Crazy Sunday

by Susie

A story in the Tuckerverse, fitting in the chronology somewhere between Tucker’s Wand 14 and 15. These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series. [Ed.]

NOTE:  Since there has been some confusion about the main character’s abilities to project herself and where she ends up, the editor is experimenting with the use of ‘invisotext’ markers that are only visible when one selects over the words after the arrows. -->  HIDDEN EXAMPLE

Phi Sigma Delta Sorority, DSC

Nina Nichols looked up at the two-story house from beneath her umbrella and took a deep breath. Seniors usually didn’t pledge a sorority, especially after the semester had begun. After seeing her academic advisor however it was suggested that she find more extracurricular activities to boost up her resume; she didn’t have any at the moment. She didn’t want to play a sport as it took up too much time. She didn’t want to go looking for places to volunteer at as that process alone took too much effort. So what was left? A sorority. Most of the sororities on campus didn’t take semester pledges, so her pickings were slim. Then there were the Phi Sigma Delta girls, they were a smaller sorority than some of the others and they were new to the school as well. There was an interesting history about them, being involved in an international incident in the past. They had even been in the news recently as their president – now former president – had resigned due to family issues. Sandy Vanholt’s senator father had seemed to have gotten himself mixed up in some questionable dealings. It didn’t look good for him or his family. Sandy had resigned in order to keep the Phi Sigs out of the public eye. Rumors had it that Phi Sigma Delta’s higher national order had actually asked her to resign to save the organization’s reputation.

In any case Phi Sigma Delta was the easiest house to get into. They wanted new members and they were not so established yet, so their rules were not as strict as other houses. Nina figured that being part of this sorority would help out her resume; also the house dues were cheaper than what she was paying at the student apartments. It was only for one year before she graduated and moved off campus anyways, so she wouldn’t have to deal with living with over a dozen other girls for very long. She just wished her timing had been better though. Sunday was a good day to move but this particular Sunday it was rainy and gloomy.

She walked up under the patio, closed up her umbrella and shook it dry as best as she could as she knocked on the door. After two knocks the door was opened by bright eyed blond with dark roots indicating her blond hair was not natural. She was dressed in a red and yellow Phi Sig Delta t-shirt and a denim skirt. “Hi, I’m Nina Nichols; I’m the new pledge,” she introduced herself.

“Hi Nina, we’re expecting you! I’m Amber Prescott, president of Phi Sigma Delta DCS chapter. “Welcome, come in!” Amber greeted cheerfully, stepping aside. She quickly looked the girl up and down. She had only talked to her over the phone and accepted her membership vocally. She had been worried about how this girl was going to look. Amber was relieved to see that Nina was indeed very attractive. She had a pretty face, long brown hair that she wore down and her body looked great from what Amber could tell. The new girl was a senior, so even though she was new she was the same age as Amber and the original UC Fullerton sisters. She was dressed in a maroon spaghetti strap top and pair of slim fitting jeans. “Cute top!” Amber complimented as Nina entered the house.

“Thanks,” Nina replied, looking around; it was a very big place, bigger than how it looked from the outside. “My movers will be here shortly, I just thought I’ll come by to check out my room and tour the place before I actually move it.”

“Oh sure no problem, you came at the perfect time. Being Sunday and that it’s raining, everyone is home.”

“Great, so where do we start?”

“Well, let’s start on the ground floor…” Amber began as she led Nina through the lower level of the house. They crossed through the living room and party room with Amber explaining weekly events and rules. The big event stricken from the calendar was the underwear party; it had been banned shortly before Sandy resigned due to the girls waking up the morning after with no recent memory of what had happened the day before. Nina was personally glad the event was banned. She had no intention on participating in such a slutty activity. Amber also spoke briefly about Sandy, the former president, and why she left. This was no surprise to Nina as Sandy’s life story was all over the news.

Entering the kitchen, where a counter divided it from the dining room, Nina saw three other sisters along with an older woman who was dressed in a skimpy French maid’s outfit. She had long blond hair that was braided into a single braid. A white lace cap sat atop her head. Her body was clad in a small black dress with white lace trim and the hem sitting just below her crotch. The dress was also cut low enough for one to see the woman’s decent-sized cleavage. A white lacy apron was tied around her waist that covered the front of the dress. Her legs were sheathed by sheer black pantyhose and she stood on black high-heeled pumps. The woman was at least in her forties; it struck Nina as odd to see a woman her age dress that way, in front of college students too. The woman prepared tea and crackers on a silver tray while the three sorority sisters around her paid no attention to her. Nina couldn’t keep her eyes off the woman as Amber introduced her to the three other sisters. The older woman oddly paid Nina or the other girls any attention at all.  

The other sisters were Leslie Chun, Roxy Ruiz and Tami Tyler. The three girls were dressed in cute combinations of shorts, cutaway sweats, t-shirts and tank tops. They sat around the kitchen island in the center of kitchen, eating. “Nice to meet you Nina,” Roxy, a red headed Hispanic girl, said while extending her hand after the introductions were made. Nina shook her hand absently as she watched the maid leave the kitchen with her tray in hand.

Leslie Chun turned to see what caught Nina‘s eye before turning back around, “What are you looking at Nina?”

“The maid… you guys let her dress like that; seriously someone her age shouldn’t be dressed like that at all.”

“The maid?” Tami laughed.

“We don’t have a maid,” Leslie added with a giggle, “I wish we had one though.”

“Wait what are you talking about – who was that woman then?” Nina asked, confused, pointing at the entryway where the older woman had appeared.

“What woman?” All four girls asked in unison, looking at the entryway.

“The woman that was just…” Nina began to explain but stopped, seeing that the others were looking at her as if she was crazy. “Oh, okay I get it… I’m the new girl. Some kind of trick or something? Okay I’ll play along.” Nina then said, laughing as the others only smiled awkwardly. “Nice to meet you girls, and good one!” she added, leaving the room.

Amber shrugged in confusion and smiled, “She’s just joking…” she assured before following Nina, leaving the others confused and wondering what had just happened.

“How come we always get the weird ones?” Leslie asked after Amber had left. The other two girls laughed.

The study was the next room they visited, where they met dark-haired Italian Rose Mazza and her roommate art student Hannah Kai. Theirs was a simple room lined with shelves containing books that probably had been there since the house was built. It was carpeted with fine Persian carpeting under a two rows of three rectangular tables that each seated four. Rose and Hannah sat at one of the tables; textbooks, papers and other school supplies were spread over the tabletop.

“Nice to meet ya and welcome to the house,” Rose greeted after Amber made the introductions.

