The Commission - 3

by Anthyrax

Chapter 3:  Collecting Centerfolds

Beverly Hills 8 PM October 30

It was a Tuesday evening and the streets were quiet in Beverly Hills.  The sprawling area, filled with large homes with even larger yards, was spread across the hills for miles that eventually became the Santa Monica Mountains.  In spite of the fact the Los Angeles basin was a desert, water shipped from hundreds of miles away made the entire area green, and nowhere was the vegetation more lush than this idyllic (and oh so rich) community.  

Two men walked through the night, and if they could be seen, it would have been an unusual sight indeed to see anyone walking in the community, particularly an American community so completely devoted to the cult of the automobile and personal mobility.   A magic field protected both of them from sight however, and only the occasional dog picked up their sent as they briskly walked down the quiet residential street toward their destination.   The bus that had dropped them off a mile away was long gone, and their target was in sight.

“I have to admit Gavin, this is pretty bold.   We are really just going to go in there and grab as many as we can?”   The first man whispered.  He was dressed in tight dark pants, with high soft black boots and wore a black military style jacket.   An unlit cigar was clenched in his mouth, a pair of what looked like sunglasses on his face, and even at this fast pace, he made barely a sound walking on the sidewalk.  

“Yes Grim, I figure we can get several this way, but at worst, we can grab at least a couple of them.”  Gavin replied.   Dressed just like his friend, he also moved like a ghost, making barely a sound. 

A few moments later they reached their destination.   The famous Playboy Mansion.  Taking a few minutes to walk around the palatial grounds, they were soon satisfied that by their standards it was practically undefended.   Just a couple of guards at the gate, a less impressive wall than at their target from the other night, and some electronic security that would be neutralized easily enough.

They swiftly reached the back of the complex and after casting a spell that caused a section of the wall large enough to function as a door to disintegrate, the two men stepped through.   They were behind the house, and Gavin knew from trips to the mansion on the Earth he usually called home exactly were they wanted to go.

Walking past the extensive menagerie, where a pair of monkeys chirped with alarm when they smelled the men but didn’t see them, they approached their initial stop.  The pool house, which housed an indoor swimming pool, several hot tubs, a spa, and workout facilities was the first place to look for beautiful women Gavin had decided.   It was likely they would find at least one target there to start with.    Grim and Gavin readied their weapons and silently crept into the building.    Listening, they quickly heard the sound of weight machines being used, and further in, the sound of someone in the swimming pool.   Laughter could be heard as well, and Gavin whispered to Grim that they would need to check the various doors that provided privacy to the hot tubs and saunas, as well as the dressing rooms.  

They paused for a moment as the front door opened behind them.   An older Hispanic woman walked through it, carrying a load of towels, and behind her, another maid carried a tray with food and drink.  

The two men decided to follow them and crept down the hall a few feet behind the two busy women.

Both women stepped through a door into a dressing room, and while Grim looked around the room for witnesses, Gavin focused on the woman who was politely thanking the two maids.   He recognized her as Miss July and quickly reviewed the list mentally and nodded to himself, remembering that she was indeed on it. 

Dressed in only a one-piece bathing suit, she had obviously just finished a swim as her hair was wet and he recognized the signs of fatigue on her face.    She was a beauty though, and he waited patiently for the two maids to leave the room before acting.    The maids left, one carrying several wet towels with her, while the other carried the now empty tray and the beautiful centerfold picked up a drink from the table were the bottled soft drink and sandwich had been laid, and began sipping it as she stripped off her bathing suit.   Grim and Gavin watched her undress, unwilling to pass on the opportunity to gaze upon such a pleasant sight.  Then as she wrapped herself in a towel and walked toward the showers, Gavin followed her while Grim kept watch. 

Michelle was tired, it had been a long day of personal appearances, and her one hour workout had relaxed her but reminded her just how tired she was.   She was looking forward to a nice long shower, followed by her dinner and then off to bed.   Tomorrow, with the big party at the mansion, promised to be busy.

Taking off her towel, she was just getting ready to step into the shower when she felt something cold and smooth brush against her back.   She started and nearly screamed in surprise when she realized that suddenly she couldn’t move and nothing was coming out of her mouth.   Michelle frantically tried to look around, but only her eyes were moving and then within moments, even they stopped.  

Someone was caressing her!  A man she sensed, and he knew just where to touch her too.   She began to feel even stranger.   A strange feeling of tightness was enveloping her and she was now beginning to have a hard time seeing.   The touches continued, and she realized in shock that she was getting turned on.   As that feeling seeped into her mind, she also realized she was sliding into unconsciousness and moments later she drifted into a pleasant and arousing dream as she completed hardening.   

Gavin, still caressing her, felt her finish the transformation and watched as her skin took on a glossy sheen and became even smoother to the touch than it would usually be.   Tapping her skin, he was satisfied to hear the click of his fingernails tapping plastic and nodded to himself.   Michelle, moments ago a very sexy and beautiful girl, the object of fantasy for millions of men (and not a few women too) was now indeed an object.    A perfect plastic statue, with a frozen look of surprise on her face.  

