Debra Reflects on Herself

by Donuts13

[originally posted to robot girls Yahoo club]

It was supposed to be a normal adjustment to Debra's circuits. Her tech entered her apartment and ordered her up to her room where the monitoring equipment was stored. Debra walked upstairs and took off her shirt as ordered.

Debra was a very active sex robot used to pleasure both men and women. as such, she was programmed to be extremely attracted to both sexes. Debra's sex program automatically activates when either her bra or panties are removed, and after that point she will grow increasingly horny and must be satisfied.

The tech unfastened her bra and opened up her access panel on her back. Shortly into the repair the phone rang and the tech had to leave the room. Debra just stood there motionless staring at her reflection in the mirror in 'diagnostic' mode. Suddenly, her bra slipped off her left breast and Debra awakened from her diagnostic-mode-sleep into sex mode. And the first person she laid her electronic eyes on was...herself.

" are so beautiful....I need to," Debra said to herself not realising who, or what she was looking at. She became increasingly horny. She had such a strong need to satisfy the beautiful one in front of her, but her programming couldn't reconcile her situation. "You are so hot...your body is so perfect...I want you so bad...please touch me. Please. Please touch me .....I am getting so hot..."

The reflection didn't advance toward her, so Debra followed her sex program to the next step. "I will take off my bra for breasts are so beautiful..." Debra's power cells (located in her breasts) began to swell with power and her nipples extended as she became overwhelmed with the sight of the woman with the beautiful breasts in front of her.

Debra stood there looking at her attractive body in the reflection. Both turned on by the sight of herself and having a strong need to give pleasure to the image of the woman who looked turned on, but wouldn't react to Debra's advances. Her electronic brain became more and more confused as she stood there in a loop of increasing desire.

"I need to satisfy software needs to satisfy horniness will only increase until you are satisfied.....I want to see more of your body...I Need to see more of your body...please...."

Debra took off her pants. At the sight of her tight little body on the mirror her sex circuits almost popped. Her software was totally confused with the sight of a woman as beautiful as....her. Her tits continued to send pulses of power throughout her body. The stange associations between the feeling of her hands gracing her body sychronized with the removal of her pants in the mirror began to overload her circuits. The yellow warning light began to flash in her navel. This was a warning to her customers that Debra was entering a dangerous state and needs to be shut down. But Debra was just stuck there, entranced by the view.

"Oh my....I'm too hot....I'm overloading.....I feel so horny....please satisfy me....please let my see your pussy! Please! That's all I need...Oh no.....danger....overload condidti.....i need......pussy.......please show me your.....pu...danger......overload condition..I can't take any more me your pussy.....your pu...danger....overload....I'll show you mine.....look at my hot pussy and show me yours...please..."

Debra pulled off her panties to reveal her beautiful pussy. The sight was too much for her and she burst into a shower of white sparks and froze there with her hand on her panties and her lips parted as she experienced the biggest orgasm of her life.

"thank you....."

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