Diamonds Are For Adventurers

by Drake

"Well, this is champion." Elaine thought to herself as she regained consciousness. She had been deep undercover, under covers, and now apparently uncovered. The last thing she remembered was cracking the lock on Boric Harbinger's wall safe. Trapped no doubt. The rotter was engaged in some sort of plan for an epic theft of gold from his own bank in Switzerland. She had managed to pump his able assistant Valerie for the information. Truth be told it had been one of X's inventions that did the pumping, all Elaine had needed to do was threaten to turn the device off if Valerie was unwilling to give up the goods on her boss.

"So you are awake Miss Blonde." Boric Harbinger stepped into sight. Elaine noted that he was canted at an odd angle. She reassessed the situation. No. She was the one canted at an odd angle; Boric was standing on the floor. Elaine subtly flexed her muscles, confirming what she had suspected. She was clamped spread-eagled to a table, held firmly by steel bands around her wrists and ankles. Her elegant black, evening gown was still in place; Boric's taste may have run to bondage, but at least his lechery was under control. For the moment.

"It would appear that I am awake." Elaine confirmed. "But I'm rather confused as to this treatment."

"Don't play innocent with me." Boric waved a hand. "You certainly did not play innocent with poor Valerie. I overheard your conversation with her. You are as tenacious as you are persuasive Miss Blonde, but I fear that you have come to a bad end."

"There is nothing wrong with my end, thank you very much." Elaine said tartly. "And I should think it rather poor manners indeed for you to suggest such."

"Defiant to the end. Shapely as it may be." Boric conceded the point gracefully. "But it is an end nonetheless. Observe."

Elaine struggled futilely as Boric calmly walked over to a high-tech console and depressed several buttons. A panel in the ceiling slid aside soundlessly and a large cannon like object emerged and oriented on the table. A long crystalline rod emerged from the barrel of the cannon.

"I suppose you are planning to use that on me." Elaine stated calmly.

"Yes." Boric hit a final switch. A golden laser shot out of the crystal, striking between Elaine's spread feet. The beam began to slowly crawl upwards towards her crotch.

"And I suppose that beam is going to turn me into a statue." Elaine said, rolling her eyes.

"No." Boric said. "It is going to kill you."

"Let me get this straight." Elaine smiled. "You are a super-intelligent villain with enormous resources and your grand plan doesn't involve turning beautiful women into statues?"

"That's right." Boric shifted slightly, clearly confused with the direction the conversation was taking.

"Well that's a bloody relief." Elaine relaxed as much as her restraints would allow her. "Seriously, it seems that every single foe I've been up against lately has been intent of turning me into some sort of object d'art or another. You Mr. Harbinger are the proverbial breath of fresh air."

"Thank you." Boric managed, his mind whirling. "Um.."

"And it's not just the villains either." Elaine continued. "It's my friends too. I've lost track of the number of time that Trish has frozen me and then satiated her enormous lusts on my immobile body. Endless nights of standing motionless, helpless and vulnerable while a lovely, sensual, redhead explores every single unmoving curve and crevice of my statuesque form. And then there is X and Dee, they're a pair all right. Coming up with new ways to freeze me, or letting me freeze others. Always ready to test their latest sexy toys, eagerly wringing orgasm after orgasm from my frozen form. Hoping I will cry out, but knowing I can't no matter how much I would wish to."

"Well.." Boric loosened the tie of his tuxedo. "I could cover you with gold… That is if you really wanted…"

"Stop that!" Elaine snapped at him. "You've been doing so well up to this point. No base innuendoes, no statue puns; just a villain at the height and majesty of his abilities, poised to become richer that Croesus and all that stands in his way is me, and I'm held helpless and about to be split in half by a laser."

"Well, if you're sure." Boric nodded, watching as the beam of the laser crept past Elaine's knees. It touched the hem of her dress and a thin plume of smoke rose up as the material disintegrated.

"I am most definitely sure." Elaine continued. "Do you have a cat?"

"Yes of course. Mr. Mesphistoles." Boric nodded. "All the best villains have cats."

"Not the ones I'm usually up against." Elaine groused. "When they're gloating they're always on about stroking their pussy. Or mine. Guess what. None of them own cats! Trish is the same bloody way. Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre indeed. So do you expect me to grovel and beg for your mercy now."

"No Miss Blonde." Boric said. "I expect you to die."

"I think not." Elaine smiled as the laser reached her crotch. The beam bounced away at an angle as it encountered the mirror finish on her scant silver panties. With a delicious twist of her hips, Elaine redirected the laser to slice across the room and through the console. There was a spray of sparks and the laser shut off.

"Easily distracted are we?" Elaine slid to her feet as the cuffs at her wrists and ankles popped open, the mechanism controlling them having been sliced neatly in half. "Well, I have enjoyed our time together."

"It is hardly over Miss Blonde." Boric said. "You still have to deal with me, and I am bigger than you and considerably stronger."

"Be that as it may." Elaine nodded, "You were also standing between the laser and the control console. I wouldn't make any sudden moves if I were you. It would be a shame if you had to split."

"What are you talking about, I was standing over here. Aiigh!" Boric glanced down at his body to ensure that the laser had not sliced it. No telltale burn marks marred his tuxedo. As his eyes left Elaine she moved in on him with a powerful, leaping kick that caught him square on the chin. He teetered for a moment and then fell backwards, knocked unconscious.

"Very easily distracted." Elaine confirmed, flipping him over and binding his wrists and ankles. "Still, I will have to tender my thanks to X for insisting I wear those particular panties. Hardly comfortable I assure you, but certainly more comfortable than the alternative. Good day Mr. Harbinger.

* * *

"Hi Elaine! Welcome back!" Dee looked up from the computer she was working on and waved as Elaine stepped through the reinforced double doors that prevented X's domain from inconveniencing the rest of the facility. The solid steel, soundproof panels kept the explosions mostly contained, and kept the cries, moans and orgasmic trills of X's extensive testing regimes from distracting the desk bound civil servants that made up the rest of staff headquarters.

"Hey Dee." Elaine smiled as the cute blonde scientist turned her attentions back to the screen. "I take it Trish is in town to."

"Yep. We're shooting her new film on location here. It’s going to be great." Dee's smile faded slightly. "Trish doesn't like the script, but I think it's wonderful. X did a great job."

"X. Right. Thanks for reminding me." Elaine grabbed Suki, X's number one assistant. "Fetch your boss please."

"She's not going to be happy being told what to do." Suki said warily. A bright smile flashed across her features. "She's going to punish me for telling her. Oh boy!"

"Masochists." Elaine smiled fondly as Suki bolted off into one of the adjoining labs. A few moments later there was the snap of leather on flesh and a delighted cry of pain.

