Cortessa Spruces Up Her Home

by Doc Purple

Author's note: This story is more or less my spin on Sonya Esperanto's superheroine peril story, "SUPERHEROINE - DOLLS" which I enjoyed.

Though it never gained favor among critics, the series Ocean Blue became a hit shortly after its first season aired. Thousands of Americans tuned in to see this abhorrent show week after week and it wasn't for the two dimensional characters or the razor thin plotlines but rather the bouncing bikini beauties that roamed the beach setting.

The women of the show were gorgeous and one of the most beautiful actresses there was hands down Cortessa Ramirez. A previous unknown, her striking good looks had gained her notoriety and she was often compared to other Latin actresses such as Eva Longoria and Roselyn Sanchez. Not a whole lot was known about Miss Ramirez though, she claimed to be from a rich oil family back in Texas but she had fallen out of favor with them years ago and was denied any part of the family fortune.

Perhaps that would explain her behavior; often being the center of drama and always wanting to call the shots. She was completely self-centered and no one wanted to work with her. Whatever the reason though, she was removed from the series before shooting of the second season began but her woes wouldn't end there. During the prestigious Golden Goblet awards, rival actress and former cast mate, Jan Henderson won out over her in best actress in a hit new series.

Cortessa was furious. Losing to this bleached blonde bimbo was more than she could bear and she rose from her seat spitting and cursing at the so-called actress who held an award she felt was rightfully hers. Security stepped in and drug Cortessa off but not before she threw her boot on stage in a vain attempt to inflict harm on the busty Jan Henderson. The next day the entire incident was splashed across newspapers everywhere and there wasn't a video site that didn't have the footage of it posted.

Several months passed and as the second season of Ocean Blue was broadcast across America, one of its most beloved actresses disappeared. Jan Henderson was missing and the last place she had been spotted was at an airport in New York. A lot of people believed that maybe the overnight success was too much and she was taking a break or perhaps this was part of some publicity stunt but something far more serious was afoot.

Another few months would pass and eight of the world's greatest superheroines would be called to gather outside of Cortessa's huge estate. Power Girl, Jade, Black Canary, Zatanna, Donna Troy, and Batgirl all stood waiting for some explanation from Wonder Woman.

"Ok, what's going on?" Black Canary asked. "Why did you call us all here, Wonder Woman?"

No sooner had she spoken those words, Supergirl landed and took her place beside Batgirl.

"Did I miss anything?" the young heroine asked.

"No and now that you're here I can begin." Wonder Woman said. "An informant of mine told me that our friend beyond these gates may have kidnapped Jan Henderson and quite a few other people to boot."

"What? That's crazy! Cortessa has already ruined her image. She wouldn't be stupid enough to kidnap a fellow celeb and turn the public against her even more." Zatanna pointed out.

"True but my informant made a very convincing argument. She was fearful for her life and I lost contact with her shortly after she told me this." Wonder Woman explained.

"So why do you need all of us?" Donna asked. "It seems like overkill!"

"Perhaps but it's the means in which she kidnaps her victims that concerns me. It was suggested that she uses magic and that's an x factor I don't wish to gamble with." Wonder Woman said.

"Ok, so what's the plan then?" Batgirl asked.

As they plotted and spoke among themselves, Cortessa watched and listened intently through the hidden cameras she had installed at the entrance gate. She too had plans. As she sat in her bedroom and withdrew a wooden box from a nearby drawer, the head security officer came on over the radio.

"Should I inform the others we may be having uninvited guests?" he asked.

"I'll deal with them. Don't tell your men anything about this." she informed him.

Out of the box she retrieved a wand that was tipped with a small silver skull. This item had been sold to her for a hefty price by a certain redheaded shop owner and it had proven to be worth every penny. She intended to put it to good use on this night.

Power Girl and Supergirl both tried their x-ray vision but the actress' mansion couldn't be penetrated which meant it was either lined with lead or there was a magic spell of some kind nullifying their abilities.

This did not detour the heroines however, who split up into small teams and slipped onto the mansion grounds. They were careful not to be spotted by Cortessa's guards as they stealthily moved from one tree to another. Cortessa's eyes were on them the whole time though as the hidden cameras she had on the grounds watched their every move. They could elude her guards but she was another matter.


The Garden

Cortessa had quite a garden. It was vast and held many different plants, some of which were brought up through mystical means. As a result, Cortessa would have to hire a new gardener every six months or so to take the place of one that had been eaten or suffered an even worse fate.