“Welcome; it’s great place to live, not like the other houses on the row,” Hannah added after shaking Nina’s hand.

“I can tell,” Nina agreed looking around, “I like it so far,” she complimented and then looked around slyly and added, “I even like the maid.”

Rose and Hannah both looked at each other puzzled and then asked, “maid?” They then looked at Amber, who smiled nervously.

“She’s just joking,” Amber said quickly, taking Nina by the arm and pulling her out of the room. Out in the hall she turned to Nina and said, “You have to stop with the maid stuff… we already have one crazy sister.”

“Crazy? Who?” Nina asked, a little impressed with Amber’s acting in denial regarding the maid.

Amber quickly regained her composure, “well she’s not crazy… she just acts that way; you’ll meet her later,” the president quickly explained and moved to another topic. “Downstairs is where we have our game room and entertainment center…” she began, taking Nina by the arm and leading her that way.

The basement of the house was where storage was and the laundry machines were located, as well as the game room, which housed a pool and foosball table. There were also two smaller vacant bedrooms that were currently acting as temporary storage until the rooms upstairs were filled. The storage room itself was the largest space in the house and occupied half of the basement. The game room had a large 56-inch flat screen mounted on a wall, surrounded by tall speakers with a small stand under it containing a Blu-Ray player and satellite box. A long black leather sofa sat in front of the TV, flanked by two matching lazy boy recliners. A circular short glass coffee table sat between the sofa and the TV.

Phoebe Monroe, the newly appointed vice president, was seated on the sofa, dressed in pink pajama bottoms and a DSC hooded sweatshirt. She held the remote for the TV and was flipping channels as Nina and Amber came down the steps. Jaki was seated on floor, dressed in sweats with her legs folded under her. She hovered over the glass table working on homework. Kelsey was seated on one of the lazy boys, dressed in a worn blue bathrobe with her hair wrapped in a towel. She carefully filed her nails, not really paying attention to anything else.

Amber introduced Nina to the girls, who all stopped what they were doing to meet the newest member of the house. “Phoebe is our vice president and she’ll be your roommate,” Amber pointed out after introducing her to the redhead.

“Nice to meet you Nina and welcome to house,” Phoebe greeted, shaking Nina’s hand.

“Movers are here,” Leslie announced, coming halfway down the steps before going back up.

“I’ll guess I better go direct them where to go,” Nina said, gesturing towards the stairs.

“I’ll go with you and show where our room is,” Phoebe added, handing the remote to Kelsey.

“Well you’ll meet the rest of the girls later, they’re probably all still sleeping. Saturdays are busy for us,” Amber then said as her Nina headed back up with Phoebe following.

* * *

Susie heard the rumble of the moving truck as it backed up on the driveway. She peeked through her window and eyed the big truck suspiciously before remembering they were getting a new member. They had lost Sandy a few weeks ago. Susie missed her and wanted to keep her around, but knew it would be suspicious since Sandy was asked to step down by the head of Phi Sigma Delta herself. Reluctantly, Susie removed Sandy’s ring and she was free. After her departure Amber was quick to act, taking her best friend’s position and appointing Phoebe as the vice president. Amber also kept the big room that she had shared with Sandy to herself as well. Susie also decided to move out of her room just because of Kalania was just annoying to live with.

Of course she could have just changed Kalania’s personality altogether but decided not to. Susie wanted to keep the house normal and out of her control when possible. Angel now roomed with the Russian floozy and the wannabe witch’s personality had to be altered a bit to make the arrangement possible. It was a minor adjustment though; she just made it so Angel would feel used to the Russian. All of this was possible thanks to her magic necklace and the rings that all the girls wore. Susie was the real leader of the house in all aspects. At any given time she could control her housemates in any way physical or mentally, see and control their thoughts and even take over their bodies completely if she desired.

Susie’s new room, which she had to herself, was housemother Beatrice Wiener’s old room. The older woman had become Susie’s personal maid and now slept on a cot inside of Susie’s walk-in closet. Thanks to the necklace, no one in the house could see Wiener or remembered her existence. No one also cared that Susie got her own private room as well. In fact they were happy for her. Susie had made that so, so she wouldn’t feel so bad. There were a handful of vacant rooms upstairs; she could have picked from those but she wanted a room away from everyone.

The room was the only downstairs bedroom and was second largest in the house, next to Amber’s room. Susie’s stuff fitted into it perfectly with room to spare. Her clothes easily filled the closet, even if there was cot in it. Susie was seated at sewing table, working on some fashion homework. She had to design some swimwear; she was nearly done. The only thing left to do was to make some adjustments. The assignment had been easy for her, not only because she was talented when it came to design and sewing but she also because she had many models to test her designs on.

Two of the tallest girls in the house were Vanessa and Kalania. One of them was actually a model, while the other had a body that many would die for. Kalania was one of the last girls to come home the night before and she had been completely wasted. Susie took command of her and had the Russian come to her room after entering the house; she now was posed rigid as a mannequin, clad in a white shimmering stringy bikini that barely hid her unmentionables. Kalania stood with her legs spread wide, her hips shifted to the left, her right hand on her hip while her left hand was running through her blond hair. Her high-cheekboned face bore a bright toothy smile and her brown eyes looked outward emptily.

Vanessa Marx stood next to the Russian. Susie had summoned the girl to her room the night before as well. The track star had been fast asleep. She now stood naked at attention; a pile of her pajamas sat at her feet. Her face bore a peaceful look with dark lips agape and eyes blank. Her black tresses hung loose, just brushing her shoulders. For an athlete the girl had very nice breasts that were perfectly round and tipped with dark pointy nipples. Her midriff was nicely taut and her womanhood was neatly trimmed. Her legs and arms were well defined and muscular but held a certain sexy feminine look to them.

Susie turned and grinned at her models. They were actually her back-up choices. She had her mind set on using Leslie and Tami since the two girls were beach volleyball players their bodies were toned for swimwear. Both girls were however cramming for a test, so Susie figured she’d leave them alone. At least for this project; there would always be others later. She was happy with Kalania and Vanessa though; both girls proved to have very nice figures for suited for swimwear.

“Put this on,” she ordered, handing Vanessa a faux tiger skin two-piece bikini she had just finished. The bikini featured a strapless top and French cut styled bottom. Her expressionless face remaining the same, Vanessa took the outfit and began to dress. Susie watched as she poured herself a cup of tea from the tray that Beatrice held. The blond maid was standing next to the sewing table. “Nice! Crackers,” Susie grinned, seeing the crackers on the tray and taking one.

