Definitions: Chapter 3

by Anthyrax

Late Evening

Michelle, Janell and Jake sat around the table in Janell’s room, looking out through the window at the low surf of the Gulf of Mexico.   It was a clear starry night, and a soft warm breeze made it very pleasant in the room.

Their disguise spells cancelled now, the three talked about their day. 

“Well, I did some research, and we will have to make some changes.” Michelle said.

“We are going to leave the hairdresser, make up artist, and the photographer here after all.”

“How come?” Jake asked, and Janell looked on questioningly as well.

“They have kids, and they will have a harder time adjusting.  We haven’t got time to hunt down all of their attachments like I did on my last mission.    But we are going to take Abby with us.  It seems that our patron knows her, and he picked her personally.”

“How are we going to do this?  I mean they are going to remember being transformed aren’t they?”  Janell asked.  “And isn’t Abby older?”

“You know we can take care of that part, and as for your other question, not exactly, or at least, not when I am finished with them.   Tonight, I will take care of all three of their memories, and then leave them transformed in a way that will wear off at the right time.   Tomorrow, we will snatch the other three models, and then we leave.”

“What is the cover story Michelle?” Jake asked.

“It is a simple one, but it should work just fine.” She replied confidently.

Michelle proceeded to explain it to them, and after a while Jake and Janell smiled at the simplicity of it.

A few minutes later, it was time to go.  

“Dave, you go take care of Abby and bring her here.  Janell, grab Maggie, Liz and Pete, we need to put them back in there rooms and change things a bit.”

All three carefully dressed in casual wear (less noticeable than their ninja outfits), and one by one left the room.


8 PM Abby’s room

Abby sat at the table in her room, looking through the portfolios for the five models.  Tomorrow was the first day of shooting, and she had plans for a beach shoot in the morning.  The swimsuits had arrived just a couple of hours ago, and after making sure all of them were in good shape, she was jotting down a schedule for tomorrows shoot.

She wanted everything to go smoothly.   So far though, it seemed to be going well.  Maggie and Liz were being uncharacteristically easy to work with this trip, and the new photographer seemed eager to please as well. 

“Thank God,” she thought to herself, “the last shoot was a pain in the ass.”   She remembered the last shoot in Mexico, with Maggie having the runs, Liz pissed off at her husband the entire trip and catching the photographer in bed with one of the models.   Who was under age.

Not this time though.  All of the models were older, and that asshole wouldn’t be working for her ever again.

She looked over at the swimsuits again.   The designer had sent some lingerie over as well, apparently by mistake.  It was pretty racy stuff, and would probably look sexy as hell on the models, but it wasn’t what she or they were here for.

But she was wondering how she would look in it.

Since her divorce a few months ago, Abby had been feeling low.   Her husband had split with his secretary, a tired cliché, but apparently not all clichés were urban legends.  She had been completely floored, seven years of marriage over just like that, and it pissed her off to be the victim of that cliché too. 

Although Maggie and Liz told her she looked great, especially for 32, she still felt uncertain of herself.   She had been a successful model herself once, but that was so long ago, and the gorgeous young models she worked with every day still made her uncomfortable with herself and her looks.

“I wonder how I would look in that?”  She thought to herself.   On a whim, she grabbed a lingerie set and stripped off her clothing.   Putting it on quickly, blushing a bit, she giggled a little and retrieved a pair of high heels that were for the shoot the next day.   She looked at herself in the dressing mirror and decided that she needed a bit more makeup.   Still blushing, she walked into the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Jake was at the door.  Listening carefully after making himself invisible and casting another spell to improve his ability to listen, he heard her walk to the bathroom.   Deciding that it was his chance, he quickly released yet another spell from his wand, and satisfied that the door was unlocked, he carefully opened it. 

Already familiar with the room’s layout, as her room was the same as all the others, he crept inside.  He quickly saw that the bathroom door was closed, the typical female need for privacy even when she already had it at work he decided.  

He would just wait then.

Abby spent several minutes primping and arranging herself.

“Not bad if I say so myself.   Too bad I don’t have anybody to impress though.” She thought wistfully.  

 Sighing to herself, she decided to look at herself in the softer lighting in the sleeping area of her room.   Opening the door, she walked back into the room, and stood in front of the mirror, looking herself over critically.   Satisfied, she grinned for a minute, and then gave her best sultry bedroom look at the mirror, determined to see if she still “had it.”

Jake stood looking at her in frank amazement and admiration.   She looked gorgeous in the sexy lingerie, and he was amused and very turned on as she practiced a series of sexy come hither looks in the mirror. 

But eventually he remembered why he was there, and he quietly muttered a command word and watched the woman freeze in place. 

For Abby, it was a complete surprise when suddenly she found she couldn’t move, and she could only look at herself as she smirked into the mirror.    She was feeling a bit self conscious now, and very vulnerable.   Why couldn’t she move!

She strained to move, and while so distracted, didn’t hear or sense Jake as he moved up behind her invisibly. 

If she could have moved, she would have jumped out of her shoes when she felt the cool smooth touch of plastic as it brushed against her, and heard the male voice she didn’t recognize say a single phrase in a language she didn’t understand.

She felt suddenly a strange feeling come over her, a feeling of falling.   But she saw that she was still on her feet, and she was even more confused.   She watched in the mirror as something began happen.   Oddly, her skin was starting to become smoother, clearer, and even stranger, was beginning to take on a glossy appearance.  

She couldn’t move her eyes any longer, and she felt her pulse, racing before, gradually become slower and slower, as did her breathing.   Still unable to even flinch, she could only stand placidly as she felt a pair of hands gently stroke her shoulders, and then her back under the sheer fabric of the lingerie, and to her surprise it was an extremely gentle and soothing sensation.

A few more moments passed, and she noticed it was becoming hard to see now.  The world was becoming fuzzy, and the soothing touches were lulling her to sleep.   Casually, without even realizing it, Abby passed into sleep.

Dave stroked her gently as he had been taught.   He could feel her warm soft skin already becoming firmer, as the transformation overcame her.  Watching her face in the mirror, he could see her eyes gradually take on a glassy look, and her skin was already as smooth as the mirror before her, and almost as shiny.  

Gradually, he could feel the heat of her begin to cool, as the warmth of her body, now completely transformed into plastic, radiated out into the air conditioned air of the motel room. 

Satisfied, he stepped back.   

Abby was now a beautiful life sized plastic doll, just like the women Jake had transformed earlier.   Now modeling the lingerie she had been wearing as long as he liked.



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