the Crystal Yacht Club and whatever came with them.

            Erika was lying on the bed in nothing but a pink nightgown, slowly waking up from a midday nap that, for once, hadn't require any sort of drug to induce. Next to her lay the lissome Tasia, who was due to come out of her drugged state shortly, while Sandy had been stashed in the room's mirrored closet, her own metabolism a long time from passing the Type-7 she'd been injected with. Both women had their hair down, while Tasia was wearing simple black underwear as opposed to Erika's own evening wear, though both garments were more or less transparent. The Greek lay flat on her back with her arms and legs tight against her body, her gaze wide and blank with her mouth open. "Almost time for you to wake up, lover," whispered Erika playfully as she kissed Tasia's stiff lips. Even as the kiss went on Erika could feel that Tasia was about to come awake so, she leaned back and watched with excitement.

            First there was a quiver in her lips, then her eyes blinked as Tasia came out of a week-long frozen coma. The Greek sat up immediately and looked around surprise, expecting herself to be standing, opening the door to her hotel room back in Italy. Before Tasia could say anything, Erika pounced on her, kissing her so hard it seemed like they'd push right through the mattress and poke a hole in the boat. At first Tasia hesitated, not really kissing back, but soon Erika was relieved to feel the Interpol agent's tongue moving of its own accord, the two women embracing as they rolled around on top of the bed in what any man might consider the hottest kiss he'd ever seen. It was a full three minutes before the two women parted lips. "Alright, what's going on here, not that I'm complaining," gasped Tasia, breathing heavily as she lay beneath Erika's grinning face.

            "Well, I figured out you were spying on me so I decided to whisk you away for some alone time," confessed Erika, now massaging Tasia's perfect breasts as they sat covered by the black bra. Tasia moaned in pleasure.

            "Technically that's a crime, you know," groaned Tasia, feeling herself becoming extremely warm. She considered Erika to be extremely sexy; a perfect candidate for a female partner and lover. Still, she had been kidnapped, though at the moment she didn't really care about that detail.

            "Well, then, why don't you punish me?" giggled Erika, rolling over so that Tasia was now on top. The Greek woman hesitated for only a moment before leaning in and kissing the American's neck. Erika closed her eyes and moaned in pure ecstasy as Tasia began moving her lips down the blonde's perfectly-tanned body, removing her gown in the process. As the woman approached the belly button, however, she suddenly lashed out with her left elbow, dealing a solid blow to Erika's chest and severely winding her.

            "You did ask for that!" shouted Tasia as she left off the bed, moving with the speed of a jaguar towards the room's door. Unfortunately for the Interpol agent, while the pain did distract Erika momentarily it also focused her thoughts, allowing her to concentrate and stop time before Tasia could reach the knob; an eerie reminder of her encounter with Monique the French maid. Tasia stood fixed in place with her right hand outstretched towards the knob, her left side turned slightly away from the door, her knees bent mid-step. Dragging herself off the bed, Erika opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out a syringe that was already filled with Type-7, which was sitting right next to the Theseus Ring. The billionaire stumbled over to the immobilized redheaded agent, casually grasped her left arm, finding the vein, and injecting her with the readily prepared drug. The blonde tossed the needle aside as she wrapped her arms around Tasia's perfect waist and dragged her on her heels into the closet.

            Tasia now stood hidden inside the massive closet in front of a series of full body mirrors with Sandy next to her, the redhead still in the same pose as when Erika had grabbed her. Sandy, meanwhile, stood like a mannequin with her right hand on her hip while her left was bent at the elbow with her hand pointing almost straight ahead at hip level. Erika had dressed the American in denim shorts and a red halter-top, her hair combed back behind her ears and her lips a vibrant shade of pink. Erika squeezed Sandy's firm breasts through her top, then leaning in and licking the girl's lips, using her tongue to force Sandy's mouth open.

            After a few minutes of frozen fun with Sandy in the closet, which resulted in the local clocks starting to tick again, Erika dragged the college girl out onto the bed, laying her down on her back and casually plucking off the black sandals she'd been wearing. "You really have cute feet," cooed Erika, tickling Sandy's toes. Since Erika had yet to have a proper experience with Sandy she wanted do make it last, so she got to work making preparations. The first step in Erika's planning was to close the closet doors, making sure no one could peer in and see Tasia hidden inside. After checking the closet, Erika examined the room's doors before picking up the dropped syringe from earlier and walking to the nightstand. From the drawer Erika pulled out a shot glass, which she filled with Type-7 and a glass jar filled with a somewhat reddish liquid. The billionaire filled the syringe with the red liquid, which happened to a counteractive agent to the Type-7, designed to help anyone recover from the drug within a few minutes or less, depending how long they've been under. With skill that had been honed from years of practice, Erika found a vein in Sandy's arm and gave her a direct injection with the counter agent, then returning the needle back to the stand as the chemical process began inside Sandy's body.

            A full two minutes and a few odd seconds later Sandy came out of her frozen coma and found her lips interlocked with Erika's, causing the younger woman to wrap her arms around her newfound lover as the two continued to kiss passionately, a scenario that was a bit of a repeat for the billionaire. "This is like a dream come true," gasped Sandy after she parted her lips from Erika's, breathing heavily and smiling ear to ear. "I've wanted to do that with you ever since you made the cover of Vogue two years ago... "

            "Well, then we're going to go beyond your dreams," giggled Erika as she casually pulled off her gown, revealing her naked form to Sandy for the first time. Erika's hands descended to Sandy's crotch and felt the warmth coming from within, wiggling her eyebrows. Sandy closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as Erika slid down the side of the bed, taking Sandy's shorts with it, the girl having been dressed commando style. Erika placed her hands around Sandy's womanhood, admiring its perfect appearance, but then stopped. "I can make this moment last for hours, if you want it to," purred the blond billionaire.

            "Absolutely!" exclaimed Sandy, practically panting in excitement. Pleased, Erika headed over the nightstand and grabbed the filled shot glass, offering it to Sandy.

            "Pour that in your mouth but don't swallow for a minute," explained Erika in a low voice, smiling as she watched the college girl do what was asked of her. The billionaire then took back the glass and returned to Sandy's crotch, going down on her knees and letting her tongue do her magic. Sure enough Sandy let out an exclamation of pure pleasure, causing the liquid drug to go down her throat. Within moments Sandy was once again frozen, the counter-agent in her body having been burned up dealing with her previous dose. The blond college girl lay on her back, her arms stretched away from her body flat on the blanket, her back slightly contorted with her head leaned back, her mouth fully open and her eyes closed, frozen in a moment of pure orgasmic pleasure. Erika herself was near that point herself, the sexy younger girl more than enough to get her excited. Erika took a quick swallow of the rest of the drug and then placed her tongue directly in the middle of Sandy's thighs, freezing a moment later with her hands resting on the girl's bent knees, her eyes closed as her tongue remained rigid as if the blonde had licked a frozen flagpole.

* * *

            Hours after Erika's first sexual encounter with Sandy, the reanimated billionaire stepped out of her massive closet dressed in a zebra-pattern strapless dress with a white wide-brimmed bat, black heels, black purse and mirrored sunglasses as well as a necklace that consisted of a dozen two-karat diamonds and a pair of earrings made of authentic pearls. The only part of Erika's outfit that didn't scream her wealth out loud to anyone that looked at her was her hair, which was done up in a low ponytail with a simple cotton band, though she did have some others that were made from silk. "What do you think, love?" Erika asked Tasia, glancing over at the woman who stood in the center of the room. Tasia had now been posed like a mannequin Erika had once seen in a summer fashion window display. The redhead Greek was barefoot, standing with her legs slightly spread while dressed in a two-piece pink and light green bikini. Her left hand gripped a pair of sunglasses by the lift side, holding them over her eyes while her right hand was outstretched as if she were trying to shake hands and her lips were slightly parted as if to allow for breathing. "Yes, it just takes the words out of your mouth, doesn't it?" giggled Erika, walking over and planting a kiss on Tasia's cheek.

            "Oh, and don't think I've forgotten about you," called out Erika, heading over by the bed where Sandy was standing. The American college girl was dressed in a one-piece black bikini with her hair in a ponytail and a pair of sunglasses over her eyes. Sandy stood bent at the waist, her hands in front of her holding a large rainbow-striped beach ball, also based on a mannequin pose Erika had once seen. The billionaire squeezed Sandy's left breast and kissed her on the cheek as well, then headed out the door of the room.

            An hour earlier the boat had come into port, at which point Erika had called the crew into the sitting room that the yacht had been equipped with. Eight young women, including the stunning captain Naoko Kobayashi, had gathered to await Erika's instructions. The blonde, only dressed in a robe at the time having recently recovered from her sexual freeze nap, had rewarded the crew with a glass of wine each. The eight Japanese women, all with tight figures save the some somewhat plain and overweight chef, were soon frozen in place with wine glasses in their hands, the beverage-holders raised for a second toast that had never materialized. Six of the crew each wore a white blouse with matching pants while the chef wore a black outfit similar to the kind the cooks on the TV show 'Iron Chef' had worn. Naoko, who stood in front of the others with her own glass raised, wore a cliché captain's shirt, also white, with black pants and an even more cliché captain's hat on her head. Erika thought they looked cute, standing there immobilized, all of them happy to be drinking their reward. "I'll see you girls later, right now I need a steam," cooed Erika as she passed by Naoko, giving her ass a gentle pinch as she headed out of the ship.  The crew wouldn’t be bothering her any time soon with prying questions.

* * *

            "I've just checked with the yacht club staff, and it was definitely a blonde matching Erika's description that left that boat a few minutes ago," Marika informed Lucienne as she returned from the Kane'ohe Yacht Club's main office. The two Interpol agents had managed to track the yacht Erika had stolen and figured out where it would make port a couple of hours before it had landed, arriving at the wharf just a couple of minutes ago. The pair were standing on the edge of a walkway leading towards the yacht club office; Lucienne was smoking a cigarette as she looked over at the familiar boat that was anchored not three hundred feet away. Both women had dressed appropriately for the heat with white sleeveless blouses and navy skirts, no pantyhose and black flat-heel shoes.

            "We need to track her, see if we can catch her making some kind of deal that could help us arrest her," Lucienne told her acting partner. The French woman missed Cassandra but Marika was still good company. "I think I'll take a look at that boat. I need you to find that rich bitch and, if need be, have the local police arrest her for a crime to named in the later part of the twenty-four required hours. If Tasia is on that ship, I want her taken off."

            "Shouldn't we get back-up?" asked Marika, a bit nervous as she glanced over at the boat.

            "This is our case, and I'm going to make damn sure we finish it," replied Lucienne, sliding her sunglasses up over the top of her head while taking a final puff of her cigarette. "Watch yourself; we have a good idea of what kind of weaponry she's packing."

            "I'd be more worried about the boat, so you take even more care," responded Marika, giving her superior a grave nod as she lid on her own wire-frame sunglasses and headed off into the tourist-filled streets. Lucienne watched Marika walk away, admiring the woman's perfectly-shaped derrière as she flicked her cigarette butt away.

            "Aujourd'hui c'est ma jour pour gagner," muttered Lucienne as she quickly headed towards the docked yacht, which technically belonged to a wealthy Japanese couple in Tokyo. The huge white craft made the average house boat look tiny, easily large enough to host a party for over on hundred people on the upper deck alone. The white exterior and overall shape reminded Lucienne of the Disco Volante from Thunderball. Two large refrigerated containers sat beside the ramp that led up to the deck of the ship, each no doubt containing supplies for Stone's predicted journey to California. Lucienne had seen a pair of club employees drop the crates off a few minutes earlier but no one had yet to exit the ship and collect them. A bit uneasy, Lucienne drew her USP but kept it tight against he body as she walked up onto the yacht, not wanting to attract attention as it was broad daylight and there were a few people around. After a quick glance around the deck, Lucienne saw there was no one and thus headed down below.

            "Quoi est passé içi?" asked Lucienne in her native tongue as she entered the main sitting room to find eight Japanese women, all fixed in place like statues. The French agent walked over to the woman in the captain’s uniform, who stood with her left hand holding a glass of red wine; she had short black hair with spiky tips and a relaxed smile on her face. First Lucienne experimented by waving her free left hand in front of the captain's face, then moved on to poking her arm after she received no response. When the arm poke got no response Lucienne grabbed the woman's wineglass and, sure enough, the captain's hand remained in position as if the glass were now invisible. After taking a whiff of the wine, Lucienne decided not to test it and placed the glass on a nearby coffee table that separated the captain from her crew. "It's remarkable," mused Lucienne, poking the captain's cheek. "I could kiss you, grope you, even violate you sexually and you'd still be perfect, like a mannequin... " As the words left Lucienne's mouth, she realized just how stunning the Japanese captain was and ended up giving her a traditional French kiss, causing the woman to be thrown off-balance and for her cap to fall off. Lucienne steadied the woman and felt her own cheeks go red, embarrassed that she'd just technically violated an non-consenting person. Shaking off the experience, Lucienne headed towards the twin oak doors, gun arm leading. After listening for a moment and hearing nothing, Lucienne quickly swung open the door and dove into the room, her gun up and ready to fire.

            The Interpol agent hadn't been sure of what to expect when she'd entered the master bedroom, but the sight was still a shock. There in the room stood the missing agent Tasia and an unknown blond woman who definitely wasn't Erika, both posed like they were mannequins in a summer beach display at a department store. Seeing there was no clear danger, Lucienne holstered her USP and walked over to Tasia, observing her subordinate with worry. "Tasia, can you hear me?" asked Lucienne, taking the Greek's outstretched hand with her right and removing her sunglasses with her left. Tasia's blue eyes were shining in the bedroom's lighting but showed no signs of life. Lucienne took Tasia by the shoulders and shook the younger woman but still received no response for she was just as much a frozen statue as the ship’s captain, if not even more so. Lucienne reached out and touched the younger agent's soft face and, just as with the captain, ended up kissing her full on the lips, tongue and all. "Well, now that that's out of the way, I'd better get you out of here," mused Lucienne, tapping Tasia's rigid cheek and stepping away. Before the French agent called for a team to help her extract Erika's victims however she decided she did need to check on the young blond woman.

