Cyber Realities — Part 1

by Disman

Dana and Francine had recently been married and the timing in their lives couldn't be better.  Dana had finished law school and had done well enough to land a partner track position with a major northeast law firm based in Boston.  Francine had worked Dana's way through law school as an executive recruiter for the high tech industry.  She was able to work at home and make good money.  Her income combined with Dana's allowed them to buy a nice townhouse near Newbury Street.  Things couldn't be better.

As with most newlyweds, Dana and Francine had a great and regular sex life.  The best sex seemed to come in the evening after Francine had come home from meeting with one of her clients.  A client meeting meant that Francine had to dress up in on of her best business suits.  Dana loved to help her undress and was especially turned on by the curves of Francine's well-sculpted body in her bra and garter belt or pantyhose.  Every morning after Dana left for the firm, Francine headed to the gym for a workout.  The results gave Francine a body to behold.


Things started to change one summer evening after Dana came home from work.  Francine was on a business trip to the West Coast and Dana was home alone.  He put on his sweats and headed down to the corner store for milk.  Newbury Street was home to a number of upscale clothing stores and quaint shops.  One of those shops was a brand new boutique—Valerie’s Closet.

Everyday, Dana had walked by a number of women's clothing stores.  But Valerie's Closet was different.  The store was new and sparsely decorated.  Dana's attention was immediately drawn to the front window.  In the window was headless torso form wearing a red silk dress with spaghetti straps.  The dress hugged the form’s body and Dana marveled at every curve in the form’s body.  Dana stopped and found himself staring at the form for an uncomfortably long minute.  Dana didn't understand why, but he was oddly fascinated with the mannequin form. 

A fascination was more than odd—it was somewhere between erotic and downright weird. 

That night Dana was home alone and he couldn't get the mannequin off his mind.  Before bed he took a walk back toward Valerie's Closet and, with no one else around, stared at the mannequin form for a good fifteen minutes.  The single overhead spotlight on its otherwise dark torso highlighted every curve on its form.  Even though the form didn’t have arms, lower legs or a head, it looked incredibly realistic.  Through the silky fabric, Dana could see that the form had a realistic body complete with nipples and a navel.

The next morning and all through the next day the mannequin form was on his mind.  He couldn't figure out why.

Dana was looking forward to coming home from work because Francine would be home from her trip.  His thoughts turned from the stiff mannequin form to Francine's soft yet muscular form.  On the way home from the train station, Dana detoured past Valerie's Closet for one more look.  His breathing was more rapid than usual.  Could it be that this mannequin turned him on in some unique way?  Was this normal?

As he neared the shop he immediately notice that something was different.  The mannequin form had been changed.  Instead of a silk dress, the mannequin form was now wearing a sheer white bra and panty set.  Dana had to put his hands in his pocket to cover up his erection.  This is too weird, he thought.


Dana arrived at the townhouse, just as Francine's cab arrived from the airport.  They immediately embraced and kissed in a way that showed the intensity of their love and fondness for each other. 

Once upstairs in their bedroom Francine asked Dana to unzip her knit dress.  As he stood behind her and unzipped the dress, Dana could see the fastener of Francine's clean white bra in contrast to the black dress and her skin.  Dana kneaded Francine's buns through her black panty hose.  Francine groaned with pleasure as she slipped off the pantyhose.  She then turned around and gave Dana a French kiss that must've lasted a full two minutes although Dana wished it could be an eternity.

As Dana drew back from Francine's kiss, he slowly opened his eyes looking down at Francine.  It was that exact moment that Dana knew why the mannequin form in the lingerie store window affected him in the way that it did.  Francine's body—every curve, every well-defined muscle, every shadow from the overhead light-was exactly the same as the mannequin's.  Dana paused and stared.  The resemblance was uncanny and exact.  Dana couldn’t explain it but he knew without a doubt that Francine had the exact same body as the mannequin!

Dana was now relaxed and more turned-on than ever.  The subsequent orgasm was among the best he had ever experienced.

The next morning Dana paused at the boutique and once again examined the mannequin torso.  This visit only confirmed that the mannequin's measurements were exactly the same as Francine.  The situation excited Dana in a way that he couldn't explain.


