Cosplaying Mannequins

by Q, edited by Dmuk

Inspired by Japanese anime and figures from popular culture, along with the writings of Zero, FreezAntix, and Gorgo, this tale of a master manipulator begins here.
Those readers wishing to find out more about the particular inspirations for the characters should start with Wikipedia:


"Then it will be a pleasure, Hitomi — may I call you Hitomi — for us that you are working here. You are very important part of the company and I am happy to know you will be with us for many years."

"Thank you, senpai." It was strange to be calling the company president 'senpai' and stranger for a new employee to call him senpai. 'Senpai' was well and good for the employees senior to her and her immediate boss, but not the company president. While all the other women Hitomi had met at the company did, they were all here longer then her. However, the man had insisted that she, Hitomi Kawachi, do so and while being informal was impolite, not obeying a request from the boss was even ruder. "I'm a happy to be able to work here and very happy that you were willing to offer me a position."

"Then we are both happy at the result. I expect good things from you." Yuichi Tanaka made it hard for the young woman to refuse. The president of Tanaka Management looked a couple years older then her, and was good looking guy who looked like a born leader in the expensive suit he wore. The dazzling smile and personality also eased her piece of mind. The company president may not act like a company president but Yuichi-senpai was easy to get use to.

Hitomi herself was just out of university, where one of her instructors had directed her to Tanaka Management. She was tall for a Japanese and almost average height as a Western woman. Long dark hair and refined features made her a classic Japanese beauty. Today the hair was tied in a business like braid and a little makeup made her beauty stand out more. Even the dark blue business outfit (white shirt/blouse, business jacket and a skirt that ended at knee level.) could not hide the fit and shapely physique under it. Especially the legs which showed below the skirt and above the business heels. Hitomi was a striking woman, whose intelligence and abilities got her top marks at the university and employment with a very demanding company.

"As you know, this company provides services for growing companies who don't have the money or people to have their own staff to manage the little details. Payroll, benefits, rents, routine things like that. Because they need it and can't do it themselves, they hire us to provide it for a fee. I hope we do a good job because a lot of the companies have keep their contracts with us even after they grown big enough to do everything themselves." Tanaka waved at the wall of photos. Many of them showed him or someone from Tanaka Management with some Japan's most successfully companies. "That's why we want only the best to work here, because our clients expect us to provide the best."

"Yes, senpai. And I very grateful that I was good enough for this company." Hitomi was still very anxious but she felt a little proud to that she could work in a company like this.

"However, because we provide services for other companies, our schedule is very strange. We have to work even when they aren't. That is why we are happy you can work over Golden Week."

Hitomi could only nod.

"I wish I didn't have to ask you to work during Golden Week. You should enjoy the time with your family or boyfriend and doing something other then work. But our clients want to have their work done by us even during holidays."

"So ka." Hitomi smiled nervously. "If it will make it better, senpai, I have to admit that I have boyfriend or close family that will be disappointed by me not being with them for Golden Week." Hitomi was only lying a little. Her family was disappointed that she would not be home for Golden Week, but it would keep them from hounding her over her lack of a husband. She had struggle all her life to break free of traditional roles her family wanted and the last thing she wanted right now was to be tied down when she was about achieve professional success.

"Oh? Its still taking you away from the holiday. I'll make sure you get a suitable bonus for doing so," Tanaka smiled apologetically though inside he was happy at how accurate his information was. "Than I better let you get back to your work as soon as possible. The sooner we can finish this work the sooner we can all go enjoy the rest of Golden Week." Again surprising Hitomi, the man stood first and give a small bow to the junior employee.

Standing up quickly and returning a deeper bow, Hitomi almost fell over. Her heels was a new pair and she should have worn them more before coming to work today. However, when Natsumi had taken her shopping the other day, she fell in love with the pumps at first sight and just had to get them. After all, it had been...

Years of good manners and politeness helped her act automatically even as her mind wondered about the last point. "How much did I pay for the heels?" Hitomi thought. "For that matter, what exactly did I do the other day?" The last thing she remembered clearly about shopping that day was Natsumi going on about how it was a great idea to shop. The rest of day until she got back to her apartment, was a complete blur. There were bits and pieces but she could not remember how everything actually happened.

Then suddenly she relaxed as a thought came in: "I can ask Natsumi about it later. She always knows about that. Right now it is not important." With that, the thought disappeared from her mind. By that time she had gotten near to the closed office door.

"Oh, and Hitomi?" Tanaka-senpai asked as she was about to open the door. As she turn to look at him, he smiled and said her command phrase.

For a moment there was no change, with Hitomi remaining half turned to face her boss and one hand on the doorknob. Then Yuichi stood up and walked toward the attractive young woman until he put his hand over her holding the knob. Hitomi did not move at all, but stood with same pose and same expression. Only her steady breathing showed she was not a statue.

Taking her hand and pushing it to her side, Yuichi locked the door and turn to his newest subject. He was pleased that the initial hypnotic conditioning had gone so well. Hitomi's personal information fit the profile he sought completely and he looked forward to the rewards of 'acquiring' her ever since Natsumi had confirmed what Sachiko had found.

Walking in front of the motionless Hitomi, Yuichi looked into her eyes and commanded. "Report, subject!"

The change in the young woman was immediate. Hitomi's face acquire a bland, neutral look, and her body snapped to military attention with legs together, arms at her side and her back completely straight, pressing her properly size chest against her shirt/blouse and jacket. Her voice was void of all emotion and sounded like a robot. "Hitomi 053 reporting. Initial stage complete. Absolute obedience and loyalty to my master and dono confirmed. Waiting for orders."

Yuichi nodded in approval and looked at his new acquisition. "You've done well, subject. Dono is pleased. It is time to complete your programming." Turning to the other door to his private restroom, he snapped, "Enter now."

Two women emerged from the restroom where they had been waiting motionless, in the usual outfits worn by all women of Tanaka Management. Natsumi Wakaba was slightly shorter then Hitomi, with a little darker complexion then the other woman. Her dark tresses had blonde highlights as they ran down to the middle of her back. Her measurements were small compared to Western women but fitted her athletic physique well. As a veteran employee of Tanaka Management and slightly older to Hitomi, Natsumi had been the ideal person to take the younger woman under her wings and guide her around her first days at the firm. Natsumi, in fact, had been the woman who recommended Hitomi to Tanaka Management and gotten her an interview with the company after running into her at the university by accident, which was also Natsumi's alma mater.

In fact, Yuichi had ordered Natsumi to meet Hitomi, get detailed information about her, become her friend, and direct her to his company. There was nothing accidental about that since Sachiko had first seen Hitomi on a chance visit to the university.

Standing next to Natsumi, Sachiko was slightly taller than her companion and was more like Hitomi. Her larger chest was more prominent and the jacket strained a little over it, while also telling close bystanders that she was not wearing a bra underneath. Unlike Natsumi, the idol/model was not employed at Tanaka Management but none of the women working that company would object to her presence. If Yuichi wanted it than that was how it worked. They, like all the women who worked for the companies Yuichi owned and elsewhere, were entirely conditioned and Controlled to accept anything he did as natural. That applied to both the women who were active and the women who posed frozen by the Immobilizer as display mannequins and statues among his holdings.

After all, it was what Yuichi wanted from the beginning.

Yuichi had combined his three goals in life with two things he was very good at. He found himself very good at doing something other people would pay a lot of money for and very good at working with electronics. The two worked together to help him with his three goals. They were:

All those ideas and desires and skills had led him to this, making his dreams come true beyond even what he could believe. He had a business empire that was small enough to hide from the curious and made him a lot of money. The money allowed him to gather attractive women in large numbers. His knowledge of hypnosis allowed him to take control of the women for his harem and help his business success. The women of his harem operated his businesses and searched for and recruited new additions to his collection. Hypnotizing new women completely with help from the special electronics he had invented and only he owned. And then the special electronics also allow him to create living mannequins and statues from his collection of attractive women, which he used in some of his businesses that was helped by the hypnosis he used.

Most people who came into his front companies had a light hypnotic suggestion. It made them more agreeable and accepting to his companies' activities and less likely to be surprised or be troubled by those activities. This was to keep it easy and simple since he could get the same result simply by talking while using the right words without hypnosis. Hypnosis just made it easier.

The more attractive women Yuichi had some interest but either not attractive enough or be more problem taking full control of them they were worth got a stronger hypnotic command. It allow Yuichi to take control of them and to command them to think, believe, or do whatever he wanted, but that was all. Unless he had a reason to use them and with a good excuse to cover what they were doing, Yuichi seldom took total control of them, though it was good to occasionally have a quick fling with a popular model, athlete, or whoever he fancied because he could command them to do so.

Finally were the women he wanted and could disguise the control of them from unwanted eyes. The full treatment included all the other levels of hypnosis and also ran the lives and changed the minds of the women that drew his attention until they were owned by him in all the meanings of the word. That group included Sachiko, Natsumi, and now Hitomi.

"Ladies, I am satisfied with your work on Hitomi here. She is responding well to the initial programming, which pleases your dono." Both ladies smiled in response. "Therefore, we will continue with her full programming as planned at the main store. Her schedule has already been cleared up so there will be no questions as to her absence." Pulling out a small remote control like you use for a DVD player, Yuichi pressed several buttons. Nothing looked like it changed until he pressed Hitomi's body again and found it still and firm. "Good. The Immobilizer is working like it should. That should make her programming work even better." He pressed another button, and softened Hitomi's freeze. She wouldn't had been able to move even outside the trance but the setting allowed her to be reposed. Finally Yuichi pressed another button and restored Hitomi to her original state. Her trance, of course, remained in effect and she remained posed as she had been when Yuichi triggered the trance. "You may take to her the store now for her programming."

"Yes, dono." The two women echoed each other. While Sachiko opened the hidden door leading to Yuichi's private elevator, Natsumi took her cell phone from her pocket and sent a short text message. The message went to everyone in the office and also needed to construct an alibi for Hitomi's absence for the immediate future, alerting them to begin doing so. All the women who got the message were already programmed with what they had to do and the message just told them to start it.

After finishing that job and putting away her cell phone, Natsumi walked up to the still-standing Hitomi and calmly spoke to the entranced girl. "Hitomi 053, dono commands you to follow Natsumi 068 and Sachiko 041. Until commanded otherwise, dono commands you to obey our orders completely, absolutely, and immediately. You are to come with us immediately. You will act as if you are awake if outsiders are near and not make them suspect you. Only when you are within dono's property will you act as you are now. Do you understand and obey?"

"I understand and I obey, Natsumi 068." She answered in a monotone voice. Then Hitomi turned gracefully and followed Natsumi to the elevator where Sachiko was waiting. Soon they would be out of the building and heading for Hitomi's real introduction to Yuichi's plan.

* * *

Driving to the store was slow because Tokyo traffic was as bad as any big city in the world in the middle of the week day. But three women rode in a vehicle because while both Sachiko and Natsumi had no trouble dealing with outsiders while in their trances, Hitomi was not yet prepared enough to be trusted with maintaining the illusion. The trance was only strong enough that she could appear normal for short periods of time but anything longer was plain trouble.

Finally the van drove into the underground parking shelter under one of Tokyo's most fashionable department stores. Only the female driver and the three women were present on this trip. Sometimes the van was completely filled with girls going to the store for different reasons, and that was why the driver was another of the girls controlled by Tanaka so less questions was asked. That was also why the garage was closed to everyone else except those allowed.

Saying thanks for the ride, the only words spoken in the van, the three women got out of the van and walked through the door to the store in the garage. Instead of going up into the top basement level they kept going until they reached a special door. It was locked but one look at the hidden camera allowed the girls to be identified; then it opened. Behind the door was another door that stayed closed until the first door was locked again.

"Konnichi-wa, my sisters," the woman standing behind the second door who greeted them was dressed a little bit differently. Over the skirt and heels she wore the blouse and smock of a store salesgirl. When she had to go into the sales floor no customer would give her a second look since she looked like any other of the Controlled employees of the store. "Dono has already given orders on what to do."

"Yes; Hitomi 053 is to receive her main programming starting immediately," Natsumi spoke as calmly as the other girl. "Hitomi 053 will transfer control from Natsumi 068 and Sachiko 041 to Kasumi 070. Confirm."

"Hitomi 053 is now Controlled by Kasumi 070." Both Hitomi and the new girl said at the same time. Turning to Hitomi, Kasumi nodded to a far door. "Hitomi 053 will go to the next room and follow instructions given there. Go now."

"I obey." All three women watched as Hitomi obeyed her orders like a robot and went into the room beyond the door. There was no reaction at all from them. Once Hitomi had disappeared from sight, Kasumi turned the remaining newcomers.

"Dono has given me new instructions for you. Override code B05465356H."

"Override code B05465356H confirmed. Awaiting new orders." Both girls replied.

"Report to Preparation Room 1 and change garments there. Sachiko 041 will prepare herself for long-term display. Natsumi 068 will prepare for a short term display until Hitomi 053 has finished her main programming. More orders will follow from dono at that time. Confirm."

