Definitions: Chapter 5

by Anthyrax

6:15 AM

Misty ran for the front door, unable to believe what she had just seen.   Somehow Stacy had been turned into a mannequin!  If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she knew she would have believed it to be impossible.

Yanking the door open, she was just about to run through it when she felt a strange feeling pass through her body.   She wasn’t moving! 

“Oh my god, oh my god!” she thought to herself, trying to will herself forward.  But nothing was happening!   She was paralyzed.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jake walk up and she felt him gently move her away from the door.   He quickly closed it, and then leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“It’s ok Misty, I am not going to hurt you.  Really, Stacy didn’t feel any pain; in fact, it is very relaxing.”

“Sure!” Misty thought to herself, “dead people usually don’t feel anything at all!”

Jake could tell that she was in a complete panic.  Her respiration was rapid, and her pulse was racing.   Deciding that she must think Stacy was dead, he realized he had to reassure her.   If he transformed her like this, Michelle would be pissed when she found out.

Grasping her securely under each arm, he pulled her back into the parlor where he had just transformed Stacy moments ago.   Closing that door, he then dragged the young model over to the center of the room and left her standing there.

Meanwhile, Michelle realized with a start that Misty was gone.

“Hey Nicole, go ahead and change into that lingerie, I need to go see where Misty went.”

Janell looked around, hiding her alarm, when she heard Michelle (still disguised as Maggie).  “Oops!” she thought to herself.

Nicole didn’t notice anything strange.  Shrugging her shoulders, she stripped off the casual clothing she was wearing, and reached over to try on a blue striped bikini from the stack by the table in the dressing room.    

Michelle walked into the parlor as Jake was trying to explain to Misty that Stacy was ok. 

“Ok Jake, I will take over.  Go watch the front door would you, honey?”  she ordered sweetly.  Sometimes you just have to go with the flow she decided. 

“I know you are scared, Misty.   Don't worry. Believe it or not, I have been in the same spot as you.   Tell you what, you just wait here for a few minutes, and I will be back shortly to explain things a bit,” Michelle said to her gently.

She had an idea.

Walking back to the dressing room, she smiled reassuringly at Dave, and then walked into the dressing room.   Immediately, she cast a spell and froze Nicole in place as she was still putting on some lingerie for the practice shoot.   Janell looked at her in surprise.

Not wasting any time, while Nicole was still reeling mentally in shock over not being able to move, Michelle walked over and cast the transformation spell.   After she finished, she began stroking and caressing the young model as the transformation washed over her. 

For Nicole, it was a flurry of feeling.  The pleasure from the pleasant touches, and the feeling of falling into a peaceful sleep managed to so swamp her mentally that she didn’t even have time to be afraid before she was in dreamland.   

“It is time to drop the disguises now Janell,” Michelle announced, her features already returning to that of herself, all trace of Maggie vanishing.  “You go ahead and get her ready to travel, and then bring her with you when you join us in the other room.”

“Ok Michelle, you’re the boss.” Janell said, bemusement still on her face. 

In the other room, Misty was still reeling in shock.  She was frozen in place, completely paralyzed by some complete stranger who apparently could do magic.  

“What happened to everyone else?” she wondered, a bit of panic starting to surface.   She could still see Stacy, who was apparently just a plastic mannequin now, and she knew what her fate was going to be. 

Michelle came back into the room and walked up to the paralyzed young woman. 

Michelle decided to simply transform Misty as she was dressed now.   She looked very nice in her dress.  Besides, none of the women they had kidnapped would be wearing anything when they were delivered.  

Misty  felt the cool brush of plastic against her arm, and she heard the strange language again a couple of minutes later. 

“It’s ok Misty, you will awaken soon and you will quickly grow to love what has happened to you.  Really, I promise.   Now don’t be afraid,.”  Michelle said to her gently, and kissed her on the cheek.

Gradually, over the course of a couple of minutes, she felt herself sinking into sleep.   She fought the sensation, wanting to stay awake if she could.   But then she too joined her fellow models in dreamland.

Michelle checked over the two mannequins that had been Stacy and Misty a few minutes before.  She adjusted Misty’s dress a little to show off her beautiful legs, and then she shrank both of them down to doll size. 

 She knew Caredoc would love them.   The mission was accomplished with no major glitches for a change.    Gavin would be so proud of her. 



Maggie awoke to find herself standing in the middle of her room, practically naked and completely confused.   She woke up Liz, and both of them were shocked to find out when they turned on the television that they had somehow lost three days.   Jake was in a similar state.

It took them hours to figure out that Abby and the five models were no where to be found. 

Weeks of investigation never discovered anything more than the fact that they had disappeared, apparently sometime after a meeting at the hotel swimming pool three days ago.  When last scene, the morning 24 hours before Liz and Maggie awoke, the five models had been seen driving across the mainland to a photo study Abby had rented.

The car was still there, but no other sign of them.  

For Michelle and her team, it was time to go.   A quick flight to New Mexico, and then through the gate for home. 

Until the next time. 



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