Once the bikini was on, Vanessa went back to standing at attention. Susie mentally commanded the girl to go rigid, instantly turning her into a display mannequin. Putting her teacup aside, she moved up to the girl and began to arrange her limbs accordingly. Soon the athlete was standing with her legs together with one foot on its toes and the other flat. Both hands were on her hips and her face now bore a beaming smile that featured vacant eyes.

Susie made adjustments to both girls’ bikinis before picking up her teacup and sitting down on her bed. She crossed her legs and looked at the two posed girls, taking a sip of tea. “Well, that’s another project done,” she proclaimed. Her motionless models didn’t blink an eye. Wondering what the other girls were doing, she let her mind wander, thinking of her housemates.

Angel, the oddball of the house, was in her room upstairs. She knelt in front of an altar with a dark veil over her head and body and was whispering – from what Susie could figure – was a spell dooming Amber to the pits of hell. Weirdo! Susie thought. Since the thought took place mentally, Angel was able to hear it as a disembodied voice. The pale skinned girl bolted up onto her feet, the veil falling from her body, revealing a black spaghetti strapped knee-length dress. Oops, Susie then thought. That only freaked Angel out more as she headed to her closet to see if someone was hiding there. Looking around the room frantically, she saw that it was empty. Kneeling, she looked under both beds, then looked back up at the shelves. Susie could see the girl was confused and decided to leave her alone, for now.

Susie’s mind shifted. She was now in the basement. Kelsey and Jaki were watching TV. Both girls were seated on the sofa. They were both giggling about what they were watching. Focusing, Susie could watch what they were watching through their eyes. They were watching a show on MTV where the theme was a day in the life of homosexuals. The person they were currently watching was a butch lesbian who looked more like man than a woman. Both roommates were having a laugh at the manly woman. “Look at her face,” Jaki commented, giggling.

“She needs a haircut or something,” Kelsey commented between giggles. Jaki was about to agree but suddenly stopped giggling and looked over at Kelsey. Kelsey went silent as well and they both looked at one another. “Hey lovely…” Kelsey cooed, pulling the towel from her head and shaking her hair free.

“Hey…” Jaki said softly, leaning closer to her roommate. Both suddenly embraced aggressively and began making out vigorously. Jaki opened Kelsey’s robe, revealing naked breasts. Kelsey worked on Jaki’s sweat pants and soon they were off too, revealing pink hot pants with black lacy trim. As suddenly as the love scene started it stopped, with both girls frozen in a hot embrace. Jaki lay on top of Kelsey, whose robe was wide open showing her naked body underneath. Her bare legs were wrapped around Jaki’s hips. Both girls had their lips locked with eyes closed. Jaki’s arms were entwined around Kelsey’s neck while Kelsey’s hands grabbed at Jaki’s sweat shirt.

Susie smiled to herself at the scene in her head, “I’ll come back to that…” It wasn’t the first time that she had played with her roommates that way. Often times when she was bored at night, she would make a scene similar and watch it unfold in her head. It was easy since the two were roommates. Both girls were straight, but under Susie’s ‘guidance’ they had Sapphic sex nearly a dozen times already.

Focusing on other parts in the house, she found Leslie, Tami and Roxy eating breakfast in the kitchen while talking about school sports. In the study Rose and Hannah were studying. Finally upstairs Phoebe and Amber were both watching the moving men carry furniture into Phoebe’s room and chitchatting. Looking through Amber’s eyes, she could see that Nina Nichols – the new girl – was very attractive. She was directing the men where to place things.

Dropping her focus, Susie’s mind came back into her room; then she took a deep breath and closed her eyes again. It was time for her to welcome the new girl properly, she thought, smiling as she slowly released the breath. Susie’s body went stiff in her chair. She sat with crossed legs, her hands on her lap. Her eyes were closed and the smile had frozen on her lips. Her body was as empty and as stiff as the three other ladies in her room. The room itself became silent and had an empty hollow feeling as well.

* * *


“So that’s when she said, oh I forgot the sauce,” Phoebe was saying when Susie opened her eyes again. She was standing next to the redhead, who was smiling at her brightly. She only looked back, not knowing what to say, completely lost. “Amber, are you okay?” Phoebe asked, her smile fading.

“Oh…” Susie replied, remembering to use Amber’s voice. Though she had mastered switching her body, she still wasn’t used to entering one of her ring wearer’s bodies during mid-conversation. Bringing her hand up to her face, she rubbed Amber’s eyes, “must be all the crack…” she began and stopped herself, flashing a nervous smile at Phoebe. “I’m okay Phoebs,” Amber replied.

“Amber…” Phoebe said in a shocked whisper and asked, “are you on drugs?” Susie smiled inside; a little drama was always good for friendship. Amber was probably the most innocent girl in the house; a nearly perfect president compared to Sandy. She was nice to everyone, though a little high maintenance and materialistic. Susie knew that Amber didn’t do any drugs so this little ruse would only make things interesting.

Amber grabbed Phoebe by the arms tightly, “Not a word, little bitch,” she whispered harshly. Phoebe looked at her friend, wide-eyed, on the verge of tears. Amber had never spoken to her that way or even cursed. Phoebe nodded her head quickly. Amber let go like nothing had happened and smiled evilly, “good girl,” Amber smirked.

Phoebe looked at Amber sadly, moving away from her. She quickly wiped a tear from her eyes as Nina approached the girls. The brunette looked at Phoebe, “what’s wrong?” she asked with concern.

Before Phoebe could answer, “She got something in her eye,” Amber quickly said. “Isn’t that right?” Phoebe quickly nodded.

“Oh okay…” Nina said, looking back at Amber, who somehow felt different to her. It was almost like the warm feeling that had welcomed her earlier was gone. The vibe that she got from Phoebe had changed as well. “Okay, I’m just about moved in, I do have extra stuff though; where do you want me to store it?”

“Basement; I can show the movers where to put them,” Phoebe quickly said. She wanted to leave the room and at the moment she wanted to leave the house too. “Hey guys, I’ll show you where to put her extra furniture,” she said, gesturing the movers to follow her and leaving the room with the two movers in tow.

“All I need to do is put stuff up and hang up my clothes and I’ll be all moved in,” Nina said, looking at the room.

“Good,” Amber replied, “Now that you are settled in, I want give you something,” she added.

“Uh okay…” Nina replied.

“Follow me,” Amber said as she led her down the hall back to her room. The short trip down the hall was quiet. It was the first time of the day Nina had not heard the blond speak. There was defiantly a different vibe. Being the new girl, Nina decided not to ask.