That evening on the way home from work Dana found himself standing in front of Valerie's Closet yet again.  He wondered if his excitement had moved into obsession.  After looking at the torso in the window for a few minutes he was amazed, even the skin color seemed to be exactly the same as Francine. 

"That's a pretty bra and panty set, isn't it?" 

Dana almost jumped a mile.  The voice startled him.  A little embarrassed, Dana commented back, "Y - Y - Yes, I guess it is."

"You can come on in and I'll bet we can fix you up with a great gift for your girl."

"I suppose you could," was Dana's timid response.  At this point it was obvious that the woman worked in the store.  Dana thought that she must've come out to see what he was staring at.  Dana became even more embarrassed as he followed this woman into the store.

The woman was very talkative and within a few minutes Dana found that the woman's name was Valerie and that she had started this store on her own after being a manager in one of the large department stores for a number of years.  "So far so good."  Valerie loved the independence.  "I've got to get more inventory, some additional store fixtures and a couple mannequins for the front window.  But I'm happy with the first week's sales."

“I think your mannequin in the front window looks great just as it is,” commented Dana before he realized he was talking out loud. 

Valerie got a smurk on her face.  “Well sir, I’ve got a couple of mannequins on order from Le Curves, a local firm that makes the most realistic mannequins in the industry.  This form is one of theirs; I’ve finally saved up enough for the full bodies.  Although, I think this form is incredibly sexy.”

“You can say that agai--.” Dana again forgot that he was talking out loud.

Dana was a little embarrassed by his questions and Valerie’s detailed answers.  However, having a conversation with a strange woman about realistic mannequin bodies did excite him in a strange way. 

Dana walked into the store and was impressed.  It had great ambiance.  Valerie had chosen only elegant lingerie, evening ware and accessories.  Sweet perfumes filled the air.  He would have loved to be uninhibited and stay for the evening, checking out every item the store offered and dream of it on Francine's body.

Following Valerie's advice, Dana decided to get Francine the same bra and panty set that was on the torso.  The price for the set was $130!  Valerie carried expensive stuff, but in this case it could have been double the amount and it wouldn’t have mattered.

"Hmmm.  36-B bra and medium panties," Valerie whispered as she looked through the racks of bras.  "I don't have her size here, let me check the mannequin in the front window."

Valerie stepped into the front window and pulled back on the mannequin's bra.  "34-B, this is what we need."  Dana wasn't at all surprised when Valerie found that the mannequin form wore the exact same size as Francine. 

While Dana watched, Valerie spun the form around so that it was facing the inside of the store.  Dana's eyes and crotch grew big as he watched Valerie take off the mannequin's bra and panties.  Underneath the bra, the mannequin's breasts again bore an uncanny resemblance to Francine's.  Likewise with her pelvic bone and crotch.  One of the only differences between Francine and the mannequin was the color of the form’s nipples and areolas.  They looked more realistic than the average mannequin, but the color was lighter and wasn’t that much different than the skin tone.  The other difference was that Francine had pubic hair and sex.  The mannequin didn’t have pubic hair but Dana thought there was more than just a smooth crotch.  He couldn’t tell for sure without staring or getting close—two things he didn’t want to do. 

Dana ran home anxious and excited to give Francine her gift.


"Hi honey, you're late," was Francine's welcome when Dana walked through the door at home.  The stop at Valerie's had made Dana late.  Dana looked over to the table.  As usual, Francine had made a nice dinner.  This time is was a pasta dish with salad and wine.

"I was late because I bought you a little something."  Dana handed Francine the package from Valerie's.  He could hardly keep from smiling.

"You're forgiven for being late," was Francine's giddy response as she opened the package.  "Woooooo, you sexy thing.  I like it.  Let's eat before it gets cold and I'll try it on for dessert."

The meal was great, but all Dana could think about was Francine in the bra and panty set.  Meanwhile Francine talked about the routine aspects of her day and asked Dana about his—common conversation for an uncommon evening.

While Dana had seconds on the pasta (only after Francine insisted!), Francine went into the kitchen to get dessert ready.  She had made fresh gingerbread and had to whip the whipping cream. 

Dana was pleasantly surprised when Francine came back around the doorway from the kitchen wearing the bra and panty set and holding two plates with gingerbread topped with whipped cream.