            The blond was most likely an American from what Lucienne could see, a very attractive one at that, though a bit young for her tastes. A quick poke and removal of her sunglasses was enough for Lucienne to be certain that the blond was also another immobilized victim of the drug that Erika Stone was employing. "Right, lets put the bitch away," decided Lucienne, reaching for the mobile phone clipped to her black leather belt. As Lucienne grasped her phone in her hands there was suddenly a rustling behind her and then the distinctive hissing sound of a bottle spraying something. The last thing Lucienne noticed before blacking out was the sweet smell of various tropical fruits.

* * *

            Tracking Erika Stone wasn't hard when you were in the United States, even if it was Hawaii and not the Continental US. Since Marika's English was perfect she had no trouble communicating with the locals, rarely even needing to use her picture of Stone which she'd downloaded from her official fan club website. After asking two dozen people, Marika learned that Erika had wandered into the recently build sauna building called the Hawaiian Steamer. The building's exterior was decorated with palm tree bark and leaves as well as local flowers and other such things, making it look less artificial than it was since the foundation was all concrete. Unfortunately Erika was in a private reserved area; if Marika used her Interpol badge to get in she'd attract attention, making it too easy for Erika to slip away.

            Forced to choose stealth, Marika paid admission and entered the changing rooms, getting herself a private locker for her belongings. Thieves were a big problem in public pools and health spas in the United States at the moment, and Marika didn't want some would-be thief stealing her Interpol ID, never mind her gun. Luckily men and women couldn't mingle, thus Marika was comfortable dressing down to the lone white towel, her locker key being employed as a safety pin to make sure she didn't come unwrapped. Properly dressed for the location, Marika boldly stroke into the sauna room, getting a few glances from other women in the area as she moved.

            The sauna's main room was a basic tile-floor room with white walls and a few wooden benches set up for people to sit on. Nudity was not allowed in the public area though footwear was not required, thus various women passed Marika by wearing sandals while she was barefoot, not having brought any with her on the assignment. Connected to the public room, which had four areas where the steam has generated, were eight private rooms, each with their own rock steamer. In the private rooms nudity was allowed so long as the door was closed. Unfortunately for Marika, after glancing around the main room for a couple of minutes, which had quite a few large support walls dotting the area thus making it into a somewhat maze-like room, Marika didn't see any sign of Erika, meaning she was probably in a private room. The door to each room did have a window, but the steam fogged it up, rendering the view almost useless. Marika ended up taking a seat on an empty bench near the entrance to the locker room, hoping to spot the billionaire first.

            After a good five minutes Marika considered changing tactics, but it was at this point that she saw the door to the private room closest to her on the right side of the bench open and out stepped Erika Stone, the bronzed beauty gleaming as she strode out. Marika turned her head away but kept the American in view out of the corner of her eye. Erika, not seeming to notice Marika, headed towards another private room not far away. Suspicious, Marika turned and watched the woman as she opened the door and entered the room. Intrigued, Marika decided to get up and enter the room Erika had just exited.

            The private rooms featured classic sauna set-ups with tile floors, rubber mats and wooden benches, a single lava-rock heater sitting in the middle of the room. A lone Hawaiian woman with long black hair was sitting in the corner, her towel being used to cover her seat instead of herself. The woman was leaning back, her eyes closed and a smile on her face, her perky breasts and dark pink nipples almost making Marika go red in the face before she sat down. "You a shy one?" asked the Hawaiian, looking over at Marika.

            "Little bit," admitted Marika, managing not to stare at the woman.

            "It's alright, nothing wrong with that, but we're all women here," pointed out the dark-haired woman, flashing Marika a red-lipped smile. The woman was fairly attractive, easily the type men dreamed of in a coconut bikini and grass skirt on a sandy beach. Seeing such raw physical beauty almost make Marika consider experimenting again like she had in the past, though the thoughts were repressed. It hadn't been a bad experience, but it had been a bit awkward for the blond.

            "I'm Marika," offered the Interpol agent, her accent suddenly becoming thicker as she said her name.

            "Miranda," replied the Hawaiian woman, leaning back. "Welcome to the United States if you're a tourist or whatever, otherwise I'm sorry if that sounded offensive and encourage you to enjoy this private room. You're better company than that last chick... "

            "Last chick?" asked Marika, now intrigued. The blond fingered her towel for a moment, then gave in and removed it, revealing her smooth and creamy figure to anyone who dared to enter the room as well as Miranda, who lay there with her eyes closed.

            "Yeah, I swear she was trying to seduce me, the way she commented on my body," sighed Miranda, opening her eyes and smiling slightly at the sight of Marika's nude form. "She sounded like some rich bitch. She seemed to be a sauna newbie too, since she came in with that bottle of water... " Miranda pointed at a plastic bottle Marika had failed to notice that was sitting near the Hawaiian. It looked like a brand-name container but the label was missing, the bottle seemingly full. "Dumb bitch forgot to take it with her," added Miranda, picking up the bottle and unscrewing the lid. "Oh well, her loss is our gain. Lets add a little more steam... "

            By the time Marika realized that the bottle had been left on purpose, it was too late. Miranda had already raised the bottle over the rocks and poured it, unleashing a new wave of steam into the room; steam that was now infused with the Type-7 sedative. Miranda stood over the heater, her left hand holding the bottle upside down, a grin on her face while her right hand rested on her hip. Marika had sat up, her right hand raised in alarm, her mouth open and her eyes wide as her left braced herself against the bench, her left leg resting on it fully bent at the knee while her right was on the ground. Both women became instantly frozen in place as they were mere moments after the water evaporated.

* * *

            Sitting in the empty private room next to the one she'd just been in, Erika counted off a full two minutes before she acted. By now she'd figured that either that luscious Hawaiian Miranda had drank the Type-7 mixed with water she'd left behind or poured it on the rocks; either way would result in a new doll for her to play with on the trip back home. If Miranda hadn't used the water by now, Erika would just force her to down it, but it would be fun to see if the Hawaiian had gotten any more visitors since the blond had left two minutes earlier. Leaning back and relaxing, Erika felt the steam around her suddenly freeze in mid-air as time stopped. Erika had to be careful since this was the last time she'd be able to invoke her power without some real rest, unlike the nap she'd had with Sandy on the ship a bit earlier. Her power activated, Erika shed her ugly white towel and exited the private room.

            Dozens of women, most of them American bottle-blonds who were on vacation, dotted the main room of the sauna, all dressed in the fuzzy white towels. "How pedestrian," gagged Erika as she clutched one towel hugging a blond that sat near the private room Erika had just exited. While it could put her at risk, as Erika didn't have any gum to chew, the rich girl nonetheless proceeded to strip every woman present, which was easy since they were only clad in towels. "Now that's something to get hot for," laughed Erika, glancing at all the C-cup breasts once the towels were all removed. The stripping was, as usual, necessary to help distract people from her real goal, which in this case was Miranda. Finished with her mischief in the main room, Erika opened the private room she'd been inside recently and headed in.

            "Well look who it is!" exclaimed Erika, not able to believe her luck as she glimpsed the two stiff women posed around the rock heater. Erika had known Interpol would track her down, which was why she'd left some traps on the Royal Dragon before she'd left, but hadn't figured that an agent would follow her into the sauna itself. "Goody; two for one!" squealed Erika, nearly losing her composure. Fortunately the blond recovered and went to work, standing up Marika and then dragging her out of the steam rooms altogether and back into the change room without shifting her upper body. After Marika was in place Erika returned for Miranda and their locker keys, feeling having some clothing for the pair might be helpful to get measurements. In the locker room Erika left the pair near the hall leading to the sauna and raided their lockers, grabbing their clothing and belongings, save Marika's gun. Erika even found herself some gum in Miranda's purse, thus the blond didn't have to raid her own purse. "Thanks, cutie!" called out Erika in her frozen world as she searched her own locker for the outfit she'd worn into the sauna.

            A good twenty minutes later in Erika's time-frame, the blond was back in her full ensemble and she'd dressed both Marika and Miranda in their underwear. Marika wore a conservative white bra and very large panties, almost looking like something a grandmother would wear. Miranda was more playful, sporting a tiny red bra and panties that were almost a thong, also matching. For transportation purposes, Erika had wandered over to a grocery store a block away and snatched a shopping cart from a mother of four. "You don't need this; you need to ditch the brats," Erika told the woman as she left the parking lot with the dark green cart and returned to the sauna. Packing Marika and Miranda into the cart wasn't easy, as they were both quite tall for women, Marika being at least six feet while Miranda was no less than two inches shorter than the Finn. Ultimately, inspired by the movie Cashback, Erika stood them both fully upright in the cart but leaned them so they wouldn't topple over, Miranda's left arm was hanging in the air near the brim of Erika's large hat as she pushed the cart out of the sauna.

            The yacht club was only a few blocks from the sauna so Erika decided to just transport her two latest prizes by hand, not even bothering with a car or other vehicle since her two favored partners, Monica and Caitlin, were both unavailable to help. Upon her return to the Royal Dragon Erika noted the refrigerated containers as she removed the two frozen women from her cart and pushed it into the water to make sure no one noticed anything odd when time was no longer stopped. "Welcome to your new lives, bitches," giggled Erika as she dragged both Marika and Miranda up the ramp onto the ship, each one held with an arm around their waist. Once Erika was sure she was obscured from view, the blond and her two captives partway down the stairs to the lower deck, Erika kissed Miranda full on the lips, her gum exiting her mouth and time starting to flow properly once again.  Both of course remained frozen under the effects of the steamy Type-7 they were exposed to.

            "Hey ladies, meet your new roommates!" exclaimed Erika as she dragged Miranda and Marika down to the base of the stairs where she could see her frozen Japanese crew. Immediately, however, Erika noticed that Naoko was missing her cap, then the blond eyed her bedroom doors and saw one was slightly ajar. Curious, Erika left her new acquisitions behind and headed for the room.

            Inside the estate room Erika immediately saw that something was amiss. Not only were Tasia and Sandy missing their sunglasses, but a third woman, Lucienne was standing not far from the college co-ed with a cell phone in her hands, her left index finger in the middle of dialing, the French woman's eyes focused on her phone. Erika laughed at the sight and immediately walked over. "Good work Sandy; you can break character now," Erika told the younger blond, who immediately blinked and dropped her beach ball, revealing a hairspray container in her left hand which had been obscured by the ball to the casual observer.

            "I told you I could act," Sandy declared proudly, poking the back of Lucienne's head, causing the Interpol agent to wobble slightly. "She even touched me and couldn't tell I was faking it. I have to say, this Type-7 stuff is great; quick-acting, too, especially in spray format."

            "You did good, girl," Erika assured the younger blond, the two sharing a brief kiss before removing Lucienne's phone and gun from her stiffened fingers. "I caught another one of these Interpol rats at the sauna, though she’s also quite a sexy rat. There may be two more coming to call, but I'm guessing they went after Monica instead."

            "So, what now?" asked Sandy as she circled Lucienne, admiring the older woman's perfect figure for the first time.

            "Now we drag the other two in here and I leave you to have a little fun on your own while I get the crew ready to leave," Erika told Sandy, whom she now considered her sidekick. "Think of it as a reward for your acting skills...  plus I've already hit that."

            "I don't blame you," giggled Sandy, squeezing Lucienne's breasts. "The trip home will be a fun one... "


Chapter 9

Victoria Towers, Malibu, California

            There was nothing that Erika liked more than traveling and she'd found her international adventure very fulfilling and exciting though she was happy to be home again. She occupied the entire top floor of the Victoria Towers condo complex; her penthouse alone was larger than some normal houses and it had a quite a view with the vast southern California beach on one side and the beach front city of Malibu on the other. It was a home fit for royalty and perfect for the Stone Enterprises heiress.

            Erika had been home for three days and even with her newly acquired dolls she found herself wanting to do nothing more but sleep. As soon as she was docked, she'd made the necessary calls to her high-ranking executives and lawyers. She was then ushered home by large entourage, a display of her popularity, fame and power. The next two days Erika did nothing but sunbathe around her rooftop pool and sleep. By the time she had woken on the third day she was refreshed and felt like what she was ready to get down to business. She got an early start on the day, first showing up at her favorite coffee shop, followed by a quick work out at her gym. On the way to a luncheon with her executives she made a call to a couple of her close friends for a little get together she was planning that evening. The luncheon with her executives was at a trendy downtown restaurant was supposed to center on how her company was doing but she spent more time checking out the hostess than listening to finance and stock reports. As Erika left after the meeting was concluded she stopped by the hostess’ station; she was a brunette with bronze skin, a clear sign that she was a resident of the city.

            “Hello, I’m Erika Stone,” She greeted, leaning on the hostess's podium and letting her eyes play with the woman’s formal-looking uniform.

            The hostess looked up brightly at Erika with a big smile. “Oh my gosh; Ms. Stone, I’m a huge fan!” she exclaimed, barely containing herself. “My name is Kissy, Kissy Stevens,” she then replied, extending her hand.

            Erika smiled. “Well aren’t you a cute little thing, Kissy Stevens,” Erika replied, kissing the woman’s hand. Kissy's smile faded almost immediately and Erika slyly changed the subject. “I’m having a get together this evening if you have chance drop by give this card to the doorman and he’ll show you up to my suite,” Erika said, handing Kissy a business card from her purse. Kissy was elated again and was speechless. Erika simply waved and casually left the restaurant as if nothing had happened, knowing that if Kissy showed up she’d soon become even more speechless.

