Dust on the Mind 4

by Paul G. Jutras



     "Where is it." Steve said as he looked at his map and then the snow cap mountains. He then turned to his girlfriend  Sarah and best friend Jack. "Any sign of a way in?"

     As Jack shook his head, Sarah took the map. "Men, you have to learn to think with their heads and not what's in your pants. Look here."

    "That's just a smuge." Steve declared.

    "It's a symbol for a door, stupid." Sarah slapped the back on Steve's head. "C'mon guys. We've got an artifact to locate for the city museum."

     The three took their horses to the door entrance and dismounted. They then bundled up and head through the ice cavern doorway. The cool air caused Sarah's nipples to go erect and throb with pleasure in a way that began to make her feet wet.

     "Great, a dead end." Jack declared as the three of them came across three perfectly smooth ice walls. The guys ran their arms along the walls looking for a secret passage, while Sarah scanned the area. Seeing a teddy bear, she started to follow lost toys to a  diamond on the ground. She reached to pick it up; only to find it attacked to a metallic rod.

     "Er, guys." She said as she pulled the lever and the cavern began to shake. Through the crumbling ice walls and ceiling, a weird red gas was release into the air. But as Sarah seemed to come out of the gas without a problem, she watched as the guys bodies began twitching and the pitch of their screams got higher.  They were surrounded by a blinding light that caused Sarah to shield her face.

     As the light came too an end, Sarah lowered her arm to see that the boys were gone. "Maybe the stories of a women's only amazon tribe in the mountains is more than just a legend. A device that vaporizes only men is some weapon.

      "We're not dead." Came a soft murmur. Sarah scanned the cavern and saw that two new toys were added. A red headed doll in long evening gloves, a lace covered dress and three inch pumps. The shoes were welded to a glass display stand. "What happened? I can't move a muscle," the doll said.

     "My, aren't you a pretty girl." Sarah giggled as she reached into her backpack and pulled out a mirror. The frozen doll couldn't express the shock Steve felt inside at seeing the lovely female doll starring back at her. "Where's Jack?"

      Scanning the cavern once again, she notice a Jack in the box half buried in the snow covered ground. "Of course, a Jack in a Jack in  the box."

     Sarah knelt down and picked up the box. She started the crank and listened to the familiar Pop Goes The Weasel tune. When the lid popped open a blonde girl with her blonde hair in two tight buns on either side and long pig tails sprang out. She was only dressed in a green ribbon. "Oh, a Jackie in the Box." Sarah said as she backed into a wall with her new toys.

     There was a muffled 'thump' as the wall spun around; Sarah found herself in a large library. In the center of the room was a sea shell looking item on a table. "That must be the artifact we've come to get, guy. I mean girls."

     As Sarah walked to the item, her grip on the two girls caused them to orgasm repeatedly. When they were set down for Sarah to exam the item, they suddenly felt so empty inside with a building heat that cried out for relief.

         Sarah pulled out a device and notice the high level of heat coming from the device was dropping. When it leveled off, she picked it up. "If this fell into the wrong hands, every man on Earth could be whipped out and all  we women will have to turn to one another to be satisfied."

    "I wonder if it can restore men as well?" Sarah said as she took Steve and touched the frozen doll to the device. Sarah watched as she grew up to a life size love doll before her eyes. As Sarah's own heat was more that she could take, she stripped herself on her clothes and laid on top of the female love doll. In a 69 formation, she rubbed her pussy on the dolls breasts. Relief was through her body as she moaned in orgasm.

     "I guess the gas did effect me after all." Sarah cried between moans. "I'm as horny as hell and I can't seem to get enough of a woman's touch."

     "Your arousal can't be as bad as the hell I'm being put through." Jackie spoke behind her frozen lips. "We can't let anyone else near this device."

     "You're right!" Sarah declared as she attacked the device only to notice that it had its own device. The mountain shook and the cavern caved  in on them, trapping them forever inside. "We do this for the sake of the world. There seem to be plenty of food and fresh water for one. Good thing you two don't need to eat or drink."

     "Guess it's just endless arousal and sex for us and the other transformed men into toys scattered about inside this mountain." Jackie said to her former girl. "It'll be you're job to give them the relief they need as long as you live and need to satisfy your own."





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