"Confirm." Both women replied and without another word walked to another one of the doors in the hall. Behind them, Kasumi returned to standing motionlessly facing the door to the parking garage.

While the other two were getting ready, Hitomi had already stripped her clothes and put them neatly on the hangar and shelf as she was told. Then she passed through another door and found herself standing nude, save for the ring with the Immobilizer, inside in front of a LCD screen. A voice from a hidden speaker commanded her to put on the headphones that sat next to the screen, watch the screen and follow its commands.

In the other room both women who came with Hitomi would know what the young lady was doing since they had done it to. Both Sachiko and Natsumi silently stripped and entered a separate shower to clean off. After washing their hair they covered it and used the special soap for the rest of their bodies below their heads which removed all hair from them. There wasn't much hair there anyway since both had been hypnotically commanded to keep their body hair free but they followed their orders. The whole thing was done quickly with them finishing their showers only minutes after starting.

After drying and doing their hair, both women went to the dressing room where their outfits were waiting. Appearing nude, Sachiko's large breasts seemed larger then while wearing the business outfit and Natsumi looked exactly like she had appeared before. A silver low-cut one-piece swimsuit with a sharp vee running from the neck of the suit to just below her belly button and showing a lot of her cleavage, with matching silver pair of heels was Sachiko's outfit. Letting her hair run down her back, Sachiko next put on her make-up and finished with another Immobilizer unit behind her ear to go with the one she had covering her mound and going inside her that would hide the fact she was a real woman when they worked.

Natsumi got tight jeans which covered her legs like a second skin and required her to put on a pair of pantyhose just to get the jeans on. Black-heeled leather boots stretched her legs even more. A multi colored silk blouse with a French cut bra and panty set emphasized her chest as much as possible and the high-cut sleeves showed her toned arms. With expensive earrings, more make-up then Sachiko and fixing her hair to frame her face and run down her back, Natsumi looked every bit the stylish young woman taking the day trip into the shopping district. Like Sachiko, Natsumi wore two Immobilizer units, as a ring and a earpiece.

After finishing dressing, both women left the dressing room and walked through the basement of the store. They past other Controlled women coming and going and doing, some employees of the store, some models and some women who came have their programming renewed or Immobilizers replaced. A long cart holding several frozen models wearing swimsuits was rolled by them while several other girls wearing swimsuits headed the same way as Sachiko. Their destination was a room behind the sales floor where more employees and models moved in and out from the sales floor to private parts of the store. Among the boxes and carts and equipment was a long flat cart where several models in swim wear were already waiting, posed and frozen on it, ready to be put out on the floor for the special swim wear display.

One Controlled woman was the visual merchandiser in charge for the swim wear display. They normally put the displays up with the models at night but getting the models ready before the store closed made things go faster. She nodded when Sachiko and Natsumi arrived. "Sachiko 041 will assume Swimsuit Pose 199 for long term display here."

"Understood." Sachiko replied. "I will obey immediately." Without hesitation, Sachiko took a firm stance, with legs straight, right leg in front of her left like a walking pose. Giving a slight bend to her back and improving her upper chest even more, Sachiko raised her arms back up beyond her head, bent her head back, closed her eyes and smiled. She held her pose for a moment, long enough for the VM to use her remote to suspend her in that pose.

Leaving Sachiko immobilized but poseable the VM adjusted her arms a bit, widened her smile and made small changes to the pose. Then she used the remote to make Sachiko completely frozen into a glamorous and arousing living mannequin. Finishing with a little make-up and some spray to make the frozen girl's skin gleam like plastic, the VM left her to dry before she and Natsumi help load her onto the cart with the other frozen model.

If Natsumi had been more conscious, she would recognize another of the frozen girls on the cart with Sachiko as her college classmate, Arisa. Once a volleyball player, Arisa was posed standing on her toes, legs apart, one in front of the other, with one hand holding a invisible ball and the other ready to hit it in a serve. Her dark blue and green two-piece athletic swimsuit was perfect for the toned body of the athlete she was. Arisa had been the person who recruited Natsumi for Tanaka Management and the rest was history. She was currently serving as a living mannequin at the store with the excuse for her absence being she was on long-term oversea assignment for the office.

The VM pulled open a plastic sheet and push the cart behind it. Next to the cart with Sachiko and Arisa were several other carts with frozen girls in swim wear in different poses, several sitting or lying on the cart with other frozen models straddling and standing over them in their poses. There was the cart Natsumi had seen being pushed here, with girls she would have recognized as being new recruits to the Controlled. But that was only if she was able to recognize them. In her current state she did not.

After she push the cart behind the sheet and closed it again, the VM turned to Natsumi and spoke. "Natsumi 068 will go to short-term display and immobilized after posing."

"Understood." With that Natsumi walked away leaving both her friend and her fellow arrival standing like the mannequins they had become.

She was going to a hallway near the offices away from the floor. Few people outside the store would visit here so it was a good place for a short freeze. Since Natsumi was ready to walk out into the store at a moment's notice it was perfect for her. Since only a few spots along the sides of the hall were taken, Natsumi took the first space she came to, next to a young-looking girl dressed in sailor-fuku school uniform, her long black hair braided and running down her back. Natsumi pressed a hidden button in the wall, turned facing the hall, took a pose like she was standing at attention with her arms straight at her sides with legs together and waited. A moment later her Immobilizer activated, freezing her solidly in place.

In the basement below, Hitomi was going through her programming with her eyes watching the screen and headphones covering her ears. Both were sending instructions to her, altering her thinking and her mind and making her into a fully-Controlled woman. During the programming she was ordered into different poses, with the Immobilizer ring sometimes freezing her into stillness, sometimes being completely frozen. Some of the poses, like bending backwards until she held herself by her hands and feet on the floor, tested her flexibility beyond what she could do when awake. It was just part of the programming to get her accept being frozen in different poses and to enjoy and lust for it. It would be a while but when programming was finished Hitomi would become a fully-Controlled servant of Yuichi Tanaka willing and able to do anything including recruiting other girls and women into his control.

* * *

In another building near the store, Yuichi rode the elevator up to his own condo. While nobody would know because he hid the evidence, he owned the apartment building and made sure some of the residents were his Controlled women who would help the non-controlled residents less suspicious. Nobody had ever gotten close to discovering his secret, except for one resident; she had been beautiful enough for Yuichi to take control of her even before her snooping got his attention.

Because Tokyo traffic was a problem for getting to and from work, Yuichi did not go back to mansion outside the city on busy days. Golden Week would have been different but what Yuichi had told Hitomi was no lie — there was a lot of work piling up this year around Golden Week and Yuichi and the women of Tanaka Management he had working were stuck trying to finish it. Tomorrow he would be able to finish the last and then go to his mansion where most of his private collection (including his collection of Controlled women.) were stored. Today he would stay at his condo after getting back from work.

Since most of the work of controlling and preparing his collection of women occurred outside the city, and only at the store for anything in the city, there were few things at the apartment that made it look any different from a rich bachelor's pad. Yuichi more then once thought about just selling the place because his mansion was a better place to go back to. However, bad Tokyo traffic was as bad as any big city and aside from sleeping in the office the condo in the city was the best thing. And because it was not his main home he did not keep a lot of important stuff there. Except for one thing.

There was one door leading into a long walk-in-closet that was locked and barred by anyone except him to enter. Opening the lock now, Yuichi entered the only place where he kept important parts of his collection in the condo.

One of the advantages of making his dreams come true was that he could make any one of his favorite anime characters come to life before him. Yuichi got the most enjoyment out of having women and girls doing anything he commanded them to do so without even the thought of saying no but he also got enjoyment out of seeing his dreams come to life. The long hall of alcoves set in the wall with glass doors covering them were only a small part of his collection come to life but he kept his favorites here with him in the city. He had more at his mansion in the country, that also had 'twins' of the women standing in the alcoves here, but if he wanted something different at any place he could command any of the women he had control over to dress and pose the exact way he wanted with a single command.

The women here had all been carefully manipulated to slowly change their lives so they could go months, years, even forever in his private collection without anyone taking notice. He could send them back out into the world without appearing like anything happened or he could keep them here forever, with anyone curious being misdirected by the other Controlled women. Walking down the hall he silently laughed at the thought that the women here would stay the way they dressed and posed even without being suspended.

And what figures they were! Strong and powerful but sleek and sexy, the former college athlete and fitness/aerobics instructor Miki had the fit physique to match her portrayal of Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. Her hair had been dyed the proper shade of purple, with a false computer interface under the hair on the back of the neck. Aside from the dark boots and jacket, Miki wore nothing more then a light purple armless and legless bodysuit that with the stocking, showed her statuesque legs to excellent effect. A leg band holding a holstered gun finished the look, one of several for the character. Opening the glass door, Yuichi stepped in and ran his hand over her still face, at the faint signs of the nipples through the bodysuit and the Immobilizing device disguised as the computer interface. "If they knew I got the idea of putting you in a alcove because I watched one of your movies, they would never believe it! But now I can have my very own cyborg."

Turning to the next alcove, Yuichi smiled. Ayame 014 looked exactly like Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil game series. Some hypnotic suggested toning and exercise went well with the brown coloring of her hair for her perfect body. For her costume, Yuichi choose the outfit Jill wore in Resident Evil Nemesis. Brown soft leather boots went just below to her knees went with the short black miniskirt cut high up the thighs to reveal sculpted legs with a thigh holster on her right leg hidden under the skirt. A form-fitting dark blue tube top was cut low enough so the top of her breasts and cleavage could be easily seen with traces of nipples seen through her fabric. It left her arms and shoulders and upper back exposed. A white sweat shirt was tied around her waist and knotted on her left side. Finishing the figure was the gun Ayame/Jill held in her right hand. Posed like the classic picture, staring straight ahead, arms held loose and ready down her side, left leg forward and right leg back as if walking, the woman was the spitting image of the character from the game. "Maybe I should get some cute zombies for you battle? That might be very messy though. But you still are enough for me."

The biggest alcove had four still figures in it posed together like a group shot. The four Knight Sabers of Bubblegum Crisis were in their suits, completely hidden from the world. Because Yuichi didn't know which character's appearance he like better, the original Bubblegum Crisis or its remake, he decided to go with the Knight Sabers in their suits. Making the suits had been tough since even his skills and resources had limits to what they do but since he didn't need them to work like they did in the series but allow the women to move in them when he wanted and to pose in them when he choose. Even better was that he made sure the women wearing the suits as the Knight Sabers had nothing on underneath the suits. "I wanted to keep to what the series said. One of the series anyway." Making a note Yuichi decided to have both set of Knight Sabers from both series put on display with their suits opened the next time he went on vacation.

The next display would never worked if Yuichi had not been very lucky one day. Keiko and Yuko were identical twins that Yuichi had taken control of out of pure luck when one of his Controlled working at a modeling firm had seen them come in. With their slender physiques and builds, Yuichi had taken the chance to use them for a special display showing two sides of Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Keiko (Or was it Yuko?) was dressed in Rei's white pilot bodysuit while Yuko (Or was it Keiko?) was dressed in Rei's school uniform. Both sported the distinctive blue hair Rei had and the expressionless face she was known for. Being identical twins, they were motionless mirrors of each other and of the character.

"Keiko 101 and Yuko 101. You're perfect for your new role. I never placed real twins into my collection before you, but you have made me want to do so again. Its a lot of work, but I think it is worth it to have two people who already look identical than to try and make two people look identical. Until I get another set of twins you are unique in my collection. Maybe I'll reward you some day."

In the next alcove Eri 091 had been dressed exactly like Chai Xianghua from Soul Calibur 4. Her outfit consisted of white, light blue and purple colors including the low cut midriff-baring top she wore that showed her firm abs and belly button. Over that was a loose jacket that also revealed her stomach. Stockings that went up to under her knees (With a blue ribbon tied with a bow near the top of each stocking) and blue traditional Chinese shoes revealed most of her legs with her high cut short pants adorned with light blue accessories. Blue wrappings covered her forearms to the middle finger of each hand and a blue ribbon with a butterfly clasp encircled her neck. Two short braids framing her face on each side trailed down from the crown of her head and a blue/white flower was placed in her hair on the right side. A long sword was held in her right hand as she faced to her left in a heroic ready pose as if an enemy was coming from that direction. A look of concentration and calm had been molded on her lovely face.

"You maybe my newest display figure but you are one of my favorites, Eri. I will get many years of enjoyment from you." Taking out his remote, he pressed the button to allow Eri some flexibility to be reposed, gave the figure a small smile on her face, and set her suspension to the max. In moments, Eri was rock-solid again.

The last three figures were not recreations from any anime or video games. They had been put into alcoves because it was good hiding place for them from the rest of the condo owners and guests. Rina 064 was dressed in the regular French maid's outfit and was perfect for doing chores around the condo when Yuichi did not want to do them. The tight-fitting black and white outfit looked good on her slim figure, and she was posed facing straight ahead, both feet together with her arms crossed across her chest and her hands holding each other as if she was waiting for the next command from Yuichi. She actually was, something that Yuichi was very happy about. Even under the white lace and black fabric of the uniform her wonderful figure could be seen.