Jade landed behind Batgirl who was closing in on a shed of some kind. Cortessa watched her adversaries with great care; seeking the right moment in which to strike. Jade kept a close watch on her surrounding while Batgirl unknowingly moved further away, unaware of the ever increasing gap between her and her partner. Then it happened, Batgirl had her back turned and just as Jade stepped into a puddle of mud.

The wet soil gave Cortessa an idea and she waved her wand. Jade could no longer lift her feet. Her clothes dematerialized and her efforts to call out to her friend were silenced as a change took hold. In the throes of passion a great pleasure washed over her and conquered her mind and body. Batgirl, hearing the rustle of leaves, turned to find her friend was no where in sight but what she spotted was an apple tree instead. Because it was dark Batgirl didn't notice the soft womanlike curves of the tree.

Jade would grow delicious green apples and each one would have a faint aftertaste of her own vaginal juices.

Batgirl continued toward the shed oblivious to her partner's fate. She believed that like her, Jade was investigating the area. She peered into the small wooden structure but nothing seemed amiss. It looked like any other shed. As she walked around she noticed a large marble sculpture that resembled an opened clamshell. In it was a small pool of water that captured the image of the night sky perfectly. Cortessa watched the curious young heroine draw closer to the statue. The moment she stood over it the witch waved her wand and Batgirl's costume vanished.

The red haired vixen found herself staring at her own naked reflection but before she could react her body began moving on its own accord. Her delicate feet slipped into the small pool one at a time. A strange joy overcame her as she began to take a pose of some kind; first poking her ass out and then arching her back and thrusting her boobs out. She had her right hand on her right breast and her left hand teased the folds of her pussy. As a final touch she puckered her lips as if to suck an invisible cock and then, all movement ceased. Batgirl was in total euphoric bliss as a transformation overtook her and in those moments before her body turned to marble her pleasure went beyond the heights of any natural orgasm.

The Batgirl fountain was complete and in seconds water began pouring from her mouth and breasts. She was a perverse marble rendition of Venus; one that Cortessa would enjoy for years to come.


The Art Gallery

Donna, Supergirl, and Black Canary had slipped into a second story window and were investigating the East wing of Cortessa's enormous mansion. They were in a dimly lit art gallery and had no knowledge of the events that had taken place outside or the danger they were in. Around them were statues and paintings; many of which were once people who had crossed Cortessa.

Supergirl noticed an erotic painting on the wall but something about it didn't seem right. As she walked over to it, Black Canary and Donna Troy busied themselves studying several of the empty pedestals that were spread throughout the room. On one platform was a bronze plate that read "Backside Canary".

"That's creepy!" Black Canary said. "Do you think this has something to do with me?"

As soon as she asked, Cortessa waved her wand and both Donna and Black Canary were frozen in place, unable to move or talk. Canary stepped up onto the platform and as she did her costume disintegrated except for her stockings and heels. She stood with her naked rear facing the room. Under Cortessa's control she bent her left knee and kept her right leg straight, striking a pleasing pose for the deviant witch's enjoyment. From her heels up, her body began to transform into solid gold and as it did her mind exploded with orgasmic sensations. Soon the heroine was a beautiful golden statue but the change wasn't over just yet.

Her fingers withdrew into her palms and her palms were pulled into her arms and they withdrew into her shoulders. Like her arms her head imploded and was sucked into her neck. Her beautiful breasts shriveled up and were pulled into her upper body which melted into her hips. All that remained of the statue was her lower half, from her shiny, teardrop shaped ass to the heels of her feet.

"Backside Canary" was an exquisite piece and the black high-heeled boots and fishnet stockings made a wonderful contrast to the golden pair of legs.

The entire transformation took only seconds and happened before the eyes of a frozen and horrified Donna Troy. Cortessa waved her wand at the frightened Amazon who shortly thereafter found herself in a world of bliss much like her defeated comrades. Her sparkling attire vanished and her body took on a glossy sheen as though she had been rubbed with oil. Like Canary, her arms receded into her shoulders. Her muscular legs fused into a cylindrical shape as her body's hue faded to white. One last orgasm took hold as she smiled and her transformation came to an end.

As Supergirl examined the painting it became clear to her what was odd about it. In the picture was a maiden having anal sex with Pan, a god from Greek mythology. She bore a striking resemblance to Jan Henderson, the actress they were searching for. She even had the same barb wire tattoo around her arm and as Supergirl studied the enraptured expression on her face a horrifying realization came to her. She turned to Donna just in time to see the last moments of her defeat.