Francine was amazed that the bra and panties fit so perfect.  Dana wasn't at all.  Once again he knew that Francine and the mannequin form had the exact same figure.

The sex surpassed the sex a few nights ago.  With every move and pulse of their lovemaking, Dana thought of the mannequin torso at Valerie's.  At one point he even imagined that he was making love to the mannequin.  This was getting weird, but Dana’s was so turned on he didn’t care.

Once they were finished, Dana decided to take a shower before watching Thursday night TV.  Francine put on her housecoat and went over to the computer. 

Once Dana was out of the shower he walked into the bedroom and began to massage Francine's shoulders as she surfed the Internet.  He noticed that she had a yellow measuring tape around her neck.  "Hey look at this honey." Francine clicked on the mouse and brought up a website for women's lingerie.

"I like this site," commented Dana.

"I bet you do," Francine retorted with a smirk on her face.  "This is the website for the company that makes the bra and panty set you bought me.  Part of their website is this thing they call a virtual model.  I plug in all my features and it creates a cyber girl in my image!  See!"

As Dana watched on, Francine clicked to reveal the virtual model that she had made.  Dana was astonished at the likeness.  The model came in a pop-up window and was dressed in the same bra and panty set that Dana had bought for Francine.  By clicking on the bottom of the window, Francine could rotate her cyber-self 360 degrees around.

"How did you find out about this?"

"It was on the tag on the bra set.  It's pretty easy—you put down your exact measurements.  That's why I've got the tape measure here.  They needed exact measurements.  Then they ask you to identify your face shape, hair color, hairstyle, eyes, nose and lips.  They even asked for the first name of my significant other-that's you!"

Dana watched in amazement as Francine clicked on various lingerie items and immediately they appeared on Francine's cyber form.  "So do you save the form so that you can bring it up whenever you access their site?"  Dana was hoping this would be the case.

"Yep, I'm Francine13 and you know my password."  Dana did know her password; she always used the name of a cat she had as a child—Midnight. 

The couple stayed at the computer for at least an hour, trying different lingerie items on the cyber Francine.  Dana's favorite was a strapless bustier with a matching garter belt.  Francine liked some of the teddy sets.

After a bit Francine yawned and went off to bed. 


A few nights later Francine was out to dinner with a new local client and Dana was home alone.  He went back to the site and pulled up the cyber model Francine13 using the password Midnight. 

He spent about a half an hour trying different outfits on the model before a unique thought came to mind.  Dana had always had an extraordinary fascination with women and their bodies.  It was not unusual for Dana to have opinions about Francine’s wardrobe.  She had always marveled that having Dana along on a shopping spree was just as good as one of her girlfriends. 

Secretly Dana always had always wondered what it would be like to be female.  He didn’t want to be female forever, he just wished there was some sort of virtual reality machine that could turn him into a woman for the day.  This exceptionally strong curiosity led Dana to create a cyber model for himself.  Using Francine's measurements, Dana adapted the cyber form to his complexion, hair color and face shape. 

With a click of a mouse, the Dana's female persona stood before him on the screen.  Dana was turned on in a way he never dreamed he could be.  The cyber form had the same well-defined athletic body as Francine's, but with darker skin and dark hair as opposed to Francine's light skin and sandy blonde hair.

Dana gave his female persona the name "Dana"—after all he had a unisex name.  Under the spouse, he put Francine.  He saved it with the password femaleDana.

He tried various lingerie items on his cyber-female form.  He tried on the strapless bustier that didn't particularly excite Francine.  The black version looked best, but he especially liked the strapless bra of the same style.  He rotated the cyber figure around a number of times to observe every angle of his female form.  He used the mouse pointer to gently caress his female breasts and crotch.  The whole process excited Dana immensely in a way he could never have dreamed.

Dana then noticed an option he hadn't seen before.  At the bottom of the window was a button entitled "remove clothes."  He anxiously clicked the button and in a few seconds Dana's nude form stood before him.  The result left Dana so excited that he almost forgot to breathe.  The nude form before him was again identical to Francine's body except for Dana's face and skin tone.  Each breast was crowned with a darkish pink areola and nipple and the crotch had a swatch of dark public hair. 

Dana's right hand used the mouse to caress this nude body while him left have uncontrollably moved to his erect crotch and began rubbing.  Click.  "Hey honey I'm home."