"Elaine. You've returned safe and sound." X smiled coldly, clearly annoyed. "And what is so important as to divert me from my work?"

"This!" Elaine moved in on X, sliding around her and twisting the tall scientist's arm into a painful lock. "I wanted to thank you for the panties, they kept me from being half the woman I am today."

"Oh Elaine.." X was on her toes, held in place by the pain of the lock. "You're always so good to me. Just a little harder.. Ah! Ah! That feels so good."

"Um, Elaine." Dee looked up from her screen and adjusted her glasses. "The panties were my invention."

"Well, I owe you a favor then." Elaine said. She reached into her jacket and pulled out a gun, which she aimed at X's bare shoulder. There was a slight coughing noise as the gun fired.

"That was naughty." X quivered as the golden bullet from Elaine's pistol splashed against her white skin. The gold quickly slid over X, freezing her in place. In moments the tall, dominant scientist was completely covered.

"She's all yours Dee." Elaine said, pausing to pull X's corset open to reveal the large, gold sheathed breasts. "I'm sure you can find something to do with her."

"Thanks, but I was sort of hoping for something else." Dee said, her eyes fixed on X's golden form. "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"It's supposed to be a day off." Elaine said warily.

"Oh good, so you'll be there!" Dee squealed and began typing away with increased vigor and speed. "I was hoping I'd have a third person in my party. Do you want to be a myrmidon, a thief or a cleric?"

"A what, a what or a what?" Elaine said.

"A myrmidon a thief or a cleric." Trish said as she walked into the lab. "Dee's planning a big adventure in the training room and wants people to play with her."

"Oh no." Elaine said as the other shoe dropped. "This is one of those silly fantasy games, isn't it."

"Correct in one!" Trish gave Elaine a hug to welcome her back. "What's it called short stuff?"

"Um.. Warrior Princess Deirdre and the Queen of the Night." Dee said.

"Dee's playing a myrmidon. That's a soldier type. Warrior Princess Deirdre, the slimmest, sexiest, shortest siren to ever swing a sword." Trish said. "And I'll be Trishia Flamehair, the most sinfully, supreme sorceress in all the lands."

"You're daft, the pair of you." Elaine said. She considered trying to get out of it, but that would involve tears on Dee's part. She couldn't bring herself to do it. "What about X?"

"X? She's been drafted to play the bad guys, along with all her assistants. I think it's another one of their contests." Trish released Elaine and stalked over to X. She tapped a finger against one of the statuesque scientist's golden nipples. "Nice script Kinky!"

"I take it that you do not approve of it?" Elaine said.

"Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre Presents the Pirates of Pen-Cats." Trish said. "And yes, it is too intellectual! It's a damned opera."

"Light opera." Elaine corrected gently. "Based loosely on the works of Gilbert and Sullivan."

"Oh ho she said, sensing that something was afoot." Trish turned back to Elaine. "I should have known when I found a Medusa scene slipped into the script. You had a hand in this didn't you?"

"Only two fingers really." Elaine teased. "Music was one of my minors at University. It was rather pleasant to put those skills to use. I thought the end results were smashing."

"Smashing?" Trish mimicked Elaine's accent. "What sort of songs are these? A Pair-a-Dykes, A Pair-a-Dykes a Most Ingenious Pair-a-Dykes! The Pirate Queen! Poor Wandering Tongue!"

"You forgot my favorite." Elaine smiled.

"I loved that one!" Dee chimed in. "I am the Very Model of A Lesbian Individual."

"I'm sensual and sexual and oh so very edible." Elaine sang along.

"I'll stroke you with my fingers until you get all nice and wet." Dee continued.

"I'll reciprocate with sixty-nine, I know my lesbian etiquette." Elaine sang.

"Then I can rub you with warm oil until your skin is nice and bright." Dee was blushing. "And then I'll grab a strap on and ride you hard throughout the night."

"In matters of the tongue and groove, fingers are indispensable. To keep you coming all the time I'll want a swing suspensible." Elaine's voice was low and lusty.

"In short, in matters sexual, we're sensual and edible." Dee and Elaine sang together. "We are the very model of lesbian individuals!"

"Fine. You can star in this one, I'll sit it out." Trish groused.

"Oh come now Trish." Elaine teased. "I happen to know that you have no trouble at all hitting the high notes, especially if you are properly coaxed."

"Fine." A crafty look passed over Trish's features. "I've just had a wonderful idea. I know just what you should play in the game tomorrow."

"Oh dear." Elaine paused as Trish slid behind the computer next to Dee and began whispering in her ear. Trish's features were lit with a mischievous expression, and with every word she whispered, Dee's blush became deeper and deeper.

"Oh X, what have we gotten ourselves into?" Elaine leaned against X, her cheek resting against the massive, frozen bosom.

* * *

"Hi Elaine!" Dee was practically hopping with excitement as Elaine entered the simulator room. "Are you ready to go?"

"Not at all." Elaine said ruefully. "But with a due sense of duty and foreboding, I will press on nonetheless."

"You'll have a great time." Trish smiled brightly. Like the other two, she was dressed in a loose, white bathrobe. "We're starting a little early so you can learn the rules and how things work."

"Champion." Elaine forced a smile. "Dee, before we begin, I understand that this adventure is another on of your contests with X. Am I right?"

"Yes." Dee smiled. "I designed the world and the rules, but X wrote the script for the adventure. We both agreed to work within the program; we can't break the code or put in backdoors."

"Are Trish and I beholden in any way to the winner?" Elaine's eyes narrowed.

"No." Dee said. "Unless you really want to be. I'm going to get her this time."

"I admire your positive attitude." Elaine said. "Though, I don't hold out much hope for your chances."

"There you go with the negative waves again." Trish managed a recognizable imitation of Donald Sutherland. "We're going to take Kinky down a notch. It's going to be a mother beautiful thing. Just think positive."

"Of course. How silly I have been to give way to despair." Elaine performed a dramatic moue, her hand brushing against her forehead. "I am a new woman, reborn from your hope."

"Oh, she's good. Shall we start?" Trish said to Dee, who blushed.

"Um okay. The simulator takes care of everything, so we get our costumes first." Dee blushed and undid her robe. She threw it off and quickly shouted out. "Warrior Princess Deirdre!"

Colorful motes of light appeared around her. They gathered around her, shielding her pert breasts and neatly trimmed pubic hair. In moments they coalesced into a thin leather halter-top, and very, very short leather skirt; a flash of white panty could be seen as Dee shifted slightly. A bright red headband kept her short hair out of her eyes, the long, trailing ends of it falling to her waist. A bright silver sword appeared in her right hand, and small round shield in her left. Her small feet were sheathed in strapped leather sandals. Her large, round glasses seemed incongruous with the outfit.

