The Commission

by Anthyrax

Chapter 1 -  Visiting Friends


8 PM Pacific Time October 22

Gavin and Grim sat in the living room of a large house in Malibu, watching the television.

“He wants those three?” Grim asked as he tapped the ashes off the tip of his cigar.

“Yes, those three are on the list.”

“Well, they are pretty enough, although I think the brunette is a little too skinny for my taste.”

“Yes, well, you saw the list.   He likes a variety it would seem.”

“Has our client been on Earth?  Surely he must have.”

“At least one Earth it would seem.   Maybe even this one.   Although I don’t think so.  Hans mentioned our client and another wizard, a female one as a matter of fact, traveling to an Earth once and kidnapping some contestants from a beauty pageant.   I didn’t see any reference to that in my research since we got here.”

“I noticed some beauty pageant winners were on it though.”

“Yes, well, consistency is important they say.”

“So it is.”

“How long until the asteroid hits?” Grim asked.

“We have just a few weeks.  I wish we could stop it.  I like Earth.” Gavin sucked on his cigarette, then exhaled the smoke with a sigh.  “And all of these people, these lives that will be wasted.”

“You know the gods won’t let us prevent it.  Even if we could.”

“Yes, I know.” Gavin said with another sigh.  “At least we can save a few lives this way.”

“We can have some fun too you know.   He didn’t say we couldn’t sample the merchandise, so to speak.”

Gavin looked at the beautiful actress on the television, liking her long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and her smile.

“Yes, I think we should have some fun on the way.”


3 AM Warner Brothers Studios Burbank

The two men walked down the street briskly toward their destination.   No one could see them, as shortly after walking away from the hotel where they had checked in and depositing their car, Gavin cast a quick spell, and both of the two men were now invisible.

A quick two-mile walk, and they were approaching the huge 110 acre complex of sound stages, offices and various other buildings and had reached the tall wall surrounding the facility.

If an observer could see them, it would be noted that they were wearing what looked like sunglasses, and were dressed in dark close fitting clothing and what looked like military style jackets with lots of pockets.   They had high soft leather looking boots, also dark colored, and they hardly made a sound as they walked, in spite of their brisk pace.

Gavin stopped in front of a likely looking spot, far enough away from the gates to be unobserved and Grim waited beside him.  

“This looks like it will work” Gavin whispered.  He then pulled out a piece of chalk and drew a doorway on the wall.   A quick wave of his arms, a muttered command, and a doorway outlined in subdued but glowing blue light appeared where the chalk outline had been a moment before.  Gavin tapped it, and it swung open. 

The two men stepped through, and the doorway disappeared, returning to its original form as a 10-foot concrete wall moments later. 

“What now?” Grim asked in a low whisper.

“We walk around and find the sound stage where they shoot the show.   Then we go inside, and wait for the actresses to arrive.   I figure we can take the appearance of a couple of the technicians involved with the show, or some assistant that is supposed to be there, hide the real people whose jobs we are taking until we are done, then you follow my lead when the time comes to move.”

“Alright, you’re the expert.” Grim replied. “Wouldn’t it be easier to grab them at their homes though?”

“Well, I thought of that, but I figured we could get them all at once this way, and we wouldn’t have to track them down all over town.”

“Ok, makes sense.” Grim replied.

After about an hour of wandering around, they finally found the sound stage in the immense lot   Another passwall through the door, and they were inside.  Gavin led the way, with Grim right behind him and after a few minutes they ran across a series of dressing rooms.  

“You know, we could just wait in here for her,” Grim whispered, looking at the name of Lisa Kudrow on the door. 

“Hmm, good point.   Might be easier that way.” Gavin replied thoughtfully.   A simple spell, and the door came unlocked and the two men walked inside, closing and locking the door behind them.

Inside the room, they quickly scouted it out.   There was a lounge with comfortable couches and chairs in the front, while further back through another door was a rest room, shower, dressing area and closet. 

“Lets make ourselves comfortable, it will be a few hours yet, I would think,” Gavin whispered.

The two men sat in comfortable chairs and they took turns lightly dozing, waiting patiently.

Around 7:30, the first sounds of movement could be heard outside, and Gavin nudged Grim awake.  “We should have company soon, I would think.”

