Colour Me Pink II : Hu Knew?

by BigBird

Manips by MadBird_CZ:  M303_2   + TBA (submitted source image)

A sequel to Colour Me Pink, but you knew that, right? Ed

Monica Hu and Dorothy Johnston had been bitter rivals at "Maggie's" Department Store since they learned of the newest franchise opening in Paris in six weeks.  Both executives were vying for leadership of the still incomplete store, but the owner had selected Dorothy to be the manager, while Monica was left for assistant manager.  "An arbitrary and stupid decision on his part," Monica told herself.  "I deserve to be the manager.  I know what I'm doing and how to handle the problems associated with these stores far better than dumbass Dorothy.  I was ME who took proactive action when we had that 'incident' at the previous store we closed prior to opening this one.  It was ME who found out about the mannequin inventory error.  It was ME who found that Andrea bitch who was jeopardizing everything and permanently silenced her.  If any word of that got out, the entire chain would go bankrupt.  Not only did I fix that problem, but Andrea has proven to be quite valuable in her new position," Monica thought of the poor mannequin she'd just finished setting up in the swimwear section.

The patented lipstick the franchise possesses is only arguably still a secret.  A few finishing cosmetic changes to the cosmetic product and it will be marketable to the general public.  Part of the duties for the Parisian store will be to translate the names of the various lipsticks into French, in addition to selling the standard products that all "Maggie's" department stores carry.  The immediate task at hand was to get the store prepared for tomorrow's progress meeting.

Monica entered the backroom and found Dorothy toying with her makeup in front of the mirror.  "Hello Dorothy.  Are you ready for the big day?" Monica asked with fake friendship.

"Almost, but not...quite...." Dorothy finished applying her mascara.  "I've got a tremendous idea.  Its noon now so I am going to put on the daylong lipstick and be a mannequin from now through the first half of tomorrow's meeting!  It'll impress everyone, and then I'll be free to give any required lectures or interviews after lunch-time!"  Dorothy beamed.  "Everyone is going to see me.  I'm going to set myself up to be the center of attention, literally.  By doing this, no one will be able to deny my dedication to the company.  That, and I'm going to look so good..." Dorothy turned her attention away from Monica and back to her reflection in the mirror.  She reached into her handbag, and removed a Rust Revolution coloured tube.  She applied the makeup, and prepared for her daylong (one of Earth's revolutions) transformation.

Dorothy struck a pose and held it for the changes to take effect.  It took a fair bit of time for the process to begin.  She didn't quite have the French maid outfit since it would be just too gaudy for the upcoming meeting.  Instead she simply wore a low cut black top, with a white skirt and platform shoes.  In true prima-donna fashion, her gloved hands held a diva's boa.  As a joke, she even added a necklace with a "For Sale" sign on it - not that there was any danger of that backfiring.  She'd be reverting to normal in 24 hours, and the store wouldn't be opening for 1008 hours.  That was a pretty big buffer zone.

Dorothy felt herself slowly stiffen up.  Her skin became dry and then hardened.  She could see separation points form at her joints, but she knew that they weren't completely severing her.  A temporary change like this would never allow her to be disassembled. 

She felt a rush of adrenaline and excitement as she realized that she had lost control of her body and was frozen in place.  Then she felt a rush of fear as she realized just how difficult it was becoming to balance in her awkward shoes now that she couldn't make the slight stance adjustments with her legs.  Without any ability to move from below the neck, and only minor movements still possible in her face she tried to call out for help.  Her painted lips could barely form her final words to Monica "Help...must meeting...." her lips locked in place as her transformation completed. 

"What's that?"  Monica asked with fake concern  "Did you say you wanted a stand?  Well, I think I can help you with that..." she said evilly as she glanced around the room.

"NO!  Not a stand!  That's not what I was saying!  I was saying that I need to be standing up for the meeting.  Just brace me against something so I don't fall over," Dorothy though desperately.  "Hey, what are you doing with THAT!"

Monica approached Dorothy.  She held a very cruel looking stand.  "Relax.  I know what I'm doing.  In fact, you could say I've done this before" Monica thought of poor Andrea.  "Lucky for you though, this should only be for 24 hours"

"NO!  I don't want to be impaled for 24 hours!  This wasn't part of the plan!  Think about how that's going to affect the question and answer section of the meeting!  Think about what OH MY --" Dorothy's thoughts were interrupted as she was mounted on her new support rod.

