Definitions:  Chapter 2

by Anthryax

A few hours later, Jake walked into Sheila’s room.   They had spent a fun day together, and she wanted him to pick her up to take her dancing tonight.  She gasped in surprise, and then recognized him and gave him a big smile.   Smiling back, he released a spell from his ring, and watched the girl freeze in place as the paralysis spell engulfed the unsuspecting young woman.   He stepped up to her, his heart racing with excitement.   It had worked! 

He stroked the now smooth skin of the model, who stood rigid with a bright smile frozen on her face, her eyes fixed on him still.   Shelia, a winsome brunette, stood motionless, while inside she struggled to move after the man who she had thought was her photographer, and who clearly was something much different, had done something to her.   Something that was preventing her from moving her arms, her mouth or even turning her head!

He was telling her something, and she wanted to hear it.   She fought down an initial panic and struggled to listen.   What he was saying might make all the difference to when she could move again.    “Hopefully I will move again.” She thought with growing unease.   

“Shelia,” he began earnestly, “this is my first mission, and I just have to talk to somebody.  I like you, and you seem pretty nice, nicer than the other models.  Sorry to do this to you, but I want you to know why this is happening at least.”

Sheila remained still, having no other choice, and she listened and wondered why he was pulling a little plastic doll out of his pocket.  

“You see, I am fresh out of the Academy, and before that I was just out of college.   I am still not really entirely used to some of this stuff yet,” he admitted.

“Umm, and what does that mean?” Sheila wondered.

Looking a little embarrassed, he continued. “Michelle and her boss made some kind of deal with the god who had allowed myself and a lot of other people to be saved from the Earth I knew.”

“Say what!” she thought to herself.  “Another Earth?”.  Thinking a bit more, “and who the hell is Michelle?”

“Ok, it wasn’t exactly why I went to college, but what the hell, it beats getting blown to shreds or burnt to a crisp when the asteroid hit New York City on my home Earth.” He continued to explain.

She felt a bit of sympathy for a moment.  She could tell he was telling the truth.  She could see some pain in his eyes.   That surprised her.   Although she would have felt more sympathetic if he hadn’t paralyzed her somehow.

“How did I get into all of this you may ask?  Well, it’s a long story, but the essentials are reasonably simple if you are willing to accept the existence of magic.   I mean, REALLY accept it.”

Sheila decided that part was pretty easy.  She couldn’t think of any other reason for her to be frozen in place at the moment.  

“On my home Earth, I was working as an intern for a company in New York City.   I had just finished my senior year early, had my brand spanking new and damned expensive college degree in liberal arts, and was going to start my masters at the University of Virginia the next fall.    My Dad had a friend who got me a position as an intern for an Agent in New York, one of those guys who handled models and actors for Broadway, television and the fashion world, and what the hell, it looked like fun.

His eyes looked far away, and Sheila could see that he was reliving something.  

“I will never forget Mindy, the girl I had just finally asked out when Michelle and Sarah turned up.   Mindy was great. She was shy, nice, smart as hell, with beautiful brown eyes that sparkled like yours, and a smile that lit up her face just as much as yours does.   I was all excited about our date when the two witches showed up that afternoon.”

He motioned with his arms and said a strange word that she didn’t recognize.  Suddenly, all the fear that had been building receded and she felt calmer now.   Actually, she was starting to feel downright relaxed and not a little horny for some reason too.  

“What can I say about Michelle and Sarah.   They are stunningly beautiful, and they could have been models too.  They just walked into the office and started casting spells like some kind of characters from a role-playing game.   Did I forget to mention I just loved those games?  Well as it turns out, they may be for nerds, but they were good experience for the weirdness I find myself in and doing now.”

Oddly enough, Sheila knew all about those games.  Her brother had played them all the time, and whenever she asked about them, he had let her watch.   They took too much time though, and Mom was always pushing her into modeling.   Sheila was beginning to feel a little annoyed at Mom about now.   It might have been better if she hadn’t been so damn ready to please Mom all the time.   For one thing, she probably wouldn’t be a model being kidnapped at the moment, or maybe worse?