His friend nodded and they stood up and made sure that all signs of their presence were concealed before moving back into the dressing area.

Laurel, a young earnest 22 year-old production assistant, was making her rounds about 8.   The stars would be arriving soon, and she needed to make sure their dressing rooms were up to their standards.  Unlocking Lisa’s dressing room with her key, she stepped inside and turned on the lights.  Walking quickly through the rooms, she noted everything was ready and she picked up the phone and ordered food and drinks to be readied when Lisa and her assistant got there in a few minutes.   After dropping off the day's shooting schedule, she left as another day of taping lay ahead, and it promised to be a busy one.  

Gavin and Grim watched the pretty young brunette as she made her rounds.   They were practically the definition of quiet, never making a sound, and they remained invisible as she moved through the room.   After a few minutes, she left, locking the door behind her and the two men relaxed. 

“Shouldn’t be too long now, I would think,” Gavin whispered.   Grim nodded and carefully cocked his dart gun. 

A few minutes later the door was again unlocked, and pleasant looking young woman opened the door and stepped inside.   Right behind her was the 5’9, blonde haired and green-eyed star.   She was dressed casually, in short dress and little makeup, but was still beautiful.   Setting down her purse, she asked her assistant to call for some breakfast and she picked up her schedule, skimmed through it and in casually mentioned she needed a shower.

Lisa stepped through her door from the sitting room and felt something was wrong immediately.   She couldn’t place it, but something was odd.    Gavin watched her walk by him, and nudging Grim, who nodded, he stepped behind her and pulling out a plastic doll, he touched her on the cheek.

“What the HELL?” she exclaimed, and before she could utter another sound she realized something was very wrong indeed.   She couldn’t move, couldn’t blink, and couldn’t talk.  A strange feeling was enveloping her and has her vision faded,  the room gradually faded into blackness and she knew no more.

Gavin watched her transform.   Within seconds of her being paralyzed, the transformation began to show.   First the little lines and wrinkles in her face smoothed over.   Moments later, her skin took on a glossy sheen, and her eyes fixed in place.   Within a few moments after that, he stroked her cheek with his hand and was satisfied to feel the previously soft flesh had hardened into smooth plastic.

Meanwhile, Grim stepped through the door.   The assistant, Gloria, was confused for a moment as the door opened and no one seemed to come through.   As she tried to digest that, she felt something hit in her center of her stomach.   Looking down, she saw the feathers of the dart.   She looked puzzled before collapsing to the floor.

Grim walked over and checked her carefully before pulling the dart from her body.   Checking her pulse, he was satisfied that she was only unconscious.   He patted her head, picked her up, and laid her on the couch in a more natural position.

Stepping back through the door, he saw Lisa was now completely transformed and already beginning to shrink down to the size of a toy action figure.

“It’s clear up front,” he whispered.

“Good, she should be done in a minute, then we can go on to the next one.”

Less than five minutes after she walked through her door, Lisa Kudrow, or the doll that was now her, was safely in Gavin’s pocket. 

There was a knock at the door, and it quickly opened a moment later.   Both men hurried to the front just in time to see Jennifer Aniston walk through, holding a copy of the shooting schedule, a look of concern on her face.   The 5’foot 6 inch tall star, her blue eyes flashing with irritation and her long dirty blonde hair piled on her head strode into the room and walked over to the sleeping Gloria.

“Gloria?” she asked as she reached over to nudge the woman.

Just then she noticed the door was open and she looked up.  

“Lisa? Hey, is that you?” she asked, curious now as the door was open but she didn’t see anyone on the other side of it, and she didn’t hear Lisa.

She started in shock and surprise when she felt something cool and plastic touch her face, and as she spun around, her muscles locked and she fell, helpless, stiff as a board.   She felt someone catch her body, but as she frantically tried to look around she realized she couldn’t move an inch.

As her vision began to fade and a drowsiness and peacefulness overwhelmed her confused mind she had time to wonder only briefly what had happened to her before all thoughts faded into stillness.

Gavin gently stood her up and arranged her face into a more peaceful expression just before she hardened into her now plastic form.  The joint lines that had now appeared made posing her easier, and Gavin appreciated the new additions to his transformation spell.   Grim walked over and locked the door, concerned that someone would walk in again unexpectedly.  They waited for a few minutes until she too finished shrinking down to action figure size.  