Monica straightened out Dorothy's skirt.  "There, NOW you look presentable.  You are such an independent woman, I wouldn't want you to be seen leaning on anything," Monica said sarcastically.  "Of course, that doesn't stop you from leaning on ME for support running this whole show," she thought silently, "Or flat out depending on me to take care of the dirty business".



Monica looked over at the lipstick containers.  "You know, I had a similar idea myself," Monica said as she examined them.  "Only I was planning on transforming myself for a whole month.  I think THAT would show dedication.  It's got to be that long to be impressive, these day or weeklong ones could be done by anyone.  And of course I must admit that it would be a lot of fun.  I've been...witnessing...a lot of transformations lately, and I'm feeling left out.  Additionally, if I change myself for a month, you'll turn back before I will and then how will I climb the corporate ladder?  Then again, with me "doing my service" we'll all get to see how well you progress without me around.  Looks like I'm caught, there's no reason for me not to do this. You're transformation demands that I go through with one to match.  You've no doubt informed the owner of this day-long transformation, so I'm going to have to month long to out-do you," Monica finally justified her secret desire to herself as she began to strip down.

She was wearing her purple lingerie set, the one she'd picked out for herself when thoughts of self-transformation first started running through her head.  She looked at herself in the mirror as her hand reached for her own make up kit - the American kit with the new colours of 2004.  Barely able to take her eyes off of her reflection long enough to hastily pick out her Magenta Month lipstick she began to apply it. 

As she ran the lipstick over her bottom lip she let herself slow down and enjoy the sensation.   She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of the makeup gliding across her lip, painting it with its transformation formula.  Her breathing came slowly and deeply, almost as if she was inhaling non-existent fumes from the lipstick.  She gradually opened her eyes and glanced at Dorothy's assortment of lipstick.

"Dorothy, you're using the new French make-up kit," Monica observed out-loud.  "Since you're in-charge and competent I'm sure you're aware that we are still in progress of translating them.  We were fairly consistent on as many colours as possible.  The English version Magenta Month I'm using has become Magenta Mois in French.  But we couldn't translate them all like that.  I'm afraid the daylong Rust Rotation you thought you took has actually become Almond Année.  You're going to be stuck like that for a year, Dorothy” Monica said with a snicker.  "I'd rub it off you, but...oh look...I'm having trouble moving!"

"WHAT!?!?  OH MY GOD, NO!!!  You can't be serious!  Not a whole YEAR!  You bitch, why didn't you say anything earlier!?!? want my job!  That's it, isn't it!  You're actually going to leave me like this to secure yourself a job!  You cold-hearted bitch!  That's why you choose a month for yourself.  It’s long enough to remove suspicion from you, and soon enough to get you release long before me!  You bitch!  You can't do this to me!!!" Dorothy mentally screamed.

A still somewhat mobile Monica pulled her bra up over her breasts and looked at herself in the mirror.  She could feel the stiffness spreading through her body.  A separation point split her in two, and other joints started developing their own lines.  As the changes swept up to her head, she heard two of the assistants enter the room.  They were chatting about tomorrow's meeting and the new cosmetic products Maggie's has come out with.

"...Yeah, its brand new in the American kit for 2004.  Lavender Leap Year.  They're only going to let it be on the market for this year, and then they'll stop making it.  Well, until 2008 at least, then they may bring it back," one of the girls' shrill voices chirped in excitement.

Monica looked into the mirror and her face, the only part of her that could still move, fell out of its posed smile.  Her magnificent magenta mouth seemed off colour.  It literally looked lavender.  She tried to call out but she had completely transformed at this point.

Her tormented mind screamed "NO!  THIS CAN'T BE!!!  EVERYTHING WAS LAID OUT PERFECTLY!  THERE ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE ANY OTHER PURPLE COLOURS!  A MISTAKE THAT THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE!!!" Monica desperately tried to figure a way out of her impossible situation.  "OH GOD, DOROTHY IS GOING TO REVERT BEFORE I DO!!!  I TOLD HER TOO MUCH!"

Dorothy, now a rigid plastic dummy watched the expression change on Monica's face as she transformed from a happy woman to a scared mannequin.  If Dorothy wasn't trapped inside her own body, mounted on a support rod for an entire year, she'd be quite happy at that site.  She now had 12 months to plot a revenge that would last for 3 years. 

It would probably involve a support rod and a lot of bad puns.  After all, who knew if Hu knew that Hu would misconstrue that hue?


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