"My turn." Trish announced dropping her robe and striking a heroic pose. "Trishia Flamehair! Sorceress Supreme!"

Elaine watched as Trish's lithe body was enveloped in motes of light. They quickly coalesced into a long, flowing cloak of deep, midnight purple. Trish flung back the cloak to reveal her body, barely covered in sparse red bikini bra and matching thong panties. Her legs were sheathed in red, thigh-high leather boots. A golden medallion dangled from her neck and rings glittered on all of her fingers. She gestured idly and a long wooden staff, topped with a shining golden orb appeared in her hand.

"Yes. I think I get the picture." Elaine looked the pair over and then decided that they deserved a second look. It might be a silly fantasy game, but at least the scenery would be enjoyable. She undid her robe and tossed it away. "Elaine Blonde!"

Nothing happened. Elaine stood, naked in front of Dee and Trish; she tapped her foot impatiently, her breasts bouncing fetchingly with the motion.

"Oh course. How silly of me." Elaine said, breaking the silence. "I take it that I have a different name. Something that the pair of you somehow forgot to tell me."

"We were going to." Trish teased, "But then I got distracted."

"Me too." Dee was admiring Elaine, her blush deepening as she did. "You're are Lady Elena."

"Priestess of Love." Trish added.

"Lady Elena Priestess of Love!" Elaine shouted. The motes of light appeared again, but there seemed to be somewhat fewer of them. Elaine nodded as they cleared. She had expected as much. Her costume, if indeed it could be called that, consisted of a few diaphanous wisps of transparent white silk, cunningly held almost in place by some thin golden chains.

"Oooh! It turned out great!" Dee said, rushing around to admire Elaine from all sides.

"Am I to be given a weapon?" Elaine motioned to Trish's staff and Dee's sword.

"Oh no." Trish smiled. "You're a priestess. You make love, not war."

"What a wonderful sentiment. However this is not the sixties." Elaine said dryly. "I take it my defensive options are limited to smiling, hiding behind you two, and running?"

"No." Dee said. "You use magic just like Trish. Well sort of. She gets her powers from magic spells and items. You're a cleric, so you get your powers by showing your holy symbol and praying to your goddess."

"Holy symbol, holy symbol.." Elaine quickly ran her hands around her costume, searching something out. "Sorry, no pockets."

"It's okay." Trish smiled wickedly. "You're new to this, so we thought we'd make it easy for you. A Priestess of Love's holy symbol is her own body, just show that."

"As opposed to what I am showing now?" Elaine said dryly. "Very well. How do I go about casting a spell?"

"It's easy." Trish said. "You orient on your target, and say your prayers. I'll give you an example."

"Trish, what are you doing?" Dee asked warily as Trish turned towards her and pointed a finger.

"Lubricatus!" Trish intoned. A bright red flash of light leapt from her fingers and darted up under Dee's skirt.

"Oh boy! Oh boy!" Dee squirmed as the spell took effect. "That's not fair!"

"Magic items work the same way." Trish continued, pointing the staff. "Galvan Aurica!"

"Trish! No! Ah!" Distracted by the first spell, Dee couldn't dodge away from the golden lightening bolt that erupted from Trish's staff. It struck her bare midriff. Coruscating bands of golden sparks ran up and down Dee's slim frame. Wherever they touched, the flesh took on the same golden hue. In moments the lightening faded away, leaving a beautiful golden statue.

"See, nothing to it." Trish smiled.

"I see." Elaine tried to keep her smile from growing too wide. Perhaps this silly fantasy game would prove interesting after all. "Can I do that?"

"Nope." Trish teased, watching Elaine's smile fade slightly. "But you can break the spell I put on her. Here, I have a list of the spells you can do."

"Very well." Elaine took the proffered scroll and scanned it. "Aha, break enchantment. That's the one I'm supposed to use, right?"

Taking Trish's wide grin as an affirmative, Elaine turned towards Dee, who glittered in all of her golden glory. She slid the diaphanous cloth away from her own breasts.

"In the name of the goddess of love, dire enchantment be gone." Elaine intoned. Nothing, Dee remained, beautiful, golden and unmoving. "Oh goddess, break the curse of gold that has struck down Warrior Princess Deirdre."

"Oops. I forgot." Trish said casually. "Restoration spells need a much more personal touch."

"I am beginning to think that this fantasy is someone's fantasy." Elaine said. She embraced Dee's immobile form, her hand slipping under the short leather skirt.

"In the name of goddess; I release you from your golden prison." Elaine's fingers gently traced the delightful, stiff contours through Dee's white panties. When there was no reaction, Elaine pressed harder, her fingers stroking rhythmically; She pushed Dee's halter out of the way and gently kissed her golden nipples, taking each one in turn and sucking gently on them.

"Oooh! Oh boy!" The gold leaked away from Dee's body and she ground her suddenly mobile hips hungrily against Elaine's hand.

"I think the patient will pull through." Elaine said as the diminutive warrior suddenly realized what had happened. Dee blushed furiously and tugged her halter back down over her peaked nipples.

"'Trish!" Dee shouted. "That wasn't nice! Okay it was nice. Really nice, but we're supposed to be teaching Elaine how the game works!"

"I think she has healing well in hand." Trish conceded, "Among other things. That leaves combat."

"Okay!" Dee said brightly. "Our weapons look real, but they aren't. The computer takes that into account, so if you hit someone it doesn't hurt them, but they lose health points."

"How do you know how many health points you have?" Elaine asked.

"Watch." Trish swung her staff at Dee. A crimson bar appeared above Dee's head, shrunk slightly and then vanished. "If you run out of health points the computer knocks you out until you are healed."

"I take it healing is a hands on endeavor too?" Elaine said.

"Yes." Dee said. "But you have to be careful, some weapons have special powers. "

"Like Trish's staff fires golden bolts of lightening." Elaine said.

"That's right." Dee smiled and turned, lunging forward with her sword. Elaine admired the way Dee's skirt rode up, displaying her white panties.

"You… little… sneak." Trish managed, looking down at where Dee's sword, now glowing bright green, had struck. The skin around the sword turned gray as the magic began to spread. Trish's breasts locked in place as the wave of stony magic swept through her. Her long, well toned legs, slightly spread from her attempt to move away, froze in position as the stone worked its way down her thighs to her knees and toes. Her arms were reaching towards Dee as if to cast a spell. Finally her hair and face succumbed, the wave of gray stone capturing her look on sensual anger perfectly.

"For me?" Elaine said, admiring the statue. "I don't know what to say?"

