The Commission - 14

by Anthyrax

The Commission Part 14: Final Countdown

Gila Cliff Dwellings 7:30 PM local time

Molly was having a nightmare that seemed to be lasting forever.  No matter how she tried, she couldn’t wake up.  She was the agent in charge, and the entire elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team was working for her, and they were being wiped out.   One by one, changed into dolls and statues, and she was helpless to stop it.  Witches and wizards were attacking them, and she couldn’t do anything about it.   The dream went on and on.

Standing in the living room, Gavin looked down at the little plush doll he had placed on the chair. 

“Time to wake up Molly,” he commanded as he cast his spell.

Gavin watched her body change.   The blank buttons that were her eyes glowed for a moment, before sinking back into the cloth face that was already starting to take on a more fleshy appearance.   The yarn mouth and botton noise followed shortly after, while her body began to grow, rapidly returning to its normal size.   Within seconds, the cloth plush doll had become recognizably human again, and a gasp could be heard as the woman took her first breath in some time. 

Suddenly Molly could see again as her vision returned.  She was suddenly awake, she bit her tongue to keep from screaming.  She found herself sitting on a chair, and she was still dressed in her fatigues.  The body armor, her weapons and equipment, and her boots were gone.   Realizing now that her dream had been real after all, she tried to get up only to find that she seemed to be paralyzed.   Someone was talking to her now, and although her eyes were still adjusting to the lights in the room, she was able to see a man with brown hair and a mustache, and intense brown eyes, talking to her as he stood on the floor  across from her.

“Hello Agent Malone.  Welcome to New Mexico.”

“NEW MEXICO!” she thought to herself.   She tried to say it, but all that came out was a whisper. 

“Well, it’s a long story. I will tell you about that in a minute.”  Gavin noticed her trying to move, and taking pity on her, he explained her situation. “You won’t be able to move for a while, I took the liberty of paralyzing you will a simple spell.   You are well trained and fit enough to put up a good fight if I tried to keep you from leaving otherwise, and honestly, we don’t have time for that.”

“I know you are thirsty, here, drink this,” and he offered her a glass of pale juice that smelled of apples. 

She was thirsty, and while he held it up to her lips, she drained it down.  Watching her closely, Gavin could see a resemblance between her and Michelle.   Definitely cousins he decided. 

“Well, I should explain some things to you.   But first I am going to turn the television on.   It’s been a couple of days since you met the girls in Morro Bay, and a lot has happened.”

Turning on the television to CNN, he waited patiently as Molly learned how her world had changed.

Hours passed as she sat there, watching Armegeddon.  After the first half hour, he had started talking to her and explaining what happened.   Molly was thankful to learn that she wasn’t crazy, that indeed there were explanations for the disappearances she had been investigating.   It finally explained the night in Hollywood too.   And his explanations for the kidnapping were convincing enough.  The world really did seem to be ending after all.

So now what?

Gavin watched her as he talked.  She was an impressive woman.   Smart, determined and she asked the right questions.   He was a little disconcerted on how close she had come to the truth, or how close she had come to actually becoming a threat to the ladies.    Although she was sick and horrified inside, she was being very brave.

But she was unaware of the potion he had given her.   Already, ten years had dropped from her and her already firm and toned body looked even fitter.  If anything, she was even prettier than Michelle, and that was saying a lot.   He wanted willing cooperation from her though, and had decided against the friendship spell for now.   A gamble, but he suspected it would pay off.

In a few minutes she would need to go to the bathroom, and one look in the mirror would rock her already shaky world to the point where with any luck, she would be receptive to his offer.

The Scouts would be lucky to have her.   Hans would be pleased.


Gila Cliff Dwellings, Midnight local time

Gavin and Hans whispered quietly together as they stood by the ancient pre Columbian megalith.  A few feet away, Grim and the four women sat huddled around a camp fire, waiting with some impatience.   Only Cindy wasn’t there, and she was in a cabin down the road, watching television with Molly, waiting for the next wave.