"Shit."  It was Francine.  She had come home.  Dana sighed and quickly exited the program. 

"Watcha’ doin'?"

"Just surfin', I just finished.  Want to go in the hot tub?"


With that, Dana and Francine went out on the upper deck to their hot tub.  It was just after 11 p.m. and the stars were out on a chilly evening.  Once in the tub, their sexual flurry of the last few days continued.  Dana's exposure to his female persona was very much on his mind.  He dreamed of what it would be like to be the female Dana making love to the fellow female Francine.  The thought only made him more aroused than ever before.


Two weeks went by.  During that time Dana was a regular visitor to the lingerie website and both virtual women.  Dana incorporated Valerie's Closet into his regular routine and walked past it at least twice each day.  The shop continued to look like it needed more inventory and the front window looked like it needed more than just the single torso form.  In the last few days the torso was wearing a long rose colored strapless evening gown with velvet accents.

He waited for Valerie to get the new mannequins she had told him about.  Dana continued to be turned-on every time he walked past the torso in the window and every time he saw Francine wearing the bra and panty set that he bought from Valerie.

One particular evening both Dana and Francine were at home.  Dana was watching "Must See TV" while Francine was on the computer finishing up a project for a client. 

"Dana, come're.  Look at this email I got."

"Now?" was Dana's annoyed reply.

"Yes now.  You've got to see this."

Dana walked into their bedroom were Francine was seated at the computer desk.  Francine had Dana read the email she had just received:

TO:         Francine <francine13>


RE:          Need For Mannequin Models


My company makes mannequins for various clothing manufacturers.  You recently accessed the website of one of those manufacturers and gave your measurements to create a cyber model of yourself.  Those measurements are precisely what we need to create a mannequin for one of our clients.  Your address information shows that we are in the same community and I would like to meet with you to discuss modeling for us.  If selected you will receive $2,000 for work that will take approximately 5 evenings.  You are welcome to bring your partner Dana with you.

I would like to start as soon as possible.  Please call me.

Vicki MacIntyre

LeCurves Mannequins

The salutation followed with LeCurves's phone number.  "Whadaya think honey?"


Dana's eyes about popped out of their sockets.  In light of recent events this was a dream come true.  First the torso at Valerie's was the spittin' image of Francine and then the cyber model.  And now the thought of a mannequin being modeled after Francine.  Dana was so turned on he was speechless.  He also remembered the name LeCurves as the mannequin company Valerie referred to, and if that were the case it would be worth it all just to see the place!

"Well . . . ah . . . er . . . wow . . . it sounds great!"  Then Dana's cautious side eased in.  "Let's call them and see if they're legit."

"Right now?"  Francine didn't let on, but the idea seemed adventurous to her.  She was proud of her body in a humble sort of way and the idea of modeling for a mannequin was instantly exciting.  Plus the $2,000 seemed like a great way to earn a little extra money.


"Sure . . . I guess. . . maybe they're open in the evenings."

"I'll talk, you get on the other line."

Dana grabbed the other line while Francine punched the number.  They both grew anxious as they heard ringing on the line.

Ring.  Pause.  Ring.  Pause.  "LeCurves Mannequins.  This is Vicki."

"H-Hello.  This is Francine Stempfill.  I'm responding to the email you sent me.  You were looking for a model for a-"

"Mannequin.  Yes that's right.  I think I just sent you an email."  Vicki seemed very pleasant over the phone.  She sounded young, maybe in her twenties or thirties.  "If you qualified, it would take about five nights.  We would pay you $2,000.  Are you interested?"

"Yes" was the quick answer.  "What do I do?"

"Well the first step is to come in and get measured.  We need to have a good look at you.  Are the measurements on your cyber form accurate?"

"Yes.  I sat in front of the computer and measured myself."

"Great.  Once you come in we would confirm those measurements the first evening.  The second evening we would make a plastic mold of your body in a specific pose.  The remaining nights you would pose while our artist makes the molded form into a realistic mannequin.  It's really quite enjoyable."

"Will I have clothes on for the process?"

"Oops, almost forgot to tell you that.  Yes.  You will be topless all the time.  You can wear pantyhose on your bottom half.  We try to keep the room warm.  The artist is a male, my husband Patrick.  We have an opening tomorrow night, I'd love to have you come by and get started.  Are you available?"