"Try a break enchantment prayer." Dee suggested, sheathing her sword. "Then we've got to get the game started."

"Oh goddess." Elaine got down on her knees and embraced Trish, her hands sliding across her friend's smooth stone buttocks, undoing the brief panties and peeling them away. "Let these soft lips bring flesh from stone."

As she pressed her lips to Trish's beautifully sculpted stone sex; Elaine felt a sting in her right buttock. She turned slightly to see Dee, a wicked expression on her face, brandishing the glowing green sword.

"Gotcha!" Dee said as Elaine began to petrify. Rather than protest, Elaine pressed her face back to Trish's sex and began exploring with her tongue. It only took a moment for Elaine to solidify. Her hands still clutching Trish's buttocks, her face pressed between stone redhead's thighs.

"Computer reset." Dee said after several minutes of admiring the beautiful erotic tableau. "Begin adventure."

"I would consider this a good start." Elaine pulled away from Trish who was shivering with delight as the orgasmic sensation of Elaine's tongue began to wear off. "So what do we do now?"

"I don't know." Dee said. The white walls of the room shimmered, becoming green and leafy. Grass sprouted up around them. In moments the trio were in a forest clearing. A path led out of the forest, and visible on the edge of the horizon were thin trails of smoke, announcing the presence of a quaint hamlet.

"No problem." Trish said. "Adventuring rule number one. When in doubt, go into town and check out the local bar."

"You just want to get drunk and seduce the barmaid." Dee said. "She does this every time."

"Adventuring rule number two." Trish continued without missing a beat. "Never miss an opportunity to get drunk and seduce the barmaid."

"Well this is something of a relief." Elaine said. "I had previously believed that this sort of behavior was the exclusive bailiwick of hormone charged young men. I now know otherwise. Very enlightening."

"You don't approve?" Trish said.

"I do have issues with your sense of scale." Elaine said with a sly smile. "Stories like this always have a beautiful royal princess. Enjoy your sweet, sweaty scullery maids, I fully intend to avail myself of the charms of the princess fair, whomever she may be."

"By Jove I think she's got it!" Trish threw her arms over Elaine and Dee's shoulders. "So we're agreed then. Off to the town!"

* * *

"It's quiet." Dee said as they reached the outskirts of the town. No one was visible. Aside from a few fat chickens, scratching and pecking at the muddy dirt road, there was no movement at all. "Too quiet."

"Ominous music. Dum dum dum!" Trish intoned.

"Be ready for anything." Dee's hand strayed to the sword at her belt, her fingers hovering just above the hilt. "Who knows what evil lurks here."

"Whatever it is." Elaine said, pointing to the obvious tracks that were visible in the mud. "It is wearing entirely inappropriate footwear. While I am a great fan of stiletto heels, they are not exactly suited to hiking through the wilderness, nor wading through the mud of this booming metropolis."

"The minions of the Dark Queen of the Night." Dee intoned gravely. "They've laid waste to this poor village."

"It certainly looks that way." Elaine pointed to a wooden sign dangling in front of one of the larger buildings in the town. Although battered and peeling the image of a naked woman clutching a tankard of ale could still be made out.

"The Tipsy Nymph." Trish read the faded lettering. "Sounds like my sort of place."

Taking the lead, Dee approached the tavern door and pushed against it. It resisted her efforts. She tried again, bashing her shoulder against it with similar, ineffectual results. Rolling her eyes, Dee took three steps back and threw her head back.

"Yi! Yi! Yi! Yi! Yi!" The battle cry was supposed to instill terror, but sounded more like the yipping of an overly excited toy poodle. Dee rushed forward; kicking out with a small sandal sheathed foot. The door trembled for a moment and then fell away, the hinges buckling and screaming as they were torn from the thick posts of the doorjamb.

"Barbaric surge." Dee explained, hiking her skirt back down from where it had ridden up daringly.

"Very impressive." Elaine looked over Dee's head. The interior of the bar was cloaked in shadows, the only light coming from the glowing coals in the large fireplace that dominated the far wall. Trish and Elaine followed Dee in, their eyes trying to pierce the darkness.

"Enough of this." Elaine said. She tugged her top out of the way and ran her hands over her breasts, tweaking and teasing the nipples. "May the light of love cast back this darkness."

Elaine's nipples began to glow with a pure, white light that illuminated the room. A pair of dark eyes watched them from behind the bar.

"Is it?" The proprietress stood up, revealing her lush, tanned figure. The neckline of her blouse plunged downward, while the tight bonds of her corset pushed her large breasts skyward. "Warrior Princess Deirdre! We're saved!"

"Of course." Dee said, standing heroically. "Fear not fair maidens, for my companions and I shall Mmmpph!"

Dee's monologue was cut short as the proprietress rushed from behind the bar and gathered her up in a hug. Dee was swept off the floor, her feet dangling in the air, her face buried completely in the proprietress's ample cleavage.

"Oh thank you!" Dee kicked her legs helplessly as the proprietress forced the short blonde's face further between her breasts. "You'll save us!"

"Well Trish you were right about the bar." Elaine admitted. When no answer was forthcoming, she glanced around. Trish had obtained a flagon of something alcoholic and was whispering sweet nothings into the ear of one of the other serving staff; a wide shouldered redhead. As Dee was still trapped, Elaine turned back to the proprietress. "What happened here?"

"The Dark Queen of the Night." The proprietress maintained her grip of Dee, ignoring the heavily muffled protests rising from between her breasts. "Every night she sends her night orks into the town to abduct a beautiful maiden and carry her back to her castle. Who knows what terrible things she does to them."

"Night Orks?" Elaine paused for a moment and then grinned. "Norks. Well, I shouldn't worry too much, my friends and I are experts in handling norks."

"Absolutely." Trish added, one hand playing suggestively with the laces of her new friend's blouse. "Now do they come in groups?"

"Yes." The proprietress said. "A dozen at a time."

"Unusual. Norks are usually found in pairs." Elaine said. "No matter. If they stand up to us, they'll be licked."

"We're expert at licking norks." Trish dragged the serving wench into a darkened corner. "Once they're revealed, they'll fall right into our hands."

"Gaaasssp!" Dee gulped a huge mouthful of air as she wriggled free of her fleshy prison. She fell backwards, her pert backside bouncing twice on the wooden floor. "What about the rest of the villagers?"

"The men?" The proprietress snorted, indicating a panel set into the floor. "They're here, hiding in the cellar. Useless filthy cowards to a man!"

"We must rally them." Dee announced, striding over to the trap door and pulling it open. "Men! You must fight to save your village!"

"Go away!" A voice squeaked out from the darkness. "It's too dangerous. We're not coming out!"