            Two hours later Erika was back home loaded with shopping bags. She had missed American stores and was glad to shop again in places where she didn’t have to translate anything. There were a few moments where she'd wanted to stop time and have some homecoming fun but she reminded herself about the coming evening and all of her new mannequins. She threw open the door to her library, a room no one would expect her of using and one that was sort of hidden from the other rooms in the rooftop penthouse.

            “Hello ladies!” She greeted brightly to her unmoving and unhearing guests. The four frozen women were all naked, naturally. Lucienne and Tasia stood side by side with blanks looks in their eyes and grinning lips. Miranda stood next to Tasia with her bare arms up over her head and leaned back with eyes closed and mouth opened. Finally, Marika stood next to Lucienne in a wide stance that was different from the others' rigid military-like stances with her hands cupping her breasts, her blue eyes staring ahead vacantly and a wide smile showing her white teeth. Erika took her time and seductively walked around each of the mannequin-like women. “Let’s get you ladies more comfortable for your stay,” Erika remarked happily as she eyed Tasia’s goddess-like frame.

            By the time Erika heard her front door open and close she had her four fleshy dolls posed ideally to her liking. She had paired Tasia and Lucienne together; she thought they had chemistry together even though she didn’t know whether the two women swung that way. The two Interpol women held each other in a sexy embrace with naked limbs wrapped around one another, their lips locked in a passionate kiss. Standing next to the two Interpol agents, also in the same pose, were Marika and Miranda. Marika held the smaller Hawaiian in her Nordic features and there was a striking contrast of pale and tan skin tones in the two’s embrace. Erika brushed her hands together with a smile before turning and leaving hot scene behind her.

            Naoko Kobayashi stood in Erika’s luxurious living room. She was dressed in an all white pants suit with a black top underneath the jacket. Her short black hair was stylishly spiked up showing off her fine facial features. The yacht captain was the same height as her American boss standing in her white spiked heels. “Everything is arranged in regards to the boat and the crew,” Naoko reported, seeing Erika enter the room. The captain let her eyes wander up and down Erika's body as the billionaire undressed before her.

            Erika smiled seductively as she approached the yacht captain who, to her surprise, knew about the Type-7 and was willing to participate in some stiff fun with Erika and Sandy. It was a glorious surprise when Naoko revealed herself once they had reached port. “So the yacht is paid for and my lawyers took care of everything in Japan?” She asked, wrapping her arms around the captain’s shoulders while she held Erika at the waist, her hands sitting comfortably low on Erika’s backside.

            “The situation in Japan is non-existent; your lawyers did a wonderful job. Your check for the yacht and my services cleared this morning. My crew and I are at your service Ms. Stone,” Naoko replied, kissing Erika on the lips.

            The two women held each other by the lips for another two minutes before either spoke. “How is the crew, my dear Naoko?” Erika cooed as she rested her blonde head on Naoko’s shoulder.

            “I gave them the usual stiff drink before I left. You again have a marvelous collection on your yacht as we speak,” Naoko answered, separating herself from Erika. “I could arrange them to be brought here later, if you like?” The captain asked obediently.

            Before Erika could answer the door to the penthouse opened up and Monica sauntered in, her hair tied back in a bun and her eyes shielded by a large pair of dark glasses. The travel agent’s body was clad in a bright sun dress that showed off her figure nicely, especially her freshly sun-tanned legs. Following her were Lotte and Sakura: the two women had seen too much the last couple weeks and had no more energy to fight their predicament, reluctantly going along with anything that the travel agent had told them to do. They only hoped that someone would come for them soon or later. The Asian and German were both dressed in cute sailor suits that Monica had ordered them to wear. Both women each pushed a dolly with human-sized crates sitting on them. Erika smiled at the three women. Only Monica smiled back as Lotte and Sakura both looked down at the floor as if knowing what was about to happen to them next.

            Erika ordered Monica to lead to the two other women to her bedroom and give them something to drink. Monica did what she was told and smiled as she led the confused women deeper into Erika’s penthouse. As Lotte and Sakura were taken care of by Monica, Erika and Naoko wheeled the dollies into the library.

            Soon the naked, stiff, bodies of Cassandra and Hui were standing among their friends. Both women bore identical grins with sleepy eyes, thanks to Monica. Erika and Naoko both took some time to enjoy the new additions to the growing collection of human mannequins. Each woman kissed and groped Cassandra or Hui before switching; the two frozen women left standing in naked at attention when Naoko and Erika ultimately left the room.

            “I thought we could share a glass of wine captain?” Monica asked as Naoko entered the living room. Erika had guests to attend to, so that left the captain and travel agent alone. Monica held two full glasses of white wine, one in each hand. “One of these glasses has Type-7 laced with it the other does not," Monica added with mischievous look.

            Naoko smiled and eyed both glasses carefully. “How much fun, which one to choose,” she simply said as she picked a glass and took a sip from it. As soon as the glass left Naoko’s lips she was suspended with a slight grin on her parted lips.

            “I lied. Both of them were drugged,” Monica laughed, putting her glass down. She then removed Naoko’s glass from her stiff hand and put it down on the table next to her glass. “Let’s get you more comfortable, captain,” Monica said, grabbing the Japanese woman by the waist and dragging her into the guest bedroom.

            Naoko was completed naked, her body lay spread-eagled atop the mattress, her hands under her head. The Japanese captain stared up at the ceiling vacantly with a grin. Monica stood at the foot of the bed, also naked with her glass of wine in her hand. She slowly climbed onto the bed and settled her naked body onto the yacht captain. “All aboard,” she said as she downed her glass and tossed it aside. Monica quickly locked limbs and lips with the captain before everything faded to black.

            Meanwhile Erika, clad in a silk robe and black flip-flops, had welcomed Kissy to her home and escorted her out to the pool. The restaurant hostess was wearing a teal blue low-cut top and white cord shorts as well as a pair of black half-inch heels and large silver looped earrings. Erika had been tempted to drug the girl right away but instead chose to wait, letting Kissy stretch out on a deck chair with a drug-free margarita and shrimp cocktail, both of which Erika had prepared in advance. With her first real guest taken care of, Erika hurried back inside and checked on everyone else. Lotte and Sakura were frozen in her massive bedroom, both stark naked while groping each other, discarded glasses that had once contained drugged wine sitting on the floor nearby. The blond billionaire locked the door to the room and then did the same with the guest bedroom after giving both Naoko and Monica a quick kiss. Hurrying back to the living room, Erika gathered up the clothes she'd removed earlier and slid them under one of her leather couches, replacing them with a stylish two-piece red bikini that left nothing to the imagination save the color of one's nipples as well as sliding on her white heels.

            Mere moments after Erika had properly put herself together, there was a knock at the door. A quick glance at the security camera monitor that was connected to the front door showed Erika that it was four platinum blonds; Sandy and three of her sorority sisters, all of them dressed in red bikinis similar to Erika's though they were a bit more conservative and all of them blonds. Grinning ear-to-ear, Erika hurried to the door and opened it. "Hello girls, nice to see you all again!" exclaimed Erika, trying to mask her real intentions with her greeting.

            "Hi Erika; thanks for inviting us!" exclaimed Amber, Sandy's doppelganger through hair dye and implants. Also with them was the green-eyed girl Erika remembered from Japan and a fourth Erika recalled from Greece but could not place her name.

            "I always enjoy the company," Erika assured the eager girl. "I'm sorry, you two are... ?"

            "I'm Jaki, she's Kelsey," offered the green-eyed girl, indicating herself and the other. Jaki was a bit less attractive than the others, lacking the energy that they had, while Kelsey looked like Sandy with shorter hair and slightly darker eyes. After returning to the United States, Erika had let Sandy go home with a cover story for why she'd vanished in Japan but promised to keep in touch and lure her house sisters over for fun and games.

            "Well, come on out to the pool and relax, we'll be ready to party shortly," Erika told her latest guests. The four college girls then joined Kissy by the pool, also enjoying the margaritas and shrimp that had been prepared in advance, Amber and Kelsey even going into the square-shaped pool while Jaki selected a CD and put it on the stereo. Erika rolled her eyes at the choice of music as she drifted into her Viking kitchen and opened the wine cabinet, trying to find a good bottle to lace.

            Another ten minutes went by before the front door was disturbed once again, with Erika serving some lox and expensive chicken salad to her guests in the meantime as well as preparing the wine for the main event of her little party. This time the guest was a single woman who was only weeks shy of being thirty. The woman possessed shoulder-length black hair that had a great deal of body and curved tips. Her eyes were light blue, almost like ice, and a nearly colorless mole sat on her right cheek. The woman wore a white blouse with the top two buttons undone and a brown sleeveless shirt over-top as well as dark navy pants and light brown and orange sandals. A pair of businesswomen's glasses hung from the neck of her outer shirt. Erika's grin pressed the limits of her cheek muscles as she opened the door. "Ashley, am I ever glad to see you!" exclaimed Erika, far more sincere than she'd been with Sandy's sorority sisters minutes earlier.

            "Been a while, Erika," confirmed the older woman, offering Erika a kiss on the cheek which the billionaire returned. "From what I've seen on the news you've been busy. I take it my little gift has been working wonders?"

            "It passed the field test with flying colors," Erika told her friend and employee. "Come on, I'll show you... " The blonde took the scientist by the hand and led her to the guest bedroom where Ashley got a firsthand look at the erotic sculpture that was Monica and Naoko, both still frozen on the bed in a sexual embrace.

            "Wow, I'd of thought that the muscle stiffeners wouldn't hold up as well as they did with the test animals," remarked Ashley as she circled the bed and the two women fixed on top of it. "Hey, isn't that Naoko Kobayashi?"

            "You know her?" asked Erika in surprise.

            "Yeah, she was the captain of the yacht I'd rented out in Japan back when I'd needed to go to a place to test Type-7 with only international law to worry about," explained Ashley, bending over to get a better look at the Japanese woman's face. "She saw what this stuff could do to a dolphin when fired from a dart gun. Heck, she was the one that first made he think about the sexual fetish potential of it. Without her I might never of thought to send you some."

            "So that's how she knew about it," concluded Erika, shaking her head in amazement. "She never did tell me, but I hadn't thought to ask."

            "Well, live and learn," giggled Ashley, following Erika out of the room. "So who else have you been testing this stuff on?"

            "Besides those two, I have another eight women in the place currently under Type-7's influence, and with any luck a few more will soon join them," replied Erika as she locked the bedroom door. "Another Japanese girl, a German tourist, some Hawaiian woman and five Interpol agents of English, French, Greek, Chinese and Finnish ethnicities. The first two are in my room, the other six are in the library."

            "Harboring Interpol agents for a long time may not be very smart," warned Ashley. "A few tourists who vanish in their home territories, who cares? They were probably murdered and their bodies may never turn up. But five agents with the International Police force is not going to be easy to sweep under the carpet, even with everything your influence and wealth can do."

            "Ashley, my love, you worry too much," Erika told her guest, patting her shoulder respectfully. "Now why don't you go fix yourself a drink in the kitchen? I see the last of my guests have just arrived... "

* * *

            While Erika attended to her guests outside something, unexpected was occurring in the library. Cassandra, Hui, Marika, Lucienne, Tasia and Miranda had all been given large amounts of Type-7 to ensure they wouldn't need to be supervised for days at a time. Erika had, however, forgotten to properly track the dosage she'd given Tasia, assuming that her drug level was the same as those of Marika, Lucienne Miranda. Instead of remaining fixed and motionless like the others Tasia stirred, discovering herself to be locked in a tight and highly sexual embrace with her boss Lucienne, which immediately caused the younger Interpol agent to break the clinch and look around in confusion.

            "Lucienne, Marika, Cassandra, Hui?" asked Tasia, glancing around the room. Lucienne had remained as she was, her arms now wrapped around nothing, her right knee bent with her head leaning forward, her eyes closed and her mouth open and tongue sticking out. Tasia cautiously walked over to her superior and squeezed her arm, getting no response. "What the hell did that rich witch do to you?" asked Tasia as she attempted to move Lucienne's arm. The movement was successful and, with a small giggle in delight, Tasia was able to reposition the French woman so her hands were on her hips. "It's like you're all mannequins," realized Tasia, going bolder by squeezing Lucienne's left breast and enjoying the woman's firmness.

            After a few minutes experimenting with the others, which included reposing Cassandra so she was cupping her breasts from underneath and changing Hui so she was bent over fully at the waist, Tasia decided she should investigate the room she was in a bit more, maybe find some clothes. The room was clearly a library as the overhead lighting was so-so but there was a desk with a nice lamp on it, plus there were several shelves full of books and a large magazine rack whose contents had several covers featuring the lovely Erika Stone herself. There was only one window in the room, which was covered by venetian blinds and a pair of large doors that were securely closed. After accessing her options, Tasia decided to examine the desk first as glancing out the window or doorway could get her busted by her kidnapper, something she wanted to avoid as she was certain she'd been sexually violated while a comatose statue like her friends and the unknown Hawaiian.

            Right on top of the desk was a thermos as well as a clear glass and a large jar that had a hypodermic needle next to it. A quick examination of the thermos determined it was full of a mysterious liquid, as was the jar, though the liquids were different from one another. On the corner of the desk was a piece of paper that Tasia picked up and began to read, having some trouble with the English as it was her third language.

            Erika, I hope you enjoy this little gift. It's called Type-7 Sedative; something I've been working on for quite a while. I've done successful tests with it on a few human subjects, but since I know you're planning that worldwide crime spree I figure you could help me out with it. The lighter liquid, which I've put in a thermos for you, contains the sedative itself. Currently it has a mixture of potencies, which I'll detail below. I'm working on a gas variant which I may be able to send you later on as well. The darker liquid is a counter-agent that will quickly nullify the drug's effects but only if delivered through the bloodstream, so if you have to use it, do it with a needle or you'll just waste it.

