Perils in Pantyhose, Part Two: "Corporate Asset"
By Mangus

Whiteford and Wendell, Brokerage, was what the plaque next to the door said.

It was a large and spacious building about forty or so floors.

Whiteford and Wendell was one of the largest brokerage houses on wall street and Brandi was almost late for work.

Brandi had worked for Whiteford and Wendell for almost four years as a stock analyst, She majored in finance at Columbia university, Whiteford and Wendall was the first firm she applied to.

Hi Murray! she said, it's a beautiful day outside isn't it.

Yeah it sure is, Mrs Collins.

Oh Murray! How many times have I told you to call me Brandi.

Oh I don't know I lost track after last summer.

Oh come on Murray, you've known me for four years now, time for you to get with it.

I know Miss Collins, but a lady like you, well you know?

Know what?

Your a very attractive woman and I was raised to treat women, any woman, well it's just common courtesy.

Ok Murray. I'll let you slide for now, but you better call me Brandi tomorrow.

Ok, sure thing Miss Collins.

Murray was the doorman he has been at this building for more than twenty years, and he could never call me by my first name.

I chuckled, will He ever get it right?

I made My way to the elevator where Bill Egram was holding the door for me.

You better hurry Brandi were almost late.

I know bill but I think that Ross Whiteford won't care if were a little late, as long as we don't make a habit if it.

Yeah, but don't let him ketch You saying that.

Sixth floor?


Bill Egram is a junior partner with the firm, His father Walter was is one of our primary investors.

You've heard about the Gen com merger haven't you? he asked.

Yeah sure, I would love to get in on that one, it would finally get me out of the nickel and dime investments I've been handling lately.

Well I heard Martin Swidell say they might bring you in to do some leg work.

Hmmm, sounds like you've been hanging around the water cooler too long.

No really, I had lunch with Him yesterday, He said you have "potential" and that some day you might even make partner.


Would I lie to you?

Well I don't know, let's see there was that time you told me that Sil tech was going to acquire Cal quam, any way the deal fell through and a few of my investors had to eat it.

Aww come on Brand, I thought that was a sure thing, I couldn't possibly go wrong on that one.

Well you did.

Oh and how bout the time you told me that Siltrex was going to...

Ok,ok I get the picture, so I've given you a few bum steers in the past, but this I swear is on the up and up, I stake my career on it.

Ok Bill We'll see.

The elevator opened on six and I went to my cubicle, entered my password in my terminal and sat back.

Yeah it sure would be nice to get in on the Gen Com merger, it would help me finally get that promotion I've been wanting for seven months now.

I was setting up a few quotes for one of My clients when Martin Swidell came over to my cubicle.

Martin is a senior partner with the firm, some say He's a power broker, if you want to get upstairs he's the man.


Oh hi Martin! How are you today?

Just great, listen we've been talking upstairs and we, I think that you would be the perfect candidate to handle the Gen Com merger, You've had the best record the last two quarters and it's time we see how you handle larger clients.

Wow! it's true, I thought.

Thanks Martin, when would you like Me to start?

As soon as you can transfer your accounts to another broker, say by next week?

Sure, I'll get right on it..

I was excited, this was My chance to show the boy's upstairs that I could handle the job.

I spent the week unloading my clients to other brokers, calling each client and telling them that I would no longer be able to handle their accounts.

My clients were happy to hear that I was getting a promotion, but sad that they wouldn't be dealing with me anymore.

The end of the week came and Martin Swidell came over to My cubicle.

Hi Brandi how are you today?

Fine, whats up?

Oh I just thought I'd swing on by and see how you were coming along.

Fine, I've finnished the account transfers.

Good, if you'll report to me monday morning I'll line you out on the Gencom account, here is the companies profile, I'd like you to read it and when you come in monday we'll go over it and some other things.

Great thanks Martin.

Bye, see you monday..


I decieded to take the rest of the day off and go shopping, a new job required new clothes.

I packed the file martin had given me and a few other papers and went to leave.

I pressed the button for the elevator and noticed a blonde woman down the hall.

She was a strikingly beautiful, about 5'9" in her heels, she was wearing a navy blue long sleeved dress with a racy zipper running up the front, it looked like a Donna Kerin but I wasn't sure.

I began walking towards her when the elevator door in front of her opened.

Uh excuse me Miss?

She paused for a moment and looked around to see who was talking to her.

Excuse me but I was wondering is that a Donna Kerin your wearing?

Why yes it is. She said.

It's from her seductive collection, you can find them at her outlet on 5th avenue.

Thanks I just love your suit, I just had to ask.

No problem she said.

I looked down at her legs and noticed her pantyhose were very shinny and luxurious looking in the same color as her suit.

Are the pantyhose Donna Kerin also?

No their Wolford's, from their fatal series, she said.

I was familiar with the Wolford brand, but have never seen these before.

I was going to ask another question when her elevator door opened.

Sorry I gotta run I have a meeting to attend.

Thanks I said.

I was walking back to the elevator I had called for when something strange hit me.

The elevator that the woman had entered was one I had never seen used before.