"Oh come on." Dee urged. "It's only the Dark Queen of the Night and her army of night orks."

"Duh!" The voice called out, "Only the Dark Queen of the Night and her army of night orks! We're not going to fight them."

"But what about the fair maidens of this hamlet." Dee pleaded. "Will you just leave them to their fate."

"Yes, not just yes, hell yes! Close the door." The voice said. "You'll just be captured too. Girls aren't good at fighting. Or science!"

"What!" Dee's features flushed with rage. "Why you… you! Trish! Air support."

"Oooh." Trish trilled. "Got it… harder… oh… right there…that's so good… Infernatis!"

A globe of flame appeared in Trish's hand, briefly illuminating the darkened corner she was sheltering in, and revealing the source of her distraction. It was a very obvious and enthusiastic distraction. The flame arced from Trish's hand, dropping neatly through the trap door and into the cellar. Dee slammed the door shut and jumped on top of it. There was a muffled bang and the door rose slightly before settling back down, wisps of acrid black smoke leaking out from around the edge.

"Somebody else's fantasy." Elaine observed sidling up the to proprietress. "Felicia, what the devil are you doing here?"

"It sounded like fun." Felicia Biter whispered back. "And I have it on good authority that I'm to be the next victim. X promised me a starring role in a very revealing scene, how could I turn that down?"

Elaine nodded in agreement. Felicia was a dedicated and very enthusiastic exhibitionist; and her lovely body begged to be displayed, preferably in stone or even gold. Better yet, bronze. Bronze would be lovely, the metal only slightly darker than Felicia's normal tan, but throwing off warm, glowing highlights. Elaine could easily picture the buxom spy mistress, bound in chains, slowly becoming a metal statue as everyone watched, unable or unwilling to help her.

"Elaine, do you mind, that's a little bright." Felicia shielded her eyes against the bright glow from Elaine's nipples, which had risen to hard peaks and were now pointing directly at her.

"Terribly sorry." Elaine pulled the wisps of her miniscule costume back into positioning, dampening the glow.

"Okay!" Dee hopped off the trap door with a satisfied air. "Our adventure continues. Warrior Princess Deirdre and her stalwart companions must journey to the lair of the Evil Queen of the Night. Coming."

"Of course." Elaine said. "Trish is too, and don't you wish you were her right now."

Dee blushed as Trish's cries reached a crescendo. It was a few minutes before the redhead emerged from her secluded alcove. Her skin was slick with sweat and a few stray locks of hair had pulled loose from her long ponytail.

"Adventuring rule number two, taken care of." Trish announced, weaving slightly. "So it's off to defeat the hideous, Queen of Kink and save the fair and hopefully unchaste maidens."

"Champion." Elaine said. "Fortunately I have found a guide. Our dear proprietress, Felicia of the Tipsy Nymph has offered to guide us to the evil Queen's lair."

"What?" Felicia started. "I didn't agree to that."

"Well not implicitly." Elaine said, "But if you don't the three of us are going to ensure that you are saved from whatever fate X has in store for you."

"That's not very nice." Felicia crossed her arms, the motion pressing her bosom up even further. "I thought you were supposed to be a love goddess?"

"Consider it tough love." Elaine smiled.

* * *

The path from the village led back into the forest. The canopy of leaves above dimmed the sunlight to a faint golden glow, barely visible. The air was thick and humid. The huge trees, twisted as if cowering from an unseen lash, crowded the path.

"Dark magic is afoot." Dee announced, taking the lead. Her sword was in her hand, ready for whatever might leap out at her. Trish and Felicia followed a few steps behind, and Elaine brought up the rear, swatting idly at stray branches that threatened to tear away the few scraps of clothing she was wearing.

"I don't like this." Trish said, her eyes darting left, right and upwards. "The norks could ambush us at any moment."

"Night orks." Dee stomped a small foot. "This is supposed to be serious, quit the nork jokes!"

"That's right." Elaine said supportively. "I like norks popping out as much as the next person, but this is Dee's adventure and we should take it seriously for her sake. Mind you, meeting your death smothered by wave after wave of norks does have a certain appeal."

"Elaine…not you to." There was a plaintive note in Dee's voice.

"Terribly sorry." Elaine said. "I will endeavor to take this fantasy seriously. For your benefit of course."

"Thanks Elaine!" Dee looked back. Elaine had fallen behind and was examining a particularly gnarled tree with some interest. "What's up?"

"You designed this world didn't you?" Elaine asked rhetorically. "I take it back. I shall no longer make any efforts whatsoever in being serious. Not after what you have done."

"That's is so wrong. And so cool." Trish pressed in next to Elaine and leaned down to look. "Fairies."

"Very naughty fairies." Elaine said. Nestled in a small, moss lined juncture between two thick branches, a pair of bright green fairies were locked in a very torrid embrace. The more dominant of the pair flipped her partner over, binding her wrists and ankles to the roots of her gossamer wings. She stepped back to admire her handiwork and then produced tiny, leather, riding crop, which she brandished ominously.

"I didn't create these." Dee said, utterly scandalized by the display. "They've been corrupted by the Dark Queen, which means…."

"Ambush!" Felicia cried out as two night orks swung down on long vines, scooping her up and carrying her deeper into the forest. Dee made to run after her, but two-dozen night orks sprang up from their concealment, surrounding the remainder of the party.

Elaine found herself back to back with Trish and Dee. The night orks circled around them. Whatever faults the Dark Queen of the Night had, wardrobe and staffing were not among them. The night orks were all undeniably female and beautiful; if exotic, with purplish-gray skin, light, silvery hair and slightly upswept ears. They were costumed simply in black, silken halters and very brief skirts, which wrapped around their waists and advertised, through tantalizing flashes of bare skin, the absence of any sort of underwear. They were armed with knobbed wooden clubs.

"Yi yi yi yi yi yi!" Dee flashed into motion, her sword swinging in a perfect figure eight that passed through two of the night orks. The blade flashed green as it struck, leaving trails of stone in its wake, which quickly spread until both dark warriors had been transformed into surprised statues.

"Somebody's been practicing." Elaine observed. Dee was surrounded, but fighting gamely, her blade turning aside club blows and snapping out like a snake to add another statue to the growing gallery of frozen enemies.

"Elaine duck! Marbelous!" Elaine hit the ground as Trish gestured. A beam of pure white light issued from the Redhead's hand, engulfing two attacking night orks. They froze in position, their flesh succumbing to the spell, becoming flawless white stone.

"Um.. Help!" Dee called out. She was tiring, and her defenses were faltering. As Elaine watched the red bar above Dee's head flickered twice as club blows rained down on her. It was already half gone and shrinking fast. Trish gestured with her staff, the golden lightening adding three golden statues to the gray stone ones surrounding the short blonde.