            A half-shot of Type-7 mixed with another liquid can freeze whoever consumes it for up to three hours, easily. A full shot of it straight can go for more than double that. A quarter cup of the pure drug will easily last two days while a watered-down variation will last perhaps one. For full potential, use a 10cc needle and undiluted Type-7 as that should give you a good week. Whatever you do, don't go over one cup of dosage or your organs may be unable to remove the Type-7 properly and it could result in a permanent freeze unless you use a lot of counter-agent. If you want to sample this yourself a drop on your finger will maybe put you out for five minutes tops, but only if you ingest it.

            Let me know how your trip goes, I look forward to hearing from you my love. Give my love to Monica and Caitlin as well, as I'm sure you'll be seeing them at some point.

Hugs and kisses,


            "A sedative that freezes people?" realized Tasia, looking over at the others. "That must be how she pulled off her crimes with no one noticing!" Curious about the drug, Tasia carefully stuck her finger into the thermos and came out with a single drop on the tip of her finger. After glancing at the solid platinum clock on the wall, which claimed it was five in the afternoon and three minutes past the hour, Tasia licked her finger and waited.

            A moment later from the Greek's point of view she blinked and lowered her arm, feeling a bit odd. Glancing at the clock she saw that four minutes had passed in the blink of an eye.  She must have been frozen the whole time.

           "Unbelievable..." gasped Tasia as she grabbed the needle and filled it with the counter-agent from the jar. "Well, now I know how to help you, so I might as well do that." The needle at the ready, Tasia hurried over to Lucienne who still stood with her hands on her hips, her head leaned forward with her eyes closed and mouth open. "I'll just, uh... " began Tasia, falling short after eying Lucienne's exquisite French breasts. "Maybe one little thing first... " whispered Tasia, wrapping her free arm around her superior and giving her a passionate kiss. "Oh god; please let you be gay, or at least bi," muttered Tasia with a grin as she extended Lucienne's arm, found a good spot and injected her superior with a full dose of the counter-drug.

            At first nothing happened, so Tasia returned over by the desk and put down the syringe, opening the drawers to check for more crucial information. It wasn't long before Tasia discovered the two stolen statuettes as well as the crown jewels and Theseus Ring and even a small Japanese knife that looked extremely valuable. Tasia then found a file folder, which she was flipping through, finding nothing interesting when there was a moan from over where the others were frozen. Glancing up Tasia saw that Lucienne had moved and was now looking around in surprise. "What... " asked the French woman, her eyes suddenly focusing on Tasia.

            "It worked!" exclaimed Tasia, getting up and running over to her senior agent with enthusiasm. "How are you feeling, Lucienne?"

            "A little tired but alright," admitted the French woman, glancing around as she put her hands on Tasia's shoulders. "Good to hear your voice again, Tasia. Last I remember I was on a boat and you were standing there like a... "

            "Mannequin?" asked Tasia, nodding in understanding while looking over at the others. "I know. Erika Stone apparently has some drug called Type-7 Sedative that can turn a person into a human doll. That’s how I found you a few minutes ago, posed like they were, stiff as a board.”  Tasia said nothing about her close encounter with her boss.  “I have no idea where we are, but I'd guess we're in Erika’s library, probably in America."

            "Hah...  last I remember, we were in Hawaii," Lucienne told her subordinate. "I guess she managed to get the better of us again. After she kidnapped you in Italy we flew to Japan only to find she'd stolen a couple of boats and gone back home. We caught up but...  some girl, I think, ambushed me.  I don’t remember a thing until I woke up a few minutes ago."

            "Well, we're awake now which means we have a chance," Tasia assured Lucienne, putting her hands on the French woman's shoulders in return. "Together again, we might just be able to take her down... " There was a brief pause in the conversation as Lucienne and Tasia looked at one another, both fully exposed and admiring one another in this form. Before either one could fight it they leaned in and their lips met, briefly at first before they did so again, giving in to a great deal of sexual tension.

            "I'm sorry, I shouldn't," began Lucienne after the two women finally stopped kissing.

            "Me neither, but come on Lucienne, you're amazing, both physically and mentally," Tasia told her superior, a smile on her face. "I just didn't think you were, you know... "

            "Yeah, I was wondering about you too," admitted Lucienne. "We should look into...  us, but first lets try and get out of this weird situation. I don't want to be standing around making out with a junior agent if Cassandra or the others come out of it."

            "Well, lets start with that window," suggested Tasia, being the first to break the physical connection between the two women and head over to the object in question. Lucienne joined the Greek and the pair carefully shifted the blinds and looked outside, seeing several women in or around a pool.

* * *

            Erika was sitting in one of her many pool chairs with Kissy on her left and Caitlin on her right, both of them enjoying margaritas, Kissy even getting a bit intoxicated. Amber and Kelsey were joined by Sandy in the pool as well as Allegra, Caitlin's maid, while Jaki stood by the stereo sipping her own drink. Ashley had decided to wait in the kitchen but she had company in the form of Monique, the kidnapped hotel maid, who was still under the effects of Type-7 and had not been released from it since Erika had first drugged her way back in France slightly over two weeks ago.

            "I must say, your party may seem casual but it certainly is better than most I've ever been to," commented Kissy as she fingered her drink, glancing over at Erika with a somewhat familiar glance. The billionaire knew Kissy wasn't strictly into women but, given the amount of alcohol she'd consumed and from what she'd mentioned earlier she did seem a bit slutty, the concept wasn't entirely out of the window, especially since Kissy was a fan. It was Erika's theory that if a person was a big enough fan of a person they'd do anything for them, including sex outside their comfort zone. The blonde was more than familiar with this, having had a few experiences as such in the past.

            "Oh, uh, Erika?" whispered Caitlin to her American friend and lover. "It's about five-fifteen. Perhaps now we could... ?" Erika grinned at the British woman's point and casually closed her eyes, letting her mind settle and let everything go still and silent around her.

            Erika's little party was now more like a photograph with the way everything and everyone was fixed perfectly still. Caitlin still sat on Erika's right, her left hand raised with her fingers loose, a slight grin on her face, a margarita in her left hand, which rested on her stomach. The English woman was wearing a conservative black one-piece swimsuit, offering nothing to a sexual predator such as Erika. Still the European millionaire's hair was quite sexy, the multiple red dyes looking almost natural as the wavy hair spilled down her shoulders. Kissy, meanwhile, was looking down at the drink in her hands, which was nearly gone, her tongue in the middle of licking the right corner of her lips, both her knees bent. Over in the pool the three sorority sisters were posed in a perfect shot for a swimsuit magazine as both Sandy and Kelsey held their margaritas in their left hands while their right ones propped against the side of the pool, both having their heads thrown back in laughter while Amber stood on the ladder, her right foot above her left with her hands on the bars and a grin on her own face, her hair soaking wet and pushed behind her head while the two other girls were dry from the waist up. Allegra, the dark-haired Italian, was completely submerged, bent over with her waist at ninety degrees while she sported a swimsuit similar to Caitlin's but with cleavage. Jaki stood next to the fixed glass table that held the stereo as well as several shrimp cocktails and a pitcher full of margarita. That one was glancing over the balcony at the city below with a shrimp raised to her lips as she leaned against the table. Grinning, Erika stood and headed inside. "Be right back!" she called to her frozen friends.

            Inside was Ashley, who stood motionless next to the fridge with Monique, who was dressed in the traditional French maid outfit Allegra usually wore, which was complete with fishnet stockings and cap. Monique stood at attention and Ashley was standing behind her with her arms around the maid's waist as if trying to pick her up. "Naughty, naughty, don't go stealing Caitlin's present," whispered Erika, giving both women a quick peck on the lips. Erika then grabbed the needle she'd stashed in a cupboard earlier along with one of her many thermoses filled with Type-7 and hurried back outside. In between Ashley's many gifts Erika had at least five containers of the freezing drug now in her possession, one of which Monica had left in the bedroom with her and Naoko while another two were in the library with her special guests and the last one was buried in the master bedroom with Lotte and Sakura.

            Not bothering to spend any time playing, as she didn't have any of her trusty gum, Erika quickly went to work injecting select guests with Type-7. Jaki, Amber, Kelsey, Allegra and Kissy were obvious choices while Erika debated on Caitlin and Sandy. She'd recently divulged the secret of her ability to both the British woman and Ashley, deciding that they were trustworthy, thus ultimately the redhead was spared. Sandy was a harder choice but with Monica out for at least another hour Erika wanted a third partner to help with the fun, thus she too was spared a dose, for the time being. When the drugging was complete, Erika put the nearly-empty thermos down on the chair she'd been sitting in along with the needle and hopped back into the pool, standing up Allegra so she wouldn't drown. The feel of Caitlin's maid brushing against her caused Erika to release time from her hold on it a moment later, much to the surprise of Sandy.

            "Oh!" exclaimed the college student as she examined Kelsey as she sat frozen in mid-laugh.

            "Ah, excellent," commented Caitlin as she stood and headed over to the table and turned off the stereo. "Now we can have fun in peace."

* * *

            "Did you see that?!" asked Tasia, shocked at what had just happened.

            "Yes, Erika changed places between blinks of an eye," observed Lucienne, equally shocked as she squeezed Tasia's hands. "Marika's right, though I can't believe it. She must have found a way to move at speeds close to the speed of light, though I have no idea how. If we're going to stop her now we'll need to find a way to distract her first... "

            "She's not alone either, look," observed Tasia, noticing Caitlin and Sandy moving outside. "We're supposed to be frozen like the others so if they see us they'll know something is wrong. We don't have our guns either. What do we do?"

            "I guess all we can do is wait," sighed Lucienne, realizing the problem. "We'll prop the door a little so we can hear if anyone's coming and unfreeze the others so the can help us."

            "Umm...  Lucienne?" asked Tasia, leaning away from the window and looking at the French woman with a big grin on her face. "Before we unfreeze them, do you want to... " Tasia trailed off and instead nodded over at the others, causing Lucienne to turn her head and eye Cassandra's perfect ass. They were best friends but Lucienne had always wanted to have a little experiment with her...

            "Alright, but no sexual penetration, that's just rape, plus we'll be cheating on one another," Lucienne told Tasia, a grin forming on her own face.

            "So you do want to sleep with me," giggled Tasia, waggling her eyebrows as the pair hurried over to the others. Lucienne, being fixated on Cassandra, started with her, laying her on the floor with her arms above her head and kissing almost every part of her front. Tasia, meanwhile, elected to start with Marika, sitting her in the desk chair and then sitting on top. After what was judged to be almost five minutes the pair traded partners and then together played with Hui, circling around the sexy Chinese woman and practically licking her head to toe. The Hawaiian woman as last as neither agent was familiar with her but once again both double-teamed the center of attention. By the end all four women were standing in front of the desk with their legs spread slightly and their left arm fully extended forward, their mouths open. Lucienne carefully cleaned everyone as both non-frozen women had gotten a little carried away while Tasia prepared the counter-agent, electing to start with Cassandra.

            "Any last minute items?" asked Tasia, eying the clock with worry. They could vaguely hear Erika and the others inside, clearly having a far more erotic time than Lucienne and Tasia had had, but if that noise suddenly stopped they may be in trouble.

            "Just one," Lucienne told the Greek, leaning in and kissing the younger woman one last time. "Just so you don't get jealous, and so we don't do that in front of the others by accident," explained Lucienne, getting Tasia to flash her a grin in return.

            It took three minutes for Cassandra to come out of the drug-induced coma with Marika and the Hawaiian not far behind. Hui took almost four minutes but by then everyone else was calmed so they could all hear the entire story from Tasia and Lucienne.

            "So what, do we just sit here and wait?" asked Cassandra when she was done listening, casually covering her breasts with her crossed arms, still a bit red in the face.

            "All we can do if what they've said is true," pointed out Marika who'd given up in trying to cover up and now stood with her hands on her hips. "We do have some of this Type-7 at our disposal so we could lie in wait and ambush whoever first tries to come and get us."

            "What makes you think they'll do that?" asked Miranda, who'd introduced herself as an officer of the Lahaina police department, who was apparently comfortable being nude.

            "They did kidnap us," pointed out Hui, also over any shame she had about being exposed. "I doubt they'll leave us here forever."

            "We should distract whoever comes in too, just in case whatever it is that Erika can do the others can do as well," suggested Lucienne, pretending to hide her breasts like Cassandra was just to keep up appearances.

            "A little naked hug might do the trick," suggested Hui, surprising everyone. "I know if a naked woman suddenly grabbed me I'd be a little surprised. Still, who's willing to do it?"

            "I'm the team leader, I guess I'll do it," offered Lucienne, trying to look uncomfortable.

            "Hey, I've spent part of this time kidnapped, I need to redeem myself too," pointed out Tasia, casually covering her womanhood with her hands.

            "I'm no Interpol agent so I might as well help out too and leave the apprehension of the criminals to you professionals," offered Miranda, another surprise.

* * *

            Kissy’s clothes were scattered all over the ground, the hostess laid out naked atop the pool chair that she had been sitting on. She was all Erika had expected and more. Kissy was naturally tanned from what Erika could tell, her body absent of any unnatural tan lines and was physically fit from taunt abs to very sexy legs. Her large round melons were natural as well and were tipped with dark brown nipples. To Erika’s and everyone’s surprise Kissy had a diamond stud pierced through her shaven womanhood.

            Erika, naked herself, was lying on top of the hot hostess. She had molded Kissy's face to bear a dazed look with her lips parted. The billionaire nibbled and licked Kissy’s neck, all the while groping the girl’s wonderful breasts. Her womanhood, which was over Kissy’s, was moist and loose from all the excitement. Erika’s first choice had been Allegra, since she had been holding her in the pool when time had restarted. With the help of Sandy and Catlin, she hoisted the stiff Italian maid out from the pool and laid her down poolside. With Catlin’s encouragement, Erika tore away the one piece bathing suit from the maid’s shapely body and molested the servant girl. As this went on Sandy and Catlin pulled Kelsey out the pool and laid her down at poolside. Within moments the sorority girl was in her birthday suit too and Amber was soon added at her side, stripped nude as well. Sandy had had a thing for Amber ever since they'd rushed almost two years ago, so it was natural for Amber to be her first choice while Catlin happily took Kelsey.