Next was Maya 054. She was supposed to look like a kunoichi or female ninja, but she was dressed very differently from how TV and movies normally show a kunoichi. Maya's firm, tight, and hard athletic body was dressed in a black skin-tight latex and nylon bodysuit that covered her shape like a second skin. While it was easy to move in, the suit's material completely covered her body so tightly that anyone could see she did not wear any underwear underneath while traces of the nipples on her small breasts and her nether cleft were visible under bright light. Lightweight black nylon boots and gloves covered her feet and hands. Her black hair had been tied up into a single long braid and a black hood, with dark goggles, was covering her head. Her face, the only part of her skin not covered right now, looked forward without any expression whatever. Maya was posed standing at attention and ready to pounce. With her head covering fully on, she would have looked like a black statue and nearly invisible in the dark. At her slim waist and on her back were several knives and various tools for sneaking around. Those were very real and very useable because Yuichi had certain uses for Maya and her high tech kunoichi 'sisters' that went beyond their mere display. The women he dressed like classic kunoichi were for his own enjoyment. Girls like Maya had more uses then that.

"Ready for action as always. Excellent. I have orders for you later, so you stay that way until I call you." Unlike the other women, Maya was simply standing there motionless because of her hypnotic commands and conditioning. Because she had to be ready to move immediately, she was not completely frozen with the Immobilizer or even partially immobilized but poseable. Despite looking like another figure on display, she could spring into action in a split-second. Had she been conscious, Maya would not have recognized herself from the quiet, introverted but athletic girl one of Yuichi's Controlled had saw four years before.

The last woman in the alcoves was posed standing at attention, wearing a simple green bikini set and white heels. She was more like Maya's body type then Rina's but the bikini top enhanced her chest. Sayuri 121 was a recent recruit to the Controlled and Yuichi was still trying decide which outfit he wanted her to be displayed in. There was no hurry to make a decision, since all her friends and family thought she was on European tour after graduating from college. Yuichi and some of his Controlled knew different but they were not going to say anything. Sayuri in her present max-frozen condition could not say anything.

"What should I do with you, my pretty? Maybe I should make you another kunoichi, huh? You've got the body for that but your body is also good for so many other roles too. It'll be tough to decide what to do with you, Sayuri. But it's not like I'm in a hurry here; you cannot get impatient anyway! So I have all the time I need to decide what and how you are going appear." Sayuri remained a statue.

Finishing his inspection, Yuichi turned back Rina 064 and Maya 054. Releasing Rina from her Immobilization with his remote, he ordered the maid to prepare his late dinner and drink, a order that Rina accepted immediately without hesitation. Watching his maid leave to carry out his order, Yuichi then turned to Maya. "Come with me Maya. I got some things I want you to do tonight."

Silently, without question, the black-covered woman stepped from the alcove and followed Yuichi to his study.

* * *

It was impossible to tell time had passed for anyone completely frozen. Natsumi only knew when she was frozen afterward when she woke up and found herself able to move. Her hypnotic commands kept her from realizing it was strange but did give her a quick set of exercises to stretch her muscles and body from being frozen. She did that first when she woke up sometime later after freezing completely in the hallway. The lights was still on and nothing else had changed but she knew automatically that time had passed.

A voice started speaking through the earpiece; her hypnosis compelled her to listen. It was both Immobilizer unit and a hands-free phone. The voice gave new orders for Natsumi while she stood as still as when she was totally frozen. The commands repeated several times to make sure Natsumi knew and remembered. Then she walked out of the hall, past the other girls still posed and frozen.

Her mind automatically knew where to walk to. Before going through the outer door Natsumi found a purse with her IDs, money, credit cards; everything she would need on the outside. Then she walked out through the door nearest the main entrance of the store and got into the city.

It was night but Akihabara was busy around the clock with people heading to shop or to hang out with friends at the bars and clubs. Natsumi looked like anyone else when she acted naturally. She was just another attractive woman on the street, going to a club for the evening and nobody noticed anything strange about her as she went into one of the clubs.

Natsumi walked through the club, past small tables, people milling around and dancing on the floor, politely turning down some drinks and whatever and headed towards a table in the far corner where no one could see her. She sit down to wait and ordered a drink from a waitress cute enough to be recruited; Natsumi made a note to catch her name and info for her dono to consider the girl.

Several minutes after she got her drink, a new woman came in and sat down at the same table against the other wall. "Sorry I'm late. It took longer to get away from my friends for a bit."

"You still made it. That's good, Kiriko." Natsumi was pleased that the light hypnotic commands were holding. Kiriko was about Natsumi's height and a few years younger. Her dark hair was longer, down to the middle of her back, and her body, while toned from exercise, had the physique of an Greek idol or glamour model. In fact, Kiriko worked as a event girl and racequeen for several companies that were clients of Tanaka Management. That was how Yuichi discovered her and her friends and why he had sent Natsumi to try to recruit some of them. After a brief study, Kiriko seemed the most approachable and recruitable; Natsumi was able to confirm this by putting her into a light trance and giving her some hypnotic commands. Now it was time to move her onto the next phase. "I was trying to call you earlier but your cell didn't seem to work. Is there something wrong with it?"

"Huh? My cell? It was working fine today. Let me take a look if the battery is dead." Kiriko took her cell phone out and looked at it. "No, everything seems fine here."

"Hold on a second. Let me try calling you again and see what happens," Natsumi followed the script and took out her cell phone. Making sure she was holding it toward Kiriko like she was taking a photo, Natsumi pressed a special code on the keypad.

An invisible laser fired from the special cell phone Natsumi held and hit the younger girl on the face. The beam sent special electronic signals into Kiriko's mind, shutting off some parts and activating her hypnotic state. Kiriko looked like she had frozen, a smile rigid on her face as she stared at the cell phone in her hands, waiting for Natsumi's test call. That suggestable state lasted several seconds as Natsumi switched the cell phone to sending new commands into the gorgeous racequeen's mind. While Yuichi would have preferred the regular way to "process" a new recruit into a Controlled, Kiriko's schedule and the greater plan had prevented the gradual effort they usually had time for. So Yuichi had come with the quick way with the special cell phone developed for rapid conditioning in cases like this. Eventually, the new recruit would have to have her programming finished at one of Yuichi's training centers but the cell phone had changed this subject enough to follow his orders and carry out his plans.

After a few minutes of Natsumi's cell phone burning new commands and conditioning into Kiriko's mind, along with orders to act naturally in the meantime, the program finished loading into the girl's mind until the new-message tone sounded and Natsumi turned off her cell phone. "Huh. Seems okay; I guess it was only a one-time thing that I couldn't get your phone," she admitted.

"Yeah. I hope it doesn't happen again." Kiriko unfroze and continued the earlier conversation as if nothing had happened. Her conscious mind did not remember anything unusual, but her unconscious mind would, and make the commands Natsumi sent her seem like her own ideas. "Oh, I have to get back to my friends before they miss me. Here's what you wanted." Kiriko gave Natsumi the CD with pictures of all her attractive friends, colleagues along with her fellow event girls and racequeens from other teams on it.

"Thanks. And here is something for you before you go." Natsumi took a small package from her purse and gave it to Kiriko, who put it in hers. The tools Kiriko needed for dono's plan were inside.

"Thank you! Well, I'll see you later. Bye!" Kiriko smiled brightly and went back into the crowd at the club. Natsumi waited before finishing her drink and leaving the club. On her way out, she saw the waitress who had gotten her order earlier taking a break in a quiet corner of the room, and Nasumi both took her photo with her phone and used the invisible programming mode to send a quick intro program into the waitress's mind while she thanked the girl for her service. Natsumi then went into the street and headed back for the store. There were other orders from dono for her to do later.

* * *

Yuichi heard the new email sound from his PC even as he walked all around the still figure. This part of his condo was set up like a photo studio, with a circle of digital cameras and camcorders allowing him to record a scene from all directions. It allowed him to add to his album of pictures and video of his collection in various poses and scenes. Tonight's subject was Maya. Yuichi had ordered his kunoichi to perform various action poses and hold them, unmoving, while he recorded them for later. While he could simply order Maya or any other girl in his collection to perform the same poses and actions whenever he wanted it was nice to be able to see them anytime he wanted on his laptop, even when he was away from his collection.

Using his remote he solidly froze Maya in place while he checked his email. He smiled at Natsumi's reporting her mission was successful. That meant that Kiriko was one step further in Yuichi's control and one step closer to getting some more recruits. These recruits had their own unique outfits to excite him.

Returning to Maya, he unfroze her and had her perform another set of actions. Holding still in the middle of each pose, Maya was the perfect subject at staying still, even if some of the poses were nearly impossible to hold still for. It allowed Yuichi to walk around and take pictures of the each pose and also freeze Maya in the more exciting ones. He consider unfreezing another girl or two to add some spice to the scene but realized the night was getting late. He would have more time later to do something like that. Later also gave him time to use all the recordings and pictures from the other cameras and camcorders and splice them into one long movie. His favorite type was the type of movie where they took many pictures and recordings and put them together into a time-lapse video film, with computer graphics to morph the movements between pictures. It made for some exciting movies, especially if he had the girls from his collection in the right outfits and right poses, and this gave him ideas how to send subliminal messages. However, tonight Yuichi had Maya performing for him and he wanted to enjoy everything he could.

"Since Natsumi has successfully programmed Kiriko, I expect to see good things from that girl soon. If I'm lucky, she will be able to hypnotize her entire team for me to choose which girls I really want next for my collection. If I'm very lucky she can hypnotize girls from other teams too, which I can use to get their own teams under my control. And if I'm very, very lucky, I can take control of all of them." Yuichi smiled as he said this to the fully frozen Maya, who could not hear him. "I wonder what Kiriko is doing now?"

* * *

In her apartment at the very moment Yuichi said those words, Kiriko heard the sound of her roommate in the shower and moved quickly. Tomoko was another event girl and race queen but she worked for a different company. That was one of the things that made Natsumi decide to go after Kiriko, who immediately reported her roommate as being suitable for accepting hypnotic commands. So when she got her new programming, Kiriko was told to do exactly that.

Taking the small package Natsumi had given her, Kiriko went into Tomoko's room and swapped out the memory card on her roommate's cell phone. Then she took a disc and installed a couple hidden programs on Tomoko's PC. Fortunately her roommate like to take long steamy showers, which gave time for Kiriko to finish installing the new programs and memory card and then hide the evidence. Then she took a syringe and injected the chemical into the bottled water and juice Tomoko liked to drink from.

She was making sure no evidence of what she did were left when Tomoko came out of the shower in her robe. "Hello, Kiriko. Just got in?"

"Yeah. I wanted to stay out longer but I got to tired to stay out. Besides, the team is supposed to meet tomorrow to get ready for after Golden Week."

"Ha! Same here. We got a show a few days from now after the holidays. But the team still has to meet to get ready for the show. I have better ways to spend Golden Week." Tomoko went into the kitchen and got a bottled water which she immediately started drinking from. Kiriko was happy to see that, though she was a little puzzled why her roommate felt that way. "Well, I'm finished with the shower so you can use it. I'm going to bed in a little while."

"Sure. Good night." Kiriko watched her roommate walk out. The drug would take a while to get into her system and start affecting her; Kiriko knew Tomoko always used her PC before she went to sleep. If everything went as planned, the drug would hit Tomoko the same time the hypnotic programming on her PC would and both were strong enough to work on her mind while she went to sleep.

Kiriko herself couldn't get to sleep without seeing the mental picture of herself posing like a mannequin in front of faceless man who was her master, stirring the erotic thoughts running through her head until it seemed like nothing else mattered. Just before she went to sleep, a massive climax ripped through her as she repeated her loyalty to her dono.

* * *

Maya was still in her kunoichi outfit even outside her dono's condo. It would make her standout in Akihabara but leaving the van in the black alley behind her target, it helped her hide in the dark. Staying clear of the lights in the alley, she used her tools to open the door and disarm the alarm. Kiriko's information had been right, even if she hadn't seen everything. The alarm had been trickier but it was a make of alarm everyone used so it was no problem for the skilled woman. She made sure nothing was left on the door to show that someone had opened it.

Using her night-sight goggles, Maya walked through the hallways and rooms of the building until she found the right one: The meeting room and photo studio Kiriko's racequeen team would meet in. The kunoichi went into the room and got to work with her gear. A lot of the devices were small boxes almost like coins that she put on the lights, after taking out the light switch cover and putting another control device into one side of the wire. A couple DVDs in the case next to the DVD player and inside the player was changed with DVDs that looked the same as normal ones but had some extra features on them that worked with the modified lights. The same modified media went into the rack for the CDs and the sound system. The cameras were hardier to work with, but Maya used the memory cards she had to change their programming as well. The PCs in the room got the same treatment, with special control programming inserted into the OS. Then, checking the time, Maya plugged in another memory card and started downloading all the files from the computers. She especially wanted all the information on the members of the event team, any former members, and any new recruits or candidates. The information Kiriko had given her was good but the official rosters from the team were far better. The only thing better would be from the women themselves; that would come when after they were Controlled. The information from the PCs, in the meantime, would make that goal easier.