Molly hadn’t met the other women yet, or Hans, but it should make for a very interesting meeting Gavin decided.  Grim liked her though, and she had provided a wealth of information that confirmed much of what he knew already.

When the wave hit, it would indeed be the disaster he feared.   The wave would disable or destroy electronics, suppress machines like the internal combustion engine and nuclear reactors, knock out communications and power, and thoroughly shatter the fabric of technological civilization.  

Civil disorder, famine, and disease would be right behind.   Within hours order would begin to collapse, while within a few days, available food stocks would be exhausted.   Disease and famine would follow right behind, along with the mass flight of the people of the cities to the countryside.   The legions created by the magic of the pyramids and their masters who controlled them  would have no trouble smashing any organized resistance that remained after that in the weeks that followed.

Molly didn’t think more than a tenth of the people in the developed countries of the world would survive it.  And the less developed world would be no better off.   They either barely fed themselves or depended on the developed world for help.   Help that would be gone forever.

This Earth was doomed.

But Gavin knew seeds for rebuilding were being gathered.   His ladies had done well, collecting hundreds of people, people like Molly.   People who could be trained to return someday and lead the descendants of the people of this world in building a new society.  

And tonight another seed would be planted.   A base for them to rebuild from.   An isolated town, hidden in the mountains, off the major highways and defensible.    A pity there was time for only one, but maybe more seeds like it could be planted later?  

Naturally, there would be a price. 

Thank the gods Sarah, Michelle, Kim and Cheryl had agreed to help him pay it.   He feared what it would do to him to pay it alone.

Hans waited as Gavin looked over at the fire, lost in reverie for a moment.  He decided to be patient.  Gavin would be ready when the time came.

A few moments later Hans nudged Gavin and they both turned toward megalith.   They could feel the magic in the air and could now see with their special sight the portal opening up.   Moments later, the five over at the fire stood as well when a bright blue light engulfed the megalith before fading like a flashbulb.

Cheryl watched as the tall man appeared.  Except after a moment she realized he was more than that.  He exuded ‘maleness’ in a visceral way that made her suddenly feel a little giddy.   Controlling herself, she realized that it was part of his power and she remembered just what the price he was demanding for his services.   Stealing a glance over at the other three women standing in the firelight, she noticed Michelle and Sarah both reacting much as she had, but Kim was still clearly infatuated.   Poking her with an elbow, Cheryl forced herself not to smile as Kim suddenly started in surprise and composed herself.

“A bit impressive, isn’t he.” Cheryl whispered, “sure you just don’t want to go with the ladies Wes picked up?”

“Kiss my ass,” Kim replied lightly, although in truth the idea wasn’t at all repellant at the moment.

A loud and exceedingly assured voice called out. “Well, Prince Hans, and I see you have your loyal lieutenants Grim and Gavin with you.   Finding out that once a Scout always a Scout you two?” Caredoc announced.  

Both men scowled a bit but bowed politely, as did Hans with a grin as he replied. “Duty is duty my Lord Caredoc.”  His face then turned serious, “are you ready to live up to the deal now?”

“Have my terms been accepted?  And you have the women I have requested?” Caredoc replied genially, but with a hint of steel in his voice.

“Yes My Lord” Gavin replied.  Picking up a briefcase, he pulled out dolls one by one. 

The four women stepped forward and not knowing what else to do, nodded in greeting.  This faux pas caused the god to grin in amusement and all three of the men to wince. 

“Geez, what amazing fucking arrogance” Sarah thought to herself, although she had to admit that a roll in the hay would certainly be fun with this one.   He was sexy as hell, the problem was, he knew it.

“Umm, please excuse them Lord, they are from Earth and aren’t familiar with the proper respect.” Hans remarked uneasily.

“Oh it’s fine Hans, besides, they are certainly fine lasses.” Caredoc remarked airily.  “Hmm, would any of you care to come with me too?  I promise you will have lots of fun?”

Sarah couldn’t hide her horrified look, while Michelle shook her head and Cheryl smiled graciously and replied for her friends. “No thank you Lord, we are happy enough with who we are with.”  