            Allegra was now laid out atop the pool chair that her boss had occupied. A naked Catlin laid on top the Italian and passionately made out with the stiff girl. At poolside Kelsey was posed on all fours with eyes wide, mouth open and tongue out. Amber was straddled atop Kelsey’s back with her hands running through her hair and her head leaned back with eyes closed and pink lips agape. Sandy had laid Jaki out on the glass table and removed her bikini. Jaki’s stuck body was only halfway on the table with her legs sticking over the edge. Her hands were cupping her breasts, which weren’t as large as the others’ but were still pretty decent. Her face still bore the same expression when Erika had first stopped time. Sandy was only person still dressed on the deck, sitting on a chair between Jaki’s spread legs and slowly working her tongue around the co-ed’s womanhood.

            The three women were so into what they were doing that they did not notice the time; it had been about an hour already since Erika had drugged her guests. The sun had begun to set and the temperature was slightly cooler, nothing that required a sweater though. Ashley stepped out onto the deck holding Monique at the waist, the real French maid now practically naked as she was only dressed in her fishnet stockings and heels since Ashley had a thing for stockings and heels. Following Ashley was Naoko and Monica who both dragged out Lotte and Sakura respectively.

            “My, it looks like the party is full swing!” Monica declared, looking at the spectacle before her. She stood Sakura’s naked, stiff, frame up near the pool. Naoko and Ashley followed suit with their own fleshy dolls. All three frozen women stood up straight with their blank expressions and their bodies displaying all to see. Monica and Naoko each wore stringy bikinis, Monica in blue and Naoko in white that they had donned on before picking up the German and Japanese from Erika’s room. Ashley looked the most out of place, being still fully dressed and not in a bathing suit.

            “Nice of you to join us,” Erika said as she sat up from Kissy and eyed the row of breasts that was just added to the poolside.

            “Ah, Ashley, I see you took the liberty of disrobing my real French Maid,” Catlin observed with a grin, sitting up from Allegra. “I still see you still have a thing for stocking and heels.”

            Ashley smiled shyly, “You know me too well, Catlin.” She then walked over and admired Kelsey and Amber in their pose. “Your idea Erika?”

            “Nope, mine,” Sandy replied, standing up and waving bashfully from her spot at the table between Jaki’s legs. “Name’s Sandy, nice to meet you.”

            “Likewise; name’s Ashley,” Ashley replied, walking over to where Sandy was and shaking her hand. She looked down at Jaki’s nude form. “You mind?”

            “Of course not,” Sandy replied happily and let Ashley take her spot. “She’s kind of boring when she’s not stiff… she’s like a chemical engineering major so you know how they are.”

            Ashley licked her lips as she looked down at Jaki and rubbed her bare thighs, “Yes, I know how they’re like.”  She smiled to herself as she posed Jaki’s suspended form into a seated position and began to make out with the girl.

            Sakura had caught Sandy’s attention and she was now in a cuddle with the Japanese mannequin. After Catlin and Naoko were introduced, Naoko moved Amber to the ground and straddled the younger American co-ed. It was Catlin’s first time seeing Lotte and the German tourist sparked a sudden arousal within the Brit. Erika pushed the two pool chairs containing Kissy and Allegra together so she could have some double fun. The five unfrozen ladies had their fun with their respective girls for almost thirty minutes before Ashley came up with a new idea so they all could sample each of the frozen ladies.

            Erika and her unfrozen friends giggled and drank margaritas as they arranged the deck furniture. There were four pool chairs and four chairs that went along with the glass table. The chairs were arranged back to back in an open space of the deck. Allegra and Kissy remained in their chairs; Kelsey and Amber were placed on the two remaining pool chairs. Lotte, Sakura, Monique, and Jaki were sat up on the table chairs. Each of the frozen ladies was posed with their eyes open, bright smiles on their faces, and arms opened wide as if getting ready to accept a hug. As the frozen girls were being arranged and posed by Erika, Catlin, Sandy and Naoko,  Ashley was fiddling around with Erika’s stereo unit, setting up the timer function. Monica emerged from within the penthouse with Erika’s notorious pink suitcase.

            “Okay ladies it’s all set. The music well run for about two minutes then it’ll stop for five. Once it stops whoever you are in front of you can have fun with for five minutes before moving on the next girl,” Ashley directed to the eager girls who couldn’t keep their eyes off of who they wanted to land on first. Ashley then stripped down to her black lacy undergarments and joined her friends in a circle surrounding the seated girls. The music soon started afterward and the fun began.

            Everyone was having a blast, eating shrimp, drinking margaritas and having sex; it was just another day in the life of Erika Stone. Their game went several rounds for the better part of an hour before the girls were either too drunk or tired to get back up from whoever they were on. Erika was on Monique, Naoko on Kissy, Sandy on Lotte, Ashley on Amber, Monica on Kelsey and Catlin on Jaki.

            “This so much fun!” Sandy declared as she played with a dildo that she was sticking in and out of Lotte’s open mouth.

            “Uh huh…” Ashley moaned, her face pressed between Amber’s breasts. She had not drank this much alcohol college days and she knew she was beyond inebriated. Ashley looked over at Naoko who was seated next her; the Japanese yacht captain was completely out. Her face rested peacefully on Kissy’s full breast. “Hey Kobayashi!” Ashley called over and slapped the captain on the shoulder.

            “Huh?” Naoko replied sleepily and looked up to see who had slapped her.

            “What a lightweight; the party is just starting!” Ashley called out. “Isn’t that right, Erika?”

            “Yup,” Erika replied, not looking from Monique’s womanhood. “I got a couple more surprises. What time is it Catlin?”

            Catlin moving over from Jaki to Sakura looked at her watch, “it’s about eight thirty, love.” The Brit pulled a green dildo up from the ground and smiled brightly at Sakura’s smiling face.

            “Perfect!” Erika said, unaware of the volume in her voice. She was a bit tipsy too, she realized as she stood up and wobbled a bit. “Come on Sandy, let’s go get my next surprise.” Erika gestured to Sandy to follow her. Sandy happily agreed and got up from Lotte, leaving the dildo sticking out of the German mannequin’s mouth. “You guys sober up a little I’ll be right back!” Erika added as she and Sandy disappeared into the darkness of her penthouse.

* * *

            Time was moving extremely slowly for the six revived law enforcement agents sitting naked inside Erika’s library. Cassandra was the most uncomfortable; she just looked at the clock to make sure time didn’t skip again for some reason. Her eyes never wandered the room to look at any of the other women; she kept her long legs crossed and her hands tightly covering her breasts. Lucienne sat casually on the desk in all her nakedness and smiled at her friend’s blushing face. She sat and tried to listen what was going outside but all she heard was laughter and music. It was too risky to peek out, so the team just had to listen and guess. She couldn’t make out what was going on. Hui squatted intently at the door and listened to keep an ear out if someone was coming. At first she had felt awkward about her nakedness but she was actually getting used to it now. She made a note to herself if she made it out of this she was going to start walking around naked in her home. Miranda was the calmest; she was lying on the carpeted floor next to Hui and was actually fast asleep with a grin on her face. Tasia sat Indian-style nearby and wondered what the Hawaiian police officer was dreaming about. Marika quietly hung around the bookshelves and was comfortable in her nakedness, as she figured since everyone else was naked she shouldn’t feel weird and besides she thought her body was above average so she could hold her own with the others. The situation itself was tense though and she didn’t know if she was going to make it out or not so to ease her mind she just skimmed random books silently.

            Hui suddenly stood up and gestured to the others. Tasia shook Miranda awake. The six naked women nodded at each other with reassuring looks. This was their only chance and this might also be the last time they could move this freely as well, given Erika’s mysterious power. Lucienne had devised a plan she hoped could work:  She, Miranda, Tasia and Marika would pose as if they were still frozen while Hui and Cassandra hid next to the door to make sure the door was closed after whoever that was going to get them came in and then keep watch. Lucienne, Tasia, Miranda would then ambush the person who came in while Marika injected them with the Type-7.

            The doors to the library flew open, both almost hitting Hui and Cassandra who moved silently away to prevent being struck. Lucienne stood in front of the desk, flanked by Tasia and Miranda with Marika standing on the right side of the desk. The French woman stood with her hands on her hips, her face neutral but her lips protruding just a big to make it look like she were blowing a kiss. Miranda's hands were behind her head and was had a relaxed grin on her face while Tasia stood as if she were a model in a catalog, looking at her watch on her right hand. Marika was merely standing at rigid attention, her entire pose neutral. Lucienne recognized both blonde women who entered; it was Erika Stone and another girl that Lucienne had seen before but didn’t know her name. Erika led the other girl into the room, the prime suspect of the international robberies being stark naked, with her gorgeous body on full view. It took all of Tasia and Lucienne’s will not to break character. The girl following Erika was dressed in a red bikini and bore a bright smile, her eyes quickly meeting those the four “frozen” girls. Lucienne saw it right away through their facial expressions that neither Erika nor the other girl realized that two of her statues were missing.

            If Erika had been sober, she could have spotted that the agents were all out of position from before and that some were missing from the group. She instead was just a little puzzled; she felt something was odd but couldn’t put her finger on it. She walked up to Lucienne and smiled drunkenly. Sandy was sober enough to tell if something was up but this was her first time seeing the guests of honor since she had gotten back into the country so she carelessly walked into the trap as well.

            The agents moved quickly and professionally. Within in an instant the doors were silently shut from behind Sandy. Hui quickly took down the sorority sister, clamping her mouth shut. Cassandra held down Sandy’s ankles to prevent her from moving. Sandy looked up at the Chinese agent with horrified blue eyes. Hui only looked down at her with a cold smile.

            Lucienne had pounced on Erika like a wild cat and straddled the lovely younger woman at the waist. She leaned forward and locked lips with Erika, preventing her from screaming. Surprisingly Erika returned the kiss. At this point Erika was just fully aroused by the naked French woman being on top of her, and mixed with the amount of alcohol that she had consumed she had no idea what was happening. Miranda held Erika’s arms to the ground even though the billionaire was not struggling. Tasia straddled Erika’s legs and involuntarily dipped her finger into the blonde’s womanhood. Erika simply moaned in ecstasy, reacting to all that was happening.

            Seeing that Lucienne and others had Erika under control Marika attended to Cassandra and Hui who still held down Sandy. Unlike Erika, Sandy was beyond terrified and fought to get free. Marika knelt down and injected the co-ed with a full dose of the sedative. Within moments Sandy was stiffened and motionless, her eyes held wide open in a mixture of surprise and fear. Filling up another syringe-full, Marika attended to the writhing Erika and soon the billionaire was frozen stiff as well in mid-clench.  Lucienne seemed to take her time getting disengaged from the young robber’s luscious figure, letting her hands linger over Erika’s statuesque curves.

            “Good job everyone,” Lucienne complimented as she watched Miranda and Tasia stand up the frozen Erika Stone. Her head was leaned back as if she was still in a kiss with the French agent. Her mouth was open with tongue protruding and her eyes relaxed and shut. Erika's arms were slightly up and bent at the elbows. The senior French agent felt on top of the world seeing her nemesis at last standing naked before her with a ridiculous expression frozen on her face. “Beau…” Lucienne muttered, taking in all of what Erika Stone had to offer.

            Sandy’s suspended form was then erected to stand next to Erika’s. The girl’s body had been all contorted as she fought to free herself so Hui arranged it so she would stand at attention with arms slightly away from her sides. Her face still bore a horrified look with blue eyes wide and mouth open. Cassandra had taken the liberty to strip the co-ed naked and was now wearing the red bikini even though it looked to be a size small, she was just glad to have something on.

            For a moment the room was silent as the six law enforcement officers took in the two blonde living mannequins before them. “Okay back to business,” Lucienne announced as all the attention was turned to her, who was as naked as Erika and her counterpart in crime. “Cassandra, sneak out there and find a phone to contact the home office and tell them what’s going on. Marika, secure the entrances make sure no leaves or enters.” Lucienne pauses and looked over Miranda’s athletic form, “Could you assist agent Lan in securing our hostages and prisoners?”

            Miranda smiled, “Be glad to, I’m a narcotics strike force officer this shouldn’t be a problem,” Miranda replied and shook Hui’s hand. The two were the perhaps the most qualified for the task.

            Lucienne nodded and continued, "Alright, everyone be extremely careful; we are not out of the woods yet.” Her team members all nodded as they prepared to embark on their tasks.

            “What will you and Tasia be doing?” Cassandra then asked as she made adjustments to the bikini, which was beginning to feel restrictive on her but was giving a good show of her assets to those around.

            “We’re going to secure evidence as well as make sure no one comes in here and finds their two frozen friends,” Lucienne replied, gesturing the two immobilized blondes. She hid her true intentions perfectly as her best friend didn’t suspect anything ulterior. Tasia, however, hid her smile with a nod and turned away to keep from being looked at by the others.

            “Good luck Lucy,” Cassandra said, touching Lucienne’s bare shoulder. Following Marika and the others Cassandra silently left the library, closing the door silently behind her.

            Lucienne stood face to with Sandy and grinned, Le salaire en arrière est un bonbon de chienne…” She then turned to Tasia, who had arranged Erika to stand at attention with her eyes opened and asked, “You feel like making an Erika Stone puppet show?”

            Tasia smiled and kissed her earlier kidnapper passionately long and hard. “You’re all mine now, darling,” She then whispered into Erika’s unhearing ears.