“This is a huge room,” Nina commented upon entering Amber’s room. There was space for another king size bed aside from the one that already occupied the room. There was a small gym consisting of a treadmill and a small rack of free weights in the corner of the room. An ‘L’ shaped desk was in another corner that a cute Apple laptop computer sat on. A comfortable leather arm swivel chair sat behind it. Textbooks and folders were in neat stacks on the desk as well. The walls were covered in personal photographs and posters of soccer athletes.

“Whoa…nice…” Susie said in her own voice and quickly caught herself. Unfortunately, so did Nina.

“Oh my God, how did you do that?” Nina asked wide-eyed. “You just sounded like a completely differently person!”

“What are you talking about?” Amber asked nervously. It was too late though; she was busted.

“No, not this time; that maid I get, a prank on the new girl. But this, what the hell is going on?”

“Hold on I’ll explain everything to in just a minute…” Amber said looking around the room. It was completely different. Sandy had not even been gone that long and Amber had changed the layout of the room completely. Susie made a note to herself to mentally spy on her girls more often so there would be no more surprises. The box containing the rings was nowhere in sight! “Uh hold on,” Amber said, smiling nervously as she went over to the walk-in closet. Opening the closet she sighed in relief at seeing her familiar brown cardboard box. It was tucked away high on the shelves. As she was going for it, she spotted a small velvet box sitting on a small shelf in the closet that had all of Amber’s jewelry and accessories on it. Sandy’s ring! Picking up the box and popping it open, Susie chuckled seeing Sandy’s old ring. Closing the box, she emerged from the closet.

“What is that? Nina asked, gesturing at the box. She had been watching Amber closely as she looked around the room for the tiny box. It almost looked like this was her first time in her own room.

Amber showed the ring on her finger, “This ring symbolizes our sisterhood; once you wear this ring you are officially a sister for life,” Amber explained, handing Nina the box.

Nina opened the box; she couldn’t help but smile at the ring’s beauty. She plucked the ring out of the box and looked it at closely. “Could it fit me?”

“Yeah,” Amber answered quickly.

“Okay…” Nina replied and was about to slip the ring on her finger but then stopped and looked at Amber suspiciously. “Wait a minute…”

“What?” Susie asked and then cursed accidentally using her own voice again.

“You just did it again, that thing with your voice! Oh my God that is so weird! How did you do that and how did you get my ring size!?” Nina asked, wide-eyed.

Susie took a deep breath to calm her eagerness. “Just put the ring on and I’ll tell you all about it, I promise,” Susie said, disregarding using Amber’s voice. The cat was already out of the bag.

Her curiosity getting the better of her, Nina slipped on the ring. To her amazement the band fit perfectly on her finger. It even felt like it wasn’t there. “Oh hey this…” she began, but her voice trailed off as she froze into place. Her right hand was stiffly held up in front of her face, the other was holding the box; her eyes stared emptily at Amber, a grin still on her lips.

“Crap… that was like Beatrice all over again,” Susie sighed, looking at Nina up and down. “You’re mine now,” she chuckled, stroking Nina’s smooth cheek with the back of Amber’s hand. Susie then looked around the room and was amazed how it looked. It looked better than her room. Amber obviously came from wealthy stock, as the girl didn’t even work. Walking around the room, she stopped at the body-length mirror mounted on the door; the only familiar thing in the room that Susie remembered. “Hello, fake boobies!” Susie said, groping Amber’s breasts. “Oh that is weird,” Susie decided, seeing Amber’s reflection but hearing her own voice. “Better switch back,” Amber said with a smile and wink.

Turning her attention to Nina, she looked at the suspended girl closely, testing the control ring with a simple command. Nina blinked and her expression went blank. Her arms dropped to her sides, the ring box dropping the floor as she stood at attention. Amber walked over and picked up the velvet box, juggling it in her hands as she circled Nina. “Strip,” she ordered, “naked.” Amber plopped down on her bed and watched.

With her expression remaining blank, Nina pulled off her maroon top, revealing a strapless matching bra underneath. As soon as the top floated to ground she reached behind her back, unsnapped her bra and that joined the top on the floor. Next, she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pushed them south, showing off her bright yellow bikini-cut panties. The fancy panties soon were pulled down and rested at her ankles with her jeans. Nina kicked off the flats, then her jeans and panties, rendering her completely naked. Once unclothed, she continued to stand at attention blank-faced.

Amber got up and walked over and circled the motionless, trance-induced brunette. Nina had very nice natural breasts and a landing strip sex. Her body was fit and had an even natural tan. “Oh you’re hot…” Amber mumbled as she moved behind the brunette and reached around so she could grope the girl’s breasts while kissing her neck at the same time. Moving back in front of the girl, Amber knelt and began to lick Nina’s womanhood. Nina’s expression remained blank as Amber let out a moan, clutching Nina’s buttocks.

A knock at the door stopped Amber cold. “What the hell do you want?!” she yelled.

“Amber, sorry…” came a tiny voice from the other side. “There’s something wrong with Kelsey and Jaki.”

Crap… Susie thought. She focused. Jaki and Kelsey were both still locked like erotic waxworks in the pose that she had left them in. All the girls however, at least the ones not frozen, were looking at the pair worriedly.  Suzie’s mind twisted; in an instant Jaki and Kelsey moved again. Kelsey closed up her robe as Jaki was pulling back on her pants. They both sat up and blinked, surprised, not realizing they were being watched by half of the house.

“What’s going on?” Kelsey asked, confused, looking at the others who looked at her, confused as well.

“Hey we were watching that,” Jaki protested at the off TV.

Susie switched her focus just as the others started to question the two interrupted ‘lovers’ in rapid succession. Getting up, Amber kissed Nina’s slack lips passionately. “I shall return…” she cooed into the woman’s unhearing ear. Going up to the door, she opened it to see Phoebe standing outside with a worried look on her face.

“I am so, so, so sorry Amber, I didn’t want to bother you, but I didn’t know what to do,” Phoebe said quickly, almost in a panic.

“This better be good, I was studying…” Amber said slyly, looking back at Nina’s naked ass behind her. She stepped out in the hall, closing the door behind her. Crossing her arms, she asked flatly, “What’s going on?”

“I’d better show you,” she said, gesturing Amber to follow her. As they walked she explained, “I was guiding the movers downstairs to stow the rest of Nina’s stuff. On the way back up we saw Kelsey and Jaki on the couch… they were making out but they were like frozen statues!”

“What?! Have you been getting into my stash?” Amber inquired. “First off: Kelsey and Jaki are both straight. Second off… frozen…?”

“I don’t do drugs!” Phoebe cried, “I know what I saw!  They weren’t moving a muscle!”