A few moments later, another spell, and she was now a mere 12 inches tall.    Picking the doll of the floor, Gavin stuffed her in a pocket, and then walked back out into the dressing area, where Grim was eating the rest of her turkey sandwich and finishing off her soft drink.

“All set?”  Grim asked as he finished of the last bite.

”Yes, she is ready to travel.   Shall we move on?”

The two men stepped out of the dressing room and moved toward the sound of laughter they had heard.  They swiftly reached a door and could hear the sound of two women and a man laughing and splashing about inside.   Grim tested the door and quickly determined it was locked.   Nodding toward his friend, Gavin stood before the door and twisted a ring.  The door suddenly swung open and Grim stepped through quickly, Gavin right behind.

Jimmy, an aging actor but an old friend of Hefner’s and frequent guest at the mansion, saw the door open suddenly and stood up in the tub.   Marla and Tiffeny, Miss March and Miss August of last year, looked curiously at the door as well.   They were all nude, and water dripped from them.  

“Hello?” Jimmy demanded as he stepped out of the pool.    Suddenly, a soft sound of air was heard and the aging actor looked down at the dart now sticking out of his chest.   He collapsed back into the tub, and moments later, the two girls, still trying to absorb what had happened and preparing to scream, suddenly were overwhelmed by drowsiness as Gavin released another spell from his ring.   They too slumped into unconsciousness and Grim and Gavin quickly grabbed them and lifted them out of the pool.   Moments later, Jimmy Caan was pulled out as well, just in time to prevent him from drowning.  

While Gavin closed the door, Grim checked all three of the unconscious and very surprised merrymakers.  The two women were fine, merely placed into an enchanted sleep by Gavin’s spell, and the drug that had been in the dart did not seem to be having any dangerous affects on the knocked out actor.   Both women were very fetching and looked peaceful in their sleep.  

“Both of them?” Grim asked hopefully.

“No, just Marla, the other one isn’t on the list.”

“Well, you know, we could take her anyway.   I am sure SOMEBODY would want her.”

Gavin grinned at his friend.  He was thinking the same thing, although taking them back to the Earth were he and Grim lived would be a problem, surely someone on Shiron would take care of her.  “Ok, but remember, I have only so much power.”

Moments later, the two women were plasticized and shown not only from the reflective qualities of the plastic they were now made of, but also from the water that still coated their hardened skin.   A few minutes later, after shrinking them down, (while Grim watched with fascination and not a little lust), both women joined their fellow playmate as plastic 12-inch dolls.    Taking a moment to dry the figurines with a handy towel, Gavin then pocketed them where they joined Michelle.

“What about him?”  Grim asked.

“We leave him, he didn’t see anything but the door opening and the dart hitting him.   There isn’t much he can tell anyone, after all.”

“Well, shall we check out the pool now?”

“My thoughts exactly,” Gavin replied.

Summer was swimming hard, pushing herself in the final stages of her workout.   A few minutes to warm down after this, and then it would be time relax a while in front of the television before bed.    Finally finished with the last lap of her workout, she stopped at the edge of the pool to catch her breath and rest for a moment.  

Grim was the first to step into the pool area, a luxurious and beautiful room, with a gorgeous 25-yard pool and diving board.    He spotted the young woman, breathing deeply at the end of the pool, and watched her as she laid her body backwards, and began a gentle backstroke toward his end.   Gavin stepped through a moment later and the two men watched the beautiful young woman swim toward them, completely unaware of their presence. 

Gavin grinned at his friend, and walked over to the edge of the pool.   An observer would notice almost nothing amiss, although the mysterious foot prints as he stepped through puddles on his way to the pool edge that appeared for no observable reason might have been a bit disconcerting.   He remained invisible, as did Grim, and no one would see them through the windows from the lush yard outside. 

Summer reached the far edge, and as she reached the pool side and prepared to do a lazy turn, she suddenly felt someone grab her and before she could scream, yank her out of the pool   As she was beginning to panic and began to struggle, something plastic touched her, and suddenly the scream that was building was abruptly shut off as her vocal cords, as well as the rest of her body, was instantly paralyzed.

She felt strange, a calming sensation of peacefulness was filling her, and even though she couldn’t move, she began to relax.   Someone was stroking her gently, and she could feel their breath, but she couldn’t see them, although they had to be bending over her.    Drowsiness, and a feeling of falling into a feather bed full of pillows suddenly overwhelmed her and she drifted off into dream as she finished hardening into plastic.

“Better be careful doing that, you might have given her a heart attack you know.” Grim whispered. 

“Yes, well, putting her to sleep in the pool was even riskier.”

Grim shrugged and dropping the subject onto the deck, replied, “looks like that takes care of the outbuildings, is it time for the main house now?”

“In a couple of minutes, once she finishes shrinking down, I will pocket her with the others.”

Both men examined her closely as the plasticized playmate began to shrink in size.   She was on the list all right, and a good choice too.   Gavin thought she was possibly the most beautiful of the playmates on the list, and his favorite for the last couple of years. 

At that moment, they heard footsteps and both turned to look at the door.    Gavin recognized the handsome young actor, and just as importantly, the beautiful playmate, last year’s playmate of the year, with him.   Looking at Grim, he nodded.  