Making sure the meeting room was finished with, the black covered woman went to the dressing room. The different outfits for girls of the team ranged from different sponsors' uniforms to team jumpsuits, to swimsuits. They and the girls' other accessories was sprayed with a invisible chemical that had no smell or unusual texture. It wouldn't do much until it was warmed by the girls' body heat for a while, then it would turn into a chemical absorbed by their skin that made it easier for the person to absorb hypnotic programming. Small spray bottles with timers were hidden in the closets and nooks and crannies. Looking like empty drink cans and perfume bottles, anyone finding them would throw them away, but left alone they would constantly refresh the chemical and add another chemical to the air that anyone breathing in would become vulnerable to the programming in a lesser degree. It would have to be subtle to keep visitors other than the girls from becoming too suspicious of what was going on inside the room. After she put the small devices into this room as well, Maya hid small cameras and recorders even more carefully and put them in wireless contact with PCs from outside that Tanaka or other Controlled women could automatically check and change the programming and timers.

Finally Maya hid some pills in a hidden spot. Kiriko might need to use them if she had the chance.

Making sure everything was done and nothing was out of place, Maya sneaked stealthily out of the building, wiping away proof that she ever been there. Then she went to the van and climbed in the back. She tapped on the driver's seat and Sayuri 121, on her first kunoichi mission for her dono, started the van and drove it back to Yuichi's condo.

* * *

"So many to choose from and so hard to decide which ones I like most. They all should be mine. Maybe I should make them all mine." Yuichi said to the immobile maid Rina as he looked at the photos from the memory card Natsumi received from Kiriko. The pictures of her friends, fellow event girls and race queens were beyond Yuichi's imagination. He had been right about getting a racequeen into his collection and Natsumi had been right going after Kiriko. The subjects that Kiriko had access to were well worth the extra effort. In fact, Yuichi wondered why it took so long for him to really go after many race queens for his collection. He had already gotten a few in his collection of Controlled before by chance, but this is the first time he really went for them. If one racequeen or event girl had access to this many others, the connections for a group of them was beyond imagining.

"You're not going to be alone much longer, Rina," Yuichi laughed as he put the empty glass on the tray the girl held stiffly. Dressed as a French maid, she had a short black skirt over slim legs covered in fishnet stockings, with a silk white apron tied over her short skirt. The black top was fringed with white lace, her chest and cleavage enhanced by the body shaper bra she had on underneath. She also wore a little white frill in her hair, and matching lace accents at her wrists. The black pumps made her look taller than she was and stretched her legs out very nicely. Her outfit was finished with a large bow tied on the back of her outfit. Standing there at attention with her hands holding the the serving tray, her feet held together, and her eyes looking downward she was the picture of a obedient maid waiting for her dono's word. He turned the control that unfroze her from that pose. "I'm done for now. Go clean-up."

"Hai, dono," Rina said emotionlessly and turn to walk off. As she did, Yuichi ran his hand over her butt. Rina was a fine maid but she could also become a good swimsuit figure, too. That's something he had to consider for the future.

Yuichi looked back at the pictures. There were some girls Kiriko knew that were far better looking than others. He started writing down the names of the selected girls in question. He would have to give a light hypnotic command to all of them, even if he picked the best ones first. You never know when one of them could be useful; having them all under a light trance that didn't do anything else except give Yuichi a opening to them never hurt. It had worked in the past and Yuichi always remembered that.

Yuichi was still taking down names when he heard the door open. Behind him Maya came in and knelt on the floor with both knees on the floor, back and head straight up with her hands held behind her head, her mask lifted off reveal her face. "I've returned, dono; now what do you wish?"

"Your mission was successful." Yuichi knew it would be because Maya had reported it earlier. Besides his kunoichi would not return before completing a mission per his explicit commands. They knew nothing else.

"Yes, dono. We found the information you were interested in," Maya replied, looking down as she lifted her hands forward. In her palm was a memory card. "We also got the information from their computer on the other team members and recruits."

"Good! That is very well. You will be rewarded later. For now, return to the gallery and stand by."

"Yes, dono." Without a noise, Maya stood up and was going to leave the room. Before she did, Yuichi stopped her with a command.

"Stop, Maya." Like a black-covered robot, she did immediately and completely. "How was Sayuri 121? Did she do well?"

"Yes, dono. Sayuri 121 performed well tonight."

"Good. Perhaps she might be a good partner with you. It would make things interesting." Yuichi imagined the possibilities with the two kunoichi together. The old Maya would never do some of things he would order her to do. The new Maya, right now, was unable to object or even try to resist. "Good. You may go."

Yuichi looked at the clock. He really needed sleep because there was a lot of work left to do the next day before he could enjoy his Golden Week. Plugging the memory card into his PC, he started to look at the information again. So many names. So many beautiful faces and figures.

* * *

Natsumi smiled as she ran one hand over Hitomi's face. After coming back to the store, she had helped getting the new living displays set-up for the next day. Taking a break, she decided to check on the progress of her 'friend' who should be deep in her programming now.

Hitomi's nude body was now covered with sweat and smelled of her arousal. She was posed in the obedience stance now, standing up straight with her arms up and hands behind her neck. That, along with her straight back, made her chest look better. Her eyes were wide, staring into the screen as the video and audio she heard continued her programming. Even as Natsumi watched, Hitomi changed from obedience mode to a pose arching her back until she reached with arms back to the floor and held her chest up in a arch high up, balancing on just her hands and feet. Even without looking at the screen, Hitomi's programming continued. As far as Hitomi could see, it was going on without any problems or delays. That made Natsumi happy, as far as she could be happy in her hypnotic state. Hitomi's programming would be easily finished before the end of the week. There was some more work to be done on her before she was wholly Controlled but she could have it wait until they could send her to one of the complexes outside of the city.

Natsumi left the room, satisfied with Hitomi's programming. Walking back up to the sales floor of the store, the Controlled watched the living mannequins being changed in and out.

The carts carrying the living mannequins posed as swim wear models were brought to the places on the sales floor where they would be displayed. These girls mostly replaced the living mannequins displaying spring fashions, though some of the women wearing clothes that could also be popular in summer were left where they were or just moved aside slightly. Most of the spring wear models were being taken off the floor. Some would go back to the complexes outside of Tokyo or go back to work at the companies owned by Dono Yuichi. Others would be sent on their way to resume their lives like nothing had ever happened. And nobody would ever know anything unusual had ever happened to them.

A team of VMs would move a cart of swim wear models to where they were supposed to go. The moving women would unload the frozen women from the cart and put them to one side. Then they loaded the frozen models in spring wear onto the cart, and put the swim wear models in their places. Most of the time, some sort of adjustment, from changing the tilt of the mannequin's head or position of her arms, to entirely new poses, were needed. The VMs would use the remotes they carried to soften the frozen poses of the swim wear models and change them to fit the needs of their displays. After they were in the right place and poses, the VMs would freeze them again and spray their bodies a little with a waxy makeup until they shined like real plastic mannequins that only looked a lot like real women. The VMs then pushed the cart full of unused spring wear models into the back and repeated the exchange with another cart of swim wear models.

Noises of a rapid discussion broke the quiet from one part of the floor that got Natsumi's attention. One team of VMs had found that the new swim wear display they were setting up needed two more swim wear models than they had on the cart. The Controlled working as supervisors for the VMs came over to look at the problem. Natsumi could see dono's wisdom in having Controlled women be able to make decisions on their own. Quickly the supervisors decided to move one swimsuit model from another display to make up for part of the need. However, the display needed another mannequin and the supervisors decided they should leave the other swim wear models where they were. So they chose to make a swim wear model from one of the VMs working on the sales floor.

The VM selected was younger then Natsumi. She had cut her hair short and had a curvier figure then Natsumi, with the long legs of a model that were not toned like an athlete's but still sexy. Without questioning the supervisors' decision, the young woman came to where the display was and waited patiently while both a swimsuit and pose for her was decided on. The supervisors picked a tiny black and red bikini that left nothing to the imagination from the racks. Then the VM was ordered to strip, which she did like a robot, immediately there on the sales floor without hesitation or question. The smock and stylish clothes of the department store worker were taken and neatly arranged on one of the display tables and her sexy underwear soon followed, leaving her fantastic figure fully on display in the nude, with a flat stomach between awesome breasts and a hairless nether region. Some of the first VM team went to work on their now naked co-worker, who remained unmoving and still as she was arranged and treated like a life-size doll. They took off the make-up she had on, along with any out of place hairs that she had. Then the naked girl put on the bikini while the other VMs made sure it was arranged properly on her body. Before she pulled the bottom part up, a supervisor inserted an Immobilizer unit shaped like a vibrator into her vagina. In case her earpiece fell off, this Immobilizer would work as a backup. It also protected the model and concealed her sex, meaning that nobody would believe she wasn't a very realistic and very sexy mannequin when she froze. Even in her passive state, the girl reacted with a little gasp of pleasure to the Immobilizer being inserted into her but otherwise remained completely under control.

When she finished dressing in the bikini, the supervisors posed her like the lifelike mannequin she was going to be. They picked a stance for her, pretending she was facing into the wind. She held both hands up running them through her hair on both sides of her head. Her eyes were bright and her mouth and face were arranged like she was drawing a deep breath looking at a beautiful sunrise or sunset at the beach. The VMs arranged her to stand raised slightly on her tiptoes, her left leg a little ahead of the right one. Very little makeup was used, only enough to make her eyes and features better and then she was frozen completely with the Immobilizer. Then the new mannequin figure was put into the display with the other swim wear models by the other VMs as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

A light outer shirt was draped over her rigid pose; a few thin, almost invisible, wires was used to hold up her shirt like it was blowing in the wind. The ex-VM's hair was styled like it was facing into the wind and another VM added a pair of sunglasses into the hair on top of her head. Finally the VM put back the earpiece her associate had been wearing before becoming the newest swim wear living mannequin on the still girl. The VM who had been recently working with the frozen and posed swim wear models now joined them in the display.

"You look good, Michiru. This is an emergency, so when we get a proper swimsuit model available, you will go back to being a VM," A supervisor said to the frozen girl. "But you look so good there as a mannequin that you could stay a model for the rest of your job here! You might even change positions into modeling - you look even better than being just a VM!" The frozen ex-VM could not react of course, but the supervisor's words would remain close to her memory when she was reanimated.

Around the sales floor, Natsumi could see work going on in the rest of the displays. Sachiko and Arisu were frozen and placed in another part of the store in adjacent displays. Arisu was posed in a sports-themed beachwear set and Sachiko was standing with other models wearing the racier swimsuits. Everything seem to be going fine, and Natsumi could not be happier for her dono for it.

* * *

Very early next morning, Yuichi was sipping his morning tea when a call came into his cell phone. There was still a little time until he finished up and left for work and he knew what the call was when he picked it up.

"Five minutes, dono," The woman's voice said over the phone without any emotion.

"Good. Rina will open the door for your work." Yuichi closed the cell phone. His last day in the city before heading for his own vacation meant that he was not going to be back in the condo for a long time. So anything he wanted to take with him would have to be taken now. "I could always send one of my girls to get things, but what fun would that be?" Yuichi thought as he watched Rina finish cleaning and straightening the condo. She would be heading to the main residence out of town, too.

Several minutes later the bell rang from the door to the parking garage way down in the basement of the building. Yuichi pressed the button to open the gate and let the truck come into the garage, then another button to let the truck enter his private parking space through the doors only he could open. It was strange for a parking space, completely separate from the rest of the parking garage behind its own door, but Yuichi wanted the privacy and since he owned the building, nobody could say no to him.

Down below, the truck stopped in Yuichi's private parking space. The driver waited for the door to close so nobody could even get a peek of what was going on inside. She then got out of the truck and walked to the back. First she made sure the door was locked and totally sealed from the rest of the garage. Then she went to the back of the truck and opened it.

The inside of the cargo area was totally different from the outside of the truck, which looked like any other everyday truck being used for business. It was a little dirty from driving through a city all day and looked like it seen better days with scrapes and dents on the body panels here and there. Inside the back, the space was completely white and spotless, with bright lights illuminating it and a door that completely sealed the space from the outside, not letting anything slip out. It did not look like a back of a regular truck but looked more, and the A/C made it feel more like, a refrigerator truck used to carry food to the markets. The sides, floor and top were padded and built-up to keep the cargo it carried safe. The straps and harnesses running from all surfaces were there to hold its cargo in place. And the kunoichi, like Kaori, strapped to the sides of the space, were to protect the cargo from any other problem.