Funny?, whenever I had a meeting I always used the main elevators.

Maybe it's an express elevator I thought.

I made it back just as the elevator doors where shutting, I saw a hand stick out and they opened again.

It was Bill Egram.

Thanks Bill.

You're welcome Brandi.

Say Bill you were finally right about something.

What's that, he said.

The Gencom account, Martin came over on monday and told me I would be working on it.

Oh really, he said.

Yeah, I start monday.

Great, you just make sure and remember me will ya?

I'll try..

Then the elevator doors open to the lobby.

See ya later Bill.

Bye Brandi, good luck.

Thanks, Bill.

I exited the building and found Murray.

Murray, will you hail me a cab please?

Sure thing Miss Collins, I mean Brandi..

Hey, you're getting better at that.

I try, he said, Oh and by the way congratulations on your promotion.

How? How did you know?

Well we'll just say I haven't lost my hearing, when do you start?


That's great I'm happy for you.

Thanks Murray, I saw the taxi pull up so I thanked Murray and went home.

I spent the weekend reviewing the folder Martin had given me on the Gencom corp, i also went over to Donna Kerins and picked out a black version of that sexy dress I saw that woman at work wearing, I even got a pair of the pantyhose she was wearing.

Monday morning I was getting ready for work today I would wear my new dress and pantyhose.

I pulled on my new pantyhose they felt fantastic, they made my legs look flawless, there were no seams and no cotton panel,

So silky and sheer I was getting wet just looking at myself in the mirror.

I slipped into a pair of five inch stilleto heels, oooohhhh!

My pussy was flowing with juice, I wanted to stroke it so bad.

I just stood there gazing at the shine and how the suntan shade made my tan look even better.

Then I thought wait a minute, and went over to my nightstand and pulled my vibrator out of the drawer, went back over to the mirror and pulled down my hose and slipped it in.

OOOOOHHHHHH!! now that's better.

The vibrator was safely tucked up by my pantyhose.

I picked up the dress and slipped my arms in to the sleeves careful not to let the zipper front snag on my new pantyhose.

I could feel the dress tighten around my ass as I zipped it up, I loved the tight feeling this dress gave, it made me want to masturbate even more.

I looked at myself in the mirror, the dress had enhanced every curve of my body, it had a plunging neck line with little cleavage.

The hemline came up to just below my ass, that didn't help with the zipper tugging in the front.

Oh well, I looked great anyway.

I put on my raincoat and left for work.

I arrived at work and said hello to Murray.

Hi Miss---I mean, Brandi.

Boy! don't you look very beautiful today, why if I was twenty years younger?

Thanks Murray.

As I neared my desk I saw a small box on it with a note attached.

I opened the box and saw that it had a key inside it, I opened the note "please use this key at the far elevator of the sixth floor lobby, Mr Whiteford wants to see you as soon as you get here".

Wow! an invitation to see Ross Whiteford, I've never met Mr Whiteford, he's very reclusive and rarely see's anyone.

I went to the lobby on my floor and looked for the elevator, I saw that it was the same one that I saw that attractive blonde enter on friday.

I went up to it and saw the key hole, put the key in and turned it and the door opened.

I stepped in and the door closed.

After the door closed I saw that it was mirrored on the inside, funny most elevator doors on the inside are chrome or wood I had never seen a mirrored one before.

The elevator started to lift, I had sixty four floors to go before I got to the top floor where Mr Whiteford's office was.

As the elevator rose I began to feel hot, I saw a bench behind me so I took off my coat and put it and my purse on it.

The music in this elevator is great I thought, not your typical muzak music you hear in most elevators.

I stood there looking at myself in the door mirrors when I began to feel a strange sensation in my feet, must be these shoes I thought.

I reached down and took off my right shoe and gasped!

My toes they were fusing together!

I could not believe it!

I began to feel the sexual tension within me build, I could feel heat begin to build and my pussy begin to throb, I was already feeling horny with the vibrator tucked in, but this was a deep longing.

I was in shock I thought, My toes were fusing together and somehow I was turned on by this.

Something told me to put my shoe back on and I did, as I stood up I looked in the mirror and noticed that my skin looked very smooth and Hairless.

I took a closer look at the back of my hand and it was as I saw it in the mirror, smooth and hairless!

I thought I was going to panic, but with the vibrator tucked inside me I stayed calm.

Must be that new skin lotion I'm using.

The heat in the elevator started to rise as did the sensation in my feet as it was now moving up my legs.

Then I heard a voice in the speaker.

"Hello Miss Collins, I trust you are enjoying My express elevator"?

What? I said.

"Oh I'm sorry, I guess I should introduce myself, I'm Ross Whiteford".

Something was vagley familiar about that voice, but I can't quite put a finger on it.

What? what's happening to me?

"Simple, your in a very special elevator, one that will change your life forever".

Change? what are you talking about?

"you've already begun to notice the sensation creeping up your body, the elevator your in changes people into mannequins".

Mannequin? No! I don't want to become a mannequin, please stop this!

"Too late you are already on your way to becoming a mannequin, as the elevator rises so does the sensation.