"Yes, I guess."  With the okay in hand, Vicki gave Francine the details of how to get to the LeCurves studio. 

"You are welcome to bring Dana with you."

The appointment was made.  I didn’t occur to Francine until later that it was unusual for Vicki to know Dana’s name.


The next morning, Francine took extra time examining her body in the bathroom mirror while Dana lay in bed and imagined her posing for an artist.  He didn't have to imagine what Francine would look like as a mannequin; the torso down the street answered all his questions.

After work they took a cab over to the LeCurves studio.  The studio was located on the second floor of an industrial building in an industrial section of town.  The streets were deserted.  A train whistle interrupted the rumble of the nearby freeway.  The train could be seen at the end of the street and the tracks went right down the middle of the street. 

Dana and Francine walked into the main door of the building.  The first floor appeared to be abandoned.  The elevator was a wide industrial version that didn't look available for a couple off the street.  They walked up the stairs to the second floor and were surprised by the elegant studio they found at the top of the stairs.  It was a paradise of style and color in a bland area of town.  The couple walked through a glass door into a carpeted reception area that doubled as a showroom for some of the most realistic mannequins either one had ever seen. 

There were three female mannequins, one of them was sitting and another looked like she was playing tennis.  The third female mannequin was standing in the center of the group.  She had a confident pose with her arms on her hips. 


There was a single male mannequin and three mannequin forms.  One of the mannequin forms was a female torso and another was just the upper half—a blouse form.  The final form was a pantyhose form seated on a glass coffee table.  In all cases the mannequins looked extremely real.  Dana got close to the seated female.  "Look how real she looks, honey."

Having been coaxed, Francine inched forward.  "You're right, they are very real.  Maybe it's the mold they make.

"It's okay to touch them.  I like to caress them."  The couple was startled as they turned to look at a woman standing behind them.  They both figured this to be Vicki and they were right.  "You must be Francine and Dana." 

Vicki was very pretty in her own right.  She had long dark red hair.  Her skin was tan and it appeared that her hair wasn't naturally red.  "The one in the middle is me.  Actually it's my twin sister Veronica.  Patrick did her just last week."  Vicki pointed to the confident mannequin standing in the middle. 

Francine and Dana’s eyes darted back and forth between Vickie and her “sister.”  Like the others this mannequin was very real.  Dana was a little embarrassed.  He now knew exactly what Vicki would look like nude.

Vicki paused to look at Dana.  “Hmmm.  I somehow thought Dana was a female partner.”  She had a frustrated furrow on her brow.  “That’s okay, this will work.”  Dana and Francine exchanged curious looks.  It was obvious neither of them understood Vicki’s comment.  It didn’t occur to Dana that his female cyber form had anything to do with his getting invited along.

After introductions Vicki took them past the reception area and into the main studio.  This was truly an artist's studio.  There were pieces of mannequins everywhere.  There they met Vicki's husband Patrick.  He was about 5' 8" with a bodybuilder's form.  He reminded Francine a little of Robin Williams without the humor.  In the center of the room a flesh-colored female mannequin stood on a pedestal.  It was apparent that Patrick had just been working on this mannequin.  Like the others, she was gorgeous. 

Patrick seemed shy in a way that would seem right for an artist that makes nude figures as his only business.  "Welcome to our studio.  I look forward to working with you."  Patrick spoke equally to Francine and Dana.

Vicki took over the conversation.  "Come with me into our dressing room and I'll measure you and see if we can use you."

The couple followed Vicki to a door at the far end of the studio.  Vicki used a key to open the deadlock on the door.  Inside, the dressing room looked to be more of a guestroom.  It had two Murphy beds that were in the down position.  There was also an adjoining bathroom.  The room had a high ceiling with two small windows that were about six-feet off the ground and barred from the outside.

“Francine, I'll need you to strip down to your bra and pantyhose.  Come on out into the studio or have Dana call for me when you are ready.”  With that, Vicki stepped back into the studio and closed the door.

Francine smiled and began undressing.  Within a couple of moments she was down to her bra and pantyhose.  Francine was wearing the sheer white bra that Dana had given her just a few days before.  Dana could see the shades and lines of Francine's nipple and areola through the fabric of the bra.  Although the room was warm, Francine’s nipples were very erect.