* * *

            Ashley sat on Amber’s thighs and drank the last of her margarita. The frozen younger woman had her hands posed cupping the older woman’s breasts. She looked around and saw that Naoko was at the glass table in the buff eating some left over food from earlier. Monica was cuddling and nibbling on Kissy’s neck. Catlin was taking a break from all the sex and preparing for Erika’s surprise with a cigarette, the redhead leaning over the railing looking out into the peaceful Pacific Ocean. Ashley felt like another margarita but she knew a couple more and she’d be done and who knows what Erika would do to her then. “Hey, I’m going to freshen up a bit, do you guys want anything?” she asked, freeing herself from Amber and standing up.

            “I'm fine darling,” Catlin replied, turning around. The Brit was naked and was doing a fine job flaunting her body. “Why don’t you strip down to something nicer, or nothing at all?”

            “Maybe later,” Ashley replied with smile, walking over to where her clothes were piled to gather them back up. “Last call; you guys want anything?”

            Naoko shook her head as she took a sip of margarita and smiled, plopping another piece of shrimp into her mouth. Monica remained focused on Kissy. Ashley grinned, shook her head and walked back into the dark penthouse.

            She had just walked passed the kitchen when she heard a voice from the office but it wasn’t Erika’s voice nor was it Sandy’s, the voice held an accent, a British accent to be exact. Ashley quietly crept towards the office. The door was opened a crack so she got as close as she could without making a sound and stayed away from the opening of the door. The voice was speaking too softly for her to understand fully what the conversation was about, but then she heard the words “Tactical Units” and the address of the mansion. Her heart nearly exploded with panic. The Interpol agents had somehow gotten loose. This was bad. She thought about warning the others but it was already too late; she had to get out. She would be finished professionally if Interpol arrested her.

            Thinking quickly, she decided to make it to the front door and just leave and dress in the elevator. However as she neared the front door she saw a tall blond woman who was dressed in what looked to Erika’s clothes, which barely fit this Amazon of a woman. The woman was making sure the front door was looked. Ashley, holding her clothes close to her chest, backtracked. She almost had a heart attack when she saw two Asian-looking women emerge from Erika’s room dressed in cute sailor outfits. She noted both carried a familiar silver thermos. An idea popped in her head as she recalled seeing another Type-7 thermos in the guest bedroom where Monica and Naoko were earlier. She had to get there and hope what she was looking for was still there and hadn’t been used up.

* * *

            “Hey like I said earlier; I’m no Interpol agent, just a regular cop, so whatever you want me to do I’ll do. You’ll find me pretty useful, I’m special-operation trained,” Miranda whispered as she followed Hui towards the back of the penthouse to where the outer deck was. After they had left the library, each carrying some Type-7 with them along with a few syringes, they stumbled upon an open door that led into Erika’s bedroom. They found the two sailor suits on the floor. Hui was reluctant about wearing one, being small and Asian she didn’t want that to be her image when the cops arrived, but they had to work fast so there was no time to pick and chose from Erika’s designer wardrobe.  Miranda didn’t hesitate in getting herself dressed.

            They reached kitchen and could see out onto the deck. They both ducked behind a massive preparation island and peeked over the counter to see if they could see who they were up against. Outside they could see four women facing them, all sitting. From what Hui could tell, they’d been frozen for some time. Miranda nudged Hui and gestured to the right and they saw a lone naked Asian woman with spiky short hair hanging around the table eating and drinking. She was then joined by a redhead who was also nude, casually smoking a cigarette. Movement from where the frozen girls were sitting caused Miranda and Hui look back to the left to see another woman rise up from behind the frozen girls that were facing them. “I think that’s it for the moving ones,” Hui whispered. “We got two sedated already and I’m pretty sure there were five voices we heard outside before. So I think this is the rest of them.”

            “That’s good, but what do you want to do? I think we could take these bitches hand to hand, me and you,” Miranda suggested with a grin that Hui could see in the dark.

            Hui simply smiled back, “That would be too easy; besides they might have the same ability as Erika. We can’t risk it.” Hui thought for a while and then flashed her trademark smile.

            “Wow, you have a wonderful smile,” Miranda complimented and smiled back at Hui.

            Hui saw a spark in Miranda’s eyes. “Miranda I’m not…” she started to say.

            Miranda giggled, “Me either.”

            “Oh okay…” Hui replied, looking into Miranda’s dark Polynesian eyes. There was something deep and enchanting about them, something Hui never saw before; it was marvelous. She was about to say something when Miranda leaned over and kissed Hui full on the lips. Hui wanted to pull away but she couldn’t and found herself getting hot and eventually she returned the kiss.

            “I’m both,” Miranda cooed as she released Hui. Hui looked sleepy and dazed from the whole experience and only mumbled incoherently. “What was your plan, agent Lan?” Miranda then asked.

            Hui felt as if she just woke up from a dream and wasn’t sure what had happened. Miranda looked at her with a grin. The look in her dark eyes were different now, it was if she changed their meaning with a click of switch. Hui touched her lips and than focused back on Miranda who looked at Hui patiently like nothing had happened. She shook her head, “Okay this is what I want to do….”

* * *

            “Bloody hell… what is taking Erika so long?” Catlin complained, looking at her watch. Getting bored she sat back down next to Jaki and turned the girl’s head to face hers, “This one is kind of plain-looking but her body…” Catlin trailed off as she began groping the girl’s breast and kissing Lotte who was sitting next to Jaki.

            Monica and Naoko watched in silence as Brit began tasting the girls again. They had a craving to do so as well but both of them had seen the sexy frozen Interpol agents and wanted to spend some time with them, up close and personal. “I’m going to see what’s taking Erika so long,” Monica said, getting up.

            “Yeah me too,” Naoko added, following the travel agent back into the penthouse.

            “Uh-huh…” Catlin managed to say well after the other two disappeared into the penthouse. She was too busy with Kelsey and Lotte to really care what was going on.

            As they neared the library they saw a motionless girl wearing a sailor outfit standing out in the hallway. Monica had no idea who the girl was, she just knew she was Asian and dressed in one of her sailor outfits. Naoko knew who the girl was right away as the girl Erika had brought on board back in Hawaii. She recalled that Erika had called her Miranda. Miranda was standing with her knees together with her toes pointing inward. Her hands were within each other at her crouch and her head was slightly tilted to the right. Her face bore a wide smile. Naoko looked into Miranda’s blank eyes and was captivated, until Miranda blinked for an instant. “Her eye…” Monica started to say. Both women only felt a slight prick on their behinds before everything faded to black.

* * *

            Even though Marika had gotten used to being naked, she preferred not to be. After leaving the library, she wandered into living room, careful not to alert the people on the outer deck. She then saw a bundle of clothes stashed under a leather sofa. It was just a dress, one that came up a bit short on her tall frame but some clothing was better than nothing. She pulled the dress on and continued her exploration for possible entryways or exits but there weren’t many. Marika found a total of three, not including the front door. There were two fire escape staircases on either side of the penthouse and there was service elevator. Everything in the penthouse was computerized so Marika just hacked into the computer system and programmed the elevator and all the doors to lock. Feeling satisfied with herself, she closed the miniature keyboard that was next to elevator and checked to see if the computer did actually lock everything.

            It worked; all the exits leading out were locked. She had just checked the front door when she thought she heard something move. She wished they could turn on the lights but that was off-limits in fear of one of Erika’s friends having the same ability that she had. She knew where everyone in her team was; Cassandra was in the office, Miranda and Hui were towards the back of the penthouse and Lucienne and Tasia were in the library. She was now wishing she had her service weapon with her as well as she silently moved down the hall towards where she heard the sound. There were a couple rooms down the hallway; Marika silently opened each one, her heart stopped every time she opened a door. Since it was dark out she had to step into each room and closed the door behind her to block out the light that she had to turn on. All of the rooms had been empty so far. There was one more room left. She held her breath as she turned the knob and pushed the door open.

            Marika was expecting to just see another empty bed like the other rooms but was surprised to see that someone was on the bed in this room. Like the other rooms she would have to step inside and close the door behind her to block out the light from the rest of the penthouse. Once the lights were on Marika saw that the person on the bed was a frozen woman. She was completely naked and laid out in a spread eagle pose atop the king size mattress. Marika locked the door behind to make sure no one would get the jump on her and cautiously walked up to the bed. She noted a bundle of clothing on the floor, it looked like enough for three outfits. This is the room that they'd stripped down the girls, she thought to herself, looking at the clothing. Now the side of the bed she was up close to the mysterious woman. The woman had luscious black hair and she looked to be in her late 20s to early 30s, Marika guessed looking at the maturity of her body. She was still attractive, judging by her body and skin Marika knew the woman took care of herself. Marika noted the shaven womanhood and the perky breasts with small pink nipples. She felt her face get warm and turned her attention away to the woman’s face. The woman had blue eyes, which was rare for a dark haired woman. The eyes were empty and stared at some unknown object on the ceiling. She also noted a small beauty spot that would normally be barely noticeable, but she was looking at the woman closely. Marika poked the woman a couple times in the stomach and got no reaction. She then got bold and attempted to pose the woman. To her surprise, Marika found it oddly arousing to be in full control of this helpless mannequin of a young woman. She posed her in couple of positions before lying her back down and covering her up with the blanket. “I’ll be back later and then I‘ll unfreeze you,” She whispered into the woman’s ear, hoping that the woman could hear her. Gathering up the clothes, which she planned to distribute to her team members, Marika silently turned off the light and left the room.

* * *

            Catlin popped her head up and looked around the deck. It was dark out but the deck was nicely lit. She was however all alone, other than the frozen girls all around her. “Bullocks…” she muttered to herself and got off of Sakura. “They better not be having fun without me,” The Brit said under her breath as she looked at her watch and noted that everyone had been gone for nearly twenty minutes. What was going on?

            Right when the redhead walked into the penthouse she spotted Monica and Naoko staring at her blankly standing shoulder to bare shoulder. “What in God’s name is this?” She asked, approaching the two women and immediately realizing that they were now frozen. A head of an Asian woman popped up between Monica and Naoko. The woman had a bright smile, a very nice smile at that.

            “Boo!” Hui exclaimed. Catlin gasped and stepped back in surprise but smiled back briefly just as Miranda injected her with the syringe filled with Type-7. Then she continued to hold that smile as her face and body stiffened under the effects of the drug.

* * *

            All the lights in Erika’s penthouse were now on. Marika, Hui and Miranda were conducting a preliminary search of evidence before the arrival of the backup. Lucienne found that Miranda was extremely helpful and knew what she was doing; she made a note to herself to recommend the Hawaiian to the Director of Recruitment since they needed more agents like Miranda. Cassandra was now dressed in some clothes that Marika found and had gone downstairs to wait for the Interpol tactical units and local PD to arrive. Tasia, with Lucienne, had moved the victims and the prisoners around to help. They had not planned to revive any of the suspects but they didn’t have enough of counter drug to revive all the victims anyway so they just left everyone as they were. The victims were now all seated in the living room with blankets draped over their naked bodies. The suspects, on the other hand, were all placed in the library along with the stolen goods.

            Lucienne, dressed in a white blouse and navy slacks that Marika had found stood, in front of Erika’s library desk. On top the desk was all the items that the elusive billionaire had taken over the past couple of weeks. Also on the desk were the five silver thermoses of Type-7 that Lucienne’s search team had found. The senior French agent leaned on the desk, “I've got you, Ms. Stone.”

            Erika was seated behind the desk and remained completely silent and still. Her blonde hair was a mess, Lucienne and Tasia had put Erika through their special ‘test’ along with her younger blond friend. That thief’s face was molded into a shocked expression. Her four friends bore the same looks on their frozen faces as they stood at attention flanking her left and right.

            “Lucienne, they’re here,” Tasia said from the doorway of the library.

            Au sujet du temps,” Lucienne replied, grinning at the frozen blonde once more before turning around.

* * *

            It wasn't long before a media circus had formed outside of Erika Stone's residence. Reporters from all the major networks were present as well as quite a few local ones. Local police were doing site clean-up while an Interpol representative, in the form of Aisha Reynolds, was brought up to speed about everything that had transpired since Lucienne and her team had first taken the case what seemed like ages ago. The five agents and their Hawaiian friend had been given standard police coveralls so they could return the clothing they'd borrowed and move around comfortably. No one said it out loud but a few of the women were disappointed that they weren't all naked anymore.

            The women that Erika and her cohorts had kidnapped were all being loaded into a large escort van, also all dressed in coveralls. Prior to the arrival of the police Lucienne and her team had given all the captives the counter-agent, thus they were all conscious and aware of what was going on. Kelsey, Amber, Jaki, Kissy, Allegra, Monique, Sakura, Lotte and the woman identified as Ashley Tisdale were all together in the back of the vehicle. None of the college girls were informed of the sexual acts done to them nor was Kissy, the four able to keep most of their innocence. Monique, Sakura, Allegra and Lotte were all going to be sent back home, Allegra was now out of a job while the other three had to shake off the traumatic experiences they'd endured. Ashley, identifying herself as being an employee with Erika's company who'd been duped into coming over  and tricked into being frozen would be free to go like the younger girls.

            Erika and her four suspected accomplices, being the only other four who weren't drugged before Interpol had crashed the party, were being loaded into a second van, the five buckled into seats wearing only towels as the police had run out of coveralls. In the back with them was officer Kelly Bristle, chosen for the post because the police lieutenant didn't want a male officer in a van with five beautiful women who were helpless statues and clothed only in easily removable towels. Kelly was seated next to Sandy and Erika while Naoko, Monica and Caitlin sat woodenly across from her. Having been told all five women were under a paralyzing drug that wouldn't wear off for several days, Kelly assumed that she wouldn't need the handcuffs, the lieutenant agreed with her. The van doors were closed and the police were preparing to move out.