“Anyway, somehow Sarah missed seeing me as she just casually walked through the office, putting people to sleep left and right, including my buddy Maria who was another intern like me.   I hid under a desk, and then crept out to see what happened.

I will never forget watching Sarah transform our receptionist into a plastic mannequin, or Sarah taking on the exact image of her.   They did the same to that gorgeous supermodel Giselle, and I screwed up and they heard me when I said something stupid in surprise.   Well, to make a long story short, Michelle chased me into a closet, I tried to fight back, and just when I thought I had beaten her, Sarah walked in and paralyzed me.”

“Oops.” He chuckled, and Sheila listened with interest.   Well, at least her abductor had a sense of humor.   She wasn’t sure that was going to help, but it might. 

“Then they left me for an hour before coming back.   Just long enough for me to get pretty worried, I can tell you.   I figured trying to beat up a witch was going to get me in a lot of trouble, but to my surprise, Michelle was pretty forgiving.   They told me all about their mission to Earth, and for some reason, I stupidly told them that I would like to help.”

Sheila watched him smile, as the import of what he was talking about sank into her.  He did seem like a nice boy, if only she could move.   She would be able to talk him out of whatever he was planning.   She just knew it.    But she still couldn’t move, and she could only look on and listen woodenly as he went on.

“What can I say; you try thinking in the same situation.   Anyway, it was pretty sneaky of Michelle to kiss me like that.   And transform me into a plastic doll when she did it.”

It suddenly occurred to Sheila what the plastic doll that he was holding was for.   But the seductive influence of the friendship spell once again eliminated her fear and panic, transforming the powerful emotions into growing lust.   An emotion similar in power, and for Sheila, becoming a bit frustrating now as she continued to will herself to move without result.  

“Then I was in this dream that never seemed to end.   I don’t know if you read anything on Buddhism, but it was the closest thing to Nirvana I can ever conceive of.   I felt like I was floating, my mind just drifting along on some kind of immense high, only it just never seemed to end.   It was like when I used to play with LSD or X, but without that damned headache after the X or that gas from the LSD.   And shit, was I turned on!   Although later I learned that I didn’t have to be, it was just the way Michelle had transformed me that caused that.”

He smiled at her again, and lightly stroked her nipples with the back of his fingers.   Instantly, her body was engulfed with even more powerful sensations of lust, and a growing need.   She began to flush, and he could see in her eyes just how well the spell was working.   He decided it was almost time for the next spell.

“When I was aware of my surroundings again, I was on another world.   Damned pretty one; kind of a cross between Middle Earth, Harry Potter, and something from Zelazny or Brust.  If you don’t know them, read some of their fantasy fiction, I can’t recommend it enough.”

He grinned boyishly and a bit sheepishly at Sheila.  “Although Michelle was kind enough to relieve my problem about being turned on though.   Several times.”

She noticed him blush a bit, and found it a little endearing.   If it wasn’t for the fact he was kidnapping her, she would really like this guy she decided.  

“It was kind of a shock to learn I had unwittingly enlisted in the Royal Scout Service of Shiron.   Which seems to be a lifetime career, too.   Oh well, I had considered the Army a few times, but figured my crappy vision would keep me out.    They seemed to have fixed that somewhere along the way though, and after a couple of years of training, including learning magic and improving the skills with a sword and dagger I had picked up back in the Society for Creative Anachronisms...”

He saw in her eyes a questioning look and continued. “that’s another one of those role-playing groups.  They recreate what it was like in the Middle Ages and dress up a lot.   Kinda sounds silly I know, but it was fun beating people up in armor with a stick.”

He gently stroked here cheek, looking a little distant for a moment.

“I never did see Mindy again though.   I later learned she was still in what Michelle called storage when I started school, and then they sent her and a bunch of others to some other world to start a new civilization there.”

Sheila felt his sadness, and in spite of everything, wanted to hug him.   She could tell he had really hoped for something with Mindy.    

“Oh well.   I still occasionally got to sleep with Michelle for a while when I was in training.” 

He looked a little embarrassed about that, but Sheila decided that maybe he was just a typical guy after all

“Geez, he sure forgot about Mindy quick enough.” She decided with disapproval.