Like Maya, Kaori was one of Yuichi's kunoichi who did work in the real world. Unlike Maya and some of her "sisters", Kaori was dressed completely in gray. Similar in height to Maya, Kaori had the same toned, fit physique the other woman had, the same type of second-skin type outfit that showed the trace of her nipples and nether regions as well as her sculpted body, along with the same real and deadly tools.

She was standing up straight up like she was at attention, legs together and arms down her sides, head up and completely without expression. Her long black hair was untied and ran down her back. Her eyes was blank and her appearance was the same as the three other kunoichi in the space. They were waiting for orders or triggers to do something. Until they got them, they could stand like that forever. They even stood this way when their Immobilizers were turned off and they were awake so they could be hypnotized. Now they stood at attention while safely held by the straps and harnesses inside the truck as it drove through the city.

The driver put out the truck's loading ramp and climbed inside the compartment. She announced, "We've arrived at dono's location."

"Understood." The four kunoichi said at the same time. The women immediately opened the straps and harnesses holding them inside. Leaving the truck driver to guard the truck from anyone breaking into the private parking garage, the four women went straight past a private door to the hallway with Yuichi's private elevator. They rode the elevator to the condo where Rina had already opened the main door for the four when they got there. Nobody said a word along the way.

* * *

"Dono is getting ready for work. He commands you to carry out your orders immediately," Rina said at last, when the group had arrived at the gallery.

"Understood," Kaori replied. Nothing more needed to be said as the four kunoichi entered the door. Rina went off to finish her assignment.

Inside, the four were silently joined by Maya and Sayuri, who was dressed in a jacket and skirt outfit like any other office lady would wear. Since Yuichi expected to be away from the condo for so long, it was good idea to move his displays elsewhere for safe-keeping. dono still didn't know where he wanted to move the women on display to, so the truck was going to take them to the store as a temporary storage place. If dono wanted these display women to join their Controlled sisters outside the city, he would order them to do so later. But the main business was to get them out of the condo first.

How to do it was Maya's job. Miki/Motoko, Ayame/Jill, and the twins would move on their own power. Changing their Immobilizer settings, Maya ordered them to follow Sayuri down to the garage. The four women who had been frozen as still displays all followed, in Ayame's case, only moving her legs and leaving her upper body and face frozen in her previous pose. The four Knight Sabers and Eri/Xianghua were to be carried down; each kunoichi grabbed a stiffened woman and easily carried the women, still frozen in their poses and expressions. The weight would cause most women to have problems, but the hypnotic commands and exercise/fitness toning had made the kunoichi strong enough to do so with no problem.

The whole transfer took several elevator trips to the truck. Each of the women on display was completely re-frozen after getting to the truck, and then strapped securely into place inside the back using the straps and harnesses. After the last of the display group were loaded, the kunoichi waited for Yuichi who came down after locking his apartment, obediently followed by Rina.

"Very good job. You will all be well rewarded. Now, to finish the prep, I want Rina, Sayuri and Maya to go to the residence. I will give orders about the rest later if I decide to send them too."

"We obey." All the remaining active Controlled replied. As Yuichi got into his car, Rina and Sayuri were Immobilized and then strapped into the truck. The five mobile kunoichi strapped themselves in after that and willed themselves to be as still as the frozen women. The truck driver, having watched for any curious passersby all this time, closed and locked the back and got into the driver's seat. She herself was very pretty under the cap and loose-fitting uniform, but her outfit hid her appearance from anyone looking quickly at her. Yuichi knew what Yui was capable of, however, and smiled that he was one of the few people who knew how the street girl he had taken control of years ago had turned out.

Finally, Yuichi's car and the truck left his private garage. He made sure the doors were locked and then both vehicles drove out of the main parking garage. Yuichi reached his office in the early morning darkness, while the truck headed toward the store with its beautiful motionless cargo.

* * *

Kiriko had never been the earliest girl to arrive at the team meetings, but Natsumi's programming had slowly changed that. She was would appear a little earlier and earlier over the next several meetings so nobody would notice she was changing. Yuichi was patient. Kiriko had a lot to offer, so making people suspicious if she suddenly changed her habits in one day wasn't needed.

"Konnicha-wa, senpai," Kiriko greeted the only person who now was here earlier then her. "Happy Golden Week."

"Konnichi-wa, Kiriko-san. You seem happy," The team manager replied. She stopped reading the papers she had. "Thanks for coming out for this meeting. I really don't want to pull you away from your Golden Week, but since we have this event coming up right after, it's important we go over the details."

"No problem," she replied brightly. A little voice inside Kiriko said this might be the perfect time. She shook the idea away. Not yet.

The team had sixteen girls. Eight or ten or twelve normally appeared in a group at the event with the rest as back-ups if one of the girls scheduled got sick or had a emergency. Sometimes fewer event girls were needed. Once or twice a year a really big event would require all or almost all of the team. This sponsor's company had its own team, but it was smaller than the larger companies, who could afford to have more women under contract. The show right after Golden Week was a small one; only six girls needed to be there, with two backups. Half the team enjoyed their Golden Week uninterrupted while half the team was here.

The person who managed the team for that company was a mature, beautiful, woman in her mid-thirties. She had herself been a event girl and race queen before and she knew how to handle her team now. Reika was a stern but fair manager who tried to do the best for the girls under her. She also remained exceptionally beautiful with a visage and shapely body of someone ten years younger. When Yuichi had seen Reika's picture in Kiriko's portfolio, it had been a easy decision to take control of her, especially since taking control of the rest of the team and any other event girl or race queen would then be easier.

"We received new uniforms for the show. They should look a bit better then the old ones. You can check them out while waiting for the others to get here."

"Thank you, senpai; I will." Like any woman, Kiriko was eager to look her new outfit or any clothes for that matter. She turned to leave, but before she left the room she left a can she had opened silently near the desk where Reika worked. The gas inside leaked into the room air immediately. It wouldn't last long but Reika would get a extra does of the gas; more than the other girls.

Going into the dressing room, she went to her own locker and opened it, looking at her new outfit. She saw the costume and gasped with delight.

The new outfits had knee-high stiletto platform boots, tight short-shorts which hugged the hips like paint, and a tank top with light strap running over the right shoulder leaving the left bare. The outfit was almost all white, except the skin toned pantyhose which gave the girls' legs a different look and helped the girls get into the short-shorts. The company's symbol was near the top of the tank top centered between the breasts. White ball caps with the logo and a white umbrella for each model finished the look. It looked sexy enough but some event girls wore even less than that, thought Kiriko. But to her it looked great. She was sad that some of the other girls got short pleated skirts instead of short shorts.

Kiriko felt the smooth, stretchy, material and enjoyed how it slipped over her hands. Then she reached underneath the locker and found the stuff Maya had hidden there. Part of her mind wondered why she knew there was a bottle of pills hidden under her locker, but Kiriko ignored that. Grabbing the spray bottle hidden there too, Kiriko sprayed the extra outfits for the team had that Maya had not be able to do spray earlier. Some of the other girls, if not all of them, would want to try on the different team outfits on before today since they had gotten completely a new set besides the new uniforms. Kiriko would make sure they got that experience, and more.

After finishing the spraying, Kiriko hid the empty bottle and went back to the other room where Reika was now talking on the phone. While the manager was distracted, Kiriko started to make tea and prepare the bottled water and juice for the other girls when they got in. That got a nod of thanks from Reika, even as she talked on the phone, since it saved time for everybody. It also gave Kiriko the chance to drop a couple of pills into the hot water being boiled for the tea. The juice and bottled water she could do nothing about and nothing had been done to them by Maya. But the plan was to have so many ways of making the team members easy to program that they could avoid some ways, but they couldn't escape all of them.

"Kiriko-san, thank you for preparing the tea and drinks for the team," Reika said as she finished her phone call. "You have really gotten better at helping out these last couple months."

"Arigato, senpai." Kiriko said even as she stirred the teapots with the pills dissolving inside them. The taste of the tea would hide the taste of the pills from anyone thinking there was something strange about them. Pouring a cup, she put it down in front of Reika. "Here is your tea, senpai."

"Thank you." Reika started sipping the tea; that got Kiriko to smile. The changes to the computer programming, the gas from the can, and the pills dissolved in the tea were going to hit Reika so hard that she would be unable to move without command after she entered the fully-suggestible state.

The other event girls arrived over the next couple of minutes. They greeted Reika and Kiriko with different eagerness. Some of the racequeens were not very happy at having a meeting during their vacation. Reika didn't mind because she knew it was necessary and Kiriko helped get the tea and juice the girls drank during the meeting.

Once the everybody from team who was supposed to be here had arrived in the two rooms, Kiriko took a quick peek at her cell phone and text messaged a quick message to the number Natsumi gave her. Fortunately, all the other girls were talking with each other and missed seeing her send the message.

At the store, one of the Controlled operating the various remote controls saw the text message appear on her computer screen. She already knew what to do when that happened and she started the program for the team office.

First, the spray bottles hidden around the room and in the air vents began to quietly release their gas. It was the same gas that Kiriko had used in the can next to Reika's desk but there was much more of it, enough to fill both rooms. Combined with the dissolved pills in the tea all the girls had drunk and the spray coating on the outfits some of the girls had already touched, a large does of chemicals for hypnotic programming was already entering their bodies. Second, the lighting and the computer monitors began flashing very slightly. Nobody would notice it now but anyone would who looked right at screens would start to feel a bit woozy and tired. More important, it would make them not able to notice when the flashing become more intense.

It wasn't long before Kiriko could see the hypnotic effects start to take effect with the girls. They was small at first, but more and more effects happened every minute. It wouldn't be long before the full hypnotic treatment started.

The first person to really feel the effects was one of the newer girls. Shiho was taking another drink from her bottled water when she lost grip of it. The bottle dropped to the table and splashed both Shiho and Megumi. The more veteran event girl was surprised by the water but Megumi's surprise turned to concern when she saw Shiho looking at the bottle leaking water over the table like she had never seen anything like it before. "Shiho! Something wrong?"

"Ah, don't know," Shiho said as she looked at the wet spots on the new race queen outfit she had tried on. She was one of the girls who wanted to see how it fit as soon as they could. Reika had let them try it on but now she shook her head as she came over. Shiho looked really sexy in the costume; she had that tall, slim, long-legged appearance favored by westerners and race fans. Behind her, Chie and Ayaka looked up from their quiet conversation. "Something wrong?" Chie asked.

"Looks like Shiho dropped her bottle. Can't do that at the event, otherwise you wouldn't last the day in front of everyone." Kaede came up to the table. The tallest of the eight girls, Kaede was a veteran of the team like Megumi and was the unofficial leader of the team when Reika wasn't around. She looked at Shiho and a concerned look appeared on her face. Pushing her long braids to the other side, the athletic veteran looked down. "Shiho, are you feeling all right?"

"No..." Shiho muttered. Her short hair was a little wet from the water splashing everywhere and she was touching the damp spots on the tube top over her sizeable breasts. Even as everyone started crowding around Shiho, Reika brought her hand to her head for one moment before joining everyone else.

Kiriko looked away from the group around Shiho and noticed two other girls, Yumiko and Hiroko, had stopped their own conversations and were swaying in time with the almost invisible flashing of the lights and monitors. Both had drank from the spiked tea, as well as tried on the new outfits with Shiho; both had also been standing near one of the air vents. That meant they had gotten very concentrated doses of the suggestibility chemicals and it had already hit them hard. Carefully making her way to them and avoiding attention from the rest of the team, Kiriko moved to where the two girls were sitting, their eyes were already blank and staring; she grabbed her MP3 player from her pocket or rather the modified MP3 player Natsumi had given her.

"Yumiko-chan, Hiroko-chan, are you alright?" Kiriko asked as she made sure the earpiece was plugged into the player. "Are you not feeling well?"

"I.... feel... fine..." Both girls said slowly and without emotion. It seem to take all the effort they had to say even those words because Kiriko saw their shoulders slump as they finished the sentence. "Fine...."

"Oh, I don't think you are fine," Kiriko said very quietly. She looked back and saw that everyone was still concentrated around Shiho, who had put her head on the table by now. But she also noticed that Megumi was starting to show signs of dizziness too. "In fact, you aren't well at all. You should rest and listen to something very relaxing."

"Rest... listen... relaxing..." Yumiko said with a slur. Hiroko couldn't even say that, but just nodded her head slowly. "Rest... relaxing..."

"Yes, very relaxing. So very relaxing; take the time and let yourself relax. You'll get all the sleep you need if you listen to what I've got on tape. It will relax you even more. Just let go. Let go and listen to the words and relax. Then you can rest." Kiriko put one earpiece in both Yumiko's and Hiroko's ears and pressed the play button. "That should get you to relax very quickly and completely. So relaxed that you don't care if you leave your eyes open while you rest without moving. So very relaxed that you look lovely like you always do. Sitting up straight and relaxing. Look normal and rest, deeply; let your mind drift as you find the feeling very restful to you," Kiriko said as the first of the hypnotic commands. The MP3 player had only light inductions and suggestions. It was to get the victims to be more open to more programming, so there wasn't much. It was short which allowed using it in surprise situations like this.