            Since Kelly was sitting on the same side, she didn't notice that Erika Stone had just blinked. The blonde billionaire did this twice before closing her mouth, smiling and then letting all the noise from outside faded away. "Heh heh; I never thought a built-up immunity to that stuff would come in handy," muttered Erika to her timestopped compansions, unbuckling her seatbelt and standing up. She glanced over at Kelly for a moment, weighing her opinions. Kelly was a fairly unattractive woman, being overly muscular in a bad way and possessing short brown hair that looked manly more than feminine. Still, Kelly did have a uniform that was about the blonde's size so she went to work and within minutes was dressed in a police uniform while it was officer Kelly who was wearing only a towel and seated next to Sandy.

            "Now then, what to do... " thought Erika, eying her four friends who'd helped her have more fun than she'd ever imagined possible. Monica was her travel agent, one of her most trusted lovers and had been the one to capture Hui and Cassandra, meaning she was certain to be in a lot of trouble. Caitlin, Erika's other trusted lover, was guilty of holding Monique as well as, some would argue, torturing her maid who was an illegal immigrant to the United Kingdoms but still a human being. Naoko had drugged her crew but that could be pinned on Erika and was on her direct payroll so she couldn't be solidly charged with anything in spite of what the Interpol agents might suspect. Sandy hadn't done anything blatantly wrong aside from gassing an Interpol agent in international waters, but she had a way of getting around that, Erika knew. Her mind made up, Erika unbuckled Monica and Caitlin, dragging them over to the van's doors and opening them to see the chaotic scene outside.

            A dozen reporters, several of them attractive females ranging from twenty-five to forty-five, were standing on the edge of police tape along with a small crowd of Malibu residents. It was night so many were dressed a bit more conservatively than they would during the day. Next to the van was a male officer with a full beard while another sat in the driver's seat; this one older with a red mustache but no beard. Not far away was a second van that was attempting to pull out onto the street; nearby stood the five Interpol agents along with Miranda and a woman who appeared to be of African descent, all seven standing around, frozen in mid-conversation. Four police cruisers dotted the area and several more officers, mostly men, stood around the police tape to keep the public at bay. "Great; the jig is up," realized Erika, determining that her disguises would be worthless.

            After a few minutes of searching Erika discovered what she'd been hoping to find next to the Interpol crew. Lucienne stood with her mouth open and her arms crossed, Tasia next to her with her hands behind her back looking completely innocent. In front of Lucienne was the woman identified as Aisha Reynolds who wore a light gray skirt suit that had an Interpol tag clipped to it, a notepad in her hand with a pen, her eyes focused on Lucienne as her pen touched the paper. The woman's hair was tied back in a somewhat flirtatious ponytail, Erika noted. Hui and Miranda were not far from Lucienne, the two facing one another and both with their mouths open, Hui's right index finger pressing down on her left while Miranda ran her right through her hair and her left rested on her hip, her eyes nearly shut as if amused. Marika and Cassandra were facing the crowd, both also with their arms crossed and their mouths closed, both looking deadly serious. Next to Marika sat a cardboard box which inside contained all of Erika's Type-7 as well as the last bit of the antidote and a few needles. "Thank you, my European Amazon," Erika told Marika as she kissed the blond on the cheek.

            When time resumed no one had noticed Erika's disappearance, nor the stealthy departure of Monica and Caitlin. The van had been closed and was supposed to depart for the station which is exactly what it did, no one checked the back until they'd arrived nearly half an hour later. Kelly was sitting where the billionaire had been, injected with some of Erika Stone's prized freezing drug after she had recovered one of her thermos bottles as well as two needles from Marika's box. Erika had then wandered into the street and stolen a convertible belonging to a young female actress, drugging her and putting her in the passenger seat while Monica and Caitlin were loaded into the back. When time had resumed the car was quickly gone, long before anyone could realize that there was a problem.

           Strangely, the group of Interpol agents remained standing together, staring at one another for several minutes before one of the police officers discovered they had all been given doses of the freezing drug during the escape.   Further progress was delayed for days until the seven mannequins came back to life.


Chapter 10

Phi Sig Delta Sorority House, Fullerton, California

            It had been three days since Erika Stone had eluded arrest. Amber, Jaki, Kelsey had returned home that evening, all assuming to have passed out from the alcohol. Sandy had returned the next day, her Senator father coming down hard on the Malibu police department for arresting their daughter. Now Sandy and Amber sat in their shared room while painting their toenails. The room was quite large, their sorority having a large facility in spite of there being shared rooms. There were two closets, two Queen-sized beds, two desks with laptop computers sitting on them and a nook that housed a large HD television with full DVD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray and VHS capabilities. Sandy's side of the room featured a swimsuit model calendar as well as a couple of large posters that had attractive young men on them, while Amber's only had one poster, which was for the old film The Notebook. Both Sandy and Amber were dressed in flurry white robes, their hair wet as they'd both just had their morning shower. Sandy was leaning over her knee to examine her big toe, freshly coated with a layer of pink, when she froze in place, as did her roommate.

            "This takes me back," giggled Erika a moment later as she strode into the room with Monica and Caitlin in tow. All three were dressed as waitresses who worked for the Hooters restaurant chain. Following the theft of the car, the trio had returned to the drugged actress's apartment in search of a chance to lay low and weigh their options. They'd been forced to drug her two roommates and then left the trio in one bedroom and shared the other two sleeping rooms. After waiting for two days, Monica had made the mistake of calling one of their lawyers on a line tapped by the FBI. With few options left, the three left the apartment, taking some costume clothing with them so they wouldn't have to keep running around in a cop’s uniform and towels, and decided that Sandy's place would be the way to go. Upon arrival they'd left the keys in the ignition for the stolen car and Erika had promptly stopped time so the three could enter undetected.

            "Bloody hell, do you really want us to stay here?" asked Caitlin, surveying the room with a sense of disgust.

            "We're out of options, Lin; even with Erika's gift we can't elude the cops, feds and Interpol forever," pointed out Monica, drifting over to Amber, tilting the girl's head back and casually giving her a small sip of Type-7 from the thermos they'd brought along.

            "Yeah, but it seems like either way we're stuck, pardon the expression... " sighed Caitlin as she chose a spot next to Sandy's bed and stood there.

            "It will be fine.  We left instructions with our lawyer for what to do while we take our extended vacation," pointed out Erika as she walked over to stand close beside Caitlin, putting her hands on the redhead's shoulders. "It'll be okay, I promise. With any luck we'll be back within a year, and we won't have even noticed a thing."

            "Alright, don't really have a bleeding choice anyways," admitted Caitlin, giving in. "I love you both." Erika and Caitlin shared a long kiss while Monica walked over to the other side of the blonde.

            "I'm first, I guess," said Monica, shrugging. She casually poured herself a full cup of the undiluted Type-7 from the thermos and proceeded to down it in a long gulp. Monica had barely lowered the silver cup from her lips before she shook slightly, and then froze in place, her right hand still holding the thermos cup while her left held the thermos itself. Erika quickly took the thermos from Monica's motionless hands and gave it to Caitlin, who also drank a full cup; freezing this time with the lid still touching her lips. Erika removed the thermos and cup from her friend's hands and straightened the redhead's neck along with Monica’s arms.

            "I hope you appreciate this, Sandy," Erika whispered as she poured a third and final cup, leaving only a few drops of Type-7 in the thermos.  “Bottoms up!” was the last thing she said before drinking hers.

* * *

            "What the?!" exclaimed Sandy in surprise as three familiar women suddenly appeared in front of her, all three stiff as statues, dressed like waitresses at Hooters.  The middle one was holding a familiar thermos on one hand with a cup raised to her lips. "Amber, where did... ?" began Sandy, then realizing who the trio were: Caitlin Trafford, Monica Stein and Erika Stone; three of the most beautiful women Sandy had ever met, were all standing motionless in her room, apparently frozen with Type-7. Tapped to Erika's breasts was a note, which Sandy casually grabbed and read, casting a glance over to her roommate as she did, noting the other silent college girl's rigid state.  Amber was a mannequin too.

            Dear Sandy,

            If you're reading this, then you've probably noticed that Caitlin, Monica and myself are all frozen. We’re going to be that way for quite some time, given your help.With no clear way out of the mess with Interpol I got us all into, we decided it would be the best solution to drop out of sight for a while. We've all drunken a full cup of Type-7, which is considered an overdose, thus we’ll be stuck like this until we're given the counter-agent. We've essentially giving ourselves to you as a way of saying thank you for joining in on our fun.  You know we enjoy this as much as you do.

            We've left our lawyer instructions on what to do while we're gone, so don't worry about that. Just have fun with us until they or someone else contacts you using the codeword 'Clockwork Thief'; that may not be for several months if not a year or two. Time will tell. We don't need food or anything, just think of us as your own collection of living dolls to play with.

            Lots of love,

            Erika Stone


If you're with anyone when we arrive, we'll drug them too, but not give them an overdose. They'll be fine in a few hours time.

            Sandy put down the note and looked up at her three new permanent house-guests. "Oh boy," she muttered in excitement.



Interpol Headquarters, Lyons, France

            It had been almost a month since Erika Stone’s daring escape along with her two accomplices, Catlin Trafford and Monica Stein. Every treasure that Erika had taken had rightfully been returned to their respective places. Most of the victims had fully recovered from the Type-7 immobilization and the other locations around the globe that Erika had terrorized had been compensated. Everything was slowly returning to normal for almost everyone. However the weeks following Erika’s escape had been tough ones for Lucienne and her team as they did not get a chance to rest and were put back to work by the Director of Investigation. Their single mission was to seek out and re-capture Erika Stone and her friends. They mostly centered their operations in California, tracking down some frozen victims, an actress and her roommates as well as some waitresses whose clothes had mysteriously vanished. Other than that, Erika’s trail went cold and soon the team had nothing to follow. It took three weeks of no results before Interpol’s higher ups decided that a full investigation team was being wasted on a cold case. Lucienne and her team were then disbanded back to their home countries for some much needed rest. Cassandra had only begun enjoying the comforts of a luxurious apartment that she seldom saw before she was summoned to France.

            Dressed in a three-piece sharp-looking pants suit, Cassandra sat and waited patiently outside the office of the Director of Investigation. Since she had arrived she had not seen any of her other team members and was beginning to wonder what this was all about. The secretary, a perky blond with a bright smile and a light German accent, announced that Cassandra could proceed into the director’s office. Once Cassandra was in the office she noticed that there was another woman in the office already, along with the director. As she got closer she recognized the other woman as American Interpol agent Aisha Reynolds who Cassandra had met a month ago in California during the Erika Stone fiasco.

            “Please, Special Agent Flick, have a seat,” The director motioned, standing up from behind his desk. Cassandra nodded to Aisha and took the remaining seat in front of the director’s desk. Once she was seated the director began, “Special Agent Flick, I believe you already had the honor of meeting Special Agent Aisha Reynolds?”

            “Yes sir, we met in the United States about a month ago,” Cassandra replied, nodding to the American once more who returned the nod.

            “The reason why I called you here is that Special Agent Christophe has been transferred to another assignment and Special Agent Aisha Reynolds will be taking over as lead for your team. The rest of your team will be informed via videocast tomorrow and you’ll begin taking new assignments in two weeks. I know this is a sudden change; that is why we are having this meeting in person. Do you have any questions at this time?” The director asked, looking at the Brit agent seriously.

            Cassandra was shocked and speechless. She and Lucienne had been working for nearly five years and now it was over, just like that. Cassandra cleared her throat before she spoke, “May I ask what caused the sudden transfer?”

            “Erika Stone is still on the loose out there and we feel that a task force must be created to look out for any strange activities that would link back to Ms. Stone. As you know we really cannot waste a whole investigative team on a surveillance operation so we have created a small task force that agent Christophe has been selected to lead because of her expertise in the matter,” The director explained.

            “Is there a chance I could be transferred to that task force as well?” Cassandra asked quickly, without thinking. She did not want to be separated from her partner and she still wanted to catch Erika Stone as well.

            “I’m sorry, agent Flick, the task force is full and your services are much more needed with this investigation team.”

            Cassandra looked down at her hands; she was feeling a mix of anger and sadness. Why didn’t Lucienne tell her of the transfer? How come she felt she did not have a choice in anything? Taking a deep breath she looked back up at the director, “I understand.” Looking over at the American, her new boss she extended her hand. “Welcome aboard agent Reynolds.” Aisha shook Cassandra’s hand and could see through the Brit’s eyes that she did not want any part of this change.

            “Good,” The director said with a political smile and stood up, ending the meeting. “With that settled, would you ladies kindly excuse me; I have a briefing with the Secretary General.”

            Aisha had stayed behind briefly with the director to make sure he was making right choice in putting her in charge and not Cassandra. The director assured her that she would be fine and then he hurried off to his meeting. It took Aisha a while to catch up to Cassandra, who was leaving the building. Cassandra was actually the senior agent of team, so Aisha had an uneasy feeling being put in charge of the more experienced agent. “Agent Flick!” she called out for the second time. This time Cassandra stopped and turned as Aisha hurried to catch up.

            “Yes, Agent Reynolds?” Cassandra asked with a forced smile. Aisha was at least five years her junior and that girl was her boss now and Lucienne was gone. This day was not looking so good.

            “Listen, could I call you Cassandra? You could call me Aisha. This agent whatever stuff is too formal for me,” Aisha said between deep breaths.

            “Very well,” Cassandra replied and turned to walk away. She needed a drink, some food and a phone; she wanted most to talk with Lucienne.

            “Hold on, Cassandra,” Aisha said, grabbing hold of Cassandra’s arm. “I don’t want this lead assignment as much as you do. But we all have to deal. I have nowhere near as much international experience as you do and, personally, I feel that the agency made a mistake by putting me in charge of an elite and experienced team such as this one. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all up for the challenge and all that, but I’m going to need help. Your help. We could lead the team together.” Aisha suggested, smiling at the senior agent.

