Definitions: prologue

by Anthryax

South Padre Island, Texas  March 8, 4:30 AM

It was silent in the hallway of the resort hotel this time of the morning.   With a week to go before the first hordes of teenagers and college students descended on the island in their annual pilgrimage in search of sex, booze, partying and incidentally sun, the resort hotels were preparing for the massive surge.   But there were a few guests there, and at this hour of the morning they were sensibly in bed either recovering from the night before or preparing for the day ahead.

Except for one, who crept down the hall.   Michelle remained unseen, and moved noiselessly, but if you could pierce the protective magic around her you would see a stunningly beautiful woman who looked about 22, wearing a black tight fitting custom outfit that looked like it was made of silk, with soft black boots up to her knees, form fitting hose and body suit, black gloves of the same material, and a black cap that hid most of her chestnut colored hair.   Beneath a pair of clear eyeglasses, she had dark blue eyes that were focused intently, and in her hand was a short stick that was recognizably a magic wand to those who watched certain movies.  She carried a black knap sack as well, and wore it easily on her back.

After a couple of minutes of silent stalking, she reached the door of room 1205.   Glancing around carefully to ensure no one was likely to suddenly appear, and listening intently, after a minute she nodded to herself.   Looking back toward the stairwell, she motioned with her hand, and moments later another young woman and a young man appeared from around the corner.  The young woman, Janell, was dressed identically to Michelle, while Jake, the young man, wore black military fatigues over his outfit.   They quickly moved up to her, and waited patiently.

Seemingly content, Michelle, pointed her wand at the door and waved it, whispering a command word.   Instantly, a pale blue light shot from the wand and struck the door, which swung gently and quietly open a second later.   An instant later, all three crept inside the room, with the last girl, Janell, closing the door behind her. 

Inside they moved purposefully.  On one of the double beds, a woman lay snoring loudly, which caused the young man to grin and the two women to just shake their heads.   Janell went through her purse, and after pulling out identification, she nodded at Michelle, who looked pointedly at the young man.   Jake nodded, and silently pulled a little plastic doll from the front left pocket of his field jacket and then moved carefully over to the bed.

South Padre Island, 4:45 AM

Maggie ambled down the hall from the elevator toward her room.   Her morning routine had already begun with a 4 AM wakeup, a quick bottle of sports drink, and then down to the hotel workout room to do some stretches.  Another 20 minutes for a quick run up the beach and back, and now it was time for a shower before she woke up her roommate to begin the day.  

They had work to do.   The models had come into town yesterday, and today was the first day of shooting.  She had time for a quick shower and to dress, and then it would be time to get Liz up. 

She shook her head as she reached the door, bracing herself for the loud snores that were sure to be issuing forth.   Liz was a damn good make up artist, but damn, next time she was getting her own room.   It was hard to do hair properly when you don’t get much sleep because your roommate makes enough noise to wake the dead. 

Opening the door with her electronic key, she stepped inside.   It was unusually quiet, which caused Maggie to smile in relief.   Thankfully, Liz seemed to snore only when she lay on her back, and she had noticed several times during the eternally long night before that Liz would occasionally roll over, giving Maggie blessed minutes of quiet so that she got some sleep.

Maggie started stripping off her sweaty clothes quickly after she relocked the door behind her.   She didn’t hear Jake move up behind her, and didn’t feel his presence until a cool plastic touch startled her as she was undressing. 

Michelle watched in satisfaction as the hair stylist froze in place.  Jake gently stroked her body, paying attention in particular the places she had taught him to touch.   The woman, who she noticed was in excellent shape and clearly was trying to hold on to the looks that had made her a model years before.   Jake was clearly enjoying himself, which caused Michelle to grin and got a glare that he didn’t see (but Michelle noticed) from Janell. 

Maggie was already starting to transform as the two women watched Jake carry out the spell.  Her eyes locked in place, and her expression remained unchanging.   Gradually, they could see her skin begin to take on an even tone.  Within a couple of minutes, she was a single skin tone throughout, except for a light bit color on her lips.   Her eyes glazed over, and now dark lines began to appear on certain parts of her body.

Another minute, and the transformation was done.   The lines now were clearly separation points, just like those for a mannequin figure.  

Janell walked up to the now plasticized woman, and chanted a quiet spell of her own, before touching her cheek.   She marveled at how soft and sleek the plastic skin felt as she stroked the woman’s face and arms.   She could feel the woman inside.   Maggie had recovered from the shock somewhat, and was now lost in a hazy seductive feeling of ecstasy as she fell into the dream that would last until she was awakened again.

“Ok you two.” Michelle announced now in a conversational tone, “we will leave them here for now.  We need to get to the photographer before he leaves his room.”

“What about them?” Janell asked, still whispering and pointing at the two mannequins that had been women barely an hour before. 

“After we take care of the photographer, you come back and shrink them down.  We don’t want the maid to get a shock later today.” Michelle said, smiling at Janell’s cautious tone. 

Moments later they were gone, along with the purses and hotel keys.   Maggie stood where she had been transformed, staring blankly into infinite as she waited for whatever happened next.


Continued in... Part One

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