Kim looked torn for a minute, and then she looked over at her friends and Gavin.  “No thank you, it is tempting, but I am happy too.”

Gavin suddenly realized he was breathing again.   He had been half afraid they would say yes.   Cheryl met his eye and winked at him, while Sarah and Michelle both glared as if to say how could he have doubted.

Kim just smiled weakly, and waited patiently for the meeting to continue.

Recovering himself, Gavin spoke and pointed at the dolls at his feet.

“Here they are Lord.  As you requested.  The 12 Playboy Centerfolds you requested, with a couple thrown is as a bonus.   Covermodels from the Elle and Cosmopolitan, the singer, and the actresses, including the two you wanted transformed into Elves.”

“Hmm, so I see.  I shall inspect them now.”

A flash of golden light lit up the area, and instantly the 23 dolls were restored to lifesize but not to motion. They stood still; statues in plastic or marble.

Caredoc walked up to each, stroking or caressing each one.  He was enjoying the feel of their plastic or stone skin as he caressed them, enjoying the feeling of owning them.  He looked forward to awakening each and every one.

In spite of himself, Gavin felt a brief pang of jealousy, especially when Caredoc was caressing Jennifer Love Hewitt's beautiful breasts, and when he traced with his fingers the beautiful face of the playmate Heather Kozar.

But a deal was a deal, and besides, he had his own beauties.

Another flash of light, and they were gone, sent through the portal to his home.

“Excellent Gavin, and you too Grim.  I am pleased.  And you agree to my terms for the next favor I am granting you?   You understand, I mean them.   I will be wanting more women over the years, and you agree to get them for me.   And you as well, Hans, agree?”

Gavin swallowed his unease and replied.

“Yes Lord, I agree.   If you help us save more from here, I will do as you require.”

“Well, I commission you to act as my agent then.  As I have thus far.”

Caredoc looked around at the four women and three men before him.

“Let us go to the town of Silver City then, and complete this deal.”

A few minutes later, they piled into the two Park Service SUVs that had been liberated from the park and were on their way, the women in one, and the men in the other.   


Park managers house, Gila Ruins, 12:30 AM local time

Molly sat on the couch, occasionally taking a deep drink from the bottle of Jack Daniels next to her.   Cindy was still on the computer, and one the screen was a clock counting down the remaining time before the next magic wave was set to go of, and another, only a few minutes more of time, registering when it would hit the park.

Cindy was frantically printing everything she could while she still had power.   It wouldn’t be long now.   She checked the orders she had placed, and with a contented sigh, was relieved to see that the gold dollars and the MREs had arrived as scheduled in the warehouse in Silver City, and delivery was confirmed by their agent.  

Enough for the local population to last a couple of years on that alone, and have gold to trade when it was done.   The people that Hans was bringing in from Shiron would need it.   The stronghold he planned depended on that and on them.

As long as the gate Hans was planning worked as it should.

A few minutes later she was done.  She could tell Molly needed company, and truth be told, her curiosity made her want to watch television too.  

Picking up her cell phone, she called Sarah.

“Ok, finished here.  Everything is in place in town.” She reported.

Sarah replied with a thank you and hung up, uncharacteristically terse.   “Must be the pressure, well it will be over soon.” Cindy decided to herself.

Looking over at Molly, who was staring sullenly with tight lips at the television and periodically taking big long gulps from a bottle of Jack Daniels, Cindy realized that the woman was drunk.  She sighed, and then remembered that Wes had slipped the woman a potion before leaving that would prevent her from passing out or getting drunk enough to forget what she saw on television.   It was important to him that she remember everything.

Poor woman.

Molly noticed that she couldn’t seem to pass out.  The more she drank, the more she had to go pee.  It was like her kidneys were working overtime.  And then it occurred to her.  That wizard had cast a spell or something to keep her coherent for some reason.   “God damn him, he won’t even let me get drunk in peace.   What the fuck does he want with me!   Why can’t he just let me alone.”  She cried, and she put her head in a pillow, her control gone and she began to sob.