Amber stopped her as they reached the bottom of the stairs, “It’s okay; you can tell me you went into my stuff…”

“I don’t do drugs!” Phoebe yelled and then grabbed Amber roughly. “You’re my best ever friend, Amber. You’ve helped me so much… when Sandy used to pick on me; you were there. I will never forget that time you stood up to her for me. I won’t ever leave your side, Amber. I am determined to make you quit whatever you are doing. Even if you hate me later, I can’t let the drugs consume you… but right now we have to help Jaki and Kelsey,” Phoebe pleaded.

Susie was taken aback and kept silent as Phoebe pulled her towards the basement. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t realize Amber and Phoebe were so close. She made another note to herself to look into her girls’ thoughts and memories a little more. “I’m sorry Phoebs,” was the only thing Amber said as they rushed down the stairs where explosions of screaming had erupted.

* * *

“We’re not gay!” Kelsey shouted. She was standing face-to-face with Leslie.

“What the hell are you talking about? You were showing your tits and kissing Jaki. Your hand was reaching… down there.  In my book that doesn’t make you straight!” Leslie shouted back.

“Who are you calling a Dyke!?” Jaki demanded, “You and Hannah are always together; kind of makes me wonder, if you ask me?”

“Have you ever seen Hannah and me making out?! I don’t think so…but wait; we just saw you two snuggling up and guess what? Who had their pants down?!” Rose shot back, jabbing a finger at Jaki.

“Please stop guys…” Tami said, trying to quiet everyone down at the same time trying to separate her roommate Leslie from Kelsey, who was getting dangerously close to striking out. Roxy was trying to assist too but the other two girls were boiling with anger. Tami’s voice was too soft and got ignored in the commotion. Hannah stood by, looking at everyone, her hands covering her ears.

“Hey guys simmer down! Simmer down!” Phoebe yelled as she and Amber reached the basement. Susie was silent; she wanted to see a rumble and grinned at the thought. She almost forgot she was in Amber’s body until Phoebe looked at her pleadingly. “Amber, do something or they’re going to kill each other.”

Susie thought really quickly and smiled inside as a crazy idea came to her. “Girls!” Amber screamed at the top of her lungs. Just as she did so, everything went silent and everyone froze solid in her tracks. Leslie and Kelsey had begun to grab each other, their faces masked with anger. Tami and Roxy both pulled at each girl to separate them, with Roxy pulling Kelsey; Tami had her arms around Leslie’s shoulders and worried but focused look on her face. Roxy’s arms were around Kelsey’s hips, a panicked look on her face. Rose had her hands raised in frustration, her face in chaos with eyes wide and mouth opened. Jaki had her arms crossed and body turned away from Rose, her chin held high and her eyes closed in defiance. Hannah had her hands over her ears and her eyes shut and was turned away from everyone.   The silent scene looked like a flash mob gone wrong.

“What the fuck…” Amber said, with Susie smiling inside.

“Oh my God…what the hell happened?!” Phoebe asked, shocked, looking at what was in front of her.

“They all shut up, that’s what!” A voice replied from behind them. Both girls turned around and faced Angel, who slowly walked down the rest of the steps, grinning. The girl was dressed in an all-black jumpsuit with silver zippers and hooks all over, her legs tucked into a pair of high-heeled leather knee boots. The collar was pulled up and her hair was styled in her usual spiky do. Also her usual dark make-up covered her eyes and lips, while her face was ghostly pale. “You all never took me seriously, but this shows I have real powers!”

* * *

“What the hell…” Nina looked around, realizing she was naked and standing in Amber’s room. “Fuck…” she panicked and quickly got dressed, having no idea what had happened. The last thing she remembered was going into Amber’s room to help her with something she now couldn’t remember. Once dressed, she quietly sneaked out of the room and closed the door behind her. As she walked down the hall back to her room, she suddenly felt the urge to go to the basement. Without hesitation she headed in that direction.

Nina got downstairs just in time to see Amber and Angel standing face to face. Angel? How do I know her name? Nina thought, thinking she’d never even met that person. Suddenly an image of she and Angel meeting in the hall popped into her head. According to Amber, Angel was the crazy one who thought she was a witch. Nina remembered the girl being particularly cold to her. Phoebe was nearby, looking worriedly at Amber and then at rest of the sisters who were frozen like statues!

“Change them back now!” Amber shouted, gesturing at the motionless montage behind her.

“No,” Angel simply said, with smug look. A brief memory of her casting a bad luck spell on Amber crossed her mind, not a frozen spell like on the others. The memory was brief though and vanished like it never existed, just like the urge that she had gotten moments ago to dress the way she had and head down. A new memory came to her, of casting a blanket immobility spell on the girls to freeze them as living waxworks. She grinned, knowing it had worked perfectly.

“You crazy bit…” Amber yelled, grabbing at Angel. There was however nothing more than the futile reach as her voice went silent afterwards. Amber, too, froze with rage covering her face.

Angel smiled, prying Amber’s rigid hands from her jumpsuit. Amber stood immobilized, one foot in front of the other, her arms out in front of her, fingers held in a grabbing motion. “Who’s the bitch, now,” Angel snickered, poking Amber on the head. The tanned blond fell to the ground rigidly, holding her pose like a window mannequin as she fell.  Amber stared at the ceiling, stiff as a board.

Phoebe dropped to her knees and crawled over to Amber, “Amber, Amber…” she muttered, her eyes tearing. “What did you do?!” Phoebe shouted, looking up at Angel, her voice full of hate.

For a second Angel didn’t know what to say. She was lost; she didn’t know what had happened. She didn’t want this. Those thoughts quickly vanished and the recollection of the freeze spell she’d just cast on Amber came to her. She hated the sorority. “It’s for her own good; she’s a tool,” Angel finally replied.  “Do you want to be next; well, do you?”

* * *


Susie yawned quickly and stretched after coming back to her body when Amber was frozen. After regaining her composure she stood up at attention and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath and slowly releasing it. Within seconds her body was stiff once again as it joined those around her in the quiet lonely bedroom.  Her consciousness, once again, was elsewhere.

* * *


There was a first time for everything. This was the first time Susie entered a body in pain. There was a heavy weight on her chest; she could barely breathe. The right side of her face was burning. She was in horrible pain; her heart rate was racing and her eyes were watering. What the hell is going on? “Please stop! She yelled. Even suffering from the stress she was in, she maintained her focus to use the body’s voice. She heard a voice yell something but couldn’t understand it and then the weight was off and she could breathe. She slowly sat up, looked around and saw Nina holding Phoebe.

Phoebe, calm down,” Nina said soothingly. Phoebe sobbed heavily. Her hands were balled in fists with bruised and bleeding knuckles. She looked towards Susie with hateful eyes.