Kiriko looked around and saw everyone still clustered around Shiho, who had put her head down on the table and was muttering. But she could see everyone else in the room besides herself was showing weariness and dizziness. It was time to go on to the next stage. She pulled her cell phone out and texted another message to central.

The Controlled at the computer saw the text message and started another program to increase the preparation. Kiriko, after sending the new message, went to the dressing room and locked the door there from the hallway. She then returned to the main room, while her first two victims were now looking very awake, but their minds were completely asleep and were being given light commands from the MP3s they were listening to.

The vents started adding more gas and the spray bottles in the room turned on and released their inhibition-easing gases into the same room. This time Kiriko started to feel tired herself and made sure to sit near the chair so that when she fell under the gas and passed out she would block the door. Any of the girls trying to escape wouldn't be able to move her body out of the way. Unlike the first effects, Kiriko was not prepared to handle the stronger second effects and locking the door here was too obvious. This was the best thing she could do.

Again a little voice inside her wondered from where she knew that and wanted her to be more concerned about her friends and teammates. But the main part of her mind had been deeply conditioned by Natsumi and it ignored the words of her conscience at the same time she was drugging the other girls.

The gas was filling the room more and more; all the remaining women were being affected by it. The flashing of the lights speeded up while the computer monitors now showed subliminal hypnotic suggestions between flashes along with what they showed before. Shiho was now on the floor in her race queen outfit and her hands were rubbing at her breasts and crotch under her clothes. Her heeled boot-covered legs were rubbing each other. That would have normally gotten attention from the other women but all the remaining girls present had something going on now.

Chie and Ayaka had now long ago stopped their conversation and now were leaning against each other with their faces slack and eyes blank. Kaede was now on the floor as well, rolling back and forth as the hypnotic programming and drugs drove her to extremes of self-stimulation. Megumi had dropped her head on the table and was staring wide-eyed with no expression straight at Kiriko. Kiriko herself felt her body acting out of her control. A little voice said she should be scared but her mind ignored it and went with the flow as the commands starting to come through the computers and the sound system stuck in her mind.

The only person who looked she was fighting the control was Reika. Most of her body was no longer under her control but she held herself up with one hand and her eyes looked straight at Kiriko to. Somehow she knew that Kiriko was responsible for everything that was happening. "Kiriko... What did you do? What did you do to everyone?"

Kiriko was quickly losing control, but a small part of her mind got her mouth to say to Reika. "I'm doing precisely what my dono ordered me to do; soon you and everyone else on the team will do what dono orders you to do, too, senpai. And you can enjoy it like I do now."

"Kiriko... What have you done? What have you done..?" With that Reika's eyes rolled up into her head and she dropped back into her chair where the flashing lights were now flashing into her empty eyes. She was finally being entranced.

Kiriko wanted to go the same restful place where Reika and the event team had gone to, but something kept her awake and watching. So she saw the third stage of the initial programming as the Controlled operating the system changed it right after she locked the main door to keep anyone from coming in and out.

The sound system in the studio now mixed commands with the music and the first command was to allow the second. The four girls most affected suddenly stood up, turned, and faced the LCD big-screen TV on one side of the room. Yumiko and and Hiroko stood up so suddenly they dropped the MP3 player, which pulled the headphones from their ears. Id did not matter; by now they were reacting to the lights and computer displays. Both they and Chie and Ayaka turned to the screen, eyes fixed on it with heads and body erect, their hands crossed behind their backs, legs straight and feet a shoulder length apart. Kiriko also went into that pose but she could still see some other girls standing away from the LCD screen. She knew that different programming would be needed for different girls but didn't know how they were going to do it.

All of a sudden a bright light, different from the others, appeared. It was more orange and red like the sun as it set in evening. Then everybody even a little bit under effects of the chemicals immediately froze in whatever pose they were holding and even the hardest ones to hypnotize were affected. The light had been installed by Maya during her break-in of the team rooms and as long as it stayed on any girls exposed to the chemical and initial programming would not be able to move at all by themselves. They could still be posed by others, but would remain still and motionless in the poses they had been put into. So Yumiko, Hiriko, Chie and Ayaka were frozen in their standing poses staring at the LCD screen. Kiriko was also standing in the same pose but she had been looking at the other girls so her eyes were frozen looking sideways.

Both Kaede and Shiho were posed on the floor, with Kaede on her right as Shiho was frozen by the light with a look of confusion and daze remaining on her face. Shiho's face was locked in arousal as her still-life version of herself remained on her back fondling herself, one hand on her breast the other was at her crotch. Her legs were opened wide and one booted leg was bent upward while the other was straight. Her eyes faced the ceiling like Reika's, who was posed still in her leaned-back reclining pose in the chair, one arm and hand still stretched out to the table top and the other dangling at the side. One of her legs was bent close to the chair and the other was in front of the chair, with her high heeled shoes slipping off her feet. She looked good for a woman her age and Kiriko wanted so much to see her dressed in a team outfit. Also at the table was Megumi, who was still staring at the far wall with blank expressionless face. She looked the same as she was before the light came on.

For a few minutes the light remained the same and everything stayed unchanged and unmoving. It looked like a still picture of the room with the girls inside instead of the actual room with the living girls held frozen by the light. Then the entrancing sequence begun to change. The LCD screen turned on and started playing the visual hypnotic programming for the four girls who were looking at it. The most suggestible of the girls would start their deeper programming now since they were the easiest to control. Kiriko also caught part of the video but she was not looking directly at it and it was not for her anyway. The other three girls and Reika needed more programming to make them as easy to control as the four looking transfixed at the LCD screen. So the commands in the music and the flashing lights continued to work on them until they too would stand up and watch the screen.

The programming went for an hour, with short breaks every couple of minutes where the light was turned off to allow any of the girls and Reika who still needed initial programming to stand and join the group of lovely living statues watching the screen. Within a half hour everybody in the room was staring at the screen while frozen in the same pose. Since it was Golden Week nobody disturbed the rooms while the programming went on and on; nobody in the room could recall how they were being controlled by the end of the session; all their memories of the induction were washed clean by their new instructions.

At the last break before the last part of the programming, Kiriko got a text message on her cell phone. It was from Natsumi and reading it caused a massive orgasm and climax to rip through Kiriko's still body when she read how pleased her dono was at the progress she had made. Usually she would be screaming and rolling around, not able to stand up from the pleasure and effort of her climax but since the light had gone on again she remained frozen in her pose like everyone else, not even her climax breaking her performance as a living statue. And Natsumi's programming of her thoughts increased her feelings of pleasure at being controlled enough for Kiriko to enjoy her gratification internally while still remaining frozen and controlled on the outside. The only thing that was different was the crotch of her jeans got very damp. Even controlled like she was, Kiriko was happy that her programming had her bring a long jacket for things like this!

* * *

Yuichi's lunch today had him visiting the store to see how all the preparations were going. He usually wouldn't spend time in traffic to visit the store just for lunch, but since it was his last day in the city and Golden Week was on he decided to do so. He was the boss and dono of his own empire and nobody was going to tell him anything else. His collection of petrified women definitely wouldn't.

He stood in the office over the sales floor and smiled as he looked at all the living mannequins on display in the store. They were all amazingly beautiful, posed still like real plastic mannequins and only he really knew they were real women. Seeing one of the the women, he made a note to see her back in business as soon as possible. Sachiko was such a good scout of women for his collection that she shouldn't be spending time as a mannequin unless he wanted her to.

Yuichi was also seeing the store being used for another reason.

The store made a good place for all the Controlled he had in the real world who either were coming in to spend time in his collection or leaving his collection to spend time in the real world to pass through without anybody getting suspicious. There was a lot of traffic so that even if anybody got suspicious of the perfectly normal looking lives his Controlled had, they would never know what had happened to them. Yuichi was careful, so his Controlled coming and going always had believable excuses ready for other people and his other Controlled would do what they were instructed to do to backup those excuses. Sometimes Yuichi got tired of all the effort but it needed to be done and his Controlled women made everything so much easier.

There were other ways of getting the Controlled around. Going on 'vacation' at the hot spring resort or beach resort were two favorites. A winter retreat in Hokkaido was a good one too, but he had many ways for his Controlled flow in or out of his collection. What was important was to keep everything secret and safe.

Down below in the basement of the store, the Controlled who were going into his collection were being readied for transport and loaded into trucks that would take them to the residence. Using trucks was the best way for the Controlled using the store. In other places trucks weren't so useful. But here the Controlled could be shipped, suspended and frozen in their poses, to the main residence without anybody knowing what was inside the trucks.

There was some posing and costuming, too. The store was a good place to ship the costumes Yuichi's collection had without anybody getting suspicious. The number and variety and the notoriety of some of the costumes would get people suspicious anywhere else. But a store in Akihabara? Nobody would even see anything strange. Most times the costumes would be taken straight to the main residence where the women would be posed and costumed there. But the store was a good place to do a little of that thing, especially for costumes Yuichi wanted to see immediately, since nobody could see into the trucks carrying the mannequins in their display poses.

"Time to visit the basement and see how everything is going," Yuichi told himself as he left the office. He used the private elevator to the basement where the Collected were when they weren't working the store. It was here where most of the operations in the city was run from. It was here where the Collected were prepared for the trucks that took them in and out of the city.

The two women prepping everybody for the trucks both came to attention when Yuichi entered the room. "Konnicha-wa, dono."

"Konnicha-wa, Chizuru 089 and Akira 120. I've come to see how well you are all doing here getting things ready for shipping."

"Hai, dono." The two women were dressed in the same uniforms as everybody else working at the store. Akira was a little taller, with longer and more sculpted legs. Chizuru had a larger chest and longer hair. Both often spent as much time as living mannequins on display in the store as they did helping out in the store or in the basement. Today they were the Collected in charge of the preparations and they obediently followed Yuichi as he came to look over their work.

The first woman Yuichi saw was a familiar face. Hitomi had finished her initial programming at the store and was now going to the main residence for the rest of her programming to be done. She was fully frozen now, standing up straight like she was attention, dressed in a green and white colored bodysuit with white high-heeled boots. Her hair was straight down her back and she wore a green and while helmet with a clear visor on it. The outfit wasn't from anything that Yuichi ever seen but it looked like something out of a tokusatsu show. Yuichi stopped to run his hands over her rigid body. Because the bodysuit covered the whole body like a second skin he could feel her breasts and nipples as well as her nether region without any problems.

"You are a very good recruit for my collection, Hitomi. Even with the programming you got here and from Natsumi you have already become a valuable addition to me. After your programming is finished and you have become a full member of my collection, I will see in wonderful outfits and wonderful poses even while you are serving me as best you can in all the ways I want you to. Who knows, you may easily become one of my favorites once you are completely mine!" Yuichi kissed the mouth of the blank-looking Hitomi even as he finished running his hands over her firm ass and hard body. Giving the firm ass a hard smack on each cheek, Yuichi left the frozen girl and turned to the next figures in the line. "Before I forget, Chizuru 089, you will help program Hitomi 053 at the main residence. You will be helping in Stage 4."

"I obey, dono," Chizuru 089 replied in a monotone.

Coming to the next figures, Yuichi smiled as he stood in front of some posed figures that the Chizuru and Akira prepped at the store for him. The figures were in matched groups because their appearances fitted each other.

The first two were from the famous Sailor Moon anime line. Yuichi always liked the sailor fukus that some Japanese schoolgirls wear and that characters from the popular Sailor Moon series wore them too made it all the better for Yuichi to have some display figures in his collection with these costumes on. There were many characters that wore sailor fuku but Yuichi had a soft spot for the Sailor Senshi since they were first anime series he ever watched with girls in outfits like that he really liked.

The two Sailor Senshi had even more appeal because their relationship to each other. Haruka Tenoh, or Sailor Uranus, and Michiru Kaioh, or Sailor Neptune, were famous for being both Sailor Senshi and lovers of each other. In fact, of all the Sailor Senshi in his collection he liked these two the most and he made sure to always have the two characters represented in his collection.

Haruka/Sailor Uranus was a tall athletic blonde with short styled hair who was masculine enough to be look like a pretty young boy but still had the figure of a very cute young woman, beautiful in different ways from most women. Since her color was dark blue she wore a short skirt and boots of that color and the ribbon tied in a bow on her back as well as the trimming of her blouse and gloves were all the same color. The rest of her blouse and gloves were the same white as the other Sailor Senshi but she had a large yellow bow on the front of her outfit to match her hair. A golden headpiece was on her forehead, worn in and partially hidden by her short blonde hair. Haruka 142 who was dressed and posed like Sailor Uranus and had the same name, was posed standing with right leg straight but left tilted up on her feet. Her left arm was alongside her torso with the hand resting on the leg. Her right arm was bent and stretched across her body with her right hand clutching the left arm below the sleeve. Her head was tilted to the left and held a look of concentration on her face.