Matt Damon, his arm around the beautiful Heather, walked into the pool area.   Heather wanted to talk to her friend Summer before they left for the evening.    He felt something was wrong almost instantly.   He saw, and from her gasp, he knew Heather saw as well, Summer laying on the ground, staring blankly at the ceiling.   More importantly, she was glowing a rich green in color and as he watched, she seemed to be getting smaller.  

A sleep spell hit he and Heather a moment later, and they both collapsed to the floor, still trying to digest what they had seen.

“Oops, I think he saw the spell Gavin.”

“I think you are right.  I suppose we can either take him with us, or leave him.   After all, this world only has a few more weeks left, and it really doesn’t matter in the long run.”

“That’s a bit harsh, but I suppose your right.   Might as well leave him.   What about her, is she on the list?”

“Yes she is.” Gavin sighed, “Well it does make collecting her rather easy.   Lets get them out of sight before we transform her.”

The two men each grabbed a body, and carried them into the vacant hot tub room they had left a few moments before.   It least it had a door that locked.   Luckily, no one else chose that particular moment to come down the hall.

Ten minutes later, now with five playmates in his pocket, Gavin led Grim out of the workout center and into the back yard.  

“How many are here do you think?” Grim whispered.  

“Well, rumor has it Hefner lives here with one playmate, and three other women, two of which are twins, that are easily beautiful enough to be playmates.   But none of those four are on the list.   I figure maybe a couple of more at the most visiting.   But I want one of those four because they can get us addresses for some of the others on are list.”

They walked through a garden and a few moments later walked through a door into a huge living room.   No one was about, oddly enough, but then Hefner was an old man now, and he was probably getting ready for bed. 

Walking from room to room, they explored the spacious mansion.  Gavin cast a sleep spell, knocking out a couple of maids working in the kitchen, who had been obviously cleaning up from dinner, and finally satisfied no one else was on the first floor, decided to go upstairs. 

“You know, I could definitely live here,” Grim commented, and Gavin nodded in agreement.  

They heard footsteps as they reached the top of the stairs, and looked over to see yet another beautiful woman walking down the hall.   Gavin recognized her as one of the residents, Brandy, who was living with Hefner.   She walked down the hall, dressed in jeans and a tee shirt, and was completely surprised a moment latter when a dart hit her right in the stomach.   She passed out immediately, before she could scream, and the two men quickly grabbed her and dragged her into a bedroom.  

Vickie was sitting on her bed, eating ice cream, watching (ironically enough) a rerun of Friends when the door opened suddenly and she watched in complete shock as Brandy came into the room, apparently being carried by some kind of invisible force.   She screamed, and stood up, dressed only in a tee shirt and panties.   Grim quickly reacted, shot her with a dart, and she quickly collapsed. 

“Well shit, that didn’t work out too well.” Grim remarked.

“Oh well, we have a few minutes though.   Let me take care of these two.   Vickie here is on the list.” 
Gavin replied. “You hold off anyone coming down the hall.”

Indeed, footsteps could be heard coming down the hall.   Grim stepped out and casually shot the first one coming up the hallway, one of the twins as a matter of fact.   Another shot, and her twin sister collapsed as well.   But she had time to scream before getting shot.   Soon more people would be coming.

“You about ready in there?”

“Working on it, I need a few more minutes.”

Two security guards, alerted by a housekeeper on finding the two maids out cold on the kitchen floor, were soon rushing up the stairs.  Grim spotted them, and the first one went down an instant later with a dart in his chest.   His partner went prone on the staircase, and used his comrade's body for cover while he pulled his gun.  He couldn’t find a target.   Someone was shooting, and he couldn’t see anyone.   He didn’t want to fire, no telling who else was in trouble at this point.

Grim watched the guard and smiled.   He was always glad to see professionalism.   Professionals could be trusted to do the rational thing. The guard would wait on the stairs for help, confident that he blocked whoever had shot his friend in the room.

“Ok, I think we have some time.   How is it coming?”

Gavin watched as Vickie joined her fellow playmate Brandy in becoming a 12-inch plastic doll.   “We are about ready.”

A few minutes later, the two men disappeared in a flash of light as they teleported back to their base.   The guard still waiting below on the stairway, his gun pointed toward the likely direction of attack.

Malibu 11 PM October 30

The television was one, and Grim watched the late news, curious on how the media would react to their latest raid.

“In the news this evening, police are reported to be all over the famous Playboy mansion this evening.   Officials report that several people, all playmates, have been apparently been mysteriously kidnapped, and several other people, including stars James Caan and Matt Damon, were assaulted earlier this evening.   SWAT teams have reportedly entered the mansion a couple of hours ago, and none of the culprits were found.” 

Grim nodded, amused.  “Well, it helps when you can teleport.” He remarked to the television.   In the room behind him, Gavin was busily restoring the seven playmates to life size, before moving to the next step in the process of converting them.    In a room further down the hall, the small plastic dolls that thought of themselves as Phoebe, Rachel and Monica stared blankly, intense erotic feelings of pleasure sweeping through their minds as they waited to go to the land of faerie.


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