"Elaine, do something." Trish urged, turning her staff to deflect a blow from another attacker. She stepped to the side and gestured with her free hand. "Emeraldis!"

"I'm not sure what to do." Elaine admitted as the night ork attacking Trish solidified into semi-transparent green stone. "That list you gave me did not have much in the way of offensive spells on it. Wait. There was that one. It's worth a try."

Elaine raised her arms up and then ran them sensuously down her own body, cupping her breasts and then sliding lower, her fingers slipping into her panties to stroke gently.

"Oh goddess of love." Elaine gasped, her fingers dancing with growing urgency. "In your name I invoke the holiest of ceremonies. Bacchanal!"

"She's using it!" Trish shouted gleefully. Elaine was barely away of, with every brush of her fingers against her slick sex, she could feel a swelling of power. Power that begged for release. Two of the night orks turned towards her, their clubs swinging back in readiness for an attack.

"BACCHANAL!" Elaine's voice was husky with desire. A bright pink light erupted around her fingers, dancing motes shooting across the clearing with wild, random abandon. The two night orks threatening her were struck immediately. Their clubs dropped to the ground as they tore at each other, clothes flying as hungry mouths locked together in a passionate kiss. The same thing was happening throughout the clearing. The dozen remaining night orks were writhing on the ground; pleasuring each other by any and every means available.

"Keep it up!" Trish shouted to Elaine, who had fallen to her knees as she continued to masturbate, her hips rocking back and forwards with every thrust of her fingers.

"Galvan Aurica!" Trish pointed her staff and let the golden lightening play over a pair of night orks who were engaged in an enthusiastic sixty-nine. The topmost ork arched her back and bore down harder as the wave of golden magic claimed her, the fingers of her right hand continuing to pleasure her lovely companion until they froze completely.

"Almost…almost… perfect! Gotcha." Dee hovered over a trio of night orks who were sensuously intertwined. When their position met with Dee's approval, she slashed with her sword, striking all three almost simultaneously. "Wha!!??!"

"Dee!" Trish started as Dee was grabbed from behind and pulled down. The redhead petrified another pair of coupling orks before dashing to assist her companion. "Elaine, come on!"

"Coming!" Elaine managed, and then made good on her word. She collapsed forward onto her hands and knees, gasping for breath as the last of the spell wore off. The clearing looked like a gallery; the sort she approved of. A dozen statues, their lithe bodies frozen mid-combat, their features divided between aggression towards their foes, and confusion as to their fate. Nestled amid them, even more statues, locked in an entirely different, if equally taxing form of combat.

"Elaine over here." Trish was standing forlornly in front of a tableau. Two night orks had grabbed Dee, tearing at her clothes as the bore her to the ground. All three were now beautiful, white alabaster. "Sorry, I was a little careless."

"Sorry you were a little careless, or sorry it wasn't you." Elaine said as she surveyed the scene. The night orks had grabbed Dee's ankles forcing her legs apart, the white panties were almost invisible against the white stone of her thighs.

"That would be the second one." Trish admitted.

"Are you hurt?" Elaine squinted slightly. The red bar appeared above Trish's head, a third of it's length gone. "You first, then we'll see about Dee."

"You're the doctor." Trish grinned as Elaine grabbed her; bearing her down to the forest floor." Trish's cloak, bra and panties were quickly stripped away as Elaine straddled her face.

"May the goddess bind, your wounds, and ease your pain." Elaine fell forward and gently kissed Trish's sex. She let her tongue begin to knead and lick the soft, wet folds. "May you be restored by her grace."

"Hail Elaine, full of grace." Trish gasped and then began pleasuring Elaine in return. "Goddess of love upon my face."

Elaine worked her hips hungrily against Trish's lips and tongue, and then with the perfect timing of an Olympic gymnast, flipped over so she was facing the other way. As Trish continued to lick, the blonde cleric turned her attention to Dee.

"May you be restored to flesh." Elaine wondered if prayers had to be so somber. "Goddess grant my holy plea. Restore flesh to little Dee. On your mercy she is flung. Now restore her with my blessed tongue!"

The goddess represents love, not poetry, Elaine mused as she leaned down and pulled Dee's panties away. She began licking and sucking at the delicate stone flower of Dee's sex. It only took a few minutes of concentrated effort, before Dee's skin flushed with colour as the petrifying magic was shattered.

"Oh! Oh!" Dee climaxed heavily and collapsed, hanging limply on the unmoving limbs of her stone captors. It was several long moments before she could rouse herself.

"Trish!" Dee got up and rearranged her clothes. "You did that on purpose!"

"Yes. Do you have a problem with that?" Trish asked.

"No… yes.. not.. kind.. of." Dee quailed slightly. "You're not supposed to do that to your teammates."

"Do what." Trish teased, poking out her tongue and moving it in an agile circle. "This? Or something more like this?"

"She's blushing again." Elaine observed as Dee flushed red. "For the record I primarily did the first, though not nearly so well; Trish's expertise there is peerless."

"You two!" Dee stamped her foot. "We lost our guide! How are we supposed to find the Evil Queen of the Night! I don't want to lose this time."

"I'll handle that." Trish said. "I'll summon my magical guide, and it'll take us the rest of the way."

"Champion." Elaine finished clipping her costume back in place. Trish stretched her arms above her head and began chanting. A blue circle of energy appeared in front of her, swirling and roiling, small bolts of lightening chasing around the edges. A deep, voiceless music filled the air, forming a counterpoint to Trish's chanting. As the spell reached a crescendo, Trish thrust her staff into the center of the magical nimbus. There was a mighty crash of thunder, followed by a slightly less impressive wet splat.

"Your magical guide?" Elaine regarded the summoned creature dubiously. A large, obese yellow frog lay on its back in the clearing, it's limbs splayed. With no small effort in managed to roll back on its belly and regarded the trio with round, bulging white eyes.

"Impressive isn't he." Trish said.

"No, not particularly." Elaine eyed the frog. It eyed her back insolently. "Now what?"

"Ask him to guide us." Trish managed an unsteady poker face, while Dee fought to keep from giggling.

"Can you take us to the lair of the Evil Queen of the Night?" Elaine asked politely.

"Di-ick…" The frog croaked, the horrible sound echoing as it puffed up with each clicking noise. "Di-ick!"

"That would be yes then." The toad rotated and leapt a few feet forward, landing with an audible splat, it glanced back over its shoulder, its goggle eyes bulging. "It wants us to follow it… Oh you absolute rotters."

"Her idea." Dee dissolved into giggles, pointing to Trish. The redhead broke up too, laughing aloud.

