A Day for a Knight

by Paul G Jutras

"So class, what kind of play should we do this year for the school?" Mrs. Green asked her small little drama class.

"How about one with knights on a quest?" asked Paul who sat in a black tee shirt with white pants and matching jacket. "It would be one with magic and adventure in it."

"Not to mention romance," Sally added. She always wore skirts or dresses and believed that pantyhose were a girl's best friend.

"Paul can be the leading man," Missy said, wearing a blouse with a zipper across her breasts and torn pants.  Her pink polished toes poked through holes in her sneakers.

"As always," Paul sighed to himself. He had always hoped that being part of the troupe would have allowed him the chance to sometimes wear the pretty dresses he always wanted to wear.  Unfortunately he was the only male to sign up for drama class and ended up with the male lead all the time.

"Buck up," Ginger said with a sly smile in a purple dress, hose and pumps. "The whole knight quest is your idea. I believe with the right idea there will truly be one of a kind magic."

"What kind of quest should the knight be on?" Mrs. Green asked.

"How about saving a fair lady from the curse?" Ginger suggested. "Maybe a human turned into a puppet."

"Sort of the opposite of Pinocchio," Mrs. Green smiled. "Since the troupe is so small this year, I'll play the part of the cursed girl so I can focus on being the play's director too. I'll get a doll tonight and we can get started in the morning. Class dismissed."

The next day the troupe showed up at the drama class to find the class open but no teacher. "I wonder where Mrs. Green is," Sally said.

"She was here." Paul said as she picked up a nine inch plastic doll in an old fashioned dress from Mrs. Green's desk. "The doll even has a resemblance to our teacher."

"You know, she does," Missy agreed. "Best be careful with it. Maybe a witch really did turn her into a doll."

"Very funny," chuckled Ginger. "Her mother probably had it specially made for her as a birthday gift when she first became a teacher or something. We'd better take good care of it."

"Maybe one of her previous class made it for her as a thank you for all her hard work." Paul said. "She'll probably show up before class is over. Let's get the costumes out and start rehearsing."

Mrs. Green didn't show up. When class was over Paul let out a sigh as he watched the girls not caring if they changed in front of him. He wished his mother had thought of him the same way.

"Maybe Mrs. Green is at the mall's costume shop or art studio getting more supplies," Sally said as a smile formed on her face upon staring at the doll.

"Maybe we should go to the mall," Ginger suggested. "We seem to have a mystery on our hands. A mystery that we could use a real knight to solve."

On the way out the school to go to the mall, Sally stopped by the principal's office. She confirmed Mrs. Green had showed up at school that morning. He had no idea she had left the school grounds.

"I could use some new shorts while we're here," Ginger said as they entered the mall and guided the group toward a two story clothing store. "Hold my purse, Paul."

As Ginger took a pair of $30 white shorts into a dressing room, Sally began to paw through some one piece bathing suits while Missy stared at a faceless mannequin dressed in a thong bikini.

"I wish my parents would stop paying for my clothes and treating me like a Tomboy," Missy sighed. "Wish I could wear something more like this. Something a girly girl would."

"Why don't you?" Paul asked as he turned around and then found that Missy had vanished.

"She tried once," Ginger said, butting in on the conversation. "Took her mother's charge card without permission and bought a whole new wardrobe and more. When her mom got the $10,000 bill everything went back to the store and her mom's been buying her stuff for her."

"Where'd she go?" Paul asked as he handed Ginger back her purse. He didn't notice that the standing mannequin in the bikini was no longer faceless but now had a striking appearance to that of Missy.

"Maybe she went to check the costume and art stores for Mrs. Green," said Sally.

The three started to head out of the store through the lingerie section. That was when Sally noticed a 5 foot card board cut out of a woman advertising a new brand of pantyhose "Supposed to work magic on one's legs." She read aloud and was instantly sold. "I'll catch up after I buy a pair of these."

"Don't take too long," Paul said. "I don't know if some rival school club is targeting the drama club or what. First Mrs Green and now Missy is gone. We have to watch out for one another."

"Tell you what," Ginger said as the two reached the mall's enterance to the store. "I'll go back and keep an eye on Sally. I think you can take care of yourself more than the powder puff."

"You want me to wait for you two?" Paul asked.

"No; whoever is doing this only seems to target their subject when they're alone." Ginger said. "As I said, you probably can handle yourself."

Later Ginger ran gasping into the costume shop, alone. Paul turned and stared at her with concern. "Where's Sally?"

"Got to the dressing room and it was empty." Ginger said as she caught her breath.

"That's it," Paul said as he took her by the arm. "We're out of here."

With his head whirling in confusion and a bit of fear, he buckled into the passenger side of Ginger's car while she climbed behind the wheel. As she spun out in reverse, another car started backing from the space behind. The two cars bumped lightly, not more than a tap. Even so, a normal air bag came out of the steering wheel, while a magic air bag shot out of the passenger side to engulf Paul.

"Got you," giggled Ginger as she changed by magic from a teen to an adult. "While I have someone to manage that store you were in before, I'm the one who owns it. Missy is now going to be selling my outfits as a mannequin while Sally is the magic no-run pantyhose I'm wearing now."

"You okay?" the woman from the other car asked, concerned.

"Perfect now," Ginger smiled as she cast a spell to encase the other driver in the same type of air bag as Paul had been encased in. "As I was saying, Paul. Don't normally have male members in the drama clubs of the schools I visit, but you and your new friend here will enjoy being love dolls much more than the type of plastic doll Mrs. Green now is. Of course Mrs. Green might just love spending forever playing with some kid."

Ginger re-parked the car and took her two new love dolls around to the service doors to put them up for sale.


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