"I wish you hadn't worn THAT bra.  It's a little revealing."

"HELLO Dana!  I'm going to be topless when I'm modeling.  He'll see everything!”  She paused with a look of frustration that betrayed some of her own insecurities about posing nude.  “Are you sure you’re okay with this?"

"Yeah, I am.  It'll just take a little to get used to it."

"Me too.  Go and call Vicki.  I'll need to relax a little before I go out into the studio."

Dana opened the door to call Vicki and she was right there.  "I thought you'd be about ready."  She had a bottle of wine with two wineglasses.  "Francine, this is usually a little tough the first time.  Usually a glass of wine helps."

"Thanks.  You are right, I need to relax a little."

Francine and Dana nearly finished the bottle of wine by the time Vicki finished her measurements.  The couple was surprised at how many measurements that Vicki took.  She did all the usual measurements-waist, hips, bust, inseam.  But she also did a couple dozen other measurements—length of fingers, circumference of the head, nipple to nipple, circumference of the thighs in three different places standing and sitting.  Francine’s bust measurements were done with and without a bra.  Vicki put all the measurements into a laptop that she brought with her.

"Well I'm finally finished.  You can sit on the bed while my computer tells me whether you'll work out or not."  Francine drew a deep breath, any hesitance that she had to this point was gone.  After all, she was proud of her body and being a model for a mannequin would give her a piece of immortality for this stage of her life.  She even thought about buying one of the mannequins and displaying it in their townhouse like a piece of art.

Vicki tinkered around with the computer.  "Congratulations Francine, you will work great.  We would like to have you as one of our mannequins—er mannequin models.  Let's go out and tell Patrick.  He’ll be anxious to pick a pose for you."

Vicki grabbed Francine's arm and pulled her toward the door.  They were out in the studio before Francine realized that she was wearing nothing but pantyhose.  She felt a flush of blood through her skin as multiple goosebumps appeared all over her upper body and her nipples became pert again.


Patrick seemed happy to have Francine as his next model.  The four talked about the mannequin business while Vicki glanced at her watch.  After just a minute both Dana and Francine appeared to be quite sleepy.  Each of them independently thought that the wine was probably having an effect.  Francine started to fall and Vicki quickly grabbed her and gently set her down on the wood floor.  A minute later Dana fell into Patrick's arms and was also gently laid down on the floor.

The sleep was such that neither Francine nor Dana could talk.  Their bodies simply fell limp and wouldn't respond to their commands.  Their eyes remained wide open and fixed straight ahead in a blind gaze.  Mentally they were aware of everything that was happening and were both extremely panicked.

"Let's get them into the dressing room," Patrick commanded as he picked up the limp Francine and carried her over his shoulder into the dressing room.  Once in the room, Vicki put up the Murphy bed on the wall opposite the door and locked it in place.  There were two round metal plates in the ceiling above where the bed was.  With Francine still over Patrick's shoulder, Vicki fastened a padded metal bracelet around each of Vicki's wrists. 

Vicki then stood back and pointed a small remote control unit at Francine.  The bracelets were magneting and her arms slowly lifted up toward the plates in the ceiling until eventually she was lifted off Patrick's shoulder.  Her body was elevated to where her extended arms and wrists were within six inches of the plates.  Francine was still unable to control any part of her body as evidenced by her dropped head.  Through the bangs of her now disheveled hair, Francine could see the base of the door that she had just been carried through and out into Patrick's workshop.  Out in the shop she could see Dana's feet were the wine had rendered him helpless.  Francine's emotions were numb like her body.  She couldn't figure want was happening but she knew it wasn't good.

They paused a moment to admire Francine's body before going back out for Dana.  Patrick paused a moment to run his index finger in a cylindrical motion around Francine's left breast ending up at the tip of her nipple.  “I hope you like your new life.”

Patrick and Vicki worked together to get the heavier Dana into the dressing room.  Like Francine, he was limp.  Once in the room they laid Dana on the floor and moved the opposite bed in its upright position.  Another set of the metal disks was in the ceiling above this bed.  Vicki fastened another set of metal wristbands onto Dana and Patrick used another remote to pull him up into position.  Because of their magnetic force the metal disks held Francine and Dana in place without wires or chains. 