Michiru/Sailor Neptune was a elegant, refined, beautiful young girl with flowing green hair down to her shoulders. She was dressed similarly to her lover and fellow Sailor Senshi but since green was her color the skirt and trimmings were all of that color. She wore green shoes instead of the boots or heels most her team wore. The ribbons on her front and back were very dark blue while the gold headpiece over her forehead had a green jewel in the center of it. She was a little shorter then Haruka/Sailor Uranus but had something about her that was equal to her lover. Mai 97 was posed to show Michiru/Sailor Neptune with her right leg straight and left leg bent slightly forward, her torso with slight tilt and twisted at the waist to her left. Her right arm was up to her neck and bent out with the hand in her green hair and the left arm was bent up next to her body with the hand pointing up and palm out back as she was had run the left hand through the hair. Her head was facing slightly to her left with a small smile in her eyes and mouth.

The two made a perfect pair and both Haruka 142 and Mai 97 had been made up until they looked exactly like the Sailor Senshi they were posed as. Haruka wore a blonde wig but Mai had already dyed her hair green, which had been what got the attention of one of Yuichi's recruiters. Mai had tried the green color as a test but ever since she became a Collected she been happy to keep her hair dyed green.

"You really look like the two characters," Yuichi said as he ran one hand over each girl's face. "And you'll show me both your absolute loyalty and total devotion to me and your love for each other just as your namesakes have."

Being a pair of lovers in the series, Yuichi had decided 'his' Haruka and Michiru had to display the same relationship in his display that they would in real life. When he had the women performing the characters she was dressed as, Yuichi always made sure that somewhere 'Haruka' and 'Michiru' would show their love for each other before him. The videos of the times when he had the two Sailor Senshi make love to each other like he thought they should were some of his favorites for watching. Since he made sure that any of his Collected who played a character actually thought they were that character, the scenes he created were always incredible. But what Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune had together was so much better. So much so that often he would freeze the two in the middle of the erotic scene and keep them displayed like that for his enjoyment, while knowing that he could create the scene anytime he wanted for however long he wanted. And keeping them frozen as displays made his collection better in his eyes.

Yuichi took out his remote and changed their Immobilization intensity to frozen but poseable. He grabbed Haruka's right hand and Michiru's/Mai's left one and pressed them together so they looked more like the couple they were. Then he changed the positions of their heads so they looked more like they were facing each other than before. Finally, Yuichi put a tiny smile on Haruka's face to match her lover's. "That looks much better, like you are supposed to be. Maybe I'll leave you this way when you get to the main residence." He laughed as he used the remote to freeze them completely rigid again.

Yuichi turned to the last posed figures in the room. The first buxom woman was dressed as Yoko Ritona from the popular anime Gurren Lagann. She wore white boots that went halfway to her knees, with red flames drawn on the bottom half of the boots. Pink and tan hose that went halfway up her thighs covered most of the toned legs that were revealed by the tight black short shorts she wore, cut high on the legs and low on the waist. A wide white belt with a large silver clasp and studs covered most of the shiny black leather of her shorts. Nothing covered her exposed, toned, torso and very large chest but a small, glossy, black bikini-styled top with red flames covering part of it like on her boots. A pink and dark red striped scarf covered her neck and she wore a long black fingerless glove running past elbow on her left arm, with a normal size fingerless black glove on her right hand. Unlike most Collected in his displays, Yuichi had Kana 154 dye her hair a bright orange-red to match the Yoko's hair color. Long strands of hair fell down to the side but most of her long flowing hair was tied into a tail that dropped down from the back of the head with two yellow sticks used to tie the hair together sticking out from the tail. Over her left temple, a hair clasp looking like a comic skull with red flame design, held the hair out of her eyes. The nasty looking but fake machine gun Kana/Yoko was holding in her right hand in her action-star pose with her right arm up and one leg in front of the other like she was walking with a slight twist to her waist. The bright victorious smile on her face fitted her character. Yuichi was especially happy of the tan Kana had applied to match Yoko's appearance.

Next to Kana was another figure that looked like her sister. It was actually older version of Yoko, after seven years, as the anime showed her. She was a little taller then the young Yoko and had longer hair but otherwise she looked the same with the same tan and gorgeous figure. Her outfit was much the same as the younger version, but a few things were different. Instead of the hose, the older Yoko had long white boots that covered as much of her legs as the hose had, with a red stripe where the zipper was on the side of each one. Instead of the scarf and gloves, the older Yoko wore a brown jacket with yellow trim at the neck while the breast of the jacket had orange flames on the sides and red flames on the back. Her red hair was no longer but she didn't have the skull hair clasp any longer. With an equally nasty looking machine gun slung on her back with the strap across her front, left hand up and holding the strap and right hand and arm at her side, her feet apart little more than a shoulder length and a sultry smile on her face, the older Yoko was in every way more mature then the younger Yoko.

"Kana 155 may not be related Kana 154 but she looks like she could be the older version of Kana 154. Being the different Yoko's is something you two do very well." Yuichi smiled as he ran a hand over the motionless face of Kana 155, aka the older Yoko. It was a pleasant surprise to able to collect Kana 155 the year after Kana 154 became a Controlled. As far as he knew, the two women had no relations with each other but their resemblance to each other was uncanny. They weren't exactly the same but they looked so much like each other that if they dressed the same way other people would say Kana 155 was the older sister or older version of Kana 154. There were some creative things Yuichi could do with a pair like that; having both appear like both versions of Yoko won the day.

"Good job on them. I want them shipped to the main residence immediately. They should be there when I arrive tonight."

"Yes, dono," The women behind him said. Without saying anything else, Yuichi left the room and headed for the parking garage. He wanted to stay and see more of his collection but he had work to finish at the office. After he got done with the work day he would have plenty of time to enjoy himself like he should.

* * *

The same time Yuichi was leaving the store, another person was entering it. Miyu was a beautiful intelligent woman who thought she was going to start her extended vacation during Golden Week and then go into her paid time off. For some strange reason she found herself parking, leaving the luggage she had packed in her car in the underground parking garage of one of the trendiest department stores in Akihabara, and walking into the the store with her purse. She had shopped at the store before and thought it was a nice store to come back to sometime, but she didn't expect coming back on her vacation and didn't know what had gotten her to do so. All she knew was that she had to come back to this place with her airline ticket in her purse and she had to come back now. There were more things. She had to go to a certain door in the store and she would know what to do from there, only after she opened the door.

Miyu had a good idea of how the store was set up but she was surprised by how well she knew where the door was and how she was able to walk toward the door without asking for directions or saying anything to anyone else about what she was doing there. The saleswomen in the store nodded and smiled at her and Miyu was noticed a little in that there were several other women who looked like they had the same idea as she did. Miyu didn't notice the cameras watching her walking through the store or how she seemed to be making an effort to look as attractive and ravishing as she could in the green dress and heels she wore, her long dark hair tied in a braid and running down her back.

The proper door was in the back of the store, in a corner of the floor that only store employees were allowed in. Nobody stopped her from going into the corner and the couple of employees that saw Miyu walking into the corner smiled and nodded like they knew why she was there. Without wondering why everything seemed so strange but there was something she had to do, Miyu opened the door and went in.

Inside the door was a room looking a lot like a reception room for a regular office with chairs, tables, magazines, plants and the reception desk with the perky receptionist sitting behind it. The girl looked younger then Miyu and was as beautiful as she with the make-up she had on. The receptionist had blonde streaks in her hair and wore a revealing outfit with a very short skirt cut high above the knee, a white wrap around her abs and a tank-style top with a deep vee-cut in the middle of the black material showing off her deep cleavage. She seem to know Miyu when the door opened and pointed at another door to the side. "You've been expected; please leave your things here and go to your appointment through that door."

"Hai." Without understanding why, Miyu dropped her purse, her ticket, and her car keys in the box on the counter and went through the door the girl pointed out. The voice in her head was now much louder, demanding to know why she did either thing without wondering why she should. But the programming she had gone through caused her to ignore it.

The inner room was completely different from the reception room. It was completely white and there was nothing in it except a big screen LCD TV and a large square low pedestal set in the middle. Nobody in the store had told Miyu what to do, but she automatically walked to the pedestal and got onto it. When she was on it, she felt her body taking a mannequin style pose like what she had seen earlier on the realistic-looking mannequins in the rest of the store. She held her hands up in front of her like she was talking, put a smile on her face and stood with her feet apart and legs straight. Then she stopped moving and waited for what to come.

In another part of the store a Collected watched how Miyu had stepped on the pedestal and taken a pose and immediately started the Immobilizer as soon as she was finished posing. A moment later Miyu felt a tingle through her body as the Immobilizer suspended her in that mannequin pose. For some reason it didn't scare her or concern her. Instead she spent her time wondering what was going to happen next.

Behind her, the door opened and a attractive woman in the store's saleswoman uniform came in and walked in front of Miyu. Miyu's wondering about who she was and what would happen ended when the woman said, "Miyu 021, activate."

The suspended woman couldn't change expressions on her frozen face but the 'conscious' Miyu immediately melted away and only the 'Collected' trance personality remained, waiting for orders. A little piece of her mind could remember the commands she got from her dono ordering her to get vacation time, prepare herself and show-up at the store for a long stay at the main residence. But that memory disappeared as the joy and happiness she felt as a Collected following orders from her dono and the excitement she had when she was Immobilized like a living statue. Like all the Collected working the living mannequin displays in the store, the college administrator felt one of the few things that could excite and arouse her as much as being Controlled and collected by her dono.

"Dono has a message for you." The woman said without emotion. Miyu couldn't show it but she was becoming aroused, waiting to hear dono's words being said by the Collected in front of her.

"We confirm the info you got regarding the new students at the university. They're very promising. Dono is pleased." A massive wave of pleasure ripped through Miyu's body as she heard the words of praise from her dono. "The detailed information you have brought in your luggage will be looked at very carefully."

"Dono says you are to carry out his orders concerning recruiting any of the students he wishes to collect when you return to the university from your vacation. He'll look at the data and decide which women he wants as subjects. You are to give light induction to anybody that can help you, or dono, of course." Another wave of pleasure swept through Miyu.

"During this vacation you will do your best to follow your commands and not disappoint dono. Message ends for Miyu 021." The woman stopped speaking and stood there silently. If Miyu could, she would have been rolling on the floor with the excitement and arousal she was feeling, but the Immobilizer kept her standing there like a impassive statue waiting for the next thing.

The next thing was a change in her Immobilizer setting. She couldn't move herself and the trance meant she didn't want to, but now others could move her; another saleswoman came into the room to help the first as both started taking off Miyu's clothes. They did it quickly and carefully, putting everything in a special box. Soon they were taking off her silk underwear and hose and left her standing there, posed as a mannequin in nothing at all. One girl left with the box and a new one appeared, holding another box. The box was opened and Miyu was quickly dressed in a new outfit. She couldn't see what everything was, but she knew she was wearing heels of some kind and it left most of her legs and arms bare. The black bodysuit fitted her upper body like a second skin and the front was cut to leave a nice amount of her cleavage visible, which got better when the bodysuit was zipped up all the way in the back. A black leather choker was put around her neck and long black leather gloves and high-heeled boots covered her hands and feet. Finally, one of the girls put some make up on her that was a mystery to Miyu but made her look very ravishing with the dark mascara and eyeliner. They finished by giving her an aloof expression and having her stand with her legs straight and feet apart, her arms bent akimbo at her sides and her head held high. Then she was frozen completely and the two saleswomen each grabbed a stiff arm and carried her to a cart of some kind and laid her on her back.

They wheeled her out of the room and down the hall. Miyu was unable to see anything other than the ceiling but in her trance state she had no problems with that as the immobilized, costumed, woman was taken to her next job.

* * *

Yuichi walked around his office smiling at the surprise present he got. Golden Week was a holiday when most companies closed up in Japan and packages didn't get delivered during the week. When Yuichi heard a large shipment was being delivered to his offices he thought it was a weird mistake. When the delivery person took off her hat and let her long hair down her back, Yuichi knew that one of his Collected had completed the mission he gave her a few months ago.

A few weeks after he decided that race queens and event girls were next for his collection, he had seen a couple of race queens at the Japan Grand Prix race that he immediately wanted to get. However he had to do real work with a client at the race so he could only make a note of names of the girls he saw. That and he had given Tsukasa of finding out what she could and do as much as she could for the next couple months.

Tsukasa 200 was one of his kunoichi that Yuichi used to special missions. She was so well controlled that Yuichi could give her more independence on how she could carry out her missions. When Yuichi told Tsukasa (also acting as his business assistant the day of the race) to look at the race queens he wanted to collect he had given her no other commands except for reporting back after a few months, checking back once in a while and seeing how much she could learn or do in the few months. Although Tsukasa would know her dono wanted the girls, Yuichi thought she might be lucky enough to capture one, maybe get some of their outfits they had on that day and get information he could use later for acquiring them.

