Computer Program

by M.P

A package arrived at the Delta house for Felicity and April. April opened the door and took it from the postman. It was a square bag made of plain brown paper and had no return address. She took it inside and ran upstairs to show it to Felicity.

Dressed in a pretty paisley dress that had fine spaghetti string straps, April was a pretty brunette with grey green eyes. She stood about 5'8 with a plumpish round body. Her face was round with a cute button nose and her cheeks were flush with a soft pink. She had a round ass that was wide but not fat. Her breasts were large almost 38 inches. Though she was short she sported long plump legs that were well lined with muscle. The overall picture was very pleasing to the eye.

Her friend Felicity was the exact opposite. A striking blonde, Felicity's hair reached all the way to her waist. Her face was like a goddess. The smooth sweep of her hair circled the perfect oval of her face and her eyes were crystal blue. She had a sleek aquiline nose, and her lips were bright ruby red with a soft sheen from her oily lipstick. She had firm pear shaped breasts, the nipples big and purplish pointing in an upward turn. Her waist was narrow and her stomach was smooth and flat. The curve of her body widened at her hips and flattened on the sides. Her ass was chiseled perfection. No statue was made finer.

Felicity was just coming out of the shower when April came running into the room. Dressed only in a short white terry cloth robe. Felicity was drying her hair so she had a towel wrapped around her head. She looked up and smiled at seeing her friend and sat on the bed. As she sat the short robe moved up and exposed her sexy round ass and the blonde locks of her pussy hair.

"Hey girl, don't you have any shame?" Asked April as she pointed at her friends sexy body.

Felicity gently pinched her little nipples and said.

"When you got it baby flaunt it!"

"I've got more than you've got!" Said April. As she pulled out a plump round breast.

The two girls laughed and began to have a pillow fight when a voice below yelled through the wall to knock it off. They stopped and snickered to themselves for behaving like two young school girls. April got up and adjusted her dress while Felicity took off her robe and walked into the closet to choose what she wanted to wear. A few moments later she came out carrying a blue silk mini dress with matching shoes. She set down the garments on the bed and turned to April.

"So what's in the box?" Asked Felicity.

"I don't know it just arrived." Said April. "Were you expecting anything?"

" Not really but lets see what it is?" Said Felicity.

April tore off the brown paper and dumped the contents of the package onto the bed. A single game cartridge and a note fell out of the bag. Felicity grabbed the note and began to read.

Dear April and Felicity: I am enclosing this experimental game cartridge for you to try and enjoy. Later I will contact you for your opinions. Have fun. Your friend, Mike Evans.

Felicity laughed to herself.

"Well how do you like that, Mike Evans the president of the science club is giving us a present!"

April did not laugh because she secretly liked Mike but was too ashamed to admit it. She herself had gotten lucky and fell into the good graces of the preppy class.

"I think its sweet." Said April. "Anyway who knows it may be a really cool game?"

"Okay, you go down and unhook the "Nintendo" and we will try it." Said Felicity.

April ran down stairs and unhooked the game console from the projection TV in the parlour. The girls had bought it as a lark when the guys from Sigma Alpha started getting these really hyper realistic games. In fact rumor had it that Mike Evans had something to do with their creation.

A rush of excitement ran down Aprils spine as she remembered the last game they had gotten. It was called Cyber Dungeon. It was about these sexy dominatrixes dressed in latex and rubber who were holding various people captive. You could increase your score by helping the people to escape. It had been so real.

Felicity yelled from upstairs and snapped April back into thought.

"Yo slowpoke, lets go?" Yelled Felicity.

April finished and took the grey box and controllers up to their room. Felicity had rolled their little color set into the center of the room when April came in. It took only a few minutes to attach the box and wires to the set and then April pulled out the cartridge. It was a standard nintendo cartridge but altered so that it could be reprogrammed. On the face was written. "LESBOS IN HEAT"

"What a kinky title?" Said Felicity.

She gently licked her lips in anticipation of what the game would be like. Then she turned on the console and inserted the cartridge. The screen changed from black to a piercing blue. April went to the ice box and brought out two beers for her and her friend and then grabbed one controller. As the girls waited suddenly a flash of green light came out of the tube and flooded the room in incandescent light. When the flash subsided The girls remained in their seats. Felicity still in her bathrobe and April her beer raised to her lips. Except for their blank stares and the slight sheen on their bodies, to a passerby everything was normal. Inside the girls knew that something was terribly wrong. They had started to play an innocent game and now they were frozen like two mannequins. April tried to speak but the words would not leave her throat. They sat like this for several minutes when suddenly the door to their room opened. It was Mike Evans.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Asked Mike. With a smirk on his face. "Isn't this miss prima donna and her sidekick?"

He walked over to the two inert girls and parted the robe on Felicity. He began to gently rub her breasts as he spoke to the girls. Inside, Felicity was dying. She could not believe the intensity of her feelings. It seemed that in this frozen state her body was more sensitive then it had ever been. He closed her robe and opened a small briefcase he carried. Inside was a laptop computer. He took a wire lead and attached it each of the girls. One lead on the temple of their faces and the other at their sex. He switched on the computer and both girls suddenly stiffened more. He punched in several commands to the console and then took another lead and plugged it into the dormant Nintendo unit that the girls had started to play. Mike picked up the joy stick controller and moved the analog stick a small flinch. April now found herself able to move. It seemed that with each touch of the controller it was a command for her body.