For a second Susie had no idea what was going on. She was in pain; everything hurt, especially her face. She looked down, seeing the tight black jumpsuit with the silver zippers and hooks. She had shifted into Angel’s body. Looking behind her, she saw Amber and the others, still frozen. With all the commotion, Susie had forgotten what her plan had been with Angel. She was just hurt and regretful now. She wanted to be back in her own body.

“She was my best friend, you bitch!” Phoebe yelled, “Turn her back now!” she then demanded as she broke free from Nina’s grip.

Oh fuck… Susie thought…


* * *

Susie dropped to her knees, returning back into her body. She made another note to herself that she would either suppress past memories or find out more about her girls before playing around with them. Phoebe and Amber were never really chatty; she had figured them to be just good friends. Now after seeing and experiencing Phoebe’s outburst she knew it was a far stronger relationship than that. “Oh crap…” she muttered, standing up and rubbing her face. She was fine physically but she could still feel lingering pain. Susie stumbled out of her room. As she left, she released Kalania and Vanessa, who both left as well. Both girls stripped off their bikinis before they walked out, they were naked and blanked faced as they headed back to their rooms. Once they were gone, maid Wiener appeared at the door, staring out glassy-eyed and emotionless as she closed it.

By the time Susie reached the basement stairs she was fine; the pain all gone. Coming down the steps quickly, she could hear yelling. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, she stopped. Angel was lying motionless on the floor, which wasn’t the surprising part. Susie had put her to sleep as soon as she switched back to her own body. The surprising part was Angel’s nosebleed, busted lip and bruised face. Susie put her hands to her lips and gasped. She slowly walked up to the pale dark haired girl and knelt down beside her. Aside from her bruised face, she was fine and fast asleep.

“Change her back! Change her back!” Phoebe sobbed. She was in Nina’s arms as both girls were sitting on their knees. Nina was looking at Susie while Phoebe didn’t look much at anything; the girl seemed crazy.

“Shut up!” Susie yelled angrily, looking back down at Angel’s bruised face. She took a deep breath while calming herself, reminding herself that she had caused all this. It was what she got for playing with people’s emotions. Closing her eyes, she thought deeply. A new plan was quickly formulated. She reached down and touched Angel’s pulse; it was there as expected and beating strongly. She then turned to the two girls and said flatly, “she’s dead.”

As soon as those words came out, everyone else in the room instantly unfroze and came back to life. The shouting between the other girls continued for a moment before it ceased, as the girls noticed the presence of the others, and then Angel lying still on the floor. Amber sat up and looked around with confusion, scratching the back of her head where she had hit the carpet. Phoebe broke free from Nina’s grip and rushed over to Amber. “Amber– you’re OK!’ she shouted happily as she hugged the blond. Amber, still confused, returned the hug.

“What’s going on?” Amber asked, looking around. She then caught sight of the battered Angel, “Oh my…” she gasped, both hands covering her mouth in shock.

“Holy crap...” Leslie muttered.

“Look at her face,” Kelsey added.

“What the hell happened?” Rose asked.

“Is she okay?” Hannah asked next, only taking a glance and then looking away.

“She’s dead, right?” Nina then asked, approaching the group and looking down at Susie alongside Angel’s still form.

“I didn’t feel a pulse,” Susie lied, reaching down and touching the woman’s neck again. The pulse was there. Upon feeling the pulse Susie closed her eyes, took a quick deep silent breath and released it slowly and unnoticeably. Her body went rigid, still kneeling at Angel’s side, one hand on the floor, the other on the girl’s neck. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted.  Her viewpoint changed; suddenly she was looking at herself.

* * *


“Susie?” Susie asked her empty stiff body, using Roxy’s voice. The switch was done flawlessly this time since Roxy was right there in the room and Susie knew what was going on. She also knew everyone knew that aside from being a talented gymnast Roxy was also a pre-medical student too. “Susie?” Roxy said louder, coming around the sofa and kneeling down next to Angel and Susie’s own body.

Nina reached over and nudged Susie, “She’s frozen…like the others were…” she whispered.

“What?” Amber asked, separating from Phoebe and going to Susie and patting her. There was no response. “Susie!” Amber called, shaking Susie, “Oh my God…” she said noticing Susie was rigid and her pose unchanged.

“Oh my God what happened to her!” Tami spoke in a panic.  “Is she…?”

“Settle down everyone,” Roxy called out calmly but in a loud enough voice for everyone in the room to hear. She then reached down and touched Angel’s pulse. As she had done in her own body Susie took a deep breath and the released it with her eyes closed. Roxy’s body went stiff as Susie’s spirit left it.


* * *


Susie opened her eyes. Her head was throbbing and she was laying face down on the sheets. “Fuck…” she grumbled as she sat up slowly. “How much did you drink last night?” she asked no one in particular with her voice slurred by a thick Russian accent. She swung Kalania’s long sexy legs over the side of the bed. Susie had sent the Russian back on her original course from the night before when Susie had used her for her project. Kalania rubbed her face vigorously before she stood up. She wobbled a bit; Kalania was nearly a foot taller than Susie so she wasn’t used to the long legs. She stood, leaning against a nearby desk, getting her bearings straight before moving again. Looking down at herself she saw Kalania was dressed in a pair of grey cotton booty shorts and a hooded long sleeved shirt. “Good enough,” she said in her own voice as she left the room.

Once Kalania had reached the basement, she found everyone in a panic. All the girls were yelling either Roxy or Susie’s name. Roxy was frozen across from Susie, kneeling with one hand on Angel’s neck. Both girls had their eyes closed and lips agape. Everyone seemed to be worried about Susie or Roxy. She felt kind of warm knowing this and also sort of bad that no one seemed to care too much about Angel. It was Angel’s choice though; she despised everyone and she was very clear about that. Susie made another mental note in her growing list – she was going to have to do something about Angel. “What’s going on?” Kalania called out and then added, “Don’t touch her!”

Everyone went quiet turned at the tall Russian. Susie suddenly felt uneasy; Kalania was used to this, not her. She shifted to a more confident stance with her hands on her hips and asked again, “Vhat’s goingk on?”

No one said anything for a moment before Phoebe stood up and started to explain in gasps; everyone listened quietly. Nina confirmed the ending, as that was what she had walked in on. Once Phoebe was finished, Amber hugged her as she cried. The other girls talked among themselves in hushed tones looking down at Angel, not sure what to think. Sadly Susie didn’t sense any sadness among the girls. There was regret though, and a hint of fear. Kalania walked over and looked down at the two frozen girls and Angel. She touched Susie’s neck briefly and then Roxy’s, “They’re dead,” she declared; in her accent that made the news seem even grimmer. The girls all began to talk quickly, almost panicking. Hannah started to cry and was consoled by Rose, who also started to cry herself. Soon there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

“How did this happen?” Amber asked, wiping her eyes while she was still holding on to Phoebe.