He never expected the Tsukasa to get all the girls in question. Even as Tsukasa gave her report in an emotionless monotone that told Yuichi how she had captured the girls without anyone getting suspicious, he was surprised and happy at how everything turned out.

The first pair had belonged to some auto part company-sponsored racing team event group. Yuichi didn't know if blue or orange was the color of the company but the girls showed both. They both had short tight skirts cut high above the knee and below the belly button with short jackets that were cut high, exposing toned stomachs. Neckbands of the same color as the rest of the outfits were worn above the collar. The outfits had reversible sides, with blue on one side and orange on the other, with the jacket's zipper trimmed in the other color from the rest of that side. The girl modeling the outfit's blue side had her jacket zipped up with some collar turned out showing the orange side and she wore black heels along with nude-colored pantyhose. She stood with her legs straight, the left leg at an angle to the left side, her upper body twisted above the waist leaning to the left with her left arm to the side and leaning back with her hand flat. The race queen's right arm was bent with her hand under her chin as her head looked forward and down. She did not move or blink at all. The white lettering and symbols of the company finish the look for the girl.

The girl wearing the outfit's orange side out was next to her partner. She had the orange jacket unzipped to above her breasts with the collar turned out to show the blue side underneath, shiny hose, and white heels. Her right leg was straight and leaned forward while her left leg was bent out with her foot raised back against the surface. Her upper body above the waist was twisted, leaning to the right, with her right arm held to the side and bent back a little, her other hand flat against the surface. Her left arm was up almost parallel to the floor and it and the hand was leaning on the surface behind the girl in blue. Her head was turned facing the left looking at rigidly at something in front and to the side of the girl in blue.

Both girls had a faraway, impassive, look to their eyes and faces, sheer nylon hose to make their toned legs seem more shiny and plastic, and they both had short, styled hair. The orange outfitted girl had silver earrings; the company lettering and symbols on her outfit were blue and she even had a silver bracelet on her right wrist and the same silver ring on her left hand that Yuichi had seen on her. Both had been leaning back against a car at the race exhibition when Yuichi located them and Tsukasa had gotten a copy of the part of the car both girls had been standing in front of when she first saw them to finish the scene. Both looked almost like display mannequins posed there motionlessly.

Tsukasa reported she had given them initial programming but they needed the main programming at the main residence, which is why she delivered them to her dono during Golden Week, so they could be programmed without their disappearance looking suspicious. She also set their Immobilizers to full power so they would remain frozen exactly how they had been posed when Yuichi pointed them out to Tsukasa, looking like a 3D picture. The kunoichi herself had stripped out of her delivery girl uniform, leaving her gray skintight kunoichi outfit on under it. She stood next to her deliveries with only her mouth moving, not moving any other way as if she were another of the living statues she had brought to Yuichi's office.

"After I collected the first two women you ordered me to go after, dono, I found it was easy to collect the others you saw that day. Because it wasn't time to return yet, I went ahead to see how much I could do with the other team."

Next to the first pair of event girls was the other pair Yuichi had seen that day. The company sponsoring the event girls' team had gone for an all-black look with only the name of the company on small white strips different being from the outfit's color. Both girls had black panties on underneath the very short black leather skirts. The skirt was the same length as those of the other two girls but had a large slit up the side. Their tops were made of the same shiny leather but were cut high so the flat stomachs of both event girls were on display. Their tops were cut low on the back and there was material running in front from top of the breasts to surround the neck like a halter with the zipper running from the bottom. On the bodice the top was cut low so that the bra cups covering each of their breasts stood out on each girl with the material cut to make it stand out more against the flow and style of the top.

One woman had hair to her shoulders with large ring earrings dangling from the sides and a bright smile as her head faced front. Her upper body was twisted at her waist to face left. Her left hand was bent back and to her side with the hand on her left side of her waist. The right arm was down and bent across the stomach with her right hand resting on her left. Her left leg was straight down while her right leg was straight and angled away from the left. Shiny black leather boots with stiletto heels reaching almost to her knees showed a lot of leg under the hose and a black stretchy garter band was around her right thigh. A silver stud in her exposed belly button added more of an erotic air to the woman.

Her teammate was standing next to the first event girl with her head turned more to her left then rest of her body; she had an open smile and a little longer hair. She wore the same provocative skirt and top outfit with her right arm hanging down on her side and left arm bent back on her left side and hand resting on her waist; she had a silver bracelet on her wrist. Her left leg and feet were turned to the side she was facing and her right leg was pointed straight down. Instead of the first girl's stretchy band on her right thigh, this girl had the garter on her left and instead of the shiny leather high-heeled boots, she wore open-toed heels covering the hose over her toned legs and feet. The heels had a complicated set of intertwining straps running from the shoes over the girl's calves and up to nearly to her knees.

"I put the others on the second pair's team initial programming but they were too hard to get away for long, so I could not bring them. The memory cards I found have information on the first pair's teammates, so you can see which ones you want to add to your collection. I gave them all initial programming so it will be easy to get them if you want them fully programmed," she concluded.

The second pair of the girls Tsukasa delivered had also been completely frozen solid so their poses couldn't be changed. The four living statues had been delivery in boxes big enough to hide refrigerators inside. The second pair had been easier to transport because they were in freestanding poses and didn't require some sort of prop to add to their appearance like the first two did.

"I'm very pleased of what you accomplished, Tsukasa. As your dono, your success brings me great pleasure," Yuichi said. Tsukasa gave no reaction but Yuichi knew his words were bringing great pleasure to his kunoichi. "Your mission to recruit for me has gone far better then I expected. I will reward you when we get to the main residence. In the meantime I want you to take the new recruits there and help with their main programming. Keep them frozen in their current poses and make sure nobody suspects you."

"I obey, dono." Tsukasa had to put on the delivery outfit to hide her kunoichi bodysuit from casual passersby; Yuichi watched her dress and then start moving each of the posed figures into the shipping boxes. Then she moved the boxes using her handcart out of the office back down to the truck she would use to take them to the main residence. As he settled back into his chair to watch everything happen, Yuichi smiled at what he saw. This was the kind of ultimate power he had and it was exciting. It was going to be more exciting when he finished his work and left the city. When he decided that, he turned back to his work and didn't notice as Tsukasa came back and moved the last frozen women from his office. There was time for fun later and Tsukasa would help with it.

There was one thing he needed to change and a quick phone call to the store did it.

* * *

Natsumi saw the parade of Collected being prepped and ready for the trucks. She knew that she would be on the trucks too as the store staff got the Collected going to the main residence ready. Not that it was strange since Collected were always coming and going by truck to the stores but there be a lot of work now and after Golden Week ended when a large group of Collected would go back to the outside.

She hadn't changed from the outfit she wore to see Kiriko the previous night and because nobody had ordered her change outfits, she didn't. She waited in the preparation room as other Collected came in and were prepped. There were lists for who was going on which truck and since Natsumi's name hadn't come up, nobody spent time prepping her before they needed to. Since she hadn't gotten any orders to do anything else, Natsumi stood in the room and watched the staff process other Collected before her. Some she recognized because they helped 'program' her and some she had helped 'program' or 'recruit'. Other she had seen before in the same displays when she had enough of a mind and free will to know and remember what she saw.

Suddenly one of the staff marched up to her. A part of her entranced mind knew the woman as Akira 120, a store employee and a Collected who prepared other Collected for shipping. "Natsumi 068, dono has new commands for you. Override code G652234789. Confirm."

"Confirming override code G652234789. Waiting for new orders from dono," Natsumi replied in a monotone; her face, like Akira's, was completely blank and emotionless during the answer.

"Dono orders you to change outfits to a regular business outfit and report to him immediately at the company office. Our car is ready and will take you there immediately when you get in. You are to have everything needed for work. I will assume your place on the truck. Confirm and execute immediately," Akira said to the Collected she was replacing.

"Confirming new orders from dono. I will go now," Natsumi replied to her new orders and started walking out the room. Behind her, Akira 120 stepped into the space Natsumi had been waiting in and immediately froze, waiting for her turn to be prepared.

Natsumi headed to the same room where she and Sachiko had undressed after they got to the store and were handed off Hitomi for programming. Her business clothes were there, ready for her, and she changed with no time wasted. Grabbing her purse and belongings from the box next to the clothes, she walked down the corridor and through the door into the underground parking garage. A car with its Collected driver behind the wheel was already there outside the door with its engine running. Natsumi immediately went to the car and got in the front passenger seat. The driver, who looked very young and very pretty, didn't say a word as she started driving the car out into the street. Neither did Natsumi, so the ride to the business office was quiet.

Natsumi was dropped off in the garage of the office building and she used the elevator to get to the right floor. She walked through the doors of the business office looking normal since it was possible unCollected visitors could be in the business and she responded to hellos from the other Collected employees normally. Only when she entered Yuichi's office did she drop her normal public appearance for the blank emotionless look Collected women held most of the time. "Natsumi 068 ready for orders, dono."

"Very good Natsumi 068. I'm happy you had no trouble following my commands to come here." Yuichi smiled, knowing the feeling of pleasure going through the Collected woman before him. "I have some work that I need you to help finish at your desk. When everything is done you'll go with me to the mansion in my car. I will love to have you as company for the trip."

"I obey, dono." Natsumi turned and walked out of the door. Before she opened the door Yuichi used his remote and froze her instantly in mid-step. Going over the woman, who looked like a mannequin posed in a mid-action Yuichi reminded himself how wonderful things were that he could collect and freeze beauties like this one to his heart's content and how much power he had.

He addressed the immobilized Controlled worker: "Natsumi, you're a beautiful woman and a jewel in my collection. You're capable of doing the work you have effectively, are one of my best slaves and you can recruit gorgeous women for me like Hitomi and Kiriko. You will be very valuable to me forever." Yuichi ran his hands over the jacket Natsumi wore and felt her toned body under the clothes. He enjoyed the feel of the shapely body he owned before he return to his seat and used his remote again to release her. Natsumi continued walking out the door as if nothing had happened; in her mind that was absolutely true. The programming she had made her notice nothing when frozen unless her dono allowed her to.

Going into the office where her desk was at, Natsumi didn't need to say anything to the other Controlled working here out of sight from any normal people. She seated herself at her desk, next the desk Hitomi would be working at once she finished with her deep programming, and got to work on the stack of papers. Most of them were routine things she did everyday and she took care of them with ease. The other correspondence was only to one client or another and she took care of them carefully, spending more time then usual. Even so, she worked very fast and very efficiently like all the other Controlled women in the company and without any noise or conversation that other offices had.

When she finished with the work for the company's clients, Natsumi started her work for the company, which was looking at all the information they gotten to see which women should be collected or hypnotized to what level. Natsumi wasn't the best recruiter Yuichi had, but she was one of the best Controlled at seeing which woman should be recruited as part of their dono's collection. Since her programming kept her from getting bored at anything Yuichi wanted her to do, she tirelessly looked at files of dozens and dozens different potential collectibles reviewing the information and choosing which ones were best for the collection. Using the computer, Natsumi was able to get a lot done quickly and before she knew it she was finished with everything.

Everybody else was also finished with their work and could go to their Golden Week vacation. Some of the Collected had to continue leading normal lives so nobody would get suspicious about them. Others would also be heading to the main residence or the other locations where Yuichi kept and programmed the women of his collection. The other places were sometimes used by Yuichi for his desires and ambitions but when he wasn't there the Collected there had their programming renewed and updated. No matter if they were going to the other locations or going to the main residence, all the Collected were using Golden Week to cover their absences with help from other Collected who maintained their covers.

Everybody got up and walked out of the office, like robots, without any talking or emotions until after they left the main door where outsiders could be around to see them. Natsumi waited silently in the hall until Yuichi, making sure everybody was gone, came by. "Time to go, Natsumi," Yuichi said as he walked over to the woman.

"Yes, dono." Natsumi bowed to her master. She then gave him a memory card that Yuichi had taken and put it into his pocket. "Here are all the results of the first batch of candidates for your collection. I've the marked the list with the best ones for recruitment."

"Very good. I'll look forward to seeing them in the future. You might even help recruit them too. You can work on the rest when we get back," Yuichi said, causing a wave of pleasure to go through Natsumi as she was programmed to feel. "Now, follow me," he commanded as he locked the office.

"Hai, dono." Natsumi followed her master to the elevator and down into the parking garage to his car. This time another Collected working at the office had been chosen to be the driver for the dono's car and she bowed to Yuichi as the two of them came up to it. Like she was trained to do, Nanami 133 opened the door for her dono and Natsumi before getting into the driver's seat and giving Yuichi the chance to look at her wonderfully toned body under the business suit she had on. Nobody said a word as Nanami started the car and drove out the garage toward the main residence outside the city.

Yuichi's cell phone rang with a text message and he looked it without any reaction from the two women in the car. He smiled when he read the message and closed the cell phone. The loading process was finished at the store and the last of the trucks was driving to the residence. When everybody got there then the real vacation could begin.

To Be Continued...

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