”Although oddly enough not since she became my boss.” 

Sheila listened some more, waiting for the next part. 

“Ok, I bet you aren’t surprised, but I turned out to be more naïve than I thought,” he admitted.

Deciding that he had gotten what was coming to him for forgetting about Mindy so soon, Sheila forgave him a little as she watched him blush again. 

“Turns out Michelle normally lives on another Earth most of the time, and is essentially married, along with Sarah and a couple of others, to Wes.  The Lucky Bastard.”

Sheila decided that at this point, if she could move, she would kick him in the ass, and give him a hug.   She wasn’t sure in which order.  It didn’t occur to her anymore that she had been wanting to escape moments before.   “Maybe if I could kiss him I could get him to shut up.   He does tend to rattle on,” she decided.   The lust had faded again, but she could feel it, just hovering in the background. 

“You see, there seem to be an infinite number of Earths, which I guess means those science fiction writers actually know what they are talking about.   Anyway, after training, they sent me to that Earth.   They sent several of us, and I learned later, it was because for one reason or another, we do not have counterparts there, limiting the chance of any strange encounters.”

He stroked her again, on the nipples, and on her lips.   He began caressing her soft thighs slowly with his left hand, looking into her eyes.   She could feel the lust surging forward again.

“So now I am assigned to Colonel Sir Gavin O’Connor as a Lieutenant in the Scouts, with Captain, the Lady Michelle Malone, as my direct boss.   But she is a pretty good boss, and I have to admit, seeing her and the other Ladies every day is not exactly a hardship.   The rest of us work for them.”    

The caresses were continuing, and Sheila could feel herself being submerged by overwhelming need and desire.   She had never felt anything like it, and if she could only move!

“You really should let me move now Jake, I really, really would like you to fuck me silly! Damn it.” Sheila thought to herself.   She concentrated on looking at him, trying to signal her raging intensity with her eyes.

“Anyway, back to the mission.   Sorry, I do tend to ramble when I have a captive audience, or so Janell tells me.”  He smiled again, and Sheila realized now that he was having entirely too much fun tormenting her.   He was lightly stroking her between the thighs now, and she realized just how wet she really was.   The  touches were overwhelming her now, and she could tell if he kept it up just a little bit longer she was going to cum!

“Well,  Michelle took Janell and I aside one day, and told us about our first job.   She was going to take us to an alternate Earth, and we had the job of collecting women to fulfill the debt owed to the God.   Gavin wanted us to find a recruit or two as well.”

He kissed her gently on her mouth, and whispered as he continued to stroke her gently.

“That is where you come in, by the way.”

Sheila, still frozen in her tracks and with the smile she wore still as broad as ever, felt a massively climatic mind blowing orgasm sweep through her.   If she could have moved, she would have screamed with pleasure and joy.   But she just remained still, helpless to move.    She didn’t hear him for a minute as the feelings swept away everything, even his words.

“Janell is our medical support, and Michelle and I do the actual snatching.   Michelle decided swimsuit models were a good place to start, and so when we got to this newest alternate Earth, that would be our target.”

He saw the bright flush, and her dilated pupils.   He could feel through the spell he had cast earlier that gave him full empathy with her, that she had exploded into orgasm and probably wasn’t paying much attention anymore.

He kissed her again gently on the cheek, and touched her with the plastic doll.   Stepping back, he watched with interest.   After the glow of the spell receded, her skin began to become shinier and shinier.   Her eyes glowed in pleasure still, before fixing into place and glazing over.    The flush receded as her skin took on an even tone.  

After a couple of minutes, he stroked her again, satisfied to feel the rapidly cooling plastic that had replaced warm (well, actually really hot for a bit) flesh that she had been moments before.  The joint lines formed last, and he nodded in satisfaction.


“You know Sheila, I have to admit that I really like parts of this job.”  He said with a big grin.   A last kiss on her plasticized cheek, and then he stepped back for the final stage of the transformation.

“Time for you to join the others Sheila.   Sweet dreams.”

Sheila drifted off into dreamland, with an afterglow that would last for a long time. .



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