Donna Troy had become a torso of polished marble. Her beautiful smile and once raven black hair had been perfectly captured in white stone. What were once her powerful legs was now the pillar of which the rest of her body sat on and on it was a plate that read "Donna Busted". Though she wasn't a bust in the strictest meaning of the word it was still a fitting name. Cortessa would enjoy caressing her large, blemish free breasts.

Supergirl darted over to the defeated heroines and almost went into total shock as she read the names of Cortessa's new gallery pieces. Before she could warn the others, the witch pointed her wand at the blonde beauty and she collapsed; blacking out. Cortessa waved her wand and the fallen heroine disappeared. The Latin actress had other plans for her.


The Basement Room

Wonder Woman, Zatanna, and Power Girl decided to sneak into the basement. There was little light there and a creepy vibe lingered in the air. The room was surprisingly large and it was deathly silent save for a leaky pipe that dripped continuously off in the distance. Statues, mannequins, and dolls were piled up all around and looked on within frozen gazes. They too were victims of Cortessa and it wouldn't be long before the heroines shared similar fates. Off to the side Wonder Woman noticed a door. She led the others through it into the next room, which, for the three heroines, was even creepier than the basement itself.

Here was where Cortessa took her conquests to toy with. There was a bed in the center, shackles and chains on the walls, a video camera, and an entertainment center with a full selection of porn, including Cortessa's favorite ASFR collection. Their first instincts were to run off but they were also curious as to what exactly the actress did in this room.

It wasn't professional of the heroines to say the least but the three looked at each other with a smirk and spread out, searching through Cortessa's belongings. Wonder Woman sat on the bed and thumbed through a porn mag while Power Girl looked over the actress' DVDs. She found one she liked and plugged it in.

There was a good-sized closet that Zatanna was looking through. Inside where sex toys and latex costumes of all kinds. There was even a Wonder Woman costume, complete with boots and lasso, though the Amazon princess didn't wear thigh-highs. Cortessa narrowed her eyes at the monitor as she watched the heroines rummage through her most private possessions. She was displeased to put it mildly but then she realized things may have worked out for the best.

She flicked her wand at the monitor that held Zatanna's image and the magician seized up. Cortessa's role playing costume fell to the floor as Zatanna's own clothing deteriorated with the exception of her high-heels and top hat. Zatanna tried as hard as she could to speak a spell and free herself but no words could leave her red lips. She started to get hot and tingle. Then the tingle built up into an erotic pulsating. It felt good. She didn't even notice her hair disappear. Her skin became glossy and grew dark. It tickled as her shoes fused to her feet and began transforming into the same material as the rest of her body. Her ears and facial features disappeared and after a second or two her head collapsed in on itself and withdrew into her neck.

As this went on, Power Girl watched the DVD on Cortessa's 30' flat panel TV. The setup was all too familiar; a busty blonde wrapped in a towel is having trouble with her shower. Shortly after placing a call she answers the door and there's a plumber waiting outside. In this particular video it was another woman; a brunette in grey coveralls.

"I'm here to clean out your pipes." she said, with a half-grin.

Power Girl snickered unaware that as she sat there Cortessa had her wand set on her. Suddenly the well-endowed heroine found that she was unable to move. The television screen went black and the DVD player ejected the disc. Power Girl began to stretch out; becoming thinner until she resembled a rope. As the DVD spun, her body spiraled around and plunged into the rotating disc. Power Girl's pleasure became more and more as there became less of her. Finally once the disc absorbed the last of her the DVD player swallowed it back up and the movie started again from the beginning.

"Aw! My shower's broken! What shall I do?" a nude and dripping Power Girl groaned.

The heroine had become the busty blonde on the television screen and on the DVD box was her picture and name in place of the woman who had been there previously. Wonder Woman turned to see what Power Girl was going on about but was horrified to see she had been pulled into the movie. As the plumber rode the busty heroine into orgasm with a strap-on, Wonder Woman rushed to Zatanna only to see that she too was changing.

The magician's body collapsed into a black, shiny heap. Wonder Woman stepped over and pulled from the floor a suit and a hat that had been her friend just seconds ago. The suit was latex as was the hat and when the light caught it just right she could see the reflection of Zatanna's face silently screaming in bliss.

Wonder Woman was about to run off when Cortessa flicked her hand at the Amazon's image. The busty heroine collapsed and everything went black...


The Bedroom

Supergirl and Wonder Woman awoke in a love seat, sitting in the nude. They had been brought to the actress' bedroom where few people had left without being changed and these two intruders wouldn't be an exception.

"You super putas made a mistake coming here. After I caught that Samantha bitch snooping around I was expecting you to show up." Cortessa hissed. "She was your contact,Wonder Jugs, right?"