Pocketing the beautiful plastic doll that moments before had been a very surprised actress, Gavin nodded, and Grim unlocked the door and opened it a crack to check the hall.  “It’s clear,” he whispered and the two men stepped outside, letting the door lock behind them.

The two men crept down the hall and spotted a man carrying a tray of food heading in their direction.   They waited patiently, and as he passed, Gavin grabbed the tray as Grim shot the man in the stomach with a dart.   The man collapsed instantly, and they quickly pulled his unconscious body into a utility closet.  

“This will do,” Gavin whispered as he assumed the man’s appearance with another spell.  “You just follow me, and I will take a tray of food to Ms.Cox’s dressing room.   When we go in, you take care of anybody else in there, and I will take care of her.”

Grim nodded and placed the sleeping man on the ground.

Gavin opened the door, and walked down the hall, a tray on his shoulder; Grim trailed behind, still invisible.   After a few moments, they reached the last dressing room, where Courtney Cox was no doubt preparing for her day on the set.   Gavin knocked on the door, and a tall handsome man, who Gavin recognized as her husband, opened the door.   Instantly, Grim shot him in the stomach with a dart, and caught him as he slumped to the floor in surprise. 

Luckily, no one else was in the front room, and while Grim dragged the sleeping man out of the way, Gavin strode inside and opened the door to the remainder of the dressing room.

Courtney was setting on a bed, wearing rather fetching lingerie, her shooting schedule dropping to the floor as she gasped in surprise.

“I didn’t order any room service!” she gasped, just as Gavin’s wand came up and a bright light shot from it, enveloping her in eerie green light.   When it faded, she sat paralyzed, unable to move a muscle or utter a sound.

Courtney was amazed and horrified.   A stranger had walked in her room and pulled a MAGIC WAND from his pocket, and now she couldn’t move.   He was a pleasant looking man but she was terrified as he walked up to her, pulled out a plastic doll from his pocket, and gently stroked her cheek with it.   Suddenly, she felt strange.   A strange calmness was settling over her, and to her amazement, she could see in the mirror that her skin was changing consistency.  It was becoming almost glossy in appearance, and suddenly, she realized with a start, that what could only be joint lines were starting to appear on her legs and arms.  

“OMYGOOD!” she thought to herself, “How can I be turning into a... mannequin!”

Then her vision faded and she passed into dream.

Taking a moment to admire the beautiful 38-year old actress, Gavin examined her closely.   She did have beautiful blue eyes, and the 5 foot 5 actress, although still a bit skinny he had to agree, was very appealing with her dark hair and pale skin.

It would have been a shame not to keep all three of them together after all.

A few moments later, Grim walked in as she began to shrink down to the same size as her friends Jennifer and Lisa.  

“How are we leaving exactly?” Grim asked.

“Well, I figured we would just teleport back to our hotel room.”

Minutes later they were gone.


Noon October 24

“The apparent kidnapping of the Friends stars Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox Arquette and Lisa Kudrow is the lead story this hour,” reported the CNN correspondent on the television.

“Police and FBI officials aren’t saying much, but apparently they were all taken right from the studio where they were beginning their day taping the popular NBC comedy show.”

Grim sat on the couch watching the television, looking for anything that might indicate some actual facts.   In the other room, Gavin had restored all three girls to their normal size, but left them immobilized, and was stripping them of their clothes in preparation for the second part of his job. 

The three girls were only vaguely aware of this, as they felt his touch but could only dimly make out their surroundings.   A great peacefulness had settled in their minds, and although they knew they should be wondering about it, and perhaps should even be disturbed about their present naked condition, his gentle touch seemed only to bring about overwhelming pleasure that would have made them quake in joy if they could only move.

Taking a few moments with each woman, Gavin stroked their breasts and vagina gently, occasionally teasing their cervix until each woman erupted internally into climax, an orgasm that would stretch until they were next awakened.   Gavin, a spell working that allowed him to feel how they were reacting inside, smiled to himself as he worked.  He knew that when they were finally awaked they would be much more tractable and easier to prepare for the third step in the acquisition process.

After an hour, each friend was completely enveloped in a blissful sleep.  A sleep where dreams of pleasure swept through them.


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