The door opened again and another figure entered the room it was Felicity's' old boyfriend Jack Higgins. She had dumped Jack when she started at city college and he had taken it very hard. Now apparently it was going to be pay back time.

Jack picked up the other controller and made a circular motion with the analog stick. Felicity got up from the bed and made several spins in the center of the room. Jack tried different combinations of the button commands and made Felicity do things to herself. He found that by using the Combination of the A b c d and z buttons he make her into his very own sex doll.

Mike used his controller and now April moved off the bed and knelt before him. The vacant stare in her eyes turned him on but inside he knew she could sense everything that was happening. He commanded her to open his trousers and had her pull out his engorged penis. She gently stroked it and brought it to its full length. The excitement made him shudder and he accidentally dropped his controller. April froze then, his c--- still held firmly in her hand. He laughed then as he realized that April was totally in his control. He felt a little sorry too because he had always wanted to try and win her for himself. But he could not refuse this chance. He picked up the controller again and pressed more button combinations. Now April stood and removed her dress. The smooth fabric slid down her body over her flowing curves and lay in a heap at her feet. He pressed two more combinations and April knelt down and put his entire length into her mouth and began to give him a b---j--. Jack had done basically the same thing and soon both girls were on their hands and knees giving their "masters" the b---j--s of their lives. Mike pressed the analog stick to the left slightly and had April get up and drop her little satin panties. The white cloth peeled off and he ordered her to hand them to him. She smiled prettily at his request and he made her say.

"These are for you Mikey."

Then she leaned over and kissed him. It was a little peck of a kiss but when she backed away she handed him her soiled undies and froze like a windup doll run out. He took the flimsy garment and stuck it under his nose. Her girl musk was heavy in it. He licked the little wet spot and savored the sweet-salty of her pussy juice. Then he threw away the panty and grabbed his joystick again. Instantly April was alive again and he had her mount his already bursting penis.

He had her pump up and down on his member. And after several minutes of glorious lovemaking he pulled out his c--- and shot load upon load of his sticky white c-- over her body.

"Now ladies we are going to do the job I originally came here to do." Said Mike.

Jack was just finishing with Felicity and he came with a screaming burst of c-- that he sprayed across her back and into her hair. The thick globs hung in the lustrous white mane of the sexy blonde. Mike went into the bathroom and got a towel and wiped off the two beauties. When he was satisfied that they were presentable he put in a blank cartridge into the Nintendo and pressed the controller buttons again. This time April and Felicity moved together. They hugged each other very tightly and began to french kiss. It was a long and lingering kiss. The bulge of their tongues plainly seen on their cheeks. April fondled her friends pert little breasts and stuck her free hand into the moist little hole of her pussy. Felicity had just stood there like a lifeless doll. After several seconds of just kissing Jack picked up his controller and now Felicity made her move.

The computer had been making measurements and was collating data as the two girls were controlled in their sex act. Then the laptop flashed a light and Mike hit the send button. The two beauties stopped for several seconds then shook violently. Then the computer took over command of the girls and Mike and Jack set down their controllers and watched as the AI unit in the laptop ran a special program. April got down on her back and spread her legs wide open. She used her arms and pushed her magnificent breasts outward. Then she took her hands and started to rub her glistening pussy. Felicity in the meantime had been awaiting instruction so she merely stood aside and stared at her friend rubbing herself. The blank stare in her crystal blue eyes giving her the appearance of a doll. Now the computer felt it was time for Felicity to join in on the fun. She moved over to her friend and sat down over Aprils face. April responded by sticking her little tongue into the bigger girls pussy and then Felicity leaned over to suck out her friends pussy. The two men high fived each other, and laughed at the beautiful site before them. Here was one of the schools most snooty prep queens giving head to her friend like a whore in heat. Meanwhile the base unit was recording the information to be processed into the next video game. It had been a marvelous scheme and very profitable as well. The laptops lights blinked again so Mike knew that all the data had been collated. The computer stopped sending the command program and the two girls stopped amidst their lovemaking, each with the others face buried deeply in the others cunt. He and Jack picked up the frozen women from their 69 on the floor and placed them on the bed. Then they used the controllers and posed them as they were when they had entered the room. Mike used a jamming signal program and erased the entire hour from their memories. He programmed in its place the idea that they had been playing the game and found it very boring. then he detached the control cords. Then he and Jack sneaked out of the dorm.

The Nintendo lit the screen again with the green flash and then the screen said GAME OVER!!

"Wow that was an interesting game." Said April.

"I don't know I found it kind of dull." Felicity answered.

"Anyway I'm really beat." Said April. "I'm going to shower and hit the hay." "Goodnight Felicity."

Felicity turned off the set and disconnected the game console. She took it down stairs and then the doorbell rang. She opened it and Mike Evans was outside.

"Hi Felicity, How did you and April like the game?"

"Not too good, sorry Mike." Said Felicity. "But anyway April liked it.  Why don't you come by tomorrow night and join us for the pledge barbecue." She'll be happy to see you."

Felicity handed him the game cartridge and closed the door. As he was going Felicity did not hear the cheer that Mike made. He was going to see April and this time he would not have to cheat to do it. He dropped the cartridge into his briefcase and patted the laptop. After he was finished with the basic programming he would soon have another video game to add to his growing collection.

The End