"You monster!" Supergirl screamed. "Wonder Woman, she turned Jan Henderson into a perverted painting and Donna and Black Canary were turned into statues."

"Donna?" Wonder Woman gasped.

The Amazon took a moment to regain her composure.

"Is that what you did to Samantha?" Wonder Woman growled. "Turned her into some perverted object?"

"She got what was coming to her!" Cortessa spat. "No maid on my payroll is going to sell me out. She's in my gallery with your friends and I must say their hot bodies have made nice additions to my art collection."

Wonder Woman growled. She wanted to rip the mouthy actress apart but she couldn't budge or move a muscle.

"Silence!" Cortessa commanded, pointing her wand at the heroines. "I've heard all I need to. Now rise to your feet."

Supergirl and Wonder Woman both stood at the command of the witchy actress.

"Kneel before your mistress!"

Against their wills, they did just as she told them. Both were angered but Wonder Woman especially; she couldn't stand being controlled. Her partner, Supergirl, wanted to give Cortessa a hot foot with her heat vision but her eyes wouldn't light up. The Latin beauty had anticipated this and had given Supergirl a command while she was out.

"In the outside world, people worship and adore you; you're idols. But in Cortessa's world, I get the praise and you're only what I say you are!" she hissed. "I always wanted my own superheroine collection and now, thanks to you putas, I'm off to a great start."

Cortessa walked over to Wonder Woman and waved her wand at her.

"Rise!" she said.

Wonder Woman stood and the actress examined her. Like Donna, Wonder Woman was very well endowed and though she was muscular she still retained her feminine beauty. She was often the sexual fantasy of men and got the same attention as any celebrity. Needless to say, Cortessa was jealous and hated her.

"These are some nice jugs you have here." she said, squeezing Wonder Woman's melons. "I think they'd look better on me."

Wonder Woman wasn't quite sure what she meant but she felt herself starting to panic as Cortessa began undressing herself.

"By Hera, what in Hades is she doing?" The princess wondered.

Cortessa waved her wand and Wonder Woman's body began to stretch out into a rope just as Power Girl's had. The Wonder rope was pulled into Cortessa's cleavage. As the former Amazon was pulled in Cortessa's tits began growing larger. Inch by inch Wonder Woman drew closer to climax. As the actress' breast reached the size that Wonder Woman's were, the defeated heroine came and there was no more rope.

Supergirl wanted to shriek at the horrific scene she had just witnessed. Her friend and one of the most powerful heroines in the world had just been turned into a pair breasts on one of the biggest bitches in the world. Cortessa laughed triumphantly; her large new breasts jiggled and seemed to take on a life of their own as she did. She pointed her wand at Supergirl.

"Rise!" she commanded.

Supergirl obeyed with a look of fear present on her face. Cortessa studied her, the young heroine whose beauty rivaled that of even her own. Men wanted her and with a cunt as tight as hers they were guaranteed a good time. Much to her disgust, Cortessa slipped a couple of fingers in her.

"Yes, you are tight." she said. "Almost virginal."

Almost but not quite; she and Batgirl had gone on a number of adventures together and things developed between the two of them. Unfortunately the relationship ended because of the numerous complications of a superhero couple.

Cortessa withdrew her fingers and licked them. She flicked her wand at Supergirl whose eyes went big. Her body suddenly stretched out into a rope and plunged into the witch's pussy. All she could feel, taste, and smell was Cortessa's sex as she merged with it. Both witch and heroine were enjoying themselves but like all good things it had to come to an end. Both climaxed as the transformation finalized. Cortessa studied her new vagina. The folds were like those Supergirl once had and as she explored, she found that she was indeed every bit as tight.

Cortessa walked over to her bathroom and started drawing herself a bath. She wondered what other super heroines might visit her mansion. If they weren't aware of their colleagues' plight she may set out lures to attract them. She needed more decorations after all and some new clothing would be nice.

After a few months had passed, it seemed the world no longer cared about Jan Henderson or Cortessa's blow-out at the Golden Goblet awards. People were curious about the missing heroines but no one really knew where to start searching. Perhaps everyone was under Cortessa's spell, but whatever the case the actress not only returned to Ocean Blue and became an executive producer and the star of several successful movies.

Maybe one day other heroes would become aware of the fates of the mighty eight; heroes such as Hawkgirl, She-Hulk, Huntress, Miss Marvel, and Invisible Woman, but until that day the witchy actress would enjoy her collection freely and commit her nefarious deeds unseen and unchallenged.


The End

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