With Dana in place Patrick walked back into the studio.  “Don't take too long undressing him, Vick.” Patrick said with a grin as he left.

Dana didn't know whether to be aroused or petrified when the seductive Vicki started to unbutton his shirt.  Rather than pull the shirt up over his extended arms.  Vicki pulled out a pair of surgical scissors and simply cut it off his body.  Hey I just got this shirt!  Dana wanted to protest, but to no avail.

With the shirt off Vicki moved her hands over Dana's dark chest hair and down to his navel.  She unbuttoned his khaki slacks and pulled them down over his buns to reveal a bright red set of briefs with a white waistband.  She then had to pause for a moment to removed Dana's shoes.  This was quite easy with his feet elevated about three feet off the floor.  Within a few minutes Vicki was caressing Dana's muscular legs.

As scared as Dana was, he had to admit that he was totally enjoying having Vicki remove his clothes.  She did it in a slow and deliberate way that led Dana to accurately believe that she enjoyed it too.  Vicki then moved to Dana's last item of clothing—his briefs.  To Dana's astonishment, she used her mouth to grab the waistband and pull it down past his genitals.  She then pulled them the rest of the way off while she rubbed her breasts against his balls.  Dana nearly had an orgasm right on the spot. 

Vicki then pulled out a tube of massage oil and began to aggressively caress Dana's organ.  "I want you to enjoy this one last time."  Those words didn't sink in fully until Dana's juices pumped into Vicki's hands.  What the heck did she mean by that?  The only conclusion he came to was that they were going to be killed.

Meanwhile on the other side of the room, Francine was aghast.  But that feeling was soon to change.

Once Vicki cleaned up from her experience with Dana she turned to Francine.  She pulled off Francine's pantyhose and panties.  She then pulled out a chrome metal bar that was about three feet long and an inch in diameter.  She used the same massage oil to lubricate the bar and then used a see-saw motion to push it back and forth along the outside of Francine's sex while she kissed and bit Francine's nipples. 

Vicki knew she was having success when she saw little goosebumps reappear all over Francine's body.  Francine was trying not to be turned on, trying not to have an orgasm, but Vicki's use of this bar was a new and excellent experience.  Wow!!  Why haven't Dana and I used one of these?!!  Vicki repositioned herself at Francine's side.  She had one end of the bar in each hand.  Francine was riding the bar like she would be sitting on the bar of a bicycle. 

Vicki slowly moved the bar back and forth until Francine's limp body was soaked with sweat.  The job now done, Vicki used a towel to wipe off Francine.  She left the room when she was finished. Both Francine and Dana were exhausted and they remained confused as to what was happening to them.  Had they been kidnapped and drugged just to be raped by this nymphomaniac Vicki?  Or was something else going to happen?


"Well did you guys survive Vicki?"  It was Patrick's voice, talking as if the kidnapped couple were old friends.  Of course they could offer no answer.  Patrick and Vicki were reentering the room together. 

"I guess we need to tell you guys what's going on," Vicki started.  Inside their silent bodies Francine and Dana were relieved to know something.  Even if the news were bad, it would be helpful to know. 

Patrick continued the story, "Obviously we make high-end mannequins for clothing stores.  Most of those are made from a mold.  But our ultra-real mannequins are made using live humans with the perfect measurements.  They are very expensive and thus used only in the world's best stores.  Francine will be one of those ultra mannequins, and maybe you too, Dana.  It's quite an honor, actually."

Francine and Dana just hung from the ceiling plates.  They were exhausted and by this point they were not terribly surprised that such a bizarre fate awaited them.

“Here's how we found you," Vicki continued, "Evidently you made a cyber model of yourself on that lingerie web site.  I was able to hack into their database and find a local woman with the exact measurements we need.  And here you were, just a few blocks away.  Imagine our surprise!” 

Vicki continued, “Francine you’re new home will be very close to where you live—Valerie’s Closet on Newbury.  She’s purchased two new female mannequins for her front window.  You will be one of them.”

Francine was filled with a sense of dread.  She had no doubt that they were telling the truth.  They could do this.  This was why the mannequins looked so real.  They were!


How will this happen?  What about Dana?  What will become of him? Continues in part 2!

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