“Is the dark witch’s spell…” Kalania started to explain, gesturing at Angel’s ‘lifeless’ form. “I read from her books, she cast a spell on herself so when she dies those who touch their skin against her skin shall be frozen for all eternity.” Susie smiled inside. That was pretty good. The question now was, did they believe her? All of the girls were silent. “There iz way to reverse such spell though,” Kalania then said.

“Would this bring back Angel too?” Nina asked, hope in her voice.

“No,” Kalania replied flatly. Jaki let out a sigh of relief but no one really paid attention to her. Nina turned sad once more. Looking into her thoughts, Susie could feel that Nina was sad for all three of the girls, who she barely knew.

“What do we have to do for Roxy and Susie then, some kind of séance?” Amber said, eagerly stepping up.

“Anything; we’ll do it,” Kelsey added with the same attitude, “They’re our sisters.”

“So was Angel,” Nina added coldly.

The room was silent no one knew what to say, not even Susie. The new girl was right. You go girl! Susie thought, smiling inside. She could tell Nina was going to be a great addition to the house.

“First, you have to move them away from touching Angel’s body,” Kalania gestured towards Susie and Roxy. “Be very careful not to touch her yourself or you’ll end up frozen too!” Right away Tami and Leslie moved behind Roxy and pulled her away. Jaki and Rose got behind Susie and pulled her away, leaving Angel alone.

“They’re posable,” Leslie remarked as she pulled Roxy’s legs straight so the redheaded Latina could stand up. Jaki did the same with Susie. Both girls were moved to stand next to one another with their arms at their sides.

“Hey what’s going on?” Vanessa asked with a yawn, coming down the steps. Everyone turned in her direction and she looked at Amber.

Amber stepped up, “sit down; we have something we need to tell you about Roxy.”

* * *


Susie focused on the dining room where most the girls were. They all sat around the dining room table, surrounding Vanessa who was a mess after hearing Kalania and seeing her roommate frozen for what might be eternity. Susie had removed the most logical thought from everyone heads, which was to immediately call the police. They had unexplained things happening and a ‘dead’ girl in the basement but no one had thought about calling the police, thanks in part to Susie’s necklace and their rings. Vanessa and Roxy both met during orientation and both decided to pledge the same house so in a sense they were best friends so far. The news of Roxy being frozen was devastating, especially when since Vanessa was sleeping when it all happened. She wished she had been there to save Roxy.

Amber and Phoebe both flanked Vanessa, putting their arms around her. Sitting next to Amber were Jaki and Kelsey. The four girls, Amber, Phoebe, Jaki, and Kelsey were the officers of the house and the backbone of the sorority. They were also the chapter founders, minus Sandy Vanholt, their fallen sister. They were the closest friends in the house. Also at the table sitting next to Phoebe was Nina, who had felt bad for everyone involved; she felt she should have been there, to help any way she could even though she didn’t really know Vanessa till few moments ago. Nina showed maturity and a certain gutsy charisma that Amber seemed to lack or had less of; the other girls, including Vanessa, automatically levitated towards her. Susie could sense the jealously brewing; it was nothing at the moment, given the current situation, but it was there. Amber was starting to look at Nina as a threat.

The overall mood in the dining room was somber. It was really kind of sappy too, with all the tears and words of encouragement and hope. Susie had enough and switched her focus.

* * *

Down in the basement they had draped a bed sheet over Angel’s thought to be dead body but in actuality they had covered a sleeping girl, a sleeping girl on the floor. Unnoticed by the girls’ clouded consciousness, Angel was actually softly snoring.

They had not been sisters too long but there was already a sense of division in the house. Everyone was a Phi Sig girl, but within in any social group there were sub-groups. First there were the high-ranking girls, Amber and company, who have been through a lot together. Then there were the athletes: Tami, Leslie, Vanessa and Roxy, who shared a bond that only athletes understood. Then there was the ‘regular’ group mostly made up of new girls; this included Susie, Hannah, Rose and Kalania. The oddball and the ‘unique’ one was Angel, who was alone at the moment. Nina was too soon to tell but Susie could see she was one who would try to bond with everyone.

Rose and Hannah, the roommates, felt bad for Vanessa and comforted her the best they could but the four older sisters had mostly taken care of that already. They felt the dining room was too crowded and that they weren’t really doing anything productive. They also felt that it sure as hell wasn’t a normal rainy Sunday to be sitting around and just studying while all this was going on. So they headed to the basement to keep their frozen sisters company. Kalania had assured them that she would find a way to reverse everything. So they were not worried about Susie and Roxy too much at the moment, nor Angel, who was covered up and not in sight.

“It’s so weird,” Rose observed as she looked at the motionless figures of Susie and Roxy, who now seemed more like a pair of mannequins than living girls. Susie stood dressed in pink and white pajama bottoms, a white long sleeved t-shirt and pink fuzzy socks. Her hair was tied into a ponytail and she sported her perfect bangs that everyone in the house knew her for. Her eyes were shut and her lips were parted, while her head was looking downward. Her legs were straight and slightly apart. Roxy stood to her right; the redhead was dressed in a DSC orange hooded sweatshirt, orange and black DSC mesh shorts and white ankle socks. Her red hair was tied into a loose ponytail. Oddly but unnoticed by the girls, her facial expression was identical to Susie’s; it looked like the two were playing the mirror game with their faces. She stood with her muscular gymnast’s legs spread wide.

“It is,” Hannah replied, sitting crossed legged on the floor next to Rose. Looking up at her stock-still roommate, she asked, “They’re going to be okay… right?”

Rose smiled and sat down next her friend, “I’m sure they are,” she answered, putting an arm around Hannah.

Both girls were quiet for a moment, looking at their suspended sisters. Hannah then said, “They’re like life-size Barbie dolls. I loved playing with Barbie when I was growing up,” she added.

“So did I,” Rose remarked and they both looked at each other and smiled. Getting up, both girls moved to one of the frozen girls; Rose went to Susie while Hannah approached Roxy.

“You can mold their expressions,” Hannah remarked as her fingers worked Roxy’s facial features. “This is much better than a Barbie,” she added, giggling at the wide goofy close-lipped smile that was now on Roxy’s face, which also featured a wide-eyed look as well. She then moved Roxy’s hands to her hips and spread her legs wider. Hannah finished the pose by tilting Roxy’s head to the right and tilting her chin upward slightly.