"You are both very droll." Elaine found herself laughing as well. "So. Follow the yellow dick toad?"

"Follow the yellow dick toad." Trish sang.

"Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow dick toad." Dee linked arms with Trish and Elaine.

"If ever oh ever a hero there was." Elaine added. "Warrior Deirdre is her because. Because, because, because, because, because."

"She makes wonderful toys that go buzz buzz, la la la la la la la." Trish finished off. "We're off to see the Night Queen, and kick her right square in the X."

* * *

It's almost hypnotic, Elaine thought to herself as the trio worked their way deeper and deeper in the forest. The grunt as the toad leapt and the resounding splat as its round body impacted against the hard packed earth of the path. It was too much. Focussing her attention on Trish was a waste of time, the athletic redhead's body was concealed by her long cloak. Elaine directed her attention to Dee's barely covered bottom, looking for the flash of white panty every time she had to break stride to step over a root or rock in the path. Much better. They kept on walking, the forest darkening as the sun began to fall.

"We're here." Dee whispered, turning back slightly. She reached out and snagged the toad mid leap, it hung limply from her hand, its eyes bulging. She tossed it backwards. Trish stepped out of the way, which resulted in the foul creature smacking audibly against Elaine, dropping onto her feet with a splat. Elaine considered the creature for a moment, then kicked her leg out, sending the frog spinning deeper into the forest. She crept up to where Trish and Dee were peering through the foliage. The castle of the dark queen of the night resembled something out of a fairy tale; one of the nasty Russian ones, where bad things happen to everyone. Tall spires, hewn from black volcanic rock stabbed towards the skies. There were no battlements, only an open courtyard, enclosed by craggy rocks on two sides.

"It's Felicia!" Dee pointed. The courtyard was awash with activity. Night orks were clustered around a roughly wrought gold cage, which hung a foot above a heavy stone slab. Felicia was struggling within the cage, bound by chains at her wrists and ankles.

"Oh no!" Dee said. As the fading light gave way, torches were lit filling the courtyard with flickering flames. Pedestals were illuminated in the torchlight. Topping each one was a beautiful golden statue, their features locked in fearful expressions. "She's turning them into statues!"

"No! The fiend!" Elaine and Trish said with mock horror. "How unexpected."

"We've got to save Felicia." Dee reached for her sword. Elaine and Trish, tackled her, forcing her to the ground.

"No we don’t." Trish said, eyeing Felicia's beautiful tanned body. "We need to see what the Evil Queen of the Night is capable of."

"We do need to know how best to counter her evil machinations." Elaine added.

"You just want to see Felicia turned into a statue." Dee continued to struggle.

"Yes, that too." Trish said. "Oh boy, I think we just found a new look for Kinky."

"Agreed." Elaine nodded. X had emerged from the gate of the castle, her pale, milk white skin shining like the moon. She was dressed, if it could be called being dressed, in an assortment of glittering black jewels, which clung to her impressive bosom and hips. Her feet were wrapped in impossibly high stiletto heels. She carried a coiled black leather whip in her right hand.

"Oh boy." Dee's eyes were fixed on X, her mouth hanging slightly open. Her glasses fogged slightly. "I'm can't wait to beat her."

"Figuratively or literally?" Trish teased. She considered a moment and then pointed a finger at Dee. "Lubricatus!"

"Oooh!" Dee shivered as the spell darted up her skirt. She squirmed in Trish and Elaine's grasp, but made no further effort to free herself. X stood by the cage, idly flicking Felicia's full hips with the tip of her whip.

"Your friends are here." X's rich voiced carried easily across the courtyard. "Shall I show them the fait that awaits them?"

"Warrior Princess Dee, save me!" Felicia cried out.

"Nothing can save you my pretty one." X gestured and four of the night orks picked up chains, their full chests heaving as they pulled. The stone slab slowly slid away, revealing a pool of liquid gold that bubbled and spat ominously.

"No!" Felicia shouted as the chains fell away from her. The cage began to slowly descend into the bubbling, molten gold. Felicia looked right and left in panic as the gold rolled over her feet. As the cage descended her cries became more strident as every eye was fixed on her. The gold soon reached her hips, and then her breasts. Finally her head disappeared under the roiling surface. Long moments passed. Finally X nodded and the night orks manning the winch began raising the cage.

The cage emerged slowly from the pit, gold dripping from it. Elaine, Trish and Dee leaned forward. Felicia stood frozen within, her voyeuristic streak had overcome her desire to act the part. She stood with her legs spread, one hand buried in her golden sex, the other clutching at her right breast, the fingers tweaking the sparkling, hard nipple. Her expression was rapturous, looking out with blank, golden eyes, demanding that all should admire her frozen form. The cage swung over to the side of the pit and the sides fell away with a muffled clang.

"Do you still think you will be saved?" X strutted over the to statue and straddled one of Felicia's leg, rubbing herself slowly against it. "Warrior Princess Deirdre will suffer the same fate. She will be the crowning jewel of my collection. I look forward to spending countless hours amusing myself with her golden body."

"Oh boy!" Dee trembled as an orgasmic spasm shook her. Elaine and Trish released their hold on her.

"I quite agree." Elaine said. "I would do the same thing if the circumstances permitted. That goes for both of you."

"They're distracted." Trish looked down at Dee who was slowly rocking back and forth, her glasses entirely fogged up. "They're not the only ones. If Dee can pull it together we can hit them from behind before they know we're here."

"Eight to three. Nine to three is you include X." Elaine noted. "Not the best odds, but we have the element of surprise. Let's do it."

"Great idea Love Priestess, but we really should attack them first." Trish teased. She snagged Dee's glasses and wiped them off on the edge of her cloak. "How about you short stuff?"

"Let's attack." Dee slid her shield off her arm and stripped away the leather that covered the face. The surface under the leather was polished to mirror brightness.

"It will reflect spells for a short time." Dee explained. "It should give me the edge I need to take down the Queen."

"Ready when you are." Elaine confirmed.

"Yi! Yi! Yi! Yi! Yi!" Dee erupted from the forest, waving her sword and yipping her battle cry. Trish and Elaine followed no more than two steps behind. Sighting her foes, X retreated towards the castle, ordering the night orks to attack.

"Not this time." Trish showed teeth in a positively feral smile. "Grappelus!"

Two huge glowing hands manifested, extending out from Trish's arms on long tendrils of magical energy; reaching out towards the charging night orks. Trish gestured and the hands scooped up a half dozen of the squirming foe, easily lifting them off the ground and tossing them screaming into the bubbling, liquid gold.