Cindy listened, and felt a few tears of her own.  But orders were orders.   Getting up, she walked over to the couch were she helped the emotional wreckage that a few short weeks ago had been one of the best agents in the government up to where she could sit and hugged her.

“I’m sorry Molly.   Gavin said you had to see it all.   It is going to be important that you remember, he said.”  Cindy repeated, “but I promise, he isn’t making you watch just to torture you.  He must really need you to see it.”

Molly decided that the woman was probably right.   She did want to remember.  Her face still cover in tears, she turned back to the television to watch the end of the world as she knew it.

Cindy held her, glancing over at the clock to watch the time run down.


Donner Pass, California 5:30 AM Pacific Time

A small plane flew through the darkness, its pilot concentrating as he carefully picked his way through the mountains.   Behind him, a cameraman sat, his face glued to the viewfinder, watching as the video feed went out to the world.  

The pyramid was glowing brightly now, a rich golden color, and the landscape around it was lit up by it.  

People across the globe watched their televisions, as the nightmarish creatures below were caught on film as the plane circled a few thousand feet above.   Dragons could be seen circling below the plane, apparently slower than the aircraft, although not be much. 


Silver City 6:30 AM Mountain  time

They reached to top of the hill overlooking the campus just as the sun started to rise.   Looking down, they could see lights starting to come on in the dorms below.   This week just happened to by finals, and all of the students were still on campus.   Although miserably early for college kids, most classes would be starting at 8 or 9, and the last minute crammers were still desperately preparing, while some of the more organized students were getting up to prepare for the day ahead.

Sarah looked around at her comrades.   Hans and Caredoc were talking together, Hans reminding Caredoc of his role, and the God airily dismissing his concerns.   Gavin stared down at the campus below, talking quietly with Grim, who was already moving down the hill to get closer.  

She bit in lip, concerned about what was coming.  This was pretty risky.  She hoped she and the other girls could handle it.

“Ok, it shouldn’t be long now.” Gavin said after looking at his watch.


Donner Pass 5:32 AM

The Pyramid had been getting brighter and brighter the last few minutes, lighting up the surrounding area nearly as well as daylight.   The cameraman had good pictures, and those pictures were going out live around the world. 

Millions of people sat in front of their televisions now, wondering what was about to happen.  

Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash of bright white light, and a beam shot into the heavens.  Another shock wave of white was released from all of the sides of the pyramid, spreading out across the heavens and the earth.  

The pilot of the aircraft had time only to flinch as the light wave engulfed them and then passed on.   Instantly, every circuit shorted, and the cameraman dropped his camera in pain, while the pilot struggled to control the plane.   The engine stalled, and then quit.  

Neither the pilot or the panicked news crew had time to do more than scream before the plane hit the ground.


Park cabin 6:32 AM

Cindy and Molly watched as the feed abruptly ended from CNN, and the network flashed to the chief anchor looking grim.  

Looking back at the computer, Cindy noted the time.  Only 2 minutes to go.   “I need to make a call,” looking at Molly, “you should probably go turn of the circuit breakers so nothing catches fire Molly.   Can you do that?” 

Molly nodded grimly and went outside to the porch as Cindy hit the speed dial on her cell phone.

Sarah answered. 


“Yes, Donner Pass just started the wave.”

“We will see you soon then.”  Sarah replied.

“Good luck.  You guys be careful...”

But Sarah had already hung up.


Silver City

“Its time sweetheart” Sarah said calmly to Gavin, who nodded.

“Ok, you four join hands with Hans and me.” As they did so, “You all know the words, just repeat them with me and concentrate, we need everything for this, so don’t hold back.”  Gavin said.

Sarah heard the worry in his voice.   Worry for her and the others. 

“It’s worth the risk my love.  It will be alright.” Sarah whispered to him.  

He squeezed her hand, and to his left, Michelle’s as well.   “I hope so,” he thought to himself.


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