Dust on the Mind 5

by Paul G. Jutras


              "Where is it." Sandra said as she stood in her bra and panties while she  tossed her clothes out of the closet. The floor of her room was covered with clothes. Much of her lingerie was hanging out of her dresser draws and were scattered about. "I know mom said she washed them."

         "Sandra, breakfast time!" Sandra's mother called as she Sandra rummaged through the pile she had tossed onto the bed.  She then moved on to one pile on the floor and then back to the stuff she had at the bottom of the closet.

    "Mom said that's breakfast is ready." Jack said as he shoved opened Sandra's bedroom door. Which wasn't easy due to the pile of clothes that was behind it. 

    "I'm not done getting dressed." Sandra shouted as she shoved him out of her room. "Who invented little brothers?"

     "I'm only six months younger than you!" Jack shouted back. "I'll be sixteen in a month."

      "Well I can't come down until I find the tights that mom washed." Sandra said between piles.

       "You mean those?" Jack pointed to a pair of black tights hanging over her lamp shade. "Women, they always take forever getting ready."

     Soon Sandra was downstairs in her black tights, a black turtle neck, white skirt and block heel shoes. She sat down with her legs crossed and had a grapefruit for breakfast. She then started to walk to the mall because Apollo department store was having a sale on tights.

      As she was heading down alone on the sidewalk, the sun sparkled off something hiding in the tall grass. She reached in and found some kind of fossil among the blades and rocks. "I didn't know there was dinosaurs in this area of the world. I just wish I knew what it was."

      "As you wish." Came a soft murmur. Sandra looked about to see who was talking and then notice the dust raising from the fossil. "I am a dragon scale. Dragons were magic beings that lived centuries ago and their magic lives on in their remains. It can make wishes come true."

      "Boy are you slow." Jack glared at Sandra as she walked up to her. "You're normally at the mall by now. Have to stop to pull up those dumb tights or something?"

     "I wish you could know what such feminine clothes does for my body." Sandra stomped her foot and noticed the dragon scale releasing a dust around Jack. A dust that made him feel dizzy before he vanished before her eyes.

     "Jack!" Sandra screamed. "Where'd you go?"

     As Sandra  walked about calling his name, she felt her crotch heating up. Before she knew what was going on, she orgasmed repeatedly.  She reached down and feeling herself very wet and needing to go home to change.

     "Sandra?" Jack's voice called out. His sister felt a sudden sense of relief as she looked around; but didn't see him anywhere.

     "Where are you?" Sandra asked.     

     "I don't know where I am, but I'm very wet." Jack's voice said. "I feel like I did when Aunt Kate's baby peed all over my face. And the only light is going from directly beneath me."

    "I wonder?" Sandra said as she took her hand and started to feel her own crotch. As she rubbed her own sex, she began to heat up again. Soon she came once more in her tights.

    "What's going on?" Jack cried. "I feel so damp."

     Sandra just took one look at the dragon scale and smiled. "Jack, my dear brother." She grinned. "You are about to learn the lesson of a lifetime."

      "Hey Sandra!"  Erika called as she ran over to her. "What's up girlfriend?"

     "Just a... little accident." Sandra blushed as Erika walked Sandra home. Sandra removed her clothes and put her tights in the sink to hand wash. Jack shuddered inside his torture prison of being living lingerie that was hung up in the bathroom to dry.

     "I guess we have the house to ourselves." Sandra said as they finished undressing each other on the bed sheets. "I'm as horny as hell and I can't seem to get enough of a woman's touch."

     "Your arousal can't be as bad as the hell I'm being put through." Erika spoke moaned while Sandra sucked on her nipple before moving into a 69 potion to lick one another pussy. They began heating up as their tongues probed one another vagina.

       "I wish you could be my love doll forever." Sandra spoke and then gasped as her friend transformed in front of her eyes.

       Erika's tongue retreated into a mouth that took on a 0 shape. Erika found her legs spreading apart and her unable to close them. Her elbows bent to the point that her arms looked like a karate chop. Her skin became a rubbery plastic as she stared up in a frozen blank glare. She had become an inflatable plastic doll.