            Cassandra looked at the younger Yank for a second; at least she was humble and agreed on the poor decision made by the director. She smiled back at the younger woman, “Sounds good, Aisha; how about we go grab a bite to eat?” Cassandra really wasn’t upset about Aisha, just the situation with Lucienne and the American had really done nothing wrong to offend her. So there was really no problem. “We could get to know each other and I’ll tell you about investigating international crimes.”

            “Great; do you know any good places? I’ve been confined to the cafeteria since I got here.”

            “I know a few.”

Hui Lan's Apartment, Kowloon Island, Hong Kong

            Being back at home felt well even though she was in Hong Kong for a brief period on her last case she did not visit her apartment though. Keeping her personal promise to herself, Hui gracefully moved about her kitchen in her birthday suit. It was really her first day to herself where she did not have to think about work. She had spent most of morning cleaning her apartment and getting some shopping done. She was now preparing a dinner for her and her boyfriend Tommy, who was an SDU officer. Tommy’s shift ended in a couple hours so Hui was hoping to have everything ready for her planned evening. A nice little dinner and then a movie she had rented earlier followed by some hot sex that she was longing for. Hui smiled at the thought of her and Tommy cuddling in her bed.

            A knock at the door snapped her from her thoughts. She wondered who it was as she wiped her hands clean on a kitchen towel. Without thinking she bounded for her front door. For some reason the thought of Tommy lingered in her head and she thought he might have gotten off work to surprise her. With that thought in her head she flung opened the door with her trademark smile, which soon faded quickly followed by her face turning beet red.

            Miranda Ohala smiled brightly as she looked the petite naked Chinese girl up and down. “Hi, uh, I’m Special Agent Miranda Ohala, Interpol USA,” The former Hawaiian police officer greeted, flashing her new Interpol badge. She was still getting used to the whole Interpol thing; training had been easy, basically just a refresher course in law enforcement skills. The thing that took the most getting used to was the dress code of wearing suits, something she was comfortable with. Miranda was happy to see the Chinese agent once again. Since their frozen encounter almost a month ago she could not stop thinking about Hui Lan. When the chance came for her to join Interpol she jumped at the opportunity, mostly because of the Chinese agent but also for her sense of adventure. She was an island girl; any chance to get off the island was worth it. It was Interpol after all. How could she turn down that?

            Hui looked over at the Hawaiian girl. She looked completely different from the last time Hui had seen her. Miranda’s luscious black hair was tied into a nice bun with a white lotus pinned over the top. She was dressed in a navy skirt suit with a white blouse under with a few buttons open at the top showing some of her cleavage. Hui spotted the bulge on her right hip figuring it was the Interpol standard issue USP. She quickly pulled the Hawaiian girl and then rushed off to find her robe. “What the hell are you doing here and when did you become an Interpol agent?  Oh, yes; please enter.”

            “This is an awesome place, Hui,” Miranda complimented looking around the spacious apartment. “I became Interpol agent a little after our run in with Ms. Stone and I’m here because I miss you,” Miranda replied, smiling happily and plopping down on Hui’s love seat, crossing her legs.

            Digging through her closet, Hui found her silk robe and quickly dressed herself. Hui was known for her calmness but for some reason this Hawaiian girl always flustered her. She found herself checking her looks in her mirror and quickly stopped realizing what she was doing. Taking a deep breath she went back out into her living room. “You can’t stay here long; my boyfriend is going to be home soon.”

            “That’s fine, I could come back tomorrow or the next day,” Miranda replied happily looking over Hui as she sat down on the couch across from her. There was something about the Chinese agent that got her hot inside. “You’re looking at your new undercover expert.” She added with a smile.

            “What are you talking about?” Hui asked confused. “We have an undercover expert.”

            “Special Agent Spiro got transferred to a new task force so you have me now.”

            “Great…” Hui muttered.

            Seeing the disappointment and discomfort on the weapons expert’s face, Miranda smiled and got up. “Hey listen, you made it clear what side you are batting for and I respect that. Don’t worry, I’m not going to push myself on you. I want to become friends more than anything; nothing more.  If you want more I’m fine with that too. I’m not here to ruin your life or confuse you, Hui,” Miranda said warmly, patting the Chinese woman on the shoulder. “I’ll leave right now.”

            Hui reached up and held the Hawaiian’s hand. “Would you like to have dinner with me and Tommy?” Hui asked, smiling. Miranda was here to stay; she couldn’t avoid the Hawaiian if she wanted to they were going to be working together from now on.

            “Are you sure?”

            “Yeah, you just have to leave afterwards though,” Hui replied seriously. The presence of Miranda had made her horny for Tommy though. Oh, did she long for him more than ever now. Miranda was like a love Goddess, Hui thought, smiling at the her new partner.

            “Sounds good, Interpol has got me holeld up at the Kowloon Palace anyways,” Miranda replied with smile. She was going to like her new career. She had to thank Lucienne for the recommendation later.   

Interpol Office, Helsinki, Finland

            Marika had been wired on Redbull and coffee ever since the morning. Since she had returned from the states, Marika had been busily analyzing data collected from Erika Stone’s medical records. She was determined to find how Erika was able to do the things she did. Marika sat on her lab stool hunched over a microscope looking at Erika Stone’s blood sample for the hundredth time that day. Feeling tired, she looked up and with a sigh rubbed her eyes. This was going nowhere just like their case a couple of weeks ago. She smelled herself and cringed; she needed a shower and to be out of the lab. Getting up and rubbing her shoulders, she stripped off her lab coat. Glancing at a stack of paperwork, she shook her head in frustration; there was nothing of use that she could see. Her only conclusion so far was that Erika’s abilities were some sort of unexplained power of some sort. She rifled through the stack of paper once more seeing if she had missed something. She could not accept that conclusion.

            An hour had passed before she realized the time she had wasted going in circles with the medical records. Putting the medical documents aside, she rubbed her face and stretched out with a yawn. She had to get home and shower, get some rest she had a team meeting in few hours via videocast. As she gathered her things to leave, there was a knock at the door. Looking up, she saw the office clerk standing at the door with a file in his hands.

            “Agent Hino, this file just came in for you,” The clerk reported holding up the file. “If you are leaving, I could just file it for you.”

            Putting on her jacket and shouldering her bag, Marika walked towards the clerk. “That’s fine, I’ll take it; I need some reading material anyways.” She said with a smile accepting the file. The clerk nodded and went back to his desk. Marika opened the file; there was an x-ray photo of Erika’s skull and brain. When the billionaire was eightteen she was involved in skiing accident and injured her head. Even though she was pronounced fine, the doctors gave her a CAT scan anyways as a precaution. It took Marika a while to track down the file; since the files from back then were physical documents unlike easily accessed computer ones they too had to be tracked down physically. Marika walked towards the exit, reading the contents of file and looking over the x-rays. There was nothing particular that stood out until she saw an image of Erika’s brain. Closing the file, she smiled to herself and quickly rushed back to her lab to confirm her findings.

JW Marriot Resort and Spa, Cancun, Mexico

            “I’m sorry I did not say anything to you Cass. It was a last minute thing and everyone including you was already so exhausted from the case. I was going to tell you once you were back on duty. I really didn’t want you to be stressed, you know?” Lucienne explained into the receiver of her cell phone. She was dressed appropriately for the weather; a nice stingy bikini masked her unmentionables yet showing off her sexy French physique. She leaned back in the beach chair and looked out into the clear Mexican waters. A pair of tanned arms wrapped around her from behind, followed by cascading crimson curly hair and a sensuous kiss on the neck. “Hey Cass I’ll have to go… I’ll talk you in a couple weeks… we could do lunch or something.” Lucienne quickly closed her cell phone and let it drop to the floor. Leaning back, she kissed Tasia full on the lips. The Greek was clad in nothing but a fuzzy bath robe, open in front; she moved around to sit on Lucienne’s lap and the two continued their sensual embrace.

            Five minutes passed before they separated and Tasia rested her head on Lucienne’s shoulder. “Who was that?” she asked, letting her eyes close in relaxation.

            “Cassandra; she just wanted know what was going on,” Lucienne replied back almost in a dream state. “I’ll explain the whole thing to her later. Right now, I’m on vacation,” The French woman added, kissing Tasia on the forehead. As soon as her team was relieved of duty, Tasia and Lucienne arranged a get away for some much needed rest. Shortly landing in Mexico, Lucienne was informed of the task force and was allowed to pick one other agent to assist her. The choice was obvious, out of the all her agents Tasia had been with Erika the most; she was ideal for the Erika Stone task force.  The fact that Tasia had spent most of that time captive as a frozen statue did not matter to Lucienne.

            “What did you tell your boyfriend and roommate?” Tasia then asked, sitting up and eyeing her boss. Lucienne was truly an incredible woman; she was mature, hot, and that accent was so arousing. Tasia had a crush on Lucienne when they first met. This was like a dream to her, a dream that she never wanted to end.

            “I told them I’m working,” Lucienne replied laughing. “They know me, I’m not a one person gal. I’m French,” Lucienne chuckled.

            Tasia frowned, got up and then leaned on the balcony railing looking out in the ocean. Lucienne was truly special to her, one of the reasons why she even agreed to be on the task force was to be with the French agent. She wanted Lucienne to herself; she wanted to be special. She felt Lucienne move up behind, wrap her arms around her waist and she rested her head on Tasia’s back.

            “What’s wrong, sweetie?” Lucienne asked making her accent thick on purpose. She knew the accent drove Tasia crazy.

            Tasia turned around and face the French woman seriously, “I want to be special in your life, not just another partner.”

            “You are special,” Lucienne replied and kissed the Greek. Tasia broke off and looked away.

            Not facing Lucienne, Tasia stated, “I think I love you Lucy. I would do anything for you. I just want to feel special in your life as you are in mine,” Tasia said, looking back at her the senior agent sincerely.

            Lucienne stepped back and smiled, “I think I’ve got something that would cheer you up.”

            Tasia sighed, feeling her words had fallen on deaf ears, “You know what, Lucy, I don’t really feel like doing anything right now." Since they had gotten to Mexico it had been crazy hot sexy over and over again. It was fun and all but she didn’t want a relationship, especially with someone as special as Lucienne, just to be about sex.

            “No, this is good Tasia. This will prove how special you are to me. Wait here,” Lucienne said happily and vanished inside of their hotel room. Tasia couldn’t help but smile and turned back around to take it the view of the ocean before her.

            Ten minutes passed and Lucienne had not come back. Tasia feeling worried went into their Hotel room. As she entered she saw Lucienne standing at attention in front of her with an ear to ear smile on her face. “Lucy?” Tasia called out and looked around suspiciously. Moving up closer the French woman she realized that Lucienne was frozen. Looking around quickly and expecting Erika to appear, Tasia’s police instincts kicked in. She moved closer to protect Lucienne, true to her words she wasn’t going to let anything happen to Lucienne. As she eyed the room for anything suspicious she spotted a folded piece of paper on the table that wasn’t there earlier. She cautiously moved over to it and opened it.

Dear Tasia my love,

            I do not know what else to do to prove my love to you. You are very special to me I knew you were from the first time I laid my eyes on you. When you were kidnapped by Erika Stone, it was perhaps the most terrifying moment of my life not knowing if I was ever going to see you again. You are very special me weather a lover or a friend you will always have my heart.

            Do remember it was noted a month ago that there were two canister of that Type-7 missing. Well there was actually only one missing; I took the other for myself. This is a confession that could potentially end my career but I am telling you. As you can see I also took some of it and according to what we know of the effects, I’m your doll for the next eight hours so enjoy! You and you alone are the only person that will ever get me willingly like this.

With love,


            Tasia put the note aside and smiled at Lucienne’s still body. She couldn’t help but to hug the senior agent’s stiff form. “I love you, Lucienne Christophe!” she exclaimed into Lucienne’s silent smiling face. After quickly closing all the curtains to their hotel room and putting out the ‘Do not disturb’ sign outside of the door. Tasia returned to Lucienne and dragged the French woman’s still form into their bedroom to start her fun with her very own French mannequin.

Stone Towers, Santa Monica, California

            "Thank you for meeting with me," opened Ashley Tisdale as she sat behind her desk, speaking to her guest. The man was much older than she, balding, and wore a monocle as well as a custom Italian suit that easily cost over two thousand dollars.

            "You have a tape?" asked the man.

            "Yes, and several photos," replied the scientist, sliding a paper bag towards her guest. "Erika Stone had the gift, but I haven't been able to replicate that. I do however have Type-7 sedative, which I can produce a fairly large amount of without anyone being suspicious. Prices are cheap too, since it’s only roughly three times the cost of standard sedatives."

            "Plus service fees of course," remarked the man.

            "Yes, of course; can you blame me?" asked Ashley with a grin.

            "No, we shall consider your offer after reviewing this," laughed the man, hefting the bag.

            "I'm certain you'll find that you're getting the best deal," Ashley assured her guest.


The End... no way; the saga continues in: Clockwork Paradise

For your consideration:

The Clockwork Thief

Initial Concept by Zero

Developed and Written by FreezeAntix and Zero

Produced (hosted) by Dmuk



Erika –            Hilarie Burton

Lucienne –       Josie Moran (or Angelina Jolie?)

Cassandra –   Emily Deschanel

Hui –               Cecilia Cheung

Marika –         Charlize Theron

Tasia –            Doukissa Nomikou

Miranda –       Malika Dudley

Monica –         Shiri Appleby

Caitlin –          Jewel Staite

Sandy –           Jessica Simpson

Ashley –           Constance Zimmer

Naoko –           Park Ji Yoon

Sakura –          Eriko Tamura

Lotte –             Alexandra Vodjanikowa

Monique –       Alexandra Rosenfeld

Allegra –         Maria Teresa Francville

Amber –          Britney Snow

Kelsey –           Hillary Duff

Jaki –               Emma Stone

Aisha –            Aisha Tyler

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