“Oh this is so much better than with a plastic doll,” Rose agreed. She had reduced Susie’s eyes to slits and puckered her frozen sorority sister’s lips into a kiss. Susie’s hands were raised up to head level and the fingers on each hand were molded into the iconic two-finger ‘peace’ symbol.  “Looks just like one of those tourists,” she then said, stepping back.

Hannah laughed, looking at Susie, “She kinda does,” she agreed. “Doesn’t Roxy look like a super-heroine?”

“Not with that goofy smile! She looks like she mentally ill or something,” Rose replied, laughing with Hannah following suit.

“I can fix that,” Hannah said, turning Roxy’s face forward; she then molded a serious, determined, expression on the girl’s face. With Roxy now looking ahead, Hannah moved the frozen girl’s arms out in front of her with her hands palms down and fingers straight. She then put Roxy’s legs together and moved her right leg ahead of her of left. “How’s that?” Hannah asked, smiling.

“For an artist you’re not being very creative,” Rose replied, shaking her head and smiling. “Check this out,” she then said, going to work on Susie. The dark haired girl moved Susie’s hands together, putting the stiff girl’s palms together. She then molded Susie’s face into a peaceful close-eyed expression with a soft smile on her lips.

“That’s not very creative either…” Hannah said with frown, crossing her arms.

“Well I’m not an artist though; what’s your excuse?” Rose shot back with a smile.

“HA HA, very funny…” Hannah replied, looking back over at Roxy in thought. Rose did the same with Susie.

Boring…Susie thought and switched focus.


* * *


Back in Kalania and Angel’s room, Leslie and Tami stood at attention with smiles pasted on their faces. Their eyes were empty and looking forward. Susie, in Kalania’s body, sat at the desk in thought and looked around the room. She looked at a clock on a nearby nightstand. She and the other two girls had been up in the room for almost 10 minutes. Leslie and Tami had volunteered to go help Kalania look for the ‘cure’. Since there really wasn’t anything to really look for, as soon they got into the room Susie put the two supportive volleyball players into trances; time wasn’t passing for them.

The tall Russian got up and walked around the room. Going over to Angel’s side of the room, she messed around with the little spiritual trinkets the girl had lying around, thinking about what her next move was going to be. She plopped down on Angel’s bed, deep in thought. Randomly she lifted one of Angel’s pillows up and noted a photograph turned face down under it. Curious, Susie grabbed the photo and took a closer look at it. It was a photo of Angel and someone older, who looked to be her mom. “Interesting…” Susie muttered in her own voice, replacing the photo back to where it had been. This day had so far been an educational one. How was she going to end it now? She sat in thought for another few minutes before a sly smile appeared on the Russian’s borrowed lips.


* * *

“Hey guys what’s going on?” Nina asked worriedly as she followed the other girls. It was very odd; everyone all of a sudden had just gotten up and followed Kalania after she, Leslie and Tami came back downstairs. Kalania was now dressed in a black cloak and clutched a large old leather-bound book against her chest. She didn’t say anything to anyone; the other girls just gotten up and followed her. Nina was confused and lost; the only thing she could do was to just follow the others. When they all got down to the basement, Nina pushed her way to the front of the group and was shocked at what she saw.

Angel’s body was now clad only a red studded bra and a black silk g-string. The girl was laid out straight on the bed sheet that they had covered her with before. Rose and Hannah stood stiffly by with rubber gloves on, looking down at the nearly naked girl. “What’s going on here!?” Nina demanded, looking around to someone for an answer.

“We must burn the body of the witch to free the curse on Susie and Roxy,” Kalania announced solemnly with the other girls nodding in agreement.

“What?!” Nina exclaimed shocked. “Are you nuts? Are you all mad!? We can’t burn someone’s body.  Its… against the sorority bylaws,” she finished weakly.

“It is the only way,” Kalania replied seriously. It was taking all of Susie’s willpower not to laugh.

“NO! Surely there must be another way! Amber?” Nina asked pleadingly. “You’re not going to let them do this, are you?”

“Jaki, Kelsey; get the gas can from the garage,” Amber ordered, looking directly at Nina, “We must,” she said firmly as Susie planted the words in her mind.

“NO! I won’t let you! This is completely insane!” Nina exclaimed and lay down over Angel’s body. It was then that she noticed the presumed ‘dead’ girl was breathing! “Wait! She’s alive!”

As if on cue, Angel suddenly opened her eyes and smiled through her busted lip and bruised face. She sat up and hugged Nina, “Welcome to the Phi Sigma Delta house!”

“Got you!” All of the girls yelled, rushing over and tackling Nina in hugs.  Susie and Roxy suddenly came alive again as well to join in the celebration.

“Oh my God! You guys suck! Bitches!’ Nina yelled, but couldn’t help to laugh along with the others and returned their hugs. It was truly a good hazing; it had seemed so real, more so than she would even know.

* * *


The rest of the day was more or less normal as the girls spent most of the afternoon getting to know Nina. Thanks to Susie’s necklace, no one really figured out the complexity of the prank and Nina didn’t ask about it. By evening Amber and Phoebe had organized a movie night to celebrate Nina’s arrival and everyone, even the bruised Angel, gathered together in the basement to view the night’s featured presentation. Angel’s bruising was explained by an earlier clumsiness; the other girls joked about it with Angel going along, with some help from her ring and Susie’s necklace.

Susie sat at her computer typing up the report that went along with the two bikinis that she had designed. It was only a two-page report and she breezed through it in less than thirty minutes, her academic endowments at work.

Her door opened and Hannah and Rose entered. Beatrice, who was standing at attention next to the door, shut it after the two girls had entered. The two roommates had blank looks on their faces as they came to a stop in the center of Susie’s room and stood at attention, side by side. Hannah was dressed in a navy tank top and pink spotted shorts. Rose was dressed in maroon silk pajamas. Susie turned and smiled at her guests. “Welcome, ladies.” After a single projected thought, the crowd in the basement did not even realize the three of them were missing from the fun. “I’m in the mood for a threesome… after our little crazy day, since the two of you had your little fun with me earlier when my body was frozen, it’s only fair…” Susie smirked as she walked around the two glassy-eyed roommates.

Susie was about to unbutton Rose’s pajama top when her phone rang. “Oh drat…” She cursed and stomped her feet. “Strip naked, both of you,” she ordered, picking up phone. Hannah and Rose held their vacant expressions as they did what they were told. “Hi mother,” Susie answered her phone with sigh, sitting down at her desk. “How was my day? Well it was a crazy Sunday, mother…”


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