     "Oh Erika, I'm sorry." Sandra said as she squeezed her rubber breast and began to lick the scum that was still left on her now forever open vagina.  As Sandra opened a plug behind her neck, she watched her ex- lover deflate to be stored in the closet somewhere her mother couldn't see it. "We'll play later. I can only imagine the orgasm you had being deflated.

     "Hey Sandra!" Lesley called from the sidewalk. "Did you forget we have a soccer match today?"

    "Oh yeah," Sandra cried. She quickly changed into her soccer uniform only to break her laces on her sneakers when lacing them. "That give me an idea."

     Taking the sneakers to bathroom, she had the tights that were her brother touch them. Jack's soul was transferred to the sneakers; which she slid her nylon encased feet into. She quickly did up the laces and took off to join Lesley. "You'll love the feel of my nylon, dear brother during all the running I'll do on the field."

    Jack wanted to scream but couldn't as he felt like his fingers were tied in knots. Jack was in agony as he thought the soccer game would never end. It was a relief not to smell her stinky feet anymore when he was kicked off her feet.

     "Here you go." Sandra dropped a new pair of panties over the sneakers; which Jack was soaked into. "Knowing how you were suffering made me orgasm often through the game. I need to change my panties and your it."

     Jack shivered in his soul as he vision from the crotch area of the panty saw Sandra returning from cleaning herself up in the bathroom. She picked him up and her felt his body being stretched to the max over her wide him. Ever movement of her hips made him mentally orgasm and wished he still had his penis eject his own scum with. The way the smell of his sister made him heat up, he didn't know if he should be happy or sickened. What was worst was when she'd sit cross legged. He found like the cross leg would crush his face.

     "I think we should try a three way dear brother." Sandra snickered as she pumped air into Erika. As Erika was pumped up she mentally orgasm repeatedly. When she was fully blown up, Sandra stripped to her panties and began to rub the rubber love doll all over her body. All three of them quickly heated, but Sandra was the only one scum.

     Jack felt almost the same as he did when Sandra scum in him as tights. But the sensation was different in its own way.  Jack was kind of glad to be soaked in his sister juices because it meant another transfer and maybe a chance at humanity again.

      That wasn't to be as he was traded from panties to a silk white blouse. He had never felt as light as any other living object as he did at the moment and he felt the nipples of his sister poking him from behind to be very erotic. It became even more so when Sandra began to play with her own tits on the way to the mall he was aroused even more. He was glad for the relief that was given to him when Sandra would try on other blouses or dresses while he watched from a hanger in the dressing room.

      As it neared supper time and their parents return, Sandra took the dragon scale and wished for Jack to be returned back to normal. Sandra smiled when she saw the shock and relief that filled her brother face. That turned to horror when he snatched the dragon scale from her hand.

     "I wish I was Sandra and Sandra was my nylon pantyhose." Jack wished as he watched his nipples poke out from beneath his shirt before his clothes changed into hers. Sandra tried to snatch the dragon scale back; but her nylon fingers just couldn't grasp it.  He watched as her body became transparent nylon and folded in on itself.

      "I wish that nobody would remember that Jack or Erika ever existed." The new Sandra declared as he put the dragon scale in a shoe box and hid it in the closet where it would never be found. He then went over to the bed, sat down and picked up his former sister.

     "Hope your light for tights and pantyhose makes you happy now." The former Jack said as he slipped his newly pink painted toes into one leg and pulled it up to his ankle and then the other foot. He then pulled it up to his knees before standing up. The feeling of the cotton panel on his naked new vagina was thrilling as it felt like the nylon was massaging him from the waist to his toes.

     As the new Sandra heard her parents come home, she stepped into a pair of four inch heels and walked as graceful as the real Sandra ever did.

      Sandra; however, was in a non stop mental orgasm loop that seemed worst when her former brother moved than when he stood still. It felt to the pantyhose like her vagina and ass was filled with the biggest dildo and butt plug possible and her breasts endlessly fondled.  The shoes felt like she had her nipples pierced with the heaviest ring they could hold without being torn off.  A life she would now have to forever get used to.



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