"Yi! Yi! Yi! Yi!" Dee leapt between the last two night orcs, she ducked under their clumsy club blows and spun in a full circle, her glowing sword slashing easily through the pair. She turned back to watch the petrifying effect claim them.

"That was too easy." Elaine watched as Trish guided the magical hands into the pool of gold. She fished out a rather avant-garde statue comprised of night orks, locked together in a golden mass of finely formed limbs, full breasts and lovely exposed bottoms.

"That's all of them." By Elaine's count all of X's assistants had been taken care of, that just left the main event. "We have to stop the wicked Queen of the Night before she gets away."

They ran towards the gate as it clanged shut. Trish's magical hands reached out and grabbed, wrenching the gate open. The strain was too much and they popped out of existence in a shower of sparks. Dee leapt through the gate and skidded to a halt. The main hall was decorated with even more statues, every column and arch bore a beautiful, golden maiden. X waited at the end of the hall, lounging majestically on a wide, ebony throne.

"Your reign of evil ends here an now!" Dee announced, her voice squeaking slightly at the end of the threat.

"How droll." X stretched languorously, running her hands down her body. "I hope you prove as amusing in combat as you will as my golden toy."

"You're going down!" Dee raised her sword and charged.

"I intend to." X idly gestured, sending green motes of energy towards Dee. The diminutive warrior raised the shield in defense. The magic caromed off the mirror surface, blasting randomly around the room. Elaine ducked as one passed through the space her head had occupied moments earlier.

"Do be careful." Elaine warned. Beside her Trish was chanting. She unleashed a bolt of magic towards X, but the tall, blonde dominatrix knocked it aside contemptuously with a flick of her whip.

"Elaine! Help out." Dee advanced on X, her sword batting at the whip as it snapped at her like a snake. "She's on the ropes. She can't defend herself against all of us."

"Very well." Elaine stood up and put her hands on her hips. "Computer. Load, Lady Elena, The Black Hearted Betrayer!"

"What?" Trish and Dee started as Elaine's costume exploded into motes of light. She stood gloriously nude for a moment, then the lights returned to her body, reforming into a low cut black mini-dress, accented by a silver chain belt and matching necklace. Elaine plucked a thin, black rod out of the air; the top capped with a naked, silver nymph.

"No fair!" Dee cried out. "You're not allowed to hack the program."

"Wrong." Elaine said. "You and X aren't allowed to, no such restriction was placed on me. Priestess of Love indeed."

"You've fallen for my gambit. A traitor in your fellowship." X chortled, casting a spell. As Dee turned to block it, Elaine struck.

"Tentaculous!" Elaine pointed the rod. Writhing black tentacles exploded from the floor, grabbing at Dee and Trish. Dee swung her sword to no avail, she was yanked off the ground and held helpless in the air as the tentacles tore at her skirt and halter. Trish's attempt at a spell was brought up short as tentacles wrapped around her arms and legs, keeping her from gesturing. Her cloak and bikini were quickly stripped away, revealing her athletic body in all its glory.

"I think we can safely say that victory is ours." X exalted as she stalked towards Dee. "Will you submit to me now?"

"Victory is ours?" Elaine shook her head. "I think not, Victory is mine and I have no intention of sharing. Marbelous!" X's eyes widened as the bolt of magic struck her.

"Oh Elaine." She managed as the magic began to transform her. "I didn't think you had it in you… you're…always… so… good ….to… me."

"I said I would avail myself of the princess fair." Elaine settled down on X's throne. "And I shall, the Warrior Princess and the Queen of the Night."

"What to do with you two." Elaine considered. "Dominus! Trishia Flamehair, your will and lovely body are mine."

"I obey." The tentacles holding Trish receded and she approached the throne. "What would you have me do."

"Kneel before me!" Elaine commanded. Trish complied willingly, her eyes fixed adoringly on Elaine.

"While you're there." Elaine suggested, spreading her legs, drawing the black short skirt upwards. Trish needed no further encouragement and obeyed enthusiastically, her bright red ponytail bobbing up and down with each lick.

"Now you, Warrior Princess." Elaine turned her attention to Dee. "I think X was right. You will be beautiful as a golden treasure. Galvan Aurica!"

"No!" Dee twisted, bringing her shield in line with the attack. The golden lightening bolt bounced back towards Elaine, who leaned slightly to the left, letting the magic pass harmlessly by.

"A futile effort." Elaine gloated; she was distracted by a stinging pain in her left foot. Elaine looked down. Dee's sword, glowing bright green, had passed through Trish's body and grazed her ankle. Dee had used Elaine's distraction to throw the blade.

"Gotcha!" Dee shouted as the tentacles, began to fade away.

"Evil always gets it in the end. Or the foot." Trish smiled up from between Elaine's legs, continuing to lick as the stone transformation claimed both their bodies. In moments it was over, the pair was locked together in a enticingly erotic tableaux.

"Now for the evil Queen of the Night!" Free from the tentacles Dee reclaimed her sword and ran up to where X stood rooted. Elaine's spell was broken and colour was slowly beginning to return to X's limbs.

"Your servants are defeated, your traitor has met a fitting end." Dee said, poking X in the chest with a finger, "And now my sword shall… Oh nuts!"

* * *

"I can't believe you lost." Trish said pulling futilely at the chains that bound her to the golden cage. "She was helpless."

"I'm sorry!" Dee said, her own chains clinking. "How was I to know she had the Midas touch?"

"Well Dee." Elaine said, pulling at her own chains. "I was dubious at first, but I must say, this has been a grand adventure. Absolutely champion. First rate all the way. I've had a smashing time. We must do this again sometime."

"Silence!" X's voice was cuttingly sharp. "Are you all prepared to suffer the consequences of your actions?"

"I thought you told us to be silent." Elaine winced as X's whip snapped against her thigh. Below the cage the pool of gold bubbled ominously.

"You won't get the satisfaction from me." Trish yelped as the whip struck her. "Ow! Well, okay maybe some satisfaction."

"Um, X, why are you punishing them?" Dee asked.

"I'm not." X smiled with perfect, vicious abandon. "I'm rewarding them for losing, and bringing you once again under my control."

"Some reward." Trish groused. "Don't do my any more favors."

"Really Patricia." X gestured idly. "I should think you will thank me for this one. Lubricatus!"

The chains vanished, replaced by a wave of sexual ecstasy. Elaine found herself sandwiched between Dee and Trish. She shared a deep kiss with Trish as Dee suckled on her nipples, teasing them with sharp, white teeth. Elaine could feel the gold lapping against her ankles as the cage was slowly lowered into the pool. She reached down to stroke Trish and Dee simultaneously, her fingers sliding eagerly over their slick, wet sexes.

"And they lived happily ever after." Elaine managed before the gold completely covered them.


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