By the time you reach the top floor you will be fully plasticized and ready to be put on display in one of my clients stores".

No please don't do this!

"Sorry Miss Collins, but the process is irreversible".

"I can assure you though that you will not die and you will be well taken care of".

You hear the music? It's subliminally encoded to stimulate your nervous system.

My dear soon you will be experiencing pleasure you've never dreamed of, see you at the top.

So this was a trap?

The price of my promotion is to become a mannequin?


I tried to go over to the elevator control panel and use the stop button, but it was hard to walk with my legs now stiff and wearing heels.

I took a step and reached for the button and pulled on it, it wouldn't work.

I reached for the phone, it didn't work either.

Then the sensation had reached my waist and my legs began to shift, my feet were positioning themselves!

My feet moved two feet apart and the feeling in my legs was changing.

The sensation in my pussy was intensifying, I had to relieve it, the vibrator wasn't enough.

I unzipped my dress and began stroking the wet area of my pantyhose.


I quickly orgasmed my hand still rubbing my sex, then I felt it change.

As I was stroking the lips of my labia recede and seal up.

I was now smooth!


Another orgasm quickly followed.

I looked in the mirror and gasped again, my pussy was gone smoothed over, and my pubic hair was gone, I looked like I had a dolls crotch!

Then I noticed my belly button was only an indentation.

I was truly becoming a mannequin!

My breasts began to swell up and arch my back straight up, I undid the clasp on my bra and my breasts just hung there!

The areolas of my breasts faded slightly and my nipples stiffened erect.


Another orgasm rocked me, but hands were at my sides!

Then my arms began moving by themselves, each of them bending slightly and wrists cocking back.

I tried to move but found I was no longer able to, My skin was getting tighter.

My head moved up and slightly to the side and eye's began to take on this far away look and my facial expression was one of pure lust, with my lips slightly parted and pouty looking.

I could still see, but only what was in from of me.

I saw that the elevator was nearing the fifty seventh floor when my heart stopped.

I started to panic when a voice inside my head began to soothe me, it was my own!

"you're now a mannequin",

The voice kept soothing me telling me that I was a mannequin, I had always been a mannequin and that I should start thinking like a mannequin.


Another orgasm came and the feeling in my body became more sensitive.

The voice kept telling me, "you're a mannequin, you've always been a mannequin, think like a mannequin".

I was fighting it, but it was becoming hard to do.

"Let go, become the mannequin you are".

The number above the door read sixty five, and I was fighting to stay who I was, My body had become a mannequins, but please not my mind!


Another orgasm, the vibration from the vibrator was becoming too intense and with the combination of the voice it was becoming hard to fight it.

I began to think about being posed and what clothes I would wear.

Noooo! I screamed inside my head, but it was too late as my consciousness was being over ridden by my new thoughts.

I began inspecting my body, looking at the perfection that I was, breasts full and pert, nipples erect.

My skin! It was now shinny and hard.

I looked like a mannequin, I am a mannequin.


Another orgasm shook me, if this was what being a mannequin was then let it be.

The elevator doors opened and I saw Martin standing next to a man who looked like Murray!

Ah! I see she has turned out nicely aye Martin?

Yes sir, she has.

Beautiful just plain beautiful, said Martin

Yeah I've upgraded the system last monday, now all the women we turn into mannequins actually believe they have always been mannequins.

How can you be sure?

Simple I tested it out last week on Betty Markson, she didn't have any idea who she was when after waiting ten minuets for the elevator to start rising, she just stood there and assumed a pose. Wait, do you hear something?

Yeah I do Ross.

Yep she's got a vibrator in her, I always thought she was a kinky one.

Oh well by the time she's on display the batteries will be dead, the least she'll think the things still working inside her.

Every five mins she'll have an orgasm.

He bent in and lifted me out.


The touch of his hands lifting me sent me into a nonstop orgasm.

Boy you sure can feel this one vibrate, he said.

He took me over to the middle of the office and put me on a stand,

I felt a little more like myself when the support rod was inserted in a hole under me, and Martin began removing my clothes.

What's this the man I know as Murray.

I'm impressed.said Martin you can do this to anyone who rides the elevator?

Yes, anyone who enters the elevator can be mannequinized.

What about the other elevators in the building?

I have similar units installed in them but they haven't been initialized yet.

Incredible,said martin.

How long have you been doing this?

Oh for about six years, I would only acquire one to two mannequins every six months or so.

Don't want people becoming suspicious.

No, can't have that.

Let's have a drink shall we Martin.

Why not?

Good then let's retire to my study and I'll call up some workmen to have Brandi taken over to the warehouse.

They had left me alone in the room in front of the mirror, I was gazing endlessly at my mannequin form.

Such a beautiful body I thought.

Week had passed and Bill Egram was walking with his wife down 5th avenue.

They passed in front of Donna Kerin's boutique.

Oh look Bill they have the new fall line out.

Yes they do dear.

Look at the Mannequins Bill, they look so real..

Bill took a closer look, there were two mannequins in that particular window.

One blonde and one brunette.

He looked even closer at the brunette.