Debbutante Bambi

by Johnsan


Sara sighed, another day had gone by. She walked past that window again and grinned. This one always seemed to brighten her day. She paused and looked at the display. Inside she could see the dolls all perfect in dress and appearance. She sighed again and made another silent wish.

Sara arrived home and went to her computer to check on her emails. She smiled when she saw one of them. It was from her friend the one who kept promising to someday make her wishes come true. The email read: Come soonest all preparations have been made. She read it again and again bewildered by its brevity and scarcity of information.

"What does he mean by preparations? Preparations for what?!" she wondered as she formulated a response. She quickly sent a reply asking for some explanation of his curious statement.

Sara didn't expect a reply for awhile and was moving on to other matters when his reply flashed onto her mailbox. She read it and grinned. "Bambi's coming out party! He must be kidding, how can Bambi have a coming out party!?" she wondered aloud.

Sara knew Bambi couldn't have a coming out party after all she was Sara's alter ego, the part of her that wanted to be a doll. Bambi was what she felt like when she thought of herself as a tiny plastic figure of a woman. Sara often fantasized about being Bambi and being that sexy plastic doll she knew she could maybe even should be. "Still he might have something fun! So what's the harm! Iíll go, Iíve got nothing on for tonight anyway!" she grinned as she began getting ready for a party.

It was a few hours later when she found herself at his door wearing a green frock and heels looking as good as she could. Sara knocked and the door opened. It was dark, no music or any noise could be heard. "Hello anyone here?" she called out whilst stepping inside.

All she could see was a vast black cave inside. "Oh this is silly he's not even here!" she told herself. Just as she was about to turn around and leave the door slammed shut then locked. The closing of the bolt echoing like thunder in the quiet emptiness. "Damnit!" Sara thought and pulled on the door which didn't budge an inch. Then a loud sound like an electric breaker closing could be heard in the building and instantly a walkway of circular lights shone down. It lead to a small platform, a stage even. Upon this stage stood a large tube clear and circular almost like something she might have seen some dolls stored in.

A voice then called out. It was a familiar voice, she knew that voice! It was her friend but why this dramatic production she couldn't begin to fathom. "Follow the light, Sara, to the tube. Disrobe and get inside so Bambi can make her debut!" he told her.

"Where are you and why all this?! I'm not in the mood for this kind of bull you know!" she announced to him.

"This is what I promised Sara! Your wishes will come true trust me!" the disembodied voice called out "Besides there's no way to exit you know!" his laughter didn't help her mood any.

Sara the remembered her cell phone and began to dig it out. "Oh don't bother with your cell it won't work here Sara!" he advised her. He was right, she couldn't get any signal on it when she turned it on.

"Come on Sara there's nothing to worry about! You know I wouldn't do anything to harm you! I want your dream to come true!" the voice called out.

It was true Sara knew. He wouldn't hurt her and he often said he'd like to see her wishes come true. "What the hell maybe this'll be fun!" she thought as she hurried over to the stage.

Upon reaching the stage she disrobed and then climbed inside the tube "So now what!" she thought as she faced the emptiness of the darkened room.

The door of the plastic tube closed and then Sara heard it lock from the outside. Sara began to panic again and banged on the tubes walls. From the top a pinkish color mist seemed to fall slowly cloaking Sara and enveloping her. "What is this, oh it smells so sweet so mmm good!! she thought as she began to calm down and the mist began to work on her. Sara began to feel better and better as it wrapped around her. She felt something hugging her squeezing her caressing her whole body. As the minutes went by she began to feel changes in her body each accompanied by an increasingly erotic sensation.

"I can't move but oh oh this feels so good! Wait I don't think I'm breathing either how strange! But heavens, this feels so good, oooohhhhh!!" mentally moaned to herself as her lips and body became vinyl plastic just like a dolls might. Sara then felt the pressure increasing but still it made her feel even more pleasure. "I feel so light, so different now like I weigh only a tiny fraction of what I normally do!" she thought curiously.

Then the feeling of being pressured and compressed stopped. Slowly the mist began to thin and bit by bit Sara could see outside the tube again. "What, where am I?! He's moved me somehow! Everything is gigantic!" Sara thought as she looked out through the transparent walls of the tube.



Then the lights seemed to brighten and Sara began to realize what had truly happened "I've been shrunk!! Oh shit, he's done it!" Sara realized in half panic half elation. She could see her image reflected in the tube walls "I'm a doll now ! I'm really plastic and tiny! Look how sexy I am! oh I have seams too!! I can't believe it but oh god it's true! I'm Bambi now!!" she thought as she stood frozen in the tube. A tiny doll stand holding up her immobile form.

Sara, now Bambi watched as a giant approached and the door to the tube opened. A giant hand reached down and grabbed her. As it did the touch seemed to get every inch of her plastic skin to send feelings of erotic pleasure coursing through her mind. "Oh you make quite an attractive doll Bambi! Look Iíve gotten your dress down to a size to fit you as well." this giant figure told her. He pointed to a tiny green doll's dress that looked just like the one Sara had worn when she walked in. Bambi realized it was the same exact dress and smiled to herself. The giant then began dressing Bambi in the dress and Bambi loved it so much. "To make things even better though you're always going to be a doll now or any doll anyone would ever want. Now all we have to do is just imagine what kind of doll to make you and poof you'll be that doll forever!!" he informed her with smile.




"Oh this is how I hoped it would be! I'm so glad he brought me out! I know Sara would have wanted it this way!" the little blonde haired doll thought as she was carried away. Bambi looked down and saw the box. It was exactly like a box a doll would be stored in. "Oh my box! I have a box! I've been wanting this for so long!" an ecstatic doll thought to itself. Soon the blonde doll found herself placed into the box and the lid closed. As it did she heard her friends voice "It's time to go to your party Bambi!" and then the darkness closed in over the plastic figure.


Sue walked by the store window again. It was her favorite store since she was someone who collected and loved dolls. She stared long at the newest doll it was the prettiest little blonde doll she'd ever seen. Sue read the tag at the dolls feet it said 'Bambi doll' an OOAK doll by Saraís friend. "What a strange name for an artist! Oh well she's such a wonderful doll! It looks like she's never been happier though!" Sue remarked.



Inside, a new blonde doll could only agree!




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